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It started with a simple magazine wrongly delivered into her mailbox. She had opened the brown envelope without looking at whom it was addressed. She had startled when she saw the front cover: a sleek woman wearing a very shiny red catsuit, with a studded leather collar and leather cuffs. She had put the magazine on the table as if stung by a bee.

“What the… Who the hell… Lynda?” she had said after looking at the envelope.

Yes, it was addressed to Lynda, her neighbour and very good friend. They have spent a lot of time together but Lynda was not that kind of girl, always dressed conservatively with loose fitting jeans, flat shoes. Why would she be interested in such a … thing?

Karen picked up the magazine like attracted by a magnet and started to browse it. She saw again the same woman as on the front page but this time, tied up, hogtied, spread on some wooden X frame with a huge mushroom vibrator fixed to her crotch. Then she saw more women, all dressed alike, some in bondage, some not. Picture of parties where people gathered dressed in leather and like that, whatever that was.

She didn’t read any of the articles. She was too shocked by the images. Shocked or was it disturbed?

Nevertheless, that magazine didn’t belong to her. She had to give it back, but the envelope was open. The mailboxes of the apartment building were all regrouped into one room, all with locked doors. Nobody except the postman had access to it. She couldn’t simply hang the magazine.

She knew. She would simply let the magazine by Lynda’s door, gliding it under the door.

She got out first without the magazine and went knocking at Lynda’s door. She was pretty sure she was out but she had to make sure. No answer. She went back to her apartment, grabbed the magazine and returned to Lynda’s door, merely 15 feet away. She slid the brown envelope under the door but the address label tore off and stuck. She pulled on it then retried. Again, the address label folded on itself and jammed on the door… that opened.

Lynda startled. She was not prepared to see her best friend Karen, kneeling at the door, trying to push in an envelope.

“Sorry, I was in the bath… Karen? What are you doing?” inquired Lynda, picking the envelope.

“I received this by error, and well…”

“It’s been open.” Said Lynda, suddenly blushing.”

“Well, I haven’t read who it was addressed to and I…”

“So you’ve seen what’s inside, right?”

“Yes.” Answered Karen, not feeling comfortable at all to have invaded her best friend’s privacy like that, although it was unintentional.

They both stayed there, not saying a word. Lynda uncomfortable with her secret to be out and Karen for having inadvertently found it.

“Well, I…. I better be going.” Said Karen.

“Yes, right.” Said Lynda. “Listen…”

Karen couldn’t stop there. She had to learn more.

“Do… Do you have time for a coffee?” cut in Karen. “I’d have some… questions.” She said, looking at the brown envelope.

That’s how it began. Lynda explained to her that she was a latex fetishist for many years. She even showed her the extensive clothes collection she had, ranging from classic catsuits to casual pants, along with a nice collection of high heels shoes and boots.

“But you look so… casual?”

“Yeah, who would have thought, hey?” said Lynda Laughing. “Listen, I’m still the same as before, it’s just that you know more about me.”

“Well, maybe you are the same as before, but… I’m not.” Said Karen, feeling the latex garments with her hands, rubbing it, smelling it, pinching it.

“Would you like to try something?” asked Lynda.

“Me?… I mean, you’re serious? I… I don’t know, these clothes are very private, I wouldn’t feel right wearing them.” Said Karen.

“No worry, they are clean and disinfected. It’s rubber, remember? No germ can live on that.” Said Lynda with a smile.

That’s how Karen got her first taste of latex. Of course the catsuit she tried on was not cut for her. She had a slightly longer body than Lynda so the crotch zipper bit cruelly into her butt and it made the collar uncomfortable. The sleeves were a little too short although the legs were okay. Walking in high heels, as high as five inches that is, was frightening for a first experience, but all together, the position of her body changed by the heels, her waist gently squeezed, her breasts compressed, the sleek look in the mirror, was enough to get her more interested.

Within a week, she had started to build her own wardrobe. Now that Lynda’s secret was out, they were both spending evenings together, dressed in latex, simply to watch a good movie or to play cards. The poker games became more interesting as bondage and torture were the prizes for the looser.

The suit Karen preferred was her blow-up suit. Once in it, she would simply lay there, drifting into another world where only the toys inside her would have access.

Soon, Karen asked for more stringent bondage. Lynda was glad to supply. With time, they discovered that Lynda preferred to be the top and Karen the bottom. That suits both of them.

From latex evenings to latex parties, they were soon wearing latex under their normal day clothes, until the office where Karen was working closed down and she lost her job. She had a severance check equivalent to one year of salary.

They decided to move together. They would both save and since they were more or less together all the time, it didn’t make such a difference. Karen sold her furniture and bought what she needed for her next step. She was unemployed so it was the perfect opportunity.

That’s how she ended up there. Double vibrating dildos were stimulating her. Swallowing was not easy with the large tube running down her throat to feed her. Fresh air was being pumped by small hoses through her nose. Her waist was heavily compressed by a corset reducing it by six inches. Her feet were encased in pointed toe boots laced very tightly up to her knees. Electrodes were placed along her body, both to monitor her life signs as well as to stimulate her muscles so they would not atrophy. She was all enveloped into a very tight and thick inflatable rubber catsuit, complete with a closed hood, letting only her feeding and breathing hoses go through. More hoses were connected at her crotch, running down through the table she was laying on. They were for her bladder and the enemas.

The inflatable catsuit had been filled with air, pumped to a very high pressure. Then she had taken place inside a vac bed which the inside had been filled with adhesive.

As the vacuum started, she felt the clinging rubber sandwich hold her in place, in the position she had chosen, legs slightly apart and arms along her sides, not very far from the body. Within a few seconds, she couldn’t move at all. She was deaf, blind and mute. 

She was floating in her rubber world, her life controlled by Lynda and her computer. That’s the latter one that would trigger the feeding, the cleaning, fire the dildos and the pleasure buttons as well as the electrodes contracting her muscles, all at random to make sure that she would have absolutely no point of time reference. Of course, Lynda would have a ball running a portable vibrator along Karen’s body from time to time. 

Within a few hours, the vacuum would be stopped and she would remain trapped inside her rubber cocoon for… How much? She remembered the conversation she had with Lynda a week earlier.

“How long do you plan to stay there?” asked Lynda

“Dunno. How long do you think you could take care of me?”

“Well, the computer is doing most of the job. As long as it’s running, it could be… forever.”

“Forever hey? Or until you get bored.?”

They had laughed at that possibility. Then, come to think of it, she never did give Lynda the time duration she wanted. How long would it be? When should she get out of it? 

The double dildos fired at the same time the electrodes stimulated her sensitive nipples. She tried to squirm inside a tight confinement. All she could do was squeeze her butt muscles, massaging the dildos. It wasn’t long before an orgasm built up and exploded, more powerful, exciting than she ever felt before.

“Forever of that, I wouldn’t mind.” She thought as the vibrations continued.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 4, 2006.

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