Karen – Family’s Honor


Karen was deeply in love with Frank, but she never expected her love to turn out like this. Frank was a young man, from a very wealthy family, and didn’t have to work. He just had to take it easy. Karen loved him for what he was first, and not his money, although she wouldn’t mind getting married to a man as wealthy as he was. They’d been seeing each other for about 2 months when Frank told her about his fetishes, mainly that he would love to see her bound wearing latex outfit. 

Although she found the idea somewhat weird and was not eager to try it, Frank told her that it was a family thing that his father, mother and his two sisters were into it. After hesitating, she decided to try it, wearing at first, only latex lingerie, then being lightly bound. After a few weeks, it was her who was asking Frank to dress her in latex, and to tie her, tighter and tighter. She was starting to love being totally encased in latex, not being able to move, and having to suffer the devilish accessories that Frank was inserting in her. They were having these sessions a few times a week, and for Karen, it seemed enough.

Then one day, it was 6 months ago, Frank told Karen that his parents were requesting to meet her. If she was not to come, his parents would not approve of their relationship, and would make sure that, whatever happens, Karen would not receive a penny. Karen didn’t see why she would not want to meet his parents, after all it was perfectly natural for parents to meet their children’s friends. 

“Remember I told you that this fetish thing was a family thing?”

“Yes” answered Karen, puzzled by the question.

“Well, they have rather… strict dress code when we meet. They want you to wear rubber.”

Karen blushed.

“I… I don’t know. In the privacy of our home, I don’t mind, but having others see me in this…”

“Don’t worry, my mother and sisters will be wearing latex too. I told you, it’s a family thing.”

“Well… in that case, I can’t see why not.”

“Good!” said Frank very happily. “I’ll call my father and he’ll send me the outfit.”

“Why send a new outfit. Isn’t the catsuit I have enough?”

“No, Father wants something very specific, and since he’s paying, why bother arguing.”

“Yeah, you’re right” said Karen nervously.

The next day, the package arrived. Frank had asked Karen to take 2 weeks off, because he was expecting to stay there for more than the weekend. Although Frank could provide for the two of them, Karen had decided to continue to work, just in case the relationship didn’t work out. When she came home and told Frank that she had her two weeks off, he was the happiest guy on earth. He was not the one to force her to quit her job, or to make anything that would make her lose it. She thought.

They had a romantic dinner, after which they had passionate love, the “old fashion way”. Then, later in the evening, Frank asked her to start getting ready.

“What? Tonight? Can’t we leave tomorrow?”

“No, it will be better to drive at night. It’s not everybody who won’t make a big deal by seeing you dressed in rubber, so we’ll use the cover of the night to travel. You’ll just have to sleep. I had a good rest this afternoon, and I’m quite capable of driving the whole night.”

“Okay, then.”

Karen never spent more than a few hours at a time in a latex suit, and now she was going to spend at least the night and some time tomorrow. She was nervous, but eager to do it.

“We’ll have to make sure you’re clean first” said Frank, entering the bedroom with everything to do an enema.

“Do I really have to?” asked Karen.

“Well, the suit he sent doesn’t have much zippers, and you’ll be quite a few hours in it. Better make sure you won’t have to go.”

Karen agreed, but was not very happy about it. After the enema was performed, Frank rolled in on a small trolley, a rather big box.

“What’s that?”

“Your suits.”

“My suits?” There’s more than one?”

“Well, it’s one suit in multiple suits… you’ll see when you’ll put it on.”

Frank handed her a tube of lubricant and instructed her to apply it everywhere while he was doing her back. He then took out the first suit. It was made of very thin latex, and had no zipper, just a big opening at the shoulders, and a hole at the rectum and the vagina. Those were not even reinforced, and Karen found the suit rather fragile, and mentioned it to Frank.

“I told you it was in multiple suits. Just relax.”

Frank helped Karen to put on the first suit. It was as thin as surgical gloves. It glided easily over the lubricant. She pushed her hands until her fingers were fully inserted into the attached gloves, then Frank helped her put the collar over her shoulders. The top of the suit was covering half of her shoulders, and to remove all the wrinkles of her feet, she had to stand on her tiptoes. The suit was exerting a gentle pressure all over her body, and she already felt aroused. Just the waist that seemed a wee bit tighter.

“Oh, I forgot, better wash your hair first before putting the hood.”

“Wash them? They’re going to get all filthy in it.”

“My father sent me a special cream to preserve them.”

“Okay…” said Karen with a sigh. 

They went to the kitchen sink, and Frank wetted the long curled brown hairs, then applied the special cream given by his father. He massaged it carefully into the scalp, as instructed. Karen could see the instructions of the tube, so knew Frank was doing the right thing.  She felt a shiver of horror going up her spine when Frank rinsed her head and she saw her hair falling down. She tried to get away, but Frank held her with a firm grip.

“What’s that stuff?”

“Hair remover” said coldly Frank.

“But you said it was to preserve them, not remove them.”

“Well, it is to preserve them all right, not just on your head. Don’t worry, we’ll make a wig out of it.”

Karen let out some tears. She wasn’t prepared for it.

“Come on. In a few days, you won’t give a damn. Believe me.”

She sobbed.

Frank led her back to the bedroom where he applied lubricant to her face and head before slipping the latex hood, made out of the same thin rubber as the rest of the suit. The hood had a wide yoke that reached the suit’s shoulders, and had two eye holes, and a mouth hole, again not reinforced. Karen was unsure if it would resist more than a couple of hours, but let Frank handle the details.

After making sure there was absolutely no wrinkles left on the suit, Frank handed her another tube.

“Here. Spread this over the suit. I’ll cover the back.”

Karen spread the thicker stuff over her suit.

“Looks less lubricating than the first lube, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, it is, but it’s more than a lubricant, it’s a conditioner for the next layer.”

After Karen’s suit was covered with the stuff, Frank took out another suit, identical to the first one, then another hood, again, identical to the first one. Karen felt the pressure increase slightly, and was now sure her waist was getting more compressed than the rest of her body. The process was repeated until 4 suits had been put on. The pressure was now real, and she felt really compressed at the waist. The feeling was tremendous. She had to resist the temptation to rub herself. To be comfortable, she had to raise her heel, giving her the clue that she was going to wear high heels.

  Frank reached at the bottom of the box and got out another hood. By now, with the four layers of rubber, Karen was getting deaf and her jaw could barely move within the thin suits, but that one was made out of heavy rubber, and had some features. 

The first obvious one was dark tinted spherical lenses over the eye holes. Then came the built-in gag, huge, and made to the shape of a penis. Karen made wide eyes when she saw it approaching, but didn’t have time to argue as Frank slipped it over her head and smoothed out any wrinkles. That hood added much pressure, and the gag filled her mouth completely. She could barely see behind the dark lenses. 

Then came the suit, heavy and awesomely tight. Her feet were first inserted into built in platform boots, with a two inches platform, and an 8 inches heel, arcing her feet for 6 inches. Then the legs were pulled up. Frank had to work hard, as they were very tight. Karen would have screamed when she felt something huge being inserted into her lower orifices, but all that came out was a muffled sound. She felt the two huge dildos being inserted, and then the suit pulled tight over her upper body. 

Once it was in place, she felt heavily compressed, and the dildos pushed deep. She was breathing with short breathes over the hole in the middle of the gag. Frank then approached her with what looked like a hand pump, screwed it on the front of her gag, and then pumped it. Karen felt her gag expand. She grabbed his hands to stop him, which he did. He disappeared behind her, then a few seconds later, before she could react, her hands were drawn in her back and tied together with a leather strap, after which Frank returned to pumping the gag. Karen felt it expand more and more. She thought her mouth was going to explode when Frank finally stopped. 

He then sprayed something inside her mouth tube. Karen felt her throat getting numb, and heard Frank say “swallow” before he inserted a rubber tube and started pushing it down her throat. He stopped when he reached the end, and then she saw him apply the same stuff that had been applied between all her suit layers to the tip of the tube. She found it strange to apply lubricant there, and then she had a thought that vanished when she saw what Frank was coming with. She made a few steps back, but only felt the wall. He was carrying a huge syringe and was aiming for her eyes. She tried to turn her head away, but the thick latex around her neck made it very difficult. Frank grabbed her by the jaw.

“Maybe it’s time I shed some light over all this. If you haven’t figured it all by now, it wasn’t lubricant that was applied between each suit but glue. It will vulcanize all the layers together, creating a rather thick complete catsuit.”

Awfully thick would be a better word thought Karen.

“With that last layer, you’re completely sealed, except for the essential holes.” He said momentarily blocking her breathing tube. “Your eyes are also sealed, and if I don’t do something, your lenses will fog pretty quickly. The obvious way to take care of that is to have holes, to allow air circulation. But by doing so, I break the wonderful seal you have, and I allow dust and mosquitoes to enter. And I guess you wouldn’t be very happy being stuck with a mosquito in there, and since the lens is tempered glass, there’s no way to crush it. The solution is this.” He said, showing her the syringe. “I will insert a gel inside the lens. At first, it will be slightly uncomfortable, like a contact lens the first time. The gel will remove all the air, and take care of your beautiful eyes, keeping the seal intact. Now, honey, take it easy. It won’t hurt.”

            He inserted the needle into a small hole at the side of the right lens, and forced the paste in. Karen blinked and had a reflex of getting away, but the strong grip of Frank held her still. She felt the pressure increase on her eye. It was beginning to be unbearable when Frank finally stopped. He repeated the process on the other lens then poured some acrylic sealant into the hole, sealing everything. Karen was seeing everything blurred, and was blinking heavily, trying to see better.

“Don’t worry,” said Frank, “you’ll get used to it, and your eyesight will get better within a few hours.”

She wondered how he knew so much about the effects of all this, when she was called back to reality. She felt other bladders being inflated in her lower orifices, and she quickly realized that she was becoming what she had read in many of Frank’s fetish magazines: a rubber doll, all controlled by the exterior, totally dependent on her master. The idea shocked her at first, but she remembered how thrilled she was at imagining how it would be to actually live a situation like that. But how about her work, her family? “It’s just temporary” she said to herself, “just to meet Frank’s parents.”

She had now accepted her situation, so when Frank released her hands, she didn’t try to run away, but rather hugged him tightly. Frank was glad about her reaction.

“I love you too, Karen. Now time to go. But before, I have one more thing to add.”

“Thing? What thing? I’m completely sealed” thought Karen. Then she saw him getting a 3 inches wide collar with “D” rings on 4 sides, out of the box. He fastened the collar tightly around her neck. It was so tight that she found it difficult to swallow.

Frank then led her to the garage, where they took the van. He opened the sliding door. The normal seat had been removed, and she saw a seat she never saw before. It was covered with black rubber, and had an awful lot of straps. He helped her to sit. The back of the seat was as high as her head, and there were two half tube extensions where her legs slightly spread would rest. The heel of her boots was fitted into a special tube on the footrest. Then Frank proceeded to fasten her to the seat. There were straps everywhere: over the toes of the boots, the foot, ankle, calf, below and over the knee, thigh, crotch, waist, some kind of 8 pattern over the breast with shoulder straps, and another one encircling the forehead. Her arms were not left alone. There were small tubes at the end of the armrests of the chair where her fingers had to go, then straps over the hand, wrist, below and over the elbow. She could barely move a muscle. She would be well protected in case of an accident, as for a quick release, it was another story. She felt Frank fondled at her crotch, and then at her mouth. He had in fact plugged cables. She had not expected how stimulating, and at the same time frustrating, the 6 hours trip would be.

The first jolt came when Frank started the engine. It was then she discovered that there was more than rubber to the dildos and gag she was fitted with. The multiple probes, located at strategic places, were linked to motion sensors, and the pleasure buttons were fired when the van made specific moves. 

It looked like Frank had well planned everything, the location of the sensors, as well as the road chosen, because, for the most trip, she was to the edge of explosion, the top of the fence, and each-and-every-time she was to jump over, the road became calm and smooth, and she had to start all over. That was until the last half-hour when Frank took some gravel road. There she was able to go through one orgasm. Then another. Then another. When the van finally stopped, she had over 5 orgasms (she had stopped counting at 5) in less than 30 minutes. Frank left her in the van to cool off a little, then came back 15 minutes later to untie her.

“Feeling okay? Dad is eager to meet you.”

Karen nodded yes as much as her collar allowed. With what her crotch had been through, walking was almost painful. She was surprised when Frank put 2 inches wide ankle straps on her, linked by a 6 inches chain, and joined her wrists in her back with more leather cuffs. 

“Don’t worry, Frank “she mumbled to through the gag “I’m in no condition to run anywhere.” 

Frank looked at her and smiled. Of course, he couldn’t understand anything other than the muffled mumbling, but he had figured out pretty much her mood. He snapped a leach to her collar, and tugged on it. 

Karen began to walk, her steps kept very short by the 6 inches chain. With her hands on her back, she had to struggle to keep balance, adding to the fact that she was not used at all to walk on 6 inches heels.

He led her to the door of the huge mansion. Three stories high, Victorian. Looked very rich… When they reached the door, it opened, revealing a maid… in rubber. Karen was somewhat surprised. And then again, she was not. She had not expected that, but at the same time, she was not surprised. The maid was wearing a standard maid uniform. She had clear latex stocking and clear platform shoes, the classic black and white uniform with puffed sleeves. Her arms were covered in rubber, as well as her shaved head. Her face was looking weird under the tight clear latex. Her bright red lips were held apart by a gag that appeared to be fixed under the latex hood. She could clearly see her eyes, but they were under some glass lenses. She appeared to be as sealed as Karen was. She was also wearing a three inches wide leather collar.

A tall man arrived and placed himself just in front of the maid.

“Mom, dad, this is Karen.” proudly said Frank. The man gave a good handshake to Frank, as the maid hugged him.

Mom? The maid is his mom? Gee I wonder what his sisters look like thought Karen. She was soon to find the answer as Frank tugged on her leach.

“Come meet my sisters.” he said.

He led her to another room.  On one of the walls, pitch black, there was a female form that appeared to be molded on the wall, her back to the wall, on a spread eagle position.

“This is my sister Suzan.” said Frank on a detached note. “She had been bad, again. The usual punishment is to stay like that for 2 days, but she had been bad repeatedly so she had been there for the past 2 weeks, and she still has two more to do. She’s being fed automatically, and her bodily functions are also being taken care of automatically. But she doesn’t just lay there. She’s being stimulated, but not the way you expect. You’ll have a taste of it in time.” he said while tugging at her leach and leading her out of that room, to another, next to it. 

There was a big video screen where a video game was being played, as well as four chairs. On one of them was heavily strapped another female form. She appeared to be wearing the same kind of rubber suit as Karen was. She didn’t react at their entrance, and continued playing the game.

“Here, have a round.” said Frank, untying Karen’s wrists and ankles, and installing her on the seat. It was similar to the one in the van, and she was quickly immobilized and plugged. The only difference is that she could feel buttons at the tip of her fingers.

“You control the game with the buttons. You are player 2. You’ll understand the game as you’ll play it. Tracy, here, my other sister, is a good teacher. She’ll show you.”

The game started, and it wasn’t long before Karen felt an electric jolt that was not enjoyable at all. At the same time, she noticed that Tracy was moaning of pleasure. It didn’t take long to realize that each good move rewards the player with pleasure feelings, and bad moves, punishes. 

But Tracy had much more experience at it than Karen, who was getting punished over and over again, as she lost game after game. But Karen took it back, at the same time realizing that the more points she was earning the more pleasure she was getting. It was a game where one was not inclined to give so much as a small chance to the other, because it could make all the difference between pain… and pleasure.

As time went by, the games became longer and longer. Frank and his dad, who were standing behind them were pleased.

“Looks like Tracy had found an opponent at her level.”

“I wonder if she will be pleased or disappointed. It was so easy for her to win over Sandra, that she received almost always all the fun jolts. It’s just too bad Sandra is such a bad loser.”

“I think she’ll change after her month of punishment,” said his father. “She’ll be eager to give back her pain.”

The maid entered the room with two beverages.

“Thanks mom.” said Frank.

“Thank you, honey.” said his father. “To your new girlfriend. Lets just hope she will last longer than the others.”

“So far so good, dad. So far so good.”

On the video game, the score was getting at an all time high. The winner will have a heck of a stimulation. The loser will hate it.

When Frank finally came back, she had no idea how long she had been playing. The truth is that neither of them wanted to quit. Frank promised his sister that Karen would be back. For the meantime, she would have to go back to play against the computer, which was not as much fun.

Karen had difficulties keeping upright. She never felt anything that intense for so long, and the dildo that was still moving with each step didn’t help her at all. She needed a break. And that’s exactly what Frank offered her.

“Since this is all new to you, and you’re not used to being stimulated that much, let’s call it a day, shall we?”

Karen nodded yes as much as she could. Frank led her to a bedroom upstairs. In the middle of the room was a Plexiglas box, the size of a single bed. The Plexiglas cover was opened, and it was filled with some kind of amber jelly.

“You sleep in this. The gel will make sure your latex suit stays soft and strong as well as take care of your skin. In addition, it will give you equal support everywhere. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.”

Hesitating, Karen put a feet in the gooey stuff. It was dense, and was not easy to move in. She slowly sat. It was literally like entering a pool of dense jell-o. Frank connected air supply hoses to her hood then encouraged her to dip it completely. At first it was a sense of panic, but when she realized that she could breathe easily, fresh air being pumped, she relaxed. Frank closed the cover and latched it. Karen could move, slowly, inside the box, but could not get out. She tried to find some sleep, remembering the last… What time was it by the way? Little did she know that she had been playing the game for 10 non-stop hours.

In the morning, she took a shower to remove the gel from her suit, which came out deep black and very shiny. Then she had the opportunity to relieve her bladder and an enema took care of the heavier stuff. She was fed a nourishing broth from her stomach tube, the ankle and wrist restraints were put back, and her hands tied in her back. Frank showed her the mansion, and its many rooms. She was surprised at how many rooms were actually play rooms, all of them being for sexual pleasure. He then showed her, from a window giving a view of the back of the mansion, the huge property, with horses walking calmly in the back field.

“Yes, you’ll be able to ride the horse, if you behave. Now, it’s time for me to explain your choices. You see, I didn’t do all this simply to give you a heck of a life. I want something in return. I need you to work for me. You’ll be provided with everything, and you’ll be able to get the pleasure you got yesterday on a regular basis. But, for the rest of your life, this is going to be your living place, your workplace, your life. And you’ll be wearing this suit for the rest of it too, and even over.”

Karen mumbled something.

“I assume you’re asking what will happen if you say no.”

Karen nodded.

“Well, it will be pretty much the same, except that you won’t get much pleasure. Of course, that you agree or not, if you do something bad, you’ll be punished, the punishment being somewhat more severe if you’re just an employee rather than a member of the family. Sandra got one month on the wall because she raised the finger at my father. An employee who does that, gets a punishment a lot more severe. How severe? Just try it, and you’ll see for yourself.”

He paused, as to give time to Karen to digest all this.

“So I guess that by now, you have figured out that there’s no way out of here, in either case, you’ll be spending the rest of your life in this suit, or in a worse suit. Everything has been taken care of, as for all the other women here. In your case, you were driving to go to your boyfriend’s place, at night. Got sleepy, crashed in a tree. The car caught fire. The dental record will match perfectly what they had found. No one will be looking for you. As far as they’re concerned, you’re dead.”

He tugged on her leash and led her to a table where a sheet of paper was laid out. He untied her wrists and made her sit.

“Now, you read this. If you sign, you’ll be on our side. If you don’t you’ll be on the employee side. I love you Karen, and would really like to see you on our side. I’ll be back in half an hour.”

He left the room and locked the door. Karen’s heart was racing. She thought of her mother, father, little brother she would never see again, who thought she was dead. She would have loved to spit at Frank’s face, but gagged as she was, it was not an option. She read the paper. It was all a legal mumbo jumbo she barely understood. All that she knew is that if she was given the choice to be on the family side, she would probably be treated with more respect than on the employee side. She signed the paper.

When Frank came back, he smiled. “Welcome to the family,” he said. “We’ll just have to make a small modification to your suit.” he said while removing her collar, and replacing it by a similar one, but with a yellow trim. She then remembered seeing a yellow trim on Tracy’s collar, and on her mom’s. This one didn’t seem to close with a hasp or a strap. It appeared to lock on itself. There was no seam visible, no way to remove it. She realized that she had just sealed her faith.

Karen was given the rest of the day off, and she chose to play some more with Tracy, but since she was doing her part in the family business, she played against the computer. She learned that, even at beginner’s level, the computer is a heck of a player. 

Looking at the other seats, she wondered what a game of four players would be like.

© Pete / monsterp63, September 6, 2006

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