Karen – Just a Little Lie


Saturday morning, 06:00. Karen was getting out of the shower, still yawning. She had better things to do on Saturday mornings than get ready to go to work. But it had been like that for the past month and a half.

She was a chemist and working in a specialized lab, doing high end research. They were testing different compounds and she had to take samples and tests every 24 hours, so she had to go on Saturdays and Sundays. Why her? Because she was THE rookie. If she refused, she would be fired by her stupid boss.

She had no choice but to go, but she would go her style. She was not about to spend another weekend at work without having some kind of fun.

She got her red satin panties and matching bra on then struggled to pull on a very tight dark blue PVC shirt with long sleeves and high neck. It was so tight that her ample breast, stretching the fabric to the breaking point, made it appear light blue over them.

She pulled it down to her hips, removing most of the wrinkles, then setup for her jeans. Tight. Very tight. She pulled one leg up, then the other, then taking the back of them, jumped in place trying to put it on. Then pulled the left leg more, then the right one. She took a break to put on her beloved white platform sandals with a spiky 7 inches heel.

Then she headed for the bed, where she laid on her back, again pulling on the too tight jeans while raising her hips, then her knees, then her hips again, pulling on the back, the sides, the front.

Finally, all sweating under the PVC shirt, she felt the crotch seam resting firmly against her crotch. She then pulled both sides of the zipper toward each other and worked the zipper a few notches, took a break to relief her fingers, then another pull, another few teeth, another one, a few more teeth, until it reached the highest point. She fastened the waist button and added the final touch with a narrow shiny white patent leather belt. She didn’t needed it to keep her pants on, but it was a safety measure in case the button or the zipper gives up.

She struggled to get back on her feet. Bending the legs was difficult, the muscles having no space to expand. She rubbed her hands along her smooth crushed breast, down to her thin waist, then to her tightly encased hips and thighs. A look at the mirror as she moved her head to throw her long brown curly hairs back. She took her purse and headed for work.

Getting in her car was not easy, but the pinching at her crotch gave her nothing but pleasure. She drove off. Half way, she had to go through a construction zone. The bumpy road was a blast, although it had rained heavily a few hours before and the road was all muddy. A huge truck went by, splashing her car with a good layer of mud. She started the windshield wipers and pushed for some cleaning juice, but nothing more squirted out.

“Ah shit Karen. Why didn’t you get that fucking washing fluid low level warning fixed when you had the chance.” She said to herself.

She had no choice but to stop by the side of the road to fill the small tank. She popped open the hood and started to pour the blue liquid in. One heel sank in the muddy soil and she lost balance, holding herself by placing her left hand where she could.

There was a quick hissing sound and Karen yelled, throwing the remainder of washing fluid everywhere.

She had put her hand on top of the hot engine, and burned herself badly. Shaking her hand as if the pain would drop on the ground, she closed the hood down and got inside her car.

Her hand still painful, she drove off and headed for the office.

She arrived pissed off, spreading mud from her dirty shoes. She took the elevator to sub level 2, where the high security research was being conducted. She was alone. She got to the door. With a sigh, she headed toward the new security check-up booth they had installed. With it, they had fired the weekend security guard. It was a cabinet, barely the size of a telephone booth. She entered. There was a camera for facial recognition, and a scanner plate where she had to put her left hand. She closed the black padded door, placed her hand on the scanner plate and looked at the camera. The screen went black then a confirmation message appeared, but not the one she expected.

“Facial and hand recognition not matching. Please proceed again.”

Karen wiped her hand on her tight jeans buns, feeling a sharp pain from her earlier burn, and put it back on the plate, positioned herself for the camera and waited.

“Facial and hand recognition not matching. Please proceed again.”

“Ah! What the fuck is going on with this thing again. Why do they have to install this piece of shit. The coded keyboard was not enough?” she said as she wiped again her hand, this time noticing how red it was, and that the tip of her index was shiny, like waxed, and that the imprints were almost gone.

She put her hand back on, pressing hard on the plate with her burned finger, trying to make a better impression, and waited.

“Facial and hand recognition not matching. Please stand back while a reset is done.”

Karen stood back, backing against the wall. It was the first time she was actually touching it and she was surprised at its texture. It was rubbery and very soft, almost like neoprene.

She didn’t have time to finish her thought. A similar wall dropped down from the ceiling in front of her and immediately both “plates” moved toward each other, effectively sandwiching Karen in between.

She tried to get free but they moved too fast and before she could think, she couldn’t move, the neoprene plates squishing her. She tried to scream, her mouth wide open, gasping for air. She was choking and she surprised herself at almost coming! When she was about to pass out, she felt a sudden rush of fresh air, but she couldn’t move. She felt some kind of tube entering her mouth, pushing fresh air at the same time.

Panting, she breathes heavily, trying to calm herself. Something was pushing up her nose, and she felt tubes getting in, up her nostrils and back down, stopping at the base of her throat. The mouth tube suddenly moved forward, reaching the back of her mouth. She frantically swallowed and the tube continued down, stopping at her stomach. She had wide eyes although she couldn’t move a fingernail.

She felt poking at her crotch. Something wanted to get into her between her legs but was apparently stopped by her tight jeans. The poking continued, pushing and releasing. Karen closed her eyes, she was actually liking it. Then somehow, it went through the jeans and invaded her lower orifices. Both! She felt the intruders go inside. She felt her bladder full when the catheter was blown up, then she felt them very well when they both inflated, filling her openings.

And as quickly as it had closed on her, the walls opened, leaving her panting and unbalanced. The tubes coming from her mouth were going up to the ceiling. She tried to pull them out but her face was covered by some sort of rubbery membrane, and clear apparently since she could see through it. It was very tough and she was unable to rip it off. The tubes at her crotch were going down the floor.

And without warning, a large glass tube got down from the ceiling and imprisoned her. She began to bang on it, trying to get out. A thick amber goo quickly filled the tube. Karen squirmed into the paste like liquid, trying to get some kind of lift from it, trying to get out of the tube by the top, but the goo was simply too slippery.

In less than a minute, the tube was filled up. Karen was trying to swim into the gel but her movements were quickly slowed down until she couldn’t move at all. The floor of the booth opened and the tube was taken down to a conveyer and rolled to a brightly lit room where it was automatically taken off the conveyor and put on the ground.

By this time, Karen was completely immobilized and the first amber gel was now as clear as air, but totally solid. She could see a control panel. There was a strip where a message was being displayed.

“SafetyGel Corp – Welcome. You are currently detained for attempting an authorized entry on a secured building. You are held into the newly developed Containment Gel GL564. By now, it should have turned perfectly clear, which will allow for proper identification. You have been intubated to ensure proper feeding and cleaning while you are being detained. You will be released when your identity has been cleared and allowed to go or given to the proper authorities. For your knowledge, the Containment Gel GL564 is easily dissolved using weak acetic acid, more commonly known as vinegar. Someone should be checking on you on the next available working day.”

Then the message repeated itself. So she was contained into this gel for… two days! Nobody would be here before Monday morning. Sure they will recognize her but in the meantime, she was stuck. She was the only one that had planned to come here.

She fought her confinement, but nothing moved. She was frozen in an awkward position. One foot down, the other slightly up, one arm slightly bent by her side and the other touching the tube in front of her.

She felt some water being poured in her stomach. She relaxed. She could do nothing, and it wasn’t her fault, but that darn machine. 

Ending #1

She squirmed as much as she could, working the muscles of her thighs and buns. To her surprise, it worked on her invaders that were now acting like dildos! She closed her eyes and concentrated her on her butt movements. Tensed, released, tensed, released. It wasn’t long before she was panting like hell, sweating like a pig, but having the pleasure of a lifetime. Two days of that wasn’t that bad after all.

Taking a break after her… whatever orgasm number it was, she had a though: “What have I planned for next weekend? Yeah, that could be fun… again.”

© Pete, February 22, 2007 monsterp63@gmail.com

Ending #2

Her thoughts wandered. GL564. That rings a bell. Yes, she knows that stuff, she worked on it at her former employer’s lab. She was conducting some of the tests. It’s the success of that gel that allowed her to get that new job. But there was something, something not totally clear on that.

Then with wide eyes, she remembered. She was tired of doing those darn tests she somehow, slightly altered the results. She wasn’t told the final use of the product. All she knew was that the specifications asked for almost zero expansion, and being able to dissolve easily. GL564 was doing all that. Only for the first 24 hours. After that, it will expand by 5% and become as hard as diamond. Yes, an acid will dissolve it: the strongest sulphuric acid available! But it did meet the requirements. The specifications didn’t specify for how long it had to be like that. In the end, it was just a little lie.

So there she was, confined in her own miss-conceived product, knowing that in 24 hours she will be tightly squeezed and then they will be unable to take her off of it when they get in, almost 48 hours from now. Talk about a payback for cheating.

She screamed but nobody heard.

© Pete / monsterp63, February 22, 2007

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2 thoughts on “Karen – Just a Little Lie

  1. I like how science and technology are integrated in your stories. I like both endings, but prefer #2, since I have a sadistic streak.

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