Karen – Under Surveillance


I – the Stakeout

Karen paused a few seconds before pushing the door of the small boutique. The little bell hanging over the door rang with its distinctive high pitch ding. Immediately she was struck by the strong smell of leather and something else, rubbery like smell. She slowly walked toward the clerk, apparently busy behind her counter at the back of the store. On her right were racks of leather jackets, pants, dresses. On her left, more pants, jackets and dresses but made from shiny rubber. As she reached the counter, she noticed behind it a shelf filled with mannequin heads, encased in different harnesses and hoods. Under the glass counter, she could see some restraints, cuffs and other devices.

The clerk raised her head and smiled, making the tight collar of her dark blue rubber dress creak.

“Hello, I’m Lynda.” She said, getting off from behind her counter, revealing that she was wearing a thigh length rubber dress, extremely tight, with long tight sleeves and a high neck. She was walking on five inches red stiletto pumps. “May I help you?”

“Yes.” Said Karen, quickly but nervously picking a little wallet. “I’m Karen from the police department,” she said quickly flashing her badge and ID” and I would like to use this building for a stakeout operation.”

“Really?” said a puzzled Lynda. “Well, if I can help the police I have no problem. May I see your warrant?”

“Err.. Well.” Started to answer an obviously nervous Karen “it’s just that I don’t have it… yet, and…”

“Can I see your badge again?” asked Lynda, becoming suspicious.

Hand shaking, Karen handed her the little wallet.

“Hum. All I can see here is that you’re simply a police officer, not a detective or any other graded officer who would normally conduct this kind of operation. Now, do you care to explain to me what’s going on, assuming that you ARE a real police officer, or do I call the police?…”

“Okay, you got me.” Said Karen, taking her badge back. “Yes I’m a police officer, ONLY a police officer. Let me explain. I’m a regular at Tony’s restaurant across the street, and the other day, I heard a conversation that led me to believe that Tony is involved with the Mafia and that he ordered a hit. I talked about it to my bosses and they all told me that I was wrong, that Tony was clean. They say that I don’t have enough proof to put him under surveillance. Since I have a one week of vacation coming, I thought that I would make the stakeout myself and, hopefully, grab the evidence I need.”

“Tony with the Mafia? Come on! 

“Another one that doesn’t believe me. Listen, can I set up my camera upstairs? You have a window that’s just at the right place…”

“No can do, miss Karen. First of all, those windows are fake. They have been blocked years ago by layers of bricks. All that is left is the glass window, but no openings. Secundo, I have access to only part of that floor, which is nothing more than a filthy warehouse, and my space does not give access to the front of the building.”

“Do you think you can ask the owner of the building…”

“You’re kidding, right? Find yourself a warrant.” Said Lynda.

“But they don’t want to… Listen. I’m a rookie in the police, and taking down Tony could mean a promotion. I want to prove to my boss that I can do it.”

Lynda scratched her shin, making more rubber creaking sounds coming from her bent arm.

“I can set you up as a prop in my display window.” She said, pensively.

“But it will show.”

“Believe me, it won’t. If you want to give it a try, just be here tomorrow by 6.”

Karen left and Lynda laughed. She had a few phone calls to make first, then, if she ever presents herself at the mentioned time, she would be in for a ride.

II- First Day On The Job.

Lynda was surprised when there was a discrete knock at the door. She opened and let Karen in. She was obviously nervous.

“I didn’t think you would actually come. Okay, here’s the deal: I will put you in the display window secured to the bondage chair. All you have to do is not move, at least, when there’s someone on the street or in the store.”

“You will tie me up for 8 hours? Are you nuts?”

“If you can sleep for 8 hours, you can stand still for that amount of time. It’s the deal. What do you say?”

“Well, okay.” Said a reluctant Karen.

“Good. I’ve prepared your rubber catsuit over there. Go put it on while I finish the bondage chair setup and I fix your camcorder.”

A few minutes later, came a shy woman, looking very hot in a very shiny black rubber catsuit, covering her from her toes to the tip of her fingers. Only her head was out of the rubber.

“This feels… strange.” Said Karen while rubbing her arms, then waist and thighs.”

“Not strange, great, you’ll see. Now, the hood.” She said picking up a hood with apparently no eye holes and a tiny mouth hole. “Wait, I won’t see anything in this.”

“Yes you will, there are tiny holes for your eyes. I can’t provide one with full eyeholes, people would see that you’re real and not a mannequin. As for witnessing anything, you have your camcorder. It’s aimed at Tony’s restaurant.”

Karen didn’t know what to answer. She felt her head being encased in the smooth fabric, everything becoming black before a tiny hole of light appeared. Lynda placed the yoke of the hood under the collar of the suit and zipped it back up before applying a very rigid posture collar.

“What are you doing?” asked Karen, her voice muffled by the tiny breathing hole.

“Fixing your head straight. A mannequin doesn’t move.” She said. 

Karen gulped as the collar was fastened very tightly. It was effective as she could not move her head at all, in any direction. Next, Karen had her put on knee high platform boots with lacing and six buckle straps. As she walked to the display window, she was somewhat unstable.

“Never wore any high heels before, right?” asked Lynda.

“No” answered Karen, her senses already trying to cope with all the inputs she had: hearing deafened, eyesight impaired, restricted breathing, enveloped in tight rubber and walking on high heels. And there was more. Lynda put her hands into inflatable mittens.

“Without even realizing it, you will without a doubt move your fingers. Better hide them.” She said as she pumped full the bondage mittens, holding Karen’s hands into a tight fist. This was right; she couldn’t move her fingers anymore.

Lynda helped her take place in the huge bondage chair. The storefront window was blocked by blinds so nobody could see what was going on. Karen sat on the chair then Lynda proceeded to tighten leather straps at the ankles, below and over the knees, thighs, wrists, below and over the elbows, chest, neck, forehead and a last one she tightened quite severely, was going from the crotch to the waist belt. Karen tried to move but couldn’t do much.

“There, you’re all set up. Try to stand still as much as possible. I will open the blinds now.” Said Lynda, pulling on the draw rope.

“Try to stand still?” mumbled Karen. “Shit, I can’t move a hair, how do you want me to move at all.”

And her surveillance started. For the first half hour it went fine, but she began to feel cramps, being unable to move. Since there was nobody else in the store, she risked talking.

“Hey, Lynda. Any chance of getting me out of here so I can move a little? I’m starting to have cramps.”

“A mannequin doesn’t move. And I can’t close the store and the blinds every half hour. You stay there for the day or I cancel the deal.”

Karen grunt and stayed there. She had no choice.

The sun was shining on the window, heating it and Karen encased in her black suit. She could feel the sweat forming a fine layer between her skin and the tight rubber suit. When she squirmed, she could feel the suit glide on her skin on that thin sweat layer. This produced tingling sensations. Weird tingling sensations. Without realizing it, she had started moaning. Lynda was close to her when she saw someone heading for the door.

“Stop your moaning Karen, someone is coming.” Said Lynda as the door opened.

She welcomed the customer, a young man, which was there to shop for a few items. He went away an hour later with a rubber hood, a corset and a two inches wide leather collar. He didn’t notice the woman, or rather mannequin, tightly held to the bondage chair. During this time, Karen had spotted something suspect at Tony’s. He was outside talking with a man. They appeared to exchange something but it was too quick and somewhat concealed for her to see. She hoped that the camcorder had caught it. It was not enough but it was a start. Then everything went dead calm, except for Lynda’s store which was receiving more and more customers especially after lunch.

Karen stayed there, sweating in her suit, unable to move. She would risk a moan between two customers, squirming in her bonds, feeling the suit glide on her skin. She never thought that she would feel something like that, after all, it was nothing more than a rubber suit.

At the end of the day, the blind was closed and Karen was taken out of the bondage chair. She had wide eyes under her rubber hood as she walked. Apparently the whole suit gliding on her body produced unexpected effects. She mentioned it to Lynda after taking it off.

“It’s part of the pleasure of wearing rubber.” She answered. 

“Well, it was quite boring nonetheless, just sitting there. I mean if I was doing a real stakeout, I would be able to read, take a walk, etc. Couldn’t I simply be a clerk or something?”

“A clerk always staring out through the display window? You will be spotted right up front. The best way is to be the mannequin. Unless you don’t feel it’s worthed.”

“No! I grab something today.” She said showing the short scene grabbed by the camcorder. “See?”

“That doesn’t prove anything.” Said Lynda.

“That’s why I have to continue. I’ll be back tomorrow.” Said Karen with a decided tone but at a same time a reluctant one.

And the next morning, she was there, but she had a surprise when Karen handed her the garments.

“What’s this?” asked Karen as she looked at two huge shafts.

“Dildos. You complained that you were bored yesterday. Those should take care of it.”

“You’re not serious! But…”

“Come on. I’ll help you.”

Karen gasps as the huge intruders were inserted. She closed her eyes as her breathing became somewhat shaky. Then the suit was put on, pulling on the crotch, on the dildos. Walking to the bondage chair was like walking on Mars but with added effects. She gently took place. Sitting down pushed the dildos even more and with her legs tightly secured, she could feel the dildos very well.

It wasn’t long before she was softly moaning, moving her butt as much as tight restraining straps allowed, closing her eyes. Then her eyes widened and her moan became a soft scream, going higher in pitch by the second until it stuck there for a while before climbing up again, then falling down in a low grunt as she was shaking on the chair.

With a smile, Lynda pushed the stop button of the remote control and approached her with an evil laugh.

“Is it less boring this way?” she asked.

“That’s… That… what armmffm.” She said as Lynda was stuffing a large rubber ball in her mouth.

“You make too much noise. I’m sorry.” She said as she tightly fastened the numerous straps of the head harness holding the gag.

She stepped down from the display window and pushed the remote button again. This time the screaming was muffled enough not to be too disturbing, until a customer entered. Immediately, much to Karen’s frustration, she shut down the dildos to silence Karen.

Then as the customer left, the dildos started again. And it went on, and on.

Karen couldn’t believe it. She was pulling as much as she could on her bonds, to get out of the chair, to end this… is it torture? She was not concentrating at all at her surveillance, although she saw Tony speaking to many men and women during the day.

Then a woman entered the store, wearing tight fitting leather pants and jacket, stepping on five inches stiletto heels. She was apparently very interested in the bondage chair. Karen tried to appear as lifeless as possible as the customer was feeling the chair, and even touched her, gliding her hands on her bond thighs. Inside her suit, Karen shivered and she was sure that the customer had noticed that she was no mannequin.

At one point, Lynda left her alone with the customer. The woman immediately slid her leather gloved hand back on Karen’s left thigh, rubbing it with the tip of her fingers, then going inside her thigh, up to her crotch where she poked with her finger, evidently feeling the dildo, with the vibrators still on, on which she gave a few sharp push with her fingers, making Karen strained against her bonds, tightening her muscles. The woman quickly withdrew her hands as Lynda came back into view. They talked a little more and the lady went.

There were a few more customers but none paid attention to the bondage chair, and Lynda turned off the dildos. And honestly, Karen didn’t pay attention to them either. She had difficulties enough to pay attention to what she was supposed to check: Tony’s whereabouts. She did see him talking to someone outside the restaurant, but she would have to check on that later.

When she was taken out of the chair and the suit, at the end of the day, she was a wreck. The suit was filled with sweat, her hairs all entangled, and she had the weirdest smile anyone could have stamped in her face.

“See you tomorrow?” asked Lynda.

“What?… Oh, yes, sure.” She said, leaving the store, apparently not really back on this world.

“I think you’ll need this.” Said Lynda, handing her the camcorder.

“Oh… Thanks.”

Lynda laughed. And it was only the second day.

III- Wednesday

The next morning, Karen had a surprise.

“Where’s the chair?” she asked, looking at an empty spot in the display window where Karen was installing large O rings.

“Gone. The woman that came yesterday bought it. Apparently, you helped sell it. I’ll give you a small commission for that.” Said Lynda with a weird smile.

“Ah…” said Karen, trailing off. “Then what will I do? Do you have another one?”

“Nope, but I have a plan. Think you can cope with some stretching?”

“Stretching? Like…”

“Suspension. I had thought about suspending you up in the window.”

“Geesh… I don’t know.”

“Better give it a try then.” Said Lynda. “Go suit yourself, please.” She said, giving the direction of the back room.

Fifteen minutes later came out a shiny black female form, walking on her feet holding two lacing leather tubes.

“What’s those?” asked the now rubberised Karen.

“Ballet boots.”

“Ballet boots? I can’t walk in these things.” She said.

“Who said anything about walking? You’ll be suspended, remember?”

“Ah, yes…” said Karen.

Lynda asked her to sit down as she put on the knee high kid leather boots and laced them very tightly. Karen tried to hide it but Lynda noticed that her breathing became shakier. She was excited at the fact of wearing those boots and being suspended.

Then she helped her walk to the display window, still darkened by the pulled down blinds. She had her stand on small boxes while she fastened the wide leather straps around her wrists. They had a large strap going through the palm of the hand up to the ring.

“These are suspension cuffs. They’re made for that. Should be comfortable enough.” She said.

Then she asked Karen to lift herself off the boxes with her bound hands. She ended up suspended six inches off the floor. Karen grabbed the dangling ankles and fastened more leather straps and linked them to rings rather apart from each other, putting Karen in a stretched X position. She added the wide and rigid posture collar, ensuring that her head would not move in any direction, and put the final touch by inserting a blow-up gag inside Karen’s mouth, fastening tightly the strap behind her neck, and inflating it until her cheeks were budging.

“Might seem extreme right now but you’ll see, it’s more comfortable on the long run than the hard rubber ball you had yesterday… and it silences you more.” She said as she unscrewed the pump, leaving only a small tube visible inside the breathing hollow tube.

She opened the blinds and walked outside. Karen was there, rather immobile, stretched, looking like a black enamel coated porcelain doll in a weird position. Then she pushed the little button of the remote turning on the vibrators. Immediately, Karen began to softly squirm in her bonds.

From the other side of the display window, things were different. Karen was stretched, unable to move, mouth packed, and now vibrated. Her body wanted to squirm, to move but she was too restrained. She thought that perhaps, this setup would be less extreme than the chair but turned out to be the opposite. Then everything stopped and she saw Lynda entering back the store and closing the blinds. 

Karen was panting, feeling a void although it lasted only a few seconds. A few minutes later she felt something around her waist, then she saw Lynda’s face.

“Your breathing shows too much from the outside. I have to take care of it.” Was all she said before disappearing behind Karen.

Then she felt something tightening around her waist. Quickly engulfed her from the hips to her armpits. A corset of course. Lynda was putting her into a corset to hide her breathing. She started to have concern when she felt pretty tight but the tightening didn’t stop. Instead, it became tighter and tighter, until her breath was nothing more than short gasps for air. She felt her hips compressed, her waist, her chest, lungs and breasts crushed. She felt stiff and even more restrained. All the little flex her stretched body allowed was now gone.

The corset was pushing some organs out of their normal places, some were rising, some were sinking, toward the dildos, increasing the pressure. Lynda opened the blinds again and turned on the remote dildos before going outside to see the results. Karen could see the smile on her face. Yes, Lynda was happy. Karen was going… somewhere else.

She quickly lost track of time and space as one orgasm was quickly followed by another. At one time, she completely lost it. It was simply too much to cope with; her senses were overloaded with overloads… She came back to her senses many times, enough to experience one or two orgasms and then falling back wherever it was because she didn’t believe that she was unconscious as she could still feel her body. Still feel the tight rubber enveloping her, still feel her stretch limbs, her pointed feet, her constricted waist, her overfilled mouth. All she could hear was her rapid breathing. All she could think was her crotch. All she could see was stars… although she thought she could see a restaurant on the other side of the street but the reason for it barely scratched her head.

Everything became dark and silent. She could breathe and feel her stretched limbs. Then she realized that Lynda had stopped the vibrators and had pulled down the blinds. The day was over… so soon? But it has only started.

She was taken down and Lynda helped her sit on a nearby chair. Karen was still drifting from reality to fantasy while Lynda was removing her ballet toe boots. She then felt a pressure decrease from inside her mouth. She felt sad, she liked that pressure.

“Is there something wrong?” asked Karen with an almost drugged voice.

“No, nothing’s wrong. I’m closing the store, it’s already late.” Said Lynda.

Once the hood had been removed Karen had no choice to believe that it was in fact the end of the day. It had gone so fast, it was so intense.

“Are sure you’re gonna be okay?” asked Lynda to a dizzy feeling Karen, now back on tight stretch jeans and sneakers, ready to leave.

“Yes, I should be fine. See you tomorrow.” She said, leaving with her camcorder in her hand but not really caring about it, banging it carelessly on the doorframe.

Lynda looked at her walk away with a funny face. She knew what Karen was going through. She had lived it herself. 

Thursday morning. Much to Lynda’s surprise, Karen was there first thing in the morning.

“Listen.” She said. “Yesterday’s setup might have been a little… strong. Want me to back off a little and find something less stringent?” asked Karen.

“What are you talking about? I had a blas…” started to say Karen all smiling, then she paused and took a serious face. “I’m… I’m a professional police officer. I have to do what I have to do to catch criminals. If this setup has the least chance to draw attention, then I have to live with it, whether I like it or not.”

“Riiight.” Said Lynda, not believing a single word of it. “Find something interesting yet from the tape?”

“Well,” said Karen while putting on the double vibrating dildo panties, “I do have some interesting video footage but I don’t understand a word they say. They’re too far. I would have to plant a microphone on the other side of the street to hear what they say. But it does look suspicious. I’ll see with this footage. I may have enough proof that something is going on and will have the budget for it.” She said.

Lynda helped her put the now usual rubber hood, the blow-up gag but kept it deflated, closed the suit, then put on the ballet toe boots. She was put up in place, safely hanging in the display window, then the collar was put on and the corset was tightened. Lynda noticed that Karen’s breath was already shaking, and the setup was not over yet!

“I have a new hood for you. I’m afraid that it’s a lot more restrictive than the other one. See, even with the collar, your head moves a lot and I’m afraid it could draw too much attention. This one is in two halves, closes with buckle straps and is very rigid. But the most important thing is that ring on top. I can link it to the ceiling, pulling slightly on your head. This way it won’t move at all.

Karen nodded her approval. If it was what it took, she would have to… cope with it.

Lynda had a devilish smile as she applied the heavy rubber hood over her head. It had only two small holes for her to see. She wouldn’t see much with it but she didn’t seem to complain. It was fastened around her head very tightly. Only after it was secured that Lynda pumped the gag. This time she waited for Karen’s moan to stop as the rigid hood hid any bulging of the cheeks. When Karen moaned two short times, she stopped, then just before removing the pump, gave it one more squeeze. “For luck” she said, but Karen didn’t hear.

Next she linked the ring of the hood to another ring on the ceiling and cinched the leather strap tight, pulling her head up. Now with this setup, although she tried very hard, her head didn’t move at all.

Lynda stepped down, opened the blinds but didn’t start the dildos just yet. 

“How about a little torture” she said to herself with a devilish smile.

Karen was waiting for them to start but it was dead silent. Then she had a scary thought: did I turn them on? She started to doubt herself. Nevertheless, her bound state, stretched position, heavy rubber hood, mouth packed filled, the tight corset, her pointed feet, were all enough. She closed her eyes and started to work her butt muscles.

Lynda smiled. Of course she, and any bystander, could see very well what she was doing. The shiny black rubber suit was so tight that every muscle move could be made out. Not a single customer was fooled and they were all amazed that a living person was part of the setup, and this from her first day in the bondage chair. But Karen didn’t need to know that. She didn’t want to know that. Taping Tony’s whereabouts was now merely just an excuse.

Even without the vibrating dildos, she gradually built up a powerful orgasm. She was working her butt muscles, her thighs muscles, her lower back muscles. She was pulling on her arms as well as on her legs, feeling how stretched she was. Each breath reminded her how tight the black leather corset was. Then, as she was about to explode, just at the peak moment, the vibrating dildos came to life. In a flash, the rocket was off to the edge of the universe, violently shaking on her launching tower!

Lynda laughed and walked behind her counter, making her tight black leather outfit made of a pair of very tight leather jeans, a sleeveless leather halter top and tight leather jacket with sleeves so tight that they could hardly bent, creak with every  move. From her leather gloved hand, she picked the phone and dialled a number.

Karen never saw the day go by. She barely noticed Tony coming out of the restaurant to meet that same man he had been meeting since the start of the week, but this time, right in front of her, on HER side of the street. Her mind was just too preoccupied by the feeling of her sweat slowly running down her spine, the stretching on her arms, her full mouth where even moving her tongue was impossible, the incredible pressure around her head created by the heavy rubber hood. She was breathing quickly, taking as much air as her long and rigid corset allowed. She pulled on her limbs, arms and legs, feeling the dildos come alive in their random vibration firing. She tried to move her head but it was simply too restrained. 

Again, when the day was over and she was taken down, she was literally collapsing from exhaustion. Apparently, this one had been too much as she felt asleep right there on the floor.

Lynda dragged her to a sofa at the back of the store and lay her there, covering her naked body with a soft blanket.

“Sweet dreams. See you tomorrow. I have more in mind for you.” Said Lynda before leaving.

IV- Friday

Karen was sitting on the sofa, wrapped in the blanket when Lynda arrived.

“What happened?” she asked. “Why am I here?”

“You collapsed of exhaustion when I took you out. Wanna take the day off?” asked Lynda.

“Hell no! I looked at the tape. For an unknown reason, Tony came to talk to this man in front of me yesterday, and the tape caught their conversation. They were talking about something big happening this weekend, but I don’t know exactly when or where. I need to know more. This could be the break I was looking for.” She said.

“Well, you’re the one spending your day bound up by the display window. But I need to make some changes today as I received new gear and I want to put them there. Your spread eagle position takes just too much space. How about being tied to a pole?” she asked.

“Don’t know, never tried it before. What’s the new gear you’re talking about?” asked Karen.

“I have these new pony boots, somewhat wedge shaped, very good quality, and this red and black rubber corset, along with this blow-up hood.”

“Well.” Asked Karen, hesitant, “Can… can I wear them?”

“I… I didn’t think about it.” She lied. “It might be interesting, but you will have to put on another rubber catsuit. A red one will be better suited to attract attention from potential customers.”

“Ah… yes, of course. After all I’m nothing more than a… mannequin” said Karen with a corner smile, almost forgetting why she had to dress like that in the first place.

So Karen was fit with the suit.

“Seems small.” She said. “Sure it’s the right size?” asked Karen as she struggled to get the lower portion of the suit up her legs.

“Yes, it’s the right size, it’s just that this one is made out of extra thick rubber, hence less stretchy, but since you’ll be packed against a pole, it won’t matter much.” Said Lynda.

“I suppose.” Simply answered Karen.

Putting on the arms of the suit proved very difficult and she sigh when, finally, her hands popped in the built-in gloves. She felt the tightness of the suit by flexing her arms and moving her fingers.

“This is really tight, almost difficult to bend my arms.” She said.

“Don’t worry, they’ll be straight down. Now the boots.” Said Lynda, producing the fine leather boots.

“Wow! They look wonderful” she said while putting her feet in the first one and lacing it tightly. “I think I could walk in those.” She said.

“That’s the deal. They’re made for ponygirls fetish, so they have to be walkable. Time for the corset now.” She said, producing a rather heavy looking garment.

She wrapped it around Karen’s waist. It was Edwardian style, and apparently very constricting, Bright red with black and white trimmings and accents. 

“I think it’s tight enough.” Said Karen, hands on each side of her waist, feeling it being compressed more and more.

“Still a little bit to close the gap. Hold on.” Said Lynda while giving another yank at the laces. Karen gulped. “There. All there is left is the hood and the collar. It’s a blow-up hood with a built-in blow-up gag. Open wide, please.” She said as she put the gag first before pulling the hood down over Karen’s head.

She zipped it shut and started to pump it. The two layers were very thick and very tight. The result is that she didn’t have the classic balloon head but rather a more form fitting looking hood. Then it was the gag. Again, she pumped until Karen moaned, but she felt that she had gone easy, and gave it two more squeezes before removing the pump. Karen didn’t protest, so it shouldn’t be that bad, thought Lynda.

A four inches wide steel pole had been installed in the display window. Lynda positioned Karen with her back against it and proceeded to tie her to it using numerous straps, drawn very tightly. Her arms were tied in her back, elbow touching, then tightly wrapped to the pole and her body.

Once done, Karen couldn’t move. She could rest all her weight against her bonds and she wouldn’t move the width of a hair. Lynda was satisfied and opened the blinds, and of course, turned on the vibrating dildos.

Immediately, Karen jolted. Being in a suit that tight emphasizes the vibrations. She was tied so tightly to the pole that the vibrations were transmitted to it, and were running felt by the entire length of her spine. Awesome! And to feel her weight in these boots, forcing her feet in a weird position was adding more feelings to this otherwise void universe as she was totally deaf and mute. She could see through red tinted lenses. She could barely see out but no one could see in.

So another day of surveillance started. In the middle of the afternoon, Karen had to concentrate hard, as another orgasm was building on, on the fact that Tony and the mysterious man were again just in front of her, discussing. She tried to read their lips but she was closing her eyes too often, repressing the building tornado inside her. When they went back their way, she let it go and realized that she shouldn’t have held it for that long. She almost lost consciousness, her eyes rolling out, almost choking on her heavy breathing.

At the end of the day, as soon as the blinds were drawn, Karen wiggled on her post, wanting to be free at once. Lynda got her out of her predicament very quickly, almost ripping the suit in the process.

“Quick” said Karen as soon as her gag was off. “I have to see the tape. They came again.”

Without even taking the time to fully undress, she grabbed the camcorder and rewinds it to the conversation, listening to it alone. She came back to the store, dressed with her jeans and T-shirt shortly afterwards.

“That’s it! I got it now.”

“You’ll have him arrested? You really got Tony doing something illegal?”

“No, not yet, but it will happen Saturday evening. I need to be here.”

“But the store is closed on Saturday evenings. I can’t leave it open just for you.” Said Lynda.

“No, not the store but the blinds. Can you leave them open, like you forgot or something?”

“And what about you? I won’t come to free you before Monday morning.”

“No sweat, I can cope with it, no problem.”

“Well, come to think of it, it is the weekend of Halloween. Maybe I can think of something. Let me think about it and come see me tomorrow at about closing time.”

“Geesh, Lynda. Thanks. I will owe you for it.” She said as she left the store.

“Maybe not.” Said Lynda with a devilish grin after Karen was gone.

V – The Last Surveillance?

One hour before closure time, Karen was there, admiring the Halloween window Lynda had made, and especially the empty space on the left.

“What’s that for?” asked Karen.

“That’s for the sarcophagus.” Said Lynda. “You’re going in as a mummy”

“You’re sure it will be enough?”

“It will be more than you can handle.” Mumbled Lynda, then louder “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Ready to be set up?”

Karen followed Lynda at the back of the store. The golden sarcophagus was laying in a corner, already looking old and covered with dirt, all of course, through fake-up paint. Lynda had her undressed and put on the now familiar vibrating dildos panties and the red latex catsuit. She then wrapped each limb separately with a layer of plastic wrap. She pulled it very tightly, starting at her feet, then going down her leg, making sure everything was covered at the crotch, then at the waist, where she pulled very strongly on it, making Karen lose balance, then up to her neck. Finally, the arms with the fingers all wrapped up together.

She invited Karen to lay against the wall as she put on the well known knee high ballet boots. 

She then asked Karen to cross her arms over her chest, each hand resting toward the opposite shoulder. She did it and felt the extra tight rubber sleeves pinch her arms. She put soft foam pads between her ankles and her knees and started to wrap again with more plastic wrap, but this time, wrapping everything together, including the boots. Once more, although Karen felt it was quite tight already, she pulled very strongly around the waist then the arms. Just with those two layers Karen could barely move, legs tightly cinched together, arms crushed against her chest.

She hadn’t wrapped her head just yet. She took a thin clear latex hood and put it over her head, tucking her long hairs in it. It had eyes and mouth holes. She took the now familiar blow-up gag and tightly fastened it around her neck, leaving the pump hanging. She also fastened a three inches wide rigid leather collar around her neck. Next she came with a cardboard box from which she retrieved a roll of gray duck tape.

“Okay, time for the first layer.” Said Lynda.

“First layer? I already count two of plastic wrap on. Oh well, if it’s what it takes.” She thought as she felt her pussy already wet.

Lynda started at the feet, wrapping over the ballet boots, making them disappear. She wrapped going upward, pulling very hard on the tape, perhaps a little too hard on Karen’s taste but then again, she learned to appreciate everything that was tight.

When she reached the waist, she paused, as if she was waiting for something. When she noticed that Karen was exhaling, she pulled as hard as she could, making a complete turn of the tape. Karen was caught by surprise and all the air was forced out as the tape corset was taking shape.

Her waist was wrapped very tightly, then her torso. Lynda barely went loose on the upper chest to allow her rib cage to expand. This compression made her even hornier and she started moaning softly.

When she reached the neck, she continued to wrap it tightly, and Karen was glad that the collar was there in fact to prevent her from being strangled. Her head was wrapped tightly, leaving holes for her eyes and a cut-out so the back ring of the neck collar could go through.

She took two wide leather belts. She wrapped one around her ankles the other around her waist, again pulling them extremely tight then took more duck tape and started to wrap everything again. At each strap, she made sure that the back ring was accessible. She completed everything with a third wrap, starting at the head this time.

Karen couldn’t move a muscle. She felt tightly cocooned, unable to move, barely able to breath, her hearing impaired by the layers of tape. She had wide eyes when she saw Karen approaching with more tape and something that looked like two small eggshells. She put those over her eyes. She was still seeing but with a white fog. From the outside, it gave her the look of white dead eyes, completely camouflaging her eyes.

Lynda pumped full the blow-up gag, again going aggressively with the pump before removing it. 

Then she applied the new roll of tape. This one was transparent and pretty gooey. She applied a thin coat everywhere revealing that it was in fact double sided tape. Once she was coated with it, she snapped ugly looking lips over her breathing tube, hiding it with dead lips, and proceeded to wrap her with toilet paper, making them heavily overlapping, making that old partly unwrapping mummy look. She added the finishing touch by spraying some light brown paint to give it a dirty look.

Lynda stepped back and admired her work: a perfectly believable artificial mummy.

“You’re perfect, Karen. Nobody would know that you are in this thing. Okay, time to put you into the sarcophagus.” She said as she brought the large box with a trolley. She put Karen in. It was not easy as she was a tight fit, probably with all the layers of tape she had. 

Then Lynda went behind the sarcophagus and Karen felt some tugging at her neck, then waist then ankles. She was being fastened to the sarcophagus by the D rings of the leather straps. She wouldn’t fall off of it.

Karen rolled the final mummy down to the front of the store where she put it within her Halloween display, right next to a tombstone. She waved her goodbye, walked out of the store and had a good look at her display. After making an approving nod, she took the remote and turned the vibrating dildos on.

Immediately, it started to work on Karen. Tightly confined as she was, she couldn’t even move her butt muscles to work the dildos. All she could do was… suffer them, or rather enjoy them. Quickly, her breathing became faster. She saw people entering Tony’s restaurant but she couldn’t care less.

Time went by. It was late in the evening when she saw a bunch of men, apparently drunk, crossing the street and looking at Lynda’s Halloween display. One of them went to the door and Karen couldn’t figure out how, managed to enter. He looked in disbelief at the mummy, caressing her. Although heavily isolated, Karen could somewhat feel his touch. It made her go wild. 

The guy gestured to his friends and a few minutes later, Karen was carried in Tony’s restaurant. It was even better than what she had imagined: she would be directly witnessing the event! Too bad she couldn’t bring her camcorder with her.

In the restaurant, there was another Halloween display, and that’s where she was put down. It was only then that Karen noticed that everybody was in some sort of disguise, and she had no way to make out any face! Shit! All this for nothing! Whatever could happen, she couldn’t identify anybody. She was hoping that, in… whatever was about to happen, someone would remove his or her mask.

She stayed there for about an hour, then everybody regrouped toward the entrance door where an obviously surprised man accompanied with a woman.

The man, rather fat, was wearing a classic Al Capone outfit and the woman a black rubber Vampire dress. She casually approached the mummy, Karen, stared at her and waved a discrete “Hello” with her hand.

And the party continued. Karen couldn’t do anything but witness what was happening, and nothing else that people partying was happening. The “Al Capone” guy seemed to be the center of attraction, as if he was celebrating something. There was even a birthday cake with an exotic dancer hidden in it, which apparently appeared to be part of the gang.

Damn, she wished that someone would remove his or her mask, or appear close enough she could make up his or her face through the heavy Halloween makeup. And even then, her white fogged lenses were blurring everything up! Lynda had screwed up everything. She would not be able to identify anybody.

But it didn’t happen. The celebration ended and everybody left, leaving Karen along with her vibrating dildos. She closed her eyes. She could feel the sweat beads glide down her legs between her skin and the plastic wrap. She tried to move, but couldn’t. She was as rigid as a mummy…

It was rather clear outside, as she could see through the windows of the restaurant, when two people entered. She recognized Tony and Lynda. She had a trolley with her. Tony grabbed the mummy case and helped her carry it to her store.

Karen felt being released from the sarcophagus. She felt the tape being cut open in her back. But she had been so tightly wrapped that her legs and arms were numb. Still hooded and gagged, Lynda gently carried her to the sofa, then deflated the gag and removed the hood.

Karen appeared totally exhausted.

“What was that all about?” she asked. “What happened here?”

“Well, Karen, if you ever become a detective, you will have some things to learn. The first one is check if whoever you go see for a stakeout has anything to do with the one you’re putting under surveillance.”

“You… You work for Tony?”

“No, I don’t work for Tony.” Said Lynda with a smile. “Tony is my uncle. My father is Phil… The police Captain? Your boss? He’s Tony’s brother. Tony was preparing a surprise party for his birthday, which was yesterday at the same time as Halloween. The “hit” was Phil… for his surprise party. Tony has nothing to do with the Mafia, Karen.”

“Oh shit! It means that they all know I was there into this mummy…”

“No they don’t. I told them it was a prop that they could borrow for the evening. Everybody was so drunk that they didn’t notice you were actually breathing.”

“But why… Why did you put me through all of this.”

“Well, the first day, tying you in the chair, was to somewhat teach you a lesson. I was sure that you would bail out the first day and never come back. Far from me the thought that you would actually like it and come back for more.”

“For more? I was just doing what I had to do…”

“Yeah right, like you were able to do any kind of surveillance, to prove what was on the camcorder was real.”

Karen didn’t answer and only looked down.

“Okay, I’m busted. I didn’t think I would like… this… either, but it’s so strong, so… wow. But yes, I have to admit it, I’m hooked.”

Karen got up, standing surprisingly stable on her extreme ballet boots. She picked out the hood, the collar and the gag and started to walk toward the exit door. She stopped by a coat rack where she picked a clear PVC raincoat she put over her shiny red rubber catsuit.

“It’s raining. I don’t want to wet my suit.” She said, putting her hand on the doorknob.

“Hey!  You’re going out like this?”

“Yes. I keep everything. I figure that with the prank you pulled on me, you owe it to me. And more, you said that I helped sell the bondage chair and I should have my share of it.” She said , leaving, walking away making small steps on her extreme boots, feeling the tight rubber pinch her buns with each step, feeling it stretch with every arm movement, feeling it all over her body, although she missed the corset.

Lynda looked at her go, an amused smile on her face.

“She’ll be back.” She said to herself. “She will want the corset, and I’ll be waiting for her.”

© Pete / monsterp63, October 10, 2007

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8 thoughts on “Karen – Under Surveillance

  1. One of my favourites – would love to see Karen be forced to “earn” the corset by being the mannequin again until she helps sell something else.

  2. A very good story. I really enjoyed reading it.

    As the events will be 15 years ago this year, did Karen come back and earn the corset or more stuff? 😉

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