Karen – FT3: The Talk Show


Fetish Television 3

The metal tip of the high heels boots were clicking loudly on the tiled floor. Karen was walking fast, a bunch of papers in her hands. With each step, she had to rock her hips because her shiny leather jeans were simply too tight to walk normally.

With each step, one could hear the tight leather creak with the strain, coming equally from her tight leather jeans and her tight leather jacket.

As she quickly walked in front of Suzy’s desk, she faintly heard…

“Wait. Don’t go in, Karen, she’s with…”

But she didn’t listen and from her gloved hand, she opened the door of Louise’s office, not checking if she was busy, not checking if there was already someone with her, in short, not checking.

Louise was evidently having a serious conversation with two guests. One was a tall black woman, sitting in the leather chair, dressed with a leather catsuit covered with chrome steel studs. Her hairs were tightly drawn in a tight bun and she had aggressive makeup. Definitely a dominatrix with her slave, the other guest, standing up behind her mistress, dangling on ballet toe boots from one feet to the other. She was encased in a very tight leather corset, wrapping her from the knees up to the neck. Her head was encased into a very severe leather hood, blindfolded and gagged. Her arms were nowhere to be seen and Karen suspected that they were somewhat tucked inside the dreadful corset.

Louise stopped in the middle of her phrase. She was evidently pissed off.

“What!!” she asked, dry.

“Oops… I didn’t know there was someone with you. It’s just that I had this great idea for a talk show and…” she said, waiving the papers.

“Give me that. I’ll check that later. Now out!” said Louise.

“Yes… Sorry… Nice meeting you Miss…” she said, looking at the dominatrix, obviously outraged by her attitude.

Karen swiftly got out of the office and closed the door. Passing by Suzy’s desk, she bit her lips.

“I told you so.”

“Yeah, and I’m gonna get it. Now I don’t think she will give my idea of a talk show a look.” She said. “I screwed it up this time. It’s just that it seemed such a good idea, that I was so proud of it…”

Louise’s office door opened and she could hear them talk, preparing to part.

“You better scram, Karen, and fast!” said Suzy.

She did, running to the nearest corner, but looking over it to see how things will go. She witnessed Louise shaking the hand of the dominatrix and then she went, pulling her slave behind her who seemed to have a real hard time coping with all her restraints. Louise approached Suzy’s desk.

“Tell me, Suzy. Do you know what Do Not Disturb means?”

“Yes Louise. I tried to stop Karen but she was pretty much running and she was opening your door before I could finish my phrase, so even less time to get up and stop her physically.”

“I see. And where is the road runner now?”

“She left as fast as she came in. She took the B corridor.” She said as they both turned their head and had the time to see Karen tucking behind the corner.

“KAREN! Come here NOW!” yelled Louise.

Karen hesitated just a few seconds but it was too long for Louise, evidently.

“I SAID COME HERE NOW, KAREN!!” yelled Louise one more time.

Karen complied, walking slowly, looking at the tip of her high heels boots playing hide and seek under her leather pants slightly flared legs.

“What the hell were you thinking?” asked Louise, pissed off.

“I’m very sorry.” Said Karen, playing with her leather covered finger like a kid who has been caught playing with matches. “I won’t do it again. I promise.”

“Yeah, right. Like I believe you. Now what’s this, if it’s that important?” she said, waiving a pile of paper.

“That’s my idea of a talk show. Amanda’s show is off the air for a few weeks while she gets better following the incident…”

“Incident?” cut in Suzy. “Amanda’s got hurt? When? How? Why wasn’t I advised?” she said, getting off her chair, nervous.

“I didn’t have time to brief you on that, Suzy. It’s my fault.” Said Louise. “It happened last night during her show, during the silly contest stunt. This time, two full blow-up enclosure enthusiasts had made a bet about who would cope with the most pressure. Amanda was standing between the two of them as their suits were inflated more and more. Everybody in the studio was sure that at least one of them was about to blow, but that was not to impress Amanda who stayed right there between the two of them.”

“And…” inquired Suzy.

“Well, you know Murphy’s law, don’t you? Amanda usually wears a corset, but she’s been fighting a cold lately and she was coughing a lot so she decided not to wear one. Well, both blow-up suits exploded at the same time. Amanda was right in the middle. The blow sent Amanda flying in the air, landing on a camera where she cracked two ribs. Having been wearing a corset, she would have been okay. And it made such a loud bang that she temporarily lost her hearing. The doctor said that she would be fine, but to stay out of work, and out of corsets for at least two to three weeks.”

“Oh my! That’s awful.” Said Suzy.

“Yes, so we have to plan a replacement show. Very well Karen. I’ll have a look at it but right now, Jennifer already submitted an idea and it looks promising.” Said Louise, waiving Karen’s documents and returning to her office.

“I don’t know,” said Suzy, looking at Karen, “But I doubt that she will even read it, judging by the mood she’s in.”

Karen didn’t add a word and went on to her business.

For the next few days, the talk show idea was never brought back, neither by Karen or Louise. Karen figured out that it was not the right time and forgot it.

She was home, casually lying on the sofa, relaxing reading a book while tightly constricted in a pair of extremely tight jeans, a corset and five inches stiletto pumps. The TV was on, of course on the FT channel. She was not paying a lot of attention until that spot aired.

“Don’t miss, right after this show, Karen’s new talk show.”

Karen let go of her book and stared at the screen. She had the time to see her face, then the show time and the show title before it was replaced by the movie currently playing. At the same time, the phone rang.

“Karen, it’s Louise. What are you doing home? You have a show that starts in half an hour!”

“Yes, I just learned about it.  How come you never told me?”

“Never told you? I sent you three emails yesterday and today.”

“Really? I didn’t receive any email from you for a couple of days, actually. I thought you were still holding a grudge…”

“Oh shit. Must be that darn computer virus again. Well, anyways, move your butt over here, pronto.”

“But the show starts in half an hour and it’s the time it takes from here to there.”

“Then I suggest you start running right now!” said Louise from a very authoritative tone.

Karen hung up the phone and rushed out. Getting in her car in tight jeans and corset was not easy, but she had no time. She drove as fast as she could, but barely got more than five minutes of spare time before the show.

“Good you’re here… You’re not about to host the show dress like that, don’t you?”

“Well, I hadn’t had time to ch…”

“Shut up. Lynda! Lynda, help Karen get into something fast. There, here’s a dress. Put this on, Karen.”

“But that dress is two…”

“Put it on now! If you’re not on the show on time, you’re fired.”

Helped with Lynda, Karen struggled to squeeze herself into a bright blue rubber dress with long sleeves, high neck but going down only mid thighs, two sizes too small. She didn’t put any underwear under it. She was struggling to attach the straps of the five inches red stiletto sandals with a long strappy ankle strap that wraps up to below the knee when she heard the show director.

“Going on the air live in 30 seconds!”

Lynda helped Karen remove the last wrinkles and to buff the rubber dress to a spotless shine. Karen was ready to make her entrance with only three seconds to spare. She took a deep breath and realized just how tight the dress was: she had to struggle just to breath!

The show started. Karen entered the stage and was surprised to learn that there was a live audience also. Wow! That was going to be huge! Problem was that she hadn’t a single clue about her guests. She didn’t have time to review her questions, their background, etc. Good thing there was the teleprompter.

She was panting. The too small rubber dress was squishing her waist as well as her chest. She had to work at each breath to expand her rib cage to allow the lungs to suck in air. The sleeves were so tight that she could already feel her hands getting numb. The collar was so tight that swallowing was difficult. She quickly recomposed herself and forced in a deep breath.

“Hello everyone. I’m Karen and this is Let’s Talk. We have quite a show for you tonight, starting with my first guest. She’s been a regular practitioner of total body mummification for five years. The longest she had been kept mummified is three weeks. I did some mummification myself a while ago, and I must say that this is quite a feat. Please, give a tight welcome to Carrie.”

Under the applause, real and recorded, Karen turned toward the entrance and waited. Great! Her first guest appears to be late. Then she saw a shiny reflection and the curtain moved a little, and finally it went through, and Karen’s jaw dropped on the floor.

There, walking with obvious difficulties, was a tall woman, walking on her tiptoes, completely wrapped in silver duct tape, all limbs independent. She appeared very stiff and her movements were quite impaired. She, as well as the crowd, watched in amazement as the tightly wrapped woman struggled to get to the large leather seat nearby Karen’s desk, where she collapsed more than sat. She was leaning against the leather chair, unable to bend at the waist, nor the knees. Her neck appeared extremely rigid. Only two small holes, covered with dark lenses could be seen on her totally wrapped head. Two small ones were visible under her nose, for obvious breathing. But there was no mouth hole. She was half deaf, half blind and totally mute… on a talk show.

Karen looked at Louise, standing near the main camera, with a question mark on her face, but Louise appeared confident, almost too confident. She gestured to Karen to have confidence toward the teleprompter. She did.

“Well, that was quite an entrance, Carrie. Welcome to the show.”

“Mfffmfm” faintly answered the mummified girl.

“Very hard to hide the fact that you like to be wrapped up tight.” Said Karen, generating a small laugh within the crowd. “Now, you’ve been doing that for five years?”

She nodded a small yes, obviously working hard to move her head at all. Karen looked at the teleprompter. The questions, or rather comments were already there.

“I… I understand that you have many layers under all this. First a rubber catsuit complete with hood and feet and gloves.”

The mummy nodded yes.

“Then, a spandex catsuit, over which a layer of tightly wrapped plastic wrap, right?”

Another yes nod.

“Finally, one layer of PVC tape, and two layers of duct tape that gave the final result.”

Another yes not with some muffled sounds.

“That’s amazing. And apparently, you’re not wearing any corset, but your waist is compressed. By how much?” she asked, not realizing right away that she couldn’t answer the question, but she did. She raised her hands five times.”

“Err… five inches?”

Yes nod.

“And all that done with the compression of the wrapping only? Wow, amazing!”

Carrie laughed under her hood and raised her hand, acknowledging the reaction of the crowd.

“And tell me about your pointed toe boots. They are kid leather, lace up, knee high boots, applied between the pvc tape layer and the duct tape layers, right?

Another yes nod.

“That is really amazing. Now, you’ve made your personal record at three weeks, but there are rumors that you plan to go for more? Is that true?”

There was a yes nod and her arm rose two times.

“You’re planning to go for two weeks? I thought your record was already three…”

There was a distinctive “no” nod, and she raised her arm higher, two times.

“Not two weeks… Two months? You’re planning to stay mummified for two months?”

Yes nod.

“When and what will be the setup. Maybe you can come on the show for your wrapping.” Said Karen, trying to open the door for more talk shows.

Carrie nodded no and hit herself with both arms, then lifted her right one four times in the air.

“What… oh, I think I got it. You’re already set up and you’re doing it now.”

Yes nod.

“And you’ve been in it for four hours so far… no?… four weeks then?… Four weeks! Wow, that’s amazing”

The crowd reacted heavily, then the show director made her a usual sign.

“Well, folks, while we digest all this, we’ll take a short break.”

“We’re off!” yelled the director.

Karen jumped off her chair and ran to Louise.

“What the fuck is that, Louise? How do you want me to have a talk show if the guests are mute?”

“I’m sorry. It was all set up in the last minute. Jennifer’s suggestion didn’t work out and we had to change plans. The first guest we could find was the ones invited for Jennifer’s show.”

“What’s next?… Err. What are they doing with Carrie?”

Two strong men had approached some kind of steel support and were hanging her to it.

“She can’t sit, that you noticed I’m sure, so she can only either lay down or stand up, which quickly becomes tiring. Hooks have been embedded within the wrapping, over her shoulder blades. She will be only hanging by…” said Louise.

“Ah, I see. Hey, if you didn’t know about the guests how come…”

Karen was cut short by the director calling back on the air. Karen barely had the time to get back to her desk.

“Welcome back folks. As you can see, Carrie had been installed on her stand, much more comfortable than leaning against the chair. Now, for my next guest. She’s been an enthusiast of… total enclosure…” said Karen, making a short pause, thinking about how a total enclosure subject would be dressed “… for three years. Her goal would be to be totally sealed in rubber, permanently, but as you all know, this is currently medically impossible, but she’s working on it. Please give a warm welcome to Brandy.

Confirming Karen’s horror, entered a tall woman, standing on thigh high patent leather boots with a spiky 5 inches heels. She was wearing a double thickness form fitting blow-up suit, complete with feet and gloves. It was complemented with a thick blow up hood with only tiny glassine holes for her to see. It was obvious that she was totally mute as only a small hose was getting out from the back of her neck to allow her to breath.

In addition, her hands were secured in her back with leather cuffs at the wrists and elbows.

She hobbled on her short hobble chain to the chair where she sat more or less gracefully. Karen was boiling inside.

Karen did her best, trying to make a good interview but she quickly ran out of stuff to ask since Brandy couldn’t even answer with her hands. She jumped quickly to a commercial break and fired at Louise.

“Okay, what’s the joke?” she asked. “I can’t have a talk show with nothing but mute people, and…”

“Calm down, Karen. Your next guest will speak, it’s Mistress Petra.”

“Mistress Petra? The one I… interrupted the other day?”

“Yes that’s the one.” Said Louise with a corner smile.

She had to go back to her desk.

“Welcome back. My next guest is a renown dominatrix, also known for the development of a variety of new products. Please welcome Mistress Petra and her slave, #4.”

Under the applauses, entered a tall woman, dressed in tight leather, having on tow a thin woman, evidently encased in a very tight body corset, struggling to walk as fast as her mistress, her head encased with a wide leather harness holding an extra large ball gag deeply in her mouth. Her arms were tightly secured in a single glove in her back. The Mistress took her seat and her slave took position behind her, dangling on her ballet toe boots.

“Welcome Mistress Petra.”

“Nice to be here, Karen.” She answered with a forced smile, not wanting to cut on her legendary severity.

“Mistress Petra, you’ve been known for various innovations to the fetish community, and I believe that Brandy’s hood is one of them.”

“Yes Karen. The hood reproduces the shape of a human face when inflated. Some like the balloon look, some not. This one will reproduce the feature of the wearer’s face. It has an embedded gag with the tube running inside the double layer, to the back of the helmet, giving a totally smooth face. It can be outfitted with breathing and feeding tubes, all ending at the back of the hood.”

“Very interesting. Now you’ve come to present us another new product.”

“Yes, it’s a new fabric called Fiberlatex. It’s a blend of latex, carbon fibers, glass fibers and spandex fibers, with other components I can’t discuss.”

“Of course. What are the advantages of this Fiberlatex?”

“For one it has a 200% stretchability, meaning that the garment can be made very small to allow for the perfect second skin tight fit. The other main point is that it’s very resistant. In fact, we have to use laser cutters and fusers to make it as standard cutting and sewing is totally impossible.”

“Wow! Is there more?”

“Yes. It is breathable allowing the wearer to keep it for prolonged periods of time. I’m sure Brandy here is all ears. And finally, it has a permanent shine.”

“Fantastic! I’m sure many total enclosure fans will be pleased with that. Is #4 wearing it?”

No, #4 is not worthy of that, but I did bring out a complete suit. Would like to try it on?”

“You mean me? right now?”

“Why not. I don’t think your other guests would complain.” Said Mistress Petra with a devilish smile, focusing on the fact that the two other guests were deaf, mute and in no position to intervene.

Karen had a look at Louise who approved with a large smile and two thumbs up. Karen agreed and the same two strong men who put the mummy on its rack went on stage, one of them carrying a lump of rubber. Karen joined them, followed by Mistress Petra, and took the suit off the man’s hands and held it in front of her.

“Geesh! Sure it will fit?” she said, holding the suit at arm length.

The length was okay, but it was awfully small. So small in fact that the waist was about the size of her thigh, and the thigh of the suit was about the size of her arm.

“Oh yes, it will fit perfectly. You see, the fabric is 200% stretchy, and it is so strong that we can make it that small and it will fit perfectly, without any wrinkle, like a second skin since it is almost paper thin.

One of the men, although very muscular, was very delicate at zipping down Karen’s dress. She struggled to peel herself out of the tight and sticky garment, revealing her nakedness to all. She felt relief as her rib cage was uncompressed. Little did she know that it was only for a short time and that the worst was yet to come. A chair was approached and she sat to feed her feet through the leg.

“It won’t go.” She said, pulling on the shiny fabric.

“Yes it will. Don’t be afraid to rip it. Go ahead, pull hard.”

Karen took a fistful of fabric and pulled on it as hard as she could, sure it would rip, but it held and the leg went in. She had a question mark on her face when she got to place her feet into the attached socks.

“I brought the full featured one. They are designed to be worn with ballet boots, so the sole had been reinforced to ease the prolonged wear features. You’ll also notice that there’s a D ring embedded within the suit. Try as you might, you will never be able to remove it. D rings are included at the ankles, over the knees, at the wrists and elbows.”

“Very interesting.” Said Karen, struggling to put her other leg in, through the small opening of the zipper that was not going all the way through, but only down half her back.

Finally the legs were in and she stood up. Immediately, one of the strong men helped her keep her balance while the other took the suit and yanked it up gently until Karen asked him to stop.

“There… there’s something at the crotch.

“Yes.” Said Mistress Petra. “I told you, it’s the full featured suit. It has two vibrating dildos. They are not removable. Go on, put them on, I’m sure you’ll like them.”

“I’m sure I will.” Said Karen, smiling “Geesh… they appear quite large, I mean larger than what I’m used to.”

“It’s possible. Since they had to be hollow to allow for enemas, they had to be larger. Again, this is the full featured suit. Go on slowly, and they’ll easily glide in.” said Petra, her voice slowly changing from courteous to dry. “You’re a good girl.”

Once the dildos were in, the two strong men yanked the suit up, lifting Karen off the ground, before helping her with the arms in the very tight sleeves. It was a struggle, even to put her fingers into the attached gloves. The last step was to pull the back zipper on. Karen felt her waist and chest being crushed by the extra-tight fabric. The only thing left was the attached hood, currently dangling in front of her.

“Don’t forget the hood.” Said Mistress Petra.”. Here, I’ll help you with the tubes.”


“Yes, breathing and feeding tubes. The breathing tubes go up your nose, and the feeding one in your mouth.” Said Mistress Petra getting the tubes out of the hood and proceeding to insert them into Karen’s mouth and nostrils. 

The strong men were ensuring that Karen was going nowhere. Karen had a frantic look at Louise who was smiling, approving everything, so she let go and accepted the tubes. Once they were in place, the zipperless hood, also very tight, was pulled down over her head, and tucked inside the suit collar before the back zipper was brought fully up. Then before she could react, a large collar was applied around her neck. She felt something snap, as if a lock had been applied. Finally, Mistress Petra approached with what looked like a syringe and poke it just to the side of the mouth tube. Immediately, Karen felt the inside of her mouth being filled, as the blow-up gag was being filled with some substance, but not air. Only small tinted lenses allowed her to see. The hood itself was cutting pretty much all sounds. She was hearing her breathing and her pounding heart.

“Very well.” Said Mistress Petra. “Now, lets see if the cuffs are that strong, shall we?”

Before she could react, Karen’s arms were drawn together in her back and locks applied at the wrists and elbows D rings. Karen struggled to get free, but it was no use. The suit was just too tight and too strong.

Each breath was a challenge. Compared to that, her tight rubber dress was child play. A corset would compress only your stomach, but this suit was compressing everything, everywhere. She slowly walked around on the stage, feeling the presence of the extra large dildos, and the suit massaging every part of her body, with every move. The harsh lights of the studio were reflecting on it, returning shining patterns following her enhanced curves. Karen had a glimpse of herself in one of the mirrors used as the set of the show. She was stunned by the tall and thin rubber creature she was seeing. Mistress Petra asked Karen to sit so the proper footwear would be applied.

A few minutes later, her feet were locked into knee high ballet toe boots. Yes locked as small locks had been fixed to the smallest portion of her boot at the ankle, as well as on the last top hole of it.

The boots were specially made with a cut out hole, allowing the D ring of the ankle to peek through. Before Karen could say anything, like if she had been able to, a short hobble chain was put between her ankles.

The strong men pulled her up and the chair was removed, allowing Karen to hobble around, feeling the wonderful suit, but also realizing the predicament she had put herself into. After she had expertly toured the stage two times on her ballet boots, rendering the crowd speechless upon such a wonderful sexy, black and shiny sight, she approached Mistress Petra, showing her locked wrists and mumbling something, barely audible.

“What? Oh, you want to be released.”

Karen nodded a definitive yes.

“Well, that’s not up to me, since I don’t have the keys.”


“I gave them to Louise.”

Louise looked surprised.

“To me? Oh, those keys? I didn’t know what they were. I don’t have them here, they’re home.”


The crowd started to have some reaction to the situation. Louise went on stage. Karen was acting pissed off, kicking her ballet boot on the ground. Each move sent more shining reflection of the perfectly smooth suit.

“Thank you very much Mistress Petra for your cooperation. Well, I think it’s time for an explanation, here.” Said Louise.

“Mffmffffm?” mumbled Karen, stopping dead on her track. The audience laughed.

“You see, Karen here, is very good at her work, but lacks some proper behavior skills. One of the things she does repeatedly, without working on correcting it, is to ram into someone’s office, not checking first if she’s disturbing a meeting, a phone call, and not considering any “do not disturb” signs.”

While Louise was talking, Karen barely noticed the two men slowly coming behind her with a long chain apparently already fixed to a stage column.

“The last event occurred when I was having a meeting with Mistress Petra, here, who wanted to know how she could present her new product, the Fiberlatex suit. After Karen ran into my office with the idea of a talk show, Mistress Petra was soon to suggest that Karen would need to be disciplined. So this setup was thought of.”

The crowd applauded and cheered. Karen was boiling and struggling to get her arms free.

“Thank you. Now, you already know #4, but I should tell you Carrie’s real name: #3 and Brandy’s real name is #2. No one is of course #1. All are slaves of Mistress Petra.”

The mummy struggled to raise one of her tightly taped arms in a salute gesture while the totally enclosed one slightly bowed.

“Now, for Karen’s punishment, since the suit is for long term wear, she will be kept in it until Amanda can take her show back, in about two to three weeks. For the time, you’ll see a small image at the lower right of your television screen. A camera will constantly monitor Karen’s struggle in the extra tight suit, because let’s reveal it to the audience, it is about three times as small as it should have been.”

“Mmffrrrmmf” said Karen.

“Well, you get what you deserved.” Said Louise. “Next time you’ll know what to do when you’ll see a Do Not Disturb sign.”

Karen was about to run up to Louise, but she felt something on her neck and heard a snap sound. She turned around to realize that she was chained to a column, and couldn’t move from there.

“Well folks, I would like to thank Miss Petra, #2, #3 and #4 to have participated at this show. Good night, and be here next week for another talk show, hosted by Jennifer, and this time, believe me, the guests will be able to talk. Good night.”

The crowd cheered loudly. Many came to the stage to examine Karen’s suit and asked questions to Mistress Petra. She felt like a praised cattle. She was begging for release but everyone was plainly ignoring her pleas. They were simply touching the soft and shiny fabric, feeling how tight it was on Karen. Nobody was inquiring about how SHE felt. Half an hour later, the stage was empty and the lights turned down, except for one spot, aiming at Karen’s location. All she could do was stand up or sit… if only they had left her a chair. Oh well, on the floor. The chain length was just enough for that. There was however, no way that she could lay down. But sitting straight on a hard floor, with two huge vibrating dildos invading your crotch…

It promised to be a hell of a time. She would have to get revenge.

She closed her eyes and let the waves of the first of many orgasms built.

© Pete / monsterp63, March 26, 2007.  

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