Karen – Mistaken Identity


The tall and young brunette entered the club through the back door. She was walking swiftly on her thick platform sneakers, her legs encased in a pair of extremely tight stretch jeans. That night was rather warm so a simple T-shirt was doing the trick but hers was rather very tight fitting.

“Hi!” she said to the first person she crossed or rather yelled at him to cover the loud music, a young man with a shaved head. “I’m looking for someone named Phil…” she said, waiving a small envelope.

“Carrie?” Said the man. 

“Karen. I’m look…”

“We were all waiting for you, Carrie, you’re half an hour late! Come.” He yelled , taking a firm grip on her arm.

 “Sorry, I’m not Carrie, I’m Karen. I have to see someone named Ph…” she tried to yell to cover the even louder music as they were getting close to the dance floor.

But before she could add anything, she was dragged on stage where two strong men dressed in leather and masked, took a hold of her.

“No! Wait! What are you domfffmgrm…”

Her complaints were cut short as one of two women also present on stage stuffed a huge hard rubber ball gag in her mouth and tied it tightly at the back of her neck. The shaved head guy took the mic.

“Finally ladies and gentlemen, the feisty Carrie is here! Let’s see if our team will be able to tame her as she struggles to get free.”

The crowd reacted with enthusiasm as Carrie was taking center stage. As the two men held her firmly in their grip, the two women proceeded to remove her shoes, then her tight jeans, which prove rather difficult, before backing her to an X frame where her legs were tightly secured to it by leather straps at the ankle, below and above the knees and at the thighs.

Her tight T-shirt was quickly ripped off her upper body as her arms were stretched on the opposite branches of the X-frame and secured with more leather straps.

Carrie/Karen struggled on the frame, and was able to have a better glimpse of who was involved.

The two men were dressed similarly with leather pants, black T-shirt and a leather hood leaving only their mouth and eyes. They were booted in Doc Martens. The two women were dressed differently. One had a long sleeved very tight short dress, bright red, with a white cross on her shoulders, as if it was some kind of medical uniform, which would explain the silly hat. The other one was wearing a purple catsuit, also very tight fitting. As the one with the red dress was standing on red platform sandals with a skyscraper heel, the one with the purple suit had thigh high white boots with a very high stiletto heel.

Karen/Carrie startled when she saw them approach her with two large dildos. Her eyes became wide and she started to scream through her gag, which muffled most of the sound. One of the men cut off her panties revealing her shaved pussy. The nurse proceeded to insert the huge invaders. Karen screams changed to a low pitch grunt as, once both invaders were in, they started to vibrate.

Her eyes rolled out and she started to squirm in her bonds, her body responding to waves she never felt before, waves she never thought possible. She suddenly relaxed. All of this was unexpected, but… well… WOW!

As if she was in another plane of existence, she was easily untied from the X frame and lowered on the ground. Then one of the assistants produced a lump of black latex and proceeded to feet Karen’s feet in it.

All dizzy and mushy by the powerful dildos, she complied and the men were not holding her for not fleeing the scene, but for not falling down.

She knew what latex clothing was, but she had never worn any before. The suit appeared to be very tight and although it had been lubricated, the assistant seemed to have a hard time pulling it up her legs, smoothing every possible wrinkle out of it. They gently slid it up her body and when they pulled it over her shoulders, it pulled on the crotch seam, pushing the dildos deeper in.

Karen responded by a long grunt and she instinctively started to move her hips.

“Wow! I guess she needs some restraining!” said the host.

The suit was all zipped up, squishing her whole body into its tight and smooth embrace. It had built-in feet and gloves and was very tight all over.

Karen gag was removed, but she didn’t yell. She only moaned as a thick rubber hood was put over her head. It had only small glassy eye holes and a huge lump of rubber that got stuffed in her mouth.

The large yoke of the rubber hood was put under the neck of the suit and the suit zipped shut. Leather cuffs were tightly fixed at her wrists and tied over her head. Then the red one took a hand pump and screwed it at the front of the hood and pumped. Karen felt her mouth being filled. Surprisingly, she did not panic, she was pretty much welcoming it. Feeling her mouth filled to the breaking point was adding even more pleasure. The red one pumped the gag while Karen was softly moaning through the breathing tube, until her cheeks were budging, then unscrewed the pump.

She was then gently lifted off the ground. One of the assistants produced a pair of leather tubes and fed them on Karen’s feet. She found it funny that her feet were forced into a pointed position, as if she was on ballet shoes. The boots were tightly laced on her leg, covering them from the knee down in smooth kid leather.

She was lowered on the ground until her feet touched it. She felt it weird to stand on her toes. More leather cuffs were tied around her ankles and her legs tied together with a snap link.

The one with the purple suit appeared with what Karen recognized as a corset. A long leather corset. It was put around her waist and they started to tighten it. Tighter and tighter. They were struggling to close it shut.

“Geesh! Have you taken on some weight, Carrie?” she heard the red one said. How to tell them, she was not Carrie, and evidently, not as thin.

Nevertheless, they struggled to close the corset. Karen felt her waist get crushed under the increasing and unyielding pressure. That only pushed some of her organs down, against the vibrating dildos, increasing their effect.

Once the corset was done, the two panting girls were all over her, caressing her tightly encased breasts, protruding outward even more with the corset pushing them out, her thin waist under the rigid corset. When they were gliding their hands along her thighs, it produced the most effects, and Karen’s moans increased. One was squishing her breasts as the other was fondling at her crotch, pushing on the vibrating intruders, rubbing the inside of her thighs.

Slowly, her position was changed. Her legs were unlinked and spread out, forced open by a long bar. Her hands were unhooked from the ceiling and put in her back in an elbow tie, then tied back to the ceiling and pulled up in a strappado, forcing her to bend forward, putting her butt at the front of the action.

And action there was. She was gently hit alternatively by a stiff paddle and by a cat-o-nine tails whip, over and over again, each blow moving her dildos. Each blow screwing her. Slowly but constantly, the orgasm built up, and more and more, but as if they knew exactly where she was at, they were taking a pose and softly rubbed her butt each time she was about to explode, getting very frustrating, then they finally went full ahead, allowing Karen to explode, shaking in her bonds, twisting on stage like none of them ever saw Carrie do it. 

The crowd was ecstatic! They came for a heck of a show, they were having one hell of a show! Better than before, better than anticipated. The manager was pleased, even more since this was just the beginning.

Karen was taken off her strappado position and strapped to a cartwheel, slowly turning as the assistant took turn teasing her with a vibrating probe, one shot on the left breast, the other on the right thigh, then on the forehead, then on the neck, breast, right thigh, over the dildos, arm, not a single part of her body was left out.

If she hadn’t been secured to the frame, she would have flown off it as another powerful orgasm engulfed her. All her limbs became tensed as if she was electrocuted, putting the restraints to their breaking point. She was panting heavily, still moaning through her gag.

She was then taken off the frame and put into a vacbed and then sealed, unable to move at all, laying on a table as all of the assistant were constantly rubbing their hands on her, some with sharp fingernails, other with a vibrator, another one was running ice cubes along her body.

She was struggling like the Devil in Holly Waters but she couldn’t move at all. She was glued shut within the two layers of rubber, incapable to get away from so much teasing all at the same time.

Once again, a powerful orgasm built up and she exploded, her body shaking heavily within its confinement, pleasing the assistant who had never seen Carrie react like that, and the crowd, cheering and asking for more!

Finally, Karen was taken out of the vacbed but kept on the table and hogtied while she cooled off. Winners of the audience were then allowed to get on stage and caress her, but not before she was blindfolded so she wouldn’t see who was taking advantage of her.

One after the other, the 10 winners slowly rubbed her, feeling the tight latex enclosing her perfectly long legs, her arms, her thighs, her breast. All those caresses didn’t relax her at all as one more orgasm slowly built up and released as the last one of the winners gave her buns a big squeeze.

Music was put back as the stage curtain was dropped down on the show. There were still many hours of dancing available for the club, but the evening show was over.

The assistants began to slowly untie the star. That’s when the manager noticed the envelope by the entrance of the stage. It was addressed to him.

Hello Phil. I hope you’ll get that on time as I had to give it to a stranger. I got arrested for speeding. I’m currently at the county jail and I won’t be able to be at tonight’s performance. Please excuse me for any trouble. Please give a nice tip to that nice young woman that agreed to help me. Love, Carrie.

The man suddenly blushed! They had taken the wrong person! She was looking a lot like Carrie alright, although she hadn’t seen her in person before, only from her internet website. They made a bad mistake and could be in a lot of trouble, having taken a non consensual person and submitting to… oh shit!

He approached the woman as the hood was removed. She was soaking in sweat, her hairs all tangled up. Her eyes were all foggy and she had a dumb smile on her face.

“Hi, I’m Phil… I’m terribly sorry, you… you’re not Carrie, aren’t you?”

The assistants looked at Phil with wide eyes?

“That’s not Carrie?” asked the red one.

“I’m… Geesh, who am I.” said Karen with a large smile. “I know I’m in heaven, though… Seriously, I’m Karen. I was here to give you a message from some Carrie… I think.”

“What happened to Carrie?” asked the purple one.

“She’s in jail, Lynda. For speeding.”

“Shit, that’s her fourth offence in two weeks. She’s gonna stay there for a while, and we have another show tomorrow.”

“Really?…. Another show… Tomorrow?” slowly said Karen.

“I’m terribly sorry. It was a mistake on my part.” As he helped the assistant get her out of her predicament as fast as possible and put her back into her street clothes, minus her torned up and cut underwear.”

“I think you destroyed my t-shirt” she said.

Phil got his leather jacket and gave it to her.

“Here, keep it. Listen, I know you’re in no mood to talk about all this, please come back tomorrow afternoon. We’ll find a way to settle all this.”

“Whatever.” Said Karen, getting up and walking as if she was drunk. “Can you call me a cab? I don’t think I could drive.”

“Better, I’ll drive you home.” Said Phil.

He helped her until she was at the door of her apartment building then left, anticipating the worst, the police investigation, the lawsuit. He was in deep shit!

The next afternoon, someone knocked at his office door at the club. Entered a tall brunette wearing a pair of extremely tight jeans, high heels shoes and apparently a blue satin corset under a leather jacket he recognized.

“Hello… Karen, right?” said Phil while getting up to shake her hands.

“Yes.” She answered giggling. “Karen, not Carrie.”

“Listen, I’m terribly sorry. It was an awful mistake. I was in a hurry, the show was running late and…”

“It’s okay. Although it was totally unexpected, I did not… hated what happened there.” She said, almost blushing. “It’s obvious that I was mistaken for someone else who was here to give a performance, but… well, I did give it and… well.”

“Yes, of course, I’ve already prepared what Carrie would have received.” He said, handling an envelope full of cash, and rather thick. “Please, don’t sue me. I’m really sorry.”

“Relax.” Said Karen. “I’m not about to sue you. You made me discover a few things.” She said, rubbing her waist tightly compressed by a blue satin corset. “I knew what tight jeans were doing to me, but last night, I discovered how increased it was with a corset and heels… Yeah, I did some shopping this morning.” She said with a shy smile while taking off the leather jacket and putting it on a chair, revealing a well crafted corset covering her to the shoulders.

“I’m glad I could help… I think.” Said a more and more puzzled Phil, eyes wide, startled before such a beauty.

“I do have a question, though. I know the music was loud and the lighting difficult, but, I mean, I did struggle a lot. Didn’t it raise any suspicion as you may have had the wrong gal?”

“Yes, the struggling…” He said, getting up, going in front of his desk and sitting on one corner. “You see, Carrie likes to play the unwilling-girl-next-door who is abducted, resisting and struggling at first then welcoming what is happening to her. Her shows are known for this scenario so when you struggled…”

“You thought it was all part of Carrie’s act.”

“Yes, exactly, and since I saw Carrie live on stage about a year ago, I never personally met her, only through pictures so I…”

“That explains a lot. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He said but Karen could feel that something was wrong.

“Listen.” Said Karen. “I saw Carry at the county jail, I work there as the cleaning lady. That’s where she gave me the letter. I don’t know the content of her file but I believe that she’s gonna be locked up for a while. I think you were lucky to have me yesterday.” She said, smiling.

“Yeah, yesterday. I still have tonight’s show already booked up but nobody to perform.” He said, looking at her with doggy eyes.

“I know what you think, but honestly, I don’t think I’m this kind of…” She said while peeking inside the envelope full of money. She expected it to be mainly 20’s but it was more 50’s and 100’s. She startled. “Shit! Is this the real amount she would receive for this performance?”

“Not exactly. It’s usually about a third less but some clients were so impressed that they threw in a hefty tip for her, which adds up to this amount.”

“Wow!” she said, quickly thinking. She loved what happened that night, and she would welcome it again.

“I have a proposition for you.” She said, smiling and walking back toward a wide eyed Phil, high heels clicking and corset creaking.

© Pete / monsterp63, January 26, 2007

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