Karen – Happy Valentine


The doorbell rang and Karen opened, dressed in tight stretch jeans, five inches heels pumps and very tight tank top. Two strong men were there, carrying a rather large box.

“Hello.” Said one of them. “We’re looking for a miss Karen?” he said, looking at his pad.

“That would be me.” Said Karen, all smiling looking at the large box.

“We have a Valentine gift by someone called Phil.”

“Yes, that’s my boyfriend. Geesh! That’s huge. What is it?”

“You first have to sign here, then we’ll set it up for you.” Said the man with a weird smile.

Karen gladly signed the document, not reading it, then the men asked if they could go to the basement as it is where it was to be set up.

Karen led them to the basement and they started to open the box, getting some weird looking chromed devices out of it. She was getting curious as to what it was. When she got close enough to one of the men, he quickly sprayed something in her face. She immediately felt dizzy. Not passing out, but not being herself.

“You go put this on.” Said the man, handling a box to Karen.

She complied, as if hypnotized. She could move but only following orders. She headed for the bathroom and got out a few minutes later, wearing a very tight fitting shiny pink rubber catsuit. It had attached feet and gloves. Her head was free and there were two holes at her crotch and two more holes making her ample breasts peak out. It had been a hassle to put on. It was about three sizes too small and was molding her like a second skin. Not a wrinkle anywhere.

“Very well.” Said the other man, heading to her with something white. “Stay put.” He said as he wrapped the white item around Karen’s waist and started to fasten it, squeezing her waist in the very tight white leather corset. He was strong and the laces were pulled very tight. Karen could feel how her body reacted to it, and she liked it, but she was in some kind of second state and couldn’t resist nor even talk.

She noticed that something had been added to the basement: it looked like a large X frame. Once the corset was fully drawn, the man instructed her to sit as he applied strange looking boots. They were white knee high ballet toe boots made of fine white kid leather. He finished her setup by placing a large white leather collar around her neck and a white leather head harness holding a bright pink hard rubber ball gag which he put deeply into her mouth before tightening to the last notch.

Then, helped by the other guy, Karen was put on the frame, her wrists fastened by more white leather cuffs, as well as her elbows, chest, thighs, knees and ankles. Finally, the last one was tightly drawn over her stiff corset and fastened..

Then the men approached a mechanical thing with two long shafts mounted on cams and installed it on the floor, just between her legs. The ends of the shafts were equipped with rather large dildos with flanges at the base. The man generously lubes the dildos before putting them in place. The back one was barely inserted and the front one was fully inserted, the flange pressing against her crotch, pushing up on her.

While the first man was doing this, the other one was preparing two large Plexiglas cups arranged in a large bra. He carefully lubes the bottom of them then puts the oversize bra over Karen’s breast, fastening it behind her with large leather straps. Then hoses were connected from the top of the “bra” to another machine.

Both men walked back to admire their work: a wonderful woman, encased in shiny pink rubber, with a dreadfully tight white leather corset, white knee high leather ballet boots, a wide white leather collar and a white leather harness keeping a large pink rubber ball in her mouth. She was spread eagled, stretched to the breaking point, on a large X frame, her feet one foot off the ground. She was plugged and well fixed.

The leading man then pressed a button and the dildos began to move in opposite directions: while one was being pulled out, the other was being pushed in. The in/out cycle was of about 2 seconds.

The man then pressed another button and Karen felt her breasts being sucked in by the vacuum created in the large clear cups, sealed by the lubricant over her rubber suit, then released, then pressed as the pressure was increased then vacuum again, also with a two second cycle, but slightly off compared to her dildos.

Karen would have liked to squirm, to fight her bonds, but still drugged, she was unable to move. What kind of valentine gift was this?

Finally, the leading man took a card and read it:

“Dear Karen. I hope this little gift will please you. Sorry that I couldn’t do more. I should be here soon. Love you, Phil.”

“The drug should start to wear off in about 15 minutes and you’ll then be able to fully appreciate this nice set-up. Happy Valentine’s, lady.” He said as he left, laughing.

Fifteen minutes later, all hell broke loose as Karen was fully aware of her predicament and trying as she might, she couldn’t break free of her situation. She was being fucked everywhere. The feeling of the corset each time she struggled to breathe was awesome. The collar and the gag emphasized her distress and although she was screaming a lot, barely a muffle sound came out. She struggled against the wide leather straps, but not one gave.

She was stretched on the X frame. She pulled on her bonds, tried to kick her legs, nothing moved. She was very well secured. And the dildos, those darn dildos, screwing her in turn, with that large flange, pushing on her crotch with each cycle, massaging it, stimulating it.

She had countless orgasms. She had totally lost track of time and was about to pass out when the phone rang. She had no choice but to let the answering machine pick it up.

“Hi, Karen? It’s Phil. Well, apparently you’re not home. Just to tell you that I might run late tonight. My car broke down. The tow truck said that he couldn’t be here for another hour, then the ride to the garage, the repair or probably more getting a rental then heading home, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it before late in the evening.”

“In the meantime, I ordered you a nice Valentine gift. I hope you’ll get it right though. I ordered it on the trip from one of our customers while Frank was driving. The cell phone communication was very bad and I had difficulties understanding what she was telling me. I know there’s supposed to be a lot of pink, that she mentioned gags many times so I assume it might be quite funny, and that you’ll be quite tied up with it, or something like that. She also mentioned ballet and home, or was it hose? Geesh, you won’t believe how bad that communication was. I asked for the best. Anyhoo, I love you. Sorry for not being there sooner. Well, enjoy the gift, can’t wait to be home to see what it is.”

Karen went wide-eyed! He had absolutely no clue of what it was, but she did!!! She felt another orgasm quickly built up, more powerful than the previous one. She had no clue what time it was, but judging by Phil’s call, she would have to endure at least three to four more hours of that.

Then again, “enduring” was perhaps a too strong word. Enjoying was a better chosen one as she closed her eyes, welcoming yet another one.

© Pete / monsterp63, February 13, 2007 

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