Karen – Unexpected Visitor


The shadow moved silently through the house until it reached the bedroom door where the light was still on.

It peaked through the opening then silently entered.

There she was, laying on her back, sleeping, the book she was reading still in her hands.

The shadow moved quickly and before she could react, a piece of heavy tape was put on her mouth, silencing her. She tried to get free but the shadow, now a full grown man, was quickly on her, turning her on her stomach and sitting on her back.

He quickly grabbed her hands and linked them with steel handcuffs. He expertly turned around to face her feet as he tied them on the corner of the bed with rope.

He caressed her gently. She was still struggling but not that much anymore, probably having surrendered to her captor. He pulled the skimpy dress she was wearing over her head to remove it and startled at the fact that the woman was all naked under all this.

As if he knew where everything was, he opened the closet and got out with a pair of double dildo panties and a tube of lubricant. He untied one leg, fed the garment through before reattaching it, then did the same with the other leg before pulling the garment up to her crotch.

She didn’t resist the intruders, even looked like she welcomed them, slightly twisting and moaning under her gag.

The captor walked back to the closet and chose a purple rubber dress with long sleeves as well as a pair of red platform sandals and a couple of leather cuffs. With difficulty as the dress was made of thick rubber and apparently very tight, he fed the dress down over her head until it was all gathered at her waist before sitting on her again, untying her legs and uncuffing her arms and turning her on her back. The woman didn’t resist. She knew it was no use. She even seemed to cooperate when he fed her arms in the too tight sleeves and zipped the zipper of the high collar. He then refastened her arms in her back but using leather cuffs at the elbows and the wrist this time. He put the shoes on her feet, added leather cuffs which he locked and linked with a six inches chain and made her sit on the edge of the bed.

He picked a three inches wide studded leather collar and applied it tightly around her neck and placed the black hard rubber ball of a matching purple leather harness gag ready for the mouth before removing the tape.

“Hello honey. How was your trip?” she asked, softly, smiling.

“As usual, Karen. Interesting but nothing more. How was your weekend?” he asked after giving her a kiss.

“Pretty boring… until now.” She said with a large smile and a wink.

“How long for the dinner to be ready?” he asked.

“Humm… Bound like that? About an hour for ham and cheese sandwiches.”

“Very well, get to it.” He said pushing the rubber ball deep into her mouth and fastening the numerous straps holding the harness tightly around her head.

Karen got up and struggled to keep her balance. Phil gave a nice slap on her tightly encased rubber buns and pulled down on the mid-thigh length dress to remove any residual wrinkle on the shiny and smooth fabric. She headed out of the bedroom but Phil grabbed her back and pulled her toward him, making her twist with her bound feet, lose her balance and pretty much fall on his shoulders.

Without a word, he put his hand under the dress, at the crotch and fondled the dildos until he found the looked-upon little switch and turned it on. Karen twitched as she got back on her feet and regained her balance.

“Mmooommff…. Mffaakeff ffit tffow foourffs” she said while smiling through the gag.

“Two hours then” said Phil. “Just wake me up when it will be ready.” He said, taking her place on the bed.

Karen hobbled along to the kitchen, making strange sounds along the way. Phil laughed. He closed his eyes as he was making his plan for the rest of the evening.

© Pete / monsterp63, December 21, 2006. 

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