Karen – The Perfect Setup


Author’s note:

This story deals with self bondage. Although self bondage can be fun, it can also be deadly. If you do play with self bondage, please be careful and plan for the ultimate Murphy’s law disaster.

The story deals with some key release devices found on the Bound Anna web site. It is a very good site with lots of scenarios, stories and safety advice not to be missed about self bondage.

Karen looked at herself in the mirror: tight and shiny black latex catsuit, heavy leather corset constricting her waist four inches. Lace-up platform boots, knee high, made of fine kid leather. Three inches wide leather collar with front and side rings. Rubber hood with attached blow-up gag pumped to its maximum and tinted lenses. Leather cuffs locked on her wrists, elbows knees and ankles. The knee ones were linked together. The ankle ones had a six inch chain. The elbow ones had an intricate setup:

A long length of chain was attached to the left elbow cuff and was fed through the ring of the right elbow cuff, dangling down. She took the chain with her hand and pulled down on it effectively drawing her elbows together. She maintained the tension on the chain while she took the padlock, fed it through the wrist cuffs rings and to the elbow chain. It was not easy but she practiced a lot.

She put the padlock in position and had a last thought about her setup, reviewing everything in her mind. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and… click!

There, she was set. If all goes well, she would be out of it in three to four hours. If something goes wrong, it would take six hours before her friend she invited to come for dinner would arrive and free her.

She had to fulfill the first part of her setup: getting free of the basement. She loved electro play. She had electrodes fixed to her breasts, and butts as well as an electrified butt plug. The other hole was filled with a random vibrating dildo.

She was held to the wall by an ice-lock, a lump of chain frozen into a bottle full of water. It should release her in about an hour.

In the meantime, she couldn’t get far enough to unplug the tens unit plugged to her electrodes. It was setup to send a jolt at regular intervals, but there was more.

She was standing on a platform, not very steady. The platform was equipped with mercury switches. If it was to lean to any sides, it would send a jolt to the electrodes.

It was easy to keep balance at first with fresh, not tired legs, but after a while of keeping the same position, the regular small jolt, felt every minute or so, became difficult to cope with, along with the vibrating dildo.

She was about 15 minutes in her predicament when she leaned forward enough for the tens unit to fire. Her yelp changed to a muffled moan as her vibrating dildo decided to start a sequence, making her tilt slightly toward the back.


Karen twitched and her dildo stopped. She leaned to one side. Zap! Zap! Vibration! Zap! Vibration! Vibration! Zap! Vibration! Zap! Zap!

Karen didn’t know how to react. She started to laugh at what she would look like to a bystander. Zap! Vibration!

She was laughing, moaning, yelping and orgasming, all at the same time!

From her point of view time flew by, and she was surprised when the ice bottle fell on the ground. If she had given a strong pull a while ago, she would have freed herself easily, but apparently, she was not eager to.

Nonetheless, her legs were starting to hurt, not counting her butt, breasts and butt hole.

She got down the small platform, which sent another long powerful jolt until she pulled the wire enough to unplug it.

The first third of her setup was done. Now, she had to get upstairs for the second part. She hobbled to the stair and tried to carefully sit on it, but her tight corset made her feel sitting on instead, pushing her dildo deeper. It was probably simply a coincidence, but the vibration started at the same time.

She moaned and chewed hard on the inflated bladder filling her mouth. Step by step, she got up the stairs by sitting on each step, pushing up with her heels while she lifted her butt with her tied hands to the next step. And again.. Once up, she crawled to the office room where the second setup was waiting. She looked at the clock. She had planned for this first part to last 90 minutes. She was at 80. Not bad.

There was a key waxed to a light bulb linked to a countdown timer. It would count for 30 minutes as long as the power is applied. Cutting the power didn’t reset the timer, simply hold it. And that was the setup. The timer was linked to a switch equipped with a spring, returning it to the off position when released. A rope was attached to it and was running down the wall passing through a ring and ending with a snap link.

Karen crawled to the wall and sat on her knees, backing to the wall. By bending forward, she was able to get her wrists high enough to grab the snap link and attach to her wrist cuffs although it was not easy with her tight corset. Also, bending squeezed her dildos which decided to have a go at it. When she straightened up, it pulled down on the rope, working the timer. Karen saw the little status light lit up. She had to stay in this position for 30 minutes, which would be relatively easy. Afterward the key will fall on a table. She would have to get up and literally lean on the table to grab the key. In case the timer or bulb fails, there was another key linked to a mechanical alarm clock. It was set up with a fix time which would be about three and a half hours after she started her stunt.

She stood there, doing nothing, her vibrating dildo keeping her awake. She had multiple orgasms since the beginning of her session and she had lost count after the sixth one… But each time she had an orgasm, she was leaning forward, loosening the pull rope and stopping the timer!

The light lit up after 40 minutes, melting the wax and the key dropped where it should. So far, so good. Karen released the snap link and tried to get up. That’s where the first problem arose: her legs were numb. She leaned on her side and stretched, grimacing under her gag as the blood was flowing again and sending that awful needle pricking sensation.

She crawled to the table. By then, her legs were relatively back to normal. She struggled to get up and leaned forward on the table then turned on her back to get the key. Not easy but manageable. With a hidden smile, she grabbed the key and struggled to get back up, hobbling to the stairs leading to the basement. She now had to negotiate them downward. She backed to the wall and let herself drop on the floor, again pushing the dildos in as she sat directly on her buns. Then she crawled downstairs, one step at a time, taking a hold from her spiky heels, and attached hands and getting her body down one stair. Now easy with the corset and the dildo with a mind of its own.

Finally, she was at the bottom. All she had to do was open the steel box and take the keys and she was home free. Reaching the box was easy. She leaned on her side and grabbed the box with her tied hands.

It was not easy figuring out how to get the key in with her latex covered hands. After four or five attempts, she succeeded. She opened the box and grabbed the key that was inside. She rolled on her side and tried to put the key on the lock. She succeeded on the second attempt then… it wouldn’t turn! Trying as she might, the key was in but it wouldn’t turn. She took it off and dropped it on the floor to have a look at it. Although her vision was impaired by the tinted lenses, she saw nothing abnormal. It was the blue key she needed for her release.

She picked it back and inserted it to the lock one more time. Same thing: easy to put in, but would not turn.

She was trying to figure out what was wrong, trying to push it deeper or turn it while slowly pulling on it, all of which is easy on a doorknob with your hands free but working a padlock in your back with your hands tied was not that easy. She was sweating heavily and had lost all fun. The dildo quickly became an annoyance.

Exhausted, she let everything drop. She was leaning on her side, panting, her lenses starting to fog-up, thinking while looking at nothing in particular. Then something grabbed her attention. There, on the bench, the padlocks she uses for her self bondage sessions. There was the red one, the yellow one, the brown one, the blue one… Wait a minute! The blue one? It can’t be there, it’s the one she had on her wrists… unless it’s the green one, which is missing from what she sees. Which would explain a lot of things. But now what? She had no way out and Lynda was coming for dinner. Yes she had her come as a last resort rescue system but… she never expected to use it.

She struggled, trying to cut herself free but the leather cuffs were too thick and strong and the chain, well, it’s chains!

She stayed there for quite a while then she thought that she should make the best of it. She crawled back upstairs and into her bedroom where she collapsed on the bed. Lynda would not be here for another two hours.

“Karen? Are you here? It’s me, Lynda. Hey! Anybody home! You’re scaring me, Karen.”

Karen startled. She never expected to fall asleep in such a setup yet she did. Lynda was there. She moaned as loud as possible.

“Karen? Is that you? Are you okay? Where are… Geesh! What’s going on here?” said Lynda, finding Karen laying on the bed, dressed in the most bizarre fashion and severely bound.

Lynda was looking amused and disturbed at the same time.

“Geesh, how do you get this thing off?” she said as she was trying to find the zipper to remove the hood, but Karen was nodding no. how to tell her that she had to deflate the blow-up gag before?

She rolled on her side, showing her wrists and moving the padlock in her hands.

“Oh, lock. Do you have the keys? Where?”

Karen muffled as she pointed down.

“Under the bed?” asked Lynda, crouching down.

Karen was nodding no and was trying to tell her to go to the basement.

“Oh, yes, the basement, how dumb of me.” She said, rushing downstairs. She came back with a key ring.

“There’s a lot of keys on this thing. How do I know which one? Ah I see, they are color coded.” She said as she examined Karen’s arm setup. “Geesh, that’s a very nice and effective way to tie one up.” She said, putting the key on the lock then pulling it back.

Karen was getting puzzled at the time it was taking Lynda to simply open a padlock.

“So, you do self bondage, don’t you?” asked Lynda, going on the other side of the bed to face Karen.

Karen nodded yes and showed her arms, asking to get free.

“Interesting.” Said Lynda. “I’ll be right back.”

“Mfffaaaatt??” said Karen, still struggling.

Lynda disappeared. Karen heard her get downstairs for a while then back to the living room, carrying a box. What was she doing?

“Now don’t move and let me do it.” Said Lynda, unlocking Karen’s wrist which released the elbows, but Lynda forced her to stay on her stomach as she worked with her elbow cuffs.

“Turn around.” She said.

Karen complied, feeling that her elbows were not free. They were apparently linked by a chain giving them enough slack to get on each side of her body but not further. Lynda took a chain about one foot long and linked Karen’s wrists with the green and the blue padlock. She then attached a leach to Karen’s collar front ring and pulled on it to get Karen up.

“You invited me for dinner. Go get it ready… Slave!” said Lynda with a smile.

Karen couldn’t believe it. She didn’t know quite how to react. Yes, it was somewhat a dream come true, but… She decided to make the best of it. She hobbled to the kitchen and prepared the pasta she was supposed to prepare. Her linked arms didn’t make the matter easy and Lynda didn’t offer any help. She was out of sight most of the time, probably examining Karen setups and equipment.

The dinner was ready. Karen prepared two plates and put them on the table.

“Are we waiting for someone?” asked Lynda.

Karen pointed at herself.

“Since when did the house slave eat at the same table as her master? Come here.” She ordered.

She pressed on the relief valve to drain the blow-up gag and removed the hood.

“Wow. Than…” Slap!

“A slave doesn’t talk unless allowed to.” Said Lynda to a surprised Karen.

Lynda replaced the hood by another one with mouth and eyes holes then took Karen’s plate and put it on the ground.

“There. Eat.” She said as she took back her place at the table.

Karen had no choice than to eat directly with her mouth. She was glad to be dressed in rubber which would make the clean-up easier. Spaghetti makes quite a mess when eaten directly from the plate.

She was half way through her plate when she received a mild yet firm kick in her butt.

“I’ll take my tea now and a little piece of the awesome looking chocolate cake you have there.” Said Lynda.

Karen complied. She was full anyway. Her stomach was compressed by the corset and eating head down didn’t help either. She struggled to get up and prepared Lynda a cup of tea and a piece of cake. She was preparing herself the same thing when Lynda stopped her.

“Slaves don’t have the right for dessert unless the dishes are done.” She said.

Grunting, Karen complied.

“I heard that.” Said Lynda, getting a harness ball gag and stuffing it tightly in Karen’s mouth.

By then, Karen was eager to get out of her bonds. She had been in bondage for close to 8 hours now! Lynda headed for the living room, inviting Karen to follow.

“I’ve rented a movie. Care to join me?” asked Lynda.

Karen nodded yes. Perhaps she would get free now but it turned out different. She cuffed Karen’s wrists in her back and locked her ankles together before sitting her on the sofa next to her. She then fed a chain from her ankle cuffs, under the sofa, and back up to her neck where she locked it to the collar before snapping a blindfold in front of Karen’s eyes.

“I asked if you wanted to join me for the movie. I never said that you were to watch it.” Said Lynda with an evil laugh.

The movie started. Karen would have loved to see it as the dialog was quite interesting. At many occasions, Lynda put her hands on her tightly rubber encased thighs, rubbing them gently. By then, the batteries of the vibrating dildos were long drained and it was the only stimulation that Karen got.

The movie lasted for about two hours, after what, Lynda got up.

“Well, it’s getting late. I better be going. Call me tomorrow.” She said to Karen, kissing her on the cheeks while taking off the blindfold.

Karen was still bound to the sofa. She moaned but apparently Lynda didn’t care. She heard the door close shut. Now what? Less than a minute later, the phone rang and it was picked up by the answering machine.

“Hi Karen, it’s me, Lynda. Unless you have already discovered it, you’re tied with a weak link made of rope. If you give a full yank to your ankles, you should free yourself from the sofa. All your keys are on the table in your office. If I don’t have news from you in two hours, I’ll come back. In the meantime, have fun and see you tomorrow.” She said, still with an evil laugh.

Karen gave a firm yank on her ankles and the chain linking them to her collar gave up. The trip to her office took ten minutes with her ankles linked together. Lynda was right, all the keys were there. Karen took the green set and unlocked her wrist lock then freed herself of the rest of the equipment before heading for a much needed waste dump and a shower. Yes the way her day went by was totally unplanned but very pleasurable and she enjoyed every minute of it, especially the unplanned bondage by Lynda.

Two hours later, the phone rang. Karen was about to answer when she had a second thought.

“Humm. If I don’t answer, she will rush back in. I feel I need some revenge here.” She said as she let the phone ring until the answering machine picked it up.

“Karen? Are you okay? Shit! I’ll be right there!”

© Pete / monsterp63, December 1, 2006

Note: August 2007. – This story, The Perfect Setup, had been written as a “stand-alone” story. No sequels were planned at the time of writing. But inspiration is not something you fish out of a magical hat; it’s something that simply appears in your mind. Six months after writing this story, as I was re-reading it (and wondering where the fuck do I get those ideas) came the idea of a sequel. The results: four more parts listed below. 

  • The Perfect Setup
  • The Perfect Opportunity
  • The Perfect Slave
  • The Perfect Assistant
  • The Perfect Life

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