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Cinderlexa VS Leathera

Author’s note: This not exactly a Sequel to “Cinderlexa”. It is more an adventure that happened some time after. I do not plan to write more, but then again, “The Perfect Setup” was to be a single-shot story and I wrote 4 sequels…

It was a beautiful morning, like all morning in the Fetish Kingdom. Prince Fetish, or Phil, was already up, getting a last shining buff to his rubber suit, encasing him into the body shape of a woman, perched on skyscraper high heels platform boots. He looked in the bed where she was still sound asleep, his lover, Karen, encased in very tight latex, completely sealed since their wedding. He could see her upper body slightly rise and fall with every breath, her body held rigid by a steel corset, her arms permanently held in her back by steel cuffs. She looked so peaceful.

He had a look in the mirror and was satisfied with what he saw. He had to attend the morning meeting, managing his fetish kingdom. Lynda, the maid, was waiting by the door with a cup of hot coffee. She was wearing the standard latex French maid’s uniform over a transparent latex catsuit, covering her from head to toe, leaving only small holes for the eyes and mouth. She expertly walked alongside Prince Fetish, strolling on her high heels pumps with towering five inches heels.

“Thank you very much, Lynda.” Said Phil, stopping at the start of a long corridor. “Please stay available for my love when she wakes.” He kindly said.

The maid bowed slightly and left, going back to the Prince’s room, high heels clicking, rubber creaking. Phil walked away in the corridor.

About an hour later, Karen stretched or rather squirmed on the bed. Since the wedding, she had been completely sealed in rubber from head to toe, her eyes covered by dark lenses, her mouth plugged by a large rubber lump. She took a breath as deep as her strict and rigid steel corset allowed. She stretched her feet only, her arms still tightly held in her back by the crystal turned steel cuffs since the wedding.  She liked it that way. As she slowly rocked her hips up and down, the large dildos awakened her senses and she moaned softly.

After a few relaxing moments, she expertly got up, unaided by her arms, to stand on steel pointed toe boots, the same crystal turned steel boots she was wearing at the dancing ball held by the Prince, two years earlier.

Lynda heard the distinctive sound of the steel boots hitting the tiled floor. Knowing that Karen was awake and up, she entered the bedroom, carrying a large syringe-like container, filled with some black liquid.

“Hello Princess Fetish. Do you want some coffee, Madam?” asked the maid.

Karen nodded a small yes, her neck held rigid by another crystal turned steel device in the form of a rigid posture collar. The maid plugged the rubber hose of the syringe to a hole at Karen’s mouth and gently pushed on the handle, feeding the black liquid.

Karen moaned as she felt the hot beverage get to her stomach. She wishes she could taste it though. She couldn’t even smell it, her nose being filled by rubber tubes to allow her breathing. She signalled Lynda that she had enough and the tube was removed.

It was now time for another day of duties, but what duties can someone almost deaf, blind, mute with no hands can do. Inspect the flower garden, or course.

So she spent most of the morning gently strolling amidst the numerous plants and flowers filling the large garden behind the castle of their Fetish Kingdom. Here and there, domestics were doing their job, wearing different rubber outfits, and all with a large smile on their face. The Royal couple was much appreciated by their subjects. They were kind and friendly.

She met back with Phil, her husband and Prince of the Fetish Kingdom, for lunch. He sat at the table and ate the wonderful meal prepared by the Fetish Cook. Karen could only look at it. She couldn’t smell nor taste it, although she received the same thing, all blended, through her feeding syringe. After the meal, Phil approached her in a very formal way.

“My dear Lover. I’ve received numerous requests to visit a far away land, to meet their people, who would like to join our wonderful kingdom. I’m afraid I would have to leave you for probably close to two months.”

Karen startled. Two months? That’s a long time.

“The trip itself should take close to two weeks. I will have to pass through the high mountains of the North to get there. I’ve been invited by the Countess and if I am to refuse, she will be greatly disappointed.”

Karen nodded that she understood, but at the same time she had concerns. How could she manage the kingdom impaired as she was? Phil appeared to read her mind.

“I realize that, in your situation, it might not be easy. I think that the best solution is for you to allow yourself to be freed of your bonds and your gag for the duration of my absence.” He said, putting his hands on her knees. “I wish for your arms to be free and your speech restored.” He said, looking at Karen in the eyes, or rather on the tinted spherical lenses she had over the eyes.

Suddenly, Karen felt her arms heavy as they slowly fell on each side of her body. The tubes she had in her stomach and in her lungs for the past two years, suddenly retracted, sending weird sensations. She threw her head backward as her mouth was suddenly feeling void and loose as the gag disappeared, leaving a slit over her mouth.

“arggfn.” She said, trying to talk.

“No, don’t try to talk right now. Your vocal cords hadn’t been used for the past two years. Let them get accustomed to the air flow. It will be better tomorrow morning. Try to get the feeling back in your arms. I still have a lot of meetings to attend and a lot of things to prepare before I depart. I plan to leave in one week.”

Karen nodded. A few minutes later, Phil was gone and she was again in the garden, this time smelling and touching the flowers. Every smell was wonderful. Every perfume was better than the previous one.

For the first time in two years, she had to chew her meal.

“Feels weird.” She said to Phil over dinner that evening. “I miss the gag, though.”

“You’re very special, you know?”

“Yes, I do.” She said with a wink.

One week later, Phil was ready to depart. They kissed each other and when it was time to leave, Karen held his hands a few seconds and closed her eyes. When she reopened it, she startled.

“Something wrong?”

“Well I… I thought that you would prefer to go dressed more… accordingly for such a long trip, so I wished for you to revert to a more normal dressing code, but nothing changed.”

“That’s because I like it that way. I like my rubber skin, the tight corset and the boots. And I love you, Karen.”

“I love you too, Phil. Come back soon.”

“I will.” He said as he climbed on the carriage, pulled by 10 ponygirls, all dressed in white rubber with red trimmings. The driver gave a slight slap on the reins and the carriage was away.

Karen walked back in the castle. She now had business meetings to attend.

#   #   #

Phil had been gone for about 10 days when, as Karen was relaxing in the living room reading a fetish magazine, Lynda entered.

“I’m sorry Madam, but there’s someone at the door for you.”

“Really? Who is it?”

“She said she’s a visitor from a nearby country. Her name is Lady Leathera.”

“Let’s see it and give her a warm welcome.” Said Karen.

At the door, patiently waiting, was a tall woman with long black hair held in a tight bun at the back of her head. She was wearing a very tight fitting black leather jacket over equally tight leather jeans, standing on thigh high black leather boots with a spiky five inches metallic heel. Her tiny waist appeared heavily corseted. She extended a leather gloved hand at Karen who took it gracefully.

“Hello Lady Leathera. I’m Princess Karen. In the name of myself, my husband the Prince and the citizen of Fetish Kingdom, I welcome you.” Said Karen in a very protocol manner.

“I’m very honoured to be here. I was expecting to be greeted by the famous Prince Fetish, Phil, himself, though.”

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, Prince Phil is away on a visit to a nearby Country. He will be away for many more weeks.” Said Karen, inviting the guest to follow her in the living room.

Leathera was looking everywhere. Everything had some rubber on it. Either the couch was covered with rubber, or the desktop had a rubber sheet, there was rubber of different color and texture everywhere, which apparently displeased Leathera which made a grin at the sight.

“Not a lot of leather here.” She said.

“Oh no. We’re latex fetishists. We prefer latex, although we have some accessories in leather.” She said, inviting Leathera to take a seat, which she did, her tight leather creaking against the smooth latex. “Would you care for a glass of wine?” she asked as she gestured to Lynda to serve the drinks.

“Yes, thank you.” Said Leathera, and they went on discussing different things, how the world was doing, where it was going, is there a lot of life over the mountains, etc.

“Geesh. That wine is quite good.” Said Leathera.

“Yes it is one of our best. Do you care for another one?” asked Karen as she was raising her arm to call Lynda back.

“No need to disturb your maid, I’ll do the service.” Said Leathera while getting up and heading to the small bar.

“That’s very kind of you.” Said Karen as Leathera came back with the glasses.

“It’s my pleasure. So you said that Phil, sorry Prince Phil, is away for a few weeks?”

“Yes, he received an invitation from a Countess from a north county. Apparently she would like to join our kingdom. It was the least that Phil could do to pay her a visit.” Said Karen, yawning.” Oh my. I’m terribly sorry. I never yaaaaaaawwwn like that usually. I don’t know what go… go…going….”

Karen froze. She was still sitting but wasn’t moving. Leathera smiled.

“I see the nice drug is working on you. That’s wonderful. Now, do you hear me, Karen?”

“Karen nodded a small yes.”

“Very good then.” She said, fishing out some papers out of her jacket and putting them on the table. “Sign here, please, with all the formality you would do for any official documents.” Said Leathera with an evil tone in her voice.

“Thank you very much.” She said as she put the papers back in her jacket. “Do you have a dungeon around here? Please, show me.”

An hour later, Karen was very well secured on an X frame, a ball gag firmly pushed down her mouth. She tried to get free but couldn’t. What was going on? What happened? Then Leathera appeared with on tow, Lynda, still dressed in her French maid outfit but now made of leather. And she was severely bound, a harness ball gag was rendering her mute. A stiff and wide posture collar was keeping her head straight. Heavy steel irons at her wrists and ankles were linked by chains. She had a distressed look in her eyes.

Karen struggled in her bonds, but nothing moved. She was just too well tied up.

“I’ve always dreamed of getting a hold on this kingdom. I never thought it would be that easy.” Said Leathera with an evil laugh.

“Mff eel mmaaaakkk”

“What? Phil will be back?”

Karen nodded yes, although she could barely move her head.

“I don’t think so. You see, there is no far away country that wants to join your kingdom. I made it all up. By now, your prince should be halfway to the mountains. Impaired as he is with his high heels boots and corset, he’s probably out of breath, as well as his stupid ponygirls, trying to get past those mountains, in the trail I suggested which happened to be a dead end. A very deadly dead end.”

“Mfffooooooo” screamed Karen while fighting her bonds like the Devil in Holy Water.

“Well, I think you need some more time to cool off before I have you under my control and you order your subject to change their fetish from latex to leather, chained permanently in total bondage, and in complete submission to me.” Said Leathera before leaving with an evil laugh, pulling hard on the poor Lynda’s leach.

Karen couldn’t do anything, unless… Yes, Magic can help. She had nothing to lose. She closed her eyes and concentrated, being very careful at what she was thinking.

The next morning, Karen was taken off her uncomfortable position to a more comfortable one, per Leathera’s opinion anyways. Her neck and arms were put into a heavy wood stock. The holes had been made deliberately too small so they were very tight on her neck and wrists.

With heavy chains linked to steel cuffs around her ankles, she was led out of the dungeon to the main balcony of the castle, the one overlooking the large central court of the castle. There, she saw Lynda, still wearing her maid’s uniform but with her hands tightly held in her back with steel cuffs at the wrists and elbows. They had been evidently welded shut. A large steel collar was keeping her head straight, and heavy steel cuffs were circling her ankles, linked by a heavy and small chain allowing her to make small steps only. A steel serving tray had been fixed to her waist to another steel belt with two chains linking the far end of the tray to her collar, all welded. She had no way of getting rid of it, and she obviously had to even sleep with it.

Karen was able to catch Lynda’s eyes as she went along, and with her deeply inserted gag, she was obviously straining and not happy. But Karen was in no position to change anything.

She was dragged to the edge of the balcony where her leach chain was attached to the nearby wall. Downstairs, she could see concerned citizens, obviously regrouped there by force as numerous guards were surrounding them, heavy weapons in their hands.

“Good day citizens of the Leathera’s Empire. Yes, that’s the new name of this joint and, as you can see, I’m the new ruler now. The slut you called Princess Karen is under my control and as for her stupid Prince, he must be dead by now, personally sent away on a wild goose chase by myself, your new Priestress.”

There was a wave of disappointed screams in the crowd.

“Shut up! You now work for me. Each of you will go by my personal locksmith so proper restraints are applied before you go back to your work, and I want the production rate of everyone in this kingdom to double within two weeks otherwise… persuasive measures will be taken.” She said with an evil grin on her face.

Karen would have loved to be able to push her down the balcony. Her people would have taken good care of her, but she was too far and too restrained to do it.

Laughing, Leathera walked out of the balcony, Lynda struggling to follow her, but not fast enough apparently.

“Come on, you worm.” Said Leathera pulling on her neck chain. “I don’t spare your life so you can sightsee the surroundings.”

Karen was led downstairs, down to the court where her subjects, or rather former subjects, looked at her with pity and obvious will of vengeance and freedom against this so called Priestess.

Karen was put up as an example. Her stock was tied to heavy chains and she was lifted off the ground up to a flag pole for everyone to see. She was suspended by her neck and her wrists, feet dangling in the air. She closed her eyes and wished again, hoping for Magic to happen.

One week has passed. Karen had been displayed all around the Village  in various situations, rope tied like a sausage to a post, suspended spread eagled to a frame, hog-tied and put in the central display of the village. The villagers had reluctantly been fixed with irons on their wrists and feet, now forced to work harder for someone that would gain profit from their product but would never give back anything. They wished for their Princess to be free and hoped that their Prince was not dead as the evil Leathera suggested.

The population was now regrouped in the central court of the castle for their first evaluation, and they were sure that Leathera would not be happy since their production did not increase as she wanted, but stayed the same or even got lower.

Karen had been put on display again, tied spread eagle to the outside wall, just under the balcony, hanging four meters off the ground. Leathera appeared on the balcony, flanked by a struggling Lynda.

“I’m very displeased by your efforts. I thought you were more obedient than that.”

“We are not slaves.” Said a man. “We will not work for you. Release the Princess.”

“What? You are still vowing your fidelity to this slut? What do I have to do to prove to you that I mean business? Kill her?”

“If you kill her, then I will follow in her death.”

“You’re kidding. You’re willing to die for her?”

“Yes.” Answered almost in unison the whole Village.

“That’s exactly what I needed to hear.” Said someone, coming from the far right. People looked but saw no one until they looked higher, over the brick wall. There stood proud Prince Phil.”

Karen went wide eyes and fought her bonds like she never did before. Prince Phil was back, wearing casual clothes and having lost his female attributes. He was aided by a small army, farmers he was able to free from their irons without being noticed by Leathera’s guards. The rest of the crowd suddenly felt a wave of energy and entered a short lived fight against the poor soldiers of Leathera, far too outnumbered to win against a willing rebellion.

“No! Guards! Stop him!” yelled Leathera while heading out of the balcony, but Lynda did a very well choreographed move, which made Leathera tripped on her high heels boots and landed face first on the ground. Her private guards helped her get up. She looked at Lynda.

“You will die for this.”

Although she couldn’t do it as she was gagged, Lynda gestured that she was spitting on her, which rendered Leathera even more furious, pushing her guards away. That what Prince Phil was waiting to throw his lasso and grab the evil woman by the throat. He had her quickly under restraints, her guards showing no resistance and surrendering. They knew that they had no chance against Phil’s army.

“Bring her to the dungeon and have her very well secured.” He said. “I have another matter to attend.”

But when he reached the central court, Karen had already been taken down by villagers who were already hammering down her steel restraints. She jumped into Phil’s arms.

“Oh, I wished so hard for you, my Love.” She said.

“And apparently it worked.” Said Phil. “We were out of breath, stuck in this narrow passage, about to figure out that it was a trap. We were facing death when suddenly, as I was wishing to be less impaired, my body and clothes changed, as well as the ponygirls who became strong built women. We were able to turn around and head back to the village, then the next day, as when I was thinking that real horses would be faster, the ponygirls changed to become real horses, with ten times the speed, making me reach the castle this fast. Do you know what happened?”

“Yes.” Said Karen, smiling. “That’s what I wished for. I wished for you to become what you were before and the ponygirls to have more strength. Then as I saw things degrading there, I wished for the fastest way for you to come back. The Magic works, my love.”

“And now, what do you wish for?”

“Everything to go back to normal.” She said kissing him.

“Me too.” He said between two kisses which suddenly became very rubbery. He opened his eyes to find Karen, back into her complete rubber outfit, gagged, with the steel corset, arms bound by steel cuffs in her back and steel pointed boots. As he turned around to look at his carriage, the horses had been replaced by gleaming ponygirls, and himself was back with its thin waist, latex covered body and high heels boots.

There was a commotion around as everyone’s irons had simply disappeared, and their own fetish outfits were being restored.

“Magic works.” Said Phil, taking Karen in his arms. They climbed back to the balcony, where Phil addressed the crowd.

“We’re back, my friends. The Fetish Kingdom is secured.”

There was a loud cheer as everybody went back happily to their occupation. They were free again in their Fetish kingdom.

“How about that bitch?” asked a woman Phil recognized as a nurse in her white and red rubber outfit.

“We’ll take good care of her. Don’t worry. She won’t hassle anyone anymore” He said.

The woman walked away, happy. Phil and Karen turned around and came face to face with a smiling Lynda, suddenly out of her steel bonds, serving tray and gag.

“Welcome back my Prince and Princess. Do you need anything?”

Karen and Phil looked at each other, definitively overjoyed.

“No, nothing for the moment, Lynda. Nothing that YOU can provide anyway.” Said Phil with a wink as he led his Princess to the Royal Bedroom.

And happiness covered again the wonderful kingdom of Cinderlexa Karen and Fetish Prince Phil.

What happened to Leathera? Well, Phil and Karen were not people to keep a prisoner, so they arranged it so that, subtlety, she would be able to escape, but without thinking that she had been let go. It took her one year to flee. She left a note promising to be back for revenge, though.

© Pete / monsterp63, August 24, 2007

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