Karen – Revealed


Karen was slowly getting out of her car, apparently in pain or something similar as she didn’t appear to move freely. To a casual observer, it was simply someone with some back problems. Someone paying attention would notice what seem to be high heels under her long black skirt, reaching the ground.

She stretched herself out of her car, taking a hold of the doorframe to maintain her balance, then closed it shut, putting the car key ring in her purse and walking from the parking lot to the entrance of the department store.

She was walking slowly, her arms slightly balancing on her side. She was wearing a dark blue loose fitting turtleneck shirt. The weather was somewhat chilly and she was perfectly dressed for it.

For the casual observer, it was simply someone not in a hurry to get to the crowded store. To someone paying attention, there was something more, as if walking was difficult, not painful but disturbing. Maybe she had a stone in her shoe.

She got to the sliding door of the store and as she went through them, a mother with an overexcited little boy literally pulling her went by. The kid bumped Karen as he was running through, which made her lose balance. Her reaction was perhaps a little exaggerated as she leaned sideway a lot, finally bumping herself on the doorframe.

That’s where, that little loose screw with sharp jagged edges, there on the door frame, ready to wreak havoc, did its job.

Karen’s long skirt, made with thin and supple fabric, got held by the screw. As she tried to regain her balance, she didn’t notice the slight pull from her hooked skirt. When she leaned forward in her final balancing act, she made the move rather sharp. A tearing sound was heard. Karen turned around to ascertain what had happened, only to tear off more of her skirt, a good lump of it stuck to the doorframe. The snap on her waistband released and in a flash, in the middle of the witnessing amazed crowd, the skirt fell on the ground as she placed her foot on it, putting her off balance on the other side and sending her twisting toward the shopping carts pile. She hit the cart pile with her back and then slid down, her shirt getting caught in the handle of a one cart, pulling it upward over her head, forcing her arms up and blinding her.

She landed there, sitting, her back against the shopping cart, arms in the air with her shirt half way up over her head. She had the reflex of pulling her arms out, but ripped the shirt at the same time.

There she was, sitting and totally exposed, her face becoming extremely red as the crowd approached to look at the scene and figure out why all the commotion.

Amidst the numerous “Oooo, Ohhh and Ahhh” a little voice rose up.

“Geesh, DAD! That’s Catwoman!”

Karen looked at the little girl and the man and smiled, raising and letting down her arm on her lap in a “you got me, I surrender” gesture. 

Yes, she was similarly dressed like Catwoman: a very tight and shiny black latex catsuit,  knee high ballet boots, with a very tight corset compressing her waist.

People laughed and went on with their business. Although her dressing was disturbing, the Catwoman explanation suited many although a costume party at this time of the year was odd, but who knows.

The dad approached Karen and helped her get back on her feet. She twitched and moaned. She had been falling hard on her butt, and it only pushed deeper the two huge dildos concealed in her rubber panties. Getting off the ground made them slide out with the expected effect.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m fine, thank you.”

“Wow!” said the little girl. “I can’t believe I’m meeting Catwoman. Dad, can I have a Catwoman doll, please?”

“We’ll see if there’s any, sweety.” He answered, making sure that Karen was okay before leaving with her daughter.

Karen brushed her butt with her hands to remove any sticking dirt and then looked around. People were passing by her with mixed expressions, from disgust to amazement. Now, what to do? Run out and flee the place or continue shopping?

She was already revealed, people thinking she was Catwoman or something. She decided to have the best of it, took a shopping cart, threw her torn clothes in it and went on shopping.

She browsed the alleys, enjoying the free feeling of her tight rubber suit, not afraid that someone would discover her secret or anything. She had been in the store for close to two hours. She had what she wanted and was ready to head for the cash register. Buy clothes to hide it to get out of the store? Heck no, it was just too much fun to wear it out in the open. And especially her ballet boots: no need to walk normally. She had to walk the way needed. People were seeing them.

She headed for the nearest cash register and took her turn in the lineup. A young man in his early 20’s came to her.

“Hello miss, I’m Phil, the store manager. Can I talk to you in my office, please?” He politely asked, inviting her to get in front of him.

Karen complied, being stared at by most of the people waiting, expecting that she would get a hard time with the store manager for being so un-politically correct in the store. The manager followed her. Karen wondered if it was for being polite or simply to have a good look at her tightly encased butt.

In the office, he invited her to sit down and took his seat.

“Well, miss…”

“Karen, please.”

“Karen then. I must admit that it was not the way I was expecting someone to dress to go shopping…”

“It wasn’t supposed to show, it’s that screw or something on the doorframe…” started Karen, her voice pitch going higher as she was panicking.

“Yes, I know all about the incident.” He said, raising his hand to calm her down. “I saw the surveillance video and the incident is genuine. I must add that the defective screw has been fixed and all the others checked so no other similar incident would happen again.”

“Ah… then…”

“The store is ready to take full responsibility for that… inconvenience. In consequence, I invite you to choose within our collection, clothes that would replace the ones that were trashed by the incident. The store offers them to you.”

“Wow. That… that’s very kind of you.” Said Karen with a smile. “You want me to do this now or…”

“Not exactly.”

“Yes, I understand. This is quite disturbing.” She said pointing at her shiny boobs stretching the tight latex.

“Not exactly… Well, you have figured out by now that many kids took you for Catwoman. It’s no secret that Catwoman merchandise is not a hot seller these days, being more toward Superman and Spiderman. But your… appearance in the store burst the sales. I have to admit that I’m currently stuck with a rather large batch of Catwoman dolls and that you spiced up the sales, so much that we’re filling the shelves almost non-stop.”

“I’m glad I could help… I think.” Said Karen, not knowing where he was heading, slowly rubbing her latex covered thighs in a nervous manner.

“Well… I… I’d like you to stay and… promote Catwoman.” He said, producing a cheap plastic Catwoman hat similar to the one worn by the real Catwoman actor(s). 

“Say what?” asked Karen, surprised if not shocked.

“I still have about 2 cases of Catwoman dolls. I think that if you keep wandering around, wearing something more believable that you are Catwoman, I might be able to sell those off.”

Karen was quick to think. She would be allowed to act normally dressed in rubber, in public with a mask.

“What’s in it for me?”

“You won’t regret it, I promise, but you have to thrust me as I have to make some phone calls first. Are you in?” he asked with a warm smile.

Karen found him cute and his smile irresistible.

“But what if someone recognizes me after…”

“Believe me. NO ONE is looking at your face…” he said, his eyes doing a quick move toward her shiny breasts and going back up to look at her “…with all due respect, of course.”

Karen held her laugh. She imagined very well that people were looking at everything but her face. She picked up the mask and went.

She simply walked along the department store, keeping mostly in the toys department. She was witnessing the kids wanting the Catwoman doll, and were asking the real Catwoman to autograph it. Karen complied, signing Catwoman… What else?

Less than two hours later, the shelves were empty and the clerk, always keeping an eye on Karen’s slim and shiny black body, was putting Superman dolls back on the shelves.

“All gone?” asked Karen.

“Yep.” He said. “The boss will be pleased.”

Karen walked back to the manager’s office, her heels clicking on the tiled floor of the store, her rubber suit creaking with every step. She made her butt wiggle more than necessary. She would have loved to have eyes in the back of her head to see the lumps of men following her, drooling.

“Ah, Karen. I was about to call you. The whole stock of Catwoman dolls is gone. I owe it to you, so here it is.” He said, handing an envelope. “I hope it’s enough. And by the way, your whole shopping cart is on the store. Thank you.” He said, shaking her hand.

Karen took her bags of goods and walked out of the office then to her car where she sat. She had a deep breath as the dildos were pushed in.

She opened the envelope. It was a gift certificate for $200 at a fetish shop, and Phil’s business card. She flipped it over. There was a phone number along with if you need any help as to what to choose, just call me – Phil.

Karen smiled. Yes, he was kind of cute. It might be interesting to learn more about him.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 30, 2006.

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