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It happened some time ago, in a slightly different world, where fetishism was well regarded and where even Royal families had their fetish wings.

Karen had lost her parents when she was very young. They went out shopping and never came back, so she was told, by the aunt Zelda who was now in charge or raising her.

But Zelda was a very bad aunt. She had given Karen about the same status as a garbage bag. On the other hand, her two brat daughters, Ilda and Elda, were simply perfect… per Zelda saying.

Anyway, you all know the basics behind any Cinderella story, so let’s put a few bla, bla, bla here and cut right to the important stuff, shall we?

For Karen, it was a day like any other. She had to dress up wearing the clothes that her aunt Zelda had bought for her: too small a shirt, too small jeans, and high heel platform sneakers. But to Zelda’s dismay, Karen liked those too small clothes. She liked the tight squeeze of her shirt on her body, she loved the struggle and the feeling of her too tight jeans and was expertly walking on the high heel platform shoes. But all this only helps drive more hatred from Zelda toward Karen. She wished that, one day, she would be able to escape this sad house and live her life, happy and joyous. She often dreamed about the nearby Fetish Prince of which she had cut off some pictures from magazines and put them on the walls of her filthy small bedroom up in the attic. He was so stunningly gorgeous in his tight latex trousers. Unfortunately, Zelda had found those pictures and tore them down.

“He’s too good for such a wimp like you!” she had said. “Ilda or Elda would be a better match for him than a low life worm like you.”

Karen had cried that night, swearing to get out as soon as she could… which could be a very long time from then.

So, on that day, the two cousins came home all joyous, dancing and jumping around, waving a letter in their hands.

“We got invited! We got invited.” They were saying, non-stop.

Karen who was swiping the floor lends an ear to have some explanation. She heard the high pitch voice of her aunt, all excited.

“Really? Prince Phil, The Prince Fetish is coming here?”

“Yes.” Said Ilda. “He’s organising a big dancing ball, everyone is to wear their nicest fetish attire and he would choose his mate, the future Fetish Princess.! Oh, mother, can I go, please?”

“Me too, mother!” quickly cut in Elda. “I want to go too.”

“But of course my dearest daughters. You both will go. After all, once the Prince will see you, he will have eyes for no one else.” She said, then turned her head to Karen who had inadvertently stopped swiping.

“You, forget it! A disgusting brat like you is not worthy of the Fetish Prince.”

“Brat! Brat! You will not see the prince!” were singing in chorus the two cousins, while aunt Zelda was laughing.

The big day arrived. Karen had to help Elda and Ilda get into the fetish attires that Zelda had got them. Karen was trying hard not to laugh. Having never worn high heels before, they were totally incapable of standing still, even less walking. Their corsets were too small for their puffing bellies, making the lacing stretch for a wide gap in their back and the latex dresses were not at all fitting as it was way too small. It was as if they had chosen clothes half their sizes. Zelda had put on a zentai catsuit, lime green, with a… purple waist cincher… Yeech!

Once they were all about ready to leave, Zelda turned to Karen.

“You are not to leave this house. Go to your room.”

“But aunt Zelda…” had started to argue Karen.

“Shut up and go.”

Karen did, knowing perfectly what would happen. Zelda closed the door and locked it. Karen was stuck in her small attic bedroom. From her small window, she witnessed them struggling to enter in a cab and they drove off. She laid on the bed, looking at the filthy ceiling.

“Where are my parents? Why is aunt Zelda so mean with me?”

“Because you had something great awaiting you, and now is the time.”

“Who… who said that?” asked Karen, sitting up straight on the narrow bed.

“Me.” Said something looking like a dragonfly then, with a flash of light, became a wonderful young woman with blond hair and a white shiny dress.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m your godmother.”

“My godmother?”

“I’m here to make things happen, or rather help them to happen.”

“Yeah, right. You’re gonna unlock the door? Big deal.” She said, giving a sharp kick on the lock, making the door slam open. “I can do that myself, see?”

“I understand and I know that those last years have not been easy, but for lots of reasons, I couldn’t intervene before. But now is the time you will have a chance. Would you like to meet the Fetish Prince?”

“Yes, of course, but I don’t have anything to wear for it. Yes tight jeans is a fetish but he’s more incline toward latex.”

“Everything will be taken care of.” Said the godmother as she waved her magic wand in the air.

A few seconds later, Karen was surrounded by a sparkling light. She saw her tight jeans disappear and slowly, her skin was turning black. She felt wrapped, tightly, all around her body. She watched in amazement the rubber coating rising up, covering her legs, body and arm, engulfing her head, leaving only eyes and mouth holes. She felt it tightened and getting thicker around her waist as the design of a perfectly fitting corset appeared, with white trimming. Karen was panting, her face red, overwhelmed by the feeling.

“That feels great.” She said, rubbing her hands over her shiny covered breasts, constricted waist, well wrapped thighs, and slid them slowly at her crotch, coming back at the waist, amazed at the deep black, extremely shiny fabric.

“Something wrong? Too tight?”

“No… actually, I would like it tighter.” Said Karen, but before she could add one more word, she felt it compress even more. She went wide eyes and wide smiled, still rubbing her waist.

“Wow! It feels wonderful.” She said.

“Very nice. I would guess a good five inches. Impressive. I only achieve four myself.” Said the godmother, showing her own corseted waist. That’s when Karen noticed that her dress was made of rubber. “Of course I wear rubber. What did you think?” said the godmother.

“Okay, time for the accessories. You better sit down, dear.” Said the godmother before waving her magic wand again.

A dark blue cape appeared in her back, crystal cuffs appeared on her wrists and elbows, a crystal collar tightly encircled her neck and, the most impressive of all, knee high pointed toe boots made of crystal wrapped her feet.

“Wo… Wow!” said Karen, gently getting up, standing tall proud and steady on the extreme boots.

“I knew you could wear those. I knew it. Donna owns me two favors.”

“Say what?” asked Karen.

“Me and a friend put a bet that you would not be able to handle the pointed toe boots. I win. I’m impressed, I must say.”

“Well, aunt Zelda is forcing me to wear high heels all the time, so these are just a short stretch. I really love those! Thanks… but… how do I take all this off? I mean there’s no zipper, no laces anywhere?”

“That’s the trick, my child. You have until midnight to conquer the heart of the Fetish Prince. After that, everything will revert to what it was before. 

“Only until midnight?”

“Yes, that’s the limit of my magic. Now you need to get there.” She said.

With another turn of her magic wand, they both find themselves out of the house, on the ground. One more waving and quickly appears a beautiful white cart worthy of a princess. The cart appeared to be made of hard rubber, with soft rubber padding for the seat. It was pulled by six ponygirls, all wearing sparkling white rubber catsuits and black knee high hoof boots. Their waists were severely constricted by red leather corsets, their hands tightly held in the reverse prayer position. Their heads were held in a web of red straps, including horse bit gags, with the reins held by the driver. The woman driver was wearing the same white catsuit and corset, but had thigh high white patent boots instead. But since she was tied down kneeling, they were not of much use anyway. Her head was encased in a white rubber hood, and her mouth plugged by a red ball gag harness.

Karen sexily walked toward the cart and opened the door. As she was about to get in, the godmother stopped her.

“The outfit is not quite complete yet.” She said. “As you are not to show any hint of who you are, you’ll be plugged and rendered mute.” She said with another magic wand turn.

Karen went wide eyes as she felt huge intruders grow at her crotch, then the mouth hole closed and she felt another piece of rubber enter her mouth and grow until it filled it completely. Dark lenses formed over her eyeholes. She put her hands at her crotch and felt the dildos, pushing on them, throwing her head backward.

“Great feeling, isn’t it?” said the godmother. “But I wouldn’t lose too much time having fun with myself if I were you. You have just over two hours left. Remember, you have to be back here by the twelfth dong of midnight.”

Karen nodded yes and gave the godmother a strong hug before getting on the cart.

It departed and if she didn’t know better, she would swear that it was pulled by real horses.

A few minutes later, she was making head turns at the ballroom. Her arrival attracted attention. She gracefully opened the door and walked down the cart, her black catsuit shining under the spotlights, her crystal collar, cuffs and especially pointed toe boots reflecting the light in a rainbow of colors, and her dark blue cape floating behind her.

She gracefully and sexily walked up the stairs to the entrance of the ballroom. She discovered at the same time that, while walking, the dildos were doing quite a job and she was almost glad of being gagged.

Nobody asked her for her invitation card. Someone dressed like that, arriving in a cart pulled by six gleaming white ponygirls had to have an invitation.

In the ballroom, everything was going fine for most people except the Fetish Prince himself who was trying hard to get away from two very sticky women, badly dressed and incapable of standing on their high heel shoes, if considering two inches heels… high. Suddenly, the music stopped and everybody stopped talking, all turning toward the entrance.

There, stood this tall woman, her waist extremely corseted, emphasizing her ample breasts, gracefully walking down the stairs on crystal pointed toe boots. The lights of the ballroom were reflecting everywhere on her tight and shiny black rubber outfit. Her long cape was floating in the air as she walked down the stairs.

The prince grabbed that chance to get away from the two sticky flies and quickly met her at the bottom of the stairs.

“Hello! I’m Prince Phil, and you are?”

Karen gently gestured that she had only a small breathing hose at her mouth.

“Oh, you’re gagged! That would make it an interesting night. I can’t see your eyes, I can’t hear you talk, I can’t even tell the color of your skin. I think I’ll call you… Mystera.” He said, taking her hand and gently kissing it, noticing at the same time the crystal cuffs.

“Wonderful craftsmanship. You will have to tell me who crafted those beauties.” Said the Prince.

Karen nodded a small yes.

“Would you like to dance?” he said, waving his hand in the air, ordering the orchestra to play.

He took her by the waist, feeling how tight the corset was as the orchestra played the first notes of a wonderful waltz. 

Karen was quite a dancer and she surprised herself at how easy it seemed to be dancing on rigid pointed toe boots. The prince was also an excellent dancer and they danced away for four songs, the last one being a romantic one, giving the opportunity for the prince to get even closer to her.

While dancing, he delicately slid his hand under the rubber cape, feeling the tight rubber all around her body, then, startling, he stepped back.

“How… How did you get this thing on? There’s no zipper, not even a seam on your suit, and those crystal cuffs…”

Karen put her hand at her mouth. That gag was the best thing after all. She couldn’t say anything compromising.

Although the Prince spent some time with other prospects, he was always returning to Mystera as he called her. Karen discovered that, when sitting, the dildos were quite disturbing. She was careful not to show that she had quite a few orgasms during the evening. Then, as she was dancing one more dance with the Prince, she heard the gong of the big clock… One… Two… Three… Four…

Karen startled. She had to go. Fast. She delicately pushed the prince away and ran away, quickly climbing the stairs out of the ballroom… Six… Seven… Eight… She could feel the corset already relaxing. She could feel the crystal cuffs sliding down. She tripped on her cape in the stairs. When she got up, she realized that one crystal pointed toe boots had slipped off, but she had no time to turn back and grab it. She ran, as fast as she could. The cart with the ponygirls was already gone. She ran through the badly lit park, tripping and rolling on the ground, only to realize that she was back in her tight jeans, shirt and high heel platform sneakers. She ran as fast as she could. She had to get back to her room before Zelda and the cousins.

Of course, right after that, the Prince called off the ball. He wanted Mystera. His choice was done, much to the dismay of Zelda. This was totally unfair; he hadn’t even talked to her daughters… (Who would have?)

Living quite a distance from the ballroom, Karen was still panting when Zelda got into the house. Pissed off, she decided to let out some steam on Karen, entering her room by slamming the door open.

“You! It’s all your fault! I’m sure it’s all your fault!”

“What are you talking about, aunt Zelda?” asked Karen, who wasn’t supposed to be aware of what happened at the ballroom.

“The Prince, that bastard. He chose this… that…. Crystal woman instead of Elda or Ilda. He has such bad tastes, and it’s all your fault. Go help Elda and Ilda out of their clothes.” She ordered.

Karen complied, stunned that apparently, the Prince had chosen her. As she was removing Elda’s corset, she realized that he knew nothing about her, and that she had no way to get in touch with him. That fairy godmother was not that helpful after all. Now she would live the rest of her life knowing that she should be with the Fetish Prince instead of… helping something very close to a frog, get out of a corset.

The next morning, the news was out that the Prince was touring all the community to find Mystera. His clue? A crystal pointed toe boots. 

“Only the true wearer will be worthy of putting on this boot, and to take my heart.” Had said the Prince.

So he was going from house to house, eventually ending up at Zelda’s house, where he immediately recognized the two annoying women.

“I’m sorry ladies, it can’t be any one of you. With all due respect, Mystera was much taller and much thinner than you are.”

“It… it was magic.” Quickly said Zelda. “When the boot is on, they slim down.”

“Yes, go ahead, I’m sure my feet will fit in it.” Was saying Ilda, her shoe removed, revealing a feet with huge onions and twisted toes.

His nose ready to quit, Prince Fetish approached the boot but the foot wouldn’t pass the top of it, say nothing about reaching the bottom.

“Of course, it’s me!” Had yelled Elda, following Ilda’s failure. 

Prince Fetish had never seen such ugly feet or smelled anything that bad before. Once again, the feet didn’t reach the ankle portion of the boot.

“Well, I’m afraid it’s not your daughters. This was the last house of the town. Mystera was perhaps from the north.” He said, a sad look on his face.

“Aunt Zelda, I’m sorry but there’s… Oops, sorry. I didn’t know you had a guest.”

“Shut up and go to your room, Karen! You know you shouldn’t show your ugly face to visitors, especially when it’s a Prince.” Had immediately said Zelda.

“Prince?” said Karen.

“I said G…”

“Wait a minute.” Said the Prince, discovering a very soft and beautiful face, encased in curly brown hairs, standing on a tall and slim body. “Weren’t you at the ball last evening?” he said.

“No, forget her. She was locked in her room. She’s not worthy of a Prince like you. Ilda on the other hand would make…”

“I’m sorry Ma’am, but I’m not talking to you. So… Karen? Were you at the ball last night?”

“I’m afraid what aunt Zelda says is the truth, Prince Fetish. She had locked me in my room. I couldn’t have gone to the ball.”

“Really? Why… why don’t you try the boot?” he gently said, producing the crystal tube.

“Me? No, it couldn’t be…”

Karen was stuck. If she was claiming that she had been there, Zelda would boil her hat off on her. If she said no, she would lose her chance of getting out of there.

“I insist.” He said.

Shy, Karen approached and sat. The Prince undid the lacing of her high heel sneaker, discovering a soft and clean feet, far from the horrors he had seen a few minutes earlier. He took the boot and gently slid it up Karen’s leg. It went smoothly up. All were holding their breath. Karen wasn’t even looking at the boot. She was looking at the prince who himself, wasn’t looking at how the boot rode up but at Karen’s eyes. When it stuck, he looked down.

There it was, fully inserted, conforming perfectly to Karen’s feet.

“I knew it was you.”

“You? How did you do that? I’m sure it’s a trick, it’s a… oh  my god!”

Her feet had become black, and the blackness was riding up fast, apparently riding under her tight jeans and shirt, covering her arms, hands, engulfing her head, leaving only eyes and mouth holes. Her waist got thinner and even the jeans that were once tight were suddenly loose and easily slid down the smooth and shiny legs, revealing that she had now both feet encased in crystal pointed toe boots. Crystal cuffs had reappeared around her wrists, elbows as well as the crystal collar.

The prince rose up, all smiling, opening his arms.

“Finally! There you are, Mystera.”

“It’s Karen.” She softly answered, looking in disbelief at her transformation while taking off the shirt, revealing her slender body, completely covered in thick and tight rubber. There was not a loose spot anywhere.

There was a buzzing sound and a dragonfly entered the room. Zelda was about to hit it with a broom but Karen was quick to block the blow. The dragonfly became sparkles and grew, becoming brighter and brighter until it revealed a white dressed woman.

“Hello again Karen. Looks like you found the love of your life.” said the godmother.

“Hello godmother. I… I don’t know what to say.”

“Say what you wish, Karen. This life is yours. But be careful what you say or what you wish because once the vows are pronounced, there is no turning back.”

“I know what I want.” Said Karen, looking at the prince. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“I want you to be my Latex Queen, Karen.”

They left the house, leaving three very pissed off women.

The church was full to witness the fetish wedding of the century. Center staged, were standing a gentlemen wearing a gleaming white tuxedo and a woman, tightly encased in a very tight and shiny black latex catsuit, standing on crystal pointed toe boots, the thick rubber coating covering her whole body except for mouth and eyes holes. Besides her, a gleaming white woman, handed two golden rings to the priest who took the stand.

“Those rings have been blessed with magic, but not any magic. Only the powerful Magic or Love, Trust and Respect was used, giving those rings special powers. When you will put it on, only what both of you agreed on will take place. The ring had read your minds, read your souls and found what deep down you wish to happen.

Once this ring is on and the vows are pronounced, the spell will be permanent but only as long as the Trust, Respect and Love relationship is felt by both of you. If for some reason, any one of those conditions is broken by both of you, the magic will cease and both of you will return to their old lifestyles.

May the God of Fetish be with both of you for the rest of your life, and even beyond.” He said, ceremoniously giving the ring to the Prince.

“I ask the Great Magic of Love, Trust and Respect to read my mind and give me and Karen, what we both wish.” He said while he gently slid the ring over Karen’s left ring finger.

Karen repeated the phrase as she put the other ring over Phil’s finger.

“I now declare you, Prince and Princess.” Said the priest, stretching his arms.

Karen closed her eyes. She had wished for some things, other she left blank, leaving her lover to decide for her. Her corset appeared to squish her waist even more and grow somewhat taller. That was one of the few blanks she left open, then the corset, although it kept its rubbery appearance, became as rigid as steel. The crystal accessories on Karen’s body began to glow. Her pointed toe boots appeared to shrink around her leg then transformed themselves into highly polished chromed steel boots, the same with her collar that molded her neck to perfection before tightening slightly and changing to steel, freezing her head in this straight position. Her arms were drawn in her back as if pulled by powerful magnets, bud she didn’t fight back, she even helped the magic by joining her hands. When the cuffs touched together, the elbows and the wrists cuffs joined together becoming a rigid cuff pair before they tightened and changed to steel, setting her arms permanently in her back. That’s what she wished for. Finally, breath shaking, dark lenses covered her eyes and she balanced on her legs as the large intruders filled her orifices, including her mouth.

Karen let out a long moan as Phil reached for her and gave her a passionate kiss on her rubber lips.

But it wasn’t over. Now it was Phil’s setup to change. First, her rubber tuxedo changed for a white catsuit, very tight and tightening by the second. His legs got crushed by the tight rubber, becoming thinner, slender. His boots raised and the sole changed for a platform with a six inches spiky heel. His manhood was compressed and his waist was reduced by a strict corset. Pockets appeared at his chest, being filled by nearby flesh being pushed in by the tight rubber suit.

The rubber stopped at the neck. After all, he was the Prince and needed to hear, see and talk. His very manly face will stand tall over a woman’s shape body for years to come.

It was a drastic change for him, but it was also a change for Karen. They both wished it, and the magic operated per their thoughts. He took her in his arms and gave her a passionate kiss on her rubber covered lips. Karen embraced him tightly. She couldn’t dream of a better ending, except maybe, the classic phrase: 

…And they lived rubberly ever after.

© Pete / monsterp63, August 17, 2007

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