Karen – Destiny


  Sitting at a small round table outside the crowded bistro, four friends were drinking different kinds of coffees. Three of them were obviously looking at the fourth one, reading a document.

After a while, she put the documents, or rather threw the document on the table with a grin.

“Ah come on, guys. Don’t tell me you believe this. This is fiction. This Pete, or whoever he really is, is making this up. There’s no way that someone… exposed… to such fetishes would come to like them. I hate mustard. Even if you drop me in a barrel of it, I won’t like it more and I won’t come to like it.” She said, leaning on the back of the chair, arms crossed.

“That’s not what he wrote. It says that, deep down, his Karen character had a weakness for those kinds of situations and that being exposed to it, revealed what she already knew or rather how she really was. You don’t chose to like this stuff much than you chose to be hetero or homo.” Said Phil, the only guy of the group.

“You two are on his side?” asked Karen to the two girls.

“Yes, I believe it for my part.” Said Lynda, then turning to Suzy “and you?”

“Same thing, and I’m sure that YOU do not only share the character’s name. You also share the signs of the fetishes.”

“Say what?” asked Karen, wide eyed, shocked.

“Come on Karen. You can’t hide the fact that you like high heels and tight jeans, well, overall tight clothes for that matter.” Said Lynda.

“Soyou do too!” exclaimed Karen. “You wear tight jeans and heels too.”

“Yeah right.” Said Lynda, leaning back then putting her feet on the table, which had everybody around them looking. “They’re platform sneakers. The sole might be thick but the real heel height is about 2 inches. I wouldn’t call them high heels.”

“Same for me.” Said Suzy, putting her foot on the table, making sure her sundress did not rise too much to reveal her private parts. “These are, oh wow, three inches heels. To me, real high heels start at four inches, but I don’t own any.”

“But you do wear heels that high…” began to say Karen.

“Yes but only on occasion,” quickly cut in Lynda, “for dinners or sometimes for parties but we’re not spending all the evening in them even less all day in them. Your everyday shoes are four inch high heels. Your evening shoes are five inches heels.

“I have sneakers too…”

“Yeah right.” Said Lynda, pointing at hers “You have a pair like these right? What do you wear them for? You play tennis with them! And you have another pair where the real heel height is three inches, and they’re your morning jogging shoes! Come on Karen. Your slippers have a four inches heel!” 

“Well, okay for the heels, you may have a point there.” Said Karen, reluctantly, “but I’m not into corsets or anything.”

“Really? Said Phil.”

“Come on, Karen.” Said Suzy. “How often do you wear a dress? Only on formal dinners or evenings. The rest of the time, you’re in jeans. Yes, we wear tight stretch jeans too, from time to time, but even those are loose compared to your’s. I mean, you seem to figure that stretch jeans had to be worn stretched to their maximum. Tell me Karen, but the jeans you’re currently wearing, are what, two sizes smaller than they would be if they were non stretch?”

“Forsezghn.” Mumbled Karen.

“Say that again?” asked Phil. “Four sizes smaller?”

“Yes! Four sizes smaller. Happy now?” yelled Karen, attracting the attention of nearby customers evidently annoyed by it.

“Pretty close to a corset, if you want my opinion, and how about your leather jacket? Yes, you don’t have it today, but don’t tell me it isn’t a wee bit small for you. You can barely bend your arms once in it and…”

“It… I… Well it’s…”

“You like it that way. Come on, admit it Karen.” Said Phil.

She lowered her head. She had to face the fact that she had a weakness for tight clothes and high heels.

“But how about rubber? Now you have nothing to tie me to the rubber.” She said with a sudden spark in her eyes.

“No, we have nothing to link you directly with rubber, but you have two complete PVC outfits, and I must say very tight fitting outfit, not counting your catwoman catsuit costume you’ve been wearing on every costume party occasion for the past… hum… 8 years? I’d say that you would like latex.”

Karen didn’t say a word. She was thinking. Things were going somewhat against her.

“Ah! Bondage. How about bondage.”

“Well, I would say that when you struggle to get in or out of your car because your jeans are too tight, your heels are too high and your jacket is too tight, that it is a form of bondage. You like to be restrained. Wearing all this does not imply any freedom of movement.” Said Phil.

“That’s a stretch, Phil, but I agree with you. We have four out of four: heels, corset, rubber and bondage. I say we have a winner.” Laughed Suzy.

“Well… maybe, and I said MAYBE.” She said, putting a lot of emphasis on the latter word. “I still don’t believe that someone exposed to all this and predisposed to like it would be willing to give up everything to spend the rest of her life as a rubber slave.”

“Wanna bet?” asked Suzy.

“Sure. What do you suggest?”

“We set you up as a rubber slave for some time. If you don’t like it, proving that you are right, you go back to your normal life. If you like it, it means that you will be willing to stay like that for the rest of your life, we keep you as our personal rubber slave.”

“Yeah right. And who would pay for all this?” asked Karen, suddenly nervous.

“We would pay for the initial setup. If you win, meaning that you go back to your normal life, we would have paid all this for nothing. It would be our… punishment. If you like it, meaning that you want to stay a rubber slave, you turn over to us your savings. We know that you inherited quite a little fortune when your grandmother died a few years ago. This amount you keep for your retirement plan would be way enough to pay for your… maintenance as a slave.” Said Lynda.

“Correct me if I’m wrong but you did not think of all of this in the sprite of the moment, haven’t you?” asked Suzy, staring at Lynda, stunned by what she had just heard.

“Hey, we each have our fantasies. She might become a rubber slave. I wouldn’t mind becoming her… mistress.” She said.

“Ah… That would explain your leather furniture and clothes collection.” Sais Phil with a corner smile.

Lynda Smiled.

“I’m in.” said Karen, surprising everyone. “But it would have to be done right. In his stories, they live in a big house, with a dungeon and everything. We only have small apartments, and neither of them could be modified for this kind of lifestyle.”

She looked at her wrist watch. Lunch time was over. She got up and took her purse.

“Think about it guys, but first you have to find the … Mansion.” She said, turning away, saluting them by waiving her fingers, wiggling her butt, strolling on her skyscraper high heel sandals, her brown shoulder blade long curly hair floating under the soft wind. She was stunningly sexy and was making people turn their head to follow her. From someone behind her, Suzy could hear a woman amazed at how tight Karen’s jeans were. It made her smile.”

“Well guys. Anyone know a good realtor?” asked Suzy.

Three months later.

They were at the same bistro, at the same table. The only one missing was Karen, but she was on her way, walking toward the group. The air was cooler so Karen had put on her denim jacket. The sleeves were so tight that they looked painted on. She was rocking her hips in an incredibly tight pair of Levi’s, her platform shoes with six inches heels were clicking hard on the sidewalk.

She sat, or rather leaned on the chair, unable to fully bend at the hips, her jeans, as usual, stretched to their limit.

“Hi guys! What’s with the funny smile? Is there something wrong with my outfit?” she asked, looking around her.

Phil took a binder and put it on the table. He opened it, revealing the picture of a two stories country house on a large lot.

“This is it.” He said. “We can rent this place for one month, which is enough for our little test. I figured that the time needed to set it up then put it back the way it was, the actual test would be limited to one week. We believe it’s enough.” He said, flipping the pages showing the living room, kitchen, bedroom and basement where a dungeon could be setup.

“Test? What test?” asked Karen, suddenly afraid.

“The rubber slave test.” Said Lynda, all joyous. “You remember? You agreed to go for it but only if we find the right house. This is it!” she said, kissing Phil on the cheek. “You’re the best.”

“But… but…”

“You have vacation time coming up. We would set it up then. Come on, you have nothing to lose.”

Suddenly, Karen’s heart was beating really hard. She felt strange, as if some hormone was suddenly unbalanced. Somewhat she felt that, deep down, she wanted to try it.

“Okay.” She said “but I want rules clearly written. I don’t want to end up washing your shit all over the house.” She said.

Phil turned the binder to the last tab.

“It’s all there. Read it and sign it if it’s okay with you.” Phil said, clicking his pen.

“Who is talking now? Phil the friend or Phil the lawyer?”

“Phil, your friend, the lawyer.” He said.

Karen browsed it and raised her eyebrows.

“Basically, I give over my freedom. You can have me do everything and I have no right to complain. You can submit me to every punishment you see fit for any misbehaviour, and all this for seven days.”

“That’s what being a slave is. This portion is important.” Said Phil. “We are not to engage into anything that could put your life or health at risk and we have to take any measure to make sure no permanent harm is done to you. It’s pretty much clear.”

Karen re-read the document. To everyone’s surprise, she signed it.

“Well folks, I think we have some shopping to do.” Said Lynda.

“I don’t believe it! I never thought she was going to sign this.” Said Suzy, stunned.

Phil was frozen.

“Neither did I.” he said.

“If you want to back off, it’s your right, it is written right there.” Said Karen, pointing to a paragraph, and I have to keep everything you bought me, or should have bought me.” She said with a devilish smile, implicitly stating that they HAD to buy her the mentioned items in the document.

They looked at each other. They all signed the document, not fully understanding what they were getting into. All except Suzy. She didn’t want to be involved in such a bizarre setup, afraid it would weaken her chances of getting a promotion in her job if words got out.

The Setup

Friday evening, in the rented mansion. Karen was in the bedroom with Lynda getting help to get setup.

The first item was a pair of panties with pouches to hold two dildos. They were vibrating but remote controlled. Next was a bra where the inside of the cups were lined with tiny hard rubber spikes. Then there was the catsuit, but this one was her night catsuit. They perfectly knew that nobody could sustain constant sealing under rubber, that the skin needed air to breathe, so she had to be out of it for some time otherwise her skin would be damaged.

They settled for a PVC catsuit for the night. Not as airtight as rubber, and not as free as spandex. So the PVC catsuit was put on. It had attached feet, gloves and hood with dark tinted lenses over the eyes and a mouth hole.

The corset was also the night corset, made of black satin. It had a four inch as her day corset had a five inches reduction and was made of leather. On the other hand, her night corset was longer, reaching down to mid thighs, and going up to her armpits with shoulder straps. With the corset this long, there was no way she could reach her crotch to play with her toys.

The footwear was ballet toe boots. At night, she wouldn’t have to walk so it was decided to be the footwear of choice, keeping her feet in perfect position for high heels, even at rest. 

Finally, leather cuffs were added at the ankles, knees, wrists and elbows as well as a very rigid and strict posture collar. 

“Okay Karen,” said Phil looking at his watch, “it’s 20:06, the seven days starts now, meaning that next Friday at 20:06, we’ll get you out of it. Now remember the rules, you are to be gagged at all times, but when you are not, you are forbidden to talk unless instructed to. Still okay with that?”

“Yes of course.” Said Karen.

Phil smiled. He walked to the wall and drew one line in the blackboard aimed at her misbehaviour points.

“Hey, what for?” asked Karen.

Phil added another line.

“Did you do it on purpose?” asked Lynda. “Didn’t you hear what Phil just told you?”

“Yes but… shit!” she said, putting her hand on her mouth as Phil drew a third line.

“Just one away from a punishment, Karen. You’re starting on the left foot. Or the right one depending on the point of view” Said Phil.

She opened her mouth but shut it up as fast. Phil produced a leather head harness with a red ballgag.

“This should help you with it.” He said as he tightly fastened it on her head.

“Usually, Karen, you would go to sleep right after being setup, or rather, would be put to bed, but since it’s the first evening and that your body has to get accustomed to the setup, you have the two hours before your scheduled bedtime of 22:00 to wander freely around.” Said Phil, acknowledged by Lynda.

Karen nodded yes and she learned that the posture collar was very stiff as her head moved so little that they didn’t see it. She had to raise a thumb to make herself understood.

Phil appeared with a short length of chain and locks.

“We have to make sure you won’t hurt yourself. Since it’s your first time wearing ballet boots, we feel it’s important to limit the length of your steps and we also have to protect your arms.” He said, fixing a short chain between her ankles and linking her arms in front of her, wrist cuffs linked together.

Karen grunted.

“Did I hear a complaint?” asked Phil, looking at Lynda.

“I didn’t hear it.” Said Lynda with a smile. “I don’t think she would voluntarily trigger a punishment right on the first day, darn, on the first hour of the setup.” She said, explaining that she was giving her a break because, according to the rules, at 4 points, she was getting a punishment. “I’m sure it will come quickly enough.” She said with an evil laugh.

Karen, used to wear high heels but not ballet boots, struggled to stay upright, making small steps, trying to get out of what would be an office, converted into the setup room, and going to the living room. Her two “friends” were quickly out of her way, sitting in the living room, watching a movie on Pay TV.

It took Karen 20 minutes to walk the short distance. By then, she was tired, her lungs burning, trying to catch some air while her thorax would not expand enough, thanks to the dreadfully long and tight corset.

Once she had reached the living room, she was looking for a place to sit. Phil was on the lazy-boy and Lynda was all stretched out on the sofa. The only one free was all the way on the other side of the living room.  Karen strolled to it and positioned herself, ready to sit. When she tried to bend to do it, she realized that, with the corset that long and that rigid, she would never be able to do it. She moaned, trying to get their attention and help.

“What? You want to sit there?” asked Lynda. “Sorry, slaves do not sit with normal people. You have either to stay upright behind the sofa, or kneel by its side.” Said Lynda with a cold tone. “Just wanting to sit with us is a major misbehaviour. Remind me to add this point to the board, which if I’m not mistaking, adds to four. You’re in for one punishment already! Fantastic!” she said with a wide smile.

Karen walked to the side of the sofa, and taking a hold of the armrest, carefully kneeled. She quickly found out that she had to stay upright, the corset not allowing her to even sit on her ankles. This was not very comfortable, and not the most restful although that it was easier than standing on her ballet boots.

“Say Karen,” said Lynda. “Technically, you’re still on-duty. Bring me a Sprite.” She ordered.

“Good idea!” said Phil “Bring me a Coke and a bowl of chips.”

Karen grunted.

“I heard that!” said Lynda. “Geesh, you’re collecting them? Already at 5! Please go on, I like it! She said with an evil laugh.

Karen struggled to get back on her feet. Easier said than done. She lost balance and ended up on her side on the floor. Getting back up was not easy, her upper body stiffened by the long corset. She managed to get a hold of the sofa. While getting up, being unstable, she bumped against the end table, making the lamp dangerously tip, but it finally settled back into place.

“You’re lucky.” Said Phil. “Breaking something is an automatic 5 points.”

Karen was starting to regret agreeing with this demerit points system, especially the fact that they were pretty much given at will.

She strolled to the Kitchen. Getting the soda cans out of the fridge was easy. Getting the bag off the shelf proved relatively easy, her increased height helping. Of course, bringing two soda cans and one bowl of chips was impossible. Not knowing the kitchen too much, she found a serving tray and loaded the goods before strolling back to the living room. She was getting the hang of it but nevertheless, this whole serving thing took close to 45 minutes.

“Not a very fast service.” Said Phil, taking his chips and soda. “You’re gonna have to work on that. I should give you one point for bad service but I’ll give you a chance.” He said with a twisted smile. “You forgot to bring me a napkin. Go fetch one and be back here in less than 10 minutes and I’ll forget both errors, otherwise, it’s two more points.”

Karen didn’t wait and quickly strolled back to the kitchen, got a napkin and strolled back to the living room, panting, lungs burning, legs aching. Phil smiled.

“Wow, eight minutes. You’re even better than I thought.” He said laughing, joined by Lynda.

Her legs were shaking. Kneeling would not help a lot. Lynda noticed it.

“I guess that we went a little hard, especially with the ballet toe boots. What do you say we set her up for the night now?” She asked.

With Phil acknowledging, Lynda got up and headed for the basement while Karen was heading back to the office where she was first setup.

“Where do you think you’re going? Your cell is in the basement, dear.” Said Lynda.

When Karen reached the top of the stairs, Lynda removed the ankle chain, but left her wrists tied up.

Karen had to walk down the stairs, hands tied in front of her holding the rail, and getting one ballet boot down at a time. All this time, Lynda was complaining that she was taking too long. Finally down the stairs, Karen had her first glimpse of the setup. Apparently, this house was very old and the basement contained a cellar, closed by two doors. The outer oak door and an inner one, a little like a cell door, made of steel bars. Either the previous owner was really afraid that his wine would be stolen, or he had kept prisoners in the distant past.

She was led into the badly lit room. Karen immediately saw the bed, the rubber covered mattress, the rubber sheet, even a rubber coated quilt. She headed for it and let herself collapse on it, feeling relief at the pressure suddenly removed off her feet.

“Sorry dear, that’s not where you’re spending tonight.” Said Lynda, standing next to a table covered with padded rubber and lined with leather straps. “You have one punishment to undertake.” She said, tapping on the table.

Karen struggled to get off the bed and strolled to the table. Her wrists were unlinked and she sat on it before laying on her back.

The table was so narrow that her arms were dangling out of support but she figured that the straps on the side of the table had a well defined purpose.

Lynda proceeded with the tightening, fastening each leg separately with leather straps at the ankle, below and over the knee. Next were the waist strap and the chest strap before fastening her arms on the side by straps at the wrist and over the elbow. Her fingers were forced into leather tubes stitched to the table side before the straps were tightened. She couldn’t get her fingers out of it. There was one more strap at her neck and straps were linked from each side of her head harness to the sides of the table and fastened. She couldn’t move.

But apparently, Lynda was not happy. She took the waist strap, applied her knee against the table and pulled as hard as she could on the strap to get it one more notch tighter. Karen protested. Her corset was already tight, this was too much.

“Shut up and suffer. It’s a punishment, not a pleasure ride.” Coldly said Lynda.

Karen stopped her whining, stunned by this dominant side of her friend, side she never saw before.

She heard Lynda walk out of the room, and the cell door closed. She heard the old lock being worked. Even if she could manage to get out of the table, she would never get out of the cell.

The life of a rubber slave was sinking in, way too fast for her. The thing is… she didn’t exactly dislike it. Yes, it was uncomfortable, but she had earned punishment points, perhaps too easily but she would have to work on her behaviour. She was not anticipating sleeping on this table every night.

Working her butt muscles, she was able to get some stimulation from her dildos, pleasurable but not enough to make her climax. Tired, she fell asleep.

She awakened, her limbs aching, wanting to move, her stomach screaming for some release. She figured that it was probably close to the morning. She had no way to tell, the same dim light was still on and she had no outside view. She struggled in her bonds, but nothing gave up. She figured that she would be released in a very short time, but how to tell time when you have absolutely no reference. Exhaustion had the best and she fell asleep again. After all, she had been set up for only two hours…

First day on the job

Surprisingly, it’s the release of pressure on her chest that woke her up. The two of them were there. Phil complained at Lynda that she had gone a little harsh on the waist belt.

“She was asleep when we came in, wasn’t she? So it was not that bad.” She had answer.

Her wrists were locked in front of her and she was instructed to go all the way upstairs to the master bathroom where she would be set up for her first day.

Legs rather numb, she nonetheless climbed rather easily the stairs to the second floor. In the bathroom, her dildo panties were removed and she was allowed a much needed relief, then the dildos were back in. This time, the catsuit was made of heavy black rubber, and apparently very tight and included attached feet, gloves and a hood with dark lenses and a mouth hole. 

Karen took care not to talk although she was not gagged.

“Tight isn’t it?” asked Lynda.

“Yea… shit!” said Karen, tricked.

“So you’re at 6 now.” Said Phil, obviously amused.

“It’s not fair, you trick me to it.” Said Karen, perfectly knowing that another point would be added.

“That’s your 7th point in about 12 hours. Not bad. All you have to do is be careful. It only takes discipline and obviously, you need more of it.” Said Lynda with her now familiar devilish smile. “By the way, since your stretch jeans were four sizes smaller, we took the suit four sizes smaller too. Neat right?”

Karen looked at her with fire in her eyes. Putting the suit proved to be almost impossible. They apparently went too wild with it, but they forced her in. She felt heavily compressed. Fortunately, if one may say so, the suit was too small only on the width, as they had it made to measure and took the right length for it. 

The leather corset was added. It was reaching from under the breast down to the hips. Phil tightly laced it up before putting it on the locking steel strip, making it impossible to remove.

They had chosen knee high platform boots to go with it. They had lacing, buckles and a side zipper. To make sure she wouldn’t take them off, the ankle cuff included a strap going under the boot and everything was locked. Another cuff was added over her knee, wrists and elbows. The attached rubber hood was put on and the zipper closed, sealing her head in a tight layer of rubber, dimming her vision. Of course a nice three inches wide thick leather collar was added and locked, preventing any tampering with the suit or the hood zipper. Her arms were linked in her back at the wrists and a leash was clipped to the front ring of the collar.

“Come. We’re going to the kitchen.  You have to eat.” Said Lynda.

She was dragged, strolling around, her ankles linked by a short chain. Once in the kitchen, Lynda took a bowl and made some instant oatmeal. They had Karen sit at the table, ankles fastened to the legs of the chair. They put the bowl in front of her.

“Eat. You have 10 minutes.” Said Phil before stepping aside with Lynda to watch her struggle.

Karen was stunned. Her hands were tied in her back. The only way she had to eat any of it was to dip her face in it. Well, she was wearing rubber after all and the cleaning would be easy. She bent to reach the bows and stop way short from reaching. She simply couldn’t. Her corset was too stiff and the collar prevented her from bending her neck enough. She tried again and again but she couldn’t get closer than about a foot from the bow. Even if they would move it closer, it wouldn’t be better, her corset was allowing one position. Apparently they noticed it as Karen faintly heard them discuss it before Phil got away.

“Apparently, this is not working.” Said Lynda picking the bowl then putting it down on the floor.

She untied Karen’s legs from the chair and fastened the hobble chain back.

“Well, I guess you will have to kneel and eat it from the floor.” She said.

Grunting, Karen got down to her knees. She was able to bend and reach the bowl but didn’t have much control. She pretty much ended up face down in it, but at least, she could eat.

Lynda was laughing. When Phil entered the kitchen and saw the setup, he joined in the laughing. Karen felt degraded, humiliated, and hot as hell. The situation was turning her on.

She ate, putting about half the bowl on the floor. Anyway, she couldn’t eat more, her stomach crushed by the corset.

She struggled to get her balance back, sitting proud and erect on her knees, her rubber covered face dripping with the oatmeal.

Lynda took a water spray bottle and generously washed Karen’s face before quickly wipe it off. She then fixed the harness rubber ballgag, tightly fastened it and applied the small locks. Karen was put back on her feet. Her wrists were untied from her back. A chain was tightly fastened around her waist, the hanging end of it positioned in her back, was fed between her legs. A one foot chain was linking her wrists and the middle point of it was locked to the end of the waist/crotch chain. It was long enough for her to reach her breasts, but each time she was doing it, it was pulling on her crotch, and eventually on her dildos. It was torture and pleasure at the same time.

“Very well.” Said Lynda. “The broom closet is right there. You have a mess to clean up, then we want our breakfast. You have the details written in the white board on the left wall.” She said, pointing at the well filled board. “Get to it, we’re hungry.”

They all walked out of the kitchen, laughing. Karen knew she had no time to spare. She went to the broom closet and picked up the mop. Doing the job with her hands tied was not easy but each time the chain was hitting her crotch, there was a small pleasure shiver running up her spine.

The breakfast. Try to make bacon, eggs, toast, even pancakes with your hands tied in such a way that they can’t get more than a little bit over one foot away from you. Not easy. The breakfast was not a resounding success. Phil’s eggs were punctured and Lynda’s pancakes did not taste a lot and were rather runny.

For that, she got three more discipline points, making it a total of 10, and it was only morning. She knew that she was in line for her second punishment session and two points short of her third.

But she had other things to think about. She had to clean the dishes and clean up the mess she made in the kitchen. She had cooked two eggs and needed one for the pancake but used 6 in all, the other three were splattered on the floor and the kitchen counter.

She cleaned everything and when her Masters were back in the kitchen, everything was sparkling clean.

“That’s very good. Here’s what we want for lunch and dinner.” Said Lynda. “I hope it will be better tasting than this last breakfast.” She said with her devilish smile.

Karen took the pad and read. She looked at them with wide eyes but her dark lenses prevented them from seeing. Karen was an experienced cook. They knew that. But what they had asked for was requiring almost a full day of work for someone with total freedom. She wondered if she would be able to make it impaired as she was.

She was almost foreseeing her punishment… and was getting wet at the thought.

She went to work. She soon realized that the two frying pans that were laying on the counter, which she used to make the breakfast, were two lucky finds. All the rest of the cooking pans and utensils were hanging high, hooked over the cooking plate, counter, etc. She tried a few plans but none were successful: she couldn’t stretch her arm high enough and climbing on a chair was too dangerous.

She hobbled to the living room where the two of them were laying, reading the morning newspaper. Karen mumbled to get their attention, then tried to have them come to the kitchen, gesturing too high, hard to reach items by yanking her crotch chain, which gave a hit to her dildos every time.

Once in the kitchen, they quickly understood the problem. Lynda showed Phil something on the ceiling and Phil left the kitchen to return a few minutes later with a long length of chain. Using a ladder, he was able to hook one end of the chain to a ring already located on the ceiling, then measured the maximum length of chain Karen would need, then removed a few links to make sure she would be struggling, and locked it to her neck collar. He then removed her crotch chain and replaced her wrist chain by a shorter one having only a few chain links. She could now stretch her arms but couldn’t get her wrists more than six inches apart.

While Phil was doing all this, Karen started to wonder if the previous owner of this house had a slave of his own, which would explain the O rings that could be found in pretty much every room.

“There you go. You should be fine now. Now get to work, you’ve wasted enough time already.” He said before heading back to the living room.

Less impaired, but still quite bound and restricted, she went to work, preparing food. The length of chain Phil had left her made it difficult to reach far away items, and even fetch at the back of the refrigerator. Karen had to pause quite a few times. The pressure, the tight suit, the corset, the restraints, the struggle to make everything, the thought to face a punishment if things were not perfect, all this made her hot, and she caught herself playing with her dildos quite a few times. Each time, she had to shake her head out of it and come back to her duties, her chores.

Lunch was ready. Karen was ready to serve. Her masters were sitting at the table, waiting to be served, and they were getting impatient. The entrees were not even on the table.

Evidently pissed off, Lynda entered the kitchen.

“Karen! How come we… Oh shit. Little unplanned details. Phil! Come here with the keys!” yelled Lynda.

Phil entered and saw Karen, holding the tray of entrees, waiting, her neck chain stopping her from going anywhere.

“She had all the reasons for not serving us.” He said, “I was ready to give you 10 points for the delay but I see that we should get those points. Sorry.” He said as he removed the padlock securing her collar and putting her hand back in the waist-crotch-wrists chain setup.

“We’re gonna have to find a solution.” Said Lynda as they walked back to their place at the long table and Karen was serving the entrees, bringing the wine, etc.

“I think I saw some hardware in the basement, and looking at some fixtures already present in a few places, I believe I know the use of it. I’m sure the previous owner had some issue with a slave. This is just too weird to find all those rings on ceilings, floors and walls, and even the cellar that could be converted to a cell.” He said, while taking a bite.

Karen didn’t hear that last piece of conversation as she was back in the kitchen, preparing the plates for the main course: Panini’s.

“Thank you, Karen.” Said Phil immediately looked at by a frowning Lynda.

“What are you doing?”

“Err… nothing. What did I do wrong?”

“You don’t thank a slave. She has no status and she had not to receive any regards. She does something good, it’s simply the way she should act. No thanks or rewards are required. She does something wrong, she gets punished.”

“Ah. Sorry, not used to all this.” He said, evidently looking at Karen with curious eyes.

For the meal, Karen received only one punishment point for dropping a piece of food while putting the plate down. She was back in the kitchen linked to the ceiling chain, to prepare the dinner. She could hear power tools being used in the dining room and even the living room. She concentrated back on her tasks, struggling against the tight corset, the collar impairing the movements of her neck, her latex sealed nose by the hood, preventing her to smell, her gag making it difficult to taste, the tight rubber suit, making her arms hurt and her fingers difficult to bend, standing on the high heels, feet aching, legs straining, wanting to get some rest, but she didn’t had a stool to take a break. And she loved every minute of it.

It was about time to serve, but things were not ready. Karen was about an hour late. Lynda entered the kitchen and inquired about the delay. She became very angry when Karen indicated one more hour.

“Very fine, if that’s the way you want it. It’s two points for every fifteen minutes delay, and I’m putting one right now for not being on time. You’re at 12 now.” She said, very dry. Karen never knew Lynda could be so harsh. Her arms dropped by her side and, behind her hood, she let out a tear. This was unfair, they were asking her too much, unless that’s what they wanted, to test her to the maximum so she would not live to her bet. With that thought, she went back to work.

Forty-five minutes later, Karen signalled that she was ready to serve.

“Perfect, I’m ready too.” Said Phil, entering the kitchen with a steel cable on toe, hanging from a wheeled buggy following a track on the ceiling. He removed Karen’s neck chain and replaced it with the cable.

“There. This way you can move from the kitchen down to the living room, without being free or having us come to change your setup.” He said, fixing her waist-crotch-wrist chain again. “Now serve.” He said, leaving the kitchen.

Karen walked slowly, the buggy was not moving very freely and she always felt the drag of it. She started with the soup, then the entrée, then the main meal of seafood and filet mignon, followed by a copious strawberry dessert and some tea.

Karen had taken great care not to drop anything, not to forget anything, in short, to make it perfect, but they, or rather Lynda, always felt something to complain about. With the delay, her discipline points were now up at 22. She had 4 punishments awaiting her and she was halfway to the next one.

But her day was not over yet. She had to clean the dishes and everything else. By this time, Phil wanted a beer and the Lynda some crackers. Karen complied, walking slowly, her legs shaking, totally exhausted. She was hoping for an early retirement to her quarters, for the punishments to be long and hoping that she would be laying immobile.

Her wish was somewhat granted as she spent the night tied to a rotating X frame, stretched until her joints were ready to tear apart, a gasmask tightly sealing her head with an electronic valve playing with her breathing.

She was so exhausted, she managed to sleep and did not feel most of the teasing, because she had to admit it, everything was simply too sexually stimulating.

She was not completely rested when they came to get her the next morning, and what they told her, was somewhat a relief.

“We have to get away for most of the day, so you’ll be confined to your cell.” They said after she had her now usual bowl of oatmeal on the floor. 

Her arms were tied in her back, elbows and wrists, her legs linked with only the ring of the lock to move, the harness ballgag tightly fastened and locked. And to break any attempt at escaping, she was made to wear the ballet toe boots, and her neck posture collar was linked to the wall with a chain. The grilled door of the cell was locked, then the large oak door was closed on it, only being operable from the outside, and she was sure that there was another lock preventing the basement door to be opened from the inside. It was all unnecessary and only psychological as a simple pair of handcuffs would do, but she knew she had no way out. She spent the entire day, sometimes walking in a circle, sometimes laying down, sometimes sitting, in her dimly lit cell, doing absolutely nothing but thinking about her life, what she was living and what would be next.

Through the layer of latex covering her ears, she heard the oak door being worked out. Lynda was in. She was led to the bathroom where she could take a leak and given a diet milkshake, then she was in her spandex catsuit. She knew she had punishment to submit to so she wasn’t surprised when she saw a large extra-thick spandex mummy bag. 

Getting in it was very difficult as it was way too small. Her arms were compressed in the small of her back into built-in sleeves. The front zipper was shut and leather straps were applied everywhere, as if a web of leather was wrapped around her already immobile body. She moaned on the rubber penis gag deeply inserted in her mouth as she felt lifted off the ground, gently oscillating. She heard very faintly the door being locked again.

Not a single word was exchanged. Phil and Lynda had done it as if in a hurry. She quickly drifted into another fantasy world. Unless it was just another reality.

The Factory

She felt her neck cables pulled on her collar, pulling her backward at the same time the wires linking her wrist cuffs pulled her arms on each side of the arch frame under which she was standing. She looked, for the millionth time, the machine pressing down on the leather item she had just put under it to be riveted. Less than five seconds later, she felt her collar and cuffs being released. She stretched forward, struggling against the strong pulling springs, always keeping the steel cable under tension. She stretched her arms and reached for the leather item. She couldn’t move her feet. They were encased in pointed toe boots. A steel cuff was linking them directly to the floor. Absolutely no movement could be achieved. She was tied to the machine for the duration of her shift, whatever how long it was.

She took the leather item. She had seen thousands before and knew how to detect defects. The next owner of this stiff leather posture collar would be proud. All the rivets, all the rings were properly and securely fastened. The slave who will wear it will find it quite comfortable yet unyielding. She knew, she had one just like it.

She took a brief pause, looking around her. The factory was brightly lit but she, as all the other rubber slaves working there, had her vision greatly dimmed by dark tinted lenses. As for the time it was, she had no clue. The lighting was always the same, even in her cell, of which she prefers to call it her quarters although she hadn’t been able to say a single sound, much less a word for… how long has it been anyway?

She couldn’t remember her life before or if there had ever been another life before. All she knew is her current life as a rubber slave, working at the factory. 

Oh, she hasn’t always been tied to the riveting machine. She started at the bottom of the ladder, doing little chores like sweeping the floor like the one strolling on her platform boots with six inches heels behind her. It was the time where she could still see the outside world, the sun, trees, rivers and grass. But as one graduated, for everything that one wants, she has to let go of something. But she did not regret it for a single minute. She had worked hard to achieve this level and she was working hard to reach the next one, and she hoped there were many others after that. 

It was her choice. It was her life.

The soft tingling feeling of the tense unit electrodes implanted around her dildos got her out of her daydream. She had to get back to work otherwise the tingling would become painful.

She did eight more stiff posture collars before a guardian came to her to release her from the machine. A hobble chain was put around her steel ankle cuffs and her steel elbow and wrists cuffs were linked in her back. Her collar was hooked to the transport chain, a chain running along a long track on the ceiling of the factory. The “track” knew who it was as she had been equipped with a small transmitter, embedded in her neck. The “track” knew who she was and where she was going: she had only one destination: her cell.

She followed along as the chain pulled on her collar. She was led down long corridors and she was stopped in front of door 34352. Another guard, all dressed in tight leather and walking on thigh high leather boots with steel spiky heel, came to her and released the neck chain. Karen entered her cell and her hobble chain, as well as the links of her arm cuffs were removed.

There she was, home. She went to the feeding and cleaning station. The operation was automatic. As soon as she backed against the wall, powerful magnets were holding her steel cuffs in place. A pipe came down to her feeding tube while two hooked up to her crotch valves. She relieved her bladder at the same time the daily enema took place.

Half an hour later, she was released. Now it was her choice to do as she wanted in the confine of her cell until a guard would call her back to work.

She didn’t have a lot of choices, but she already knew what she wanted. The rest was totally useless.

She headed for the large bed, covered with a rubber sheet. Something looking like a lid was already open. She took place on it, placing her arms slightly off her sides and opening her legs in a natural position. She waited.

The cover lowered on her, a tube located at her face level came down and linked with the breathing tube of her gag. The lid closed and she felt rather than heard, as she was mostly deaf, ears being plugged by rubber paste under the two layers of her hood, the vacuum that was going to glue her to the mattress.

In a matter of seconds, she couldn’t move a fingernail, her body strongly pressed between the layers of rubber.

Then it started. The many toys inserted in her started their little play. Some oscillating, some vibrating, some electrifying. Each and every one of them was pure pleasure and used in a well orchestrated symphony creating the ultimate, the perfect orgasm. Again and again. THIS was her reward. THIS was why she had chosen this life. THIS was heaven.

And to think that the higher she would go in the factory job, the more pleasure she would get. She simply couldn’t get enough. It was a pure drug, created by her own body. There was no outside substance, only hormones and chemicals created by her body, triggering all those images, all those feelings in her brain. Nothing but naturally created substances. She closed her eyes and exploded. The first one of many to come.

She felt calm, relaxed, satisfied. For the moment. The vacuum had released, meaning that she would have to go back to work shortly. She headed for the station and got cleaned and fed. The door opened and a guardian applied the hobble chain and linked her arm cuffs in her back. Karen strolled along. She knew where she was going: to the riveting machine. It was her job, and she had to do a good one to have good rewards.

Monday, already.

She felt suddenly weight on her legs. It woke her up. She was laid on the floor and the thick spandex body bag was opened. Phil was there, seemingly not very happy.

“Good thing this… experiment is only for a week. I wouldn’t get up at 4 in the morning just to prepare you for the day for too long.” He said as he helped her get on her feet.

Then it was the morning routine, the breakfast. Karen had to hurry. They were all going to work, except her. Then again, she was working in the house now.

Lynda gave her a list of chores to do. They linked her neck chain to the ceiling rail. Karen suddenly realized that the rail was now going everywhere, even upstairs. She had a tether to go around in the house. It would allow her to do her chores while keeping herself restrained. That’s the real reason they kept her locked up the whole day.

Her arms were locked with the crotch chain setup and she was left for the day. She looked at the chores list: dusting, vacuuming, preparing dinner. It was what she expected a full time rubbermaid to do.

She went to it immediately. She figured that if she were to work fast, she would have more time for herself before they would come back.

Vacuuming proved rather easy although getting the vacuum cleaner up the stairs with her hands bound, and platform boots linked by a hobble chain was not as easy as she would have wished to. She entered the master bedroom, only to find thick velvet drapes and satin sheets.

All this cleaning made her move her arms a lot, each time pulling on the crotch chain, each time hitting her dildos. It wasn’t long before she was hot and needed some relief. She was doing the guest’s room when she hit the left bed table, which made the drawer open slightly. Something grabbed her attention: a vibrating dildo. She took it in her hand and examined it. The batteries were old but surprisingly still powerful. She was totally alone. They wouldn’t know.

She barely had enough long of tether to lay on her back on the bed. She turned on the dildo and got it close to her crotch. Immediately, the vibration transmitted inside her and she moaned loudly through her gag, quickly drooling.

“Well, well. Look what we have here?”

Karen startled. She looked who it was. Suzy!

“I was just passing by to see how things were working out. Lynda left me a key in case of emergency. I see you have no concern.” She said, getting closer to Karen, sitting besides her on the bed, taking the dildos, still vibrating in her hands.

“Liked it?” she asked.

Karen couldn’t lie nor hide it. Yes she liked it, and she nodded. To her surprise, Suzy didn’t appear shocked or disappointed. No, she rather appeared… pleased. She took the dildo and applied it between Karen’s breasts.

“That’s a nice feeling, right? I mean this rubber, this tight corset, the restraints.” She was saying, her voice almost shaking.

She raised her skirt to reveal that she was wearing rubber underwear.

“If only you could know how much I would like to be in your place, Karen.” Said Suzy, who was now driving the vibrating dildo on her own rubber covered crotch. Karen was stunned.

A few moments later, Suzy was laying over Karen, the dildo pressed between their two crotches, Suzy frantically kissing Karen over her ball gag, both masturbating themselves to the orgasm.

They were laying on the bed, on their back, not saying a word. Karen couldn’t anyway.

“Well, I guess I better go back to work.” Said Suzy, turning to Karen, still laying on the bed. She took the vibrating dildo, turned it back on and handed it to her.

“Here Karen. Take it and have fun. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. It will be our little secret.” She said with a wink, walking away.

Karen turned the dildo off. She had been caught enough for one day. She opened the right bed table drawer and put it back in.

With all this, she was running late. She figured that they would only check for vacuum cleaner streaks on the carpets, so she quickly did it, now vacuuming a lot. As for the dusting, she did the obvious places then went to work on the dinner.

When Phil and Lynda got to the house, she was half done, but she had prepared little snacks to make them wait.

The meal was appreciated and after doing the dishes, she spent her evening kneeling between Lynda and Phil, awaiting any order. 

Then it was bedtime again. She was prepped with her PVC night catsuit, the long corset and was led downstairs. Lynda led her, but when they reached the bottom of the stairs, Karen lost foot and Lynda didn’t see it in time to catch her. Karen ended up hitting hard the stone wall to her right… passing through it, in a shower of debris and dust.

The Secret Room.

“Phil! Come here quick, and bring a flashlight” yelled Lynda.

A few moments later, Phil was running down the stairs, a stunned expression on his face, seeing Karen full of dust and a gaping hole in the wall.

“Karen lost balance and, well, she went through the wall. Looks like a fake wall and there’s a whole other room on the other side.” Said Lynda, from the other side of the wall.

Phil turned on the flashlight and had a closer look at the wall.

“It is fake alright. Just thin stones on a concrete layer held on a wooden frame… a rotten wooden frame, I must say. But why… oh my god!” he said as he shone his flashlight inside the hole. He quickly turned around, looking for a wall.

“There must be a light switch somewhere. Ah! Here it is.” He said, flipping the switch, lighting the rather large room with bright fluorescent lights.

They were all speechless. In front of them was the perfect medieval dungeon collection: lots of steel cages, from square to ball to body shape, bars, cuffs, collars, even a few head cages, steel ball weights, and even something that looks like a steel corset were covering the right wall, all very well laid out and displayed. On the left was another assortment of restraints but mainly made of leather. On the far end was an assortment of wooden devices, from crosses to stocks to tables.

Karen couldn’t believe her eyes. There were so many… toys in this room, she was getting hot just looking at it. 

“I don’t know to whom this house belongs before being put for sale, but he did have an awesome collection.” Said Phil.

“But I don’t think it was exactly a collector. I believe all this had a very defined purpose.”

“Of course it had a defined purpose, I mean…”

“Yes, I know what you mean.” Cut it Lynda. “What I mean is that they all seem to be sized up the same, as if they were intended specifically for one person. Look at the cage, the stock, the cross. Medieval torturers would make a one size fits all device, not something specific like this. It is too small to be a one size. It had to be made for a specific person. And there’s more. Look how clean and new they are. The chromed steel, the stainless cuffs, the high gloss varnished woods. Yes, they have been used as they show some wear, but they do not date back a few centuries. These are modern, high quality devices.”

“Things add up.” Said Phil.

“The cellar that can be converted into a cell. The railing system on which one can link someone. They were not done for a dog. And now this room. I think I will have to dig deeper in the life of the past owner of this house.”

“The realtor told me he was very sick or something.” Said Phil.

“This may be the … something”. Said Lynda, amazed by the sight.

Karen felt she was on another planet. Every device, every piece was bringing her pleasurable images. Yes, she would like to try them, try them all. But those were punishment devices. She would have to behave badly to get to be assigned to one, but which one? She would like to choose first.

Would it be the narrow cage or the ball one? The steel shackles or the wood stocks? The stretching table or the St-Andrew’s cross? Or would it be the steel chair, the suspension steel harness or the rigid cuffs?

She spotted this nice assortment on the wall: It started with a steel belt on which was attached a steel plate, obviously shaped to follow one’s head, reaching down to another steel band: the wide steel collar. A steel plate was going down from the back of the collar, slightly curved to follow the contour of one’s back and had rigid steel cuffs which would put the hands in the small of the back, where a steel belt was waiting, and from it, a crotch steel belt was joining the front and the back. The back rod had two sets of steel cuffs, obviously to tie the wearer in a strict elbow tie. Then a rod was going from the middle of the crotch belt down to two more cuffs at knee level and finally down to two more cuffs at ankle level. These cuffs last had a steel plate shaped attached to the back of them, in the form of a high heel shoe sole, without heel, but appearing to be very tall, five or six inches. Once in this thing, if she was able to stand up, she would be almost unable to walk. As for once laid down, moving at all would be difficult, more impossible.

But she had to get their attention and… deserve to spend some time on this thing. But her hands were tied in her back and there weren’t many fragile things around the place. She decided to play the brat.

She kicked hard on the floor to get their attention, then mumbled loudly through her gag, kicking the table next to her, making the leather cuffs resting on it fall on the ground.

“Oh, yes. Karen. I totally forgot about you.” Start to say Phil, but Karen continued to kick things around.

“Karen, this is bad behaviour.” Said Lynda. “You’re accumulating punishment points.”

Karen kicked even harder.

“I think she wants a punishment.” She said.

“You’re right, Lynda.” Said Phil, smiling. “I’ve lost count but I believe she had enough to spend the night in one of these devices.” He said. “Problem is, which one to choose?”

Karen hobbled to the wall toward the steel kit she saw earlier, making it fall off its hook, on the floor in a loud metal clanking noise.

“How about this set?” said Lynda, picking the heavy steel off the ground. “Looks restraining enough, don’t you think?”

They examined it, marvelled at its quality craftsmanship and looked at Karen with puzzled eyes.

“You really think you deserve this treatment?” asked Lynda, just to make sure that Karen wanted to end-up in this quite severe device.”

Karen kicked the table again. The answer couldn’t be mistaken. Yes, she felt she deserved it.

Phil found a set of Allen wrenches in one of the drawers and proceeded to open the numerous steel cuffs. They were not being held together by locks, but by screws. There was no easy way out and definitely a very strict bondage device.

“There’s no adjustment. Just one setup and that’s it. Let’s hope it will fit our little misbehaving slave.” Said Phil as he approached with the now spidery creepy looking device with all the cuffs opened.

They removed Karen’s cuffs from her arms and legs. To make sure she was misbehaving enough, she tried to run away, but was held back by Lynda who still had the leash in her hand.

“Wow. You really fell in love with this room, don’t you?” asked Lynda.

Karen nodded a shy yes as they removed her leather collar.

Phil proceeded to put the collar first, simply closing around Karen’s neck and then checked the fit of the waist belt, knees and ankle cuffs. He was surprised.

“Amazing. Apparently you and whoever this was intended to, have the same size or close enough for the device to fit. That’s okay for the length, now let’s close this.” He said picking the Allen key.

He fastened the collar first. It was a tight fit, exactly as Karen liked it. The collar was almost three inches wide and shaped to follow the contour of the neck, making it very comfortable. Next was the waist belt. This one appeared too small, needing at least two more inches to close. And there was the crotch strap. It had two protruding short threaded rods, their obvious use was to screw in dildos.

“I think I have some… Wow! Look at this collection.” She said, showing a suitcase full of dildos, all different length and size and had different features.”

“I guess it’s a no fit.” Said Phil. “Waist belt too short and no crotch zipper on the PVC catsuit to put in the dildos.”

“But wait.” Said Lynda. “This is her night corset, and even if the fit was okay, the crotch strap couldn’t be closed, but her day corset is tighter. It might fit. And she has rubber panties with pouches. We can put the screwing dildos there. Her rubber catsuit has a crotch zipper…”

Karen was nodding a frantic YES! She wanted to try it.

They all agreed. Half an hour later, Karen was encased in her daily latex catsuit, complete with the hood, but was wearing her night boots, meaning the ballet toe boots, and Phil was putting on the steel device again. The neck went as usual. The waist one was still tight but manageable. The crotch strap closed like it had been made for her, pushing in the dildos. Then the knees and ankle steel cuffs were screwed in place. Finally, her arms were secured in the elbow tie within the back steel cuffs.

Karen was standing on the tip of her boots, unable to move much, body held erect. She couldn’t bend. She couldn’t twist. She couldn’t move either an arm or a leg. And the head strap, tied at the last, held her head in a very strict position. She couldn’t move it at all, in any direction.

“Okay. It’s getting quite late and I’m tired. Time to put you to bed.” Said Phil as he tried to grab her, but she was too heavy to carry, encased in this steel.

“How about this?” said Lynda, pointing toward the ceiling.

There was a hook linked to a manual winch. Phil was quick to operate it and fixed the hook to a O ring located on her back steel harness, at shoulder blade level. He then gently pulled on the winch until Karen’s feet were barely lifted off the ground.

“I guess you’re going to spend the night here.” Said Phil. “Good night everyone.” He said, before leaving in a hurry.

Lynda followed but took care to give Karen a strong slap on the butt, making her slightly balanced on her suspension, and moaning. The lights were turned off and the only dim light entering was from the one at the bottom of the stairs, on the other side of the collapsed wall.

There she was, suspended by a strict steel harness, in the middle of a room full of dreaming equipment, slowly rotating back and forth on the suspension wire. She closed her eyes. She knew that the night would be one to remember… or to explore.

She didn’t know what time it was, or what woke her up but she was seeing as if she was in broad daylight. And there it was, an unmistakably woman form, floating in the air. She was wearing what looked like a very tight and very shiny white latex catsuit, covering her from head to toe. Two dark lenses could be seen over her eyes. She had a very long corset covering her torso from the hips to the armpits, compressing her waist to a stunning small size. Her feet were ending in pointed ends, as if she was wearing ballet boots but without any heel.

The woman form went to the narrow vertical cage and took position, as if she was encased in it. It lasted for about a minute where she moved like she was struggling to get out, then she moved to the ball cage, then stretched on the stretching table before taking place on the stocks.

Then Karen realized that her suit was not reflecting light, but rather emitting it. Was this a ghost? Her heart pounded harder inside her confinement when she saw the woman form float toward her, but so far, it appears she was getting ignored. The woman form took place in the suspension spreader bar, then headed for the steel rack and stopped, apparently startled, looking at Karen.

That’s when Karen realized that it had no other explanation than being a ghost. Yes her suit was emitting the light. The dark patches were in fact blue eyes, and she could slightly see THROUGH her.

A small line formed at her mouth, as if a mouth was being drawn, then her lips moved, but Karen didn’t hear her with her ears. She heard her in her mind.

“What are you doing in my home?”

A Ghostly Revelation

“Who are you?” thought Karen.

“I should be the one asking questions… I think.” Said the ghostly woman. “But I’m not sure. I know I was here before, I remember every equipment in this room and how it was used but… Something is missing.”

“Maybe it’s because you’re a… ghost?” risked Karen.

The woman startled, her eyes becoming dark and Karen wondered if she had said exactly what she shouldn’t have said. But the eyes reverted back to the soft blue shade she saw earlier.

“Yes. I’m dead. I think. I don’t know exactly *where* I am, but time doesn’t seem to have any meaning here. I was on a beach, then I was here.  What year is this?”


“Wow. It’s been 14 years, yet it seems like yesterday. Who are you?”

“I’m Karen. And you are?” she risked again.

“I’m Karyn. Well, I think I remember being called Karyn. I was living here with my … Master, Patrick, and his wife… Lydia.

“How… how did you die, if I may ask?” said Karen.

“I believe it was a car accident. Lydia was bringing me to see the doctor on my monthly visit. I was, as always, secured in the van. It was the best way to travel. It was the only way to travel. Then that semi came out of nowhere. I think, because I was kept blindfolded on every trip. I only see images… funny, there’re from above, as if I was flying over the accident scene. In any case, the semi was transporting something quite explosive and both vehicles were blown to pieces.”

Then Karen began to see the images, as if Lydia was feeding them to her. She saw the wreck, a huge hole in the middle of an intersection, people walking around, looking at the ground, obviously searching for something, perhaps leftovers of the bodies. Then the image concentrated on one man, in his 40’s, kneeling and picking something. Karen saw it in his hand and recognized the parts of a leather collar, badly charred. A little farther, what could be the remains of a high heel shoe. He picked both of them, held them in his hands then looked up at the sky, directly at the floating Karyn, but without seeing her. She saw him mouth:

“Goodbye Karyn. Goodbye Lydia. I will miss you both.” A tear running down his eyes.

“Then I was on a beach, and then I was here. It feels only like a split second to me, but it has been 12 years? Weird.”

“But… Why are you back? Why are you here? Now?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t choose to come here. I was… sent here. Maybe you’re the right one. Maybe you’re the one who should know about it. I feel I have to tell you, that I MUST tell you.”

“Tell me what?” said Karen, struggling against her bonds, suddenly awakening the dildos, and sending stimulating vibrations up her spine. Karyn smiled.

“Devilish, isn’t it? It was my favourite device.” She said before turning around and facing the opposite wall. “There, behind the mummy case, there’s a small door. You will only enter through it by crawling. But you and only you must enter. It was my secret room. I don’t even think that Patrick knew about it. There you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

“What is it?”

“You’ll see it in time. But you’re the only one that could enter this small room.” She said, slowly gliding away. She rubbed her hands from her latex covered breasts down to her compressed waist then to her thighs and finally to her crotch. She smiled. “I miss the feeling… Well, it seems I’m going elsewhere. Good luck Karen.” She said, before disappearing, the room returning back to its darkness.

Karen struggled against her bonds. She wanted to go to that secret room, she wanted to see it, to look at what was inside, but her struggle only awakened her crotch, and a few minutes later, she was not doing it to get free, but to get a big one. The whole rack shook as she experienced the orgasm like never before, then fell asleep.

Back With the Living.

She felt shaken. She opened her eyes and saw Phil and Lynda below her as the winch was operated. She tried to stretch her limbs to wake up but the restraints were too severe. She only twisted in her steel encasement, making the screwed-in dildos play with her. She moaned.

“Geesh! I can’t believe you actually slept in this thing.” Said Lynda.

She felt it weird to feel the weight on her legs again, on her ballet boots, which she had forgotten she was wearing.

She was taken out of the steel harness, but it took time, way more time than they had anticipated. They dragged Karen upstairs, made her have a leak in the toilet then tied her to the railing system and put the bowl of oatmeal on the floor, tying her hands in front of her in the crotch chained position.

“We’re in a hurry or we’ll all be late for work. I don’t think the gag is really necessary since you’ll be alone.” Said Lynda. “Eat and do the list of your chores. We’ll get you out of your rubber suit as soon as we get back.”

Then they left, leaving Karen alone. She ate the oatmeal and got up. Yes, they had left her with everything on, including the ballet toe boots, boots she had barely walked in it and mostly had worn them at night, all tied up.

“This could be fun.” She said to herself as she made the first long walk from the kitchen to the living room. The list was there along with the vacuum cleaner and dusting plumes.

She went to work, it was her duty, it was her life. Life? She suddenly had to remind herself that it was only a test, that she would be free in three days or so. It wasn’t her life it was… Karyn’s life.

She stopped and let herself drop on the sofa, thinking about that ghostly dream. But was it real or was it exactly that, just a dream. The only way she could verify was to go behind the mummy case, but she couldn’t reach the top of the stairs because of her neck tether.

The house chores were not important anymore. She was thinking again of the room below, of the many devices that were there. She lay on the sofa, her hands quickly finding the way to her crotch, and began to play with the deeply inserted dildos. She saw Lydia, going from one to the other, then she saw Phil, standing in front of her… Phil??

“Well, I forgot my briefcase. I think it wasn’t such a bad thing after all.” He said, quickly running downstairs then coming back a few minutes later with a steel harness Karen recognized: a chastity belt.

“If the suspension thing was to your size, this should be too.” He said, putting the belt in place and locking it. 

It fit very tightly, and although her hands could still reach her crotch, she was not gaining any satisfaction from it.

“This is cruel.” Said Karen.

“Oh… and a nice gag too!” said Phil, quickly picking up the usual head harness gag and putting tightly in place, more tightly than usual, before locking everything.

“For all this, I add 10 points. You’re looking for a heck of a night, dear.” He said before picking up his briefcase and leaving. “And do your chores. All of them!” he had time saying before slamming the door.

She had been caught two days in a row, although it was the first time she was actually punished for it. The chastity belt proved very frustrating. She was able to get herself aroused but never enough to jump the fence, only to keep her stimulated. It was a real pleasure torture.

She did her best to do her chores, but vacuuming balancing on ballet heels was not easy. When she passed in front of the large mirror in the master bedroom, she couldn’t help it but stop and look at herself, how stunningly wonderful she was looking, with her extra-long legs, her thin waist, head erect, and her shiny pitch black skin.

She prepared the meal and Phil told what he caught her doing. All were pleased with the solution and they were talking about the numerous devices in the newly discovered room, and which one should be suitable for the punishment she deserved.

By early in the evening, her rubber catsuit was removed. Already the skin was slightly whitish.

“It’s gonna be spandex for the night, dear. Not even PVC.” Said Lynda.

Karen was put in a tight and thick spandex zentai catsuit, complete with closed hood. She would see only through the thick fabric. If it can be considered seeing.

She was then brought to the equipment room where Phil had decided on a device to use. It was a display stand composed of one rod where her crotch would rest, and a vertical bar, starting at the back of the rod, and going up to a collar. The collar had two horizontal rods where the wrists would be locked. As for the legs, they would be spread out and tied to spreading rods at the bottom of the main vertical support. All her weight would rest on her crotch, the rest of the restraints were only there to prevent her from falling.

Karen was secured and it wasn’t long after they were gone that she felt uncomfortable. But she deserved it. After all, it was supposed to be a punishment.

She didn’t sleep, and she didn’t see any ghost either. Her diminished vision prevented her to have a closer look behind the mummy case, to see if what Lydia told her was right. She even tried to call her, mentally, but she saw no one and her world remained dark.

When they came to free her on Thursday morning, she had barely slept. She was nonetheless eager to return to her now beloved rubber skin, but she had a disappointment.

“Your skin is still blemished, Karen. I wouldn’t put you back in latex just yet. After all, you’ve been encased in your suit for 36 hours or so. No, you stay in spandex for the day.”

Karen was pissed off, and she showed it by breaking a vase as they were about to leave.

“Was this accidental?” asked Phil, looking straight at her.

Karen didn’t move. She didn’t want to tell the truth nor lie.

“I take it as you did it on purpose. We’ll see for that when we’ll return.” He had said, leaving her with the list of chores, she intended not to do.

When they returned and had their bad tasting meal, Karen really wanted to be punished, she was taken downstairs, not to the equipment room but rather to the cellar / cell. There she was stripped down, then wrapped in three layers of plastic wrap, followed by three layers of duct tape. She was a rigid, silver mummy with only a tube coming out of her mouth. She was then placed into the vacuum bed and sealed.

She couldn’t move at all. She couldn’t even stimulate herself. This proved to be the most devilish situation she had been in, in the last seven days because, the next day was Friday and she was getting released by the end of it.

They didn’t release her in the morning so she spent the whole day totally immobile and tightly cocooned. She stayed there, tightly wrapped for 20 hours!

She was released and she headed for a much needed relief session and a long shower. When she walked back, she surprised everybody by wearing a tight fitting red latex knee length, long sleeves dress with red platform high heel shoes. She was smiling and the other suspected, with reasons, that her panties were not as ordinary as one would think. Suzy had joined them to see the final outcome.

“So, what’s the verdict, Karen? Do we win or do we lose?” asked Lynda.

“Verdict? What verdict?”

“The final verdict, Karen. Do you now believe how Pete writes his stories? Do you believe that you ARE a latex and bondage fetishist”

She had completely forgotten about that bet. If she was right, e.g. that she wouldn’t like to be a latex slave, she would “be free” but if she loses, she would become their slave for the rest of her life. She looked at how she was dressed. It would be hard to deny it.

“Well, I…”

“You lose!” said Suzy, all joyous. “You’re our slave now.”

“Yes, she’s right.” Said Lynda. “The only problem is, even the three of us together, have no use for a latex slave, nor the money to have one.”

“We had to suck in our savings to pay the rental of this house, which we have to put back the way it was when we came in, meaning removing the rail.” Said Phil.

Karen startled and got up in a hurry.

“Err… wait. I’ll be right back.” She said, running for the basement door.

The other three were quick on her trail. Karen ran into the equipment room and went to the mummy case. She tried to move it but couldn’t as it was too heavy. She looked at Phil, asking for a hand.

The case was made of concrete or something like that. It took the four of them to move it away, revealing the small crawling door Karen was looking for. She kneeled on the floor and tried to open it but it didn’t move.

“Let me have a look.” Said Phil. “Oh, look, it’s no door; it’s only something carved on the stones.” He said. “But how did you know it was there?” he asked Karen.

Karen told her about the ghost or the dream.

“Yes, I put my money on a dream.” Said Suzy.

“But how come a dream would have told me something no one of us knew about. Listen. She told me that I would be able to open it if I was alone. Please get out of the room. We have nothing to lose.” Said Karen.

Suzy, Lynda and Phil walked out of the room, but stayed where they could see her. Karen kneeled at the door and tried to open it again.

“Please, Karyn.” She murmured, “I’m alone. Can you open the door, please?”

To her amazement, the carving on the stone became wider and transformed into a slot. Karen pushed on the handle and the door opened, revealing a very small room where a person could only sit. She crawled into it. It looks like it had been carved into the rock. There was only one book in the small room.

Karen took it. It was a journal, Karyn’s journal. She took it and turned around to get out but the door closed in front of her, trapping her inside.

“No! Karyn! What are you doing?”

Karen tried to open the door, but couldn’t. She bangs on it, asking for help but it was too thick. They probably didn’t even hear her screams. She turned around, in the dark. She saw images and they were lifelike. She saw a woman, tightly encased in a thick layer of shining rubber. No seam, no zipper could be seen. She was restrained and obviously took pleasure at it. 

She saw the equipment room, but in days where it was used on a regular basis. She saw the woman being led by a man to a standing post and backed to it. She saw tubes being plugged at the crotch and at the mouth, as if she was automatically being fed and cleaned.

The scene changed. She saw the woman again but she was in the living room, tied to the rail, bringing beverages to two people sitting on the sofa: one man and one woman.

“Thank you Karyn.” She heard the woman say as she took the glass off the tray. 

The latex clad woman hobbled back to the kitchen on pointed toe boots, without any heels, and came back to the living room before kneeling besides the sofa. The perfect latex slave awaiting her next orders.

Karen smiled. She liked it. She wished she was that woman, she wished she was this rubber slave.

The scenes disappeared and a whitish glow under the dust got her attention. She reached for it. It looked like an envelope. Once she had it in her hands, the door opened again. It was as if Karyn had asked her a few questions before giving her a last item.

When she poked her head through the door opening, she found Lynda, Suzy and Phil, holding picks, sledge hammers and shovels, looking in amazement.

“Are you okay?” asked Phil.

“Yes, I’m fine, why? Geesh, I’ve only been gone a few minutes.”

They looked at each other.

“It’s Sunday morning.” Said Lynda.

“I have been in there for almost two days? You’re joking, right?”

“Do we look like it?” asked Phil, dirty and smelly, a pile of dust next to him. “I don’t know what kind of rock this is but it’s harder than anything I saw before.

Karen got up and walked away for a few steps. A sound of rock sliding made her turn around. She saw the door closed and every sign of it disappeared.

“What the hell was all this about?” asked Suzy.

Karen showed them the book and the envelope.

The Revelation

They followed her back to the kitchen where she took place at the dining table, laying the dusty book and the envelope side by side, not knowing what to do with them, unable to decide which one to look up first.

“The… envelope seems to have triggered the door to… reappear. I think it’s the most important one.” Said Karen, her voice shaking.

She opened the envelope and browsed the content, a single document, hand written. She started to read it for herself then stop and read it so that everyone could hear. It was too shocking.

On this day, in a split second, I lost my wife, my lover, my mistress, my friend, my confident, and my partner.

Although I was legally married to only one of them, I felt exactly the same thing for both.

It’s been 7 years since the dreadful accident took them out of my life. This morning I had a dream, or was it a vision, I really don’t know. Someone came to me. Was it Lydia? Was it Karyn? I couldn’t tell. It was like the two of them had fused into a single entity, like the way I was seeing them when they were living.

They told me to write this letter and to put it in a special cave, inside the equipment room. A cave I know never existed before as it is bare rock. So I write this letter and I put it next to the book Karyn-Lydia asked me to get. The cave is to be sealed after that and only reopened when the proper person goes by it, if it ever happens.

If you read this letter, it means two things:

  1. What the entity said and did was true,
  2. I’m not dead… yet.

This house is to be demolished within 10 days of my death, and the land restored to nature without being sold or rented for 100 years.

Bring this paper to the lawyer stated at the bottom of it. I hereby give away this house, the land and everything in and on it, to the possessor of this letter, without any conditions but to use it the way it was intended to be.

I’m sure that Karyn-Lydia will make sure it is.



“He gives you the house?” startled Suzy?

“Assuming that this document has any real value. Well, I have nothing to lose. I will contact this lawyer first thing tomorrow morning.” Said Karen. “It’s a woman: Sandy…”

“Geesh! That’s really, and I mean REALLY weird!” said Suzy.

“What? The letter?”

“Haven’t you noticed? Sandy, Patrick, Lydia and Karyn. Suzy, Philip, Lynda and Karen. Really sound like each other, don’t you think?”

Phil and Lynda startled. Karen smiled. She had noticed.

On Monday morning, Karen called the phone number of the lawyer. Her secretary told her that she didn’t have any free spot before two months, but Karen asked the secretary to leave a note about the letter to Sandy.

An hour later, Sandy was calling back, her voice shaking, and set up a meeting with Karen, and with her alone, at the end of the afternoon, her last rendezvous of the day. She had one weird request: wear what you seem appropriate.

Karen used her day to do some shopping, to wear what she felt to be appropriate. Fifteen minutes before her scheduled meeting, she entered the office and presented herself to the secretary who looked at her with stunned eyes. A customer got out from the main office shortly after that, and looked at Karen with curious eyes. The secretary went to the office, got out a few moments later, took her purse and left, wishing Karen a good evening.

Finally, the door opened and a woman in her 50’s appeared. She looked stunned when she saw Karen. Sitting in the waiting room was a woman, wearing tight rubber jeans, black spiky platform sandals over obviously clear later stockings, a purple shirt and a long black rubber jacket. Her hands were covered with black rubber gloves.

“Hi, I’m Karen.” She said, getting up, the latex creaking with the vinyl waiting room chairs.

“Hi I’m stunned… I mean, I’m Sandy. Well, it’s even better than I thought.” She said, finally smiling. “Please, follow me.” She said.

Karen followed and took place in the soft leather seat in front of Sandy’s desk. She handed her the letter, which was examined carefully, even with a magnifying glass.

“Is there something wrong?” finally asked Karen.

“No, absolutely not, apparently.” Said Sandy, then she explained more following Karen’s perplexed look.

“I was not only Patrick’s lawyer, but also a very good friend of their family. Lydia and Karyn’s death was most disturbing and hard to take, especially for Patrick. Then he came to me with this weird story that someone had come to see him, and had told him to put a book and this letter into some never before seen cave.”

“Someone? Who?” asked Karen.

“He said that it seemed to be a mix of Lydia and Karyn, as he would hear both of them. He tried to show me where he had put everything but there was nothing there but solid rock. So, I only believed half of his story, putting most of it on divagations of a very disturbed man.”

“Where is he now?”

“That’s another weird part of this saga. He’s been in a hospital, sick for the past two years. He’s surviving thanks to intravenous feeding. All doctors are puzzled by the fact that he’s still alive.” 

“So is this paper legal? Do I get to own the house and everything?”

“Oh yes, and more than you can imagine. He had told me that if everything was happening the way Lydia/Karyn told him, the one who would find the letter and the books should be a very strong latex fetishist, and she believed that she would come to meet me wearing latex. That’s why I asked you to wear what you thought would be appropriate.”

“So, I did right.” She said, opening her arms to show her latex outfit.”

“Yes. So, in addition to his house and property, you receive 125 millions out of his fortune.”

“One… hund… Twe….twenty fi…fi…five mmmm” tried to say Karen, eyes wide open, in total shock.

“Yes but there’s a little snag.” Said Sandy.

Karen lowered her eyes.

“Ah, yes, of course. It was too easy.”

“You’ll get this amount only after Patrick’s death, as it’s there to insure his survival. So you’ll get 1 million now so you will be able to maintain the house and what’s left of it when he dies. To date, I believe that we still haven’t touched it, so you’ll have it in totality, but again, only after his de… Excuse me.” She said, as the phone rang.

“Yes… Han-han… Yes… Talk about being sudden…” she said, looking at Karen “… Yes… Yes, I’ll be there tomorrow morning for the papers. Thank you.”

Karen frowned. She felt it was related to her.

“Something wrong?” she asked, nervous.

“Apparently not. Patrick just died. Without any warning, his heart stopped. It’s as if he felt that the future was being taken care of and he released everything. You are now richer by 125 millions.”

There was a soft thud on the ground.

“Karen?… Miss Karen?” are you okay?” said Sandy, approaching Karen, unconscious on the floor.

Building from the Past

She was sitting at the dining room table, still wearing the latex outfit she had on at the lawyer. It was getting late in the evening.

In front of her, were the letter, the legal documents, and the journal. Karen’s hands were shaking. It had been an exceptional week. It had been an unpredictable day, and the outcome was simply unbelievable.

Finally, she heard the door open. She turned around, smiling. Phil, Lynda and Suzy were getting in the house, their face frowning with concern.

“What’s up, Karen? You sounded panicked on the phone.” Said Suzy.

“Yeah. We came as fast as we could. It was not easy getting out of that meeting. I’ll have some explanation to find for my boss tomorrow.” Said Lynda.

“I hope it’s not simply to tell us that you got the house. You could have said it over the phone.” Said Phil, evidently pissed off of having to drive this far, this late just for something that could have been said on the phone.

“It’s more important than that. A LOT more.” Said Karen as she recalled her meeting with the lawyer.

As she went on with the stories, their faces changed from a pissed one, to a curious one to a stunned one.

“You have 125 millions???? What are you gonna do with all this?” asked Lynda. “I’m sure you’ll be able to make that tour of the world you always talked about.”

“Yes. Either that or…” she said, taking the journal, and opening it to a specific page before handing it to Lynda who took it and read for everybody.

March 3. Today is my last day where I will be able to speak. From now one, I will be totally sealed in rubber, and intubated. My dream is finally coming true. And to think that it was only a handful of vitamin pills away. – What the hell is all about?”  asked Lynda.

“Simple. I want to be sealed in rubber and live the rest of my life as a rubber slave, like Karyn did. You will live here with me and take care of me. I think I have enough money to satisfy all four of us.” Said Karen.

“But wait. You already know that it’s impossible to seal someone in rubber. Remember the skin problem you had after only 36 hours?”

“Yes and Karyn had the same problem, until by pure luck, she discovered that if she was taking a massive dose of vitamin E, the one supposedly helping the skin, she had no unwanted effects. She tried it for six months before being sealed.”

“I see.” Said Phil, putting down the journal as he was reading the explanation in it. “It also said that Lydia tried it with no results. Her body might have something which made it possible.”

“That’s why I want to try it first.” She said, picking up a pile of rubber and a bottle. “I have the vitamin E, and I have the rubber suit. Seal me in. We’ll check my skin every 12 hours. After all, you’ll have all the time in the world, since you don’t have to work anymore.” She said with a wink.

Phil, Lynda and Suzy looked at each other, stunned and uncertain.

“I… I think I speak for all of us when I say that we’ll keep our jobs for now, Karen.” Said a careful Phil. “We don’t know how all this will turn. But we’ll do your test” he said, looking to the other for their approval.

He got Lynda’s approval, but Suzy’s answer surprised everybody.

“I… I want to stay out of this. I mean I want to keep my job too, but I’m so close to a promotion and if words go out that…”

“I understand.” Said Karen. “But you’re welcome to the house anytime.

Testing Phase – Karyn Style

With her newly found fortune, getting the right latex garment was not a problem. Getting intubated would be for later. For now, testing how long she could stay sealed was the goal. 

Karen was set up: a pair of rubber panties with holes to insert dildos, a rubber bra equipped with electrodes, followed by two latex catsuit, complete with feet, gloves and hood. The first one with a front zipper, the second with a back zipper. It would ensure the most complete seal while allowing for rapid skin condition chek.

Her feet were then encased in kid leather ballet toe boots, locked in place, ankles linked with a short chain. 

Her head was held erect with a tight leather posture collar. She was gagged with a blow-up gag, pumped full. It was her first time, and she simply loved the feeling of her full mouth. 

Every 12 hours, her skin would be checked for signs of damage. The first 12 hours went rather well. It was time for a good night’s sleep… they thought.

“Phil?” said Lynda. “I’d say that Karen, when she was doing her test week, gathered a rather large amount of punishment points which were never, hum, paid back. Don’t you think she deserves a punishment?”

“Now that you mention it, I believe you’re right, Lynda.” Said Phil with a devilish smile. “Problem is, what punishment to chose?”

“I think I have the solution.” Said Lynda as she put down Karyn’s journal. “According to Karyn, the most dreadful punishment she had was the full body corset. I think it’s a suitable punishment for Karen, don’t you think?”

“Err… yes.” Said Phil, puzzled. “But we don’t have a full body corset.” He said in a low voice.

“Us, no, but I’m sure that Karyn still had hers, and I’m sure that Karen made a little tour of the house and she knows where it is, don’t you Karen?”

Karen stayed of ice, looking straight in front of her, avoiding Lynda’ stare.

“You know Karen that, one day or the other, we’ll find everything and then, you’ll be severely punished accordingly, ten times more.” Said Lynda.

Phil was looking at her, puzzled. How come she knew all that. Karen looked down and started to slowly hobble toward the basement. Phil and Lynda followed behind. 

“How come you know?” whispered Phil to Lynda.

“I guess played.” She said. “On the last page of the diary there was some schematics of where her equipment was stored. I guessed that Karen already saw it and already had a look at it. She had plenty of time Sunday evening before we came in. I guess I was right.”

Karen led them to the equipment room, at the far end to the left, where a huge closet was located. She opened the left door, revealing two rows of corsets of all style, fabric and colors: red rubber, black leather, blue satin, white brocade, from waist cinchers to overbust ones, and finally, on the right, a huge garment taking the full height of the closet, the full body corset.

Lynda opened the right door, to find rows of shoes and boots of all kinds, color and material, even a pair of high heel alpine ski boots. The closet had two more doors. The third one revealed a vast assortment of hoods and gas masks, while the fourth one had an impressive collection of steel, aluminium, and leather cuffs, collars, straps, links and spreaders.

“Wow!” was all she was able to say.

Phil took the full body corset and was surprised by its weight. He had to use both hands to carry it to a nearby table where they could have a look at it.

It was made of fine leather, boned with steel. It would engulf the wearer from the ankles to the top of the head in one rigid garment.

“You… you realized that this is highly custom made and that if Karen doesn’t fit perfectly in it, it would be quite painful in the long run.” Said Phil.

“We have to try it to see it.” Said Lynda as she began to loosen the lacing.

There was only one way to put it on: slide it over her head, with her arms up, which would go through shoulder holes.

Breathe shaking, Karen complied and the quite heavy and already stiff garment was put over her. Although the lacing of the hood was fully loosened, putting her head in it was difficult, but then everything kind of popped into place.

As Phil was beginning to tighten the laces, Lynda looked for the fit.

“So far, so good. It seems like this Lynda was exactly the same size Karen is. Weirder and weirder.

Karen felt her body being slowly but relentlessly compressed. First, the legs then the torso, which didn’t stop there as the real corset began to squish her waist a good five inches. She knew the corset would fit. She didn’t know Karyn’s exact measurements but she had a deep, clear feeling that it would fit.

As she felt enclosed tighter and tighter, she was sure of it. She was feeling… comfortable. Unable to move, struggling to expand her lungs, totally helpless, but feeling comfortable.

Of course, her arms were not to be free. On each side of the body corset, slightly on the back, were two long sleeves, sewn to the main body. Her arms were fed into them and tightened tightly, engulfing them from the shoulders to the tip of the fingers into the stiff steel boned leather.

Finally, the hood was tightened, down to the neck. The leather hood had two eye holes and a mouth hole, both with snap on patches.

Two D rings were located on her shoulders for obvious reasons. Soon, she found herself slowly dangling from the ceiling, unable to move a finger, tightly compressed in her steel and leather cocoon. Lynda stepped on a chair to look at her in the eyes before putting in place the flap over her gagged mouth, forcing her to breath only through the nose and the small holes in the leather hood.

“Okay Karen. Blink twice if you’re okay.”

She did.

“Okay, you’re okay. Blink twice if you want to go on with it.”

She did

“Very good!” said Lynda before snapping the blindfold in and stepping off the chair.

Karen’s world became black, but very stimulating, but it was nothing compared with her frustration. The dildos were not vibrating. The electrodes were not activated. She was so tightly wrapped that working her butt muscles produced nothing. Trying as she might, she was not even able to make herself balance. She was totally immobile in her leather and steel cocoon, suspended a few feet off the floor. All she could do was breathe.

Karen was alone with her thoughts. Really alone? She wondered to herself as she heard voices. Although she was thoroughly blinded, she could see someone approaching in the darkness, a white shape, her skin as shiny as fresh paint. The black slit which she assumed was her mouth, was arcing upward, smiling.

“I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I did, Karen.” Said the entity before disappearing.

The next morning, Karen was taken out of her cocoon. She found it hard to believe that she had actually slept. She had vague memories of her encounter with Karyn/Lynda, but wasn’t sure enough. Although it was a relief, she felt a little void. She liked the tight compression.

 Upon inspection, her skin showed what they were expecting to see: some swelling, wrinkling, whitening of the skin… and some red marks from the night’s ordeal.

As she entered the living room, she lost balance and hit the end table near the sofa. This time the vase wobbled and fell on the floor, breaking in hundreds of pieces.

“I guess someone is due for a very harsh punishment… again.” Said Lynda.

She was kneeling, both legs severely wrapped in duct tape, and both of her arms, wrapped in front of her from the elbows to the hands in black electrical tape. Her fingers were joined together in a fist, all except the index of both hands which, although taped, were free from the others.

She had to pick every single piece of the broken vase, between her two indexes, one by one, and drop it into a box located about ten feet away. To reach it, she had to crawl like a worm, drop the piece in the box and crawl back to the sofa to take another one. It was looking extremely difficult and painstaking.

“I can get used to seeing that.” Said Phil. Lynda smiled. “I’m used to it.”

Another day went on. According to Phil and Lynda, Karen still had punishment to undergo so she spent the next night standing up in the narrow cage, unable to bend a knee and unable to move an arm. This one was a real torture. 

Her skin was checked the next morning. Karen’s skin seems to revert to normal, taking the more natural tan color, as if it was very much exposed to the air. Apparently, this simple vitamin E thing worked.

In fact, the unexplainable reason was why was it working on Karen? Genetics or something from beyond this world? “Beyond this world” was something more and more considered when adding to the equation the fact that Karyn and Karen had the exact same size for shoes, corsets and dresses, and obviously shared the same pleasure in their predicaments.

The Next Logical Step

That morning, Karen came up from the basement where she had spent the night simply tied up to her sleeping bench (with about 10 leather straps holding her down). It was the first night she had slept without a punishment in weeks. 

Early in the afternoon, she learned what was in store for her. For three months she had been intubated, relying on liquid food for intake and enemas for cleanups. Everything was fine and she especially liked the vibrating dildos. The fact they were hollow to allow the passage of the tubes apparently made them vibrate in a whole new way.

She was led to the office where everything needed had been setup. Of course, there was Lynda and Phil, but there were two more people. First was Sandy, Patrick’s original lawyer. She was there at the demand of Doctor Thomas to make sure everything was done right.

Doctor Thomas? He was the one who proceeded with Karen’s sealing in rubber. He’s the one who developed the special rubber allowing for such a process to take place. Being constantly in the same rubber outfit asked for a very durable rubber, otherwise the normal easy to rip rubber wouldn’t last a week under regular stress.

Karen’s inserts were checked. She knew that in a few hours, her faith would be sealed. Literally.

“Now you understand, Karen,” said Sandy “that this rubber will bond to your skin, that removing it will be very difficult and very painful, as if you were stripped of a layer of skin.”

Karen nodded a very clear yes.

“Very good. Now, it is known that this bond weakens with time. The results with the late Karyn demonstrated that, after a period of five to seven years, it could be removed without damage. So you understand that it will be impossible to take you out of it for the next five to seven years, of course assuming that your body responds to it the way Karyn’s did. Is that part clear?”

Karen nodded another clear yes.

“Very good. Now  you give the responsibility to Phil and Lynda to keep you in good health for as long as the science of medicine allows it. For it they will be paid the mentioned salary.”

Karen nodded another clear yes, looking at them with a weird smile with the tube protruding out of her mouth. Lynda and Phil smiled. Lynda added a wink. She would be fine.

“All is fine then. Sign here please”. Asked Sandy to Karen, then Dr. Thomas, then Phil and finally Lynda.

“I think we can go on.” She said to Dr. Thomas.

He smiled, inviting Karen to step into what looked like a flexible shower booth. Over her head was a strong bar. The floor was perforated. For the last time before a long time, she rubbed her own skin, including her now bald head. Dr. Thomas installed small earphones and asked her to close her eyes and she was sprayed a few seconds with a warm mist, then she felt a strong wave of heat as UV and IR lamps were turned on to cure the rubber. The doctor worked over her eyes to cut the rubber between the eyelids and the lower eye allowing them to open. She had a very thin coat of rubber everywhere. Dr. Thomas installed tinted spherical lenses over her eyes. For now, the lenses were covered with some kind of grease.

She was sprayed again. The greasy coating over the lenses prevented the rubber to stick to them. With each layer, as it dries, she felt it compress her, shrinking.

“It will shrink about 15%, giving you a very tight hugging feeling.”

The coating went on, very thin coats at a time. A total of five coats were applied before her feeding tube was cut flush at her mouth as well as her nose breathing tube and her relief tubes cut flush at her crotch. Her blow-up gag, surrounding the feeding tube, was inflated, not with air this time but rather with a rubber paste which would harden as hard as steel over time. Dr.  Thomas stopped pushing the rubber paste when he started to see bulging on her cheeks, proving that her mouth was full. Steel connectors were inserted and their flange positioned against her rubber skin. Followed five more coats and the last one, was some kind of varnish, giving the rubber a permanent shine and was protecting the rest of the coats against abrasion. In case of need, this layer could be removed with solvents and a new one applied.

Karen was panting. The compression she felt was simply awesome, and so pleasurable. It was like being tightly hugged from the top of the head to the tip of her toes. Every move was difficult, especially the ones of her neck, rendered stiff by the many coats of rubber.

“Very good.” Said Phil. “Time to dress you up now.” He said, producing an overbust leather corset. Karen complied and she was quickly squeezed into the garment, crushing her waist over five inches, counting her now thick rubber skin. 

Her feet were encased in knee high platform boots and locked on, leather cuffs with a short chain linking her ankles and her knees. Her arms were drawn to her back, linked at the elbows and wrists by more leather cuffs. A three inches wide collar was put around her neck and fastened tightly. She was linked to the rail system. She heard noise in her ears.

“Do you hear me? Geesh we should have tested this thing before going on with the sealing. What if…”

“She is signalling that she hears you, Lynda.” Said Phil, pointing at Karen, nodding “yes” as much as her collar allowed.

“Ah, good. We give you the day off to get accustomed to your outfit.” She said before cutting off the communication.

Karen agreed. She had a day off, but what could she do in the house? She walked back and forth from the kitchen to the living room, then upstairs and back downstairs. It was boring, although the feeling of the tight suit was awesome. Phil marvelled at the sight. The rubber was so tight the sight was unbelievable. He couldn’t stop looking at her firm buns, squishing with every step, at the single sink line it was creating as she walked. He had a hard-on while looking at her just struggling to move in her tight shiny rubber coating.

To Karen, everything was a struggle. Bending her fingers, moving her legs, breathing. She loved every second of it, but she was nonetheless bored.

She walked as close as she could from the back door. Phil and Lynda were tying loose ends with Sandy and Dr. Thomas before they departed, apparently quite happy with the results.

Karen hit the door with her ballet toed feet, once, five, eight times before Phil gave her some attention.

“Something wrong”? he asked.

Karen hit the door again, pulling against her neck chain, indicating that she wanted to go outside.

“You want to get out of the house?”

She nodded yes.

“Okay, give me a few minutes to prepare something… Oh yes!” he said, smiling as he headed back toward Lynda. “I have the perfect idea.”

An Evening Out.

Putting Karen in her latex cocoon had taken most of the afternoon, but it was the middle of the summer and the sun would be going down rather late. In the few months they were in the mansion, they had a lot of time to have a look at the house, but also at the backyard, which proved to be very well equipped for a rubber slave, that is.

Karen especially liked mowing the lawn. You would think a lot that size would require a tractor mower? Not exactly. They found a standard pushed mower that had been slightly modified. It had been equipped with a harness made to be worn by the rubber slave of the house. That harness would place her crotch right at height of the mower handle, hence all the vibrations of the engine and the rumbling of moving the mower would be sent directly to the crotch area. With her dildos, she would experience every slight vibration, much amplified. But there was a glitch. The handle was spring loaded. If Karen was only at rest, no vibrations were transmitted. She had to be pushing on it to receive any pleasure.

Every time they made her mow the lawn, she wished it was a lot bigger.

But that’s not what Phil had in mind. He had been clever enough to have a closer look at the equipment before Karen had a chance, and once bound, she didn’t have full access to Karyn’s journal. Phil was then able to keep some things a secret, to be put to better use later. This was the time to use one.

He led Karen to the carrousel: a 10 foot vertical pole on top, of it was located a long horizontal pole. Two people could be tied up to it at the same time. Karen would be tied up and ordered to walk a specific number of circles. A counter was making sure she did them all. That she already knew, but this time, Phil used for the first time, the embedded electrical controls for Karen’s newly installed dildos and electrodes plates. He then turned a motor on. Now Karen was not making the carrousel turn, it was forcing her to walk.

Now the trick is that her harness was linked to the top pole. Each time she was dragging behind and the pole had to pull on her, sensors were detecting it and sending a disturbing shock to the tens unit. When she had been following it without a glitch for at least one turn, the dildos were starting their vibrating dance. If she was going too fast? Zap and a pause for a turn.

Without warning, the pole would stop, restart and sometimes go in reverse.

Karen, with her stiff corset, bound arms and especially, her short hobble chain had a lot of trouble following the Carrousel from Hell. But she was in heaven. Every zap of the way.

The sun was beginning to set and Karen to collapse when Phil stopped the rig and had her inside. She was quickly refastened to the railing system. She was not to be free at any time. One corner of the living room had been set for her if she wanted to relax. She had the choice of standing up, kneeling, or sitting… on a pole.

Even though it would not be as good as a real seat, she chose the pole, figuring that it was the best way to relieve the pressure on her aching legs. Good thing she had platform boots on and not her ballet boots.

She stayed there, dozing off, until Lynda ordered her to her cell for the night. She was spread eagled on the rotating wheel, making one revolution every half an hour. She quickly finds sleep.

Incident = Punishment.

There was no excuse. She made a mistake, she had to face the consequences, even if it was totally involuntary.

Changing the huge five gallons bottle from water dispensers is, even for the majority of us, not very easy. So figure out how it would be for someone, impaired, restricted, corseted, with her hands bound and trying to keep her balance on ballet toe boots to do it.

Karen managed to do it but with difficulties. She had no choices, it was her job as the house maid. But this time, was it poor preparation, careless or plain stupid accident, she dropped the bottle from the top of the dispenser. Even though it was in plastic, it burst open when it hit the floor, spewing 5 gallons of water everywhere in the kitchen.

She had to clean the mess, but at the same time, receive a punishment. A tight rubber corset was first put on, squeezing her waist a good four inches. Then a thick and very tight smoothskin neoprene dive suit was put on. It included an attached hood with a built-in breathing mask. But instead of being plugged to air tanks, it was plugged to a rebreather bag. Her feet were put into neoprene tubes, acting like ballet boots, instead that there was no way she would be able to stand up on those. Her wrists were locked together and she was given a sponge the size of her hand, and a bucket.

She had to sponge the water off the floor and put it into the bucket. It was exhausting work, forcing her to bend, then lift her upper body straight to get her hands over the bucket to squeeze the sponge, then back down again. Just having her hands free would have simplified the process as she would have stayed “on three” with one hand doing the sponging and the squeezing. But this wouldn’t have been punishment enough.

So it was exhausting. She was panting like hell, her tight corset rendering the breathing difficult, and adding the rebreather bag made her pump even more air. She was sweating like a pig inside her rubber confinement and could feel the sweat running down her spine with each move. It made her hot, but she was in no place nor condition to have some fun. She had to sponge her mess first, only then she might have a break.

It took her over an hour of back breaking work to sponge the floor, then she had to wash it with the mop before her punishment and the goof repairs were judged complete.

And she still had her daily chores to do, already two hours behind schedule. To make matters worse, she was kept very much restrained, on ballet boots with a very short ankle chain and wrists still bound together. She had to do the dusting and vacuum of the first floor rooms, prepare lunch and dinner.

She ended up half an hour late on her schedule for dinner, and although she had prepared nice appetizers, demerit points were added.

How About a Break?

Days go by, then weeks, then months. Although she loved her new life, Karen is still confined to her rubber skin but also to the mansion property. After close to a year of walking it in every possible manner, sometimes crawling it or plainly looking at it from her vantage point tied up on top of the flagpole, she needed to see something else. But where to go? What to do?

Even after one year, they haven’t been able to go through the inventory of the equipment room: there were just too many items. One day, Karen was nosing amidst the boxes when she opened one and startled. Could it be? Could she do it?

She rushed upstairs and put the dusty box on the dining table.

“Karen!” said Lynda. “What are you doing? You’re putting dust everywhere. You’ll have to clean that up and you’ll earn demerit points for it, you know that.”

But Karen didn’t care. She gestured to them to come nearby. Lynda startled.

“Oh my! What the heck…” she said, picking the strange looking hard shell boot. “That’s a high heel ski boot! I’ll be damn!” she said, looking at it from every possible angle, but there was no mistake possible. The boot was shaped as a wedge high heel boot but it was definitely a ski boot with four classic clips and binding attachments.

Karen was quick mimicking going to ski.

“Are you serious, Karen?” asked Phil.” First, ever ski before?”

“Yes” she nodded then walked to the living room and took a photo album, coming back and opening it to a specific page.

“Ah yes, and you were in a racing club. I see.” Said Phil. “But… in heels? And we can’t remove your rubber suit… unless of course, it’s what you wish.” He said, but Karen was quick to nod “no”. Then she made a thinking sign.

“Yes, we’ll think about it… ah and you’ll do too. Yes of course. In the meantime, take those boots back downstairs and come back here. You have a mess to clean up.” Said Lynda. “I can’t believe it. She put dust on the dining table.”

“That’s 3 points.” Said Phil. “Looks your night won’t be quite restful.” He said with a devil grin.

Karen cleaned the mess but was back downstairs in the equipment room as soon as she could. She was sure that the rest of the equipment was there too. She finally found the skis, poles and, yes! The ski suit! Evidently, Karyn had skied before and everything had been thought of. She felt a sharp zapping and her earphones turned on.

“Karen. Time for your punishment. Come to your cell, now.” Said Phil.

She grabbed the ski suit and brought it along with her to her cell. Phil was startled.

“Geesh! You’re really serious about this ski thing, aren’t you?”

“Yes” she nodded.

Phil took the suit away, evidently to have a closer look while Karen would be receiving her punishment, then he set her up properly.

He had her sit then bending forward. He linked her wrists to her ankles then hoisted her up.

There she was, hung like a worthless bag. It was not comfortable at all and she would think twice before putting a filthy box on the dining table again, exactly the purpose of a punishment.

The next day, she was dragging the ski suit and the high heel ski boots along everywhere she was going, and it was getting on everyone’s nerves. In the evening, while they were watching TV and Karen was polishing the skis and the boots, Phil startled, as if he had a flash. He rushed downstairs and was gone for about half an hour before coming back upstairs, smiling, not adding a word. 

Then Karen’s bed time was reached and Phil led her downstairs, still carrying the boots and the suit, followed by a very curious Lynda.

He removed Karen’s ballet boots and had her put the ski boots on, much to everyone’s surprise. Once they were tightly buckled and Karen felt comfortable in them, he revealed the setup:

On the floor was a steel plate equipped with a pair of ski bindings. The steel plate was screwed to the floor.

“I saw this plate with the bindings a while ago,” Said Phil “but I couldn’t figure out its usage, and I had found nothing that would fit into these threaded holes on the floor. Then it all added up a few hours ago. Now, Karen, put your boots in the bindings.” He firmly said.

Karen complied. Once in them, she couldn’t move from there. Then Phil kneeled at Karen’s booted feet and took two strange looking padlocks. They didn’t have a loop but rather a straight pin. He put the shortest pin in a tiny hole on the upper most buckle of the boot, then put the lock in place, locking the pin and making the boot impossible to remove. More, the lock looked like an extension of the buckle, hence hiding its real purpose.

The second pin was put across the binding and again, locked, preventing the binding to release the boot as the pivoting feature of the front end of the binding had been screwed locked.

This way, it was totally impossible for Karen to either get out of the boots, or out of the bindings, gluing her feet to the floor, in the familiar slightly bent legs position.

Arms tightly secured in her back, Phil left her there.

“There! It should tell you to stop nagging us about this ski trip. We said we would see to it. Nighty night!” he said with a devil smile, imitated by Lynda, definitely enjoying Karen’s setup.

Now there she was, forced to stand up with her legs slightly bent, unable to sit, to lay down or to kneel, held only by ski boots. With her legs rigidly held like that, she couldn’t even work her hips to have her dildos move inside her. It would prove to be a very long boring night.

The next day, they were heading for a small hill Phil had spotted on the large property. He parked the snowmobile on top of it and went to the sleigh he had been pulling, accompanied by Lynda.

They open the lid to find Karen, tightly encased in high density foam, secured to the sleigh, wearing her leather ski suit as well as a full face helmet, and by full face, it meant no visor at all.

He removed the leather straps securing her in the sleigh and pulled her out of the high density foam mould then removed the helmet, revealing a skin toned yet rubbery face, with very realistic features: eyes, eyebrows and lips.

He had to help her to get out of the sleigh. Turned out that the leather ski suit was made very tight. Usually, suits have an inside layer made of nylon or something similar, then the isolation filling and the outer shell, which is usually of nylon. Karen’s suit had an inner layer of leather, which was cut so tight that her usual tight jeans seemed loose compared to it. It had a built-in corset which was laced in the front, and if was not completely laced, the suit proved impossible to close. Then there was the isolation layer, and another layer of shiny leather for the exterior shell, cut tight compared to the isolation layer.

So from the outside, Karen seemed to be wearing a tight fitting leather ski suit, with a wonderful white and red pattern, but inside, it was tighter than imaginable, rendering any movements difficult and stiff. But Karen was used to all this and she liked every second spent in the suit.

The boots were locked on and she snapped them in the bindings of the skis. Of course, for safety reasons, those bindings were not locked. But also for safety reasons, Karen was fitted with a ski helmet, goggles and a high turtle-neck wool shirt. The only skin showing was her nose.

Even at close inspection, it could be mistaken for having been too much spread with sun block lotion. The illusion was perfect.

Lynda put her ski boots in her ski binders and with a slap on Karen’s shoulders, they gave a push to get down the slope while Phil took the snowmobile and drove downhill to meet them at the base.

It was not easy for a first ride. Although she was a powerful skier, Karen had pretty much to learn to ski again. Her feet locked into a high heel position, the tightness of the suit, the restriction of her sight and her hearing proved to be quite challenging.

They spent most of the day practicing and they all agreed that it would require some more before being able to go down the real slopes, so for the next two weeks, they were practicing daily, Lynda and Phil taking turns at running the snowmobile or skiing with Karen.

Then, the big day. The equipment was loaded in the van and they headed for the big ski resort, for three days of skiing. Karen would have to remain in the full suit all the time, not even taking off her ski boots. That was the deal and she happily accepted.

They got their hotel room, or rather private condo and prepared themselves, although for Karen, she was already ready, then they headed for the slope. They make sure that at least one of them was with Karen on the ski lift, and the two of them were with her at any time on the slope.

The first day went like a breeze, Karen enjoying every moment of it, especially the orgasms she triggered while skiing an icy and bumpy trail.

They were getting looked at a lot. Karen’s leather suit was not exactly considered practical and she appeared awkward on the chair lift, as if she had a stiff back. If only they knew…

The next day was the same, although Karen chose more and more difficult slopes, ending on the double diamond ones. But her skills at skiing were impressive, even impaired as she was. A few women even approached her and inquired about her suit, how tight it was and how it was to ski in it. Karen and Phil had to quickly intervene, stating that Karen was deaf and mute and that as far as they could tell, she liked the suit very much.

The incident happened on the last day. They had packed everything but decided to have a couple of more runs before returning back home. On the last run, when you start to relax and lose concentration on what you’re doing, that’s when accidents happened. Karen wasn’t going fast, but nevertheless, her ski edge caught on some ice and she lost control, too close to the edge of the forest to be able to avoid going in. Having not been impaired and stiff, she would have compensated, but in her condition…

Her right ski got caught on one side of a tree while the rest of her body went the other way. She collapsed on the ground, holding her knee. Well, trying to hold her knee, her suit was too stiff for her to bend her leg and touch her knee with her hands. Verdict: a sprained knee. She would have to get some medical attention and would have to keep from moving for a couple of days.

Once back home, and knowing how Karen was fighting every restraints she was put on, Phil saw only one solution to keep her knee immobile and also make sure Karen wouldn’t move too much: complete fiberglass body cast.

A few hours later, Karen found herself standing straight but with her knees slightly bending, thanks to the ski boots still firmly locked on her feet, arms bent at 90 degrees on her body sides, tightly encased in a red and white fiberglass cast, colors chose to match her beloved ski suit, to remind her of how she ended up there in the first place. She was unable to move at all.

Rings had been embedded in the cast on her shoulders and she was hung to keep her weight slightly off her legs. The doctor had told Phil that three days of immobilisation ought to be enough, but Lynda felt that Karen had to be punished for breaking their ski vacations and not following orders and set up for two more days in the cast.

For Karen, it was a joy and pure frustration. The feeling of being held rigidly immobile was awesome and very exciting. On the other hand, not being able to move proved to be also very frustrating since, for five days, she was denied any orgasm.

A week later, everything was back to normal and Karen back to her daily routine, making sure to break it from time to time by breaking something or screwing a meal, ending up in some predicament which always brings her a lot of pleasure.

© Pete / monsterp63, June 2007

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  1. This one is my all time favorite.But there is a question,when she go to the ski,does she wearing another layer of real female mask,or just painting her hood?

    1. Unfortunately, I can’t recall what I was thinking/seeing when I wrote the story, some 16 years ago. my best guess is to go with your kink and enjoy the result.

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