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With a strong pull on the laces, she was able to make the sides of the corset touched. Still holding her breath, she quickly tied a knot before letting go and taking a relative deep breath. She couldn’t take a very deep breath, her waist and lungs were crushed by a long leather corset squishing her already tiny waist by five more inches. She slowly glides her rubber covered hands along her rigid torso, feeling the tensed leather tightly embracing her. She took a small padlock and inserted it in the two purpose holes at the back of the corset. She couldn’t take it off now. She thought about wearing her bright red rubber corset, but she thought that it would scream out too much and attract too much attention. She wanted to keep a low profile.

She smiled at herself in the mirror as she put her gloved hands in her hairs and pulled up, revealing that it was nothing more than a wig hiding her perfectly bald head. Gracefully, she took a piece of black rubber from the dresser table and looked around for an attached pouch which she put into her mouth. She worked the loose rubber in her mouth then used both hands to stretch the piece of rubber and flipped it over her head.

It was not easy. The latex was quite thick and very tight, but the smoothness of her bald head helped a lot. As the back slid down, the hood popped into place. Being anatomically molded on her face, it fit like a second skin. False eyes were hiding dark lenses, and her mouth was for the moment, nothing more than a hole with a metal insert.

She worked the hood to fit perfectly over her small face then she worked the large yoke of the hood under her rubber catsuit, smoothing out all the wrinkles before pulling on the back zipper, previously waiting between her shoulder blades, just over the corset. She felt the last area of skin exposed to the air being sealed up. As the zipper reached the top, it broke and detached itself from the suit, making it irremovable unless one has working zipper handle.

She attached a small hand pump to the mouth hole and she started to squeeze it. She went slowly, working the inflating gag inside her mouth to the best possible position, then pumped some more until her cheeks barely showed bulging. Then she gave one more squeeze, waited a few seconds and then another full squeeze. Now her cheeks were really bulging out as her mouth was filled to its maximum. She quickly removed the pump before she changed her mind, and snapped on false bright red lips. When snapped on, they were locking the access to the valve hence trapping her with an over-inflated rubber gag. Oh, it was not to prevent her from deflating it before the right time, but more to prevent her from inflating it even more. She carefully put the wig back in place. She preferred it that way, as with the corset, she didn’t want to draw too much attention.

She made a few steps back, and turned to her right side where a full length mirror was sending back her image. She looked stunning, her body encased in a very shiny black rubber catsuit, tight, thick and perfectly cut. Her legs, already long, were made even longer with kid leather knee high ballet toe boots. It was very easy to see that those boots themselves were locked on her legs and that more leather cuffs, locked, with a small chain, were linking her ankles together.

She turned from all sides, admiring her figure, her small waist, her ample breast gently squeezed by the rubber, her perfect firm butts looking even more perfect with the reflection of the shiny fabric, her long legs and her slim arms, all pitch black and very shiny.

She completed her outfit by a 3 inches wide thick leather collar with two lockable straps at the back of her neck. Of course, she eagerly put the padlocks needed right after pulling tight the double straps one more notch.

She walked back to the dresser and picked a pair of leather cuffs. She put one over her left elbow and did the same with the right one before adding two more cuffs on her wrists.

Next came the tricky part. The elbow cuffs each had one half of a unique locking device: One had a block with a hole in it, the other had a barbed prong. She had to bring her elbows together so that the prong will get into the hole, and lock there. But she had done it numerous times before, and it wasn’t long before she heard the distinctive click of the locking mechanism.

The last item was to lock her wrists together. That was quickly done and there she was: totally encased in shiny rubber, mute, half deaf, half blind, arms bound in her back and legs linked with a hobble chain, waist crushed by a six inches reducing corset and standing on ballet boots.

She was already hot as hell. Perhaps the double vibrating dildos, deeply inserted in her private parts, was not a total stranger to that.

What’s next? Well, shopping of course.

Expertly, but with some struggles, she managed to get the door of her house opened and she walked out. She was greeted by the usual bright and warm sun. She will quickly be sweating like a pig in her rubber confinement. She just couldn’t wait.

She carefully got down the few steps of the small patio and hobbled her way to the street where she started to walk on the sidewalk. She was walking expertly on her extreme boots, almost as if she was barefooted. Some people looked at her with weird smile, other turned around and some even waved a hand. They were no stranger to Karen rather strange behaviour, she’s been doing it for quite a while.

She reached the bus stop a few minutes later. She had missed the previous one so she would have to wait about 15 minutes for the next one. She sat on the bench. At the moment, she was alone but when the bus arrived, they were five or six people, about half men, half women, and they all let Karen get in first, either by pity or to enjoy the show as it was not easy for her with her hobble chain, to get the high steps of the bus.

A young woman gladly offered her the seat, and Karen tanked her with a small bow. The woman was looking interested at her, and Karen did everything she could to show how she was setup. She could see a small wet spot forming on the crotch of the woman’s tight jeans.

The bus ride lasted about half an hour. Many of those who got in were used to see her, but a few were not and were staring at her. Karen really wondered why, since she had kept a low profile with her black corset and putting back her wig.

Nevertheless, she was quite stared at when she descended from the bus near the department store where she was to do her shopping. She had to cross the parking lot to get to the entrance. Many of those getting off the bus with her walked faster and pass her, but a few stayed surprisingly behind. Karen was not making note of them and was concentrating on her walking: small steps, impaired by the boots as well as the hobble chain.

About two third of the way, she slowed down and walked by squeezing her legs together, tensing her butt muscles. For a few steps, she closed her eyes and she felt a shimmer ran through her spine as the first of many orgasms to come engulfed her. Then she resumed her pace.

The automatic door opened before her and she was welcomed by the store greeter.

“Hello Karen. How are you today? Do you need a shopping cart?” asked the middle aged woman while freeing a shopping cart from the rack.

Karen slightly bowed and nodded a small yes for her answer. She approached the cart to push it. With her increased height, the push handle was resting against her crotch. With each pull it was pushing on her dildos. Devilish.

A young cashier nearby looked at Karen with amazement and then to the greeter.

“Who is that weirdo and why do you let her in, Lynda?” she asked.

“Why not? Is she doing something wrong?”

“Haven’t you noticed how she was dressed and that she was tied up?”

“Yes I saw all of it, she comes here every week. But there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“But that’s… sick.”

“Why, Suzy?” asked Lynda. “A couple of years ago, when the Spice Girls were hot, girls were going around in very high platform sneakers. You probably wore some yourself, right?”

“Yes but that’s not the same. These are not… normal… and dangerous.”

“Ah, because walking on a six inches slab of foam rubber is normal and without any risks? You see Suzy, it’s all a matter of point of view. If someone comes here wearing a wetsuit, what would you say?”

“It’s not the same. There’s a lot of surfers around here.”

“Yet, they’re not wearing street clothes. So she wears a rubber suit, a corset and ballet boots. So what?”

“She’s bound.”

“And… If she was paralyzed or if she had a broken or a missing arm or something, would that be different? She’s impaired.”

“She… She can’t talk.”

“So is a mute, and a deaf can’t hear, and a blind can’t see. Are they forbidden to enter the store for those reasons?”

The young cashier didn’t know what to answer anymore. Lynda was right: she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Nothing forbids one from wearing weird footwear, wearing rubber or being tied up. It was just… unusual.

She watched as Karen struggled to steer the shopping cart through the crowd. Again, some were used to seeing her, others were amazed, and others looked quite interested.

Karen went on with her shopping. She proceeded to the first alley where she had to get a bottle of shampoo. Obviously, there had been some inventory movement as it was not at its usual place. After a short search, involving some bending, she found it… on the lower shelf. Carefully, she crouched down, struggling to keep her balance on her high heel boots. The corset, stiffening her waist, was not helping. She pushed her arms to her left side and tried to catch the cap of a bottle with a quick gesture, but she missed it and ended up loosing her balance, hopping her way trying to regain it without falling. Then she gave it another try. Two or three persons were watching her act. Two were nodding her head disapproving of her, and the other one was wide eyes and apparently enjoying the show.

On the second try, she was able to grab the bottle. She quickly turned around and let it drop in the cart. First item done. All this for a bottle of shampoo…and to think that she had no hair to wash…

She continued her shopping. Most of the things were rather small as she would have to carry them back home. She was fortunate that most of the stuff was on the middle shelves, except that can of peas which was on a higher shelf. Getting it proved impossible, and she had to resort to ask for help. The young man, used to seeing Karen, gladly helped her. He got her a little ladder. Karen had to climb the ladder with her ballet boots, ankles linked by the hobble chain, get the can of peas with her arms bound in her back and get down. She did it. It was a struggle and a blast!

Then she headed for the cashier. She ended up at Suzy’s cash register. She struggled to get the stuff out of the shopping cart and put them on the rolling carpet. At one point, Suzy wanted to help her but Lynda gestured not to.

“You let her do it herself, unless she asks for help. When it will be time to pay, she will get closer to you and all you have to do is pick her payment card from the little pouch on her corset. You wipe it and she will punch in her PIN. Don’t worry if she doesn’t have it right the first time.” Said Lynda with a smile.

Suzy swiped the card and Karen turned around, bent over and tried to reach the highly positioned keyboard to enter her PIN. She knew the position of the keys. Nevertheless, it took her two attempts to have it right. Karen put the bags back into the cart and pushed it outside.

She rolled the cart on the parking lot, down to the last cart storage device before picking her bags. Already walking was difficult as the hot sun was softening the asphalt and her heels were sinking in.

Getting the bags out of the shopping cart was not an easy task either. She had two bags to pick. She did it and she started to walk to the bus stop. She waited for her bus then took place in it. This time, she got no seat and had to stay up, leaning against a pole, firmly holding her shopping bags in her bound hands.

She got down at her usual stop and then had to walk to her home. Already, her legs were shaking from the strain, but her ordeal was far from over. She had to get the keys, and this was the unknown part.

The key and special device to release her elbow cuffs, were locked in a special safe. The door of it was completely smooth, without any dial or keypad. Totally smooth except for one old style keyhole, but this keyhole was only the fail-safe device.

The lock was electronic and triggered by a phone call. And who would generate this phone call? Lynda, her very good friend. Only her knew the combination of the safe and could change it at will, preventing Karen from attempting to bypass it.

Lynda would call the safe, when she would feel up to it, and punch in the unlocking code. The spring loaded door of the safe will swing open, preventing it from relocking accidentally.

Karen had now way to tell when Lynda would call. Sometimes it was already unlocked when she got back home. Other times, it unlocked late at night. She had absolutely no way to predict what turned her on the most.

In case that Lynda was incapable of unlocking it, if she had lost the code or there was a problem with the electronic lock, Karen would be able to use the fail-safe key, but this one had a punishment built-in, in the form of a 12 hours delay, and once triggered, the electronic lock would not work, meaning that if she decides to bypass Lynda and use the fail-safe, she would be lock for 12 hours, even if Lynda enters the unlocking code.

She entered the house and put her bags on the table and proceeded to put everything in their place, as far as she could, bound as she was. Then there was nothing to do but wait for Lynda’s release.

She would hear the safe unlock and the door release. She would then walk to the safe, located at high waist level (when she is booted). She would have to bend to get the unique release key for the padlocks, and the release device for her elbow cuffs.

She would first unlock her wrist cuffs, then grab the elbow cuffs release device which was a long rod with a narrow tip. Using her hands, she would work the long rod up, between her elbows and find the hole to insert the rod. She would push hard to unlock the mechanism, and her elbows would be free.

After that it was nothing more than the process of removing the different locks and get released.

She turned on the TV, sat in the lazy-boy chair and waited, her dildos humming loudly on the leather covered seat, and waited. She had nothing else to do but wait and plan her next visit to the marketplace.

© Pete / monsterp63, August 27, 2007.

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