Karen – Three Wishes


She had bought that old house months ago. It was centuries old. The last owners never went to the attic. Well, it was kind of sealed off, and they were afraid to awaken some creepy, blood sucking demon or something.

But Karen was far from that. In fact, she loved mysteries and having a ghost around might just be fun.

So she had found the hidden access to the attic under coats of plaster on the ceiling, grabbed a ladder and climbed on.

It was slightly illuminated by small windows on the corners of the roof. It was easy to tell that there hadn’t been anyone there for decades.

She proceeded to clean it up, looking for that valuable object. So far, no ghost. It was full of old wooden cases, wood chests and a lot of scrap pieces of metal. She was walking along the many boxes on her high heel platform sneakers when she brushed across a sharp piece of metal, close to rip her skin tight jeans.

“Well Karen. You made a good choice of not doing this in your fav latex suit.” She said to herself.

Yes, Karen was a rubber fetishist, and she would have liked to wear her beloved latex items more often, but fetishes are regarded as weirdos, so she kept her secret inside her apartments, and now inside her house.

She kneeled, feeling the tight denim biting her hip. She took a deep breath, stretching her thick and tight black spandex shirt and opened another chest. With a grin she discovered nothing but old clothes falling to pieces.

Then something got her attention, but not in the chest, more behind it. It had golden reflections. She stretched her leather covered hand, showing at the same time how tight the spandex sleeves of her shirt were, and grabbed the object. It resembled those Aladdin lamps. With a devilish smile, she rubbed it… and fell on her back, dropping the lamp.

A large cloud of smoke got out by the little spout of the lamp and filled a large space of the room. When it disappeared, floating in the air linked by a cloud strip back to the lamp, was a large man wearing a turban and all the stuff genies usually wear.

“I am the Genie of the lamp, Master. You are allowed three wishes. They could be written, spelled, said or gestured. I understand every language. What is your first wish, Master.” He said with a deep low voice.

Wow! I don’t believe it! A Genie! Thought Karen. I have to think fast, then again, I’ve always been prepared for such an occasion.

“Genie,” She said. “Grant me my first wish: I wish for people not to care about what I look like, how I’m dressed, what I wear, like, they don’t care.”

“Wish granted.” Said the Genie, opening his hands. There was a big flash of light and the sound of thunder.

“Yeah right. Now how to test if it was right?” she said. She looked down and she saw her nosy old lady neighbour. She was making remarks at Karen’s too tight clothes all the time. She never saw her in her high heels sneakers, tight jeans and spandex shirt before. She would surely not pass on it.

A few seconds later, Karen was out.

“Hello Mrs Smith. How are you today.”

“Oh, hello Karen. I’m very fine.  You look lovely today.” She said, all smiling.

It worked! Great! Thought Karen running back upstairs to the Genie.

“Okay, Genie. Grant me my second wish: I wish to be totally encased in rubber, feet on rigid pointed toe boots, waist crushed by a long five inches corset, hands in the reverse prayer position, vibrating dildos, gagged, dark lenses, posture collar, like, you know, the whole gig, and I don’t what to have to be fed or cleaned or breath while I’m sealed in rubber.” She said, hoping that the Genie would make all of it as one wish otherwise she might end up disappointed.

“Your second wish is granted.” Said the Genie, raising his hands. Again, there was a flash of light, thunder, and Karen watched in amazement her leather hands and spandex arms being replaced by thick and tight rubber, black shiny rubber. She felt her feet rise as her high heels platform sneakers changed to pitch black rigid pointed toe boots. Her jeans changed for rubber, very thick and very tight. Her waist was crushed and at one point, she wondered if the Genie had understood a five inches reduction or five inches waist, but it stopped at the first option. Her torso was now rigid from the hips to the armpits. She felt her neck become rigid and her head being engulfed in rubber, her vision darkened and a large lump of rubber filling her mouth as well as two large lumps of rubber filling up her lower orifices and starting to vibrate immediately.

Then her arms were drawn in her back and forced into the reverse prayer position, all fingers glued together, arms touching, crushed between her shoulder blades.

Karen closed her eyes! This was awesome! And the best, she was working her lungs as if she was breathing like normal but she couldn’t feel any air going through her sealed nose and mouth. Well, as much as the tight corset allowed anyway, but she never felt out of breath.

She made a few steps, feeling the tightness of the suit, her position on the pointed toe boots. The Genie stayed of ice.

While rubbing her crotch, she approached a wood sawhorse and sat on it, legs on each side, resting on her crotch. It wasn’t long before she felt the most powerful orgasm one had ever felt. She didn’t come once, but three times in a row! This wasn’t good, it was awesome, out of this world.

Next, she kneeled and let herself drop on the floor, feeling how restrained her arms were, how tight the suit was. One more orgasm engulfed her.

After a short time to recuperate, she struggled to get back up on her feet. Not easy, but a blast. That was awesome. She quickly, well, as fast as one walking in pointed toe boots, waist crushed and rigid by a long corset and arms glued in the reverse prayer position can do, ran downstairs and out to see Mrs Smith.

To Karen’s pleasure, Mrs Smith simply smiled at her as if there was nothing special about her setup.

Perfect. Thought Lynda. Now it’s time for my final wish. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in this. I want to be able to get in and out of it at will. She thought as she walked back upstairs.

Getting up the ladder was quite a challenge and a blast. Ever had an orgasm while climbing a ladder??? Once up, she put herself in front of the Genie and asked for her wish.

“Mffhghem  ggmmffmgm gmffpfm…”

“I’m sorry.” Said the Genie, very serious, “But I don’t understand what you are saying. This strange language is totally unknown to me. Please use another language. You can tell the wish, spell it, write it down or gesture it.”

Karen had wide eyes. She couldn’t tell it. She couldn’t draw it as her hands were glued together and she couldn’t gesture it either.

Now what, smart ass? She said to herself, searching for a solution… and she saw it! The Genie said that she could write her wish. There is enough dirt on this filthy floor for her to write, and writing with her pointed toe boots should be easy.

Mumbling along, she tried to write, but she quickly realized that it would not be easy. With her neck tightly held straight and her dreadful corset, she couldn’t bend to see what she was writing. She did the best she could.

Okay, I, w-i-s-h…

She made a few steps back and looked at what she had written. It was nothing more than garble lines. Since she had walked there numerous times, the dirt was pretty much removed. She walked to another spot, this one untouched and started to write again, but rather hidden behind a pile of boxes.

I w-i-s-h t-o g-e-t o-u-t a-n-d b-a-c-k o-f i-t a-t w-i-l-l…

She stood back. It was garbled but readable. She turned toward the Genie and tried to attract her attention.

“Mfflffh.” She said, while stomping her pointed boot on the floor.

“I do not understand, Master” calmly said the Genie.

Karen stomped again on the floor like a child, but how to make him understand that she wanted him to look DOWN. He couldn’t see the floor from where he was standing, hidden by boxes. She couldn’t lower her head, she couldn’t lower her body and he couldn’t see where her eyes were looking. And of course, she couldn’t point at it with her hands.

“Very well, Master. If you don’t need me, I’ll return in my lamp. Just rub it when you’ll be ready to make your third wish.”

Karen went wide-eyed. NO she was trying to say, to nod, but her posture collar was just too stiff. She stomped on the ground with her feet, but the Genie didn’t pay attention. In a puff of smoke he had returned to the lamp.

Now she was really stuck. The only way to get him out was to rub the lamp, and she definitely couldn’t.

Now you really did it, stupid!

© Pete / monsterp63, September 10, 2007

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