Karen – The Perfect Life


Who would have thought… 5 parts!

The sound of the horse hoofs hitting the ground could be heard from a distance. Then, amidst the trees, something moved, but instead of the silky hair of a horse, what would have appeared to a bystander was two women, tightly encased in shiny black rubber, walking on boots mimicking the feet of a horse, pulling a one person cart. Their shiny suit reflected the trees around them on every of their wonderful curves, emphasising the precarious position of their arms, tightly held in the reverse prayer position in their back. Their heads were encased in more shiny black rubber, holding straight a large feather on top of their head.

The straight and up position of their head was maintained with the help of a web of leather straps circling their head, holding deep in their mouth a rubber horse bit gag. Their necks were wrapped in a very rigid leather posture collar, black with red trimming.

Their waists were highly compressed in black leather corsets with again red trimming, and a body harness was tightly wrapped over it, with chrome steel rings going over their breasts, and a leather strap going under their crotch, holding a nice ponytail linked to a dildo deeply inserted in their rectum. 

The cart was linked to this body harness at the waist.

The carriage rode to a stop in front of the barn, where a leather clad woman descended and headed for the ponygirls.

“Good job, girls. I’m proud of you.” She said, although the expression of the ponygirls could hardly be made up, hidden as they were under the tight rubber hood which included dark tinted spherical lenses over the eyes.

So to a casual observer, the two ponygirls looked almost identical, about the same height, same size and same fit body with large breasts. Two things made them apart: they had a letter printed on their left shoulder. One was “S” the other was “K”, and “K” had a much smaller waist than “S”, obviously crushed by a much tighter corset.

The Mistress unlinked the ponygirls from the carriage and led them in the barn, pulling on their reins. The two ponygirls complied. S collar was linked to a post on the side of the central alley, making her unable to move, while K’s collar was linked to a hanging chain in the middle of the central alley. The Mistress used a keyring to unlock the numerous locks holding everything in place. The body harness was first removed, along with the dildo which was quickly replaced by another one, inserted deeply before the crotch zipper was closed shut and locked back. Then the head harness was removed, replaced with a single strap red ballgag drawn tightly and deeply in her mouth. Finally, her hands were untied from their extreme position.

The girl gently rubbed her arms, welcoming back the sensation in them. Then they both turned toward the other ponygirl.  Her body harness and gag were removed but not replaced. The posture collar was removed and her hands un-tightened. Both ponygirls led to the house, S being free and K pulled on by a leach, her arms having been tied in her back by leather cuffs at the wrists and elbows.

S was led to a room on the first floor while K was led downstairs, to the dungeon where her hooves were replaced by pointed toe boots, and her ankles linked by a short chain. She was then led upstairs and tied to a D ring on a wall and had to wait there.

After a while, a woman came out of the room, all refreshed up and a smile on her face. Even though she took a long hot shower, the marks of the hood and the gag were still visible on her smiling face. She didn’t seem to mind.

“That was wonderful, Mistress Lynda.” Said the woman with short red hairs.

“You really have changed, Suzy.” Said the leather clad woman. “Remember the first time you came here, how reluctant you were?”

“Yes, I do. And I will never forget. And to think that I now come here on my own is really surprising.”

“And you’re doing fine! You’re a very good ponygirl and I wouldn’t be surprised if you surpass Karen in just a few more months.”

“Perhaps but I doubt that I would ever be able to achieve the tiny waist she has. That would be even if I was able to come here every week.”

“What do you mean? You won’t be here next weekend, as usual?”

“I’m afraid not. Since the death of my father a few months ago, I have taken charge of the business and I have less and less free time. I will try to make it in two or three weeks, I can’t tell that much in advance, but I’ll give you a call.”

“Well, don’t wait until the last minute. You know I don’t like that.” Said Mistress Lynda.

“Yes I know. Well, if I deserved to be punished for it, so be it.” Answered Suzy with a corner smile. “I really have to go now. Take care you two, and Karen, you’re a sweetheart.” She said, kissing her on her red ballgag.

Karen would have liked to give her a hug but restrained as she was, she couldn’t move farther than the short chain linking her to the wall.

“In that case, wait here, will ya?” said Lynda, getting in the dungeon and coming back with a cardboard box. “I had this made for you for such a situation.” She said, handing the box.

Suzy opened it, went wide eyes and a wide smile covered her still marked up face. She took what was inside the box, revealing a stainless steel chastity belt.

“Wow! Wonderful. What’s the catch?” she asked, frowning.

“The catch? I have the only keys for it. Once you put it on, you won’t have any other choice than coming here to have it removed.”

Suzy smiled. She had already made her mind.

Once Suzy was gone, Lynda unlinked Karen from the wall and proceeded to undress her, removing everything, including her tight rubber catsuit, revealing a whitish and wrinkled skin.

“That’s awful.” Said Karen. “I wish I could stay longer in the rubber suit. I like it there, but the skin just can’t cope with it.”

“I know what you mean, but biology is biology, and the skin isn’t made to be sealed from air for a prolonged time. You still had been in there for close to 72 hours, though.”

“Yes. Pretty much the longest I could stay. It already started to itch quite a lot and a good thing you had me restrained otherwise I would have been scratching myself to the bone.” Said Karen while putting on a silk bathrobe and slipping her feet in five inches heels slippers.

“A good night out of rubber and you’ll be ready for another 72 hours.” Said Lynda.

“Yeah.” Answered Karen with a sigh. “a night without rubber…”

Suzy did come back, six weeks later. Turned out that as soon as she was home, she had put the chastity belt on, expecting to be able to have it removed in two weeks top, but things went out of hand managing her late father’s rather large corporation, and she wasn’t able to have a free day for six weeks, and even for this one, she had to really use her imagination to find a believable excuse. She really needed to have it off. Six weeks without sex was just too much.

Of course, she had advised Lynda of her arrival just a few hours before, so she was punished for it. Instead of having her chastity belt removed first thing, she was dressed up in latex, pointed boots, blow-up gag and blow-up hood, and tied to the X frame for the night. She was kept in a strict hog-tie most of the next morning before being allowed to move somewhat in the afternoon, heavily chained and forced to dust the house, still wearing the chastity belt.

Karen was there too, but to Suzy’s surprise, wasn’t wearing a rubber catsuit, but a metallic blue spandex zentai catsuit. Although it was very thick and tight, it wasn’t rubber. But Karen performed her duties of slave assistant as usual, without complaining, as if she could, having a large red ballgag stuffed in her mouth.

Suzy was finally off the chastity belt and she was rewarded by a ponygirl session, but she felt it wasn’t the same with Karen dressed in spandex instead of rubber. When she was released, she risked the question.

“She was usually able to keep her rubber suit on for 72 hours. She tried to stretch it, but after 85 hours, it was just too much. When we removed the suit, her skin had turned almost bloody. We went to see a doctor who diagnosed that she had spent too much time underwater, of course he doesn’t know the real truth, but that was enough for her. So she’s to spend the next two weeks out of … water … hence the spandex suit.

“I see. Say, thinking of it, one of our companies is working on a serum that would allow underwater workers to work for prolonged periods of time, underwater and without taking off their bulky suit. It would save the parent company money by not losing time with the taking on and off of their suit, and will mean less discomfort and problems for the workers. We have tested in on lab grown up skin and it shows promising results.”

“But? Asked Lynda. You wouldn’t make this entire detour if there wasn’t a snag.” She said.

“Well there is. The serum has side effects, the most important is to create a dependency”

“A dependency?”

“Yes. The tests show that, after three to five months of continuous exposure, the skin creates a dependency on the serum. If the serum is taken off, the skin reacts the same as if it has been underwater for that same amount of time, so the serum has to be administered.”

“That could probably be overcome by gradually severing the subject, by lowering the dose a small step at a time.” Suggested Lynda.

“You’re right, it would work, if there wasn’t that second side effect. Again according to the tests, the severing has to be done in a six months period. At the end, the subject doesn’t need the serum anymore, but the skin reacts violently with any contact with direct air, meaning that it has to be kept underwater.”

Lynda and Karen startled. Karen gestured to Lynda to remove her gag. She would not normally do so, but this was an important discussion.

“You mean that, after that one year or so of treatment, the only way to live would be to be either continually underwater or… sealed from air?” asked Karen.

“Err yes… It’s funny but do you realize Karen that it’s the first time I hear you talk? Anyway, yes. If you were to do it, it means that, within a year, you would be confined into wearing nothing but rubber. You would not be able to even take a bath. You would have to remain sealed forever, or unless we find a way to reverse the process, which may very well happen.”

“We’ll think about it.” Said Lynda, looking at Karen.

“You’re serious? That’s a heck of a commitment here.” Said a surprised Suzy.

“You like to spend your days in meetings, I like to spend my day in latex. It’s a way of life.” Said Karen, already figuring out how it would all end up.

Six months later, all the agreements were signed, all the necessary authorisation received, and Karen had been put on the serum. It was now time for the final sealing.

She was first totally entubed for feeding, breathing and waste disposal. Then three

half-suits were laid out. There were three bottoms with attached feet, and three tops with attached gloves and hood. It meant that there was no zipper. The first bottom was put on and all the wrinkles removed and the two crotch hoses put through the small openings, then the first top was put on, having holes for the eyes and for the breathing tube coming out of the nose and the feeding tube coming from the mouth. They joined at waist level with a narrow gap that was glued together. Then a coat of gel adhesive was carefully put all over this first layer and the second one was put one, this one carrying dark spherical lenses over the eyes. Another coat of adhesive and the third layer, made from a new compound developed by the same company that made the drug under Suzy’s specifications, was put on. This one was a lot less stretchy and difficult to put on. But it was very resistant to cuts and abrasion and had a permanent shine. It would ensure for years of wear. 

Because all the layers were glued together, if something happened to the suit, or it wore out there was no way to simply replace the outer layer. Instead, more layers would be added, much to Karen’s delight who deeply wished that the suit was not that much resistant.

A few hours later, she was standing in front of the mirror, a tall and shiny black female form, totally sealed from the outside air. Her mouth had been filled with a loose sack which was later inflated with rubber paste that would harden with time while it slightly expanded. It would be very difficult to remove. She was turning to see her look from all sides, sliding her hands over the smooth finished of the resistant outer layer, feeling its tightness, feeling its sleekness. 

The more rigid outer shell provided some resistance for every movement, even for turning her head. She would not have it easy and would be constantly reminded that she was covered in tight rubber. Even without a corset, she had to work her chest to breath, fighting the tight suit. The suit was so shiny that the reflection of Lynda and Suzy were visible.

“That’s perfect, Karen.” Said Lynda. “I think you made the right choice of not putting anything else permanent, like cuffs or corset. That would allow me to put everything I wish instead. “she said, producing a very scary looking chromed steel corset.

Karen went wide-eyed, approached the garment and pointed at her feet.

“Yes, I have matching steel boots.” Said Lynda, then turning to Suzy “I think she likes it. By the way, I have a set for you too if you want.” She said, pointing to more boxes in a corner of the room.

Suzy walked to it, already dressed in her favourite purple latex catsuit and ballet toe boots. She took the steel boots and proceeded to put them on, replacing her leather ones. She had one more secret that she wasn’t ready to disclose right now. She had secretly started taking the sealing serum, and would soon have no choice but to be encased in rubber herself. The company would have to live with it. Either they would be led by a latex sealed woman, or she would sell everything. 

But as Lynda tightened the steel corset around her waist, with the feeling it being crushed smaller than usual, her breath shortening and her back becoming rigid, she didn’t give a damn about the company or what others may think.

© Pete / monsterp63, August 23, 2007

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