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It had been a long day. As she removed her lab coat to put it on a coat hanger, she sighed. Finally, the week was over and she was heading for a much needed week of vacations.

The work at NanoMed was very gratifying: building nanotechnology for the medical field. They were on the verge of their greatest discovery: nanomachines that could target and destroy cancerous cells. A non chirurgical cure, without any side effects. Karen was the head engineer of that project but the long work hours had disastrous effects on her system. She was exhausted and the vacation week coming was more a prescribed rest week before she collapses of exhaustion than a liberal choice.

She drove home, yawning all the way and let herself drop on the lazy chair. If she would have closed her eyes, she would have fallen asleep, but she didn’t want to. She had more to do. She would rest alright, but not the way the doctor would have expected.

Grabbing the little energy she had left, she dragged herself to the basement and directed her attention to a large plastic box. She lifted the lid revealing a lump of clear rubber and a glass jar.

She picked the lump of rubber and spread it, hanging in on the open lid of the box while she undressed. She then put it on, revealing that it was a rubber catsuit, medium weight and visibly much too large for her, covering her from head to toe. Even more, there was nothing to close the large slit at the back she used to put it on.

With her clumsy hands in the too large gloves, she picked up the glass jar, filled with fluorescent yellow goo. She opened it and spread the goo on her suit. She put down the jar and walked to a laptop computer nearby, equipped with a wireless network card, and punched a few keys.

Shortly after, the yellow goo appears to spread on her suit, pretty much disappearing and reforming on each side of the wide open gap of the suit. Quickly, the gap closed as if sewn together, which in fact, was exactly what was happening.

In the little free time she had, Karen had managed to get out a few zillions nanomachines and programmed them with something of her own. The program had been tested numerous times and it was now time to fully apply it.

Once the seam was sealed, the goo spread all over the suit and began their work in tightening it. Rather quickly, the suit changed from a much too wide suit to a thick and very tight suit. Since no matter was lost, the rubber had to thicken to keep the same mass as the nanomachines were rearranging it at the molecular level.

She felt the suit tighten around her legs and thighs, arms and chest then at her waist where it tightened more and more, crushing her waist, her fingers becoming individually wrapped by the rubber.

Her breathing became shakier as the waist became a corset, tightening more and more. At the same time it was also tightening around her head, the nanomachines making a way for each individual hair, allowing it to pass through.

When all finished, she had a gleaming, shiny clear skin of rubber, wonderfully tight. But that was not all. The nanomachines continued their work and headed for the crotch where they took nearby matter to make shafts that quickly elongated and entered her body cavity before expanding, increasing the inner pressure. Another lump of rubber was entering her mouth, coating it and expanding to fill it completely. She could still breathe easily as the nanomachines made the rubber porous. No feeding tube or breathing tubes were needed. The nanomachines would take care of everything.

Then the eyes. The nanomachines tightly glued the rubber over her eyes. Now, she couldn’t move them and couldn’t close them. She was stuck with her eyes open. That’s the way she wanted it. Although her vision was slightly blurred, she could still see enough to move around, although she was not to be.

Finally, the nanomachines moved to her feet, thickening the rubber and somewhat changing it into something more rigid as her feet rose up in the air, finally standing on her toes. Then the nanomachines retracted all over the suit, disappearing.

Karen walked around, feeling her new skin, rubbing her hands around her perfectly wrapped yet tightly encased breasts, down her waist and hips, feeling the dildos at her crotch. She tried to move her tongue in her gagged mouth but couldn’t. She could feel her mouth full, her cheeks forced out but retained at the same time by the tight latex hood. She couldn’t hear a thing as the nanomachines had also filled her ear canals with rubber. She was totally isolated except for her eyesight.

She walked to a nearby wall made with a plate of stainless steel. She backed to it and took a spread eagle position, placing her limbs over steel lumps located on the plate.

The nanomachines went to work again, making lumps at her wrists, spreading on the steel lumps that started to grow, raising over in a large and thick stainless steel band which trapped her wrists into a rigid cuff, tightly pressed against the wall plate. The same thing happened to her ankles, then below and over the knees, at the thighs, waist, over the chest, shoulders, over and below the elbows. Then everything crawled up effectively lifting her in the air. Now she was tightly bound on the steel plate, unable to move, her feet not touching any support.

The nanomachines job wasn’t done yet. They expanded the last lump of steel around her forehead, pinning it down. The head support was making sure that she would be facing the large mirror so she would be able to clearly see herself.

Finally, the nanomachines retracted back to the suit, heading for the crotch and the gag. Then it started. Karen would have closed her eyes but they were held open, as the dildos and the gag started to vibrate and pulsate, twisting, expanding and shrinking like nothing else could do. She tried to squirm in her bonds, but nothing gave.

That was the rest from work she needed. She had programmed the nanomachines to take care of her for five days, leaving two to recuperate of her ordeal.

Over her head was a container with a nourishing broth. In time, the nanomachines would construct a tube linking her mouth to it so she would be fed. When the time to clean herself will come, the nanomachines will open a passageway, grab the waste and break it down, getting their energy from it.

Of course, there were safety interlocks built into this whole set-up. If her life or health was becoming threatened, the nanomachines would immediately release her.

As her body was taken by another convulsion following another orgasm, all her problems were taken away. She was resting. Sort of…

© Pete / monsterp63, October 24, 2006

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