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She had won a trip to the Himalayas, and she was glad to be there. Just the sightings were unbelievable. Then she saw that small ad printed in a newspaper, something about a sanctuary of peace where one could get in touch with his inner-self. She always thought that would be good, to become more aware of herself, or her needs. She was a sucker for alternative medicines, so she decided to go.

Not exactly to her surprise, the sanctuary in question was located in a remote area of the Himalayas. After a two days trip by bus, she had to walk for five hours in the steep mountains. She was glad she had on her hiking boots, but as she rubbed her thighs, she was not so glad about choosing tight jeans. Yes they were stretched, but it was still too strenuous for it.

As she paused to catch her breath in the rarefied oxygen environment, she spotted something on the side. Could it be it? She walked toward it and it was like the drawing on the paper: a huge entrance carved in the very rock face of the mountain. As she approached it, the large oak door swung open silently and a classic looking monk appeared, apparently not surprised to see her. 

He pulled down his hood, revealing a smiling face on a totally shaved head. While expressing a warm welcome, he gestured to her to go in. He didn’t say a word.

She entered, followed by the monk. The huge door softly closed with barely a sound behind them. In front of her was a large circular room with an endless ceiling. On the floor was some kind of star with 9 points, each point reaching to a large oak door, complete with old steel hinges and ring handles.

The monk gestured, making a soft and wide move covering all the doors.

“Where do I go, now?” asked Karen.

“The Sanctuary will guide you.” Said the monk while he did the wide gesture again.

“You mean I have to choose?”

The monk bowed, then took her by the arm and placed her in the middle of the star, itself filled with a vast array of mythological symbols. Softly, he placed his hand over her eyes, gently closing them.

Karen stayed there, eyes closed, waiting for something to happen. Her breathing became softer and longer. She was feeling her stress flowing out of her body. There was nothing else left that herself.

She didn’t know how long she had been there, but she started to worry. Where was the monk? She slowly opened her eyes. She was still in the circular room, but there was no one else: the monk was gone.

All the doors looked alike, even the one where she came in. So she had to choose where she was going. What was waiting for her on the other side of these doors? Which one to choose? She carefully looked at each one of them. They were each carved with a different symbol, none of them having any meaning to her, except that one, on that door. She didn’t know why, but she was attracted to it. She looked at the other symbols, but always came back to that one. Perhaps that was the signal. Slowly, she walked to the door. 

It opened silently on a small bedroom. A small wooden desk and a single size bed was all that was there. Light was coming from a flaming torch hung to the wall.

She took place on the bed, laying on her back. Quickly, her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

She woke up fully rested and… naked! She didn’t remember taking her clothes off. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked around. The room still appeared the same except her clothes were not there. Instead, on the desk, a neatly folded pile of silky looking fabric.

She went to it, and touched it.

“Rubber?” She said to herself, picking up the first item, a pair of rubber panties, and a rubber bra. The other item was a rubber catsuit. All black and very shiny.

She smiled. Well, whoever put it there actually read her deep inner feelings. Since she saw someone wearing a rubber catsuit in a fashion magazine, she hoped to be able to try one someday. She felt attracted to it.

She didn’t wait and put the garments on. They were already lubricated with a clear gel. The catsuit was rather hard to put on as it was very tight. Pulling the back zipper, even with the help of the draw string proved difficult. Only her feet, hands and head were uncovered.

She ran her hands on the smooth material, from her breasts down to her crotch, around her butt and back up along her sides back to her breasts, feeling its tightness and feeling the small shocks her fingers seemed to send through the rubber as she ran them along. Her breathing became shakier. She smiled, relaxed. 

By the door was a pair of black platform sandals with a high spiky heel. She put them on. She had worn high heels before, but nothing that high. The heel must have been at least five inches. She found it quite manageable, to her surprise.

She walked around in the small room, getting acquainted with the massage the tight latex gave her, and her crotch becoming hotter by the minute.

But walking in a circle in the small room became quickly boring. She decided to have a look outside and she opened the door of her room. She froze.

The circular chamber with the 9 spokes star was gone. At its place, a wonderful garden in the middle of the mountains. She stepped out, her heels clicking on the stone walkway.

Her black catsuit quickly warmed up by the sun and she felt quite comfortable. A woman dressed as a nun calmly approached her in silence. She was wearing obviously high heels but the wedge soles were cushioning the usual high heel clicking.

“Good day my child.” Said the nun. “How are you doing?”

“Err… fine. What is this place?” asked Karen.

“It’s where your inner thoughts sent you, my child. Your inner thoughts made you choose that door.” She answered calmly, smiling.

“But what’s behind the others?” asked Karen.

“If your inner thoughts choose this one, the others are not important. You seem quite stressed out, my child. I would suggest a nice massage.” Said the nun, gently guiding Karen toward another door, leading to a dimly lit room.

Karen entered. There, three young women were standing around a large table covered with a rubber sheet held rigid by a large rectangular frame. The three women were dressed identically with very tight white rubber catsuits, long lace-up white patent leather boots with spiky heels, a red and white corset encircling their waist. They were all blond with shoulder length curled hairs.

As one opened the rubber sheets on the frame, Karen was invited to slip into.

It was made like a large sleeping bag. Guided and helped by the women, she took place inside. A rubber bag was hanging from the top rubber sheet. One of the women guided it inside Karen’s mouth, then the bag was zipped shut.

“Place yourself comfortably.” She heard someone say. 

She took position, worked the rubber bag in her mouth, slightly parted her legs and put her arms slightly off her side.

She felt the bag inside her mouth inflates. She worked with her tongue to realize that the center was hollow and that she could breathe easily. The gag was pumped until her mouth was full and it was impossible for her to spit it out.

Then with a hissing sound, she felt quickly compressed as air was pumped out of the bag, pinning her inside the two rubber sheets. She tried to move but apart from some wiggling, nothing happened, and she was always dragged back to her initial position by the elastic effect of the rubber.

She felt a liquid being poured on her, then a hand began to rub it and to massage her legs. Then more liquid was poured and another set of hands began to massage her feet while another set of hands was massaging her breasts and neck.

She moaned. Six hands massaging her at the same time was awesome. The rubber helped with the lubricant, making their move smooth and fluid. The feeling of the caresses was astounding and her trapped feeling simply increased the feeling. She wanted to turn, to twist, to offer her private parts, but the fingers only went around it, as if only to tease her. Her breasts were heavily squeezed and massaged and her breathing increased.

She didn’t notice one set of hands letting go, but she did feel the large spherical object that was placed at her crotch, and she sure felt it vibrated.

While her breasts and legs were being caressed, she was vibrated to seventh heaven. All she could do was raise her hips as nothing else moved. She tried to open or close her legs to make better contact with the vibrating devil but she couldn’t. She was stuck like a fly on sticky paper and she simply loved it. She screamed as the first of many orgasms engulfed her of its fire, unable to move, unable to respond. The frustration made it simply stronger.

The vibration increased. Either that or whoever was manipulating the vibrating pod from hell was pressing harder on it. It simply made her go into orbit as more powerful orgasms followed, filling her lower belly, filling her head. There was no problem in her life. There was no problem in the whole world. There was only herself and… and… her own pleasures.

Slowly the vibration became fainter and the massage slowly disappeared. She was floating in another dimension, totally weightless.

Karen’s inert body, still stuck between the two layers of rubber, the vacuum tube capped shut, was carried to the nearby heated pool and carefully deposited on its surface. She was left there, deeply asleep from exhaustion and pleasure, as her mind drifted into a parallel world of peace and quiet.

She felt so good, all warm and cosy, in peace with herself and with the world. It lasted for, well, she didn’t have a clue. The only thing she knew is that she awakened in her small room so relaxed that it took her half an hour just to be able to sit on the edge of her bed. Her body was awakening, but her mind was still far away. She was relaxed and totally rested.

As she tried to feed her fingers through her long hairs, she realised that her head was now encased in a thick and tight rubber hood. By the feeling of it, she had been shaved. She caressed her bald head through the latex hood. It felt weird. It felt good.

She almost tripped when she put her feet on the floor. Her spiky heel boots had been replaced with pointed toe boots, laced up tightly up to just below her knee. Once the surprise was gone, she tried to carefully step on them, and felt right at home, as if she had been wearing it for years. The first few steps were weird, but it was like a second nature, as if her feet always wanted something like that.

Those first steps also revealed that something else had been added to her gleaming black rubber suit. Hand at her crotch, she felt the double dildo invading her lower orifices. She pushed on them with her finger and felt their work as she closed her eyes.

She couldn’t figure out if this place was heaven, hell, or the best of both.

Once again, she walked to the door and opened it, expecting to see the wonderful garden but instead, there was a white tiled room. The nun was there again.

“Hello my child. How are you doing today?” she asked from a soft cordial tone.

“Very fine, thank you.” Answered Karen from a faint relaxed voice. “Where is the garden?”

“Your inner self wants something else today, my child. Go see the women. They will fulfill your needs.” She said, directing Karen in the direction of three women, all dressed with bright red catsuits, their heads appearing shaved and totally covered with a shiny red rubber hood, eyes covered by dark lenses, mouths hidden behind a row of small holes. 

They were walking on red laced pointed boots without any heels. They invited Karen to take place by the wall where leather straps hanging on rings could be seen. She was placed with her legs spread as leather cuffs were tightly fixed around her ankles, over and below the knee and the upper thigh. Her crotch was resting on a wide padded post sticking from the wall. A wide strap was heavily tightened around her waist, acting almost like a corset. Her arms were spread up and fastened with more leather cuffs at the wrist, over the elbow and the shoulder. A strap with two rings was fitted around her breast and pulled extremely tightly, almost crushing her thorax.

The only thing she could move was her head. One of the women approached with a web of leather straps and placed it over her head, tightening it, and stuffing a large red rubber gag on Karen’s mouth at the same time, pulling it tightly, forcing it to extend her jaw, filling her mouth. The harness also carried dark lenses that covered the eyes, darkening her vision. The harness was then linked to the wall, pinning her head back. At the end, she was unable to move anything else than her fingers and her toes, although these last ones were already confined in her ballet toe boots. Finally, something hard was pressed against her crotch.

She felt raised from the floor and she slowly began to rotate. Then the post that was pressing on her crotch began to vibrate as the three girls walked on the other side of the room, took rubber hoses and started to hose down Karen with warm water at medium pressure.

Not having been against the wall, she would have thrown her head backward as she let out a scream with the first orgasm already exploding. The feeling of water over her rubber covered body, the disorientation of the rotating wheel, the vibrator from hell at her crotch transmitting the awesome waves through the huge dildos deep inside her, everything was arousing to the maximum, like she never felt it before.

The women manipulating the hoses seemed to know exactly where to aim and when to hit, moving from her now very sensitive breasts, to her hips, to her crotch. Even jets of rushing water at her throat felt incredibly pleasurable.

She had closed her eyes. She had lost track of time. Did it last one minute, one hour or one day, she couldn’t tell. Sometimes the wheel was stopping, leaving her in many awkward positions anywhere around the circular motion of the wheel. Disorientation quickly gained her senses as more and more orgasms filled her.

She woke up in her room. She didn’t know how long she had been on the wheel or sleeping in her room. This time, she was fitted with a clear rubber catsuit, complete with hood, gloves and feet which were encased in pointed boots without any heel support. They looked like they were made out of hard plastic, without any way to put them on or remove them for that matter. They were reaching to just below the knee.

She still could feel the large invaders in her lower orifices, but there was another one in her mouth, filling it completely. She also felt tubes running down her throat and more running up her nose.

Carefully, she got up and easily walked on the pointed boots to the door and opened it, not knowing what to expect.

This time, it was a rather dark room, narrow but long. On each side of the room were large glass tubes about two meters in diameter by three meters high, filled with an amber gooey looking substance. Tubes were hanging from the top opening.

As she walked down the alley, she noticed that some of those tubes contained someone, apparently floating in the middle of the gel like substances, tubes running from their crotch and head to the hanging octopus over the tube. They were slowly moving and did not seem to want to get out. Karen wanted to be part of it too.

The usual nun appeared from between two tubes.

“Ah, hello my child. These are sensory deprivation tubes. Would you like to try it? Don’t worry, no one is harmed here or anywhere else for that matter.” She calmly said.

Karen nodded yes and the nun invited her to come along. She was led to a room on her left by the middle of the tubes. There was a circular platform on the ground, and an empty tube was hanging from the ceiling. Karen was asked to take place as three women wearing complete clear rubber catsuit plugged different hoses to her dildos, mouth and nose tubes. The tubes were going up a spider looking apparatus over the glass tube.

Then the tube was lowered over her until it touched the floor where a sealing sound was heard. From a large tube over her head, amber gel like liquid poured down on her, quickly filling the tube.

She felt its warm presence as its level rose, putting equal pressure all over her body. When it reached her stomach, she felt being slightly lifted and began to float inside the gel. The tube was filled and then lifted off the ground. It was carried suspended by the top to an empty place amidst the other tubes and hung there.

Karen could slowly move, restricted by the thick stuff. She felt weightless, deaf and pretty much couldn’t see anything. The lights were dim and the thick gel blocked most of it from reaching her eyes. That’s when the dildos began to gently vibrate. She twisted inside her gooey confinement, but in slow motion, like in a dream.

She closed her eyes and felt the emptiness fill her. She was feeling nothing else than her own body.

Sometimes, she would feel something warm or fresh filling her stomach, probably food and water. She would feel her bladder opening up and getting empty and she would feel her colon being filled by warm liquid and then flush cleaned as the automatic enema was being performed.

But all this was random, or it appears to be. Then again, she had totally lost track of time.

After another countless orgasm, she fell asleep once more, but this time, when she woke up, she was in her bed, naked under cotton sheets. The clothes she came in with were neatly folded on a nearby desk. She put a hand to her head and was surprised to feel her hair.

She got up, feeling weird to place her feet flat on the ground. She began to dress up, putting her satin panties then her tight jeans, shirt and sneakers. She was feeling relaxed, rested, yet something was missing.

She opened the door of her room, discovering back the circular room with the nine oak doors. The monk that welcomed her was there. She approached him.

“Hello my child. Did you enjoy your stay? Did you find your inner-self?” he softly asked.

“W… what happened back there? Was it real or did I dream all this? Was I drugged?”

“No drug is needed here, my child.” Softly answered the monk. “As to know if it was real or not, I should ask you what is real, what is dream? Do you feel sometimes time is going by fast and sometimes it runs slow although time is constant? Can there be more than one universe, more than four dimensions: height, width, dept and time? What do you believe? If you believe it was true, then it was. If you believe it was a dream, then a dream it was.”

“Well you’re not helping much.” Said Karen. “How can I have more of it? I want to go back. I want more. I want to spend the rest of my life here… there… or wherever it was. I felt so good, so…”

“… So at home?” he asked with a smile.

“Yes. I felt at home.” Said Karen.

“Usually when the Sanctuary releases its visitors, that’s because they’re reached their goal and are ready to go on with their life. You seem to be one of the rare chosen one.”

“Chosen one?”

“I don’t know more of it. I’m not a chosen one, just a humble servitor of the Sanctuary.

 “Is it an… entity? The Sanctuary I mean.”

“It is what you believe it is.” Simply answered the monk. “But as a chosen one, you have to make one more choice. You take one door. If that door leads you outside where you came in a few days ago, it means that your quest here is fulfilled and you must go on with your life, that your inner-self will find its way. If you’re a chosen one, that you’re given the chance to live with the Sanctuary forever, then you will find what your inner-self wants to find. Or you can choose not to take that choice and walk directly out by the door you came in before.” He said, pointing to the door leading directly outside.

Deep inside, Karen knew that this door was not what she wanted. The monk understood. He gently led her to the center of the star and softly left, leaving her alone. She closed her eyes and turned around then opened them. She carefully looked at the doors. One seemed different to her. She couldn’t point out why or how. She slowly walked to it and put her hand on it to push it open.

She found herself on the other side. She gulped. It was a wonderful garden where everything appeared to be made of rubber. She herself was encased in a very tight black rubber suit. Looking at her gleaming hand, it was almost like it was her own skin. She ran a hand over her head and was surprised to feel hairs although she felt the rubber encasing her scalp. She turned around and faced the door she went through. It was covered with a reflective material and she could see herself. She was completely covered in rubber, from heat to her pointed toe boots. It was deep black and extremely shiny. She tried to smile but her mouth was filled with a hard rubber gag. Around her forehead was a gold ring, about one inch wide, with a black engraved logo on the front. She felt her waist, apparently highly compressed by a crushing corset. She felt immediate arousal in her dildo filled orifices.

The nun approached.

“Hello my child. Welcome home.” She said, leading Karen along the rubbery path. 

She led her toward three women. They were all dressed identically and were probably triplets as they looked exactly the same. They were encased in tight semi-transparent purple rubber suits covering them from their bald head to their feet which were standing on black kid leather platform boots with a spiky heel. They had a two inches wide gold collar tightly wrapped around their neck. The same logo she saw on her head band was also on the collars.

They bow slightly as she approaches. They too appeared heavily corseted although no seam, no zipper, no corset was visible. She was led toward a side path where, up a dozen of stairs, a black covered chair with a high back was waiting, carrying the same logo but this time engraved in gold on the back high head rest.

Karen walked to it and took place in it. The seat was body conforming and had a large lump at the crotch.

With a nod of the head, the women began to strap down Karen on the chair, restraining her arms and legs with numerous straps. More straps were tightly drawn around her waist and upper chest and a large one around her neck.

As they retreated, the lump at her crotch began to vibrate and she threw her head backward. She knew it was only the start of it, that more was to come.

“Welcome to your kingdom, my Queen.” Said the nun, bowing slightly as the first one of many orgasms filled her. It was then that she realized that, for the first time, the nun hadn’t call her my child, but my Queen.

© Pete / monsterp63, October 12, 2006

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