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Bathroom cleaning in rubber idea submitted by Pam. Thanks!

Karen entered her apartment carrying the equipment. She let it drop on the floor, revealing how heavy it was.

She dragged it on its wheels down to the bathroom. She entered, looking with disgust at the long mildew streaks covering most of the ceramic tiles of the walls and floor. She had tried every household cleaner on the market but was never able to get rid of them. Now she had the ultimate weapon: high pressure water gun.

“In a few hours, you’ll be gone!” she said with a devilish smile. 

She plugged the hose to her faucet and plugged the device to the wall outlet. She remembered what the guy at the rental boutique told her.

“This is one of the most powerful water jets in the market. If you’re not careful, you can strip the ceramic off the floor with this thing. I would suggest you start at the lowest setting.”

She wanted to clean the bathroom, not to strip the tile off, so yes she would be careful. But cleaning with the water gun was to be only half the fun. Eyes sparkling with excitement, she headed for the bedroom, or more precisely, a locked wooden chest, apparently just a decorative item from which she had lost the key, but which contained her secret life.

She opened it and her nose was immediately filled with the strong rubber scent. Yes it was her hidden treasure: various rubber outfits, and she knew what she would be wearing.

She picked the different items and laid them on the bed, in order.

First, there was the bright red rubber underwear: a bra with little rubber spikes covering the inside of the cups, and the panties with two large dildos.

Next, would be a rubber leotard with long sleeves. Over that would be her beloved corset. She wouldn’t wear the corset directly on her skin, hence the rubber leotard first. But since the corset was made of satin, she didn’t want to stain it. She thus would be wearing her all-attached rubber catsuit over it.

So she got to it, putting the bra, then carefully inserting the dildos of the panties while moaning softly, biting her lower lip.

“Relax Karen. There’s more to come.” She said to herself.

Then her leotard, which was already on the small side, compressing her waist and chest, and pushing on her crotch, and the dildos.

Following, was the corset. It was a long one with breast cups, compressing her waist an astonishing five inches. She expertly laced it up, welcoming its tight embrace. Quickly, her breathing became short, her rib cage compressed by the dreadful garment. Once all laced up, she ran her hands along her constricted waist, feeling its rigidity, its tightness. Her breath shaking, she ran her hands from her thighs up to her breasts and down in front reaching her crotch, then she bit her lower lip.

“Not now, Karen. Not now.”

Next she put on shoulder length rubber gloves. Yes the suit had attached ones, but she liked the multiple layers, and two layers would be a greater vibration isolator of the high pressure water gun.

She smoothed up the gloves then proceeded with the rubber catsuit. It had been made to measure, only that she removed quite a few units of measurement when it came to the circumference of her limbs and body, hence the suit was not very tight, it was extremely tight… And a hassle to put on.

But she did it with a large smile on her face, welcoming the tight rubbery embrace all along her body.

Before pulling on the back zipper, she figured that with the high pressure, some water might seep in. In a spark of genius, she fondled on her bed table drawer and picked a tube of silicone lubricant. She poured a large amount at the zipper on the bottom and on the top, the two parts she could reach with her arms. She then took the drawstring and, with a lot of effort, twisting and jumping, yanked the zipper up to just over her shoulder blades. Next was the hood. It had small glassine holes, and holes for the nostrils and the mouth, the later one being taken care of later.

She pulled the tight rubber garment over her head, tugging on it so it would fit comfortably, with the holes at the right place before pulling the back zipper down. She applied the same lubricant treatment to it. Then she joined the two zippers at the base of her neck.

She stretched her arms, turned her head, getting everything in place. She was almost done. What was left was the footwear. Ballet toe boots were her choice but she had second thoughts. First, they were made of very fine kid leather and water was sure to destroy them. Second, she didn’t feel that standing on the tip of her toes on a very wet floor was a good idea.

She opted for clear plastic knee high platform boots with a side zipper. She figured that the thickness of the soles would clear her feet from the water, and being plastic, they wouldn’t be damaged anyways.

She looked at herself in the mirror and was satisfied with the result. The last thing missing was her gag.

She chose a large penis gag with a leather strap and fastened it tightly, working the gag with her tongue until it was comfortable, then headed for the bathroom.

She set up the water gun in the bathroom and read the instructions. It stated that by adding salt to the appropriate container, it will mix with the water and create a more powerful cleaning jet. Feeling that the job would be easier that way, she added the required amount of salt in the container, closed the door and powered the device.

The powerful jet sent her backward as the gun raised in the air. She was surprised by the power of this thing. Although it had run only a few seconds, she was already soaking wet. She could taste the saltwater seeping in her lips, and she thought that the gag had a leather harness and that she must protect it. That and the fact that drinking salt water was not exactly appealing.

She walked back to her bedroom and chose a gasmask that was entirely covering the head. On her way out, she picked the tube of lubricant, with the idea of sealing everything to make sure that nothing would go through, and headed back to the bathroom.

Having seen some water going inside her boots, she covered the zippers with the lubricant, then applied a large amount around the gasmask neck and back zipper. She placed it over her head, then pull the zipper shut. The mask was a very tight fit and had only two circular holes for the eyes. The filtering cartridge would provide the needed protection.

She took the gun and fired! She was again thrown backward, her high heels not being exactly the best footwear, but she quickly got the hang of it, spraying the shower walls, then the bathroom walls. The cleaning was going fine, and much easier than she thought.

She was sweating like hell, and she could feel the perspiration layer lubricating the tight rubber suit over her skin, allowing it to glide, increasing the pleasure.

One thing she hadn’t planned was: where all this water was going? Sure, the one in the shower was going down the drain, but the one on the walls, on the floor was simply running out the bathroom through the bottom of the door, finding its way to Lynda’s apartment, her good friend and lower floor neighbour.

Karen was having a blast… blasting the mildew away. So much that she barely heard Lynda knocking at the door. She stopped her water gun and listened, her hearing dampened by the rubber layer of her hood, the rubber layer of her gasmask, and the closed bathroom door. Nevertheless, she heard something panicking anyway.

“Karen? Are you here? Oh shit! Look at all that water! Easy to know why my ceiling is leaking… Karen? Are you in the bathroom? What was that noise? Sounded like a high pressure water gun…”

Karen then realised what had happened, the water was still flowing under the bathroom door. She tried to wipe it away.

“Karen? Is it you in the bathroom?”

Karen stood still.

“Karen? I know there’s someone in there. Who are you?”

Frantically, Karen tried to remove her gasmask, but trying as she might, the zipper appeared stuck. She tried to remove it by spreading it open, but she couldn’t put her fingers between her hood and the gasmask.

“What the fuck…” she mumbled to herself.

She tried to remove her boots, but the zipper was stuck. Stuck in the grease?” she took the tube of lubricant and muffled a scream.

Fast Drying Silicone Compound. Will glue everything in minutes. For faster results, apply some salt water.

Oh shit! She took the wrong tube! That was the stuff she used to fix her rubber garments. Now she was stuck in her rubber suit.

In horror, she witnessed the doorknob of the bathroom door being turned and the door opening.

“Karen?” said a soft voice as a brown lump of air was appearing in the opening door.

Karen froze.

Lynda put her head through the door opening, saw the water gun and the floor covered with water.

“Oh my god! Look at this mess and…”

She stopped as she turned her head and saw an immobile woman shape, standing by the toilet.

“Karen? Is that you! W…. Wow! Said Lynda, fully entering the bathroom, her feet splashing in the water. “I never thought that you were a latex fan.”

“Mffm mfmf”

“Oh, and gagged too? Why… why don’t you take it off?”

Karen nodded no, turned her back on Lynda and showed the back zipper.

“It’s stuck? Let me hel… Geesh! That thing is glued on! You glued yourself in? On purpose? How did you plan to get out of it?”

Karen nodded no, and showed the silicone tube.

“Oh shit. Don’t tell me. You mistake it for lubricant or something.”

Karen nodded yes.

“Well, we’ll have to figure out a way to get you out of this. In the meantime, we have to clean up this lake you made. I have a wet/dry vacuum. I’ll go get it. I’ll be right back.” She said, rapidly going away.

Karen grabbed a towel and kneeled in the water, sponging it with the towel, squeezing it in the bathtub, mumbling at how stupid she had been, too eager to dress in latex, she forgot the basic principle with water: it has to go somewhere.

She couldn’t tell how long it was, but it was starting to be quite long for someone who was just going one floor down to get a vacuum. Finally, Lynda returned. When she entered, Karen let the towel drop and slowly walked in the living room, startled.

Standing in front of her was obviously a woman, with a thin waist evidently tightly corseted, standing on knee high rubber boots with a five inches spiky heel, completely covered in a bright red rubber catsuit, the hood only showing a hole for the mouth, eyes covered by tinted lenses.


“Yeah it’s me, Lynda. What, surprised? That makes two of us!”

Karen laughed. She had been hiding her secret life to Lynda for years, and apparently Lynda had been doing the same, each one not knowing that the best thing that could happen is that they discovered each other’s secret.

“Do you really think I was to let you have all the fun in rubber? Come here, I have something for you.” She said, reaching to a plastic bag she was carrying. “Turn around.”

Karen did, expecting Lynda to work on her glued zipper but instead, she was cuffed! Wrists and elbows. Then Lynda applied more cuffs over her knees and at the ankles. She dragged Karen to the bathroom door and made her kneel just in front of it. She tied her knees and ankles together, then linked Karen’s wrists to the ankle cuffs.

“There. You did enough damage for now. I’ll clean up this mess and for your punishment, you’ll clean mine, but working the right way this time.”

Karen stayed there, watching Lynda start the vacuum cleaner and sucking the water off the floor. All she could do was watch that gorgeous woman, dressed in bright shiny red rubber, move, twist, bend, kneel, to clean everything. She could do nothing else than watch, enjoy and anticipate what would be next.

© Pete / monsterp63, March 8   2007

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