Karen – Fantasy Machine


A tight black rubber coated hand stretched and grabbed a fire log. The latex was so tight that every knuckle, even the fingernails could be made out. The log was taken up and delicately put into a carrying basket, held by a woman equally tightly enclosed in the black shiny material, covering her from head to toe with only a small hole for breathing, and bulbous dark lenses covering her eyes. Her bulging cheeks were indications of how inflated her blow-up gag was.

She straightened up, although it was not that difficult, her torso held rigid by a tight corset covering her from the hips to below the armpits.

That should be enough for this trip she thought as she headed back to the cabin, struggling into the soft soil and loose branches on her wedge platform boots with a six inches heel.

Every move was a struggle. Every step was a challenge. Everything was awesomely exciting, and she had only half the pile of logs done. She figured that she had at least for another three to four hours of work, and she had no choice to do it all as it was the goal she had set.

Feeling the sweat beads run down her spine, feeling the tight rubber glide on her sweat soaking skin bring even more sensations and it wasn’t long she had another orgasm. She had stopped counting them long ago, losing count rapidly. She wondered if she would have the strength to do it all.

There’s always tomorrow, she thought under her thick rubber hood.

She was in no rush. She was nothing more than a rubber toy now, being encased for so long and for the rest of her life in the very thick and indestructible rubber coating. 

Her choice. 

Right now, she was off for the weekend, but on Monday, she would have to get back to work as a delivery truck driver. She loved spending time sitting alone in her truck, then helping unload and reload it as she would take on another delivery. Her customers didn’t care about what she wore or what she… was. She was efficient and on-time, that’s what counted.

While carrying another load of fire log to the cabin, she remembered that time where she had to unload her truck, by hand, of 500 bags of flour. By the end, her shiny rubber coating was covered by a fine white dust that had created interesting patterns. Inside the suit, the sweat had created another kind of pattern and she was hot as hell, trying hard not to climax in front of a customer. She was eager to get back in the truck and let it out.

A little over three hours later the logs were all nicely piled in the woodshed. She got in the cabin, crossed the small dining room finding it weird to have a somewhat stable ground under the soles of her wedge boots, and entered the small white tiled room where she took place on a zero-gravity chair, a long chair making the body rest in the same position as if it was in a weightless environment. Still panting from all the exercise, she stretched her arms over her head and grabbed the large helmet, similar to a racing car driver full face helmet and put it over her head.

The visor, which was black, became brighter, changing to a moving rainbow of swirling colors then slowly faded back to black. Karen grabbed the helmet and took it off. It was not easy as it was very tight over her head. She was still facing the white wall but as she got out of the chairs, things have changed. She was now wearing a very tight fitting chrome spandex suit. It looked like she was coated in liquid silver metal. 

She rubbed her hands along her thin waist, compressed only by the very thick and tight fabric. No corset. As she got out, she was in some kind of high tech lab with sparkling white luminescent walls and a hard tiled floor. She knew where she was going: to her bedroom down the hall. She entered and was startled at the sight she had on the mirror.

She was stunning, reflecting all her surroundings in the perfectly shiny fabric which covered her from head to toe, her eyes invisible under the equally reflective lenses. Her feet were encased in some kind of pointed toe boots, without any heel, yet she felt very much at ease. She lay on the bed and put a hand at her crotch, feeling the embedded dildos.

She closed her eyes and chewed on the hard metal gag filling her mouth to the exploding point and wondered how she would be able to get it off. But her wondering was soon brought back to the desires inside her, in the fire that got lighted just by walking from the white room to her bedroom and which was now getting the wind it needed to transform into a blaze.

She was soon rocking her hips up and down, her moaning muffled by the gag. She could feel the tight fabric squeezing her body as it was stretchy but still very tight. It almost seemed to be alive, sometimes difficult to flex, other times quite easy, at least, it was what she felt. The powerful orgasm engulfed her and she laid down for a few minutes before getting back to reality, whatever it was.

She got out of her bedroom and headed for the research lab. Her field: quantum mechanics. They were close to making a quantum particle engine that would propel a spaceship beyond the speed of light, allowing them to visit far away planets, and make new discoveries. She wished to be part of the crew of one of those ships, exploring the galaxy. She was eager to feel weightless in her silver suit, experiencing an orgasm in the zero gravity of interstellar space.

She walked down the long corridor, crossing similar dressed co-workers, each one apparently enjoying their unique liquid metal suit. With each step, she had to rock her hips, stretching the fabric which seemed to answer with a small vibration, always aimed at the crotch and nipples. When she reached the laboratory, the door silently slid into the wall, allowing her to enter. She was greeted with nods from other scientists, namely Lynda and Suzy, both also wearing the liquid silver catsuit and pointed boots. At first, they wore the suit for protective reasons. Now, Karen knew too well where they were still wearing them and, like her, have chosen to be permanently sealed in: it was as much a pleasure suit as well as a protective garment.

She took place at her station, sitting on the high stool, resting her dildo just on the edge of the circular seat, pushing it deeper, then she tried to concentrate on her work, which proved difficult. She gently got up and down on the stool, slowly working the dildo. She faintly heard, in turn, Suzy and Lynda experience one before an orgasm engulfed her. 

It was the best life of all: being screwed while working to help the planet achieve higher levels of greatness.

At the end of the day, she headed back to the white tiled room and took place back on the zero-gravity chair, putting on again the tight helmet over her head.

The swirling colors appeared again before fading to black and she took off the helmet. Breathing was difficult as the tight and somewhat bulky fabric of her suit was squeezing her. She struggled to get back on her feet, standing on knee high boots with a spiky five inches heel tightly laced to her legs. Just by standing up, she felt the tight and thick neoprene squeeze her buns, pushing deeper the dildos she had secretly put on before the tight suit. She walked out of the white tiled room and into a long corridor, lined with large oak doors. The university. That where she was, studying to become an oceanographer, hence the smooth skin wetsuit she was wearing. It was about three sizes too small for her but that’s the way she liked it: very tight. And it only emphasizes the pressure and pleasure provided by the dildos.

She entered the classroom and took a seat. She felt her buns being squeezed hard by the thick neoprene on the wooden bench. She felt the tight fabric compressed her waist as she tried to sit straight, placing her legs close together under the desk. Her bulky fingers grabbed a pen and a pad and she prepared to take notes. Her hearing was deafened by the thick neoprene hood but she learned to cope with it. As for questions, well she had to put them in writing as her face was completely covered by the neoprene except for two clear glass holes over her eyes. A small stitched slit allowed her to breathe.

With each breath, with each expansion of her rib cage, she could feel the tight neoprene pressing on her hard nipples, sending her throbbing sensations she had difficulties to repress. Bending her arm needed some effort as the neoprene was reluctant to stay in the bind shape and wanted to return to its relaxed shape, meaning extended. She had to work hard not to climax in the middle of the classroom. She would have to wait for later, namely in the pool, to do it.

An hour later, she was entering the clear water of the coral reef, a natural pool located just out of the university, on the campus! There she swam with the marine wildlife. No air tanks were needed as she had been surgically altered to breathe in and out of the water.

Every move to swim was a blast as with each move, she could feel the suit stretch over her limb, rise up to her crotch, massage her thighs and compress her chest. It wasn’t long before she had a really big one where she had to stop swimming and let herself float around.

She got out of the water about one hour later, satisfied and exhausted. Still dripping, still wearing her spiky boots, she headed out on the beach for a small walk. 

High heels and sand doesn’t match good together but she liked the challenge, she liked the struggle, the way she had to work her body to compensate for the lack of support, of balance on her heels, which made the suit stretch, twist, compress, pull and push in turn every part of her body. She even challenged herself at climbing a boulder near the beach. She looked at the sun set, reflecting its orange reddish color on her black shiny smooth skin suit, suit she wishes never taking off. Once the darkness had settled, she headed back to the main building, back to the white tiled room where she put the helmet back on.

The swirling rainbow appeared but this time stayed longer than usual. She thought she heard voices and she tried to concentrate on them.

“Karen? Do you hear me Karen? This is Dr Lynda. You’ve been on the virtual reality machine for three days now.  You have to come back but as I explained to you, you have to direct yourself to the real world, Karen. Do you remember what the real world looks like, Karen? Did you take reference points like I instructed you? Remember that reality could be difficult to discern from fantasy. Think Karen. Think about the real life otherwise you could be stuck into your fantasy world for a long time. Do you hear me Karen?…”

Yes, that was right! She was plugged to a virtual reality machine, a fantasy machine, and she was hopping from one fantasy to the other all more lifelike than the previous one, all much delightful, all so real. But reality, what is it like? What does the real world look like? She concentrates and the swirling colors leave the place to darkness. She reached for the helmet and removed it.

There stood before her, one woman she recognized as Dr. Lynda.

“Welcome back, Karen. Glad you could make it.” Said Lynda.

“That was a blast.” Said Karen, getting up, startling at her red rubber catsuit covering her from neck to toe, her feet standing on red lace-up platform boots with a spiky six inches heel. “That’s funny,” she said “I thought I was wearing tight jeans and sneakers when I came in” said Karen while rubbing the tight and smooth fabric, feeling the tight corset circling her waist.

“That virtual reality machine is really something, don’t you think? You put this suit on just before going on the machine. It’s the new virtual reality suit which made the virtual world appear so real.” Said Lynda. “Come, your room is ready.” Said Lynda.

Karen followed, the metal spiky heels of her thigh high red patent boots clicking hard on the tiled floor. She was led down a long corridor she thought she remembered, then was indicated a room. She entered and before she had time to react she was grabbed by two strong men pinning her to the wall. While one was applying cuffs to her ankles and wrists the other one was pushing a hard rubber ball gag down her mouth, fixing it with the web of straps making the head harness. When they let go of her, she was spread eagled on the wall, head stretched upward by more straps, a wide and very tight strap encircling her waist.

“Good night Karen. See you tomorrow.” Said Lynda while heading away, closing and locking the door behind her.

Karen twisted and felt the dildos come to life inside her. The more she struggled in her bonds, the more she became hot and it wasn’t long before she had another orgasmic experience. Yes, she remembered who she was, she was Karen and she had registered to be a test subject for a new virtual reality machine, and that’s the way test subjects were treated.

It was either that or… she was a rubber slave truck driver… No, she was studying to be a marine biologist… or…  she was an university student, her killer body encased in excruciatingly tight jeans… or… a space adventurer who has to cope with a totally enclosed rubber spacesuit… or… hell! She had no clue of who she was anymore. All her fantasies were now so real that reality had virtually vanished to make place to another reality… but then again, THIS could be her REAL life. Right?…

© Pete / monsterp63, September 21, 2007

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