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Karen entered the renowned health spa establishment. The receptionist was already on the phone so Karen had the opportunity to look around. Outside to her left, a wonderful flower garden. In the distance, she could see the hills and the watery cascades coming from the nearby glacier. To her right, she could see the steam coming out of the hot springs natural pools.

She turned around. The receptionist was still on the phone. Karen had a look at all the available activities: from simple dips in the hot springs or to the saunas, to different versions of massages, mud baths and algae wrapping.

“This place is heaven on earth.” Said Karen.

“It’s pretty close.” Said the receptionist no longer on the phone. “May I help you?” she asked.

“Ah, yes. I have an appointment. Name: Karen.”

The receptionist looked at her computer.

“Ah, yes. Miss Karen. The winner of the Six Days of Pampering contest. We were awaiting your arrival. Everything is ready for you. My name is Lynda” Said the receptionist with a large smile. “Is it something wrong?” asked Lynda to Karen’s apparent unease look.

“Well it’s just that I’ve been incredibly lucky lately.” Said Karen producing a piece of paper. “I won this voucher for your spa at the fair last week.”

“Gee! That is being lucky. What is the problem?”

“Well, I won’t be able to take another week of vacation before it expires, and I don’t want to lose it. I was wondering if the package I won was already the top or if there’s something that could be done to somewhat mix the two prizes together.” She asked, evidently not at ease.

“Well, yes of course. With that you could have the Level 1 Relaxation Program, with all the extras. I know it doesn’t cover all the worth of your prizes but it’s the best I can do.”

“Wow! Sounds extreme.”

“Yes. You will forget all your problems, even forget the world you live in.” said Lynda with a large smile. “I pay myself this treatment once a year.”

“Really? Well, okay. Go for it.” Said Karen, joyous.

Lynda printed some forms and asked Karen to sign them.

“Now, understand that this treatment is rather extreme. Would you like me to explain it in detail before you sign? You know that there’s no refund or replacement possible after you’ve signed the contract.”

“It might be a good idea… oh the hell with it. I trust you.” Said Karen, signing the contract.

“Very well, Just one more thing. There’s a box at the bottom of the form. It states that if you put your initials there, you leave us in charge of everything.”

“That suits me. No worries!” said Karen, applying her initials.

“Very well.” Said Lynda all smiles. “Just wait here a few minutes, someone will be right with you.”

“Thanks. Err… do I have a room or something to put my stuff?”

“No room needed. We’ll take care of it.”

Karen was puzzled. Where would she sleep? Less than a minute later, a nurse wearing the standard nurse uniform but rather shiny, went to see Lynda then approached Karen.

“Hello Karen. I’m Suzy. So you’ve signed for Level one right? Very good. You’ll love it. Just follow me, please.” She said.

Karen followed. She found her nurse outfit rather weird. It looked like rubber, and the nurse was walking on five inches spiky high heels. Her rubbery nurse dress appeared very tight, including the long arms. She led Karen to the elevator. She was expecting to go up, but it went down.

Karen was led from a concrete corridor to a white tiled room with a medical examination table in the middle of it. Having chosen the best treatment available, she had expected to have a nice warm and cozy room with a view, not a ceramic lined room in the basement.  One wall was covered with rather large numbered tiles in “A” and “B” sequences. The nurse took Karen’s suitcase and opened one of the tiles marked “5B”, revealing a drawer. She put Karen’s suitcases in it and closed it before inviting Karen to sit on the table.

“Would you please undress completely.” Casually said Suzy.

A little shy, Karen complied, removing her tight stretch jeans, platform sneakers and T-shirt, then her red satin underwear.

“Very good. Please lay on your back. Is it your first time?”

“First time? Here? Yes.”

“No, I mean the intubating.”

“In… Intubating? What are you talking about?”

“You register for the Level 1 program right? Asked the nurse, double checking Karen’s form. “… and I see that you initialized the release box.”

“Well yes but… what is this intubating thing?”

“You won’t be able to do it naturally. We have to provide, so you need intubating for feeding and breathing.”

“What? I never signed this.”

“Yes you did, and you also initialized the box allowing me to use whatever means necessary to proceed.”

“What? What are you talking about?” asked Karen, sitting on the table.

“Calm down, everything will be fine.” Said Suzy, quickly grabbing Karen’s right arm and cuffing it to the side of the table then rapidly did the same to her left hand. 

Karen was yelling, asking to be released, but the nurse didn’t bulge. She firmly grabbed her left leg and cuffed it to the table, followed by her right one. She put a wide collar around Karen’s neck and fastened to the top of the table. Finally, she put an end to Karen’s pleas by placing a ball gag in her mouth.

Karen couldn’t believe it. What the hell was this place? What the hell has she signed for?

Suzy casually proceeded, pushing catheters into Karen’s belly and bladder, then filling the holes with rather large dildos. She strapped Karen’s knees to the table then removed the ankle cuffs. She fed a pair or rubber panties up her lower legs, re-attached her ankles and released her knees then pulled the panties up where they belong. They were made of very thick rubber and were very tight. They had reinforced holes where the small tubes coming from the catheters were going through.

She then concentrated on Karen’s head, removing the gag. She didn’t react to Karen’s pleas for release, that it was a mistake, as if she was used to it. She replaced the ball gag by a jaw spreader, and proceeded into feeding a rubber tube down Karen’s throat, then feeding more rubber tubes up her nostrils until they were hanging at the back of her throat. 

With the jaw spreader still in place, she put a loose rubber bag around the feeding tube, pushing it into the mouth, then using a large syringe, she filled the bag which expanded more and more. Half way through, she removed the jaw spreader but continues to inflate the bag. Karen was wide eyed, trying to get the message to stop. The nurse finally stopped when Karen’s eyes became watery.

Suzy left the room to come back a short moment later with a lump of shiny black latex. She approached Karen.

“Do you want to cooperate or should I continue as is?” asked Suzy.

Karen nodded that she would cooperate. She realized that fighting was pointless. A spa like that wouldn’t do anything to harm their guests. She thought. It was either that or the fact that the huge invaders in her crotch were getting quite disturbing.

Suzy untied her and invited her to get up. Karen presented the legs of a thick rubber suit. As it went up her legs, but… no zipper? She was actually getting in through the neck opening!

It was obvious that it would be a very tight fit. Suzy struggled at pulling and rubbing the  suit as if it was perfectly normal. Karen squirmed to pull it up, stopping when it reached her waist while Suzy was making sure that the crotch hoses were going through the reinforced holes of the suit.

The neck was pulled up over her breasts, then Suzy helped her with the arms and attached gloves. The arms were also very tight and a struggle to put on. As the last arm went in, the suit took in place, sucking all the air out and tightening on her body. Karen felt her waist then her breasts being crushed in by the tight rubber.

Suzy applied leather cuffs to Karen’s wrists and ankles. She linked the ankles to the floor and the wrists to hanging chains and operated a winch that cranked them up until Karen’s feet barely touched the ground. She then wrapped a wide leather corset around Karen’s waist and proceeded into closing it.

Inch by inch, Karen felt her waist getting crushed, pushing some organs up, but others down against the huge dildos, enhancing their presence.

She could feel every pull on the laces, every fraction of an inch the corset was squishing her waist. She thought she was about to get cut in half when the tightening stopped.

The corset had rather large cups over her breasts with more tubes coming out of them. She was puzzled.

Suzy then led her back to the exam table before picking what looked like two leather tubes. It appeared it was boots, knee high boots, but the position of the feet: pointing, like ballet dancers. Was this the ballet toe boots she once saw in some fashion magazine? The boots were tightly laced on her legs.

Suzy then filled Karen’s ear canals with soft wax and applied the last piece: a rubber hood, without any eye holes and only holes at the nose and mouth for the obvious tubes. The hood didn’t have any zipper and it was a tough task to put it on, then feeding the tubes to the appropriate holes. The tightness of the hood increased the filling sensation of her mouth. Karen was panting, mute, deaf and blind.

Suzy instructed her to lay down on the table then she felt some wrapping. Suzy was definitively wrapping her into something, probably plastic wrap.

She felt her legs being tightly compressed together, gradually, from the ankles to the hips. Then the wrapping started at her shoulders, going down with her arms pinned to her side. She felt more hands around her. Someone was helping Suzy.

She knew by then that there was absolutely no way out of it. The plastic was wrapped very tightly all around her body. She counted three layers. Then she was put into some kind of bag and moved around. She felt being put down and felt rather than heard clips around her as if she was concealed in some box before feeling her universe was getting smaller. She felt raised and at the same time blocked, as if the bag around her was inflating into its small confinement.

She felt fresh air flowing through her nose tubes, and water filling her stomach. She relaxed. That’s when all hell broke loose.

Down, in her crotch, things started to move, to pulsate, to vibrate. The dildos were alive, stimulating her. She now realized the use of the large cups over her breasts: they contained some kind of bladder that were inflating and deflating, effectively massaging her breasts. She tried to move but couldn’t move a single hair. She was imprisoned with the dildos and breast massagers from hell, and she couldn’t do anything about it. It wasn’t long before the first orgasm built and exploded inside her, sending her to the far edges of the Universe.

Everything was dark. Everything was silent except for her pounding heard and her fast breathing. She was alone with herself. Then it started again. She became hot but unable to move. Each breath was pushing her ample breast toward their confinement, where they got squished by the massaging bladders. She was panting heavily, screaming silently.

In the short moment where she could think between the sessions she had a thought about what Lynda said: “You will forget all your problems, even the world you live in.” She was right. She would live in this small universe for the rest of her life. She was glad she took the Level 1 Relaxation Program, although she doubted that she would be all that relaxed by the end of it, as the stimulation started to work, building another orgasm for the countless times.

In the white tiled room, one more drawer was getting pushed into the wall, concealed by its white tile cover. On a nearby computer, one more life sign series of indicators lit up. The timer counted: Client 6A: -6 days.

© Pete / monsterp63, February 23, 2007

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