Karen – Family Reunion


It’s this time of the year for family reunions, and Karen’s family was no exception. This year, it was her turn to receive the family.

She tentatively slid the tip of her fingers into the back pockets of her way too tight jeans and had a last look at her setup of the living room. Everything was perfect, from the snacks on the table to the ready self-service bar. As she walked from the soft carpet of the living room to the hardwood floor of the dining room, her heels went from silence to quite loud, her black platform sandals clicking hard with her six inches heels. She had a glimpse of herself in the long, textured wall mirror. She puffed her long curly brown hairs with her shiny black spandex covered hands, part of her high collared spandex leotard. Her waist was trimmed by a nicely tight waist cincher made of black leather with red stitching. Her jeans had a wonderful bleached pattern starting just at the pocket and ending just over the knees. She made a turn on herself, making sure that there was no more than one single crease showing at the back of her highly compressed buns. She was perfect.

A last look at the dining table, at the decoration, making sure that everything was perfect, although she knew she would have to adapt her table to her guests.


“What? Someone already?” she said to herself while she strolled along to the door and opened it to find her brother Phil with his wife.

“Hello Phil! How are you?” she said, giving him a kiss on the cheeks. “And Lynda! Wow, you look gorgeous.” She said.

She could do no more than moan. She was wearing a very tight red latex hobble skirt. Her waist was highly corseted under it. Knowing her, it was for sure a satin corset. Her arms? Nowhere to be seen as her breasts were fully protruding up front. They were tightly tied into a reverse prayer position in her back. The upper portion of the latex dress didn’t have any arms and was made to be worn that way.

Her face was decorated with a red patent harness with a red ball gag forced deeply in her mouth. Karen kissed her on the cheeks, or rather on the leather straps running on her cheeks.

“Why this setup?” asked Karen.

“Well, she wanted to come fully plugged. I said to her that she was not to have anything to eat or drink. She said that she knew it and that she would control herself. Well, you know how she is with self control, don’t you?”

“Ah yes, I know.” Said Karen remembering quite a few incidents.

“So I fixed her so she wouldn’t take anything.” Said the man.

“And I must say that your choices are perfect, as always. Please, have a seat in the living room. You’re the firsts ones in.” said Karen, closing the door behind her.

She looked at them go, especially at Lynda with her hands tightly held into the reverse prayer under this incredibly tight latex dress, forcing her to walk while rubbing her legs all along… knowing that she’s plugged, probably with vibrating devices. Then Karen frowned.

“Phil? Is she on ballet boots?”

“Yes she is! That was her birthday present. I think she hadn’t taken them off since then.”

“But that was two months ago!” Said Karen with wide eyes.

“Yeah. She wanted to make sure she would be able to wear them to come here.” He said.

Lynda turned a little and bowed to Karen. Karen returned the salute. No surprise that she seems to be walking that easily with them after two months of practice.

She made her way to the kitchen to have a look at her meal. Everything was going to plan.


Karen rushed to the door. It was her sister Sarah with her lesbian lover, Annie. Sarah was wearing a very tight fitting black leather jeans and jacket ensemble and was walking on five inches, thigh high kid leather boots. Annie was slightly behind her… mummified!

“Hi folks! I love your leather jeans, Sarah, and as for Annie, well… it’s a wrap!” said Karen, giggling.

“Well she said that she wanted to know what it felt like to be a mummy, so I took care of it.”

“And rather tightly.” Said Karen, notice how tight the white PVC tape appeared on every limb and especially Annie’s stomach, crushing it to a corset size waist.

Each limb was wrapped individually, her hands ending with no fingers and her feet wrapped so tight and so rigid that she was forced to walk on her toes. Her neck was very well defined and her head totally wrapped except for two eye holes. A closer inspection reveals that there was a piece of white cotton over her mouth, allowing her to breath without disturbing too much the overall effect.

Karen invited them to enter and to join Phil and Lynda. Sarah reached the living room and had time to give hugs to the others before Annie was half way there.

“Oh wow! Quick Annie, there’s a sarcophagus here!”

Karen looked with delight at the sight of Annie, struggling to walk faster, rigid as she was in her tight PVC tape cocoon, wiggling her tight butt on her toes to reach the living room. Sandra quickly put her inside the sarcophagus, closed the door shut and turned on the air pump, inflating the inner bladder of the sarcophagus, effectively squeezing Annie inside.

Karen looked with amazement then with concern while the pressure indicator went all the way through the green zone into the yellow warning zone, stopping short of the red zone when Sarah released the button.

“Geesh!” said Karen. “You’re going quite heavy on her. She can’t move at all at this pressure.”

“Yes, and she deserves it. She’s been a real pain all the way from home, the whole three hours trip! Too bad there wasn’t enough place in the small trunk of my Echo otherwise she would have travel stuffed in there.” 

Karen had no worry about Annie’s setup. There was a security features on the sarcophagus. When the door was closed, a breathing tube came in contact with Annie’s face. If for some reason, air stops flowing through, e.g. Annie stops breathing, the pressure is immediately released, the door opens and an alarm goes off.

  The doorbell rang again. This time, it was Erika, her cousin from Russia. She was wearing a classic tight fitting short blue dress with high neck and long sleeves with attached gloves.

“Hi Karen! How are you?” she said, giving her kisses on the cheeks.

“Very fine Erika. How was your trip?”

“Very nice. I really wonder why I had to go through the metal detector,” She said. “as if I could hide something in this.” She said, opening her arms. 

Karen had a look at her ample yet tightly squeezed breasts.

“Well, those may….”

“Ah, shut up.” She said, laughing. “Oh! Who’s this? Hey! Sarah…” said Erika, leaving Karen and strolling on her five inches classic black pumps to reach the living room to greet everyone already there.

Karen closed the door and had the time to pour herself a glass of wine before the doorbell rang again. She startled when she opened it. It was without a doubt Ingrid, a good friend she met in Germany. It was an honor for her to come every year to this dinner that Karen was making. She always manages to surprise Karen on every visit.

This time, she was wearing a bright highly polished black rubber catsuit, complete with attached gloves and hood, leaving only two dark lenses for her to see and a small hole to breathe through the built-in gag. Her waist was heavily compressed under a red and black rubber corset covering her full torso up to her neck where a black studded leather collar, three inches wide, was tightly fastened.

That was not such out of the ordinary for Ingrid, but the man besides her was.

“Hello Ingrid. And this is?…”

“I’m the back driv… err the cab driver.” He said, nervous. “All I want is my fare.” He said with an angry look.

“No! Don’t tell me you forgot again to get local money, Ingrid.”

She nodded yes as much as her wide and tight collar allowed while raising her shoulders. Karen took her purse and paid the cab driver.

“She’s sorry for that, and you owe me, Ingrid!” She said while handing the money to the driver who was not seeing it but was evidently fascinated by Ingrid’s butt, wiggling in her extremely tight latex catsuit, so tight that no wrinkle was visible anywhere. She was walking her way on her six inches heel platform lace-up boots, black of course to go with her suit, to the living room, while Erika was coming back to the kitchen to get herself another glass of wine, wiggling her butt in her short tight blue dress.”

“Sir?” said Karen to attract the cab driver’s attention.

“What? Oh, right. Yeah, thanks.” He said, picking the money and giving the receipt. Karen closed the door, holding herself not to start laughing in his face. She watched him walk back to his car, turning back his head frequently probably trying to figure out if it was a dream or what. Karen put the receipt on the telephone table. She would call him back for sure when it will be time for Ingrid to head back to the hotel.

Karen had time to walk to the living room. There was Phil sitting on the lazy chair with Lynda behind him, her collar tied to a D ring high on the wall. Sarah was sitting next to the sarcophagus enjoying a glass of scotch, Erika was sitting on the sofa with her glass of red wine, besides Ingrid who had just taken place after hugging everyone, even the sarcophagus! 


Karen was at the door again, startled.

“Hello Frank… What’s with her? Is this Helen?” she asked, pointing to the fiberglass cast body sitting in the wheelchair, made of all light blue fiberglass cast with a red patch at the mouth.

“Yes that’s her.” He said with a grin. “Well, you know how she is and how things go from one thing to the other. She had bought a brand new white zentai suit with the shiniest and thickest spandex she could find. It was fitting her to perfection. She had added her brand new white platform sandals and she wanted to show you all. But she felt that all dressed in white, she would be boring to watch, so she asked me to add some decorative items in the form of a very tight blue fiberglass cast corset and put her left wrist also in a blue cast. Once done, she thought that having just one wrist was weird looking so she asked to have the other wrist done.

Then she felt that her hands were looking like two dead weights so she asked for full arms casts, always in blue fiberglass. She then felt she looked like an arrow like that and asked for a collar, which I did.

Then she thought that her upper body with blue accent and her lower part all white was looking odd, so on went fiberglass knee boots. She made sure that I was including the platform shoes. It was out of the question for her to take them off. So I did.” He said, his voice becoming angry.

“But it was not enough. Since she had full arms, she wanted full legs, but since she was to be seated most of the time, she asked me to make them bent, which I did. Then she thought that with having a blue part, then a white then a blue then a white, etc, she looked like a friggin’ candy stick, so she asked me to cover everything in fiberglass cast, including her head but to leave holes for the mouth and the eyes as the suit had a mouth zipper. So I did.” He added, his voice becoming more pissed off.

“And then to top it off, she felt that now, looking all blue was boring and she suggested that adding perhaps a red fiberglass band around her wrists would help. Now I had way enough. I gagged her and put the red accent she wanted over her mouth.”

“Oh, poor her. She just loves my turkey. She won’t be able to have a bite.”

“Nah, she will. We’ll all eat first, then once we’re all done, I’ll get my tools, they’re in the car, and free her of the cast, and then she would have to eat ALONE…” he said, bending down approaching his mouth to the woman’s fiberglass covered head “… HOPING SHE’LL GET THE MESSAGE”.

Karen heard Helen mumble but it seemed more like a laugh than anything else.

“Well, join the others.” Said Karen, inviting them to come in.

At the same time, another taxi cab stopped by and two people got off. One man and one woman struggling to walk in an obviously over-inflated blow-up catsuit and hood.

“Ricardo, Stephania! I thought you were back in Italy.”

“No we had to postpone our trip. We’re going next month.” Said the man of the Italian couple, great friends she met a couple of years before.

“Nice to have you here.” Said Karen, giving a hug to the man as well as to the overblown balloon who could barely get her arms around her. “Isn’t she a little over blown?” asked Karen.

“Yeah, somewhat, but it was her idea. This is an old blow-up suit that is almost worn out. Many seams are ready to give up. Since we already ordered a new one and this one is practically trashed, she suggested that, instead of air, I fill it with expanding foam. So I did. Apparently the foam is still expanding and curing slowly. I don’t think she’ll be able to move at all by the time we’ll have dinner. But honestly, that’s her problem. In any case, she’s intubated so no problem there. I brought her food. ” He said, producing a thermos.

“The hell with whatever is in this thing.” Said Karen. “She’ll have what everyone else has. I’ll just put it through the blender first.” She said with a wink to which Stephania responded by raising a hand, approving.

Karen looked at them walk to the living room, Stephania definitively having a hard time, unless it was a heck of a good time because she was sure to have heard buzzing sounds as she passed by her.

She had a glimpse at the guests. Anyone missing? Yes, France and Heike. Although they lived together, they were not lesbian but bi-sexual. They love a good male when needed!

She heard the sound of car doors closing and opened the front door. While the cab was driving away, two gorgeous women were walking toward her, one wearing a metallic red spandex full zentai catsuit with red five inches high heels sandals with a long strap winding up her leg up to the knee, and the other wearing a full shiny black scuba smoothskin wetsuit, complete with hood and a gasmask plugged to filtering cartridges on a backpack, walking on black wedge platform knee high lace-up boots.

“Hello France. I’m glad you could come.” Said Karen, hugging the spandex covered one.

“Nice to see you.” She answered with a strong French accent. It was odd to hear sound, see the spandex hood moving, but not seeing any face features.

Karen turned to the neoprene covered one, putting her hands on her hips in a decided manner.

“Heike. You know I stopped smoking two years ago. The gasmask is not necessary anymore” she said with a corner smile.

“Ah? Reely?” she answered with a swedish accent. “I did not reemember.” She said, trying to make shy eyes through the thick lenses of her M95 gasmask.

“Ah come on, you spoiled brat” said Karen, giving her a hug. “You can take your gasmask now, you know?”

“Err. Well… Oh, Erika is heere, and she’s always weeriing strong perfume. I will keep the gasmask, if you don’t mind.” She said while entering the house.

“Forget it.” Said France. “She would find any possible excuse to wear it. She kept it in the train because she was afraid of toxic fumes from the electric motors.” She said with a grin. “Shit, she even wears it home when I cook because of … heated chemicals in the air.”

“She just loves her gasmask. Who could blame her?” Said Karen as she closed the door behind France. As they reached the living room, France went ecstatic.

“Oh! Wow! You have an X frame in your living room? Quick Heike, tie me up.” Said France as she took place, spreading herself wide and waiting for someone to tie her up. 

While Heike was taking care of her legs, Frank had decided to fix her arms and the wide strap at her waist, making sure to pull it extremely tight. 

“Hey Frank. Not that tight, it’s not a corset you knomffrm”

Before she could finish her phrase, Frank had taken one of the ballgag hanging by the X-frame and had tightly wrapped it around France’s face, pushing it deep in her mouth, forcing the tight spandex to go in with it.

“You’ve been here less than a minute and you’re already complaining.” Said Frank. “France, you’ll never change.”

“Mffmfmff” said France while struggling from her inescapable position with straps tightly holding her on the ankles, below and over the knees, thighs, waist, chest, upper arm and wrist.

Karen joined the group, sitting on the sofa’s armrest with only her left leg. She was slowly rubbing her tightly encased thigh with her fingernail, sending tingling sensations.

“You should get yourself a man.” Said Sarah sitting next to her.

“Yeah I know” answered Karen with a sigh. “I’m just waiting for the right one.”

They chit-chat for a while, eating the entrees while sipping some wine until the timer was heard from the kitchen.

“Okay everybody. If you would please take place at the dining table.” Said Karen, heading for the kitchen followed by Sarah and Erika who gave her a hand bringing the food to the table while Heike was getting France off the X-Frame.

Sarah then freed Annie from the sarcophagus and they all started eating, those who could of course. Ingrid and France had removed their respective hoods while Stephania was being tube fed, Ricardo pushing the food syringe a little at a time while he ate. Heike had reluctantly removed her gasmask but promised to put it back as soon as she could.

Lynda couldn’t eat anything and it was her choice, Annie said she was not hungry while Helen was still punished into her fiberglass cast; she would eat later after Frank would have cut her out of it.

The dinner was going fine except for Annie who used her free time to tease everyone, hitting their arm on purpose while they were bringing soup to their mouth, moving their plates, messing with their hairs or pulling their dangling hoods.

“Annie!” yelled Erika. “Would you please get off me?” she said while wiping yet another Annie created spill from her latex covered breasts. “Sarah, she’s yours, do something.”

“Well, I thought she would behave herself taped as she is. I didn’t not bring anything else, my Echo is quite little you know…”

“Get yourself a bigger car, for heaven sake.” Said Phil. “It’s not like you can’t afford it.”

Karen had discretely left the table and came back a few minutes later with three jumbo rolls of silver duct tape.

“Could this be of any help?” she said, producing the tape.

“YES!” yelled Phil and Ingrid in unison, wiping off yet another spill.

They were quickly on her. Annie struggled but not really hard. She knew what was coming and she was rather hoping for it. While Ingrid was sitting on her stomach, Phil began to wrap her feet, very tightly and in a pointed position, then continued up her legs, pulling the tape as hard as he could. When reaching the waist, he pulled even tighter, squeezing her stomach. Then Ingrid crossed Annie’s arms over her chest, putting one hand on each breast, and Phil continued the wrapping. He reached the end of the first roll at mid chest. He started the new one, wrapped carefully her shoulders then her head, leaving only the breathing hole, then started to wrap her again going downward. He reached the end of that roll over her thighs. He took the last roll and wrapped it tightly again down to her feet then back up again until he ran out of tape.

Then they delicately lay the rigid mummy in the middle of the living room and went back to dinner.

Annie tried to move but couldn’t. Even squirming was impossible as she was too tightly tied and the three layers of tape, on top of her two previous ones, simply made it too rigid. She just lay there, enjoying the moment, drifting into her own sub space.

After dinner, when everyone was done, Frank got his tools and freed Helen from her fiberglass body cast, allowing her to eat… alone. But she was glad she could show her brand new white zentai suit although she was disappointed of not being the only one, referring to France’s suit.

While everyone was enjoying a digestive, well most everyone as Lynda was back hooked to the wall, Annie still wrapped in her taped cocoon, Ingrid was trying a session into the inflatable sarcophagus Erika was on the X-frame and Stephania whose foam filled suit was now completely rigid, Karen was smiling. It has been another wonderful evening with her friends and family.

Sarah and Annie were the only one to spend the night over. It was out of the question they would do the three hours drive back home today. The others either lived close by, stayed at the hotel or took the train.

Karen approached Sarah.

“Say Sarah, after you’ll have Annie fixed for the night, could you… fix me too? It’s been a while since I had a full night session.” Said softly Karen.

“But of course.” Said Sarah. “How do you want it? Mild or heavy?”

“I leave it to you.” Said Karen with a smile.

“Very well, just let me think about it.” Answered Sarah with devilish sparks in her eyes.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 23, 2006

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