Karen – Just Another Day In The Park


Karen was walking along the stone trail of the park. She could feel the soft breeze although she couldn’t feel the air, sealed as she was in her skin-tight full rubber catsuit, covering her from her toenails to the top of her head.

She was walking along, her feet jacked on top of high heels platform boots, the heel rising a full seven inches high for a one inch platform, the soft kid leather tightly laced up to just below her knee.

With each step, she could feel the tight rubber squeezing her buns. She could also feel her double dildo panties wiggling inside her.

She smiled although it was invisible under her blow-up gag, pumped so much that her cheeks were bulging. Although the sun was high and strong, only part of it was passing through the dark tinted lenses covering her eyes.

She strolled along the park. Near one curve, on the grass, was a woman dressed in a red latex catsuit, tightly tied in a frog tie, her leash tied to the huge nearby tree. She seemed alone although Karen was sure that her master wasn’t very far. 

She reached the main rest area where numerous park benches were waiting for visitors to take a seat. Many had, sitting, simply enjoying another wonderful day.

She sat on one already occupied by a young woman dressed in a tight short purple rubber dress, her feet encased in thigh high kid leather boots with a spiky six inches heel.

As Karen sat, her tight rubber suit creaked along with her black leather corset that compressed her waist by a good five inches. She felt her dildos fire. It was the random setting, the one she preferred. The bench apparently transmitted the vibration as the young woman in the purple dress looked at her with an understanding smile.

She stayed there, her tightly encased hands resting on her lap. She slowly rubbed her rubber covered gloves on her rubber thigh, sending tingling sensations through the shiny black fabric. She inhaled with a shaky breath.

Her attention was brought up by a moving couple. A man wearing black leather was pulling her love slave on a leash. She was wearing a dark blue latex catsuit with wonderful abstract dark red patterns. It was covering her completely, including her obviously shaved head. If she was seeing, it was through tiny holes in her otherwise smooth latex hood obviously hiding a built-in penis gag. The leach was attached to the front ring of a chromed steel collar at least three inches wide apparently tightly fastened around the small neck. Her arms were secured in her back with elbow and wrist cuffs, also made of chromed steel. Her walking was impaired as she was standing on knee high pointed toe boots, also of chromed steel, linked by a one foot chain. Karen couldn’t see any means to close or remove the steel restraints. They were without a doubt, permanents. She had a thought toward the slave: she must be very proud of her permanent restraints. They were a strong symbol of commitment and of love between her and her master.

Karen was surprised at how easy she seemed to managed to walk on such pointed toe boots

“She’s a natural gifted.” She said to herself

The next sighting brings a smile and even a muffled laugh. Another master was having her love slave on tow, but she wasn’t touching the ground. Her inflatable black and red catsuit and full head hood were without a doubt, filled with helium. She wasn’t floating very high, but she was not touching the ground. The feeling must have been awesome.

“I should try this one, one day.” Said Karen, taking a mental note.

She got up in more rubber and leather creaking and resumed her walk. Ah, the pyramid: three X frame setup slanted as pyramid walls, the top of the X’s being narrower than the base. Three women were tightly strapped on it. One was wearing a bright orange catsuit, her feet in leather ballet toe boots, thigh high, and with a black rubber corset. The one to her left was wearing a white latex catsuit without any hood but a leather harness equipped with a large rubber ball gag was tightly fastened around her head. A tight fitting steel chastity belt was attracting the attention of another passer-by, a young woman in a long deep red latex dress, probably a mistress looking for a new device for her own slave.

The third side of the pyramid was filled with another woman, this one wearing only latex panties and a latex bra, both bright red. Her dangling feet were strapped into five inches bright red platform sandals.

Just next to the pyramid were purposely displayed the mummies. Three were completely wrapped in grey duct tape, legs together and arms crossed over their chest, pretty much like the real ones, attached to pedestals. Two were walking mummies, with their limbs taped separately. One was wrapped using black PVC tape and the other with white PVC tape. Finally, another one was standing, her upper body wrapped tight with her arms in her back, folded into the reverse prayer position. Her legs were taped separately, all with red PVC tape. One man approached her with a roll of tape and started to wrap her legs together. The two walking mummies were watching, almost fighting as who would be the next one to be totally wrapped.

To her left, the pool, filled with people dressed from sharkskin neoprene wetsuits, to standard rubber catsuit to simple latex swimsuits. All in high heels, of course.

She could even see two or three divers, bound, tied to rings on the bottom of the pool, floating between two waters, air being fed by external lines, that could do nothing but watch the other dive in nearby, and having fun while they were… stuck on the bottom.

As she exited the park, on came along Gord having a ride on one of his FemCars. As a man entered the park, carrying his latex clad lover tightly bound to a rolling buggy, she smiled behind her gag.

It was just another normal day in the park.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 17, 2006

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