Karen – The Perfect Opportunity


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People like to prank each other, and if one can have fun at the expense of someone else, it’s even better. That’s what happened when Karen’s self bondage session turned bad and she was rescued by her good friend Lynda, only to end-up in much more than she had anticipated, becoming Lynda’s slave for the rest of the day. Now it was time for revenge. (See Karen – The Perfect Setup, for full details).

Now Karen was waiting for her friend to come in. It was time for a Return on investments, a term they used often, both working for the same investment firm.

Karen was hidden behind the wall when Lynda entered. Lynda saw the back of Karen’s head protruding over the high back of the sofa where she had left her bound but with supposedly an easy way out that apparently didn’t work.

“Karen? Oh shit, she doesn’t move. Karen!! Shit, shit sh… What the hell?” she said as she put her hand on the rubber hood only to realize that it was filled with a balloon and taped to the sofa. Karen wasn’t there.

But she didn’t have time to react. Karen was on her, pinning her down over the back of the sofa, quickly grabbing her hand and applying handcuffs. She grabbed her to turn her around. Lynda wasn’t panicking anymore but laughing.

“I see. So a little revenge is at hand now?” she said, defiantly. 

Her speech was cut short by the large piece of tape Karen put to her mouth. She dragged her to the bedroom where she tightly fastened a leather collar around her neck, linking it to a chain hanging from the ceiling. She then sexily removed Lynda’s tight jeans, taking time to rub her inner thighs, scratching it with her hands. Lynda had decided to make the best of it and enjoy it, figuring that it will be over quite soon when Karen will realize that she was actually having fun and that her revenge plans didn’t work out if she expected Lynda to fight back.

Karen was still wearing her black rubber catsuit, corset and platform boots. Only the hood and the posture collar were removed revealing her long brown hairs.

She left Lynda there while she went to her closet to come back with a bag containing a lump of rubber. She ripped the bag open and produced a pair of rubber panties with two huge shafts.

“You’re lucky.” She said to the wide eyed Lynda. “This one is brand new. I bought it last week but haven’t worn it yet. It’s the latest with vibrating and twisting, ribbed dildos. You’ll love it.”

She powdered the garment and slid it up Lynda’s legs before applying a large amount of lubricant then inserting the huge intruders in Lynda’s orifice. She moaned as she felt the large dildos enter. For now they were dead silent, but she bet that things would change soon.

She then put leather cuffs on Lynda’s wrists and elbows and ankles, tying her ankles to D rings on the floor then turned on the vibrators before removing the steel cuffs of the wrists. That way, she was sure that Lynda wouldn’t try to run away, and she was right. Lynda stayed put as Karen linked the cuffs to more hanging chains putting the arms in a straight horizontal position. She then took a roll of cling film and proceeded to wrap Lynda’s legs separately, then her torso and then her arms to finish with the head, tearing a hole in the wrap for her nose. After which she took a roll of duct tape and started to wrap the legs, starting over the ankles and the leather cuffs. She tightly and carefully wrapped both legs and the crotch then stopped at the hips. She then wrapped the arms down to the shoulders, wrapping everything down to just below her breasts which had been wrapped rather tightly. She then went back to the hips. She started at the lower hips, below where she had stopped and she started to wrap, pulling as hard as she could on the tape. Lynda went wide-eyed as she felt encased in an extra tight tape corset, crushing her waist four or five inches. Karen went on doing four layers between the hips and the breasts.

When done, Lynda was breathing in short gasps and it was only the beginning. Now it was time for the head. She carefully wrapped the neck over the leather collar, leaving the D ring protruding, then proceeded to wrap the head tightly, leaving a hole for the nostrils and for the eyes, although the cling film was already all fogged up. The head was wrapped so tightly that she couldn’t move it and couldn’t move her jaw. She could only breathe by the nose. Karen then untied her arms, one at a time, wrapping her hand in a close fist position before linking them in her back, also linking the elbows. She removed the collar link, had her turn around and she pushed her on the bed where she fell on her back like a rigid statue. She removed the ankle cuffs and added cling wrap to her feet then taped them but toes pointing. She put four layers of tape from the toes to below the knees before picking a pair of ballet toe boots and lacing them tightly on her legs, then taping over them and finally adding the leather cuffs. She then linked the cuffs together.

Lynda was lying on her back on the bed, rigid, unable to move, being vibrated deeply inside her. Karen laid over her, rubbing her hand over the silver mummy, feeling the vibrators when she reached the crotch, and hearing nothing else than Lynda’s fast breathing through her nose. She approached her ear.

“Well, it’s getting late. I’m gonna hit the bed. See you tomorrow.”

Lynda muffled something, probably her disapproval, but Karen left with a smile, heading for the guest room where she took place under carefully hidden latex bed sheets, still wearing her latex catsuit, corset and boots. She closed her eyes, reached her crotch and flipped the switch of her own vibrating dildos which were now filled with fresh batteries.

She had a large smile on her face when sleep had the best of her.

Lynda on the other hand, was having a hard time. She couldn’t move an inch and was not used as being bound like that, and she sure wasn’t expecting any of that, but the vibrating and twisting dildos quickly sent her mind elsewhere and in her case, exhaustion had the best of her.

Morning. Karen was dressed in a shiny purple rubber dress, thigh length, clear rubber stockings, standing of five inches stiletto pumps, leaning on the doorframe. She was looking at the silver mummy laying on the bed before her, her chest quickly raising and falling with each short breath. The humming of the dildos had stopped, the batteries probably drained out. She softly sat by her side and ran her long fingernails along the taped legs. Lynda responded by twitching then moaning, obviously asking for release.

“Yes, I’m sure you want out my dear, but you have to prove to me that you are worthy of being free.” She softly said while untying her arms then removing the link of her ankles. “I’ll be waiting for you in the living room. Just come see me when you’ll be ready.” She said, kissing her wrapped lips and getting out of the room with an evil laugh mixed with the clicking high heels.

Lynda stayed, arms by her side, trying to flex them to get some blood flow again. She found Karen quite harsh, then again, she hasn’t been kind herself the day before when she decided to play with Karen instead of freeing her.

She struggled to roll on the side then kneel on the floor. Helped by the bed, she tried to get up, but having never walked on her toes before, she quickly lost balance and landed again on the bed. It took her six attempts before staying up, and she hadn’t walked yet.

One small step at a time, she went forward, barely moving more than a few inches at a time. Although the dildos were dead, their lump of hard rubber was still there and moving each time she would move a leg as all her body was following. In ten minutes she had reached the doorframe of the bedroom and leaned against it for a little rest. She ascertained the rest of her trip as to four times the distance she had done so far.

Karen was sitting in the lazy chair, looking at her struggle with a large smile.

“Come on honey.” She said with a laugh. “You can do it, you’re a good girl.”

Karen watched with delight as the silver mummy with extra long legs was struggling to keep her balance and walk, stiff from head to toes, doing very small steps at a time. At one point, Lynda lost balance and fell on her side in a soft thud. Karen only laughed as Lynda crawled to a nearby chair to get up again and resumed her walk.

It took her close to an hour to do it. By then, Karen was getting bored and was not looking at her but rather watching the morning show on TV.

Lynda moaned at her, gesturing that she wanted to get out of her tape cocoon.

“You want to get out, don’t you?” asked Karen as Lynda was nodding yes with the little motion her wrapped head allowed. “I’m okay with that, but you need to be secured up while I do it otherwise you can fall down and hurt yourself. Come join me in the bedroom so I can fix you up properly.” She said, laughing, getting up and heading for the bedroom.

Lynda was boiling. She had her walk to the living room absolutely for nothing? Now she had to walk back to the bedroom, but this time, she had had some practice and she made the trip in 15 minutes. Nonetheless, Karen was taking a nap.

“Wow, that was quick. I almost didn’t sleep. Oh well, here you go.” She said, putting her in the same spot as when she did the wrapping, tying her neck to the ceiling and her arms horizontally on each side.

She then took scissors and proceeded to cut the cocoon, and she did it slowly, very slowly. Lynda’s belly almost exploded out when she cut the waist portion of the tape and Lynda let out a long sigh, taking very long and deep breaths. She unwrapped the head but before Lynda could say a word, she stuffed a ball gag and fastened in tightly in the back.


“What do you expect? You kept me in bondage for the whole day. I’m not about to do it differently.” She said.

She removed the layer of tape covering the ballet boots but left the boots on.

“You’re going to need some footwear anyway. Since you got the hang of these, better keep them on.” She said before heading for her closet.

“Hum… What would be nice for you… Ah! Here.” She said picking a few latex garments and heading back for the bedroom.

She approached with a dark blue leotard with long sleeves. She put Lynda’s feet through it and yanked it up. It was bound to be a tight fit.

“It will probably be a little small. I bought it a while ago and even for me it’s very tight. Since you’re a little bit fleshier than me it should be just perfect.” She said, yanking the tight garment over Karen’s waist. 

Then, one arm at a time, she untied it and fed it through the extremely tight sleeves, having a hard time gliding the rubber over the arm before retying it in place and doing the same with the other one. Finally, with a lot of strength, she pulled up the back zipper, encasing Lynda’s chest and breast into the thick and tight rubber up to the high neck of the leotard.

She was stunning to see. The tight rubber was making very nice shiny reflections, stretched as it was over her body and arms. The length of the arms was just perfect. She then rolled the wrist before adding black short latex gloves then rolling the rubber sleeve back over them.

“There. Perfect. And look what I got you!” she said, showing a pair of black rubber jeans with the back pockets enhanced with white stitching. “You’ll look stunning in those, and their length is perfect for your ballet boots.” She said as she fed the legs up.

This item too proved to be very thick and very tight. The legs were straight and effectively going down just right for the ballet boots. Fastening them was another story. She had to pull on both sides while yanking the zipper up. It took a couple of attempts but she succeeded. She finished the outfit by adding a very thick rubber belt in the belt loops of the rubber jeans. She walked away to have a better look.

“Stunning. Just stunning.” She said, all smiling, then took a length of chain and wrapped it tightly around Lynda’s waist, locking it in her back, leaving a length of free chain hanging down behind her. She removed one wrist from the ceiling chain, put the arm in front of her then took the chain, fed it between the legs and fastened to the wrist cuff. She joined the other arm at the same place.

Lynda had now her wrists tied in front of her, to a chain going through her crotch to the back of her waist. She could pull up her arms to about her chest before the chain would yank at her crotch and at the inserted dildos. Finally, Karen added a wide leather collar, forcing her head up.

“You don’t think that you’ll be laying down all day, don’t you. Yesterday’s ordeal made it so that I didn’t have time to clean the house before you came, nor after, so you will help me do it.” She said, yanking the leash of her collar and forcing her to follow.

Lynda followed, making small steps on her ballet boots, unsteady. Karen led her to the living room where the vacuum cleaner was laying on the floor.

“Here. Clean this mess.” She said as she pointed to the barely dusted carpet.

While grunting, Lynda kneeled down to take the power cord of the vacuum cleaner, then yanked it to the nearest power outlet, plugged it, then again to the cleaner to take the broom then starting to actually vacuum.

As she was about finished, Karen went by carrying a box of breakfast cereal and, accidentally (?) tripped on the power cord, unplugging the vacuum and spilling a lot of cereal on the carpet.

“Oops. Sorry. Well, you better clean this, now.” She said, laughing.

Lynda had to crouch down again to plug the vacuum then removed all the cereals from the carpet. It was not easy, but surprisingly interesting to do. The tight leotard was pulling hard on her crotch, pushing the dildos deeper. The tight rubber jeans were pinching her buns with each move, and the boots forced her to arch her back, putting pressure on her sensitive breasts, already squished by the too small leotard. Everything was a blast and she took great care to hide her arousal state to Karen.

Once the living room was done, Karen added more chores like dusting and sweeping. Finally, it was lunch time. Karen had prepared a nice shrimp salad. She unfastened Lynda’s wrists from the front to link them in her back, adding elbow cuffs and drawing them together. She put one bowl on the table and another one, with much larger lettuce leaves, on the floor.

“Well, you said so yourself that a slave shouldn’t eat at the same table as her master.” She said, laughing.

Karen removed the gag. Lynda knew better than to respond. She simply grunted then kneeled on the floor and struggled to eat the salad.

Once the meal was taken, Karen had her get up and was about to put back the gag in place, replacing it by a head harness gag.

“You’ll pay for that, Karen.” Said Lynda.

“What?” asked a pissed off Karen. “Yes, I was playing with self-bondage yesterday, but I was hoping for your help when things went wrong. Instead, you toyed with me for many hours, even leaving me with the impression that I was stuck for the night. You thought it was all fun? I’m just acting a well deserved revenge.” She said as she started to apply the harness.

“You don’t have a clue don’t you? You don’t know half about me.”

“Oooo. I’m scared!” laughed Karen.

“I’m warning yommffghmo”

“Whatever. I feel like taking a nap. I think it will be nice for you too. You have one heck of a bad morning behaviour.” She said as she yanked on the leach.

Lynda followed. She had a short lived expected relief but she ended up on the bed, by Karen’s side, tightly bound into a hogtie, arms linked to the ankles, knees drawn together with a leather belt, and the ring on top of her head harness linked to her elbow cuffs, forcing her head painfully backward against the wide leather collar.

To Lynda’s surprise, and dismay, Karen’s nap lasted over two hours. When she awakened, it was past the middle of the afternoon. Lynda’s limbs were hurting from the strain.

“Well, that was a relaxing nap. How about you?” asked Karen with a devilish laugh.

Lynda grunted.

She untied Lynda but her freedom was short lived. Karen took place in front of the TV and had Lynda kneel beside her on the floor, legs tied up, arms in her back, wrists linked to the ankles. She was watching the Sunday afternoon movie. Around dinner time, Karen untied Lynda, led her to the bedroom where she removed the cuffs and the gag.

“There. I think you can get the rest off by yourself. I’m ordering a pizza. You should have time to get to the shower before it arrives.”

“Gee. Thanks.” Said a not so happy Lynda.

Karen, who had totally forgotten that she was wearing latex, opened the door to the pizza delivery guy who went wide eyes. She laughed while leaving a big tip thinking that he got a lot more than he paid for, and she prepared the pizza and the plates.

Lynda walked to the dining room wearing her stretch jeans and shirt she had when she came in the day before. There were not a lot of words exchanged during the meal.

“Oh, come on, Lynda. Don’t hold a grudge for that. It wasn’t that bad and I’m sure you enjoyed it.”

“Yeah, whatever.” She said.

“Listen I’m sorry if I hurt you.” Said Karen. “I was quite pissed off yesterday when you kept me in bondage so I felt revenge was in order.”

“Yeah… it’s okay. I haven’t been an angel myself.” Said Lynda, starting to smile again.

After the meal, they headed for the kitchen to do the little dishes they had to do. Karen was at the sink and Lynda was drying the dishes when, very quickly, Karen’s arms were grabbed in her back and steel cuffs applied.

“Oh no. Not again!” said a depressed Karen.

Lynda didn’t add a word. She dragged Karen to the bedroom where she pushed her on the bed. Karen didn’t offer resistance, figuring that it would be over shortly, but things started to be scary when Lynda started to wrap Karen’s legs together with the roll of duct tape, over her latex stockings. She was wrapping them very tightly then when she reached her arms, she left them bound in her back and continued to wrap. When Karen started to protest that it was too tight, she stuffed one of the short black latex gloves in her mouth and taped it shut, taping over Karen’s long hairs, completely covering her head, leaving only the eyes uncovered and a small hole for the nose.

“I have to go, see you tomorrow, Slave”. Said Lynda while leaving, laughing.

“Tomorrow?” thought Karen “Tomorrow is Monday. I have to go to work, and we both work at the same accountant firm… Oh well, she’ll untie me tomorrow morning. Better make the best of it.” She said, closing her eyes.

The next morning, Karen was still at the exact same spot on the bed. She was aching from everywhere. Turned out that Lynda’s wrap was very tight. When she heard the door open, she started to squirm and grunt and she startled when she saw the woman in the doorframe, realizing with difficulty that it was in fact Lynda.

She was wearing a very tight fitting leather catsuit, standing on thigh high kid leather boots with a five inches spiky heels. She had a steel belt around her waist where she was hanging a whip. Her hairs were held in a strict bun and she had quite severe makeup.

From her leather gloved hands, she picked up the phone and dialled a number.

“Yes hi, Phil? Listen it’s Lynda. I don’t know what’s going on but I went by Karen’s place this morning to pick her up to go to work and the apartment is clean…. No it hasn’t been vacuumed, I mean there’s nothing in it. No furniture, no clothes no nothing, and there’s no sign of Karen. Can I take the day… yes I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have some news. Bye Phil.”

Karen had wide eyes. What the hell was all that? Was what she was about to do?

“Well, Slave, I told you that you don’t know half of me. You see, I live a double life. There’s my public life, the one you know, and on the weekend, when I go see my family, I actually head for my country house where I have my dungeon. Yes, dear, I’m a dominatrix and I’ve been thinking for a long time about having a personal slave. After years of research, I think I just found it. I know everything about you. I even know the password for your bank account and your PIN code because you never took care of hiding it from me. You’re mine now.”

Karen went wide-eyed and struggled in her tight silver cocoon. Was this all a bad dream, a nightmare or a secret wish becoming reality?

© Pete / monsterp63, July 18, 2007.   

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