Karen – Wedding Ring



As she was walking down the aisle, toward her soon to be husband, the love of her life, she saw the movie of the last five years of her life, all the events that led to that wonderful moment, the moment of truth, the moment of faith. Her moment.

Part I

She had been a closet fetishist for years, but she had decided to change things. She had put on her tightest rubber catsuit, thigh high kid leather boots with a spiky five inches heel, a black leather corset, grabbed a bag of leather cuffs, chains, padlocks and other goods and headed out. 

She took the bus, making a lot of heads turns. Some seemed to recognize her under her heavy make-up and black dyed hairs, but she didn’t care. This time, she was doing it for herself, whatever the outcome, whatever the reactions of the ones she knew.

She got down near the hotel where the local fetish party event of the year. She already had her pass: fetish outfit. She had her pre-paid ticket she showed to the doorman, dressed in a spooky all leather outfit with lots of chrome spiky studs. He looked like a pit-bull. Very effective to send away the curious.

The loud techno music welcomed her. She immediately felt at ease, surrounded by more people dressed in latex, PVC, leather, cross dressers, doms, subs, they were all there.

She took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink.

“With a straw.” She asked. The bartender complied with an understanding smile.

She took a sip of the alcoholic beverage and fondled in her rubbery bag of goods. She put four leather cuffs on the counter, along with five padlocks and a harness ball gag.

Slowly, she applied the cuffs at her ankles and her wrists, buckling to the farthest, tightest possible notch before applying the padlocks. Then a gulp of her drink before putting on the harness gag which she drew very tightly, pushing the bright red large rubber ball deep in her mouth causing her cheeks to pinch, before adding another lock. She got out a piece of cardboard and affixed it just over her breasts. She took another long shot of her drink with the straw this time, took a length of chain in one hand, a few locks in the other and turned around to face the crowd, showing her goods. She waited.

Many people walked by her, read the sign, smiled or winked at her, but nobody took action. She was in no hurry. One more sip through the straw. She could feel the alcohol starting to warm her. She felt a lot more relaxed.

She saw him from the other side of the room. Somehow, she was attracted to him. He was handsomely looking in his three piece suit, made of the finest… latex, cut to perfectly fit his build body. His light blue eyes illuminated when he looked at the sign, and he smiled, creating small wrinkles at the corner of his mouth. He looked a little bit like Pierce Brosnan. 

“Let me see… Need someone to tie me up… Interesting way of putting it.”

Karen smiled, although it looked more like a grimace through her deeply inserted ballgag.

“Something in particular… Karen?” he asked, taking another look at the sign.

She nodded no. All she wanted was to be tied up by someone else. Be really in the hands of someone else, not in self bondage, knowing that the release key is just an ice block away, or that there’s an emergency knife by the bedroom door. She wanted to be helpless, not in control; unable to do anything else that what her captor wanted her to do. She wanted to be a slave.

“Very well. Let’s see what’s available. By the way I’m Phil, but I don’t think it really matters” He said, tapping on her gag, emphasizing the fact that she couldn’t say his name. 

He gently grabbed her hand to help her up.

He took the bag of goods off her hands and looked inside, took the unique key that was opening all the locks and put it in his pocket. He then took one lock, gently drew Karen’s arms in her back and locked her wrist cuffs together. She softly moaned, welcoming the first bondage feeling of the evening. In the bag were a collar and a leash. He put the first one around her neck, getting it more loose than snug.

“Too tight?” 

She nodded no. he went up one notch.

“Tight enough?” he asked.

Again, she nodded no. He got one more notch. Then another one. The last one, he had to pull on it, lightly squishing Karen’s throat.

“Too tight?” he asked, unsure. “This is quite tight.”

Karen nodded no.

“You like it that way?” he asked.

Following Karen’s definitive yes nod, he put a padlock on it, then snapped the leash in front. Without adding a word, he went. Karen had no choice but to follow.

She loved it. She was forced to walk toward an unknown destination, pulled by her collar so tight that swallowing was difficult, exactly the way she liked it. She was unable to grab a hold of anything. She could do nothing else than follow, toward the unknown.

There was a large dungeon that had been setup, with the latest equipment from renowned manufacturers such as Pamela’s Playroom bondage furniture, to the latest in restraints. There were bondage crosses, stands, stocks, chairs, tables, beds, etc. All were taken. In one corner, there were many lumps of chains loosely hanging from the ceiling. Phil headed toward them. He took one of the chains and locked it to Karen’s collar. He then took her left leg, lifted up behind her and linked to her wrist cuffs, but to the right cuff ring only. He then removed the lock securing both wrist cuffs together and took the now free left hand and pulled it upward as high as he could, almost lifting Karen up, and linked it to a hanging chain.

There she was, collar linked to the ceiling, standing on her right feet, her left leg being linked to her right wrist in her back, and her left wrist hung to the ceiling chains. This was not a very comfortable position, but it moved the large dildos deeply inserted inside her in some interesting ways.

She closed her eyes and softly moaned, balancing her weight in the chains. Phil took one more lock and linked her right feet to a ring on the floor. Now she couldn’t move.

He took a few steps back, looking at her struggles. Her leg was quick to start to shake, straining under her awkward position. She pulled on her left arm, trying to get some weight off her leg. It worked, but now her arm was shaking from the stress.

She moaned. She didn’t like it: she loved it. She was never able to achieve such intensity on self bondage. Now, there she was and contrary to being in self-bondage, if she had enough she couldn’t simply use her chicken button and release herself. This time, she would have to wait for Him to free her.

He was simply watching her, admiring her curves, brought to life by her shiny black rubber catsuit. He drooled at the struggle she was doing to keep her balance, her leg straining, softly moaning and sometimes adding a high pitch scary moan as she seemed to lose balance, being held in place by the bonds. At one point, he was afraid that it was too much. After all, they haven’t discussed each other’s limits, but she was closing her eyes, calmly, evidently enjoying her predicament.

He slowly got to her, approaching gracefully. He extended his hands and touched her breasts. Karen immediately responded by throwing her head backward with a guttural moan. He pressed on them and started to squish them. Karen threw herself backward against the chains, eyes rolled out. This was so intense, so out of this world. 

Phil continued to massage her ample breasts then he let go of one and Karen felt a void, but it was soon filled when she felt him fondle at her crotch, discovering the dildos, and started to tap on their ends, then pushing them further in.

Without realizing it, they had gathered a small crowd looking at their action. Karen was breathing faster and faster. Her moans had turned into screams partly muffled by her ballgag. She was red and sweating like a pig, but evidently enjoying every seconds of it.

Finally, with a loud scream ending in a low pitch grunt, she exploded, like never before. The world was not important. Phil was not important. The crowd was not important. Only this moment, frozen in time by the hormones flowing through her body, making it shiver, her brain short-circuiting everywhere. That was so good, so out-of-this-world. She didn’t want it to end.

She slowly came back to reality to hear the crowd applauding their act. Apparently they, or rather she, had given quite a show.

Phil untied her from the chains, but did not release her, quickly tying her hands in her back again, before leading her to a table. He had her sit then he linked her ankles cuffs to the stool’s legs. He went to the bar and ordered some drinks before coming back. Karen was taking long breaths, forcing her ribcage against her leather corset, slowly wiggling her butt on the stool, working the dildos, still enjoying very much her situation.

Her chin was full of drool and Phil gently wiped it with a napkin. He presented her the drink… with a straw.

Karen smiled. He was not to untie her, not ever un-gag her. She liked it, she didn’t want it to end so soon, that was too quick, the evening was still young. She took a sip.

“You were amazing back there.” Said Phil. “Do that often?”

“Nofffmm.” She muffled. “fshoosss mmiimm”

“First time? Impressive. Do you want to stop it th…”

He couldn’t finish his phrase. Karen had large wide eyes and was nodding frantically no.

“Nofffmm… mmffooorrr… mmffooorrr”

“You want more? That could become quite interesting.” He said, looking at the dungeon, already imagining what he could do next.

Softly, he took a blindfold out of the “bag of goods” and applied on Karen’s head. He then led her back to the dungeon. She had no clue toward which equipment he was leading her. She had to step on some pedestals, legs spread out. He unlinked her wrists and then spread her arms upward, fastening them with wide straps at the wrists and upper arm, then another strap on her forehead, neck, at her chest, a very tight one at the waist, then to the upper thighs, over and under the knees and at the ankles. Then she felt the standing blocks being removed and all her weight rested against the restraints.

Then she felt herself move, but it was strange. She was… rotating! That’s it. Phil had tied her to the cartwheel. Now she was upside down… and stopped. She felt a crop hitting her at the crotch, reviving the dildos in her still quite excited vagina. He tapped gently at first then went harder.

Karen was twitching with every blow, moaning deeply, enjoying every one of them. She started to rotate again. The slapping wasn’t stopping, but now hands were squishing her breasts. Hands? But how can he squish her breasts and slap her at the same time? She had no way to tell but Phil was not alone with her anymore. A few more, witnessing how she reacted to the first predicament, joined in to help Phil. She was caressed everywhere, breasts squeezed, crushed, massaged, pinched, her crotch, her inner thighs, her butt were getting tapped, slapped or vibrated, depending who was taking its control.

Hands were rubbing, nails were scratching all over her body. She was squirming, breathing rapidly. Again, she lost contact with the real world to enter her own little world, where this pleasure is everything. She let herself float on this sea of emotions, surfing on the waves of pleasures running the full length of her body and experienced one more awesome orgasm.

Gradually, the rubbing diminished and disappeared, much to her dismay. The only things left was her breasts getting squeezed and a strong vibration at her crotch. She felt a strap being tightened at her crotch, and figured that the vibrator was being strapped in. Then the rubbing stopped, but she soon started rotating again.

That was enough for her. The vibration, the disorientation, the tight bounds were all sending her back to her fantasy world, where she experienced countless orgasms. She felt that, not having been restraint, she would have flown to the other side of the room.

Where was Phil? Sitting at a nearby table, sipping his beverage, enjoying the sight of her lovely slave, rotating endlessly on the cartwheel, crotch vibrated to exhaustion. After close to half an hour, he got up and carefully stopped the wheel before untying her.

She collapsed in her arms, exhausted and quite happy about it.

He helped her to a leather covered sofa where she stayed, still on another planet, the last wave of pleasure still splashing through her mind.

He un-gagged her and offered her a large glass of water. Of course, he made sure that, although her hands were in front of her, they were cuffed and locked at the wrists. She slowly drank the water, using both hands to hold the glass. Her face was still red and she was breathing rather heavily.

“I’m very sorry.” He said softly. “Was that too much?” he asked.

“Oh no! That was just perfect.”

“Really? It was what you expected, then?”

“Well, not really.” She said, then explaining that she had been doing self bondage for quite a while and that this was the really first time the bondage was totally out of her control. “And I really liked it. I wish I could do this more often.” She said, taking some more water.

“Maybe we could meet again.” He said, handing a card. She fought to grab the card while holding her glass of water with her cuffed hands and looked at it with wide eyes.

“Are you THE Phil?”

“If you’re referring to the rich guy up the hill, well, that’s me.”

“Geesh, I… I don’t know what to say…”

“Just say you’ll drop by tomorrow evening, for dinner.” He said.

“But… your wife?”

“Wife? I’m not married, Karen. I’m still single, looking for the right one.” He said with a wink. “Come, I’ll get you home.”

He helped her get up, but made sure that her hands were well secured in her back, joining also the elbows together this time. He took the leash and pulled her toward the exit door. Less than a minute later, she was seated inside an all leather stretch limousine, her rubber suit creaking against the leather seats.

They talked a little more about their fetish habits on the way to Karen’s place. He then followed her to her apartment, not un-cuffing her arms at all, watching her struggle with the stairs. He unlocked her apartment door and followed her in. Before she could react, he grabbed the harness ball gag and put it back on her head, fastening it very tightly, the way she liked it. He then unlinked her elbows cuff but left the wrists one locked. He used the lock to fasten the ankle cuffs together. He then took the key, showed it to Karen and threw it behind the sofa.

“I guess this is the kind of things that you like.” He said, kissing her on her ballgag. “Just be at my place at 19:00. Good night” He added with a wink.

He went. Karen was frustrated and glad at the same time. She felt too exhausted to do more, but now she had no choice. She loved it. She kneeled on the floor and proceeded to the sofa. Pushing it with her shoulders was not easy. Her dildos were still working hard inside her as she struggled to push the sofa away then lay on the floor on her back to grab the key. She had at least two more orgasms right there. 

She struggled to get the key to the wrist cuffs and after four tries, she succeeded. She put her arms alongside of her and fell asleep, right there, on the floor, behind the sofa.

That’s how she met Phil. In that short evening, he had made her experience life like she was never able to do before. More! He was disgustingly rich, and he wanted to have dinner with her. Just marvelous.

Part II

The next evening, a taxi cab dropped her by his place at 19:00 sharp. She knocked at the door, wearing a very nice black dress. He opened the door and had a grin.

“What is this? No rubber?”

“Rubber? You wanted me to come dressed in latex?” she asked, surprised. I thought this was a formal dinner.” She said, blushing.

“It is. I met you at a fetish party, I expected you to wear fetish stuff.” He said, Karen suddenly realizing that he himself was wearing a rubber tuxedo.

“I… I’m sorry. I can go change…”

“Nah, don’t worry. I was just kidding. We never talked about any dress code, and I assumed that you would come dressed, how can I put it, properly” he said with a smile. “You have the choice. You can stay as you are, or you can try one of the dresses I got for you. They’re in the bedroom just to your right at the end of the corridor if you care to try them.”

“Err… yes, of course.” She said, hesitantly. 

“Good then. I’ll pour you something to drink in the meantime.” He said as Karen headed at the end of the long corridor of the huge mansion, wandering what she was doing there.

She startled when she opened the door. There were 5 mannequins displaying rubber dresses all more beautiful than the other. They were ranging from the simplest short dress to the more elaborate one with lots of frills. She didn’t know which one to choose. 

Apparently having a hint by the time it was taking, Phil said out loud “Difficult choice hey? Well, don’t choose the one to impress me, chose the one you would like to wear.”

Ten minutes later, she was walking down toward the living room. She appeared wearing a knee length red pencil skirt with long sleeves and keyhole neck. It was pretty basic and very tight fitting. She had on transparent gloves and transparent stockings, standing tall on red strappy sandals with a six inches heel.

“Very nice choice.” Said Phil, looking carefully at her. “I like it but just curious, why didn’t you take the number 4, the one with all the frills? It looked a lot more expensive.”

“You said to choose what I liked, not to impress you. I know this is pretty… basic, but that’s who I am. I don’t like the extravagant stuff. Honestly, I hesitated between this one and the hobble one, but I thought that this one was more appropriate. Bondage can always be applied later.” She said with a corner smile.

“I like that.” He said, offering a drink. 

She put her bright full lips to the glass and took a small sip. Her eyes caught a painting on the wall. It pictured a woman, in a latex catsuit, wearing what appeared to be a steel corset, pointed toes, steel boots and a very large and thick steel collar. Her arms were in her back, linked my more steel cuffs at the wrists and elbows.

“Interesting work of art, don’t you think?”

“Yes. This is quite a setup. You did it yourself?”

“Kind of. It’s software generated. I simply input what I wanted…. Oh, dinner is ready apparently.” He said as a maid, dressed with a latex French maid outfit entered the room with two bowls of soup.

The maid apparently was used to wearing rubber and didn’t make a note about Karen’s dress.

“My maids always wear rubber. It’s their uniforms.” He candidly said, helping Karen to take a seat. “Well, bon appetit.” He said, raising his spoon, then stopped and put the spoon back in his bowl.

“Oh my. How rude of me. This is so inappropriate.” He said, rapidly getting up and disappearing behind Karen.

She was startled. If one was inappropriate, it should have been her, not used to this high class stuff. Phil came back with a leather bag.

“I’m terribly sorry. I totally forgot to set you up properly.” He said, producing a wide black leather collar with red trimmings and red padded leather.

He wrapped around Karen’s neck and tied it very tightly, just like she asked for the previous night. He then added more straps on her wrists, again black with red padded leather and trimmings, but those cuffs were sewed together, getting her wrists as close as they could get.

He then kneeled on the floor, adding more cuffs to her ankles and linking them to the chair’s legs, and finally, he took a large leather belt and wrapped around her waist, fastening it tightly on the chair.

The last thing he did was to link the back ring of the collar to the high back of the chair. Karen was in awe as Phil took back his seat.

“I assume this is more of your liking.” He said with a smile.

Karen simply smiled in return. It was sudden, unexpected, but what she never thought would be real. As she tried to lean forward to get closer to her bowl of soup, she was stopped by the neck chain. She had to use both her hands to eat as her wrists were now linked together. It was not easy, but the struggle was simply a blast.

Phil was discreetly looking at her struggle to eat, enjoying every moment. Karen liked it, but wished she had more… toys.

Each bite she was trying to bring to her mouth was a struggle. Each time she was leaning forward, she was stopped by the short chain at her collar. She had to always use both arms together, and finally, chewing and swallowing was difficult because of the very tight collar.

The meal was delicious and she really enjoyed it, so did Phil. When it was all done, he untied her from the chair and invited her to get up before linking her wrists in her back and applying more cuffs at her elbows and fastening them together.

She didn’t know why, but even though she was in an unknown house, with someone she barely knew that was rendering her helpless, she had no fear. She had confidence in Phil who seemed to know exactly what she deeply wanted inside her: being helpless, at the mercy of someone else.

“Say, I have a very well equipped home theater room. Care to watch a movie?” he asked.

“Of course.” She said, figuring that she will probably watch the movie, tied up by his side.

He led her to another room, rather far from the dining room. It was a rather large room with a huge screen at one end. The side walls were covered by the most extensive collection of movies she had ever seen.

“Your choice.” He said, leading her toward the latest release.

She picked a few before making her choice.

“Very good choice.” He said as he walked toward the DVD player.

“Err… Seems to be a problem here, Phil. There’s only one chair.” She said looking at the single leather chair located in the middle of the room. There was no other chair to be seen, nor any sofa.

“What? Oh, no, that’s no problem. Your place is right here.” He said, bringing her toward the wall, about half way between the chair and the screen.

There she went wide-eyed as she noticed the O rings protruding from the thick carpet, and the other ones on the ceiling.

“You don’t really think that you’re about to plainly enjoy watching a movie.” He said as he fastened quick links from the floor to her ankles cuffs, putting her legs slightly spread out. 

He then took a chain that was hanging from the ceiling but concealed by the DVD collection and linked it to her wrist cuffs, forcing her arms up in her back, making her bend at the waist. Finally, he linked the front ring of her collar to another ring on the floor. Karen then realized that she would have to watch a two hours movie in a strappado position. Not exactly what she had imagined. She simply loved it!

Phil took a box within the DVD cases and then carefully worked up Karen’s dress.

“If you will…” he said as she felt something soft being gently pushed up her lower holes.

She tried to open her legs and relaxed as large dildos were inserted. This whole setup was getting better and better.

Phil took place in his seat and the movie started. At the first sound, the dildos came alive and Karen let out a loud yelp.

“Sorry, I should have told you. They’re sound activated. Good thing you choose “Pirates of the Caribbean. Lots of action… loud action in this movie.” He said with a devilish smile.

As the movie began, the dildos started their job. Karen couldn’t do much but suffer their devilish action. She couldn’t close her legs, nor spread them. She couldn’t raise her upper body, and she couldn’t bend down more. All she could do was wiggle within the small slack her bounds were giving her.

She was constantly moaning with the waves building inside her, but apparently, this disturbed Phil who put the movie on Pause before putting a head harness with a large rubber ball gag on Karen, fastening it very tightly, pushing the gag deep inside her mouth, like she had done so herself at the nightclub, silencing her.

Karen closed her eyes as the movie resumed. She was securely tied up and gagged, being vibrated to orgasm, yet she couldn’t do anything about it, she couldn’t stop it, and she had not planned anything of it. It was totally out of her control, out of her predictions.

As the first of many orgasms built up, she closed her eyes, wishing she would not wake up in her bed and discovered that it was simply a dream. She totally didn’t care about the movie.

After the movie was done, after all the ending credits, Phil stopped the player and went to check on Karen. She was all sweaty and panting heavily. Carefully, he unlinked her neck chain and released her arms. She straightened herself while moaning on her deep large gag, eyes half closed.

“I hope I didn’t go too hard on you, Karen.” He said with a smile.

She nodded a soft “no”. That wasn’t too hard, it was simply wonderful. He led her upstairs to a rather large bathroom, where he removed the cuffs and the gag.

“I guess you’d like to take a shower now. I mean, if you plan to spend the night with me, or do you prefer to simply go home?”

“Well, I hadn’t planned it but… I’m so exhausted that I would kindly accept your offer of spending the night in.” she said.

He kissed her. This was the first kiss they actually exchanged, and Karen responded with passion, before she left him to have a much needed shower.

When she came out, she had nothing to wear. The rubber dress had been taken away. She knew that one door was leading to the corridor, but there was another one, probably leading to a bedroom. She opened it.

It was a large bedroom, richly furnished. On the bed was laying a black PVC zentai suit along with a leather arm binder, ballet boots and a severe looking leather hood. Phil appeared from what looked like a walk-in closet as Karen was taking a closer look at the leather hood.

“Sorry. This is just a suggestion. I mean, I already did stuff to you without asking your permission. It was just for a few hours, but this is for a much longer time. If you don’t want any of it, just say so.”

Karen looked at him in the eyes.

“If wearing this is what you want, then I will comply… Master.” She said before lowering her head. “I’m all yours.”

“Very well then. Get dressed.” He said, handing her what he had just got from the closet: a pair of rubber panties with two huge dildos.

Karen complied. Inserting the dildos was rather easy and enjoyable. The PVC catsuit happened to be fabricated on a very thick and tight spandex layer, and the coat of PVC itself was rather thick. It was a struggle to put on and Phil had to help her with the back zipper. The suit had attached feet and gloves and was fitting perfectly. Once on, she wiggled a little bit so that it would fall at the right place, including the two huge intruders between her legs. The suit had only one area without any PVC coating at her mouth where there was a half an inch hole, the rest of it was totally sealing her. She was blind and almost deaf.

Phil carefully had her sit on the edge of the bed as he delicately put her feet into the kid leather ballet toe boots. They were knee high and he proceeded to fasten them tightly.

“Are you okay? You look nervous.” Asked Phil.

“I’m fine. It’s just that I never wore ballet boots before.” She muffled through her PVC hood.

“Don’t worry. You won’t walk much in them anyway.” He softly answered.

 Then it was the leather arm binder, pulled very tightly, imprisoning her arms into an unmovable position in her back, large straps crossing over her chest.

Finally, he put the thick leather hood on her head. The inside of it felt rather smooth and not leathery. She felt something being pushed on her mouth that went through the narrow hole of the PVC hood. She felt a lump of rubber entering her mouth, but she could still breath by a tube embedded in it. Then she felt the hood being tightened on her head as Phil was pulling down the zipper. It felt snug but not tight.

The rubber bag inside her mouth began to grow, quickly filling her mouth. She welcomed its presence, working her tongue around to carefully put it in place. She moaned when she felt the pressure was enough, but Phil gave it one more full squeeze. It wasn’t bad. That was until she felt the hood tighten even more. Turned out that the inside of it was a rubber bladder and Phil was pumping it. She felt the pressure increase very rapidly. She moaned when she had enough but Phil gave two more full squeezes before removing the pump. She felt her head compressed, which ended up giving even less room for her gagged mouth. Her breath was shaking. She loved it.

She felt her legs being bound together by leather straps at the ankles and the knees, then Phil gently put her on her stomach on the bed. He folded back her legs and linked the ankles to her wrists with a leather strap, then took another strap and linked her ankles to a D ring on top of the hood, forcing her head up, keeping the breathing tube clear of the mattress.

She felt him get closer and she imagined that he was kissing her good night as her breathing tube was momentarily blocked. He ran his hand along her body, squeezing her tightly encased buns in the way down. He waved a magnet over her crotch, revealing that the dildos had vibrators.

Karen twitched when they began their work, apparently setup on some kind of random pattern. She moaned. It was all she could do.

Phil took place alongside her and watched her, admiring her body, admiring her weak fight against her bounds. 

That’s how Karen and Phil spent their first night together.

Part III

In the morning, Phil slowly began to release her but was puzzled at her lack of reaction. His panic level quickly rose and he quickly untied her, removing the hoods to find an all sweaty woman, eyes wide open, and a weird smile on her face.

“Karen! Are you okay?” he asked frantically.

“What?? Are we still in Kansas, Toto???” she asked, still dizzy, her body full of hormones of pleasure.

Phil relaxed. She was all right. He let her recuperate. While she was taking a much needed shower, he had prepared her garments for the day. She smiled when she saw it: black latex catsuit with feet and gloves, rubber corset and platform boots.

Of course, the much appreciated double dildos panties with fresh batteries were on the first line. She gladly put them back on, looking for the switch but realizing that only Phil could turn them on or off with his magnet. Followed was the latex catsuit, rather thick and very tight fitting. It was a struggle to put on but fit her to perfection. Next came the boots, knee high with a lacing front, buckles and a side zipper. She laced them up so they were just tight before closing the six buckle straps over the lacing.

She got up and put the long overbust black rubber corset on, pulling on the laces. She was quick to realize that she would not be able to fully join the back edges without help. She pulled it as tight as she could and softly walked downstairs.

Phil, who was talking to her maid, was attracted by the high heel clicking on the hardwood steps of the staircase. He looked at her and smiled.

“You look gorgeous, Karen. I hope you like what I proposed?” he said.

“Yes, thank you, Phil. It’s just that I can’t close the corset.” She said, turning around and picking up her long brown curled hairs to display the long corset, half closed.

“That was to be expected. Let me help you.” He said, picking the laces and pulling tightly.

Karen wasn’t prepared for such a pull and lost balance. Phil catched her in time. He then made sure she was prepared and pulled on the laces. Even for him it was difficult. He figured that it was about to give her a four inches reduction but he doubted that his assumptions were correct: this was much tighter.

“Geesh. I guess I wrongly sized your waist, Karen. There’s still another inch to go.”

By giving him her measurements, they both realized that the corset would give close to six inches of waist reduction.

“Just leave it this way.” Said Karen.

“Well it’s just that what I had planned was using this corset size.”

“Oh really? You had more things planned? Then I’m sure we can find a way to fully close this garment.” Said Karen, putting her hands on her already compressed waist, expelling all the airs of her lungs and sucking in her stomach.

It was not easy, and by the end, Karen was breathing with very short breaths, but she liked it. She liked the extra compression, the rigidity of the long and very tight corset. For long minutes, she kept running her hands from her breasts to her hips, turning to see all angles on the long mirror, feeling her incredible figure. She was smiling from ear to ear.

“Can’t wait to see what you have in store for me.” She said.

“A small walk in the flower garden at the back of the mansion to start with. The trails are hard pack rock dust, hence the platform boots.”

“That explains it. Shall we go?” she said, offering her elbow.

“Not quite. You’re not set up yet.” He said.

“Even better.” She said with a wink.

He led her to another room. There, from a large cabinet, he produced a two inches wide steel belt with attached steel cuffs.

“You see, this is not… adjustable.” He said as he wrapped the steel belt around Karen’s tiny waist.

“I understand.” She said, smiling.

He screwed the steel belt in place then put her hands into the attached cuffs to each side of the belt. The cuffs had only a small ring of “free play”. Once set up, Karen couldn’t move much her hands from her waist. The only thing free was her elbows. He then produced a black rubber hood with dark tinted lenses and a penis shape hollow gag. He gently put it over her head, pulling hard on the back zipper, forcing it to stretch a lot for the perfect tight fit on Karen’s head.

“The sun is quite bright today, and we wouldn’t want your skin damaged by the UV rays, shouldn’t we.” He said, Karen nodding her appreciation.

Finally, he put two more steel cuffs around her ankles, cuffs that were permanently linked with a one foot chain, and then fastened a large leather collar around her neck and attached a leash on it, gently giving a tug. Karen followed, seeing practically nothing as the lenses were very dark. Once outside, she could see okay, although it was still rather dim.

Phil led her on the trail winding its way in the large flower garden, admiring the many varieties of flowers and plants. Karen was following, realizing that she couldn’t fully appreciate everything, eyesight dimmed, unable to smell and even touch any of the flowers. The frustration made her hot. She was again, not in control of what she could do. She loved this submission state. Phil suddenly startled, and picked something from the pocket of his rubber jeans.

“How rude of me. I totally forgot.” He said, approaching the magnet to Karen’s crotch, where the dildos immediately fired, making her moan through her gag. “It will be a lot more enjoyable this way.” He said, giving another pull on the leash.

Karen didn’t care about the flowers anymore.

Close to an hour later, they reached another part of the huge property where a horse was tied to a carousel, turning in a circle.

“Would you like to join him?” he asked.

“Yes”. Nodded Karen.

“Ever rode a horse before?” asked Phil.

“No.” nodded Karen.

“Then you’ll need some training first.” He said. “Come.”

As if she had the choice, she followed the tug on the leash, leading her inside the barn where she lost her eyesight as the lights were becoming too dim. He led her close to the middle of it where he linked her collar to a hanging chain.

“I’ll be right back.” He said, disappearing into another room to come back later with a large cardboard box he put on a table close to Karen.

He approached with a ponygirl head harness, complete with the horse bit gag, the side panels for the eyes and the feathers on top.

“Ready to become my ponygirl?” he asked.

Karen nodded yes and he proceeded to remove her rubber hood and then putting the fine leather head harness with white stitching and chrome studs. He fastened it very tightly around her head. He then removed the steel waist belt and replaced it with a body harness made of the same leather straps with white stitches and chrome studs . He drew all the straps very tightly, and finished by adding similar leather cuffs to her currently free wrists, pulling them back into a reverse prayer position between her shoulders blades, linking the wrist cuffs to her leather collar. He then used the chest leather strap of the pony harness to wrap her now folded arms and tightly bind them in her back.

He then kneeled at Karen’s feet, pulling down the side zipper of the boots, taking them off to replace them with kid leather pony boots with hooves and steel horseshoe. She was really becoming a ponygirl.

As she put her first feet on the concrete ground, she heard the sound of her hoofs hit the concrete, making the exact sound of a horse. She smiled behind her gag.

Phil put the final touch by adding leather cuffs and linking her feet with a one foot chain.

He then led her outside, stopping his horse from walking around and tying Karen on the opposite arm of the carousel. She was linked from the back of her leather collar to a spring loaded fastener over her head. He then gently ordered his horse to go forward. Karen had no choice but to follow. She didn’t even had the choice of the pace. She was walking almost normally, getting accustomed to her newly discovered hooves when she felt a slap at the back of her thigh.

“Higher. Get your leg higher.” He said.

Karen complied but was limited by the length of the chain. If she was not getting her leg so high that the chain was fully taut, she was getting slapped.

And it went on for what seemed for her quite a long time. Then again, she was getting pulled, had to force her legs up and was getting vibrated at the same time. In fact, it lasted about half an hour, after which Phil untied her from the rack and installed her on the horse’s saddle, tying her feet securely on the stirrups, and linking straps from her ponygirl harness to the saddle so to make sure that she would not fall down. He freed the horse from the carousel and sent him in the field.

Now Karen was getting carried around, tightly bound on the saddle of a horse, her vibrating dildos being pounded relentlessly, unable to use her arms, unable to steer the horse. Phil was looking at them from afar.

“Have fun! I’ll be back in, oh… an hour or so. See you later.” He said before turning his back on them and walking back to the mansion.

Karen had a blast. When he returned, he left her there within the gated field, to act like a horse for another hour. Once done, she was quite covered with dirt and mud and Phil had fun hosing her down to clean her.

Once cleaned, he led her to the house where he allowed her to relax, to rest and take a shower. When she walked back to the bedroom, a nice purple rubber evening dress was waiting for her, which had an embedded corset with a two inches waist reduction. It had long fluffy sleeves and was long enough to reach the floor, delicately hiding the white leather pumps with a six inches heel that were provided.

She was gracious as she walked down the shiny stairs toward the dining room where Phil was waiting for in a perfectly cut white latex tuxedo. He very elegantly helped her sit at her place, before linking her wrists together and putting on a collar linked to the back of the chair. She was not to be unbound.

The meal was delicious and copious. Afterward, he accompanied her in his limousine with his chauffeur, a woman wearing a rubber chauffeur’s uniform, down to her apartment.

“You were wonderful this weekend. Will we see each other again?” he softly asked?

“I sure do hope so.” She said with a soft sultry voice. “I never imagine anything like that. I want to do it again.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I’ll be out for business for the week, but I’ll be back on Friday. I’ll be waiting for you at 19:00. Deal?”

“Yes. What do you want me to wear?”

“I’ll send something over.” He said, then looking her straight in the eye “I love you Karen.”

“I love you too, Phil.”

That’s how their first weekend together ended. 

Part IV

Karen felt the days were going by slowly. She was eager to get to Friday, to meet Phil again, to spend a weekend sealed in rubber, bound and dominated by her lover. By Thursday, she was starting to worry, having not received anything, not even an e-mail from him. He had said that he would send clothes to her, but she hadn’t anything so far. She would simply put back the evening dress.

When she got home from work on Friday afternoon, there was a large wooden crate by her door. She took it inside and opened it. Inside were a clear rubber catsuit, complete with hood and feet and gloves, and a gasmask with the breathing tube connected to the bottom of the crate. Karen took the instructions and read them.

Hello Karen. Sorry I can’t be there myself, so here’s the deal. You put the rubber catsuit on. Don’t worry, they contain your beloved double dildos fully charged plus a little surprise. You make sure your apartment door is unlocked and you place the crate where it could be easily seen. You get in and crouch down before putting the gasmask. Make sure it’s well sealing your face. Then you’ll see a steel cable with a loop at the bottom of the crate. Put the lid of the crate back on and once in place, yanked hard on the steel cable. Everything should be fine and we should see each other in a few hours.

Note: Be sure to be ready by 18:00.



Karen looked at the crate. It was large enough for her to fit in. A quick look showed her that the steel cable was linked to a latching mechanism that would clamp the cover on once activated. She will be imprisoned in the box. She smiled and was already hot at the idea.

She quickly put the catsuit on and was gladly surprised to discover that it had attached her beloved double vibrating dildos. Although she searched everywhere, she couldn’t find any means to turn them on. No switch and no magnet.

“It probably fell down somewhere.” She sadly said to herself, pulling on the extra-tight latex catsuit, covering her like a second skin. In the mirror it looked as if she had a very shiny oiled skin.

She took place in the crate. The bottom of it was lined with soft padding foam. She put the gasmask on. She found it quite easy to breathe with. It was the first time she was wearing one, and she hoped it wouldn’t be the last one. 

She took the lid and put it on her back, lowering in place as she kneeled down. A quick look over her shoulders indicated that it was well in place. She took the steel cable and gave in a sharp yank. The four latches moved in place, fastening the cover in place. Now she had no way to get out, but she realized that she would be in for quite a bumpy ride.

She suddenly heard a strange sound and felt something weird growing beneath her: expanding foam! The box was automatically getting filled with expanding foam. Now that would cushion the ride.

The foam invaded every possible free space it found around Karen, Squeezing her from everywhere, rendering her immobile. She had the time to place her hands in a somewhat comfortable position before the foam started to set, still expanding, crushing her inside. Her breath was shaking. This was so intense. But she was missing her vibrating dildos. Maybe she should have looked again everywhere. She was sure that there was a way to turn them on.

The foam had fully set and was squishing her powerfully. In her confinement, she couldn’t move a finger. She heard damped sounds around her and she felt being moved. She was getting picked up, no put on the side, head down.

“What are you doing?” asked one of the men.

“Just following the instructions.” Said the other. “I’m to put that metal bar right here on the black square under the box and wait five seconds.” he said as he placed the metal bar in place. “Hear that?” he asked.

“What? I didn’t hear anything?”

“It sounded like, I don’t know, sounded like a mouse.” He said.

“Come on before someone thinks we’re robbers.” Said the other as he approached with a small two wheel buggy.

Karen was head down, then all the sudden, the dildos came alive. She let out a small scream of surprise, but was glad about it. She was kept in this inverted position for a few seconds before being moved again, rolling more, this time ending on her back. She felt being slightly tilted and moved.

Getting down the stairs was bumpy but her well padded box absorbed everything and it’s there she discovered Phil’s little surprise: one of the dildos had a loose steel ball banging around with the movements! She was then loaded into a truck, on the side but with her head up, and moved away.  The delivery guys made a couple of stops, adding boxes to their cargo, putting some over Karen’s.

The ride was rather long and had many stops before she was unloaded. She sat there for a while before being picked up again and moved some more, having to withstand some tumbling on the way. That didn’t prove painful at all, but quite enjoyable as the tumbling made the ball in the dildo move a lot! She had had many orgasms on the way, so much that she had stopped counting. Again, she was left there for a while and she quickly fell asleep although she wasn’t in the most comfortable position. 

She was moved again. Although she couldn’t hear much, she heard or rather felt as if a large door was closed hydraulically and latched.

“An airplane cargo door?” she said to herself. “Oh shit! I’m being sold as a slave!” she said on the verge of panic.

She didn’t want that. Yes, she somewhat liked to be a slave, but not to be sold. She never gave her consent for that. Phil appeared so generous, so kind. She felt right for it. Damn! He was a white slave trader!

She felt the airplane take off and she had a jolt inside her as if the dildos were linked to the altitude. Again, it was a blast, being shook around and vibrating at the same time. She stopped counting her orgasms after the fourth one. Again, she fell asleep, or rather lost it from exhaustion.

She had no way to tell how long she was in the air. What she knew is that she was again moved around and loaded into a truck. Her final destination? Where would it be? Who would it be?

Finally, all the shaking stopped and she felt carried again. Then she was tumbled around, being hit hard. She was glad she was well protected and it wouldn’t have been that much fun if the vibrating dildos hadn’t put her on the verge of another orgasm just before it happened. The result was an explosive one! Something she never felt before!

Phil looked in horror at the wooden crate tumbling down the stairs.

“You’re a bunch of morons, you know that?” he yelled at the men.

“Your staircase is too narrow. If there’s something broken, just file a claim.” Said one while the other ran downstairs to settle the crate.

“I’ll do that. Thanks.” Said Phil, pretty much throwing them out before rushing downstairs. He looked at the crate. The well visible This side up warning and the large arrow were pointing… to the right. He settled the crate right and proceeded to remove the cover.

What he found was a large lump of foam. He carefully inserted his finger between the edge of the crate and the foam and pulled up, getting a big chunk out of it. He was glad to see Karen’s clear latex covered back. It was rapidly moving as if she was breathing quite fast. He proceeded to remove more up to the point where he could remove the gasmask straps and allow Karen to sit up. She appeared startled and disoriented, with reason. She appeared surprised to see him.

“Phil? What… Where…Why did you sell me?…”

“Sold you?” said Phil, making a step back as if she was suddenly poisonous. “Who told anything about selling you?”

“You didn’t sell me as a slave? I thought…”

“No! And that idea never crossed my mind. I’m so sorry Karen. I wanted to surprise you. I’m terribly sorry you thought otherwise.”

“A surprise? Well, for a surprise it is a great one.” She said while pulling her legs out of the crate, rubbing them to get some feeling back. “Where are we?”

“We’re on my little yacht, appropriately called Shiny Rubber.” He said with a smile while helping her out of the crate. “Of course it’s stationed at the sea, so I had to put you on a plane to get here. I thought that being… delivered would be fun.”

“Well, it was, now that I know that it was to join you. You should have, I dunno, writen a note or something, but it’s over now and I’m glad to be with you, my Love.” Said Karen, holding him in her arms.

She did a step back to look at what he was wearing: the perfect ship’s captain uniform… in rubber.

“Am I to stay in this?” she asked, opening her arms showing her naked body under the tight clear latex layer.

“Your uniform is right there.” He said, pointing to a lump of white and blue latex.

Karen went to it. It was the perfect white and blue sailor’s uniform, short skirt, the shirt with the back panel hanging down, the classic round hat with the bow and a pair of thick wedge platform boots.

“Yeah, that’s the only thing you can wear here. The soles are of soft rubber. The decks can become quite slippery and spiky heels are simply out of the question.

“I don’t mind at all.” She said while fondling to find the zipper of her clear catsuit.

“Don’t take it off. Just wear your uniform over it.” He said.

“Even better!” she said while getting dressed.

“Good! I’ll get us ready to sail” he said, getting back up the deck.

A few minutes later, they were on the open waters, Phil at the wheel and Karen by his side on his 25 meter yacht. Karen, who had never seen the sea before, was all awe. She carefully walked along the bridge to the front of the ship, looking at it split the waves as it went along. The mist was making delicate drops on her rubber covered body and was cooling her just enough. She even pinched herself to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

“You know,” said Phil who had put the ship on auto-pilot and had joined her, “the best view is from up there, on the mast.” He said pointing to the instrument mast on top of the bridge, holding the radar, GPS and other navigational instruments.

“Really? But there’s no handrail. How do you stay there?”

Half an hour later, Karen was safely secured to the mast, roped like a sausage to it with naval grade rope, wrapping her from her ankles to her shoulders. The steel balls in the dildos were sending waves after waves and she was yelling that she was having a blast too loud for Phil’s taste, so he stuffed her mouth with a large white hard rubber ball gag, efficiently silencing her.

The trip went on for over two hours before she saw some land. Phil approached the pier carefully and secured the boat, after which he unloaded the luggage and then went to free Karen from the mast. But it wasn’t all for her. Phil had put the luggage on a two wheels cart that needed to be pulled. Here came Karen.

He installed a leather harness on her, made with wide straps and a very wide one at the waist which he drew very tightly. He then tied her hands in her back, making sure to get together the wrists and the elbows with more leather straps and then latched the two handles of the cart to her waist belt.

“Come on, the sun is setting and it’s gonna be quite dark.” He said while taking the lead.

Karen had to use all her strength to pull the cart along the small stone road leading to the house. It wasn’t a very big house, but would provide shelter. It nonetheless took her 15 minutes to walk the 500ft distance between the pier and the house. She arrived exhausted. Phil let her hold to the cart while he emptied it. He walked to the house, unlocked the door and flipped the light switch. Nothing happened.

“Ah shit! What now?” he said while walking at the back of the house to a room filled with batteries.

“That’s it, I forgot to turn the solar panels on so the batteries are discharged.” He said, walking back to Karen and unlinking her from the cart. “I have more work for you.” He said, leading her to the same room.

There she saw a treadmill and a stationary bike.

“I have two sets of batteries.  Both have to be recharged at least for the night. Tomorrow, the solar panels will take the relay, but in the meantime, we, or rather you, will have to do it.” He said, leading her to the treadmill.

“One hour on each device should be enough. I’ll make everything else ready, in the meantime, just walk and keep this needle within the green zone.” He said pointing to a charging power indicator on the wall.

He took two leather straps and fixed them on each side of Karen’s waist band then took two spring loaded chains hanging from the ceiling and hooked them on rings on the shoulder straps of her body harness and he gave her a powerful slap on her rubber covered butt.

“Go!” he said, repressing a laugh. “I guess you never thought that spending some time on a private island in the Pacific would be that fun, hey? 

Karen grunt.

“Have fun!” he said while leaving to fix the cabin. 

Karen began to walk. The generator induced some resistance on the treadmill but she was okay. She was glad to be on wedge platform boots, made the whole deal easier, even though they hid a four inches heel…

So far, she had experienced the dildos while cramped in a crate or tied to a pole. It was the first time she was actually walking enough with them to feel the ball move, and it was a blast. She never thought that she could experience that many orgasms in one day.

An hour later, she was exhausted and the charging needle was more often out of the green area than in it. Phil came and unlinked her from the treadmill to get her on the stationary bike, tying her feet to the pedals. He unlinked her arms from the back and taped her hands to the handles.

“Come on, just one more hour and we’ll be done for the night.” He said leaving her to her struggles, and struggles it was! 

Standing up with the dildos was one thing. Sitting down pedaling was sending them moving deeper inside. It was wreaking havoc inside her. When Phil checked on her about half an hour later, she was pretty much passing out of exhaustion from too many orgasms.

He carried her to the bedroom, tying her hands in her back and her feet together and applying a tape gag before taking place besides her, caressing her goodnight.

That’s how she discovered that Phil had a yacht and a private island.

Part V

She was awakened by the sun filtering through the thin curtain of the window. The wind was blowing. She was laying on her side, hands tied in her back and feet tied together. She was alone. She struggled to get on her feet. She was glad to still have the platform wedge boots on. The ankle strap allowed her some little movement. She was able to hobble her way out of the room, out to the kitchen-dining room-living room area. Phil was in the kitchen part, making eggs and toasts.

“Oh hello Karen. You were sound asleep so I let you take more.”

“Mffmg mfmgmfm”.

“Err… I bet you need to go.” He said as she nodded yes.

He untied her arms and legs and she ran to the toilet to get out a few minutes later, looking much relaxed. She had removed her tape gag.

“Wow! That was quite a day yesterday!” she said.”I don’t know if I should say thank you or if I should hate you for it.” She said while giving him a wet kiss. “What’s the plan for today?” she asked.

“Wow, ready to start hey? Well, first a nice breakfast and then I’ll bring you for some scuba diving.”

“Really? Must be wonderful in this clear water.” She said “You will have to show me as I have never dive with air tanks before.”

“No problem.” He said “Everything will be taken care of.” He added with the smile Karen had learned to know that there was more in it for her than she thought.

“Oh-ho… I don’t think I’ll dive much.” She said while taking a seat.

Phil didn’t answer. He tied her hands and feet together and used a rope to tie her to the chair before putting her plate on the table. The breakfast was delicious with plenty of fresh fruits that grew right here on the small island.

After that, Phil helped Karen get ready for their diving by dressing her with a wetsuit. Of course, she was keeping her clear rubber catsuit on, including all the toys.

The wetsuit was, of course, extremely tight. It had a shiny smooth skin finish. Karen felt all compressed by the tight and thick neoprene suit. Each move was an effort, even breathing. The hood was also very tight and was different from the normal hoods as it had a molded face, had sealed lenses and included a gag.

“The inside of the hood is latex.” He said. “It should keep your head totally sealed.” He added while pumping the gag to its maximum. There was just a tube protruding from it allowing Karen to breathe.

He then helped her get on the yacht and tied her to one of the seats. He drove the yacht at maximum speed for about half an hour, off the coast of his island, near a coral reef. There he put his own shiny smoothskin neoprene suit before setting Karen for her dive.

She made wide eyes when he removed a large canvas revealing a cage. It was long and oval in shape. At the moment, it was resting on its side. Phil instructed Karen to slide inside. The cage was large at the top and narrow at the bottom, a little like a sarcophagus and made of a lot of narrow steel bands. She had to put her arms on her side and the cage stopped at her shoulders. She had just a little room to move. Phil put the top part of the cage on, shaped like a head, and locked it. It imprisoned her in it, able to move just a little. 

The cage was attached to the cable of a winch and lifted up. Once standing, Phil approached with an air hose and connected it to the tube from the gag. He made sure that Karen was able to freely breathe. Yes she was although each breath was a struggle against the tight neoprene suit compressing her chest, or rather her whole body.

The winch was operated and Karen was lifted in the air. The arm of the winch was swung overboard and Karen was lowered in the water. A small jolt of panic simply arose when her head went to the water. She was lowered about 10 feet below the hull of the ship. A few moments later, Phil dive besides her. He checked on her and after she indicated that she was okay, he went on, slowly swimming toward the beautiful coral reef. Karen appreciated the view, although she wished she could see more.

She was pretty much weightless in her cage, floating, hearing dampened, the ball in the dildo moving as the cage was moving with the waves. She closed her eyes and slid into her own world. Slowly, she was able to squeeze her hands in front of her and reach the dildos, playing with them, pushing them in even further and then releasing them, making them pump, increasing the pleasure. As her right hand was having a ball with the dildos, her left one was trying to reach her breasts. Although already tightly squeezed, being massaged would be even better. She was slowly building her first underwater orgasm when she felt something grab her hand.

She withdrew it quickly, startled. She tried to scream but nothing came out but bubbles. In an instant, she recognized Phil, standing in front of her, nodding no with his finger, then pointing at her crotch. She quickly removed her other hand, but to Phil, it wasn’t enough. He produced two nylon tie-wraps and attached her wrist to the side of the cage and he put another one at her elbow. He did the same with two more straps on her other arm. Now she couldn’t play with herself.

Phil swam away again, to the coral reef. Karen closed her eyes, wishing she could reach her crotch… only wishing.

She was confined to her cage for a good hour, only allowed to squirm in the small space, then Phil got off the water and she was expecting to be winched up soon. But she wasn’t. Instead, the boat was started and moved slowly away, having her on tow.

The cage was slowly turning around. She could see all around, and she had witnessed wonderful sea creatures, which appeared even more puzzled at her. She was carried like that for another hour before being winched up, but instead of being freed of her cage, she was left there, suspended.

“I’ll let you drip dry.” He said while taking the yacht toward his island, at a quarter the speed he sailed on the way in. Yes, she would have time to dry.

Once on the island, he got her out of the cage but she had to walk to the cabin, carrying his scuba gear before getting some rest and getting out of her neoprene suit.

“I think a nap is in order, don’t you think?”

“Yes” she nodded, her mouth gagged with the large blue ball gag.

“Good then. I’ll set up the hammock.”  He said.

He came back a few moments later with a web of leather straps. He instructed Karen to get it with her hands stretched over her head. As he fastened the numerous straps wrapping her everywhere, Karen suddenly had the impression that SHE would be the hammock.

And she was right. Once all setup, he attached her feet to the middle of a tree, and her stretch arms to the middle of another tree, stretching her between the two. He then put a soft mattress on top of her and carefully took place on his hammock.

Karen couldn’t move. The web of leather traps was simply getting tighter around her, squeezing her in, unable to move. Although the straps were made to sustain most of the force, she did feel a good part of it.

To her relief, Phil only spent about 15 minutes on her, and went to install a real hammock… but left her there. That was not the hammock relaxation she had anticipated but she found sleep nonetheless.

He untied her by the end of the afternoon. It was obvious that there was a thick layer of sweat between her skin and the clear rubber catsuit. She was literally swimming in it. It made the suit glide in very interesting manners.

He had her put on, always over her clear rubber catsuit, a French maid outfit and the same wedge platform boots. He linked her elbows in her back with a length of chain allowing them to go as wide as her back, and linked her wrist with a similar length chain. He linked her ankles with a six inches chain, applied the ballgag and put her in the kitchen.

“Here.” He said, producing two large T-bone steaks. “Cook this on the BBQ with some baked potatoes. Come get me in my hammock when ready.” He said, giving her a slap on the butt.

Karen went to work, preparing the steak, the potatoes, firing the BBQ and grilling everything. She felt she was rather free with the chains links that long. She had to take a break a few times, the constant movements between the BBQ located outside the cabin, and the kitchen, produced much interesting displacements of the ball within the dildo, and the pleasure went to the explosive level a few times. When the steaks were just perfect, she got Phil to come.

He put her in her chair, tied her ankles to the chair’s legs, wrapped a large leather belt around her waist and the chair’s back and linked her wrists and elbows in her back before removing the gag.

“Bon appetit” he said with a very good French accent.

Karen looked at her plate of T-Bone and baked potato, hands tied in her back.


“What’s wrong? Do you want to be gagged too? Eat!” he said, taking a large bite of steak.

Karen kept it shut. She bent down and tried to grab a bite of the huge steak. It was not easy, and apparently, it was very funny to watch from Phil’s point of view as he had a large smile, almost laughing.

Once HE had finished, whatever Karen was done or not, he put her in the same restraints as when she had prepared the meals, including the gag, and ordered her to clean everything and clean the dishes.

In the meantime, he had gone to the beach and had prepared a nice campfire. He had her remove the maid’s outfit and had her back in her rubber bikini. He led her to the beach, close to the fire, and had her kneeling besides him, linking her wrists to her ankles. They stayed there, looking at the fire.

“That’s the perfect life, isn’t it?” he softly said. Karen nodded yes. She had enjoyed everything so far.

“Say, ever saw a sunset or a sunrise over the sea?” he asked.

She nodded no.

“Really. The sight is really impressive, you should witness it. I know what I’ll do.

Half an hour later, Karen was secured into a frog tied, and suspended under a triangle frame, with straps at her shoulders, waist, hips and ankles. Her arms were well secured in the reverse prayer position in her back and she had a large leather posture collar to keep her head straight. Finally, a strap was going from the top strap of her head harness gag to the top of the triangle. 

“Here. You’re facing south. The sun will set at your right and rise at your left. I’ve plugged the dildos to this solar panel here,” he said, pointing at the small panel on top of the triangular frame. “Your dildos will gently stop at sundown to wake you up gracefully at sunrise, so you will not miss anything.”

He stepped back, admiring her work and kissed her on the forehead.

“Good night sweety.” He said.

“Gfmooo mffiiiifffg” was all Karen could answer.

He left, leaving her to her suspension. She felt great. She squirmed in her bonds but it only made her balance back and forth. She couldn’t move much and there was no way to throw down that triangle made out of large bamboo sticks.

She saw the sky change color, slowly fading to bright yellow, orange and red colors. She tried to have a look at the sunset but couldn’t turn her head enough to see it. She didn’t know if Phil had done it on purpose or if it was simply a mistake but the collar was too stiff and her head linked at the frame prevented her from moving it sideway enough to see it! So she was about to cope with this setup for the night for absolutely nothing. Well, at least she would get some rest, as the dildos went silent as the sky became dark, filled only with a curtain of stars like she never saw before.

She closed her eyes and easily found sleep. After all, it had been an exhausting day.

She was awakened by a strange feeling at her crotch: tickling. She was puzzled and tried to squirm in her bounds, only to discover that the tickling was coming from the dildos. They were not vibrating but humming, creating very small vibrations that were tickling her. But there was no sun. Then again, the night was appearing surprisingly clear. She raised her eyes as high as she could and found the answer: full moon!

Again, she didn’t know if Phil had planned any of this but apparently, the light from the moon was enough for the solar panel to generate some electricity, enough to make the dildos hum.

It proved devilish. She spent most of the night squirming in her bonds, trying to find a way to stop the tickling. That was pure torture, although she had four or five orgasms along the way. The moon set at about the same time the sun rose, and the dildos were full alive again.

In all, she had had about half an hour of rest. Phil went to her and when he untied her, she collapsed on the sandy beach.

Karen explained what happened, and by the face he made, was sure that none of this was planned.

“I’m sorry.” He said as he carried her inside the cabin. “I had more stuff planned for this morning, but I’ll let it down. Here have some sleep.” He said, gently putting her on the bed, making sure the dildos were off, but also that she was secured to the bed and her arms tied in her back, elbow touching. She still had to be in bondage.

Karen easily found sleep and was awakened in the middle of the afternoon.

“We have to depart, my dear. Your plane leaves in four hours. We have to get you ready.” He said.

Everything had been packed on the ship and he helped Karen to get in. He left the island, headed for the mainland and put the ship in autopilot as he prepared Karen for her trip back.

Much to her delight, she would have to go back the way she came in: stuffed in a box. It was becoming her preferred way of travel!”

She was put in it, fresh foaming cans were installed and everything was triggered. By the time he reached the mainland, the crate was ready.

Phil had suggested taking a more careful transport company. Karen had said no that she preferred to be banged around. “More arousing,” she had said. Phil had complied with a devilish smile.

The trip turned out to be a heck of a ride and when it finally settled down, she was plain exhausted. The delivery guys had been instructed to wipe a magnet to a specific place on the crate before leaving.

Having not locked Karen’s apartment door, the delivery guys were able to enter and put the crate in the middle of the living room as instructed before applying the magnet on the red square, and leave.

The magnet triggered a timer, just in case the guys were curious as to what was to happen. Half an hour later, Karen felt the pressure of the expansion foam around her decrease as the solvent was allowed to distribute. When she was able to move enough, she pulled on the steel cable, this time releasing the lid lock, allowing her to get out of the crate.

Her suit was covered with the residues of the foam and solvent, and was definitely trashed, much to her sadness. She loved that suit.

She got it off and removed the dildos. Everything in this area was now very sensitive. She took a much needed shower. After all, it was her first day out of rubber for the past 52 hours. She then collapsed on the bed and immediately fell asleep.

Having forgotten to set up her alarm clock, she was awakened by the phone. It was her boss, calling in to see why she was late. Karen used the opportunity and called in sick. She would use the day to rest. She needed it.

Her phone rang, but there was no answer. A while later, someone was banging at the door.

“Karen? Are you there? Are you okay?… Karen? It’s me, Phil. Open the door, please….”

But the door stayed shut and no sound could be heard. A few minutes later, the lock was worked and two men entered: Phil and the building’s landlord. 

Phil walked slowly, calling Karen’s name. When he reached the bedroom door, he stopped.

“Kar… Ah, I see.” He said, quickly turning around and grabbing the landlord by the shoulder. “It’s okay, I just remember I know where she is. Thank you very much.” He said.

“Oh? And looking in her bedroom told you so? Can I go see it too?” he asked.

“Err… no, there’s nothing to see.” He said leading him back to the door.

As he was about to close the door on him, the landlord put his feet in the doorway.

“She’s not there, I don’t think I should allow you to stay in her apartment, you know, what if you’re a robber or something.”

“No need. I’m telling you everything is fine. Thank you.” He said while giving him a handshake.

When he removed his hand, the landlord looked in his hand and saw a piece of paper. He went wide-eyed and quickly put it in his pocket.

“Well, if you say so sir, I should believe you.” He said, leaving.

Phil closed the door and locked it before walking back to the bedroom and leaning against the doorframe, looking into the room, smiling.

“You didn’t call me when you got back. Then I realized that I never gave you my phone number, silly me. So I had no way to know if you were okay. I tried to call your workplace, but they told me that you’ve taken a sick day. I called here and there was no answer. I got worried and rushed here to find the door locked and still no answer. I had to convince your landlord to open the door for me and, here you are, apparently feeling quite fine.”

Karen only mumbled something unintelligible. Phil was staring at her with a large smile on his face. In front of him, laying spread eagle on the bed, was a female form, tightly encased in shiny black rubber, wearing thigh high kid leather boots and a gag deeply inserted in her mouth. She squirmed in her bonds but couldn’t get free.

Over her right hand, out of reach at the moment, was a key, linked to a string running up to a small ring on the ceiling, then following it to the corner of the room where there was another ring allowing the string to run down. About a foot from the floor was laying a dripping pan under a slowly melting block of ice, her means of freedom.

Phil sat besides her on the bed and gently caressed her shoulder, sliding his hand to her breasts, squeezing them under the already tight latex, then down to her waist, hips and crotch where he kind of search for a while making a grin, then back up to her breasts before going to her head and gently removing the ball gag.

“What? No dildo?” he said, surprised.

“I was really tired and wanted to take some rest, but I just couldn’t lay there. I wanted to go shopping, or watch TV, or… you know, have fun. So I figured out that the only way to keep me in bed was to tie myself up. The only way to really relax was not to put in any toys. So here I am.”

“I see, and it explains everything perfectly, Karen.” He said, putting back the gag. “I should let you rest then.”

He got up and had a look at the melting ice and the water in the dripping pan.

“If I read this right, your ice block should last between 4 and 5 hours and you’ve been set up for about 2 hours, right?”

Karen nodded yes. Phil approached the bed.

“You realized that self bondage is quite dangerous, and even this setup can turn bad?”

She nodded yes and she opened her hands in a “What else can I do” gesture.

“You should always make sure that someone else is in control.” He said, picking the key and breaking the string.

“I have a few meetings to attend. I should be back in, oh… six hours. That should give you 8 hours of rest, which is what the doctors recommend, right? See you later.”

With Karen wide eyes, he walked out of the room, to come back a split second later. He picked the leather straps stretching her ankles and drew each one of them three more notches down. Stretching Karen to the limit, before kissing her goodbye on the forehead and leaving.

Now, Karen was hot as hell. Totally imprisoned, with no possibility of release until Phil comes back, so stretched that she couldn’t move, and without any toys. She squirmed in her bonds. That was enough to arouse her, but although she tried as hard as she could, she was never able to climax. She had no choice but to rest… and wait six hours.

When Phil came back, the ice block was long melted down, but Karen was still secured on the bed, and to his surprise, deeply asleep. He took a vibrator that was laying on the desk, turned it on and gently started to rub Karen’s wide open crotch with it. She moaned as she awakened, looking at Phil with a twisted smile under her deeply inserted ball gag. She squirmed on the bed but she couldn’t do much. Phil continued to run the vibrator, going up and down on the inside of her thighs, then up between her breasts, then down again to her crotch. Karen’s eyes were rolling out, and she was frequently trying to raise her hips in the air, wanting the vibration to grow stronger, but each time, Phil pulled up the vibrator, keeping just a slight vibration.

He was plainly torturing her, and she was growing hotter by the second. Finally, he applied a strong pressure on her crotch and it wasn’t long that, thanks to the gag, a loud and guttural scream came out of her as the much needed orgasm exploded. She shook in her tight bound position and finally came down to rest as Phil turned off the vibrator.

He removed the gag and a drooling Karen smiled at him.

“Hi honey.” Was all she was able to say, her brain still mainly on another plane of existence.

“You do this often?”

“Almost every night since I met you.”

“Really? Why” asked Phil, perplexed.

“Well, I never felt anything like that before I met you. I’m at work all day and in total heaven every weekend. The weeknights are void, so I try to stimulate myself to this level, but I’m never able to achieve it on my own. When I go to sleep, I keep playing with myself and I don’t sleep. So I put on the good old black catsuit and I tie myself up for the night, with some time to spare, hence the 5 hours ice block.”

“I see. So you need a way to control yourself.”

“That, or a way to satisfy myself.” She said with a wink, moving her hips up and down while pulling on her restraints.”

“We’ll have to work on that.” He said, releasing her.

She rubbed her wrists and sat besides him, resting her head on his shoulders.

“Why… why don’t you come live with me, at my place?” he asked.

“But… We’ve known each other for only a few weeks.”

“Yes, and? Just keep your apartment here for a while.”

“But I use public transportation, and you live too far for it.”

“You’ll use my limo. I’m out of town most of the week anyway. This week is almost an exception. What do you say?”

“Geesh. That’s a very nice offer but I’m not sure.”

“I am. The limo will pick you up after work tomorrow. Leave me the key to your apartment and I’ll send a team to get your stuff.  Good, this is settled. Now, excuse me, I have to go back home, I’m waiting for an important conference call. See you tomorrow for dinner then.” He said, kissing her on the forehead, but Karen grabbed his head and gave him a big juicy French kiss.

“Thanks Phil. I love it when you take control like that.” She said, sparks in her eyes.

“Nice to know it.” He said with a wink. “Shit, I really have to run. See you.” He said looking at his watch then picking his cell phone. “… Mary, tell them I’m running late, I’ve had, err… an important meeting to attend. I should call them back in 20 minutes… assuming I don’t get arrested for speeding…” he said, closing the door behind him, leaving Karen alone. 

She looked at him go, biting her lips and putting a hand to her crotch. “You never get enough, don’t you.” She said to herself.

The next day, she went to work, wearing stretch tight jeans and black pumps with a four inches heel. She was working in an office, and there was no dress code. Most were coming to work in jeans and sneakers, but she had traded her sneakers for heels a few weeks ago. She loved the tight stretch jeans and she was generally taking them about three sizes too small. She loved the look, and she loved the way her buns were getting squeezed in them.

At the end of the day, she wasn’t surprised to see a stretch limo waiting for her in front of the building, with a woman chauffeur dressed in rubber. She opened the door for Karen, then followed her in. She invited Karen to sit in the middle. Once done, she took a leather belt from the seat and fastened around Karen’s waist, very tightly before she heard a click. She then took her arms and put on a leather wristlet before linking them to the far corners of the limo, stretching her arms straight with the seat. She added a leather collar and linked the back D ring of it to another ring on the back dashboard. She finally put anklets at her ankles, linking them together and pulling her legs forward straight to link them to a ring on the floor. She completed the setup by adding a white rubber ball gag and fastened it tightly on Karen’s mouth. Not once did Karen offer any resistance, nor asked any question. She knew the answer.

“Mister Phil’s orders. Enjoy your trip.” Said the chauffeur once Karen was well secured.

The ride through the traffic took close to an hour, but Karen didn’t mind. She liked her situation, and had great expectations for the evening.

The limo drove up the long driveway leading to the house and entered the garage. The chauffeur untied Karen from the car seat and led her to a small room. There was a chair, a table, a pile of rubber clothing and a pair of shoes.

“Mister Phil forbids every personal visitor from entering the house wearing something other than latex. Your clothes are there. You can come up once you’re dressed.” Said the chauffeur with very distinguished manners.”

“Thank you…”


Karen tanked her and undressed. She was glad to find her beloved double dildos panties she gladly put on. The rest was a black rubber catsuit and a bright red rubber short dress along with shoulder length red rubber gloves. There was also a thin molded rubber hood with eyes and mouth holes. The shoes were bright red Dorsey style sandals with a six inches heel. There was also a two inches wide locking red collar with chrome studs as well as two inches wide locking wristlets and anklets. Karen put everything on, making sure in the small mirror that everything was perfect then she headed out for the dining room.

When she got out of that small room, she realized that she had never been there before and thus, didn’t know the way to the dining room. She proceeded to walk and find her way. She liked it a lot, especially the moving balls in the dildos.

She was in a long corridor with lots or large oak doors, none of them identified. She opened one to find the heating and conditioning control room. Another one was some kind of workshop. Another one was a huge storage room, the cellar, and one that appeared to have been cleaned recently and was totally empty, only the walls, floor and ceiling of bare concrete.

She finally found the right door, the last one, straight at the end of the corridor, leading to a concrete staircase up to another oak door, this one opening near the maid’s quarters, near the kitchen.

The cook she was seeing for the first time, a woman dressed with a white rubber classic Chef’s coat, smiled at her and gently indicated the way to the dining room.

Karen walked, her heels now clicking on the exotic hardwood floors. The table was set and the maid was waiting for her by the chair. But there was only one set of plates.

“Where’s Phil?” she asked the maid.

“Mister Phil would like you to know that he’s sorry, but he had to leave in a hurry. I was instructed to tell you that he will be back on Friday and that I will take care of you in the meantime with the instructions he gave me. If you would take your seat.” She cordially said, pulling on the chair to allow Karen to sit. “I’m Suzy.”

Karen did, but as soon as she was in place, the maid kneeled on the floor and took Karen’s ankle cuffs and linked them to the side of the chair. Then she used a large leather strap to tightly fasten her waist to the chair. She also linked her ankles to the back legs of the chairs, forcing her legs up backward. She then pushed Karen to face the plate of… beef stew.

“This will get messy.” She said as she bent down to take what she could in the thick broth meal.

And messy it was. She was glad to wear rubber. The maid cleaned her up before stuffing a huge ball gag in her mouth. She released Karen from the chair and quickly linked her wrists in her back and her ankles with a six inches chain.

“You can go watch some TV if you want, Miss Karen. If you need me, just ring the bell.” She said, going back into the maid’s quarters, leaving Karen standing there, bound and gagged in the middle of a pretty much unknown house. Alone.

She grabbed the TV remote control and turned it on. It was not easy zapping the channels with her hands in her back. She ended up sitting sideways on the sofa to do it. The worst is that she didn’t find anything interesting. Although he was loaded, he apparently didn’t have cable and had only some local channels. Suzy approached.

“Mister Phil says that he prepared a DVD for you in the home theater room. If you want to see it, I have to prepare you per his instructions.”

Karen raised her eyebrows. That could be fun. She nodded yes, and the maid led her to the home theater room. Karen walked to the place where she stood the last time, where there were the rings on the floor and ceiling but the maid gestured toward the chair.

Karen approached and quickly noticed that the chair was different. First it had two long stirrups to put her legs in, a big hard lump in the middle of the seat, about one foot long and in the shape of a rounded cone, and a large hole on the back of the chair with an obvious purpose.

Suzy helped Karen take place. It wasn’t easy. The stirrups were in the way. She had to sit between the backrest and the hard lump and at the same time, feed her arms in the hole of the backrest.

Carefully, slowly, she achieved it. Turned out that the space between the hard lump and the backrest was rather small and was heavily compressing her crotch. She smiled behind her gag. This could be fun.

Suzy put her legs in the stirrups, putting her in a slightly bent position, similar to a position one is when sitting in a car. She tied the numerous straps securing her legs in, four on each leg: ankles, below and above the knee and at the thigh.

She then pulled tight a strap around her waist and another one just below her breast. Her arms, the wrists already linked, were pulled down and linked on a ring at the base of the seat then a strap was used to tie her elbows together.

Suzy removed the gag and added another hood on top of the one she already had. This one came in two halves and was very thick, fastened by six buckles. It had a built-in blow-up gag with breathing tube and dark lenses over the eyes. When tightened around her head, she felt it heavily compressed, as in a vise. It made her hot.

Suzy then plugged a hose to the breathing hole of the gag 

The collar was replaced by a wide posture collar, combined with the rigid hood, it rendered her head totally immobile. 

She wondered what the movie would be. It turned out to be a mix of scenes from different fetish movies, and the chair was apparently reacting with it. When the subject of the movie got vibrated, she was too. If she was spread eagled or tied legs together, her stirrups would move accordingly. The most excruciating position was totally closed, which increased the pressure of her crotch around the hard lump at its maximum and the lump was vibrating. And when the subject had to cope with breath play, her breathing was cut!

Soon, she was almost convulsing on the chair, pulling hard against her bonds, being stimulated almost everywhere. Inside her head she was screaming her pleasure out. Outside her thick rubber cocoon, only a low grunt was heard.

It went on for four hours. By this time, Karen was totally exhausted, but still hot as hell. Suzy came and removed her from the chair and accompanied her to the bedroom.

“It’s getting late.” She said. “We have instructions from Mister Phil as to what time you should go to bed and what time to get you up. It’s time for you to go to bed.”

Karen didn’t really notice that she talked about going to bed and not going to sleep

She led her to another room than the one she was expected to go. On this one, on a table, was laying a rubber sheet encased in hard tubing: A vacbed.

Karen always wanted to try one so she eagerly get into it. Suzy adjusted the breathing tube, closed the zipper and made sure that everything was right before starting the vacuum pump.

There was a hiss and very quickly, Karen was stuck between the two thick layers of rubber, unable to make a single move.

Her dildos entered in action and it was awesome. She was vibrated to hell and couldn’t even move a finger.

“Good night Miss Karen.” Said Suzy in her ear. “I’ll wake you up tomorrow morning by 07:00, as instructed.”

She left and the lights were turned off. Karen couldn’t do anything. She was still hot from the home theater session, and this vacbed was not helping. She needed to satisfy herself, but couldn’t do anything, not even rock her hips. All she could do was work her butt muscles, but she was way too weak to do anything interesting.

Tiredness had the best of her and she fell sound asleep.

To her it had been a split second, but she had slept for 8 hours. She felt the pressure decrease around her as the vacuum was cut off and the closing zipper opened. She was directed to the bathroom.

She took a long bath and upon finishing, she was presented with a rubber bra and rubber panties.

“Mister Phil thought that you could easily wear those under your work clothes.” Said Suzy

Karen approved and put the rubber underwear on and put on a rubber bathrobe to attend the breakfast. She walked down the basement to the small changing room next to the garage to put tight jeans and heels and the limo drove her to work, of course, tightly secured on the back seat. As Lynda was untying her, she announced that another limo would take her at the end of the day.

“I have to get this one to the garage. It should be ready tomorrow. I’ll have another one to pick you up this afternoon.”

“Ah.” Said Karen. “I’m sure these huge things do need a lot of maintenance.”

“It’s not maintenance, it’s something Mister Phil wanted to be done. Here, you’re free. Have a nice day Miss Karen.”

At work, she was asked a lot about the limo, if she had won the lottery. 

“I guess I did, but it’s even better than that.” She said, all smiling.

By the end of the day, a limo was again waiting for her at the door of the building and she was driven to Phil’s home. But since this one didn’t have the restraints, she was simply cuffed with standard police cuffs with her hands in her back.

In the changing room, was laying another pile of rubber garment. In addition to the dildo panties, there was a very constricting hobble dress, squeezing her legs together down to her ankles.

Walking in it was very difficult. Climbing stairs was practically impossible. No maid ever offered help. They were instructed not to.

She was once more secured to her chair and had to work by dipping her face into her food. Good thing that latex cleans easily.

She figured that the evening’s setup would be different since she couldn’t sit in the lumped chair with a dress. And she was right.

She was tied to a cross, arms wide spread on the “T” branch, and ankles linked together at its base, and she was forced to watch reruns of the most boring black and white of the old TV series, usually the one that didn’t run for longer than a few weeks before being cancelled. The dildos were dead silent, and she couldn’t ask for them to be verified as she was securely gagged. She couldn’t turn her head away, being held erect by a most severe leather posture collar.

By the end of the evening, she was led to the bedroom, where she was tied to the bed as if she was still on the cross, arms wide spread and legs pulled down.

As Suzy was to leave her, again with the dildos off, she mumbled loud enough that the maid turned around and she saw Karen get her hips up and down in a fucking movement.

“I’m sorry Miss Karen. Those are Mister Phil’s orders. Absolutely nothing for the evening and the night. Good night Miss Karen.” She said, turning off the light and leaving the room.

The next morning was like the previous one. She ate and Lynda drove her to her workplace. The day was boring, and she was missing the stimulation.

At the end of the day, she was eager to ride in the official limo, properly tied up, but a big surprise was waiting for her, and she smiled wide when she saw it.

The center seat, facing forward, had been removed. Instead was something that looked like half a hollow body, sitting down, with the arms bent by its sides. It was as if someone had been cast in steel, then the resulting mold cut in half and put there.

Karen took place, and she perfectly fitted into the neoprene lined half mold. There was even molded high heels holes to accommodate her footwear.

“Wow! Amazing. How…”

“Your measurements were taken while you were in the vacbed. I guess you didn’t notice that, once out, the rubber had retained its shape? Guess not.” She said with a devilish smile.

Lynda didn’t stay with her but went to her driver seat. Karen was simply sitting there, not tied up in any way, but that was to change.

Lynda pushed a button and immediately, upper half steel bands rolled from the underside, over her and secured her in place. There was one at each wrist, below the elbow, over the elbow, ankles, below the knees, over the knees, thighs, waist and neck. Another band carrying a huge rubber ball appeared in front of her mouth and she had no escape but to open it to welcome the huge gag.

Now she was secure, and quite tightly. The limo drove off. Karen closed her eyes, expecting the evening.

Once at the mansion, the garment waiting for her was a bright red catsuit, complete with feet, gloves and hood, a red rubber corset and red patent leather knee high ballet boots. Karen went wide-eyed when she saw them.

“Mister Phil asked that you wear these from time to time to get accustomed to them.” Said Suzy. 

Karen complied and the maid helped her tighten the corset which brought a four inches waist reduction.

She liked the whole feeling: the very tight rubber catsuit, the hood having clear lenses over her eyes and only a mouth hole, the tight corset and the heels. She was surprised at how she achieved a more than impressive walk in them, and she began to really like the boots.

Meal time was different. Her hands were tied to the table and her neck to the back of the chair by a three inch wide red leather collar. The chair was positioned so that she could barely reach her mouth while holding the fork by its very tip. If she was to drop the fork, she would have to go the rest of the meal without it.

Of course, she dropped it and she saved the meal by using the knife and when she dropped this one too, the teaspoon.

After the meal, the maid produced an achievement chart where it was noted that she had dropped three of the four utensils provided.

“What’s gonna be on TV tonight?” she asked just before being gagged after the meal.

“I’m sorry, there’s no TV for you tonight. Mister Phil is having a video conference call. Many very important people are to come here and join the video conference from Mister Phil’s conference room. You are to be kept aside and unseen.”

“I see, confined to my room.”

“Absolutely.” Said Suzy while applying the gag, although she was greeted with a total head harness.

She was led upstairs to the bedroom. When she got to the room, the large king size bed was empty except from a frightening looking garment on it: it looked like a mummy’s empty shell.

“If you would please take place,” said Suzy while untying her arms, “I will put you into your body corset.”

Karen looked at the dreadful garment with a mix of anxiety and fear. It looked so extreme, and extreme it was.

It was made of thick boned leather and was covering her from the ankles up to the neck into a single lacing leather sleeve. Her arms would go into separate rigid and boned sleeves attached to the side.

Suzy really had a hard time tightening the laces, and Karen couldn’t believe she could be squeezed that much as she even squeezed her already corseted waist. Once in it, her legs were tightly held together, her waist crushed by four inches and her arms held totally immobile by her side. Since she was still wearing the thick rubber hood and posture collar, her head couldn’t move either. She was as still as a statue.

She then linked the numerous D rings covering the sides of the body corset to rings on the side of the bed, making sure that Karen wouldn’t move from there. The last straps linked the top of her head harness to the headboard of the bed, and her feet to the footboard. Finally, she applied a blindfold, but just putting it down she gave her last minute information.

“Oh by the way,” said Suzy, “since the video conference is scheduled to end quite late, this setup will also be your night setup. I’m sure you can easily sustain this for, oh… 11 hours.” She said looking at her watch and smiling.

“Good night Miss Karen.” She said as she snapped the blindfold in place.

Karen mumbled something but the maid didn’t even turn back. There she was. Totally immobile and tied so tightly that she couldn’t move a muscle. She tried to work her butt muscles but they were so tightly encased that they had almost no effect. The vibrating dildos on the other hand did, and the tightness of the whole garment simply amplified everything.

It was very frustrating. First the night before, she was denied any form of pleasure, now it was enforced with total immobility.

She hated Phil for planning that. She loved him for doing it.

It felt odd when the pressure released and she was taken out of the body corset first, then the rubber corset and finally the latex catsuit. She put on the latex pajamas and headed for breakfast. This time, her hands were free but she was bound face down on the table with her head turned sideway. It’s not easy to eat cereals this way.

The drive to work proved to be a blast again, tightly secured in the body mold. For Lynda, it was way quicker and efficient than the manual tying up: all she had to do was to press a button.

It was now Thursday evening. She wondered what Phil had in store for her this time. She had to put on a black latex catsuit with, again, ballet toe boots. Then she was tied-up upside down on a X frame. That’s how she had to eat, and that’s how she spent the evening, looking at a movie.

For the night setup, the X frame was rolled to the bedroom, still upside down. Suzy closed the door, approached Karen on the frame and lifted her maid’s skirt before un-gagging Karen. She put her pussy at Karen’s mouth level.

“Where is it written that you should be the one having all the fun?” she said as she pushed her pussy on Karen’s mouth.

Karen began to work her tongue and the maid quickly took a hold on Karen’s spread legs. She produced a vibrator she applied on Karen’s crotch. 

She felt used as a sex machine, tied up and there to fulfill the needs of others. She loved the thought and made her tongue work harder. It wasn’t long before the maid had a big orgasm.

Still panting, she put the gag back on Karen’s mouth, kneeled to see her face to face.

“Let it be our little secret.” Said Suzy with a wink.

Karen nodded. She had no clue if what the maid did was planned or not. What if she tells Phil? If it was a test of thrust, would she break it by reporting what happened? If it was not allowed, she would break the thrust of Suzy, and probably Lynda’s. She decided to keep it for herself.

On Friday, she was surprised, again, by the latex waiting for her. It was basically, tight blue jeans and jacket and a white long sleeves high neck shirt. All made of latex. The jeans looked awesomely real. From a distance, they simply looked like shiny, or rather wet, very tight denim jeans. Only a closer look reveals that they are in fact rubber jeans. She put the kit on, of course it involved rubber underwear including her now beloved double vibrating dildos, and black platform sandals with a six inches heel. The denim/latex jacket was a very tight fit and impossible to close. But that’s the way it was meant to wear. The pants included real pockets, belt loops and a wonderful bleached pattern. They were looking like the latest trend high end denim jeans. But for Karen, they were a zillion times better looking and feeling.

When she walked upstairs, Phil was there, waiting for her, smiling, himself wearing a denim/latex jeans and jacket kit and a white latex shirt. Karen ran into his arms, and they kissed each other passionately. Phil didn’t let go that chance of squeezing her tightly encased buns while kissing her. Karen moaned. With her dildos in, this squeezing was simply wonderful.

“We’re going clubbing tonight. Ready?” he said, offering his hand.

And they were off. The limo drove them downtown. Of course, Karen was very well secured in her seat, but ungagged so they could talk about what happened during the week. Lynda knew what happened between Karen and Suzy and she was tending a discrete ear, but Karen didn’t mention anything about it.

They were dropped in front of the hottest club in town. Phil easily got in and they danced the night away.

Dancing a night in tight jeans and heels, she had done it before, but in latex it was her first time, and it was a blast, although she was sweating quite a lot. The tight clothes were keeping all that moisture in.

They got back home in the middle of the night and Phil was too tired and drunk to tie up Karen, and she was too weak and also drunk for it anyway. They fell asleep on the bed, still completely dressed up.

Karen was back into her ponygirl outfit for most of the day Saturday, training on the carousel and having a joyride on the horse by the end of the day. She spent the night hogtied besides Phil, and Sunday, she spent the day by the pool, in a clear latex catsuit, and of course, a beautiful one piece dark blue latex bathing suit. She was completely hooded, eyes covered with dark lenses, her mouth filled with a blow-up gag where a breathing tube could be attached. She spent half her time in the water, and the other half out of it. When in, she was submerged, legs tied to a ring at the bottom, air provided by an external pump, and when out, she was either tied to the lawn chair, a post or an inflatable mattress floating in the pool. In short, it was a weekend to remember.

That’s how she started to live at Phil’s place.

Part VI

That went on for about two months. About one week out of two, Phil was out of town and most often, out of the country. She was set up by the maids and had to serve Suzy more and more often. Then one day, Phil called everyone in the living room. There was Amanda the cook, Suzy and Lynda, all in their latex uniforms, clamping their hands in their backs in a high protocol manner. Karen felt weird, by his side, wearing a short light blue rubber dress with a keyhole neck and long sleeves, clear platform shoes with a six inches heels, arms tied in her back elbow touching, ankles linked with a six inches chain and mouth stuffed with a black ball gag on a light blue leather strap, and her neck enhanced by a three inch wide light blue leather collar fastened so tight that swallowing was difficult, exactly as she liked it.

“It was brought to my attention,” started Phil in a very serious tone, “that someone was using Karen for her own pleasure. Is it true, Suzy?” he said, stopping in front of her and staring in her eyes.

Suzy’s face turned red of rage and she had a devilish look at Karen.

“You bas…”

“Shut up, Suzy. For your knowledge, Karen is not the one who talked, and I’m not about to discuss how I came to learn of those little… sessions with Karen.” He said.

“I’m not ashamed of what I did. I’m the one who told Mister Phil.” Boldly said Lynda.

“You? How…”

“ENOUGH!” said Phil from a very harsh tone. “Lynda, Amanda, you’re dismissed. Go back to your quarters and, please, bring Karen with you.” He said, handing the leash to Lynda.

“Yes Mister Phil.” They answered in chorus.

“As for you, Suzy, we have to talk.”

Suzy was never heard of again and Phil never brought her name back. She was replaced by a very kind maid by the name of Sylvia.

About a year after Karen took residence in Phil’s manor, and after much begging from Phil, she let go of her work and stayed home.

“But what will I do all this time?” she asked. “I had to work during the day. Now I have nothing to do.”

Phil had the answer. He led her in the basement and opened the door to a room that Karen saw on her first day, but this time it wasn’t empty, but filled with dungeon equipment and even a large cage.

“You’ll spend your day here, either tied up to something, or… loose in the cage.”

Karen looked at all the equipment. Everything imaginable was there: standing horse, crosses, wheels, chairs, benches, suspension chains, tables, stocks, treadmill, stair simulator, stationary bike, everything that could be used in a bondage situation was there. She was going from one device to the other, already drooling at what can happen here and there.

And it was off. She spent days arms tied up in her back in the reverse prayer position, locked in the cage, or suspended upside down, or forced to run the treadmill, all with the helpful help of vibrating dildos or electroplay.

Then one day, Phil came home with bad news.

“I have to go to Australia for one month.”

“One month? But that’s awful. What will I do all this time? Sure the maids can take care of me, but it’s nothing like when you do it.” She said.

“I think I have an idea.” He said. “I’ll be back to you on that in a few days.” He said before going to work.

He kissed her on the cheek, put in place the ballgag and tightened as much as he could, exactly the way she liked it, and made sure that the chain linking her three inch leather collar to the concrete wall was well secured and went.

Karen stayed there, dangling on her ballet toe boots, body well covered by a thick and tight black rubber catsuit. She immediately hopped on the stair simulator. She had 300 stairs to climb for her first goal.

Two days later, Phil had her sit, untied, in his office while another woman, dressed in a black short rubber dress with long sleeves and black spiky patent pumps was introduced to her.

“Karen, this is Dr. Meister from Germany. She had developed a latex compound that could be worn for extended periods of time. She would like for you to try it.”

“Really? I always hate it when my skin gets all wrinkled and colorless after just one day of being sealed in.”

“Well.” She said with a strong German accent, “this is what I’m trying to solve. I’m quite sure my product is functional as I’ve been wearing this dress, for example, non-stop for one week, and everything is fine.” She said, rolling one sleeve and showing that the skin was dry and pink.

“I’m very impressed.” Said Karen. “But why this now?”

“I’m going for one month. You mentioned a few times about your fantasy of being encased in rubber for a long time, and so forth.”

“Oh really? That would be wonderful!” said Karen, all smiling. “How about the feeding and…”

“Everything has been taken care of. Turned out that Sylvia is a registered nurse. She will take care of this part. What do you say?”

Karen answered by a wide smile.

Two weeks later, Karen was brought all naked in the dungeon where Sylvia was waiting, wearing a white catsuit with red crosses: the perfect fetish nurse uniform. She was there with catheters and tubes that looked scary at first, but which Karen already knew the use of them all.

She was all intubated, for breathing, feeding and cleaning. She particularly liked the extra-large inflatable dildos that also contained a vibrator. She suspected that there was more since she was not allowed to examine it prior to insertion. Then the underwear was applied, and Karen was stunned: hard plastic shells. The panties were made of hard plastic and once in place, although she tried the best she could, she couldn’t reach her dildos to play with them. Same with the bra: once in place, she couldn’t squeeze her breasts. She would be denied of any outside pleasure.

She would have complained but with the large tube going down her throat, it was impossible. She said to herself that it would be for one month so why bother.

Then Dr. Meister was there with her rubber catsuit. The fit was very tight and even with the help of Lynda and Sylvia a struggle to put on. The rubber did not appear as stretchy as she was used to.

“It is the drawback of my technology.” Had said Dr. Meister as if she had read Karen’s mind. “The rubber becomes more rigid, but it makes everything more fun.” She had said with a rough laugh, a little like Schwarzenegger did.

The zipper was like a sandwich bag: only two lips joining together without any teeth. Adhesive had been put in and once zipped up, the handle was removed.

Karen was sealed in rubber from her now shaved head (Doctor recommended) to the tip of her toes, encased in black leather, knee high ballet toe boots. She could see through clear spherical lenses that were slightly distorting her vision. Her mouth was packed with a blow-up gag, filled with thick rubber paste. She was told that getting it out was not to be easy, but that’s what she wanted. She loved everything: the tightness of the suit, its reduced flexibility, the permanent shine look, everything.

A three inch wide leather collar was applied on her neck and locked, as well as a very constricting 5 inches reduction leather corset wrapped around her waist. Her hands were ending in shrink-rubber thumbless mittens.

She had difficulties to see, could hardly hear, couldn’t grab almost anything and couldn’t run very fast. Sylvia would take care of her needs and monitor her health through small electrodes implanted on her body before the rubber suit was put on.

Karen loved the feeling, she just hated the fact that she was almost denied of any pleasure with the hard plastic shells. That was before Phil took his Palm computer and she felt small jolts in her crotch. She stared at him.

“Do you think I didn’t keep anything for myself? I’m the one controlling those devious devices. I can either strip you of any pleasure, or give you a blast.” He said as he powered all the electrodes and the dildos.

Karen knees bent and she was grabbed by Sylvia. Phil, with a devil smile, turned off everything.

“The rules are simple. Karen can go wherever she wants, and you,” he said looking at Lynda and Sylvia “can do whatever you want to her, except of course, harm her. If you want to tie her by the pool, you can. Put her on the carousel, have her pull a cart, make her do the dishes, mop the floor, or simply keep her tied up for the whole month, it’s your choice. Karen, YOU have NO choice.” He said.

Phil shook Dr. Meister’s hand and she departed. His own departure was scheduled for the next day. For that night, he had her suspended by the writs by the bed, feet not touching the ground. The next day, Karen accompanied him to the airport, tightly secured to her special car seat. Phil was dressed in street clothes but had a full rubber catsuit underneath.

“Take care of yourself, Karen. I love you and I’ll see you in one month.” He said, kissing her on her breathing tube, momentarily cutting off her air supply. He then handed his Palm to Lynda.

“Take good care of her.” He said with a wink.

Lynda drove back home. Now, they had a full month to play with Karen, literally having a rubber slave at their service. For the first time in a long time, they were not servicing someone else, but were being served, and they would sure use it.

They first fixed Karen with a serving tray, fastened with a large leather belt around her constricted waist, and chains going up to her collar. They tied her hands in her back in the reverse prayer using a lot more straps than necessary. They then positioned her in the middle of the kitchen with a huge pitcher of iced tea and two glasses on the tray and ordered her to stay there.

“We will call you. One jolt is for Lynda and two is for Sylvia.”

And they both went away in the huge mansion. A few minutes later, Karen received a very small jolt at her crotch. It meant Lynda. She walked out of the kitchen, struggling on her ballet toe boots to keep her balance with the huge weight of the pitcher of iced tea in front of her. Now question: where was she? Neither of them had given any indication as to where they were. Karen suspected that it was done on purpose.

She walked to the living room then went out near the pool. There was someone but it was Sylvia. The jolt came again, stronger this time. Karen mumbled under her gag. She would deliver the beverage, if only she knew where to do it. Slowly, she climbed the stairs and started looking, to finally find her laying on the bed of the guest room after the third jolt where she almost fell on her knees, which would have resulted in a catastrophic spill.

“You took your time.” Said Lynda with a devilish smile as she poured herself a glass of iced tea.

“Go back to the kitchen.” She said.

She did. A few minutes later, she received two jolts, meaning Sylvia. She remembered seeing her near the pool, so she headed for it first, but she wasn’t there. She searched the first floor without finding her. By this time, she had received the third jolt, and she was climbing the stairs. She received a fourth one as she was making the next to last step, missing it and tripping forward, spilling the pitcher of iced tea on the floor, breaking the glass container as well as the remaining glass.

Karen was on her knees, looking at the mess. The two girls arrived in a hurry, getting out of the same guest room.

“Oh geesh! Karen are you okay? I think we went a little too heavy for the first tries. Did you hurt yourself when you fell?”

Hopefully not, as she was on the right level to easily kneel on the floor. The girls removed the serving tray and untied her hands from her back, linking the wrists back together in front of her.

“Now, go get the broom, the mop and clean that mess.” Said Lynda.

Karen complied. It was harsh and unfair but… she liked it! She felt aroused at being treated like that, forced to do chores, forced to be a slave.

And a slave she was for the next month, having to do most of the house chores, and when not needed, spending time either tied up to something in the dungeon or simply hogtied in the living room while they were watching TV. She was treated as an object, but they gave back a lot with the Palm. Karen discovered that it can do something uncomfortable but most of the time, it could be quite pleasurable.

The hard plastic shells on her breasts and crotch proved to be devilish. She tried many times to play with herself but it did nothing. She was at the mercy of Lynda and Sylvia with the Palm.

Once, they had left and she had been able, even though she had no fingers, to find the Palm and play with it. When Sylvia discovered what she had done, Karen was tied to the X frame with plastic wrap and duct tape, and left there for two days, completely immobile and without any stimulation.

Of course, she rode the carousel, pulled the pony cart, was bring along in the limo for shopping and partying but had to stay very well secured in the car while the others had a good time

That’s how Karen experienced her first rubber slave total encasement and she loved every minute of it.

When Phil returned, she was taken out of the rubber suit and a full exam performed. She came out in perfect health, much to her pleasure. She wanted to do it again.

Over a year had passed. Dr. Meister Total Encasement Technology had evolved. The suit unfortunately lost a little more on flexibility and gained a lot on durability. It was very difficult to damage and had a stunning permanent shine. Karen had spent more and more time in total encasement, because Phil had to go away, and even when he was back, she was kept in it. She had sustained three months without any medical problem.

But for the moment she was resting, so to speak. She was with Phil, on the beach of his private island, by the fire looking at one more sunset. Phil was sitting on a log, playing with the fire logs while Karen was enjoying the view from her X frame, firmly planted into the sand. In fact, half of it was buried underground and only the upper half of her body was seen. She had a gold rubber suit on covering everything including her now permanently bald head. This way, she could better appreciate the tight feeling of the rubber all over her body.

Phil looked serious when he turned around, and kneeled, putting him at her height. He got a large velvet box buried in the sand from under a log. He opened it and looked at Karen.

“Karen, would you become my wife?” he asked.

Karen went wide-eyed. In the velvet box was a one inch wide gold band with a gold lock. The ultimate present to offer a rubber slave: a gold collar.

Phil was looking at her, expecting a definitive yes nod although she couldn’t move her head much, stuck as it was in a four inches wide leather posture collar, but she moved her head sideways, but not in a no answer, and she raised the index of her right arm.

“I… I don’t get it, Karen. Is it a yes or a no?”

She nodded yes then moved it sideways and showed the 1 again.

“I think I get it. It is yes but with one condition.”

She nodded an aggressive yes.

“Whatever it is, my dear, you’ll have it.” He said while giving her a deep kiss on the painted lips her smooth latex hood.

The next day, Karen was able to speak and explain exactly what she meant. Yes she would become his wife, but she wanted something specific. At what she asked for, Phil couldn’t be more pleased.

So she began to work toward her goal, taking good care of her diet and slowly accustoming her body to be fed a paste / liquid diet. She trained for an even tighter corset and restricted movements of her body, her arms constantly being bound in her back. She trained to wear ballet toe boots permanently, having them on her feet 24 hours a day. She started to wear special lenses that would deform what she sees, as well as in the color as in the shape.

It took her one full year to reach her goals, but now she was ready.

So, there she was, walking down the aisle in her ultimate fantasy outfit. Dr. Meister had been there to supervise all the process helped by Sylvia, who would ensure that Karen was always in good health.

Of course, she was intubated, huge dildos with vibrators and electrodes were filling her private parts. More electrodes were applied to her breasts. The feeding tube was going down her throat and breathing tubes were going up her nostrils. Right now, she had a deflated sack filling her mouth, but she knew that it was bound to change.

The first of three layers of latex were applied. All were including the breathable technology developed by Dr. Meister, and all layers came in two parts: the bottom and the top. First the bottom part was put on. It was of course, very tight and was covering her from the tip of her toes to her waist. Then the top part was put on, covering her from her head down to her waist, and included attached gloves. The seam at the waist was glued. The second layer was applied after a coat of adhesive had been spread to the first layer. Why three layers? Because it was how Dr. Meister worked around the stiffness of her breathable rubber. By applying multiple thin layers, the desired durability and breathiness was achieved without compromising mobility… as if it was important for the final setup.

So the three layers were applied. Only the third one had spherical lenses on the hood and the hi-gloss permanent shine. They were purposely distorting her vision as well as altering the colors she was seeing.

The hoses were glued around the holes of the hood and cut flush. For the nose tubes, nothing more was done, and since the layers were rather thin, it appeared to mold her nose and other head features like ears, to perfection. The mouth feeding tube was cut flush and a stainless plug was put on which include a quick-connect feature. The same was done to the crotch tubes.

Then the gag was filled with a resin that would harden as solid as steel before the end of the ceremony. The removal of it would be impossible without surgery.

She was then fitted with her boots: knee high, pointed toe highly polished stainless boots. They came in two halves, joined together by temporary steel straps and special metal glue until the latching pins on each side linked together in an inviolable lock. Even without the glue, it would have been impossible to remove but Karen wanted full security.

The corset was applied. Again it was made of highly polished stainless steel. It was covering her from the hips up to her armpits, completely covering her breasts. It has of course the now familiar six inches waist compression Karen loved.

The back of the corset featured four half-cuffs welded to it. Her arms were placed in the cuffs, and the other half again tighten using temporary steel straps until their glued locking mechanism were securely latched.

Her arms were now permanently secured in her back in the touching elbow position, but since the cuffs were welded to her corset, absolutely no movement was possible. All she could do was wiggle her fingers.

Finally, a white rubber dress with a long trail had been put over her, leaving only her rubber coated bald head displayed. A wig which had been made with her original hairs was put on and bright red lips were snapped on the quick-connector of her mouth.

She walked down the aisle, barely seeing the latex dressed crowd attending the ceremony, meeting Phil dressed in his perfect latex three piece suit, smiling ear to ear. It was even better than his fantasy drawing.

The pastor had them pronounced their vowed and a rather large velvet case was approached. Phil ceremoniously opened it, revealing a collar of again highly polished stainless steel. But the collar was huge. It was three inches wide and one and a half inch thick. It contained many chrome studs hiding threaded holes waiting to be used by eyebolts, rods or anything else Phil’s imagination could come up with.

The collar had a large hinge at the front and was fastened using the same hook and slot mechanism as the other stainless steel pieces. Once in, only a blowtorch would be able to get it off, but being so close to Karen’s throat, would prove very dangerous.

Using a steel band, Phil tightened the collar in place. The inside had been molded to follow the exact shape of her throat and the collar was a very tight fit, like she loved it.

They turned toward the pastor.

“I now pronounce you Master and Slave.”

© Pete / monsterp63, June 6, 2007

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