Karen – Scrooged?


Author’s note: This is the kind of totally wacky story I come up with when I do too much overtime. I hope you’ll like it.

Karen was walking one of the corridors of the office building she was managing. Her flat sole shoes were barely making any noise. She was walking swiftly in her polyester pencil skirt and jacket. The perfect office supervisor outfit and, by her point of view, no one should dress differently.

As she turned a corner, she startled. Right there, in front of her, one of the administrative assistants named Lynda was wearing a pair of leather pants. Tight leather jeans! How disgraceful! She walked to her.

“Lynda, what do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m sorry Karen? What do you mean?”

“I mean this.” She said, pointing a disgusted shaking finger at the leather jeans.

“They’re great, aren’t they?” said Lynda, rubbing her hand along the hips and thigh, enhancing the tightly drawn black leather around her legs.

“No they’re not. This is not a hooker office, Lynda.”

“Oh, come on, Karen. They’re classy. It’s very fine Italian leather. Yeah they might be a little tight but they fit so well, and it’s Friday. We can relax a little, can’t we?”

“No we can’t.” coldly said Karen. “This is not proper for the office.”

“Right. Okay, I get the message.” Said Lynda, reluctantly. “I will not wear them here again. Promised.”

“Too late. You should have known. You’re fired. Pick up your things and leave within the hour.” Said Karen before turning her back on her.

“What? Hey, come back here! You can’t fire me for wearing leather! Karen!”

But Karen continued her way. She walked along the numerous cubicles where many secretaries and clerks were working on their computer. As she went close to one, she saw her quickly retreat her feet out of view under her desk.

“Suzy? What are you doing?”

“Oh hi Karen. I’m double checking the accounting of mist…”

“I mean, what are you hiding at your feet?”

“Say what?” asked a puzzled Suzy.

“Please stand up.” Coldly said Karen.

“Sure, Karen.” Said Suzy, evidently shaking her feet before standing up, bare footed.

“Where are your shoes?”

“There.” Said Suzy, pointing to a pair of flat shoes, like Karen’s, by the entrance of her cubicle. “I’m relaxing my feet, that’s all.”

“Really?” said Karen while bending down to look under Suzy’s desk, then taking a ruler from the desk, pulled out a pair of black leather pumps with a four inches heels. “And what are those?”

“Gee. I don’t know.” Said Suzy with a corner smile. “How did they get there?”

“Don’t play smart with me, Suzy. You know this kind of… stuff is improper for our customers. You look like a damn hooker in this, that’s a bad image.”

“Come on, Karen. They’re classy and I don’t come in contact with any customers.”

“You’re fired.” Said Karen, looking coldly at Suzy.

“What? On Christmas’ eve? You fire me for wearing high heels?”

“Yes. Pick your stuff and leave. Pronto.”

“Shit! Karen, you can’t do that! Hey, Lynda. Where are you going?” she asked her friend who was carrying a box with her stuff.

“I’m going home. The bitch fired me for wearing leather jeans.”

“No way! I just got fired because I had high heels on.”

They tried to help each other as they left the office, the other employees keeping an eerie silence.

Karen was back in her office, smiling and pleased at the reign of dominance she had over her poor little stupid employees. She would show them, she would show the world how a business is properly managed.

Even though it was Christmas’ eve, she was not to give any rest to the employees. The office closed at 17:00, not a minute earlier. She drove home in a pretty much deserted city, laughing at the time wasted by some holiday like Christmas. She entered her dark driveway. She had the only house in the neighbourhood that was not decorated. She was not about to spend a penny on frivolous Christmas lights that served no other purpose than being pretty.

And the gifts! Yeah, right. Suckers for the low life morons!

She went to bed early. All that was on TV was about Christmas and how beautiful it was. “What a waste of time.” she said.

She fell asleep rather quickly. A while later, she was awakened by strange sounds. Clicking sounds, weird creaking and a snapping, cracking sound. She opened her eyes, still blurry by her deep sleep. She was sure that there was someone in the room. She saw a silhouette, definitely a woman.

“How the hell did you get in? Who are you?” she said, sitting on the edge of her bed, throwing the bed sheets off her beautiful satin pyjamas, slipping her feet in her furry slippers.

The silhouette walked with the sounds, suddenly passing in front of her bedroom window who was casting the blue light of the moon. Karen startled. It was a tall woman, wearing what appeared to be an extremely tight leather catsuit, standing tall on incredible high heels boots with metal tips, holding a whip in her leather gloved hand. She was smiling.

“Oh shit! Don’t tell me. You’re the ghost of Christmas past and I’m scrooged.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” said the woman from a harsh cold tone. “I’m the ghost of fetish past and you are screwed, lady!”

Before Karen could react, the ghost swiftly grasps her arm by the bicep and pulls her along her. Karen noted in disbelief that she was leaving the ground, being weightless. As they got to the ceiling, she protected herself with her arm. She felt all gooey and when she opened her eyes, she was out of her apartment building, floating in the clear sky over the city.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” she yelled toward the ghost.

“As you wish” answered the ghost, releasing her grip.

Karen yelled as she fell rapidly toward the ground, but before she reached it, the ghost grabbed her again and pulled her up higher than before.

“I’m in charge, lady.” Said the ghost. “It’s your turn to behave.” She said as she flew toward a residential area on the other side of the city.

Karen knew the place. That’s where Lynda lived. She was not surprised when the ghost directed their flight toward her house. Karen put her arm on her face as they went through the walls of the house, stopping floating in the living room. Lynda was there with her boyfriend.

“Oh shit! Look at that!” said Karen in disbelief as she saw that Lynda not only did she keep her tight leather jeans but had added black high heel platform sandals and a tight fitting leather jacket.

As she was kneeling, apparently with some difficulty, to get a present to her boyfriend, he gently rubbed her tightly encased thigh while smiling romantically at her.

“Don’t worry, honey. You’ll find another job. She was a moron anyway. She doesn’t know what she let go, and only for a little bit of leather.” Said Lynda’s boyfriend before kissing her passionately.

“I think I’m going to puke!” said Karen. “Get me out of here!”

“Why? Don’t you see she’s happy? That she likes her leathers and high heels? What’s wrong with that?”

“She looks like a goddamn hooker! That’s very bad for the image of the company.”

“Isn’t she doing a good job? Didn’t you praise her no later than last week that she was the best there was?”

“Yes, but the image…”

“The image is nothing. You also fired Suzy because she was wearing high heels. Wasn’t she also a very good employee?”

“Well, yes but high heels are…”

“Perfectly alright. They are not a sin nor a disgrace. Come with me.” Said the ghost, as if Karen had a chance as she kept a firm grip on her arm.

They floated across the city down to Suzy’s small apartment. There, Karen startled as she saw Suzy finishing to put on a very tight metallic green spandex zentai suit! And then there was this other woman entering the living room wearing a metallic red zentai suit. They both embraced each other and started to massage each other’s private parts.

“She’s a lesbian! Oh shoot! I did a far better job at firing her than I thought. If the other one is working for me, I’ll fire her next thing in the morning.” Said Karen, angry.

“Why?” asked the ghost. “What are they doing wrong? Are they hurting anyone? They seem to have pleasurable moments together. What’s wrong with that?”

“That’s unethical, improper, and unacceptable in a company with such status as mine.” Said Karen, getting angrier. 

The woman in red was passing by them and Karen tried to rip the hood off her suit but her hand only went through as if it was only air.

“Put me down! I want to know who’s this. She’s gonna pay for that… Hey! I’m not finished!” yelled Karen as the ghost pulled her back up in the air.

“I think you need to learn the hard way.” said the ghost, heading back for Karen’s apartment.

They entered through the wall and the ghost released Karen’s arm. She immediately tried to fight the ghost but her hands passed through her as if only air.

“Now wha… hey! What’s going on?” asked Karen as she noticed her fancy satin pyjamas disappearing and her skin becoming black and shiny from her encased feet to her covered hands, stopping with a high collar at the very base of her head. Whatever was covering her was rather thick and very tight.

“What the hell is that… Ooooo” she said putting her hands at her crotch, wide eyes. “What…”

“That’s a latex catsuit, and this is a dildo, vibrating. And you got two for the price of one.” Said the ghost, smiling of a devilish smile.

“Turn these things off… Hey! What the fuck…”

Rapidly and firmly, Karen’s arms were drawn in her back as leather cuffs appeared at the wrists and elbows, tying them together. Then as if invisible wires were lifting her in the air, she was slightly raised as a treadmill appeared under her feet and started to roll, forcing her to walk.

“Oh shit!” she said as she felt the dildos move inside her then she was jerked forward as her heels were suddenly raised. She looked down and saw in amazement that she was now wearing thigh high boots with a five inches spiky heels.

She struggled to keep upright. She tried to break free but the invisible wires were keeping her well in place on the treadmill. She was breathing in long noisy breath.

“I think you have too much air to deal with.” Said the ghost.

As Karen looked down between her shiny black breasts, she saw a leather corset appear around her waist, tightening, crushing her waist by at least five inches, pushing some organs up and some down against the dildos, which only increased the feeling. Quickly, it built up and she became hotter and hotter.

“Shit! Stop that! AAAarrrgggmmmffff.” She said as a large hard rubber ball gag, red, with a matching full head harness appeared around her head, encircling it tightly.

“Arrmmff… Arrmmff… Arrmmff.” Karen muffled through her gag, balancing her head in all directions, trying to break free, to avoid the inevitable orgasm that she felt was impossible, not dressed like a freak, not like some of her employees.

“Better take care of your head before you hurt yourself.” Said the ghost as a wide and stiff leather collar encircled Karen’s neck, getting tighter and tighter until swallowing was uncomfortable but bearable.

Karen couldn’t move her arms nor her head. She was breathing in short gasps, her waist compressed by the dreadful corset. She was struggling on heels higher than she ever worn, her inside being massaged by two huge invaders that were vibrating her to hell.

With a muffled guttural scream, she exploded, feeling an orgasm like she never felt before. Slowly the treadmill stopped and she was glad it was over. She wished!

The treadmill got replaced by a wooden sawhorse, higher than her legs. She ended up with her crotch receiving her full body weight. She felt her feet elongating and she witnessed in horror that her thigh high spiky boots were replaced by knee high lace-up ballet toe boots. Her arms were released from her back and drawn over her head then cuffs appeared at her ankles and a web of rope reached the ceiling where huge weights were dangling.

The ropes were starting at her ankle cuffs and were going down to pulleys on the floor then going up to more pulleys on the ceiling and down where the weights were hung. The weights were effectively pulling her downward, increasing the force the sawhorse was pushing on her dildos. But there was more. Her wrists were attached to those same ropes going to the ceiling. By pulling on the ropes with her arms, she was lifting the weights and releasing the pressure on her crotch, which provided some relief.

But the weight weighted half her own weight so pulling on them demanded a lot of effort. When her arms became tired, she let go, the weights pulled on her legs, slamming her on the sawhorse, pushing hard on the dildos. To have relief, she would pull on the rope, get tired and get all her weight on the sawhorse again. And again. She was literally pounding herself at the crotch non-stop. She was screwing herself!

Again and again, the orgasm quickly built up and released in an explosion of pleasure she never knew even existed. After numerous orgasms, she passed out. Everything became black and silence engulfed her.

She awakened with the sun rays shining through her window. She jumped out of the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. She was alright, still wearing her satin pajamas. She probed her waist, but there was no corset. Her crotch: empty. Was all that a bad dream? She laughed. She blamed it on the fact that her parents kept showing her Scrooge movies every year. She walked to the window and startled. Why was she walking on her tiptoes?

She lowered her heel on the floor blaming it on bad dream sequels. Without even noticing it, as she was standing by the window, she slowly raised her heels and soon she was again on her tiptoes.

“What the fuck…” she said, forcing her heels back on the ground and getting dressed with her favorite pair of loose fitting jeans. She felt for a walk. She grabbed her winter jacket, put on her sporty boots and went.

She walked alone on the streets as every store, every boutique was closed. Again, she surprised herself at walking with her heel raised. And her jeans, they felt weird. She tightened her belt one notch, then another, then another, it still wasn’t tight enough. She grabbed the loose thigh and pulled on it, getting it somewhat tighter.

“What the hell is going on here? Am I turning into some kind of fetish freak?” she asked herself, outloud.

There, on a narrow street, a door was slamming on the winter wind. Karen felt drawn to it and approached. She didn’t know why but she entered. It turned out to be the back entrance of a fetish boutique. There, a woman was standing in the middle of open boxes of merchandise. As she heard noise, she turned around, facing Karen who recognized her.

“You! You!” said Karen, pointing her finger at the woman. “You! How did you break into my apartment last night? You …  You drugged me, no you hypnotized me. What the fuck did you do?”

“I’m sorry.” Said the woman from a very calm and soft voice, completely the opposite of the ghost that came to her the night before “Do we know each other?”

“What? You broke into my apartment last nigh…”

“I’m sorry miss, but I just arrived here. I was out of the country for the past week. My plane landed about an hour ago and I just came in. I own this boutique and I have new merchandise with me that I’m currently getting in, that’s why the door is open, but the boutique is closed.” She said, picking a cardboard box on the floor. “It’s Christmas. I’ll open in two days. If you want to come back then I’ll be happy to help you.” She said from her still soft, delicate tone.

Karen stayed there, lost, not knowing what to do. She swiftly turned away and ran back home where she collapsed on her bed. Soon, she was playing with her crotch.

“No! Stop that! That can’t be!” she yelled. “What have you done to me!!!” she screamed.

A blurry image appeared in the corner of her room. Karen recognized it as the ghost.

“You! What have you done to me?”

“Me? Only help you discover things that were hidden in yourself. You’re the one who enjoyed all this. There was no drug except the ones your body generated itself and believe me, by that I saw, you almost had an overdose.” She said with a devilish smile.

“Why? Now I’m a friggin’ freak.”

“Why? Do you feel less intelligent than yesterday? If you were to look out for a new job, would you say that you would be as competent as you were yesterday?”

“Of course. I’m not stupid or anything.”

“Then you admit that, although you like latex, dildos, bondage, tight jeans, and high heels, you’re still good at your work. It doesn’t affect your performance.”

“Well, I… I… that’s not the same.”

She was trying to convince herself that she was different from the others, that she was not a freak.

“If you believe that you would not be able to fulfill your work as well as before, simply resign. If you believe that it won’t change a thing then… you’ll know what to do.” Said the ghost before disappearing.

Karen stayed there, standing in the middle of her living room, heels raised, waist belt drawn to the last notch.

* * *

The doorbell rang and Phil went to the door.

“Special delivery for Lynda” said a courier carrying a rather large box. “Sign here.” He said, producing the delivery papers. 

Phil signed and brought the rather heavy box to Lynda, still sitting at the dinner table. She got up in the creaking noise of the brand new leather ensemble Phil got her for Christmas: pure white very tight leather jeans, tight leather sleeveless shirt and leather jacket just as tight.

Lynda looked at the box and startled.

“It’s from that bitch?” she said, opening the envelope that was with the box and reading it. Dear Lynda. I’m sorry I have fired you. You’re welcome back to work when the office will open back in January. Yes, I’ve decided to keep the office closed for the Holidays. Inside the box, you will find a gift I’m giving you for Christmas and another one I’d like you to accept as an apology. Please, wear it to come back to work.



Puzzled, Lynda opened the box. There was two complete leather sets, one black and one red, including shirt, jacket, pants, boots and gloves!

“Is she nuts or what?” said Lynda.

“Well, you have nothing to lose.”

Two weeks later, Lynda was back at work. She startled when she entered the office. She was greeted by Karen… or was it? She was wearing a very tight bright latex knee length dress with high neck and long sleeves, with matching red platform sandals. She greeted Lynda from her red latex covered hand.

“Welcome back. Please join the others for our new year’s party.” Said Karen, inviting her in the conference room.

Lynda entered and startled. Each girl was wearing what she knew they were wearing in their private life: latex, PVC, spandex, tight jeans, leather or plain ordinary clothes. They seemed as puzzled as Lynda. They make way for Karen to go take the stand.

“Hello all.” Said Karen. “Something strange happened this year at Christmas.”

“I would say so.” Murmured Lynda, approved by the few that were close enough to hear.

“I’ve changed. I’ve realized that if one is happy at work, it will perform more useful work. So I’ve decided to enlarge my horizons. From now on, come to work dressed any way you like. You can come naked for all I care. But I do want the work to be done quick, on time and without errors. I wish you all a happy new year.” Said Karen who left the stand under the prudent applause of the employees.

“Weird.” Said Suzy now next to Lynda, completely encased in a leopard print zentai suit. “She had changed, yet it’s still the same…”

Karen turned around, looking at the employees standing still into the conference room.

“What are you waiting for? Party’s over, now get back to work.”

“I fully agree with you, Suzy. Changed yes still the same. Better enjoy it while we can.” Said Lynda, rubbing her tightly encased thighs.

“I hope that part doesn’t change, though.” Said Suzy caressing her spandex covered arm as she walked away on her ballet toe heels.

© Pete / monsterp63, December 7, 2006

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