Karen – Her Own Choices


Part I

Her Choices

It was the big day. The day of the appraisal. The final outcome following one year of efforts, or in her case, close to two years. She was getting sold as a latex slave, and she wished she would get a record value.

It had begun two years earlier. She was a fetishist, and she had heard about the Academy from the underground fetish community. 

The Academy was training latex slaves. Most of them were there from their own free will, but a few were sent there following justice court ruling. The mode of operation of the Academy was simple: they would train anyone to become a latex slave. That slave would then be sold. The “base price” was $50000. $40000 were to pay for their training. 

All over that was giving to the slave, less 10% going back to the Academy as their share of the profit. That “left over” was put into a bank account, for the duration of the basic latex slave contract of 5 years. After that time, the slave had fulfilled her engagement. She could get out of the latex slave agreement, take her money and do whatever she or he wanted. 

Of course, over that 5 years “slave period”, the owner/master could put any amount of money in the bank account. On average, a good slave would get off with a hundred thousands dollars in the bank. 

After that 5 years, if he/she wanted, she could continue to serve as a latex slave, but then a salary would have to be given, usually around $50000 a year. Of course, it was always yearly contracts, so the slave could not touch a penny for that time. So, on average, after 10 years, a slave would get off with close to three hundred thousand dollars. That’s what drove many to the Academy.

But Karen had other goals. At the end of the 5 years training, the base price was 50 grans. But, if the slave showed exceptional abilities, or was on the extreme side, she could get more. There were rumors that a slave with extreme body modifications was sold for one million, and that her owner/master agreed to add another million at the five year timeline. She was pretty sure she could get at least 500grans, but for that, she would have to go to the extremes.

That’s why, one year prior to enlisting at the Academy, she began her training. She had a small job as a waitress in a small pub. She would dress in 4 inches heel shoes and very tight jeans all day long. The other waitresses couldn’t believe she would cope working dressed like that, but she did. She was getting used to wearing high heels for an extended period of time. The tight jeans, and tight here being euphemism, were there to get her used to movement restriction and corset training. When she got enough money, she bought an off the rack corset with a 4 inch reduction. She would often wear the corset with the jeans, but it was impossible to work dressed like that, as she could not bend at all. 

When at home, she was wearing surgical latex gloves all the time, to get used to feeling every object through latex instead of her own fingers. She would also wear a large ball gag as often as possible.

After six months, she switched to 6 inches heels, keeping them for mostly all activities, from work to grocery shopping. By the end of the year, she couldn’t lay her feet flat on the ground, and was feeling naked without her tight jeans or corset, or rather both.

So, when she presented herself for the inscription at the Academy, she had put everything on, the 6 inches high heels, the incredibly tight jeans, the corset and the brand new latex leotard she had bought. Mistress Michelle was looking at her application form.

“You’ve done a heck of a job preparing yourself for this training. I don’t think it will be very hard for you to follow our simple guidelines and training schedules. In fact, you’ll be able to do a lot more.”

“Yes Madam. That’s why I’m submitting my own training goals.” She said, handling a piece of paper. Mistress Michelle looked at it with great interests.

“That’s quite bold, but I doubt that you will succeed at achieving that level of extreme.”

“Yes I will, Madam. I would like you to set me up with these goals as my minimum goals to achieve.”

Mistress Michelle raised her eyebrows.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. These objectives are very high, even for our best students.”

“I want those.” Said Karen from an authoritative tone. Mistress Michelle suddenly lost her smile.

“Very well then. That’s what you’ll get. And no matter how often you ask to step down, you will not be allowed to go lower than that.” She said, waiving Karen’s guidelines in the air.

Karen sealed her faith by signing a modified detailed inscription form. As soon as her signature was done, Mistress Michelle pushed a button and two leather-clad guards entered the room. Karen was surprised by their muscular shape, although their body shapes were definitely feminine. Well over six feet tall, they were wearing 5 inches high heels boots, knee high and tightly laced, but the sole was wedge and rather large, providing them good stability in case of a fight. The black leather was smooth and very tight on every part of the body. It appears that there was even a built-in corset. The head was covered by a tight leather hood, and tinted lenses were covering their eyes. Their mouth was behind some kind of mesh. Karen couldn’t even tell the colour of their skin. She would later know that guards were either transvestites or transsexuals, which would explain their rather tough build, and their strength as they grabbed her and almost lifted her off the ground.

“We have a voluntary code 3, here. Take care of her.”

“Voluntary code 3? Asked a guard in dismay.

“Yes, voluntary. And I never have to repeat. That’s 3 points.” Said Mistress Michelle. The guard lowered her head, still holding Karen firmly, while the other stuffed a huge ball gag in Karen’s mouth and cuffed her hands. They left Mistress Michelle’s office.

Code 3? What the heck was code 3? She would quickly know… and learn.

About an hour later, she was in a dark room, blindfolded, and spread-eagled on some sort of frame, suspended in mid-air. The frame was rotating on all possible axes at a not so slow speed. She found herself being in every position imaginable, upside-down, sideways, on her back, on her stomach, she felt completely disoriented. She sometimes felt sick, but she had been plugged everywhere. She couldn’t hear, see or speak, and she had large plugs in her lower orifices. Her mouth was packed by a large gag, with a tube in the center. Every now and then, her constant spinning would stop and she would feel someone fondling with her gag, then she would feel a warm paste filling her throat. She would swallow it. The plugs would be removed and she would be able to relieve herself. This lasted for… was it hours or days? Or perhaps weeks? She had no way to tell. Heck, she almost had no way to tell what was up and what was down.

One more time, it stopped. She was expecting the usual feeding, but instead her earplugs were removed. It felt weird to hear. There was a whisper, someone talking very faintly.

“Hello Karen. How was it?”

She recognised Mistress Michelle’s voice. Of course, she couldn’t answer, since she was still gagged. 

“Mffff. Mfff.”

Mistress Michelle laughed.

“Keep your eyes closed. The light is very dim, but you’ve been without seeing any for quite a while, so it’s gonna hurt. I’m removing the blindfold now.”

She felt the pressure of the rubber strap loosened around her head and the pressure on her eyes disappeared. She opened them, but quickly closed them back. She blinked a few times. Yes, the light was very dim, but still hurting. Then the gag was gently removed, and with some pain, she found that her jaw could move again.

“How long…”

Her phrase was cut short by a hard slap in the face.

“You’re not allowed to talk unless instructed to. That’s one point for you. There’s a lot of things you have to learn here, Karen. Usually, the new students are brief upon arrival, but yours was somewhat different. So, I’m going to explain all this to you now.

“Karen doesn’t exist. That name has no meaning anymore. You have a number, and that number will follow you for the rest of your slave life. You are RH7942KA. Remember it well. You will have demerit points every time you don’t remember it.

The demerit points are cumulative. You receive a punishment for every 5 points. The higher you go, the tougher it gets. If for example you’re at 4 points, and you do something very bad, and you get a 10 points of demerit added to your file, you’d get a punishment for the 5 points marks, when it is done, you would immediately receive a punishment for the 10 points marks. Now your total would be 14, but you have received a 10 point demerit, so another punishment is added for that, and that punishment comes with a 2 points, making you jump the 15 points mark, so you would receive another punishment, and you would end up with 16 points. 

What you received was a Code 3. What is it? You’ll never know. At how many points do you usually get it? Well, just accumulate enough points for it, and you’ll know. Oh, and by the way, it was a mild code 3, because usually, the ones who get there have a lot more… toys already installed, so the session is a lot more uncomfortable.

One last thing about our procedures: we never fail and we deliver what we advertise, and we guarantee our products. To achieve that, we make sure that all our graduates easily meet our minimum requirements. For example, we stated that they would do the normal house chores with 4 inches reduction corsets and 4 inches heels. To make sure of that, we train them to do the job with 5 inches reduction corsets and 5 inches heels. You’re to follow the same rules. You want to come out of here with a 6 inches waist reduction, you’re gonna train for 7 inches. As for the ballet toe boots, we can’t go higher, but we can put you in them a lot sooner than the schedule you submit. I can see in your eyes that you now realise that you’re in for quite a ride! That’s the Academy’s motto: tighter, higher and tougher that you would expect. But you chose to do it this way, and you even ordered me to do so. By the way, that put one point on your bank, so you’re up to 2 by now

How much time have you been here? How much time do you have left to go? What day is it? What time is it? Is it day or night? Well, forget all those questions. You’ll have the answer the day of the auction. Your auction is 365 days after you signed in. Now one more, not one less.”

By then, her eyes had got better at looking at the light, and it was a good thing, since the intensity got brighter. The door opened, and she realised that she was in a very small room, about 10 feet by 10 feet, completely padded with thick black rubber. 

Two guards entered the room with their hands full of boxes. Mistress Michelle walked out without a word, and the two guards proceeded to untie Karen, or rather RH7942KA, and to prepare her for her training. For an instant, she had the thought that she might have gone a little too heavy. It was looking to be a lot tougher than she thought.

The guards untied her from the chrome tubular frame. For the first time in a while, she could feel the gravity on her legs. They handed her a black latex catsuit. It had attached feet and gloves. Her number was printed over her left breast. She could feel small metal plates placed at some strategic points in the inside of the suit, on the breasts and crotch. She understood the meaning and use of those plates; they were electrodes.

There was a small crotch zipper, and a back zipper closed the suit. 

A thin black rubber hood was applied. It was very tight fitting, as the rest of the suit. It’s at this point that she realised that she no longer had hairs. She was completely bald, allowing the tight latex to seal her tightly. A harness ball gag was applied and tightly fastened. Too tight to her taste, but she remembered the Academy’s motto: tighter, higher and tougher than you would expect.

And it was. She spent all night tightly tied up in her little cell. She got punishments. She found out that everything the guards judged to earn demerit points were called out. She did get the real Code 3. It was at 50 points, and at the time she had inflated dildos, more electrodes around her crotch, a blow up gag, and a blow up hood. She stayed on the frame quite a while. It was the highest she had gone. Finally, it was over. She had succeeded all the tests, and she was able to meet her goals. The reality sunk that she would have to endure another 5 years of this treatment, since she was getting sold with those “characteristics”. 

She had been set up for the auction, wrapped in her tight latex catsuit, blindfolded and a huge ball gag filling her mouth. Her arms were tied in the back with leather straps, elbow touching. She was tied on some kind of “A” frame. Her neck and waist tightly secured by wide steel belts, and feet were held about a foot and a half apart. She wasn’t touching the floor. Her pointed toes were about six inches higher.

Suddenly, she felt a presence. A firm hand was touching her breasts, feeling them, squishing them. She responded with a soft moan. The hand ran slowly along her tight corset, down to her inner thighs, where it fondled at her crotch. Again, she responded with a soft moan. She tried to move, but couldn’t do much. She felt being lowered on the ground, her arms untied and her blindfold removed. She didn’t have the right to look. Mistress Michelle indicated her the task. She had to get to the other end of the small room, get the bottle of water that was on the floor, pour 2 glasses and bring them back. She walks with ease, feeling confident with the ballet toe boots and 8 inches heels. She easily bent down, as if she wasn’t wearing any corset, grabbed the bottle, got up, and filled the glass. She then lowered her head as much as the posture collar allowed her and looked at the floor while walking back to the mistress. She was not to make any eye contact, nor look at the potential buyer. She heard soft whispering, but the plugs in her ears prevented her from understanding anything. She was put back on the frame.

She had no way to tell how long it had been, but the same procedure was performed again, and again. Six times in total. After again a time she couldn’t evaluate, she was untied and led to Mistress Michelle’s office. She stayed standing, her arms tightly bound in her back, elbows touching. She was looking at the floor. Mistress Michelle untied her arms and allowed her to look at her.

“Well, RH7942KA, your arrival here was unusual, and seems that your departure will be as unusual. You were a first, and you’re still a first.”

Karen frowned, not clearly understanding.

“There’s 2 bids on you. Usually, we take the highest one, but again, this is highly unusual, and you will have to make the choice. In either case, you’ll set a new record for the higher price.”

Karen smiled, but was intrigued. New record? She knew that the previous one was $300 000, so she assumed she was getting around $500 000, which was pretty much her goal.

Mistress Michelle continued.

“The first offer, let’s call it offer A, is to take you as you are. You will live pretty much as you are for the next 5 years. You will get paid $25 per hour for a mandatory 8 hours per day. After that, you will be free to dress… normally. For each voluntary extra hour, you’ll receive $50.”

Karen made a quick computation: $25 for 8 hours is $200. She could easily stay dressed for an additional 14 hours, leaving 2 hours for shower and relaxing, which would add, at $50, $700, for a total of $900 a day, times 365, so a little over $300 000 per year, for 5 years, reaching 1.5 millions! Shit! How much was the buying bid? Mistress Michelle answered as if she had heard the answer.

“The buying bid is 1 million.”

Karen almost choked. She would get off with 2.5 millions in 5 years. That was a way lot more than she anticipated. Mistress Michelle caught her expression.

“Yeah, impressive. But that’s the lowest of the bids.”

If Karen’s latex hood hadn’t secured her jaw, it would have dropped on the floor.

“The offer B is quite different. The buying bid is 2 millions…”

Karen coughed

“Yeah, but wait. That buyer isn’t new to us. He knows how we work, and he knows that you’ve been trained to do more than what you’re displaying, meaning tighter corset, higher heels, and so on. He already has 2 slaves. You would be the third one, and at some point, you would be a guinea pig.”

Karen leaned back.

“Yeah, that expression is frightening. Let me explain. One of the companies of this client came up with a cream and a drug allowing people to stay underwater or airtight for prolonged periods of time. The main use of this would be for the underwater workers. So, for the next 5 years, you would be completely sealed in rubber, and completely intubated. You will be given that drug and the effect on your skin will be studied. For that, you’ll get a salary of half a million per year, and if permanent damage occurs, the buyer will pay for all medical expenses, and every compensation needed, in addition to a bad decision amount of 10 millions.”

Karen couldn’t believe it. That offer meant that she would get off with 3.5 millions dollars! But she would be part of an experiment.

“I’m leaving you the contracts to study. I’ll be back in one hour for your decision.” Said Mistress Michelle as she left.

Karen looked at the contracts. She could choose the easy no-risk way, which would give her 1.5 millions, or the risky one, which if all goes well, would give her 3.5 millions, and if things go wrong, 12 millions. Yeah, she was becoming a science experiment, but she would be sealed off in rubber, one of her deepest fantasies. In training, she had easily sustained the 10 days of rubber isolation (the 20 points punishment), and she was almost disappointed when they took her out. Yes, she had made her decision. She would risk it.

When Mistress Michelle came back, she was surprised and at the same time pleased with her decision. After all, this would get her institute a $200 000 bonus, the 10% of the buying bid.

“Very good, RH7942KA. May I present to you your new owner.”

The door opened and an elegant lady walked in. She was wearing a designer black leather ensemble. The pants were perfectly cut, and the jacket was following her every curves. She had long curly blond hair. Her 5 inches heels were clicking on the tiled floor. She smiled, extending her hand to shake Karen’s.

“It’s a pleasure to have you onboard.” She said while shaking Karen’s rubber covered hand. “Are you sure you understand all that is going to happen?

“Yes Madam.” Said Karen, looking on the floor, as she had been educated to.”

“So, your name is… Karen, right.?”

Karen. She hasn’t heard that name for a year. She nodded.

“Yes Madam. But I’m called RH…”

“It’s good only for training. I like to call my slaves by their first names. You’ll join Lynda and Suzy.”

“Thank you Madam.” Answered Karen.

The new owner took the papers and examined them. 

“Everything appears to be in order. Have her delivered, as usual, Michelle.”

“Of course, Madam. We’ll be right on it.”

On that, she left the room. Mistress Michelle was smiling at Karen. 

“You couldn’t have found a better master. I’m proud of you. Now, come with me, you have to get ready to be shipped. She’s very touchy on the packaging. For your curiosity, you’ll get into a plane. The whole trip will last about 14 hours, but you’ll be in the package 16 to 18 hours.”

“Yes Mistress.” Said Karen with some anxiety in her voice.

She was led to a back room. A harness ball gag was put on her. The ball had a hole in the middle. Her arms were put in her back and a clear plastic bag, rather thick and cone shaped was put around them. She was quick to figure out that it was some kind of armbinder. While one of the maids held the bag in place, high up on her shoulders, the other worked an industrial strength heat gun which shrunk the bag, squeezing her arms together.

She was instructed to step into another thick clear plastic bag that was rolled down on the floor. Once in it, the rubber clad maids pulled the bag over her head. It was quite thick. One of the maid came with a tube and forced it through the plastic bag, and screwed it to the hole of the ball gag. The top of the bag was then heat sealed. Each maid took an industrial heat gun and heated the bag which shrinks, getting thicker at the same time. When it was starting to cling to her, they stopped. 

One of the maids put a paste on the tip of her finger and by forcing it between the breathing tube and the hole of the bag, coated the ballgag around the tube, and then pushed firmly the plastic of the bag on it, gluing it shut. 

Karen was then instructed to crouch down, into a ball tie position. Once done, they started the shrinking process again, shrinking the plastic bag tightly on her.

Of course, that didn’t prevent Karen from being able to move, but that was soon to be taking care of as she was fed into another plastic bag, sealed, the breathing tube fed through a small hole, and shrunk to fit.

This time, she couldn’t move.

She was carefully picked and lowered into a large Plexiglass cube. The bottom of it already contained a layer of hard amber colored gel that proved to be quite comfortable, but as she had been briefed by Mistress Michelle, that was only the start of it.

Her breathing tube was linked to another one, providing fresh air through a pump. The top cover of the Plexiglas box was screwed on, then she felt something warm flowing on her back, filling the box.

Gel, presently the consistency of liquid soap, was getting poured in. It will seep into every little cavity that was left. She felt it engulf her, isolating her from outside sounds. She could still see light but nothing more. She felt the pressure increase as the box got full. She knew that as it cured, it expanded, and it will increase the pressure. She couldn’t move at all, but she was very well protected.

In fact, the pressure all around her, made her feel as if she was out of gravity, floating.

Thick wood panels, lined with foam, were screwed around the Plexiglas box, cutting the little light that was still seeping through the amber gel. Everything was black and silent. The only thing she could hear was her breathing and her heart slowly beating, because she was not stressed at all. She liked it.

It wasn’t long before she drifted into a dream world, where she wondered what her life would be for the next five years.

*     *     *

Part II

New Owner

She felt as if she weighed a ton. She opened her eyes to discover that the light was rather bright. She felt a tug on her back and quickly realized that someone was pulling the gel coating off of her. Gently, she felt a knife cutting open the outer plastic bag, and after many hours, she was able to stretch a little as the inner bag was cut open.

Someone grabbed her arm and helped her get on her feet. She was unsteady as her legs were rather numb after so many hours in this cramped position. Her gag was removed.

“Hello Karen. I hope the trip was nice and smooth.” Said a woman’s voice Karen recognized as her new owner.

“Yes Madam. I’m fine.” She said from a faint voice.

“Good. Lynda will show you your room. It’s early in the morning. I’ll leave you the rest of the day, but please don’t get out of your room or the adjacent bathroom. I suggest you take a long bath as it will be your last one for quite a while.” Softly said the Madam.

“Yes Madam. I’ll do that. Thank you.” Said Karen, always looking at the floor.

She felt someone pulling on her arm. She turned to follow the tug. A young woman, encased in a very tight and shiny white catsuit under a light blue nurse uniform was pulling on her arm. She had a rubber mask over her mouth, evidently hiding a mouth filling gag. Karen smiled. She felt home already.

She followed the nurse, walking on five inches light blue leather pumps, upstairs where she was led to her room. Lynda invited her in. Without a word, she showed her the bed, lined of rubber or course, the closet where already, a bunch of different latex clothes were waiting to be used, although she noticed that there was no footwear at all, and then the bathroom.

Lynda then gently tapped on Karen’s shoulder and shook her hand in a welcome gesture.

“Thank you, Lynda.” Said Karen.

She was left to herself. She removed her latex catsuit, feeling the fresh air for the first time in many days. She shivered at the thought that it might be the last one in five years, if the air sealing drug works, or perhaps longer.

She made herself a warm bath and stayed in it, soaking, for quite a while.

A knock on the door. Karen opened, dressed in a satin bathrobe. This one was wearing a French maid uniform, black and white. She was holding a tray with different food on it. The Madam was just behind her, and Karen lowered her eyes to the floor.

“Hello Madam.” Softly said Karen. “Thank you for such wonderful quarters, Madam.” Said Karen.

“You’re welcomed. This is Suzy. She’s bringing you breakfast. She will also bring you lunch and dinner. Sorry to have you confined here, but I forbid anyone not wearing latex to wander in the house. Nothing in the closet would fit you right now as you’re not corseted and the corset is an integral part of the outfit you’ll get tomorrow. Since you have nothing to wear, I have to confine you here.”

“That’s no problem, Madam. I know I will enjoy my stay here.”

“Very good. Savour your meals. Again, they may be the last ones for a long time.” Said the Madam before departing, bringing Suzy with her.

Karen sat and ate with pleasure the rich seafood and wine that had been bring. Then she relaxed for the afternoon, pretty much sleeping most of it, before the dinner. By then, she was really bored. She had tried a few latex clothes but they didn’t fit her, and she had second thoughts: either they were not intended for her, or she would be crushed into an incredibly tight corset. She would have the answer soon enough.

Early the next morning, she was awakened and brought, naked, to a room on the first floor. The floor, the walls and even the ceiling were all covered with white tiles. There was a revolving stand surrounded by four blacklight lamps. There was a large table and a large cabinet on wheels.

Madam was there, as well as, Lynda, Suzy and a man she never met before.

“Hello Phil. Everything’s ready?” asked the Madam.

“Yes, Elisabeth. Everything is ready.”

“Very well, Karen. I think you’re familiar with the entubing process? Please, take place.” She said, pointing at the table.

Yes Karen knew about the procedure. She also knew that she was not only sealing her body, but her faith. Phil, helped by Lynda, inserted the breathing and feeding tubes, as well as the relief tubes and catheters. To her surprise and pleasure, the tubes were fitted with rather large dildos. The outside of her feeding tube was lined with a loose bag which she knew would be inflated soon enough. Earphones were inserted as the last step.

A small length of tubing was protruding everywhere. Phil then approached with a syringe.

“Don’t worry, Karen. The drug has been tested before. We know it’s pretty much harmless to humans, it’s just that we want to test it on the long run and having a worker stand in a tub of water for months was not exactly… exciting.” He said with a smile as he poked her arm with the sharp needle.

The liquid was injected.

“Very good. Now, Karen, we will proceed with two layers of sprayed-on rubber. After the first coat, we’ll fit you with your carbon fibers accessories, then a third coat will cover everything. Please, keep your fingers opened unless you want mits.” Said the Madam with a large smile.

Karen tried to smile with the tube going out of her mouth but a frightened expression filled her face as she mumbled and lifted her arms in the air: they were bright red and were rapidly swelling.

“What… Oh my! Phil! What the hell is going on?” asked the Madam.

“What?” he said as he was looking away. “It’s… oh shit! Well, since it was her first shot and that she was about to be covered in rubber, I gave it a stronger one to make sure the effects would start as fast as possible but… shit!”

“Mmfggffff!!” tried to yell Karen.

“It’s okay, Karen.” Said the Madam while adding something to her ready to spray rubber compound. “It’s just a… side effect of the drug. To make your skin accept to be sealed we kind of made it… allergic to air. It will settle back as soon as you’ll be under rubber. Please, take place on the stand.” She said as she closed the spray gun and was getting ready to shoot.

Karen took place and immediately the Madam began to apply the rubber. It felt warm, and was rather thick. She closed her eyes as it was shot everywhere, including on her eyes and in her ears. But soon, the itching stopped, in fact as soon as rubber was contacting her skin.

“Well, Karen, it’s a single coat but it’s a lot thicker than what it was supposed to be. I had to compensate for your swelling, so had to increase the shrinkage of the rubber, but it made it thicker. But I’m sure it will be alright.” She said as she wiped some of it off her eyes so she could open them and from her ears although they felt coated inside.

Then the UV lights were turned on and immediately, the rubber began to cure and shrink, and shrink, and shrink. Karen was feeling it engulf her, squeezing equally every limb. The feeling was awesome and very much unexpected. The waist got squeezed a lot, probably because it had the much to give. Soon, breathing became difficult. She had to struggle to expand her chest. Karen began to moan. This was almost too tight. Even her head was getting crushed, and swallowing was hard.

“I’m sorry, Karen. I didn’t have time to calculate the new dose of shrinkage, I had to shoot from the hip. It’s probably a lot tighter than expected, but I know what you’re capable of and I’m sure you’ll cope with it, even like it.” She said with a warm reassuring smile.

Deep down, Karen knew that she was right. She liked to be as tight as possible. She had dreamed to be tightly encased in rubber, and this was it. Yes she would cope with it and she would like it. She liked the extremes. She then learned that it was only the beginning.

Phil came back with a box and got out of it pieces shaped like a body but quite rigid: it was a rigid corset made of carbon fibers. It was in two halves. It was put around Karen’s waist and ratchet straps had to be used to tighten it. It was covering her from the crotch up to her neck where it made a rather high posture collar, perfectly shaped for her neck. But the waist reduction! Ooof! Karen’s eyes were getting larger and larger as it was tightened on her. Only her breasts had some relief as they were pushed through two large holes and thus were not compressed by the rigid garment, covering her upper body totally, squeezing it in its inescapable rigidity. It was then glued shut.

“Your papers states that you can cope easily with a seven inches reduction. I figured that 8 would just ask you for a small effort.” Said the Madam with an evil smile.

Karen was beginning to have second thoughts. She thought that she was to be as her last numbers were, not beyond them. According to Mistress Michelle, that owner took great care of her rubber slaves. She wondered if Mistress Michelle knew everything there was to know about The Madam.

Next came the boots. No heels! Just pointed toes, again made of carbon fibers in two halves that were ratchet strapped to her legs and glued shut. They were reaching up to her knees, putting her feet in an en-pointe position, impossible to move. That would prove to be quite helpful to maintain her balance.

The Madam approached her mouth with a huge syringe to fill the gag with rubber paste that would remain flexible. She filled the gag until Karen’s cheeks began to bulge and Karen beg-moaned her to stop with large popping eyes.

Dark tinted lenses were put over her eyes. They were slightly spherical, allowing her to see rather well. They were coated with a greasy stuff for easy removal of the rubber that was to come.

The rubber tubes were cut flush with the first layer of rubber, or with the carbon fibers crotch piece, then greasy tubes were inserted in them, hanging out.

Finally, a series of carbon fiber bands were put around her upper knee, wrists and elbows before she was instructed again to stand legs and arms apart as she was sprayed with another coat of thick and very tight rubber.

She was almost glad that her upper body couldn’t be squeezed more with the carbon fibers corset as she felt the heavy compression of the overdosed rubber put on her arms, legs and head when the UV lights were turned on.

The greasy tubes were easily removed leaving only small holes at her crotch on which stainless plugs were inserted. They will allow for quick connecting the hoses for personal hygiene relief. A similar stainless steel insert was put on her mouth hole, but hidden under a fake bright red rubber lips. The holes at her nose appeared practically as natural as her own nostrils.

Lynda and Suzy approached her with a large needle and poked the rubber at specific places on the carbon fibers bands and accessories, revealing a screwing hole. They filled it with adhesive before screwing on chromed steel O-ring. By the end, she had one on each side of her ankles, each side on her knees, front, back and sides of her waist at the corset, on her shoulders, front and back of her wrists and over the elbows as well as front, back and sides of her collar.

The UV lights were then again turned on, this time for a good half an hour. Karen was balancing from one foot to the other. Her legs were getting tired, her breathing was short, she needed to rest a little. All of this was rather extreme, even for her who long for extreme setups. Finally, the lights were turned off and The Madam helped her get off the revolving stand.

It was the first time she was actually walking in it. It felt weird yet exciting. Her stiff upper body forced her to walk slightly forward as she was keeping her balance on her pointed toe boots. All this weight shift forced her to work hard on her butt and thighs muscles, squeezing on the dildos which came to life!

“Do you think I would forget about giving you any pleasure? Of course you won’t have as many as Lynda or Suzy, but you’ll get something that they will not have: permanent rubber skin.” She said as she took a sharp razor blade, grabbed Karen’s arm and before she or Lynda or even Suzy could react, she had slashed her arm from a strong gesture to show… nothing. 

There was not even a dent on the rubber, yet The Madam showed the blade to the other two slaves and easily sliced a normal piece of rubber with it.

“Yeah, impressive, isn’t it? A new compound of my, or rather, our invention, Phil and I. It’s virtually indestructible. The only way to cut it is to soak it in a solvent solution for 48 hours, then it would become soft enough to be removed with a sharp knife. Clever, hey? So Karen, you won’t need to be careful with your suit as you would normally have to do with ordinary rubber. This one’s for life!” she said with a smile.

For life? Those words hit hard. Hasn’t she signed for only five year? No, Madam wouldn’t force her to stay after five years. She was probably referring to the fact that she would be treated so well that she wouldn’t want to leave, or wouldn’t to live without her rubber suit.

Then she had her first glimpse of herself in a large mirror. She was stunned! She was tall, slender and extremely shiny as the shine was permanent! She was a perfectly gleaming black female form, very sculptural with well defined buttocks, extremely thin waist, perfectly proportioned breasts and elongated neck, not mentioning her extremely long and slender legs. She turned around to have a global look but the thick rubber and her posture collar prevented her head to move more than a couple of degrees, but judging by the expressions on Suzy and Lynda’s face, she was quite a sight!

*     *     *

The Life

Lynda led Karen back to her room. Karen surprised herself at how easy she appeared to cope with all the restraints: extra tight corset, pointed boots, posture collar and dimmed eyesight.

Something new had been added: a steel frame with spidery looking devices, quite scary at first sight. As Karen wandered around, rubbing her hands along her stiff and compressed body, squeezing her hands into a fist to get some blood flow in it as the sleeves were so tight, Lynda stayed put, standing up, waiting. A few minutes later, The Madam came in and removed the gag that was preventing Lynda from talking.

“I’ll leave you two. Lynda will explain everything. See you both for lunch.” She said before leaving, closing the door behind her.

“Hello Karen. I must say that I’m quite impressed although… oh, never mind.” She said, wiping the air with her hand, as to clear those thoughts.

She showed the spidery device to Karen.

“This is where you’ll get fed and cleaned. You place your feet in the holes here at the bottom, then you lay against it, making sure your legs and waist are between those steel cuffs. Once in it, you spread your arms upward and put them also between those opened steel cuffs. Once you’re in position, the machine senses it and it will close on you. Those plugs will go at your crotch.” She said pointing at a tube presently hanging just below the crotch, “And this one will come down on your mouth hole to feed you. Be sure to remove your false rubber lips, otherwise you’ll get nothing but a mess as the system will still make the nourishing broth flow.” She said with a corner smile. “You have to do this once a day, preferably before going to bed in the evening. Care to try? I put the system in the practice mode, so no cleaning or feeding will take place.” She said, inviting Karen to take place.

She put her pointed toes in the conical holes at the bottom, then gently leaned back on the slightly slanted device, resting her back on the center frame. Her rigid torso made it that her neck also firmly rested on the frame. She stretched her arms and felt with her fingers where to put them as she couldn’t raise her head, held straight by the posture collar.

Once everything was in place, she heard a click and the steel cuffs closed on her at the ankle, thighs, waist, neck, upper arm and wrist. They closed and tighten. A lot! Karen moaned. On her thighs and arms, they were so tight that they were biting into her flesh. Lynda had wide eyes.

“Gee, I better report this to Madam. I think it needs some adjusting. This is obviously too tight.” She said as Karen Moaned, feeling her arms and thighs getting crushed.

Quickly after, the crotch rod rose and she heard the steel connectors linked. The feeding rod pivoted down but was stopped by her rubber lips. Lynda quickly removed them and the tube linked with a snap on her mouth.

Being taken care of by a machine was not something that Karen had expected. She was totally isolated, sealed, unable to speak, barely able to hear or see and was being fed by a machine. She felt like an object. She hasn’t been prepared for that.

Lynda switched the controls back and Karen was released. She got off the frame and rubbed her arms. Lynda looked puzzled.

“I… I really don’t know how you ended up here, if it’s some kind of sentence you carried on or if you chose this, but I must say that I never saw anything like that in this house. Madam has always treated us with the greatest of respects, and everything she had done to us was carefully planned and always within our limits.”

Karen raised her shoulders in a “I don’t understand either” way.

“The snag when your suit was applied, the apparent approximate mix of chemicals, the guessed rubber mixture, all this is not the way Madam usually works. We’ve tested the drug, and each time, it was carefully measured, and we were thoroughly checked throughout the whole procedure. We never spent more than 24 hours in rubber confinement. We were eager to do it but Madam said that we were not intended for that, that someone else was. Then you came.

Anyway, if you need any help, I’m here….”

She looked hesitant.

“Are… are you a criminal or something?”

Karen nodded a strict no.

“Do you come from Mistress Michelle’s school?”

She nodded yes.

“Were you a reject?”

A definitive no as she raised 1 finger, pointing at herself that showing “1” again.

“You were a first of class?” asked Lynda, amazed.

She nodded yes.

“That would explain the extremes but not the apparent…”

The door opened. The Madam was there.

“Something wrong? I thought it was taking a long time.” She said. 

Karen was still rubbing her arms.

“Yes, Madam.” Answered Lynda, lowering her head. “It appears that the cuffs are too tight.” She said.

“Really? Please, step on, Karen.” Directed The Madam.

Karen executed and once again, the cuffs bit cruelly into her thighs and arms.

“Yes, I see. I’ll have it fixed but I’m afraid that Phil won’t be able to do it very rapidly as he left in a hurry out of the city. Will you be able to cope with it in the meantime?”

Yes nodded Karen.

“Very good then. Again I’m sorry that you start in such a bad stretch, the overdose of the drug, the over-shrink rubber and now the too tight cuffs on the feeding stand. Believe me, it’s not the usual way I tread my rubber maids. Lynda would agree, I’m sure.”

“Madam is right, Karen.” Said Lynda. “This is very unusual.”

“Thank you Lynda. Suzy is waiting for you for dinner. I know you won’t eat with us, Karen but you’re invited to join us at the dinner table.” Said The Madam.

Karen followed them, balancing on her pointed toes, the rubber creaking with every step. She could feel the tight membrane squeezing her buns with each step, massaging them. The huge dildos were getting moved around, stimulating her in a disturbing manner. She never felt something similar and she would have to adjust otherwise she’ll end up having orgasms after orgasms.

She had adjusted quite well to her tightly compressed ribcage, taking fast yet short breathes. 

Her shiny black suit shone under her heavily lit dining room by the high sun through the large windows covering most of the wall. The Madam took place at one end of the huge solid oak table while Suzy and Lynda brought the food plates then placed herself on each side of The Madam, ready to fulfill her every need. Lynda had her gag back on.

Karen was softly going from one foot to the other, not exactly really knowing what to do. She hasn’t been instructed yet to do any house chores, and she didn’t know where she stood.

“Oh, how rude of me.” Said The Madam. “Maids are forbidden to sit at this table. As for you Karen, you won’t have any house chores for the time being, but I’d like you to be here at every meal. We’re like a family. I know that it’s not easy to stand still on those boots and frankly, your constant wobbling is getting quite annoying. Suzy, could you please fix her as I instructed you?” she said, taking another mouthful of pasta.

Suzy approached Karen and led her to a corner of the dinner room where two chromed chains were hanging. She snapped the chains on Karen’s shoulders O rings then operated a winch until Karen’s feet were not touching the ground.

Karen stood there, suspended, doing nothing while The Madam ate her meal, rather slowly. She felt quite useless and humiliated. That was not what she had in mind when she signed up as a rubber slave.

After The Madam had finished her meal, she was lowered on the ground.

“I don’t have anything specific for you until tomorrow. You can do what you want.” She said, leaving the dining room.

Karen didn’t know quite what to do herself. She walked around, visiting the mansion. She discovered an exercise room as well as a full size pool. The puzzling thing was that rocks appeared to fill the bottom of it. 

She was alone, Lynda and Suzy being busy by their chores. Karen walked back to her room and lay on the bed. That gave an occasion to think about where she was and what was ahead of her. Yeah, what the heck was ahead of her?

Part III

She had a very good idea the very next morning. She awakened by herself. After feeling her tight suit and remembering where she was, she got up and headed for the station. Since Phil hasn’t fixed it yet, the cuffs were very tight and not exactly comfortable for the procedure that lasted close to an hour, after which she was automatically released.

She headed downstairs where the Madam was there, finishing her breakfast.

“Ah, Karen. How was your night? I hope you had plenty of rest because you start to work today.” She said as she wiped toast crumbs off her bright red lips and got up. “Come with me.”

Karen followed, walking expertly on her pointed toe boots, feeling the tight rubber squeeze her buns as she had to rock her hips to walk. She was led to the pool.

“As you already know, the drug you’re testing is aimed for underwater work. So what better way to test it than make you work underwater?” said the Madam with a smile. “We’ve replicated a part where the worker will have to work. You’ll see once at the bottom of the pool that there’s a small tunnel. I’d like you to swim that tunnel down to the cave at the other end. Take your time, there’s no rush. I know it’s small but I’m sure that you’ll be able to do it.” She said with a smile that she wanted reassuring. “I’ll be able to talk to you through the comlink link to your earphones.”

She picked a rubber hose laying by the side of the pool along with something resembling a small gasmask. She put it on Karen’s mouth. It covered her mouth and nose and was held by wide rubber straps, drawn tightly. The seal was confirmed and Karen could feel fresh air being pumped in.

She then took a dip into the pool. It felt strange to feel that water on her rubber skin. She swam to the bottom of the large pool, about 10 feet and looked around for the small tunnel the Madam talked about. She found one. It was very small and the walls lined by sharp stalactites and stalagmites. She tried to enter but her shoulder got poked by one of the sharp stones.

She quickly withdraws and checks her suit: not even a scratch. She nonetheless gestured at the Madam about the narrowness and hazardous tunnel.

“Yes Karen. I know.” She answered through the comlink. “It’s okay. Your suit will protect you. Go on, please.” She said, but this time, to Karen, the voice sounded dryer. It was not a suggestion but an order.

Karen complied and engaged in the small tunnel, hands stretched over her head. She could barely squeeze in and she was almost glad her carbon fiber corset was that tight, although she would have liked it somewhat more flexible.

She had to back off and try on a different angle quite a few times as the tunnel was twisting a lot. After what seemed like half an hour, she began to see the light of the cave at the end of the tunnel. Fifteen minutes later, she was in, pretty much exhausted. It had taken close to an hour to make the 20 feet of the tunnel. She was now in a small cave where she could barely stand up. Again the walls were covered with sharp rocks points. As instructed, she yanked the air hose three times, indicating to Madam that she had reached the cave.

“Very well.” She heard. “Now come back, take a short rest and do it again, and again. I’ll be back by the end of the day to check on your progress.

Progress? Why does she have to progress? Isn’t she just a tester, a guinea pig?

She swam back to the open waters and got out of the pool. The Madam was nowhere to be seen. She could simply lay there doing nothing, which could become rapidly boring, or try the tunnel again. She made a goal about doing it as fast as she could.

Fifteen minutes later, she was back in the water. She really wondered why she took the time and risk to swim through that narrow tunnel. Why not simply blast the whole thing or bore a wider tunnel?

She did the path, back and forth, until Madam came back.

“That’s quite good, Karen. You’re down to a little over half an hour. You think you can do better?” she asked when Karen got out of the water.

Karen raised her shoulders. She didn’t know. She always had her arms in front of her, and sometimes, they were interfering. She signalled “one minute” with a finger and went back underwater. This time, before entering the tunnel, she joined her hands in her back and clinched her fingers together then went.

The first pass she made it in about 35 minutes, but the trip back was done in half an hour. Madam was pleased.

“That’s very good, Karen. I knew you were smart! That’s enough for the day. Get out of the water and we’ll see again this setup tomorrow.”

Karen got out and was unhooked from the hoses. The sun was still up as it was barely time for dinner but since she had no mealtime anymore, she decided to go outside and take a small walk on the property. There were a few horses and she got close to one who didn’t seem afraid by her look but rather intrigued.

Karen patted him on the nose for a while. The horse responded by brushing her head against Karen’s shoulder putting her off balance. She ended up sitting on the grass, laughing.

She was quickly back on her feet and stayed outside for a while before heading back for the house when the sun was on the horizon.

The next morning, she was back at the pool. This time, The Madam had tied up her arms in her back before sending Karen to the water using the convenient permanent D rings. Her elbows were touching.

She made the trip easily in a little less than half an hour. Having her arms tied in her back was different, but she liked it. She didn’t know why, she simply liked to be impaired in some way, as if the rest of the setup was not enough.

In the evening, she repeated the events of the day before as she went to see the same horse which obviously had some feeling for her.

The following morning, she headed for the pool but The Madam entered all smiling.

“Well, Karen you did an awesome job in the last two days. The fact that you’re again at the pool this morning without me asking for it proves that you’re dedicated to your work. I’ll give you the day off.”

Karen was glad, but what would she do on her day? The Madam had the answer.

“I saw that King George had a weakness for you. It’s surprising as not anyone can ride him, even less approach him, but apparently, he likes you. I’ve asked Lynda to saddle it. He’s ready and waiting for you. Have a nice day. You can go anywhere on the property. If you get lost, just tap three times on King George’s left shoulder. He’ll bring you back here. Just BE back before sundown.” She said smiling yet firmly.

Karen was joyous. She headed outside where Lynda was waiting for her. The stirrups were specially made for someone with pointed toes like Karen. She was quick on it. She knew how to ride horses as she took classes when a teenager.

But as she expected, there was more than just getting on the saddle. Wide straps fixed her ankles to the stirrups. She would have no way to get off the horse. Then Lynda used a stepladder to get to her height and tied chains from the saddle to Karen’s waist D rings. The chains were long enough to allow her to get off the saddle for a normal run, but she wouldn’t get off of it.

Finally, her hands were tied together in front of her and the reins passed through the lock, so that it would be impossible for her to drop them, which was quite a secure setup.

Finally, a long chain was tied from Karen’s collar front D ring to the King Georges head harness. If he was to lower her head to take some grass, she would have no choice but to lay down on him. Devilish to say the least.

Karen was pleased!

She made a thank you sign to Lynda and she slowly trotted away, enjoying her first freedom day since over a year. If you considered being completely sealed in rubber, entubed and securely tied up to a horse being free, that is.

She quickly found out that constantly humping on the saddle with her inside filled with the dildos, became rapidly disturbing… in a good sort of way. She took her time, going slowly, admiring the view. It was the first time she was seeing wide open spaces since many years, as she had always been a city girl. She wishes she could smell the flowers, the hay in the fields.

While King George was slowly walking she had countless orgasms. The best one as he decided to have a snack, forcing her down. The chains prevented her from gliding off the saddle as well as the straps on the stirrups, but the position was putting all her weight on the vaginal dildo, and when King Georges moved, it was simply too much.

She screamed in her gag, tensing her legs, squeezing her thighs muscles. She had managed to keep her hands at her crotch and she was pushing repeatedly on it with her fingers.

She didn’t know if it was the faint yell muffled by the gag, or her legs squeezing on but King George got his head up rather rapidly and started to run.

Karen was put off balance, now all her weight on her rectum dildo, hands stretched trying to pull on the reins to stop King George.

That weight shifting, the humping, the tight corset, her legs held wide open and the tight rubber squeezing them… She yelled again as the most powerful orgasm she never thought possible invaded her, lasting a long, long time, almost until King Georges decided to relax and halt.

Karen was panting. She put her face in her latex covered hands, panting, still receiving some pleasure jolts from the ordeal. King Georges slowly turned his head toward her and looked at her. She would have swear that he was knowing what had happened and that he did it on purpose. She was sure that his eyes were saying “Gotcha! Liked it?”. 

Part IV

Day 87.

She headed for the pool, somewhat unsteady on her boots. Her night had been rough. Well, she was simply paying for transgressing a rule:

She had gone for a ride with King Georges but failed to return before sundown. When she got back, it was dark and The Madam was anxiously waiting for her outside.

She spent the night in a strappado, arms tightly bound elbow touching, wrists fixed high up the ceiling forcing her to bend down. Her neck collar was linked to the floor with a chain and her feet held widely apart, ankles linked to the floor by more chains.

She was getting slapped on her protruding butt by an automated slapper. Although her thick rubber provided some sort of dampening, after 8 hours, it did hurt a lot. Of course she hadn’t been able to sleep at all so she was quite tired on that day.

But that session was only a third of the whole punishment. The Madam had told her that she would have to spend five more days with her hands tied into the reverse prayer position, without any rest, and if she judged that she had been good enough, she would perhaps let go of the 10 nights on the revolving cartwheel.

She still had to do her day’s work. She was down to 20 minutes with her arms elbow tied, but for the first time, she had to do it with the reverse prayer, a whole new learning. But to Madam’s surprise and her own, she made the trip down the tunnel in 15 minutes! The reverse prayer proved even faster! The punishment actually had benefits.

Madam let go of the last leg of the punishment and Karen was glad to have spared herself from getting all dizzy and disoriented on the cartwheel. But she was now performing all her underwater exercises with her arms into the reverse prayer position.

Day 133

She was alone in the house. She had got up and went downstairs like usual, expecting to see The Madam, or Suzy or Lynda, but nobody was in sight. She looked everywhere but there was no one to see. She feared that something bad had happened and hoped to have news soon. Unless they were all at the pool.

She walked to it. There was nobody but the door of the office, usually closed and locked, was slightly opened. She walked to it and peeked inside. She couldn’t call anybody’s name so she knocked as hard as her rubber covered fist allowed. She carefully pushed the door open, but there was no one to be seen. She made the tour of the office. Maybe Madam had fainted and she was laying behind the desk. 

No, she wasn’t there, but the plans and drawings on the desk did get her attention. There were maps, plans, schedules, investigation reports, analysis, etc.

She began to browse the documents. Apparently, the tunnel at the bottom of the pool was the replica of a real tunnel somewhere on the bottom of the ocean and what was in the cave was…

“Karen? What are you doing in the office?” said a sharp voice.

Karen startled. The Madam was standing at the door with Suzy in tow bearing a full length tight blue fiberglass cast on her right leg, knee slightly bent, foot pointing. She was standing on crutches, her other feet standing on a five inches heel sandal.

Karen lowered her head in submission. She knew she had no business there. She knew she would be punished and that she deserved it. But she was now craving for explanations.

She pointed at the maps, pinched her suit and made a question mark with her finger.

“Suzy, go back to your room. The doc said that you have to stay put for the next four days. I’ll go fix you up in a moment.”

Karen saw Suzy almost smiling. As she walked away, Karen realized that D rings had been embedded into the fiberglass cast. She was sure that The Madam would fix her, and for sure to something that doesn’t move. 

The Madam closed the door and walked to her office.

“Yes, you might be entitled for an explanation as I wasn’t fully honest with you. What is true is that the suit you’re wearing is for underwater work. The part that is not true is that it’s not for some unknown worker, but you, as you will be the one performing the work.”

“About two years ago while diving there,” she said pointing at a remote island in the Pacific “we discovered that cave at the base of an extinct volcano. We couldn’t swim through the tunnel for obvious reasons, but we did send a probe to collect the first images, then it went back again to grab some samples.

Turns out that the walls of that cave and some of the tunnel, are covered with precious stones, mainly diamonds and rubies. Dynamiting the tunnel is out of the question as the whole cave could cave in, bringing in half the volcano with it. Digging elsewhere would weaken the walls and could trigger an implosion. The only way we have to recover the stones is through that tunnel.

The robot could survey the place but it would be much too difficult to use it to retrieve them. The best way would be to go ourselves.

But it’s deep, very deep. The usual deep see dive suits are too bulky. We conceived this one. That’s why you have a carbon fibers upper body: it’s to prevent your thorax from being crushed by the water pressure. You’ll get outfitted with a helmet when the times come.

Your task then? Go into that cave and harvest the stones. I will be with you in the cave. I will give the stones to you in a pouch on your stomach and you will carry them to the underwater station nearby.

That spot is public property, meaning that it can’t be claimed by anyone. The first one to harvest the stones gets rich, and I’m talking here about hundreds of billions of dollars worth of stones. Do you understand why all the secrecy?”

Karen nodded yes.

“But you also realized that you did something forbidden.”

Yes nod again.

“And I have to make sure that you will not tell anything you now say to anyone.”

Karen got scared! Would she be “discarded”, meaning killed? Apparently, her body language spoke for her.

“Come on, we’re not about to kill you. You’re very good at what you do and frankly, you cost me quite a lot and I’m not about to let you go. On the other hand, you’re very smart and I have to make sure that you will not be able to discuss this with anyone, not through writing or even sign language. Am I clear?”

Yes nod.

“Good. Go to your room while I think about what I’ll do to you. Don’t get out until I call you.

The Madam gently pushed Karen out of the office, closed and locked the door then went off. Karen slowly walked to her room, wondering what would happen to her.

She felt she stayed there a good part of the afternoon, then she heard The Madam call her through the comlink, ordering her to go to the preparation room.

As Karen walked out, she passed in front of Suzy’s room. The Madam had made sure she would stay put, alright.

Because of her cast, she couldn’t wear full latex covering. Madam took care of that by wrapping her tightly in layers of duct tape, mummifying her from head to toe with her hands crossed on her chest, each hand resting on the opposite breast. Her healthy leg was tightly wrapped and only her cast one was free

She was tied to a reverse “Y” frame, secured by numerous large leather straps. She could only have a glimpse of her chest raising and falling with every short breath, going through a tube protruding out of her mouth, everything else being tightly covered by the silvery tape. She was sure that, under the layers of tape, Suzy was regularly squishing her breasts.

Karen entered the preparation room and stayed put, waiting for Madam to come. She entered carrying some can which she put on a table before opening it and soaking a brush. She instructed Karen to come closer and she applied a coat of that stuff to the inside of Karen’s hands and arm up the elbow. Karen had a glimpse of the content of the can: contact cement. She was quick to figure out that her hands would be glued together and her apprehensions were confirmed when the adhesive was dry to the touch and The Madam asked her to turn her back on her. She then took the arms and carefully aligned each finger before pressing them firmly, joining her two hands together, palms facing each other. She then yanked her arms up and pressed her upper arms together.

Karen’s arms were now glued in the reverse prayer position. She knew that the suit would withstand the pulling but she wasn’t sure about the glue. Maybe that was it. She would be punished as long as the glue would hold, which could be only a few hours, but her illusions were soon crushed when she saw The Madam mixing some rubber compound and instructing Karen to step on the spraying platform.

“I’m sorry Karen, but you know too much. I know you’re very smart so I’m not about to let you go. I have to make sure that you won’t be able to communicate the information you know to anyone, by any means, even sign language. Since the reverse prayer position is the best one for your duty, it will now become your permanent setup.”

Karen lowered her head in submission.

“To be sure that you won’t be able to use your arms, I have to resort into a more intensely shrinkable compound. This one’s gonna be tight.” She said as she began to spray the compound.

But although Karen had expected it to be thick, it was on the contrary, rather liquid and The Madam was applying in very thin coats, making sure that everything was covered but not filled. It was obvious that she wanted to keep the shapes of the arms and not have the bag-shrink-over-the-arm look.

She applied four coats, all very thin waiting for them to dry between each coat. Then the UV lights were turned on. Karen felt the rubber shrink and squeeze her, and she was glad that her breasts had only one very thin coat on them as even this small coat squished them. She was also glad that her upper body was cast in the carbon fibers shell otherwise she feared that she would have been crushed to death.

Once the process was done, although she couldn’t move even her fingers, all of her arms and hands could be clearly made out in her back, tightly yet thinly encased in rubber. All the features could still be made out as if they had been moulded that way.

The Madam was pleased with the results, but that was just the punishment. She still had her work to do, so she was led back to the pool where more training occurred.

Part V

Day 384.

It was preparation for the trip. Karen was a tool and taken care of accordingly. She was prepped to be shipped to sea.

A coat of thick lubricant had first been applied everywhere on her suit. She was then asked to kneel into a small box, opened on the top and on the larger side. Her ankles were secured to the bottom of it as well as her calves. The bottom as well as the back of the box already had a layer of soft gel, and Karen foresaw the rest of the packaging. Hoses were connected for her daily cleaning, then she was instructed to sit on her ankles, and large straps tied her firmly on the side of the box at the waist and chest. More straps encircled her thighs pinning them down on her ankles. The last straps were tightly fastened around her neck and forehead. Hoses for breathing and feeding were connected to her mouth. 

The covers were put on and she quickly felt something heavy and gooey flow on her: gel. She stayed calm, she knew that it would be a while as the gel quickly filled the box, expanding as it cured, squishing her, rendering her totally immobile and very well protected.

How long did she stay like that? She had no clue. She suspected that it was more than just the trip. She was a tool after all, and she wouldn’t be unpacked before needed.

She was drifting into her own fantasy world. She was dreaming of King Georges. She was riding him on an open field, enjoying every bump from her sealed rubber confinement. She found it funny yet weird that even in her dreams, she was picturing herself sealed in rubber.

She felt being moved then she saw some light as the crate was removed. She felt the jelly wobbling slightly then a large lump of it was removed. She was freed of it and helped to get back on her feet which were quite numb by that time. She was helped to recuperate and for the first time, she had a glimpse of where she was. She was even more surprised to see another woman, sealed as she was. She waved her hello and she responded, but who was she? Suzy? Lynda? Phil entered followed by Suzy, dressed in a clear rubber catsuit, obviously sweating a lot under the harsh sun and with another one in the same setup as herself. Another one? Three in all?

“Hello Karen.” Said Phil. “You recognize Madam? And this is Lynda.”

Madam? Lynda? What the heck…

“She had to go down with you in the cave. The test you made about the suit was also to check if it was safe for them to go down with it. It was easier to simply seal them. That way, one set of cleaning/feeding devices is enough since only the three of you will go down. We don’t have to keep the underwater station pressurized with air since you’re all sealed. Saved us a lot of problems.”

The Madam and Lynda’s suit appeared identical to Karen’s, including the tight carbon fibers corset and pointed toe boots, although theirs had heels. The only things missing were the numerous D rings and of course, their arms were free.

They were led to a small submarine and they were slowly taken down to a small spherical service pod at the bottom of the sea. There was barely enough place for the three of them. Harsh lights were lighting the base as well as the entrance to the cave.

Karen had to go in first, pulling a long rope along. It was different. Yes she had trained but not under this pressure. She felt it hard to breath and she was glad about the carbon fibers corset.

The tunnel had some minor differences and she quickly adapted. She reached the cave in about 20 minutes but had to wait a good 15 minutes for The Madam to reach her. She had secretly trained in the pool on Karen’s day offs, but never with the full setup. Once in the small cave, she pulled on the rope, dragging a powerful light which she setup.

Karen was in awe! Everywhere on the walls of the cave were sparkling diamonds and red rubies. It was so… wordless.

Quickly, Madam went to work. She fixed a small pouch on Karen’s belly and filled it with rocks. Karen had then to swim to the base where Lynda took the pouch and emptied it before Karen returned. She did it, over and over again. 

For three months, she did the trip. Not once did they come up to the surface.

Then, all that there was to harvest has been taken. The already small service pod was even more cramped. They had barely enough place to lay down, although it was funny at the thought that they were sleeping on diamonds.

She was working but couldn’t forget the invaders that were massaging them. The pressure was squishing her buns, increasing the pressure on the dildos. She had an orgasm on almost every trip.

They would work for close to 16 hours at a time before taking some rest, taking turns on the feeding/cleaning station. 

The pod was slowly pulled up. It took one month to get it up as they had to undergo decompression stages. Finally, after three months, they were back on the ship out of the water and feeling the warm air… on their rubber skin. Karen was put back into her crate for the trip back to the mansion.

Part VI

Day 1228

Over three years have gone by since she was hired as the test subject for surviving sealed in rubber. Things have turned quite unexpected. First, she was not testing a suit for underwater workers but for herself, her master and another slave to retrieve precious stones from the bottom of the sea.

All this had gone well, until their return. Now there she was, arms still firmly held in her back in the reverse prayer position. Lynda was next to her, her too still encased in the protection suit she had to wear to go down to the bottom with them. Finally, The Madam was there too, but laying on the exam table of the preparation room.

Phil was around her, along with someone else, apparently named Pete, a chemist or something. They had one goal: get the rubber suit off. Yes, apparently, they were incapable of taking the suits off them.

As far as she knew, the salt water along with the high pressure at the bottom of the see, probably mixed with some of the minerals present in the area altered the composition of the suit. The solvent that was supposed to soften it up simply had no effect. Acid was like pure water. Even diamond coated blades didn’t scratch it.

They were testing the latest chemical solvent. They put a drop on The Madam’s hand then they saw Madam’s head slowly move from left to right as both men dropped their heads down: another failure.

Karen got up. She didn’t really care, she enjoyed the suit, although she would have loved to get use of her arms again. But she had something else in mind as she walked out of the preparation room. King Georges was waiting for her. It was almost a dream come true.

© Pete / monsterp63, January 24, 2007

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