Karen – The Perfect Assistant


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I never thought that this story would trigger a fourth part… – Pete.

Friday evening. Karen had been prepped for the arrival of the client. She had been dressed with a black rubber catsuit complete with feet and gloves, black and white rubber corset compressing her waist four inches, lace-up and buckled up platform boots, a rubber hood leaving only holes for her eyes, her mouth being filled with the blow-up gag attached to the hood, leaving only a small breathing hole.

She had also been fitted with leather cuffs locked on her ankles, knees, wrists and elbows, ready to be used if necessary, as well as a wide leather collar with four D rings. If she was to misbehave, she would easily be put under control.

When the car was heard in the driveway, she was instructed to stand back, unseen by the visitor until she was called, but she could see through the door opening.

A man entered, wearing a well fitted suit and tie, dragging along by the arm an evidently unwilling young woman in tight jeans and sneakers and long red hair. Lynda received them, wearing a very beautiful yet strict looking black leather catsuit, very tight fitting, standing on black patent thigh high boots with a five inches stiletto heel.

“Hello Mister Martin, very nice to meet you again.” Said Lynda, extending a leather gloved hand.

The man took it and gently brought it to his lips to apply a gentle kiss on it.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He said. “This is my daughter, Suzy. She is just past the legal age, but she does not have the wisdom age. I had expected her to take over my business but she’s much too immature for that. So I would like you to work on her so she would behave properly.” He said, handling all the paperwork.

Lynda had a brief look at it.

“She signed it, but does she know what she signed for?”

“It’s for a weekend in a reform school with alternative methods.” Said Suzy, chewing her gum, evidently this close to spitting it to Lynda’s face. “That doesn’t scare me, I know better.” She said, defiantly.

“Very good then, Mister Martin. Be back here Sunday evening.”

They exchanged a handshake and the man left, not even looking back on her daughter. She leaned against the wall, arms crossed, in a I’m ready to fight mood.

“I think it’s best that you learn your first lesson right now, shall we? Karen, please.”

Karen appeared from behind the door, all gleaming black, holding a collar and a leash in her hands.

“What kind of freak is this?” said a startled Suzy, laughing.

Suzy appeared to let herself be collared but when Karen extended her hands, Suzy swiftly pushed her off. Her balance unsteady on her high heels boots, Karen fell backward.

“Not very scary, your little rubber doll here.” Said Suzy, looking at Karen struggle to get back on her feet, impaired by the tight corset.

But she was so concentrated on Karen that she didn’t notice Lynda swiftly coming behind her, grabbing her arms, making her twist around landing face first on the wall. Lynda quickly snapped steel police cuffs on Suzy’s arms while pinning her on the wall.

“What the fuck… No… HELP! HELP! I’M BEING ABDUCTED!! HELP!! DAD!! I’m sure my dad is not aware of this. You probably trick him.”

Lynda swiftly had her turned around, still pinning her on the wall and while Karen was fastening very tightly the leather collar, Lynda stayed of ice.

“Your father is a long time good friend of mine, and he comes to visit me on a regular basis. He knows very well what I do, and enjoys it very much himself.”

“You’re lymmaggrrddff.”

Her speech was cut short by the insertion of a huge red rubber ball gag, fastened very tightly, pushing deep into her mouth. At the same time, Lynda had linked the collar to a ring on the wall, and she let go of her grip on Suzy.

She immediately wanted to run away, to escape but couldn’t move off the wall. Lynda and Karen stood back, looking at her struggle against her bonds, trying to rip the ring off the wall. They waited. She would exhaust herself within a few minutes.

When she started to give up and stopped struggling, Lynda approached her.

“Now listen very carefully, Suzy. My name is Mistress. You will do what I tell you otherwise you will be punished. Behave and you will be rewarded. There’s no way out of here. All the doors are magnetically locked. All the windows have bars and, you probably noticed when you came here, the nearest neighbour is 10km from here and the next road where you stand a chance of catching a car within 12 hours of walking is 25km from here. Now, we’re going downstairs, to the dungeon. You can gently follow or you can fight. One way or the other, you’re gonna get down to the dungeon. Your choice.”

Suzy nodded a small yes. She was thinking fast, about how she would elude them. The rubber clad doll was easy, unsteady as she was on her stupid boots. As for the leather clad one, she had a big mouth but didn’t look ready to engage in a real fight dressed as she was, almost impaired by the too tight leather.

She had a devilish smile underneath her gag that she quickly lost when she saw the rubber clad one kneel at her feet and apply leather cuffs linked with a small six inches chain. Damn!

Once she was released from the wall, she tried to fight but she quickly realized that the rubber doll was much stronger and suddenly very much steady on her boots than before. Karen realized she was surprised. Little did she know that her lost balance earlier was carefully staged so Lynda would be able to sneak behind her and cuff her, which is exactly what happened.

She fought nonetheless as they dragged her downstairs, but they reached the basement where Suzy lost her breath for a moment when she saw all the devices and equipment. For a moment, Karen saw fear in her eyes.

Suzy was led under hanging chains where her collar was re-attached, so high that she had to stand on her toes otherwise she would get strangled. Leather cuffs were put around her wrists and a chain from the floor was attached to her right arm while a chain from the ceiling was attached to her left one. Then the police cuffs were removed but before she had time to react, her left arm was yanked up in the air. Then a chain from the ceiling was attached to her right wrist and the floor chain removed. Again, before she could think about doing something, her arm was yanked up in the air, almost suspending her in the air but at the same time, relieving a little bit the pull on her collar.

Leather cuffs were applied to her ankles and they were spread out. She was unable to move, spread eagle, standing on her toes. She complained through her gag but it did nothing. She went wide-eyed when she saw the Mistress approach with a pair or scissor and started to cut off her clothes. Suzy struggled. She didn’t find it funny that her expensive shirt and her designer jeans were being destroyed like that.That ‘Mistress’  would pay for that.

But it was only the beginning. All her clothes were cut offs, including her underwear. She then suddenly struggled as much as she could when she saw the latex slave approaching with some kind of leather harness, holding two huge rubber dildos in her hands. But her bonds were too tight, and she could do nothing. Karen applied a lot of lubricant on the dildos and pushed them up Suzy’s orifices before taking the straps and fastening them around her thighs and waist. Trying as she might, there was no way to push them out.

Suzy was squirming. Those invaders were not exactly comfortable. Lynda approached slowly, taking pleasure slapping her riding crop in her leather gloved hand.

“Very well my friend. A little obedience lesson is in order I believe.” She said, hitting hard Suzy’s exposed nipples. 

Karen approached and suspended weight on them, then Lynda took the stand once more.

“Okay. It is quite simple. You raise the index of the appropriate hand to answer the question. Now, which hand do I have up?”

Suzy hesitated. She knew this was a trick question. Lynda was holding her right hand up, but was it the right hand per Lynda’s point of view or the left one per Suzy’s point of view. Suzy raised her left finger and she received a sharp blow on her nipples given by the Mistress as well as a hard paddle slap on her butt, given by the slave.

“Lets try that again. Which hand do I have up?”

This time, Suzy answered right. She was awaiting the next hit but instead, she let out a high pitch yelp as the dildos suddenly came alive, stopping a few seconds later. That was rather disturbing as she didn’t see it coming.

“You see?” said Lynda. “Bad answers means punishment, good answers means pleasure. Now, which side?” she said, raising her right hand again. 

Suzy quickly answered right and was hit hard, twice.

“Two bad answers, two hits, three bad answers, three hits. Listen to the question: which side?”

Suzy answered the reverse, meaning left and she was rewarded, twice as long as the previous one.  Then there was another try where she failed. It took her 5 tries to figure out the trick. When she was asking which hand, she had to answer from the Mistress point of view. When she was asking which side, she had to answer from her own point of view. Occasionally, Lynda would ask things so fast that Suzy would get mixed up and get hit. Karen knew all about it, she had received the same training herself.

The last answer, she received the reward for five minutes.

“Okay. I think it’s enough for this time.” Said Suzy, putting the crop down. “It’s getting late, you have to be set up for the night. Behave and it will go well. Do not behave and you’ll live through the consequences.” Coldly said Lynda.

Karen had approached with a cardboard box. Suzy’s current vibrating dildos were removed and the leather cuffs of her feet removed. Then a pair of rubber panties with attached dildos were pulled on and put in place. Then she was fitted with a very tight rubber catsuit.

Suzy shivered at the first contact with the material, but realized that it quickly warms up. The suit had attached feet and gloves. Her hands were untied but not her neck and the suit put on and the back zipper pulled up, then her arms and feet were re-attached to their rings.

The next item Karen pulled out of the box was a very long corset. Suzy nodded no. The rubber suit and the dildos was one thing, but the corset, there was no way she was about to get tortured with this thing.

But what she had to say was not important. Karen wrapped the leather garment around her waist and started to pull on the laces. This corset was dreadful, very long, very rigid and very small. It would compress Suzy’s waist by five inches. That’s a lot for a first time, but Lynda had to show who was in command.

Karen started to lace up the corset but it was obvious after the first two inches, that Suzy was not cooperating, tensing her stomach, making it impossible for the corset to close.

Lynda approached Suzy until they were eye to eye.

“I told you that, good behavior means rewards and bad behavior means punishment.” She said while imperceptibly pushing the buttons on a small remote in her hand, triggering the small tens unit that was embedded in the dildos.

Suzy twitched for a few seconds.

“Do you want another try at it?” softly said Lynda.

Suzy, wide eyes, nodded a quick no and Karen immediately felt some relaxation in the corset which she quickly laced down. A few minutes later, the corset was almost closed, leaving only a half inch gap or so.

“I don’t think you’re giving all you can, slave. Pull harder.” Ordered Lynda to Karen, but trying as she might, the corset was not closing.

“Perhaps, our little friend needs more persuasion of cooperation. Said Lynda, using the remote for the second time.

Again, Suzy twitched and started to breath rapidly and she sucked in her stomach enough for Karen to fasten the laces.

“Very good. Now your father told me that you don’t like high heels, right? So I guess that you will totally hate those.” She said, producing a pair of knee high ballet boots.

Suzy fought against her bonds but knew it was useless. She cooperated when her ankle cuff was removed and the boot slid on. Then the other feet. Then the cuffs were put back on and her feet locked to the floor again. Her arms were unlinked and the cuffs removed. Karen approached with a long leather sleeve and had Suzy put her arms together in her back while she was slipping it on.

Suzy had never seen a single glove before, and of course, never experienced it. She moaned as her elbows were slowly drawn together in the tight embrace of the leather glove, the holding straps crossing on her chest. Then a leather belt was looped around her wrists and her waist and tightly fastened.

She couldn’t use her hands, and she couldn’t move her arms. Her ankles were unlinked from the floor and the collar link removed. Karen pulled on the leach and dragged Suzy to the wall where she discovered a small rubber covered bed. She was walking slowly on the dreadful boots, legs shaking, trying to keep her balance, breathing fast with her corset, unable to use her arms to balance. 

She was made to sit on the bed while her ankles were tied together by a six inches chain, then instructed to lay down on the bed and her collar was linked to the steel frame. She would have to lay down. It would be impossible for her to sit.

“There my dear. Have nice dreams. Setup as you are, I’m sure that you won’t hurt yourself or damage your wonderful rubber skin. Now slave, it’s your time.” She said to Karen.

Suzy could see the setup from where she was laying down. Karen was led to the cell at the back of the room where her corset and boots were removed. She was fitted with another corset, longer, covering her from the hips to the neck, obviously a lot tighter and rigid than her previous one, and during all the tightening procedure, she seemed to enjoy every compression that took place. Suzy couldn’t believe that someone would actually love that.

Then Karen took place inside some kind of wide rubber bag, and the zipper was closed.

A vacuum sound was heard and she could see Karen’s body shape being molded by the vacuum created between the two layers of rubber making the bag.

Karen was stuck like a fly on sticky paper, unable to move even a single finger. She moaned as her vibrating dildos came to life, the reward of a well done job.

Suzy was amazed at the setup. Lynda left and to her surprise, didn’t turn off the lights, meaning that it would always be clear. She would have no time reference. The huge steel door of the dungeon was closed and locked with a loud clunk.

She tried to find some sleep, constantly reminded of the other one apparently having a ball in her vacuum bag. Laying on her side was not comfortable, nor on her back. She ended up on her stomach, only to realize that, doing so, the dildos were getting annoying in a pleasurable manner.

It wasn’t long before than she too was moaning softly through her gag, softly rocking her hips, working the dildos, and after a long orgasm, she found sleep.

The next day went up as you would expect. Suzy fought it at first but quickly realized that the rewards were worth the little discomfort of trying to walk in high heels on the treadmill and having your waist crushed by a corset. Although she had to perform many training duties, she remained in bondage and gagged most of the time.

Lynda was satisfied with Karen’s behavior. She had helped with the whipping session on Suzy after she refused to carry books on her head to learn the proper posture. She helped feed her and she never complained.

Suzy had spent the following night tightly secured on the X frame while Karen slept again in the vacbed, followed by another day of high heel, corset and posture training.

On Sunday evening, Suzy was released and was told that her father was to come pick her up. She had to enter a room which had direct access to the exterior. On the bed were two sets of clothes: a set of jeans, sneakers and T shirt, and the other a nice black satin dress and high heels pumps. She would not have any contacts with Lynda or Karen.

When Suzy’s father came, he witnessed a beautiful woman dressed in a wonderful black dress. She was very feminine and sexy in her high heels shoes. The father was happy and they both headed home.

“Well, Karen. Another satisfied customer, and I must say that I’m quite proud of you.” Said Lynda.

“Mffrfmmf.” Said Karen behind her gagging hood, making a slight bow in a “thank you” gesture.

“Yes, you do deserve a reward. Come” said Lynda, heading again in the dungeon.

Much to Karen’s delight, she was led to the gynecology chair. There, she was secured with her legs spread, tightly fastened at the ankles, below and over the knees, thighs, waist, chest, wrists, below and over the elbow, a large strap around her neck and a strap pulling hard on her head harness. In short, she couldn’t move a muscle.

Lynda slowly undid her crotch zipper and approached the mechanically moving dildo. She applied a large amount of lubricant and inserted it in Karen’s vagina. Karen’s breath was shaking. Yes she was eager for it to start. She liked it and she deserved it.

With the flip of a switch, the dildo started to move, entering fully then coming almost completely out, then in again, but the speed was random. Sometimes it would go fast, sometimes slow and sometimes it would stop. Very frustrating but very enjoyable.

Smiling, Lynda went upstairs, closing the heavy wooden door on Karen’s high pitch scream of pleasure and frustrations. She would check on her in a few hours…

She had thoughts about a fantasy of her. If only it could be one of Lynda’s fantasies. But in any case, it was currently medically impossible. But science evolves, things change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse and sometimes… for the best of the worse.

© Pete / monsterp63, August 20, 2007

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