Karen – FT2: The Mummy Show


Her butt, tightly encased in shiny black rubber, was wiggling as she was walking fast but with short steps on her spiky platform leather boots toward Suzy’s desk, the television station secretary. Her latex catsuit, very tight fitting, was squeaking with every move of her arms over the tight rubber corset constricting her waist five inches. Her curly brown hairs were floating freely on her shoulders. As she approached Suzy’s desk, she went faster.

“Oh, Suzy, I need you to type this in a hur… Well, I guess not.” She said, slowly coming to a stop next to Suzy’s desk who was looking at her with pleading eyes.

She was wearing a short, tight fitting red latex dress with thigh high black spiky boots. Her arms were strictly held in her back with a leather armbinder, pulling her elbows together. Her head was encased in a web of a leather harness with a large red hard rubber ball gag from which was protruding a wooden stick she was using to type on her computer. Her waist was tied to the chair with a wide leather strap while its wheels were blocked.

“Wow…” said Karen. “You did something wrong?”

Suzy grunted as she continued to type. Karen got closer to the screen. I will never again forget to put the e in Louise was written, numerous times although a counter at the bottom of the screen showed 142 of 500.

“Are we talking about THE Louise, the programming director?”

Suzy nodded yes, using the full yet little movement her head could do, restricted by a wide leather collar drawn very tight around her neck.

“Geesh! She’s in a very bad mood today.” Said Karen.

Another yes nod from Suzy.

“I think I’ll better come back later.” Softly said Suzy, quietly turning around to walk away, not wanting to wake up a sleeping dragon.

“KAREN!” she heard, very loud.

She stopped dead on her track and turned around, slowly. A woman wearing incredibly tight leather jeans and jacket, walking on spiky pumps with a five inches heel was coming toward her, her face rather severe.

“Yes… Oh hi Louise. How are we doing today?” she asked, trying to be delicate.

“Don’t ask!” she answered rather dryly. “If I ever get my hand on that son of a bitch that splashed me by running in this fucking poodle of water, I… Never mind. Do you have that proposal you talked to me about?”

“Well, yes but it’s in a draft form.” She said, lifting the document she had in her hand. “I was about to ask Suzy to type it down, but she’s kinda… tied-up with another assignment right now.” She said with a corner smile.

“Don’t play smart as with me today, Karen.” Answered Louise, then turning to Suzy who was obviously giggling “And you, shut up and continue to type otherwise I will tie your neck to your chair with a spring so strong that you will be barely able to reach the fucking keyboard.”

Suzy got serious quite fast and concentrated on her task.

“Give me that. I’ll keep you posted.” Said Louise, practically ripping the document off Karen’s hands and started to browse it while walking away.

Karen turned around and tried to casually walk away.

“KAREN!” she heard yelled again.

“Yes Louise… with an E.” said Karen, looking at Suzy who was definitely laughing. She was trying to relax the situation.

Louise opened her mouth, looked at Suzy who tried to be serious although her shaking shoulders proved otherwise, but did not talk to her.

“Don’t push me too far, Karen.” She said. “I’m really not in a good mood today. Is this about mummification?” she asked, lifting the document to make the point.

“Yes.” Said Karen. “We’ll have two participants on the show. One will be mummified with her limbs all separated and the other will have the full wrapping.”

“And who will perform it?”

“I’ve asked Mistress Carla to do it. So far, she’s in as long as she’s providing the mummification subjects from her own slave pool. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” Said Karen, getting serious yet anxious as Suzy’s reaction. She was not exactly eager to spend the rest of the day suspended inverted in mid air.

“You got Mistress Carla to be on the show and she agreed?” asked Louise with wide eyes.

“Yes. As a matter of fact, she should be here tomorrow afternoon to check out the set.”

“Oh geesh! How did you pull that one?” She said, walking to Suzy and untying her arms from the armbinder but leaving the harness gag.

“Type that in a hurry and don’t make any spelling mistakes this time” she said. “Do this in less than 10 minutes and I forgo the rest of your punishment. Karen, come with me.” She said, heading back for her office.

Karen followed Louise in her office who invited her to take a seat. Karen complied, squeezing herself into the purposely too narrow chair, her rubber catsuit squeaking on the leather armrests. Louise stayed up, pacing back and forth behind her huge desk.

“Wow, Karen. I’m impressed. Mistress Carla! You know I’m a big fan of mummification and Mistress Carla is the diva in this matter. Do you know if, you know, if she could take me instead of one of her slaves for that performance?” asked Louise, her face illuminating.

“Well…” Said Karen, playing with her latex covered fingers like a kid having done a bad thing. “There’s a little… snag.” She said, softly.

“What is it?” inquired Louise, frowning.

“It’s just… well… she would… I…” she took a deep breath, raised her head and looked as Louise straight in the eyes. “She doesn’t want you near her at any time. There, I said it. I don’t know what you did to her, but she doesn’t like you. Now please don’t punish me.”

“Oh shit! It happened over ten years ago. She’s still holding a grudge? I’ll tell you what happened: in college, her boyfriend cheated on her… with me. It was a moron anyways and she dumped him a week later. Come to think of it, that’s when she started to show some dominatrix behaviour.” She said, scratching her chin from her leather clad fingertips. “Anyways, I’m sure she would have forgotten by now.”

“She was very specific, Louise.”

“Oh, please.” She said with doggy eyes. “Ask her for me, will ya? Thanks, you’re a doll.” She said before Karen could answer of her own.

Karen left, troubled. A few hours later, she was back in Louise’s office with the news.

“She said that yes, she was still holding a grudge, but if you’re willing to be one of her subject to become mummified, she will not only do it, but erase that episode of her past.”

“That’s great! Thank you, Karen.” She said, hugging her, the leather creaking over the rubber. “Do you know who’ll be the other one?”

“She said that for having the nerve to ask her that, I would have to be the second one.”

“Oh, come on. It will be fun, you’ll see. I know you’ve never tried anything like that before, but believe me, it’s awesome. Do you know who will be the fully mummified one?”

“No. She didn’t want to tell. She just said that it would be something to remember.”

The Show

Mistress Carla arrived for the show flanked with two rubber clad slaves, tall and slender women with full breasts and thin wastes heavily compressed under rigid corsets, their heads evidently shaved under the tight fitting latex hood, walking with expertise on ballet toe boots. One was dressed with a red and the other with a yellow rubber suit.

They were pushing two carts, each one containing three cardboard boxes. Mistress Carla had the boxes put at specific places on the stage. Karen went to her, happy yet concerned: it would be her first mummification after all.

“Hello Mistress Carla. Everything is ready as you specified. We’re ready when you are.” Said Karen, smiling.

“Very well.” Said Mistress Carla from an authoritative tone. “Go on.” She said as she left the stage.

Karen, dressed in a short light green latex dress and matching platform shoes with a six inches heel, took her place center stage and waited for the signal from the show director signalling that the taping had begun.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to this special mummification show where we’ll talk about the safety measures as well as techniques with none other than Mistress Carla.” She said, opening her left arm to introduce the woman.

Mistress Carla walked on stage, her tight fitting leather catsuit creaking heavily. She went on right away with basic safety procedures, warnings and tips on how to do everything right. Next it was time for the demonstration. She invited Karen and Louise, looking at that one frowning, to take place and to strip down to their latex underwear, as specified in her early instructions.

“We’ll first wrap both of these subjects with plastic wrap, limbs separated. It makes for a much more intense experience” she said, picking a roll of 8 inches wide plastic wrap.

She started with Karen, wrapping her left feet before putting it back on the platform shoe, then walking up her leg, overlapping the wrap a good 50% along the way. She stopped at her crotch. She then did the other leg the same manner then carefully wrapped the crotch and lower belly with an intricate criss-crossing pattern.

Then to the waist, she asked one of her slaves to grab a hold of Karen while she pulled very hard on the wrap so it was very tight. Karen helped by sucking in her stomach. She loosened up a little at the chest to allow her to breath but having already been briefed to the fact that Karen could sustain short breath for prolonged time, she still wrapped it rather tight.

Then she did the arms, wrapping the fingers together into a fingerless hand up to the shoulders where again an intricate criss-cross pattern made sure everything was perfectly covered. Then the head was delicately wrapped, paying attention at the neck and making sure she was not strangling her.

The same procedure was applied to Louise although from Karen’s limited vision, Mistress Carla appeared to go a heck of a lot tighter on her. Louise was also on platform shoes, a request from Mistress Carla that both would be wearing that.

From another cardboard box, the assistant slaves bring many rolls of silver duct tape. She started at the shoe and Karen understood the use of it: the thick sole gave room for the tape to stick. Carefully, with little strips, her foot was encased in the silver tape, then it went up her leg, rather tightly. The same with the other leg, then to the crotch where again, many cut strips were used to achieve the perfect look, without wrinkles or folded tape, and where everything was perfectly covered.

As with the plastic wrap, Mistress Carla pulled very hard when she reached Karen’s waist, squeezing in into a stiff and unyielding corset. Then it was her arms tied slightly bending before finishing with her head on which she left only eyes holes and a mouth hole. Everything was tight and very smooth. Mistress Carla then invited Karen to walk a little on stage.

Stiff legged, she complied, discovering the pleasure of being tightly wrapped, where any movement called for the whole body to react. Lifting her arms was practically impossible.

The same procedure was applied to Louise but with white PVC tape. Again, Karen was sure that Mistress Carla went a lot tighter on Louise than herself, but Louise didn’t seem to complain.

“With this setup, it’s obvious that your subject could wander around. That’s why, if you want to leave their legs free, I would suggest the following setup if you don’t want your subject to play with herself.” She said, having noticed that Karen had reached her crotch quite a few times.

She grabbed another roll of duct tape and approached Karen. Helped with the yellow rubber one, she grabbed Karen’s arms and folded them backward in her back into the reverse prayer position, then wrapped them in tape, finishing by wrapping the whole torso very tightly to make the arms almost completely disappear.

“This way, it will keep her arms out of the way.” Said Mistress Carla with a devil smile. Before snapping a leather collar around Karen’s neck and linking it to the ceiling.

Karen couldn’t move. Her arms were totally immobile. Her breath was short. She was feeling her body compressed from every inch, forced to stand on her high heels shoes, unable to move out of there. All she had to do was to squeeze her butt muscles to rub her inside against the dildos built-in to her panties. She was having a blast and was barely able to follow what Carla was doing to Louise.

With more duct tape, Carla began to wrap Louise’s legs together, the way a real mummy is, as she said. She took her arms and crossed over her chest, each hand resting on the opposite breast, and she began wrapping again, very tightly. It was obvious that Louise had a hard time, but she was not to complain, not to Mistress Carla who was acting a little of revenge.

Now stood two mummies, one without apparent arms but legs separated, the other completely wrapped.

“And now, the ultimate in bondage mummification.” Said Carla as the red suited one approached another box and a table center stage. “Body casting.”

“What?” thought Karen. “She’s going to put one of us in a fiberglass cast to top it? Since she was the most free one, she figured that she would be the one chosen, but to her surprise, she was not.

“Apparently, I don’t have time to wrap Karen the way needed to do it, but Louise is already in the proper position, so I’ll use her instead.” She said then whispering something to Louise’s ears who tried to twist and mumbled something but nothing bulged.

Aided with her two slaves, Mistress Carla proceeded with the wrapping of Louise into a tight cocoon of light blue fiberglass cast, from her high heels up to her head. A few minutes later, Louise was encased into a rigid cocoon, unable to move at all, the fiberglass covering her eyes. She was then placed on a large table as if she was an Egyptian mummified goddess, mute, deaf and blind.

Mistress Carla concluded the show by giving Karen a session of canning with her horse riding crop, demonstrating that even under layers of tape, one can appreciate a good whipping.

Then Karen was taken off her neck chain and installed on a table, facing Louise where her neck collar was linked to the edge of the table as well as her two ankles, and everything locked.

She was packing back everything and was preparing to leave! Karen tried to mumble something.

“That was a wonderful show and a wonderful opportunity you gave me Karen.” Said Carla. “But asking me to use Louise as a model instead of my slave was bold and inappropriate. With the treatment I gave Louise, I no longer hold a grudge on her, and to you, for asking me to take Louise, your punishment is to stay here, like that, for the rest of the day. I’ll be back to free you both.”

“Mmmoooottttfff?” mumbled Karen.

“Yes Both. Louise is staying like that for the rest of the day. What time is it? Ah, 10. I’ll be back in, oh… six hours. Sweet dreams.” She said as she applied a piece of tape over Karen’s eyes, putting her in the dark.

“If any of them had been even partially taken off those wrappings by the time I come back, whoever did it will spend one week in my dungeon. Understood? Good.” Said Carla before leaving.

Karen let herself drift into her fantasy world, squeezing her butt muscles and welcoming the stimulation. She had barely a thought for the rigid cast Louise as another orgasm was taking off.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 27, 2006

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