Karen – Fetish Shopping


There she was, standing in front of the fetish boutique, wondering what was going through her mind. Yes, she loved to look at pictures and movies of people wearing latex, corset, high heels, and even some bondage, but doing it herself? It was so… weird. She felt so… weird. But if she was that… weird, there were a whole bunch of weirdos in the same basket.

With a deep breath, she stepped forward and entered the store.

Her senses were immediately struck by the strong mixed smells of rubber and leather. Soft music was playing and the lighting was dim and private. Behind the counter was standing a tall blonde, apparently busy by some paperwork. She raised her head, looked at Karen and smiled in a gentle hello. Karen barely raised her hand from her side and wiggled her fingers in a very shy and discrete answer.

The blonde went back to her paperwork. The only sound heard was the paper shuffling and the tight rubber sleeves of her light blue rubber top, squeaking with each movement.

Karen approached a cloth rack. It was filled with rubber garments, mainly panties, shorts, Bermudas and shirts. The next rack contains mostly pants and skirts. On the wall, on cloth hangers were catsuits of all imaginable colors. Next to them, a selection of leather corsets. To the right, a vast array of high heels shoes. Farther to the back, restraints for the likes of everyone, and even some bondage furniture.

Karen didn’t know where to go, with what to begin. There was so much stuff, so much choice. She hadn’t heard that the blonde was done with her paperwork and that she was approaching, the steps of her high heels platform sandals deafened by the carpet covering the floor.

“Hello, I’m Lynda. May I help you?”

Karen startled and swiftly turned around. She was facing a very gorgeous woman, dressed in a very tight light blue dress with a high collar and long sleeves. The dress was stopping at mid thighs and the high heels emphasized her already long and slim legs covered by transparent latex stockings. She made a step back making her blonde ponytail swing in the air.

“Oops. Sorry. I guess you haven’t heard me approaching.” She said with a warm smile.

“Well, no I haven’t heard you.” Said a shy Karen. “And I was somewhat lost in my thoughts. I’m the one who should apologize.” Said Karen.

“Okay, all apologies have been exchanged.” She said repressing a warm laugh. “Now, are you looking for something in particular?”

“Well, I… You know, I kind of like catsuits but… well, and high heels. I saw a couple… well a lot of pictures and…”

“Okay. Stop it right there. It’s obvious that you’re quite nervous.” Said Lynda.

“It shows that much?” asked Karen, blushing. “Maybe coming here was a bad idea.”

“I’m sure it was the perfect idea. You only need to let it out.” Said Lynda in a reassuring tone. “Go on. Talk to me.”

Karen spit it out. Nervous at first, with Lynda’s professional reactions, she became more at ease. Lynda knew the right questions to ask.

“So, I really think that you’ll love vibrating dildos. Care to try some?”

“Okay!” said Karen, all joyous.

Lynda browsed through the racks and came back with a pair of red panties with two huge rubber sheaths and a double pack of vibrating dildos. She took fresh batteries and put them into the dildos.

She handed everything to Karen plus a matching rubber bra, plus a tube of lubricant and invited her to go to the changing booth. A few minutes later, Karen was getting out, walking awkwardly, red faced.

“Not easy to walk with these huge things in you.” Then with her nose in the air “Do you smell something?” she asked.

“No, not really.” Said Lynda after a short pause, then coming back to the dildos: “You’ll get used to them quite fast, believe me. Did you turn them on yet?”

On Karen’s negative answer, Lynda went on her knees and approached Karen’s crotch. Delicately, she turned them on. Karen twitched instantly.

“Oooo. That’s…. that’s…”

“That’s something, isn’t it?” said Lynda, repressing a laugh at Karen’s expression.

“Okay, next. You talked about catsuits. You’d like one?”

“Yes but I’m reluctant to get one, I mean I wore latex gloves and they are so fragile. This thing is barely thicker.” She said, rubbing the rubber of a nearby catsuit between her fingers.

“I guess you’re the perfect candidate for the new carblex suit.”


“Yes. It’s a new compound on the market. It’s made of latex, carbon fibers and some other stuff. It’s quite thick and very, and I mean VERY resistant yet very stretchy.” She said, picking a pitch black catsuit from the rack. “And the shine is permanent. No oiling necessary.”

“Wow.” Said Karen, feeling the fabric in her fingers. “Feels like rubber.”

“Want to try it?” asked Lynda, handing her the suit.

“Yeah but that one is too small, look at the size of these sleeves.”

“On the contrary, that’s the beauty of it. This thing has a stretch factor of 150%. So it can be made very small, making it as tight as possible.”

“Must be easy to rip, then.” Said Karen.

Lynda took a cloth hanger and used the tip of the hook and tried to poke it through the suit, but although it stretched a lot, it never went through.

“Almost indestructible. I was told that the only thing cutting this stuff is diamond coated blades, but I don’t know if it’s true. Want to try it?” she asked with a large smile.

Karen accepted and Lynda helped her put it on. It had attached feet, gloves and hood with only a small hole for the mouth and glass lenses already glued for the eyes holes.

As she was struggling to get her arms through the tight sleeves, Karen raised her nose in the air again. “Smell that?”

“Hum… no. I don’t smell anything. You know that there’s a lot of weird smelling stuff around here.” She said.

“Yeah, but it smelled like fire.”

“Really? I don’t smell anything. It’s probably coming from the restaurant next door.” Said Lynda, pulling on the back zipper to close it.

Karen was stretching her arms, pulling on the tight shiny almost slippery fabric, trying to squeeze her ample breasts in the tight fabric. Finally it was on, all except the hood, hanging in front of her. She rubbed her hands over her ample compressed breasts, along her slim waist down to her thighs and then to her crotch where the tight suit was pushing the dildos deeper in.

“So, how does it feel?”

“Wonderful. It’s tight but equally everywhere, and I can move somewhat easily in it.” She said, stretching her arms, bending her legs. “You’re a great helper, Lynda. What’s next?”

“I think you mentioned corset?” said Lynda.

“Yes, I’d love to try one.”

“Very good.” Said Lynda taking Karen’s waist measurement. “For a beginner, four inches reduction is acceptable. Are you okay with that?”

“I trust you. Whatever you suggest I’ll try it. What is this?” asked Karen, looking at a series of stainless steel bands.

“That’s a chastity belt. Once in it, you can’t touch yourself, nor anyone else can for that matter.” She said with a smile.

“That’s interesting, Can I try it?”

“Sure but this one is the last one I have and I doubt that it will fit you. It’s a small one.”

Karen looked at the size stamped inside it.

“Like I told you, it’s too small.”

“Yeah, but it would go over a corset, right?” asked Karen.

“Hum… yes, but in your case, it would mean five inches reduction.”

“What the heck. Go for it, I want to try it.”

Lynda came back with a long dark blue satin corset with breast cups and shoulder straps.

“I’m sorry, I’m rather low on some items and in the size you want, it’s the only one left. It’s a long Victorian corset with the breast cups. If you take it, I’ll make you a special price for it.”

“Interesting, but let’s try to get it on first.” Said Karen, fastening the front busks of the corset.

Lynda started to pull on the laces, gently at first then stronger and stronger. Karen could feel her stomach being crushed, she could feel some of the organs migrating up and some moving down, pushing against the vibrating dildos. She bit her lips a few times, repressing the urge to let build an orgasm. Meantime, Lynda had her knee in Karen’s back, pulling on the laces.

“There’s about an inch and a half more to go. We’ll take a break leaving time for your organs to find their new home and we’ll continue afterward. In the meantime, why don’t we check the footwear?”

Karen agreed and they walked to the shoe section, looking at shoes and boots of every kind. Karen was regularly gliding her hands over her tightly constricted waist, feeling the rigid confinement of the corset, feeling her breasts filling the bra cups with each breath, knowing that there was still more tightening to come.

Lynda was showing different models to Karen, but she stuck to one particular pair.

“These.” Said Karen, pointing to her right.

“Really? They’re knee high, kid leather ballet toe boots. They are aimed at the expert to be able to walk in them, unless you want them as play shoes.”

“I wore heels before I had some ballet lessons a few years ago and I always wanted to try those. I saw a couple of web clips where girls were wearing and apparently easily walking in them, and I want to try.”

“Very good. Have a seat.” Said Lynda, picking the right size boots for Karen and putting them on, lacing them tightly, the leather creaking.

“Smelling it again?” asked Karen, nose in the air.

“Hum… no not really. I told you, it’s probably coming from the restaurant next door. There. Want to try to stand up in them? 

Helped with Lynda, Karen got up. Unsteady at first, she quickly got the hang of it, much to Lynda’s surprise, and her own.

“You look like you were born with them.”

“Yeah. I never thought it would be that easy to walk in these.” She said, walking around the cloth racks.

With each step, she could feel the tight rubber squeezing her buns, massaging her thighs, the corset crushing her waist restricting her lungs from expand fully, the vibrating dildos firing at random. She loved it. Everything.

“I kind of feel the corset has loosened. Can you check it out?” asked Karen.

“Good. It means that you’re ready for more crushing.” Said Lynda, pulling again on the laces, easily covering the remaining gap.

She then picked up the chastity belt, fed one stainless steel strap between Karen’s legs and yanked it up to the waistband of the belt. She pulled on it and struggled a lot to close it, but finally, Karen heard a distinctive click sound. The chastity belt was locked on, effectively locking the corset on at the same time.

“There, it’s closed. I didn’t think I would be able to do it. It’s a little too small for you, even with the corset. The crotch strap should be a little longer.”

“Yeah.” Said Karen, rubbing the stainless steel band at her crotch. “It pushes quite a lot of the dildos. Disturbing.” She said with a devilish smile. And those are?

“The rest of the kit: locking ankle and wrist cuffs as well as a two inches stainless steel collar. Want them on too?”

“Hey, why not. I hope you have the key, though.”

“Yes.” Said Lynda, “on the counter.”

Karen heard the first ankle cuff click, then the second one, then the wrist cuffs were put on. The chromes, mixed with her black suit and the blue corset were giving a stunning look to the whole outfit.

“The only thing left is the hood.” Said Lynda. “But since you’re already partly bound, would you like to try a gag?”

“Oh shit. Just the thought of it and I’m all hot. Yes! Do you have any of the blow-up kind?”

“I think I have right what you want. This one will go perfectly under your hood. Only a small breathing hose will go through the mouth hole of the hood.”

“Perfect!” said Karen, opening wide to welcome the intruder.

Lynda fastened it tightly around her neck then pumped it until Karen asked to stop, then before she had time to react, she gave it two more squeezes and removed the pump. She pulled the tight rubber hood over Karen’s head and closed it shut with the back zipper. Karen mumbled something but it was unintelligible. 

She was standing in front of the large mirror, admiring her never ending legs standing on their toes, her crushed slim waist, her ample breasts, her slick and shiny head with the tinted lenses. The final step came with Lynda putting the large stainless steel collar around her neck and locking it.

“There, you’re all set up. There’s no way you can get out of this by yourself. How does it feel?”

“Mffmffm ffmmmf” she said, nodding a distinctive yes.

“Very good. Now let’s see how all this adds up…”

An alarm turned on, loud and clear, and very distinctive: fire!

“That’s the fire alarm.” Said Lynda. “No need to panic. Again the restaurant next door, it happens every week or so. No need to rush.” She said, searching for the different price codes until Karen mumbled something and tapped on her shoulders.

“What is it?” she said, not raising her head. Karen took Lynda’s head in her gloved hand and forced her to look up.

“Oh shit!” she said, wide eyes, dropping her pen.

There, on the corner of the store, right at the junction of the catsuits and the shoe rack, flames. Bright red and yellow flames were engulfing the wall, rapidly spreading on the ceiling.

In a hurry, Lynda grabbed Karen’s hand and they headed out of the store getting out coughing through the thick smoke already filling the area.

They walked to the other side of the street where they leaned against the facade of a store. They looked in dismay as the store was engulfed by the flames, the firefighters trying their best, but in this old part of the city, where everything was made out of very dry wood, it burned like matches, and soon the whole building was nothing but a blaze.

More and more witnesses were looking in their direction, pointing their fingers, some laughing, some with their hands over their mouth. To Lynda it was so unreal, she didn’t realize what was happening until Karen gently tapped on her shoulder.

Lynda looked at the gleaming tall woman, tightly encased besides her, who was trying to pull on her collar… locked.

“Oh shit! The keys! They are in…” she said, the rest of the phrase trailing off as the roof of the building collapsed down.

She looked at Karen with wide opened eyes, nodding no. Karen made a scissor cutting gesture with her fingers, but Lynda nodded no.

“It’s made out of tempered stainless steel. Only a blowtorch would cut through it. I think we’re gonna have to find a locksmith.” Said Lynda.

Karen was breathing heavily. There she was, stuck in an indestructible suit, waist crushed by a dreadful corset, locked in it and in ballet toe boots, gagged and hooded, for an undefined amount of time.

A real fantasy comes true.

Behind her thick hood and overblown gag, she smiled as the first of many orgasms to come was quickly building up.

© Pete, March 2, 2007


Part II

Karen was hot in every possible meaning of the word. She was hot because the sun was shining high and her black rubber suit was catching it. She was hot because there was a burning inferno on the other side of the street, the very store where her rubber suit and especially her restraints came from. And finally, she was hot because the two vibrating dildos were wreaking havoc inside her, locked as she was in her steel cuffs, collar and chastity belt, the keys probably no more than a lump of melted steel by then, on the counter of the burning building.

She couldn’t hear the numerous comments that were said around her, about how someone would deliberately stuff herself into such a tight confinement, impairing herself voluntarily. Others were amazed at her small waist, crushed by six inches in a high Victorian corset, or by her stance on her ballet toe boots. Others were stunned by the shine of the black rubber suit, reflecting the flames as if a mirror.

Karen was standing there, softly shifting her weight from one leg to the other, to keep her balance on her pointed boots, her hands discreetly rubbing her thighs, breathing slowly, living every moment in her confinement. Her locked confinement. The locked confinement where, right now, she had no way to get out of it. With each weight shift, she could feel her bun working against the tight rubber confinement. She could feel the small crease that was created under the bun.

She felt a tug on her left arm and turned her head as much as the stiff steel collar allowed it. It was Lynda, the clerk of the store, still dressed with her very tight light blue rubber dress, clear rubber stocking and white spiky heels platform shoes. She was looking straight at her, articulating softly her words, knowing that Karen was pretty much deaf under the thick rubber hood.

“We have to find help. You will eventually need to get out of this suit.”

Karen nodded yes, and followed Lynda. Suddenly, most of the bystanders were not interested in the fire anymore, but the sight of those two gorgeous women, dressed in shiny clothes, softly heading away, high heels clicking. As they walked, Karen couldn’t help it. She had to put one hand at her crotch, feeling the tight chastity belt, then on her buns, feeling the tight rubber squishing them. She was softly moaning with the vibration of the dildos, almost on the same musical key. 

They walked down for about one block, attracting much attention along the way, and were starting to gather a small crowd of drooling men following them. Lynda reached a phone booth and entered, picking the phone directory. She browsed the yellow pages and found what she was looking for. She walked back to Karen who was apparently really enjoying herself while giving a heck of a show for the growing group of followers, dancing sexily in front of them.

“There’s a locksmith about two streets down. Come.” Said Lynda, grabbing Karen’s arm, much to the disappointment of the followers.

They acted as if they were not there, strolling slowly their way to the locksmith, then they stopped dead.

They were facing an old store, probably there since the foundation of the city, ready to collapse, with the big sign “Phil’s General Store” hanging dangerously over the entrance door. In the display windows, where a bunch of hardware, some apparently dating back a century, as well as a few new looking items, including door locks. They entered the store, the follower’s group dispersing, disappointed. They were greeted by a young stunned man, looking at them with wide eyes.

“M… May I help you, ladies?” he asked, hesitantly.

“Yes.” Said Lynda. “My friend here is stuck in her locked steel belts, and they are top of the line, steel and titanium2 alloy locks. They’re supposed to be irremovable without a blowtorch. We are looking for Phil to hopefully pick the locks. Are you Phil?” she asked, looking at the junkyard like store.

“Well… I am Phil but not THE Phil.”

“Ah… and where can I find him?”

“Not very far, he’s at the cemetery… about six feet down.”

He saw Lynda’s expression of disappointment.

“But I’m a locksmith myself. Big Phil was actually my uncle. He died two months ago and left me this… dump in his will. Probably because I was the only other locksmith in the family. Actually, I’m surprised that the store hadn’t been shut down earlier. This thing is an accident waiting to happen. I’m currently taking the inventory in order to close it down.”

“Do you think you can look at her locks, then?” Asked Lynda, somewhat relieved.

“Yeah, sure.” He said, approaching the tightly sealed rubber woman. He took a closer look at the collar lock. “Titanium 2, right? Very impressive.” He said, scratching his fingernail on the lock. “Those locks have a reputation of being unpickable. I’ve never tried one before, but I’m ready to have a go at it. Would youfollow me in the back, please?” he said, showing the way.

The store was rather long, and the back of it was a half empty warehouse, revealing an array of old and bizarre devices, probably dating at the start of the century, used for farming. There was a small stool where he asked Karen to sit down.

He grabbed his picking tools, put his magnifier lamp on and began to work on the lock, but from time to time, quite too often to his taste, Karen was twitching abruptly, making him lose his hold on the lock.

“Can’t you stand still… hum…?”

“Karen. Her name is Karen. “Answered Lynda. “But I’m afraid it could be difficult.  You see, she has… vibrating dildos inside her.” She said, blushing.

“Tell me. Why would someone get in such a predicament? Did she lose the keys or something?”

Lynda explained to him what she was doing, and the fire.

“So that’s what that column of black smoke is. I walked by that store quite a few times, but never went in… Karen, please stand still!”

“Maybe if she was laying down…”

“That’s an idea.”

He grabbed Karen and had them lay down on a wooden bench. He then began to work on the chastity belt lock.

“If I can get this thing off, we might be able to turn the dildos off and I will then be able to work on the rest of the locks…. I assume they can be turned off, right?”

“Yes.” Said Lynda. “There’s an access zipper under the chastity belt.”

But Karen wasn’t staying still. With each gust of vibrations, she was jerking her hips in the air, making Phil lose his grip.

He let out a long grunt and left, shuffling stuff on one of the shelves. He came back a few moments later with a handful of ratchet straps, and proceeded to tie up Karen on the bench. He put one strap at her ankles, thighs, waist and chest and cranked them up as much as he could.

That didn’t stop Karen from twitching, but dampened a little the movement. Little did he knew that, tied up like that, Karen was enjoying even more her experience.

The old suspended doorbell rang as a customer entered. Phil let go of his work on Karen and went on to serve him. Karen fought her bonds. The table was large and thus not the best bondage equipment, and although the straps were tight, she was able to move her legs and her arms, enough to get them out of the straps. By the time Phil came back, she was untightening her chest strap.

“Oh, you want to play the escape artist, do you?” said Phil. “Lets see…” he said, browsing in the numerous boxes, coming back with four huge screwing O rings. 

He proceeded to screw two on the old timber floor, and two more on a wooden beam, right over the other ones. He then took a winch with a steel cable and screwed it to a nearby post, feeding loops of the steel wire to the O rings. He then put a cooperative Karen in the middle of it, fixing each loop that was going the O rings with a link to the appropriate cuff. He then went back to the winch and rolled the steel wire back in, pulling on all four cuffs at the same time. Rapidly, Karen found herself spread eagled, in mid air, unable to move much… and then she was stretched. Phil cranked the winch notch by notch, as if he was tuning a piano until Karen’s limbs appeared ready to rip apart. Surprisingly, she seemed to enjoy it quite a lot, humming even louder.

He then proceeded to the chastity belt lock, painstakingly trying to pick the lock. Karen was still twitching but stretched as she was, the movement was almost non existent.

Lynda was watching all this, discreetly putting her hand at her crotch, feeling it wet, aroused. She liked what she was seeing, and wished she was at Karen’s place.

“Looks like you would enjoy some bondage yourself, don’t you?” said Phil, looking at Lynda.

She blushed, but didn’t have to answer. Phil took a coil of rope and expertly tied Lynda’s arms in her back, elbow touching. Then he tightly wrapped her knees and ankles with more rope. He sat her on the stool, now positioned against the same post where the winch was installed and put a few more coils of rope around Lynda’s waist, tying her to the post. Now he had two bound ladies.

“I think I got it. Just a few more minut… Now what?” he said as the doorbell rang again. 

But before going, he stuffed a rag down Lynda’s mouth and sealed it with a large piece of tape.

“Better if the customers don’t know you’re here. Bad for business.” He said with a wink.

He left, leaving Karen very well stretched in the improvised stretcher and Karen tied sitting tied to the post. It was the city inspector, there to bring him a resolution of the city council, ordering him to clean the place within 10 days, after which the building would be taken down for safety reasons. There was apparently a lot of paperwork to go through and Phil was still with the inspector after over an hour. For all this time, Karen was kept stretched on the frame. It was fun at first, but it was getting tiresome, and she was beginning to feel her bladder filling up. She would have to get out of this suit. The pleasure was slowly changing to concern, the step before the panic.

Finally, after two hours, Phil was back. Lynda’s mouth was aching, her arms and legs were starting to get numb, and Karen was struggling on her spreading frame.

“Okay, enough fooling around.” He said. “Time to get serious here.” He said, getting his hand in his pocket and producing a small keyring. On the second try, he got the right key and unlocked Karen’s chastity belt. He then untied Lynda from the post and lowered Karen down.

“How… What are you doing? You had a key? How come? Those locks are Titanium 2 locks with unique keys and…”

“They are standard TSA approved luggage locks. Any locksmith or custom agent has a coded key for those locks.”

“Say what? But I paid top price for these Titanium 2…”

“Listen Linda. I’ve never heard of Titanium 2 alloy or anything like that. They might be engraved with T2 or whatever it means, but the fact remains that they are standard luggage locks. You’ve been had.”

“You bet I had been… Twice! Why waiting that long? Why lying?”

“Well I figure out that since you were dressed like that on purpose it was because you were enjoying it. Correct me if I’m wrong but Karen did enjoy her bondage session here, right?”

Karen nodded yes while searching for the hood zipper. Lynda helped her, removing her hood, revealing a beautiful girl with long brown curly (filthy) hairs with her mouth overinflated. Lynda pushed the release valve and the gag was removed.

Working her mouth to get somewhat a normal feeling, she smiled at Phil.

“Yes, I did enjoy the bondage session, but I currently have one urgent question: where is your bathroom?”

Phil directed her and Karen was out a few moments later, completely naked, hiding herself with the hand paper towels she had found.

“I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t put back the suit once it was off. Too sticky.” She said, blushing.” Do you have any spare clothes around here, because mine were destroyed in the fire.”

Phil left the backstore to come back a few minutes later, holding a large roll of industrial strength plastic wrap and a pack of six rolls of duct tape.

“This is all I found. Do you think we can do something with that? He said, smiling.

Lynda went wide eyes, speechless.

“Yes! Give me a minute, I have to get the dildo panties back on first.” Said Karen, rushing back to the bathroom.

… To be continued.

© Pete, March 28, 2007


Part III

Karen literally ran to the bathroom to put her double vibrating dildos on.

“Err… Excuse me, Phil. I promise I will repay you as soon as I have access to my money, but would you have fresh batteries somewhere? Those are pretty drained out.”

“Oh shit! Are you serious, Karen?” asked Lynda. “When I think that you entered my store and very shyly browsed around and that now you’re anticipating about getting mummified… I’m speechless.”

“Good, because you talk too much.” Said Phil with a wink while throwing a set of alkaline batteries to Karen who eagerly put them in the dildos before stuffing herself.

She walked back toward Phil, breasts uncovered, suddenly not concerned about her nudity.

“I’m ready. What now?… Geesh, I’ve always dreamed of being mummified.”

“Then you’ll be served. Spread your legs, please.”

Phil proceeded to carefully wrap her legs, not too tight, but made three layers before making sure that her crotch was well covered, then her torso, ending with her arms. He then took the first of many duct tape rolls and started at the ankle, carefully wrapping her legs, again not too tight. He made sure that there was no wrinkle, doing it with small strips at a time instead of simply pulling on the roll.

Quite rapidly, Karen was getting covered by the silver tape. The crotch area asked for more precautions then he moved to the stomach. There he pulled on the full roll, stretching it, squishing Karen’s waist. She felt she was getting back into her corset, and she helped him achieve a very thin waist by sucking her stomach in and blowing off her lungs. 

He then went a little looser over her chest allowing room for her ribcage to expand, and he finished by wrapping her arms, including her hands into a straight finger position. Karen felt that he went a lot looser than necessary at her elbows and was missing the tight embrace. When she noted it to Phil, he didn’t answer.

Helped by Lynda, he asked Karen to lay on the bench and proceeded to put back her ballet toe boots. Once they were well laced on, he began to wrap her legs again, this time starting from the tip of the boot to cover them completely. He did a complete second layer of her legs and stopped at the waist. All this time Lynda didn’t stop talking, inquiring about his private life, how handsome she was finding him, what was this and that and why he was doing things this way instead of that way.

He asked Karen to get on her stomach and to put her hands in her back, palms facing each other, which she did. He taped her hands together, and proceeded to tightly wrap up her forearms. Karen had no choice but to raise her hands in her back in the reverse prayer position. Suddenly the extra-loose tape on the elbow became quite handy. Once her forearms were well wrapped together, he proceeded to complete the upper torso portion of his second layer, squishing her arms in her back while wrapping everything into a tight package. He did three complete layers where he went a lot tighter, this time pulling directly off the roll most of the time. The only thing Karen could move was her separate legs, although quite stiff, and her head, still uncovered.

Without adding a word, he grabbed the blow-up gag and put it in Karen’s mouth and used a bicycle tire pump to blow it up. Lynda was still talking almost non-stop.

“Be careful. Not too much. I think it’s too much. How does cost this pump? Way much easier than the small hand pumps they provide with the gag. Do you have anything smaller?…”

Phil let out a sigh. Without saying a word, he went to the toy section and came back with a large rubber ball and something else she couldn’t see.

“Oh wow, a bouncing ball. Red! It’s beautiful, but why? You want to play? What are you doing? You’re drilling a hole in it? You’re going to ruin it. It will be funny to see how it will bounce after that…”

All this time, Phil was working without saying a word, hiding much of his work from Lynda’s view but Karen could see it, and under her gag, she was smiling. Still laying on the bench, she was slowly moving her encased buns and crotch, feeling the dildos, feeling how tight and rigid she was, taking pleasure of all of it and having great expectations for the obvious next step, her head. But in the meantime, Phil was making something for Lynda, and she stopped dead talking when he turned around and showed her the large ball gag he had just made.

“No… Phil, please. I do like to wear rubber, but a gagmgmmffm ffmfmm fm”

Phil deeply pushed the rubber ball in Lynda’s mouth and fastened the leather belt in the back of her neck. Then as she was trying to remove it, he snapped Karen’s unused steel cuffs around her wrists and locked them in her back, then put the steel ankle cuffs on and linked them with a short chain. He went back to the toy area, which happened to be just next to the animal products shelves and chose a nice two inches wide black leather Rottweiler collar with chrome studs. Not impressed by Lynda’s wide pleading eyes, he tightly wrapped the collar around her neck and linked it to one of the ceiling O rings.

He put his attention back to Karen. He still had her head to wrap. He began by inserting soft silicone plugs on her ears, and covering her eyes with soft cotton pads before wrapping everything in plastic wrap. Carefully, he wrapped her head with three layers of duct tape. The final touch was the steel collar he put back on, but the tape was thicker than the rubber suit, and Karen felt the tight restraint being locked and slightly crushing her throat. Blind, deaf and mute, she felt him grab her and put her on her feet. He guided her to the post where he tied her collar to the O ring. He knew he would not have any problem with her. He went to Lynda.

“The city inspector should be here in about half an hour,” he said, looking at his watch, “with the final papers. Once he’ll be gone, I’ll release both of you. In the meantime, have some fun.!” He said, unpacking a massaging vibrator, putting it between Lynda’s legs, under her short dress, forcing her legs together with another leather strap tightly fastened around her thighs, and plugging the vibrator into a power outlet.

Lynda let out a quick yelp sound which quickly changed for a soft muted moan. Phil went to a shelf and got out a large canvas used to cover cars and hung it so that the two women would be concealed. He had enough problems already coping with the city inspector without having to explain why he had two bound ladies in the back store. In addition to hiding them, it would muffle any noise they could and would make.

Karen was in her own fantasy world. She could hear nothing but her breathing and her pounding heart. Each breath was squishing her breasts like powerful hands. Her crotch was hot as hell being vibrated by the dildos. She was shifting her weight from one leg to the other at a regular pace, each time changing which bun was getting worked, which was changing the way some of the pressure was affecting the vibrating dildos.

Her own legs were straining, making them shake slightly, enhancing the whole experience. She often had fantasies about such a situation, but never dreamed it could happen. She was not dreaming a fantasy, she was living a dream.

Lynda was keeping her lips closed, trying to keep as silent as possible while getting massaged by the huge vibrating electric massager, tightly squeezed between her thighs. She felt she was in a far worse situation than Karen. Being able to hear what was going on, her panic level rose and lowered as the voices became closer or farther away while the city inspector was having a tour of the building, carefully directed by Phil. The most puzzling thought is that she found the risk of being discovered arousing. 

She was relieved when, somewhat two hours later, the canvas was removed and Phil untied her thighs, removing the vibrator, and making wide eyes at all the wetness of the area.

“Geesh! Looks like you had a heck of a time, here.”

“Mffgrmm.” Was all what Lynda could answer, still gagged and tied to the post.

“Anyhoo, I have to get you out of here. I’ll bring you to my place. Those who object raise a hand… Good.” He said with a devilish smile. “No objection.” knowing perfectly that Karen couldn’t hear him and that Lynda couldn’t move her arms.

He had rented a large moving truck to carry the inventory away, and he hadn’t started to load it yet. He backed it up to the loading dock, making sure that nobody from the street could see the transfer of the two bound damsels.

He began with Karen. He unlinked her collar from the ring and put a leash on it, dragging her along. She was having a blast, walking on her ballet boots, legs and hips stiff, every movement amplifying the waves of pleasure she was feeling. And she loved the fact of being totally unaware of what was going on, where she was going. She didn’t care. Somewhat, she had full confidence in Phil and she loved her out-of-her-control situation.

Getting the loading ramp was not easy, yet the challenge was a blast. He backed her against a wall and secured her with ratchet straps. Once fully set, she couldn’t move and would be quite safe.

He then took care of Lynda. For this setup, he chose to tie her in a spread eagle position in the middle of the cargo area. Lynda’s limbs were stretched to their maximum. She was literally floating in the air, totally stretched like a giant X.

And the truck began to move. Each bump was amplified, felt stronger than anything else. Karen was having a blast, as well as Lynda, who was fulfilling one of her abduction fantasies. The drive lasted quite a long time and Lynda began to worry. Then the road became a lot bumpier, like a dirt road, which lasted for a relatively short time before the truck was backed up to a building and the door opened.

Lynda saw some kind of garage, full with more junk similar to what was in the general store, so much that she thought that this whole ride was just a prank, but the room was different.

Phil untied her which she welcomed, her limbs having started to hurt, not used of being stretched and immobile for so long.

He helped her get down the truck then tied her leash to a nearby column before taking care of Karen. He attached Lynda’s leash to Karen’s collar and pulled on Karen’s leash, leading them to the basement of wherever they were.

It appeared like a very old house. He led them to a rather large room. The foundation of the house was consisting of thick walls made of large stones. At many places, there were iron rings, or screws within the rocks and concrete bonding. Phil attached the leashes to one of those rings and left, to come back 10 minutes later dragging two single mattresses and two sleeping bags.

“It’s getting late. You better get some rest.” He said, replacing the small leather leashes by longer chains, giving them a means to reach the mattresses but making sure that no one would be able to leave.

Phil took care of Karen, having her kneeling then laying down. She didn’t protest and seemed to welcome being able to lay down. Then he went away, turning off the light and closing a huge wooden door behind him. Lynda heard a lock being closed and wondered in what kind of predicament she had put herself into. Was he a white slaves trader? Why keeping them locked like that? She would have the answer soon enough.

To Be Continued.

© Pete, April 2, 2007.


Part IV

Karen was slowly squirming within her tight silvery tape cocoon, arms well tied in the reverse prayer under more layers of tape. Blind, deaf and mute, she could do nothing than squirm around on the small mattress, her neck linked to the wall by a long chain.

Lynda had managed to get up. Some light from the sun was seeping through a narrow window embedded in the basement walls of the house they were in. She tried to yank on her neck chain, but although the O ring was old, it was still very secured in place. She heard the lock being worked and the large wooden door opened with a creepy sound, revealing a smiling Phil, still dressed in his pajamas, carrying a ring of keys, some tools and silly looking bathrobes.

“Hello ladies. How are we this morning?”

Lynda grunt and showed her cuffed hands. Karen, who hadn’t heard a thing was still squirming on the ground, trying to find a way to get up.

“Well, not that good after all, I presume.” He said, putting down most of the stuff he was carrying and keeping the key ring.

He unlocked Lynda’s restraints and removed the gag.

“Shit! What was that fore?” asked a pissed off Lynda.

“What? You… I mean… I thought that you would like that setup. That’s what happens in most stories I read…”

“Well I…”

Lynda was kind of stuck. Yes she liked it, but she hated the fact that she had no clue about what was going on.

“While you make up your mind, do you care to give me a hand?” he said as he handed her safety scissors to free Karen of her cocoon of tape.

They proceeded by freeing the head first. What came out was a silly smiling Karen, as if she was high on strong drugs.

“Hi Toto… are we back in Kansas yet?” she said. “Wow! That was a hell of a blast. How long was I in this thing? Two, three hours?”

Phil and Lynda looked at each other in dismay.

“You felt it was two to three hours since you were wrapped up?” asked a puzzled Lynda.

“Well… yes. What? Why those silly faces?”

“That’s because it’s been over 15 hours… It’s morning.” Said Phil.

“Wow…” was all Karen could answer.

They proceeded to free her of the tight tape and by the condition of her skin, she had all the proofs she needed to confirm that she had been encased for over 12 hours.

“I can hardly believe it. It DID felt like a few hours at the most. I was having a blast in there.” She said as she felt the tight tape marks on her legs and arms.

“Glad you liked it. I brought you some bathrobes. Sorry for the look of those, they belong to my uncle. Breakfast is waiting for you upstairs.”

They followed him to the dining room where muffins, bagels, scramble eggs, toasts and fruits were waiting for them.

“What is this place?” asked Lynda, looking at the old but richly furnished house. “Looks huge!”

“It was my uncle’s house. It came with the store. He lived alone and pretty much stuffed it with everything he found. It’s two stories high and there are six bedrooms!”

“Wow.” Said Karen as she bit into a slice of melon. “Impressive. Is it worth anything?”

“With the property, probably close to a million, said a realtor that contacted me a few days ago.”

“Really? So you’re selling it, right?”

“That was my first idea, but now I have another idea.” He said, leaning on the table to get close to the two wonderful ladies.

“It’s obvious that you like rubber and bondage, right?” he started. “Why don’t you become my… latex slaves?”

Lynda laughed.

“Are you nuts? Yes, I love latex and bondage, but I do not see myself as being a slave.”

“That would be interesting.” Softly said Karen, eyes in the void, probably back in the world where she was a few hours earlier. “But it would be a hassle with all the paperwork, and explaining all to my friend would be difficult.”

“Not necessarily.” He said, putting in front of them the morning newspaper which titled two missing in downtown fire.

Lynda took the newspaper and read the article for all.

“… Although the fire that destroyed a restaurant, a boutique and an apartment building didn’t made apparent victims, two people are reported missing: the owner of the fetish store, Lynda and one customer named Karen who’s partly burned purse had been found where would have been the changing booth, one of the place of the fetish shop where the fire burned very rapidly. According to witnesses, two people were seen, wearing rubber like clothes, close to the fire scene, but surprisingly enough, nobody can identify them from photographs, as if they hadn’t seen their faces….” She said, raising her eyebrows.

“Well, apparently, they were more interested in looking… down than up.” Said Phil, laughing.

“Even if they were looking up, I was quite difficult to identify…” said Karen, cut by Lynda.

“Oh… wait, wait!… According to the fire inspector report, a lump of charred rubber found near the changing booth suggests that a victim was probably the highly flammable fabric when the fire broke in and was rapidly engulfed by the flames, leaving no chance to her. Karen’s family is apparently unreachable as the fire dept fears the worse…. They think you’re dead, Karen.”

Karen had wide eyes.

“It means that I could become your full time slave, and you wouldn’t have anything to justify…. I’m already dead, out of the system.”

“Are you nuts? What about your family? Your savings?”

“My family? I don’t have any. I never knew my parents and I was moved from one family to the other until I was of legal age then I was left to myself. As for my savings, I have none. I would have loaded my credit card with that suit, and I’m not sure I would have been able to pay it. Sorry.” She said, looking at Lynda.

“You… you really would like to become a rubber slave, Karen?” asked Lynda, still not believing it.

“Of course, and with that special rubber suit, which I can keep for a long time, all there is left to do is entube me and it’s done.” She said, all smiling, feeling her labia becoming wet with the thoughts.

“But if you can’t buy it, it means that someone else has to do it. What do you think about it, Phil? You’ll be the one paying for everything.”

“I don’t really mind.” Calmly answered Phil. “In fact, my uncle had put all his savings together and never spent a penny. He left me this house, the store and… 24 millions. I think I can buy the suit.”

# # #

The doorbell rang. Steel clanking sounds were heard and a shiny black shadow figure struggling to walk appeared, heading slowly for the door. She was hobbling her way on pointed toe boots, her ankles encircled with chromed steel cuffs linked by a short chain. Her waist appeared highly corseted and locked my more chrome steel bands. Her hands were held in her back, elbow touching, by more chrome steel bands and her head held erect by a large chromed steel collar.

Her face couldn’t be made up, completely engulfed in a very tight and shiny hood, covering everything. Not a single cell of skin was visible. Her mouth appeared tightly packed with the cheeks bulging out, and a single tube was protruding out of it, behind false painted bright red lips. 

She reached the door on the fourth ring, and struggled to open it with her hands locked in her back. She opened it, making way for the guest to enter.

“Hello Karen.” Said a woman Karen recognised: Lynda. 

She was wearing a very tight fitting leather suit. The black pants with back pockets were molding her buns like a second skin. Her leather jacket with very tight sleeves were cut to follow the soft curves of her ample breast and her corseted waist. She entered the house, her high heels pumps clicking on the hardwood floor.

Karen put herself in front of Lynda and showed her the way, walking slowly. Lynda could appreciate how tight the rubber suit was, as it was making very little crease as she walked. Karen was struggling to walk at a relatively fast pace, and Lynda knew that she was having a blast. 

They reach the living room where Phil was putting the final touch at his tuxedo.

“Ready for the opera, honey?” he asked Lynda.

“I’m ready.”

“You know, we live in the same house. You have no need to go outside and ring the doorbell.”

“I know, but it’s a lot more fun to watch Karen struggle her way.” She said, looking at the standing rubber slave, near the sofa, awaiting the next order.

“Very well. Come Karen, time to fix you up for the evening.” He said, heading to the basement.

Karen struggled to follow him to the basement, walking down the narrow and steep staircase. The chain length between her ankles was barely enough for it.

He led her to the well known room where she had first slept when she came in, the day of the fire at the fetish store. It had been modified to a dungeon. It was her own room, her bedroom, her playroom, and the place she had to stay when Phil was not home, but never unrestrained.

This time was no different. He linked her wrists cuffs to a chain up the ceiling, forcing her to bend down then linked her collar to the floor. He unlinked her ankles to reattach them, legs spread out, to rings on the floor. He snapped a blindfold over her eyes, already impaired by dark tinted lenses and slapped her hard on the butt.

“Have a nice evening Karen. See you later.”

He went. She heard him lock the door behind him. He was going out for the night with Lynda, her girlfriend of three years now. For the same amount of time, Karen had been their rubber slave. Never free, never out of rubber, and to never see the city again. After all, for the system, she was dead.

And she loved every minute of it and was always anxious at what would be next. 

A few months later, Karen was called in to the living room. She was secured in the middle of it, neck linked to a ceiling ring, and ankles to a floor ring. Phil and Lynda took place on the sofa.

“We have great news for you, Karen. Lynda and I are getting married.” Said Phil.

Karen squirmed, obviously pleased.

“Yes, and you’ll be part of the ceremony.” Said Lynda.

On that, Karen stopped squirming, obviously how a bound slave could be part of something like a wedding, without attracting too much attention. For the state, she was dead. If she was seen at the wedding, Phil and herself would end up with lots of problems.

“Don’t worry, nobody will see you. Well, they will SEE you but not really see YOU. You’ll understand when the time comes.” Said Phil.

A few months later, the wedding ceremony was held in the large garden at the back of the house, with about a hundred guests. Of course, the bride got all the attention with her wonderful wedding dress, pure white, made of the finest… latex. Her heavily corseted waist was a just match for her six inches heels.

Most of the party was taking place around a large fountain, the centerpiece of it being a reproduction of a Greek statue.

From her vantage point, Karen could see everything. Yes, she was the statue, encased under layers of fiberglass cast and plaster. The funniest part is that nobody knew she was there.

All intubated, she could sustain this setup for days, even weeks. As the party ends late at night and the last guests went, Phil turned off the garden lights and, turning toward the statue, said:

“Good night and have a nice next two weeks. We’re going away for our wedding trip. We’ve set it up for two weeks, but could be more. Anyhoo, everything is set up for you, food, water, everything is automatic and there’s enough stuff for at least six weeks, so if we’re not back in two weeks don’t despair. Just enjoy.” Said Phil as he heard the faint hum of the vibrating dildos entering into action.

Inside her rigid cocoon, Karen smiled. She wouldn’t change her world for anything.

© Pete / monsterp63, April 9, 2007.


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