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“Ready Karen?” asked the man in the lab coat.

“Ready, Phil.” Answered the woman, also in a lab coat but who had a dull looking smooth sleeve up her arm. 

It was going from her wrist up to her shoulder, trapping her coat sleeve in it. The black sleeve was hooked with wires to some electronic equipment, operated by the man. He looked at some dials and indicators then flipped a switch.

A squishing sound was heard at the same time the sleeve compressed itself around the woman’s arm. She gasped.

“Feeling okay?”

“Yes, the pressure is fine and appears constant. It’s just… weird. It’s like a blood pressure bracelet but arm length.” She said, rubbing her left hand on the now shiny black membrane covering her arm.

The man looked at a computer screen.

“Everything appears normal and under control. Can you flex it?”

Karen slowly bent her arm but it barely bent more than 15 degrees.

“Too stiff.” She said as Phil changed some parameters.

“How’s this?” he asked.

“Better.” She said, fully flexing her elbow. “The pressure appears constant. How is the power draw?”

“Even better than expected.” He said, looking at the numbers with a large smile. “I think a standard energy pack should last for 12 to 15 hours for a full suit.”

Karen smiled at him and rushed into his arms.

“We’re gonna make a fortune.” She said to his ears.

“Yes, but not yet my dear. Yes we were able to achieve what Nasa and high level universities had been trying to for years, but to really attract their attention, we have to go full suit…”

“And test it in a decompression chamber.” She said, finishing his sentence.

“Yes, and I think we’re ready.”

They embraced. There was little time for friendship, or lovership. Work was ahead if they wanted to beat the others. They had succeeded but they didn’t know at what level of development the others were. It was a race against time and technology, but the reward promised millions!

They immediately went back to work toward building the full body garment. Karen was chosen to test and display the model. First she was not afraid, and second, she was a much better presentation package than Phil for a full body, tight fitting space suit: The next step in space exploration.

The next item made was a full length arm sleeve with an attached glove. As the power was applied, the fabric shrunk to perfection, wrapping her arm and each individual finger into a gleaming black coating, so tight that each knuckle could be made out.

“Wow! The dexterity is fantastic!” exclaimed Karen as she picked up a penny with index and thumb from the table.

Phil smiled. During the course of the following weeks, they made more of the secret fabric and fused it together making the arms, legs and torso. For the head they decided to go with a complete hood over which a gasmask looking breathing system would be put on. The full face covering would allow the gas mask to be less pressurized.

They tested it’s resistance to abrasion and although it was quite easy to puncture in its loose state, it became almost indestructible once shrunk. They had to use a very pointy nail and hit it hard with a hammer to be able to puncture it. Even a very sharp knife was not leaving any marks. It would mean increased protection for the wearer on the rocky soil of Mars.

It was the day of the trial of the full suit. They had made it in three parts: lower, upper and head. Since they hadn’t figured out a way to make a zipper that would work once shrunk, they decided to go with overlapping the layers.

Karen was surprised when she looked at the lower part. It was Phil who had worked on the footwear.

“Wedge high heel boots for a spacesuit?” she asked, showing the attached footwear consisted of a thick one inch sole followed by a heel rise reaching five inches.

“Well, this is a demonstration suit. Better make the one who’s going to wear it as pretty as possible. I doubt that the Nasa engineers will notice it.” He said with a wink.

Karen put the lower part on. It was easy since it was loose fitting. It was reaching up to just below her breast. The next item was the hood with the wide collar yoke, and finally, the upper body with the attached gloves. It covered her chest down to below her belly button. The wide overlap would ensure a perfect seal even once stretched.

The belt with the power pack and the computer controlled was attached to Karen’s waist with a wide leather belt. She pushed the buttons and within seconds, she was tightly encased into a gleaming black coating. Her head became tightly encased with only holes for the eyes and mouth. It was so tight that the contour of her ears could be made out. It was like she had been spray painted. She put her hands at her waist.


“Perhaps the two layers.” She said. “It’s very tight. It almost feels like a corset yet my mobility is not impaired.” She said as she bent down to touch her feet, the pressure of the suit adjusting accordingly.

“Ready for the mask?” he asked.

She nodded yes as she put the gasmask like device herself, putting it carefully in place. Once done, it took less than 10 seconds for the computer to make contact with it and trigger the shrinking feature, squishing the mask on her face, sealing it tight. Phil put the air tanks on Karen’s back. For their tests, they were using standard scuba diving tanks.

“Ready for the pressure chamber?”

“Yes.” She muffled through the gasmask.

She entered the glass cabin. Phil sealed shut the door and started the vacuum pump, looking at his computer screen.

“Okay, you’re at 0.9 atmospheres. How are you?”

“Fine so far. I feel as if the suit is tightening even more. Either that or I’m inflating.”

“Probably the second explanation. 0.8 atmospheres. Still… tightening?”

“No, seems stable.” She said, flexing her arms and legs, closing and opening her fists. “Still working fine.”

“Very well, 0.6 atmospheres.”

“Still doing fine.” She said, more and more joyous.

“Okay, I’m at the maximum with this vacuum. 0.4 atmospheres.”

“I say we have a winner.” She said, almost jumping in place.

Phil carefully increased the pressure back to one atmosphere, the ambient pressure on earth. Karen walked out and jumped in his arms.

“We did it.” She yelled through her mask, still jumping up and down, then she put her hand to her crotch, eyes wide open. “Oooooo”.

“What’s wrong?” asked Phil, suddenly concerned.

“Not sure. I don’t know if it’s the change of pressure or just the fact that this thing is tight everywhere, but I got stimulated here, just by jumping.”

“Stimulated…” said Phil, not sure to understand.

“You know, s-t-i-m-u-l-a-t-e-d she said with sexy eyes.”

“Really? You’re getting kinky or what?”

“No, I mean it, it’s… hot.” She said as she simply walked in a circle in their small lab, a hand at her crotch, the other feeling her buns getting squeezed like in a pair of too tight jeans. “I don’t know if it is its tightness, the way it fits, or the fact that I’m on high heels, but…Women astronauts wearing this will have a blast.” She said as she powered down the suit which reverted to the loose state. She let out a relief sigh.

“I was about to have one right there.” She said, smiling.

Three months later, they were at a Nasa conference to show their new suit. Karen had dressed first with a properly looking black spandex suit. She had to show how the suit was put on without being out of place. 

They put the three piece suit on and turned on the power and the Nasa engineers looked in amazement as the suit shrunk to conform to Karen’s voluptuous body. Next was the gasmask and the air bottles.

“Are you willing to spend the evening in this?” asked the head spacesuit development program.

“Of course.” She said with a smile, and a wink to Phil who understood that the stimulation had once again begun.

She spent the evening walking along to meet various people and investors. On many occasions, she crossed her legs and squeezed her buns, almost unnoticed by the others but well noticed by Phil who smiled every time.

Then as she turned around, one man, not looking where he was going, bumped on her and poured his glass of alcohol on her, most of it splashing on the control belt. Sparks flew and Karen jolted a couple of times. Phil rushed to the scene.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… I guess.” She said, looking at the display, all blank. “So far so good. The computer is down but the suit is still working.”

“That’s interesting.” Said Phil, then to the head spacesuit program “We haven’t taken the time to make the belt console waterproof. It’s a prototype after all.”

“And a very good one, indeed. Even with the incident, the integrity of the suit appears untouched. Another good point for you. Please, come by my office tomorrow for further arrangements to allow you a research grant.” He said, shaking Phil then Karen’s hand. “I’m impressed, very impressed.”

“Thank you.” Said a joyous Phil.

“T… thank you.” Answered a concerned looking Karen.

Phil took her away.

“That’s wonderful!”

“Is it? Phil, the power is off and the suit is still tight.”

“Nah, it’s probably not off, but drawing much less current than we anticipated. Even better!”

“Han han.” She said, producing a harness or charred wires.

“The suit is totally unplugged.” She said, completely removing the power pack and console. “Now, how do I get out of this thing?”

“There must be a way… there must be a way…” Said Phil, dragging her along, away from the Nasa brass.

“Well, I don’t know if Nasa will be happy to hear this, but I’m sure that some fetish freaks will.” Said Karen as she put a hand at her crotch, trying to prevent another orgasm from happening… unsuccessfully.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 15, 2006

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