Karen – Dressed For The Part (Ltx)


Author’s note. The few of you that read tight jeans story, will recall a very similar story in the tight jeans section with the same title. The new website revealed to me that TJ stories were not very popular. I really liked that story plot and with fetish rubber websites shooting more and more in public places, I thought that it was appropriate to make a rubber version of that story. The basic storyline is the same as the TJ story, but the story in itself is quite different. – Pete.

Another perfect day for a walk in the park. Sunny yet slightly cool: the perfect weather to wear her beloved rubber. Karen was eager to go.

The first garment she put on was her underwear: bright red latex panties with double vibrating dildos. Well, she wanted to be a treat for bystanders, but she wanted to have some fun herself. Following was a thin clear latex catsuit. The zipper at the back didn’t have any teeth but only smooth slides like those sandwich bags, rendering an almost invisible seam. The suit had attached gloves and she carefully put it on, smoothing all the wrinkles. A look in the mirror and in confirmed her stunning look: perfectly gleaming fit body, long legs, ample breasts, slim waist. Her long curled auburn hairs were going fine with her blue eyes. But all this was only the beginning.

The next item was a rubber corset: long with shoulder straps and very tight, squishing her waist a good five inches and providing the bra her breasts needed for support. She expertly laced it up until both ends met, tied the laced and added a little extra: a small padlock between two holes in the middle, under the knot. With a devilish smile, she closed it. It was already too late as the keys were in a safe with a time lock that will open only in the evening.

The corset was red with white trimming and was made to be worn as an outer garment.

The next item was her beloved rubber tight jeans. They were basically looking like extremely shiny black leather pants. They had the back pockets, front zipper, belt loops, etc. It was cut to match a pair of standard denim jeans with straight legs.

Even though latex glides easily on latex, it was a struggle to put on as it was very tight. Once fastened in them, her thighs and buns were molded to perfection, the thick rubber stretching with difficulty over the contoured shape. The back pockets gave it a wonderful look. She put on a rubber belt that looked quite rigid for rubber, in fact, it was a steel band coated with rubber. The buckle was locking. She pushed it place, hearing the distinct click of the lock. She was set.

She bent down to put on her favorite boots: patent leather black platform boots. They had 1.5 inch platforms and 7 inches heels. They were sturdy and quite comfortable on the long run, especially for walking in them for many hours, like she was planning to do.

She laced up the knee high boots tightly and pulled her rubber jeans over them, but not before adding another lock at the smallest part of her ankle. With the boots on, she couldn’t remove her jeans which were already locked. And with the corset on, she couldn’t remove her catsuit, hence her dildos. Even if she managed to tear off the rubber jeans, she would still be stuck with the steel belt. It was devilish but that’s the way she liked it.

Next to last item: shoulder length gloves made of black thin latex. She put them over her already rubber covered fingers, smoothing them all the way up before putting the last item on her list: a black rubber jacket. It was made very tight everywhere. Pulling the arms on was a struggle although it had zippers at the wrists. The rubber was very thick. Even so she was corseted, getting the zipper hooked on was a struggle. She zipped it up to just below her breast, showing a little piece of her corset cups and a part of her cleavage, of course, well sealed in rubber. Already, sweat fog inside the suit was visible between her breasts. Cool!

There, she was all setup. It was very early in the afternoon. It was time to go downtown. She walked down the four flights of stairs to go at street level from her apartment and reached the bus stop a few minutes later. Yes she had a car, but it’s much more fun when you’re stuck to walk. Already, she was making head turns: men had their mouths open, most of women appeared disgusted, but some appeared more troubled and surprisingly more than she anticipated.

Men offered her their seat in the bus, but she preferred to stay standing up: it was a lot more fun to tease guys as she switch weight from one foot to the other, making the crease at the back of her extremely tight rubber jeans move from one bun to the other, in response to her moves. Guys were going wild!

She stepped out of the bus on the main street and pretty much half the bus followed her. She smiled and repressed a laugh. The driver looked at her step down with wide eyes, trying to get a good picture of that sight in his memory, probably hoping she would take his bus for the trip back home. He could realize how tight her whole latex outfit was as she struggled to get down the high steps of the bus.

Once on the sidewalk, she walked her way, slow paced, her heels clicking on the concrete. She was acting as if everything was normal although her vibrating dildos had been firing quite a few times since she left home. She had learned to cope with them, to control her urges, to hide the pleasure waves engulfing her and to let everything build up until she’s back home where she let everything explode.

With each step, she could hear the rubber creaking. Each bending of her arms reminded her of the three layers of latex and how tight it was because each move was a struggle. Each breath she had to force her lungs to expand within their confinement reminded her of the corset holding her tightly within its embrace. The pinching of the rubber jeans on her buns, the feeling of the high heels; each step was a joy, each step was a wake up call for all her senses. The only thing missing: she wished she had a hard rubber ball gag deeply inserted in her mouth, but that would have been too weird to wear in public, but once home… once home…

She took another street and continued to walk along toward the central park. When she reached it, she took a rest on a bench. When her dildos fired, she could hear the hum transmitted to the bench and she was glad that no one dared to sit with her, although many men were walking in front of her, slowly… and coming back often. One girl stopped by her, inquiring where she had bought her outfit and took good note of it and congratulated her on her guts to wear it in public. Lynda was her name.

“Have you worn leather on the street?” have asked Karen.

“Yes, but rubber is not the same.”


The girl couldn’t answer and only smiled. She got the message. Karen hoped that she would meet her back here a few weeks from now and they could both walk around in rubber.

After a short rest, Karen got up and continued her walk. It appears to have some kind of commotion on the other side of the park, near the water pool and fountain. Yes, she recalled the reason as she got closer to the crowd: a beverage company put on the market a new drinking water called “PureW” for Pure Water. Their publicity claimed that their water was so pure that one could literally walk on it.

So they setup this stunt with the help of a television host called Crazy Dan. The goal was simple: walk on water. A clear plexiglass pipe had been installed in the pool, just under the normal water level. The pipe, about 30cm in diameter, had its upper half covered with small holes. Water was flowing out of it. The goal was to walk on the pipe to cross the pool as fast as possible.

It was the last day of the six days contest and they had hit a wall: so far, nobody had been able to do it. Everybody was falling off the pipe, getting too slippery with the water. The other problem they had was that, following abuse from some company, rules and configurations for a contest couldn’t be changed along the way, and the contest MUST have a winner otherwise it would be considered a fraud. Someone must be able to perform the stunt involved otherwise a huge fine will be charged.

And that’s where they were, a few hours before the deadline. They had increased the prize money from $5000 to $15000, they had a lot of contestants, but no one had been able to reach half way. They could feel the heat.

Karen approached the crowd as one more contestant took a dip in water merely three steps away on the pipe. Crazy Dan was yelling in his microphone as the cameras were browsing the crowd where now people were more interested in seeing the police cease their equipment than seeing someone succeed. Crazy Dan was looking for a contestant.

As Karen approached, her tall stature made by the heels made people turn their head and when they saw how gorgeous she was looking, they were making way for her to get closer, and closer until from Crazy Dan point of view, the crowd was opening to make way for the next contestant. His eyes went wide and his mouth drooled when the sexy sight of that gorgeous girl, dressed in very tight… whatever it was, got in front of the crowd. He jumped on the occasion. Already, the cameras were all aiming at the shiny black and blue dressed woman.

“And who do we have here? Our next contestant! Come on, lady. Give it a try.”

Karen went wide eyes.

“Me?” she asked, pointing to herself, her arm almost incapable of reaching her chest in its tight rubber confinement.

“Yes you. Come on, give it a try. You can win $15000.”

“No, really. I was just watching and…”

“Oh, come on. A gorgeous woman like you sure would like to try, don’t you?” asked Crazy Dan as the crowd was reacting loudly.

She didn’t know who but someone firmly pushed her forward. Perched on her high heels, she couldn’t compensate and she made four steps toward Crazy Dan who took the opportunity to firmly grab her by the arm and pull her along with him. She decided to play it. She had nothing to lose and even if she took a dip, dressed as she was would simply be funnier.

“Okay, lady. What’s your name?”


“Well, Karen, would you please sign the terms of the contest… yes thank you, and here you go. Remember you have three chances… Oh boy, what is that you’re wearing? I’ve never seen leather that shiny before.”

“It’s latex.”

“Rubber! Wow, and you’re even dressed for the part! Are you afraid of water or something?”

“No.” Laughed Karen. “I just like it.”

“Very good Karen. Now please come closer to the water here. I… I guess you should take your heels off though. I don’t think you stand a chance in them. Remember, there’s $15000 at stake here, better put all the chances on your side!” 

“I… I can’t.” whispered Karen.

“You can’t? and how come?” yelled Crazy Dan in his mic.

Karen lowered her head to keep it a secret but Crazy Dan was faster than she was and he quickly put the mic closer so that everybody in the crown could hear it.

“They’re locked on.” She said, as she heard herself through the loudspeakers.

“Wow! Wearing rubber and being kinky! Geesh, you’re quite a party gal! Well, it’s your choice, or your problem, whatever how you take it. Now, go on!” said Crazy Dan as the crowd reacted, calling Karen’s name in chorus.

Karen stepped on the edge of the pool. She could see the plastic pipe and the flow of water coming out of it. She carefully put a foot in it, trying to steady it. Then put the other one in front. She spread her arms on both sides, pulling on the tight rubber. Surprisingly, the corset seemed to help her as it was keeping her upper body straight.

Left foot slowly forward. She was surprised at how stable she appeared to be. She could feel the sole of the boot taking a good grip on the pipe as her heel got a hold of one of the holes. The heel was not going through but was gripping on it.

One more step. Then one more. She had one third of the way done. Very few people managed to go that far. One more step. This time, the heel of her back leg slipped. She flipped her arms in the air but it was too late. She took a dip in the water, landing on her back with a loud splash.

Under the crowd reaction, Karen walked knee deep in the warm water and reached the edge of the pool where Crazy Dan was offering a helping hand.

“No problem, Karen. You have two more chances. Come on, I know you can do it.” He said, approved by the crowd.

Taking a deep breath, Karen stepped on the tube again. One step, then another, then as she progressed, she got the hang of it and the explanation popped to mind: contact area. The contact area of her boot is small. She doesn’t float. That’s why she gets a hold. The heel in the hole is just making her more stable. The corset made her rigid in the center of gravity. Simple physics!

One more step. Each time, she had to keep her legs together, rubbing her thighs, feeling the rubber squeak every time, moving her dildos. She had reached the halfway point. She got her right leg moving forward, arms stretched out then she stopped. Eyes closed she held her breath as well as the whole crowd who suddenly became silent. Deep inside her, Karen was fighting… the fucking vibrating dildo which picked that instant to fire one of its random sequences. She recomposed herself and put her foot on, moving rather rapidly. Three more steps. There she had it! 

The crowd went wild as well as Crazy Dan who was gesturing to her to come closer. Karen was already wet, so instead of walking around the pool, she went right back in it and walked it, apparently very much at ease with high heels in the water.

Crazy Dan couldn’t be happier, as well as some big company brass somewhere. Their stunt worked.

“We have a winner, ladies and gents! Karen did it. Anyone else wants to try it? We still have one hour to go…”

Out of nowhere, that young woman, wearing very tight jeans and high heels pumps came in jumping, waving her hands, yelling.

“I will! I will! I wear high heels too! I will do it!!” she said.

Crazy Dan reluctantly left her latex covered success story to go meet that other contestant.

“Let’s all give a big round of applause to Suzy!” said Crazy Dan.

They all watched the girl, too sure of herself get on the water tube. She hadn’t made three steps before she took a dip. She got back up, struggling to get out of the pool with her too tight jeans, then she was back on it. Karen was watching. She was sure she wouldn’t do it. First the pumps were too soft. Her platform heels were rigid. Second, she lacked the support of the corset. She kept twisting her ankle. Very quickly, she was out, failing on all three tries.

More gals in high heels went on, much to Crazy Dan’s delight and the bystanders. All failed.

They were down to the last 10 minutes. No one was willing to try. So far, Karen was the only one who had succeeded until…

“I will try!” firmly said a woman. Karen turned around, surprised than happily shocked.

“Lynda?” she said to the woman approaching.

“Yeah, I saw you succeed on TV and I said to myself that it was unfair to let you win this money by yourself. So I got ready.” She said, turning around, showing her outfit.

It was a very tight fitting black rubber catsuit, but cut “standard” style, meaning that the legs were tight down to the knee then going straight like a pair of jeans down to her high heels boots. The top appeared more like a denim jacket with the front chest pockets, than the standard rubber catsuit. She was evidently tightly corseted.

She didn’t have time to chat much as Crazy Dan who was now drooling everywhere, pushed her to have her turn before the deadline.

Lynda took place, resting her white platform boots on the tube. She seemed to know perfectly what she was doing and Karen suspected that she examined her in slow motion on her video. One leg forward, then gliding slowly the other one, thighs brushing against each other, the large crease forming at the back of the butt as the opposite leg went forward. Slight twist of the hips asked by the corset. A little wobbling of the heel to find a hole, then resting the weight on the ball of the foot, steadying the weight on that one then moving the other one.  She crossed the beam easily, pretty much as fast as Karen, but on the first try.

Now Crazy Dan was even happier, having two women who had been able to perform the stunt. 

The deadline was over. The show was off the air. Their prize money was handed to them but the crowd was still there, wanting to have more glimpses at the two rubber clad ladies. Crazy Dan was on the cell phone, acknowledging and pointing to the girls. He went to them.

“Hello ladies.” He said, placing himself between the two of them and wrapping his arms around each other’s tightly corseted rubber coated waist. “What do you say we end this over at my place? I’ll have a couple of friends joining us. It’ll be fun.”

“Geesh. I don’t know.” Said Lynda. “will they be wearing latex too?”

Crazy Dan was taken by surprise.

“Latex? Well, I don’t think that…”

“Well, we only want to meet fellow rubber wearing people.” Said Karen, getting into Lynda’s game, pushing Crazy Dan away and taking Lynda by the shoulders. “Should we be going?”

They left, leaving Crazy Dan panting and drooling all over his silly looking flower polyester shirt. He looked at them go, twisting their butts in their tight latex, high heels clicking, the rubber creaking as they walked.

“Well, I do have to go.” Said Lynda when they reached the next corner, out of Crazy Dan view. “I work tomorrow.”

“Very nice to meet you, Lynda. Will we see each other again?”

“I sure hope so. Say, what are you doing next Saturday?”

“I had planned to ride a bicycle along the North levy. What do you say?”

“Depends. In rubber?”

“But of course. Oh and wear ballet toe boots. It’s even better on a bicycle.”

“Meet you there.”

© Pete / monsterp63, January 30, 2007

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