Karen – Fun Park


The “Amusement Park” idea had been submitted by a member. I would like to thank Speckipigo for it.

Karen passed the entrance gates with a large smile under her blow-up gag. Everywhere, the sight was familiar: people dressed in leather, PVC, and of course, rubber were walking around, obviously having the time of their life.

Well, that’s to expect when you’re at the Fetish Fun Park.

Karen had dressed carefully for the occasion, choosing a very thick and tight black rubber catsuit. She chose the thick one because it’s better protection against abrasion. She had completed the outfit with a tight fitting hood with tinted lenses, the lenses of choice when under the bright sunlight. To muffle the screams she was sure to have, she had chosen her hood with an attached blow-up gag. Of course pumped perhaps a little too much, but that was the way she liked it. She had removed the pump and had snapped on bright red rubber lips.

A three inches wide leather collar would prove useful in many of the rides, so she had put one on, made of tight and rigid leather and locked it in place. Cuffs were useless as the rides were providing everything else needed.

For added protection, she had wrapped her waist under a very tight and long black leather corset, reducing her waist by five inches. A flap had been drawn over the lacing and locked, preventing any tampering or accidental loosening of the laces.

Finally, she had chosen sturdy and stable knee high kid leather platform boots. Those had wide buckles up front and were, as usual, locked on.

Her long time friend Lynda was by her side. It was her first time at the park. She had chosen a bright red rubber catsuit. Following Karen’s suggestions, she had chosen a hood with attached tinted lenses but had chosen a harness ball gag instead of a blow-up one. She also had a leather collar, but went wild with a four inch wide posture one, keeping her head straight.

For spine protection, she had a red and black rubber corset with six buckles at the front and lacing at the back, crushing her waist by four inches.

It’s the footwear she had chosen that gave Karen the most concern: she had gone with knee high kid leather ballet boots. Not exactly the best choice considering what would take place. But that’s what Lynda wanted, and perhaps, that’s what she needed to realise her bad decision, although to her surprise, quite a few other park visitors were strolling on ballet boots. She even saw one girl, tightly wrapped in the tightest leather catsuit she ever saw, walk on pointed toe boots, without any heels at all. But then again, it all depends which rides you chose, and she knew which one to avoid if wearing ballet boots. Lynda didn’t.

Right off the start, although with her limited head movements, Lynda spotted the monorail hanging over their heads. She gestures to Karen and says she wants to go there. It was a very good choice for a first timer as it rides all over the amusement park, giving a bird’s eye view of the rides, helping to choose which ones to go and which ones to avoid.

They were soon on their stomach, being fitted with the proper harness, holding their arms in their backs, elbow touching, legs together bent backward and linked to their bound wrists. That’s right, the way the monorail was being ridden was in a suspended hogtied.

So, enclosed in their sturdy leather harness, held in a strict and severe hogtied position, they were suspended on a monorail buggy and rode along.

Karen was feeling fine. Although her head was sustained by a head harness, part of the hogtie harness, she could move it around to look in pretty much all directions. It was another story for Lynda. With her stiff posture collar, the only way she could look was… straight down. She could barely see what was on either side.

Nonetheless, the ride was quite pleasurable, feeling the weak wind making the monorail passengers swing gently around. And each time the cable was going over wheels, the vibration was immediately transmitted to the crotch strap, playing with the two huge dildos the two girls took time to insert before putting on their catsuit. Karen didn’t know about Lynda’s setup but she had put on more stuff, not yet put to use.

For the people still on the ground, the monorail was a wonderful overhead display of hogtied people, some standing still, but some evidently enjoying trying to struggle out of there, all clad in colourful shiny fabric, reflecting the rays of the sun. They looked like a bunch of colourful balloons floating along the park.

Half an hour later, Karen and Lynda were both back on the ground, figuring out which ride to go. There was this ride, called Zipper. A bunch of cabins were spinning around a long arm, itself spinning on itself vertically. They decided to have a go at it.

The inside of the two-passenger cabins were all black and the seats very mushy foam rubber. They took place and an operator went to them, fixing breathing masks over their heads. The door was closed and immediately, Karen and Lynda felt the capsule getting smaller as the blow-up walls were being inflated. Soon, they were pinned down to their seat, unable to move at all. All was black. All was silence. It was almost total sensory deprivation except they felt they were moving, up, then balancing, then down rather fast, balancing even more and then starting spinning, going down and up, but their brain, feeling all this, but not seeing any of it gave contradictory signals, exactly what was needed to mix their brains and triggered a powerful orgasm. As they were spinning around like crazy, they were screaming hard under their gags, experiencing the first of many orgasms to come.

The ride had stopped but they felt as they were still spinning. That’s how mixed up their brain were. The cabin was deflated and the door opened. The operator helped them to get out, obviously unsteady on their high heels, Lynda being even worse with her ballet boots.

As most of the riders, they sat on the small benches provided to get their brains back on track. It was a heck of a pleasure ride.

A few minutes later, they were walking back to the main street of the amusement park, looking for their next one.

The Bumper Cars. Yes, it was an interesting one although Karen figured that she would get the most of it, thanks to her added… equipment.

She took place on one car, then one operator came to fix her properly, fastening a five points safety belt tightly on her body, and, seeing the extra plug at her crotch, plugged the option.

And they were off. On the first bump, Lynda realized what would happen: each time there was a hit, something was coming from under her and hitting her crotch, more precisely, the dildos, giving it a sharp hit. That in itself made the ride much more enjoyable. But Karen’s additional option provided shocks from a tens unit to pads she had included under her catsuit and linked to the plug. She had pads over her breasts, each side of her pussy and on her lower back, just at the hip level. So each time her car was hit, she was electrified, the power being proportional to the hit she received. 

The trick was that the amusement park had a standard for wiring such devices and that she followed it. So when the front bumper was hit, the pads on her breasts and crotch were energized. Each time the rear bumper was hit, it was the back and crotch pads which became energized. When hit from the side, it was random. Each time her body was becoming rigid against the unyielding safety belts, pinning her down without possibility of moving. But as most bumper car drivers know, a hit in the back will throw you to hit someone in front of you, then someone will hit you from the side, so she was getting zapped back, front, back, side, front, back, side, side, front, side, back, front… And of course, she had the standard crotch hammer hitting her on top (or is it bottom) of it!

Lynda didn’t know about it, and since she was feeling something but it wasn’t extreme, and that in her case too, the harder she would hit or be hit, the harder the strike of the hammer on her crotch, she made a religion to hit Karen as hard and as often as possible.

Ten minutes later, they were both sitting on a resting bench, Karen’s legs shaking. She had had so many orgasms she had stopped counting them. In fact, her brain was so… fucked up right now that she couldn’t add 2 + 2. Lynda had only three orgasms and was still feeling quite fine. She was puzzled and afraid at Karen’s condition, thinking that there was something wrong until she was shown the extra plug and indicated where the pads were.

Lynda pointed her finger at Karen, telling her that she understood and that she would remember… for the next time.

On to the next ride. Lynda pulled on Karen’s hand to go to the Wacky House. Under her gag, Karen smiled. If only Lynda knew what she was heading for. Still dizzy and a little disoriented, she fears that she would not be in the best shape for it either.

The funny house: a path of totally wacky proportions. You enter and its pitch black. Suddenly, the ground seems unstable, as if walking on a cushion of gel. Karen was prepared for it, even though her arms flapped in the air, trying to grab something. She caught some rope hanging from the ceiling. Lynda with her ballet boots was surprisingly stable. Then again, most of the weight was directed in one place. Then it was the treadmill. Of course, the dim lighting in blue shades didn’t help. The trick was that the treadmill was going backward, so one had to walk faster to get past it. This time, Karen and Lynda were pretty much equals at the difficulty level. Then, Karen’s preferred challenge: the moving floor.

This one was really wacky. The floor was divided into a bunch of squares, each one about one foot square each. Each square was doing something different, going up or down, inclining in a direction or moving from front to back or left to right, all this under a very flexible membrane, so the floor appeared alive.

The catch: on each side of this treacherous walkway, there was a one foot deep pool of silicone oil. Anyone falling in it will get all oiled up. Of course, many had fallen before so the soft rubbery moving floor was even more slippery. Karen made sure that Lynda would go first: she wanted to witness it first hand! 

Lynda startled when she set foot on the floor, immediately losing balance, grabbing the last length of handrail. The moving ground was about 10 feet long, but crossing it seemed like it was 10 miles long. Lynda surprised Karen as she was almost half way when her ballet boots, offering the least stability, slipped on a moving tile. She flapped her hands. She was to fall in any second now. Under her packed mouth, Karen was laughing hard, so hard that she was caught off guard when Lynda grabbed her hand and they both ended up into the silicone oil pool.

Now that was one thing. Now their suit would get extremely slippery and just getting out of there would prove exhausting. Oh yes, there was an easy way out, through another path, made entirely of rubber with a lot of up and down slopes, and even curved floors. So you had two rubber clad women, soaking in oil, trying to walk out of there in a tunnel where there was absolutely nothing to grab on. All this workout was working their dildos hard and, yes, they had a couple more orgasms. The thing is that they weren’t out of that wacky house yet.

They were provided… rubber towels to wipe the excess oil out, which left them with a very well oiled suit. Then it was up a ladder to get to the next level where they had to walk on rollers. It was relatively easy on Karen with her sturdy platform boots but Lynda fell a few times. Nevertheless, they were laughing their lungs out when they reached the last leg of the Wacky House, a revolving cylinder which they had to walk through. They did it and they came out of it totally exhausted, looking for the nearest rest bench.

Panting, they were stunned by their all oily appearance. Under the high sun, they looked stunningly beautiful, the sun reflecting out of every little curve of their rubber catsuit.

Lynda pointed at the next ride she wanted to try. Seeing people somewhat flying in the air, turning in a circle, Karen felt that it would be a nice relaxing change, so they headed up for the flying chairs ride.

It was a new ride and neither Karen nor Lynda had ridden it before. They were surprised when they were told that their arms had to be tied in their back and they had to choose how: wrists only, elbow touching, folded or the reverse prayer. Karen who was still quite hot by the last ride decided to go relatively easy and chose the elbow tie. Lynda who was still searching for the big sensations chose the reverse prayer.

A few minutes later their arms were well secured and they were installed in a leather harness. Their feet were still touching the ground, although barely and Karen already felt the pull on the crotch strap. Then the ride took off, slowly spinning but fast enough to throw the riders off to the side. Also, the ride was tilted, meaning that on the way down the pull was lessened where on the way up it was increased. And all this pull was carried only by the crotch strap, pushing hard on the dildo. 

Karen realized why their hands were secured in their back: this way, there was no way for the rider to grab the leather straps and lessen the effects of the centrifugal forces, pulling the riders to the side, almost sideway, their whole weight plus the effect of the centrifugal force, resting on nothing else but the crotch strap. And with this tilt, it was one time pulling less, and the other, pulling harder. That effectively made the dildos move inside them, slightly up, slightly down. Not a lot but just enough to trigger quite a feeling, amplified by their bound conditions.

They were literally being screwed by gravity!

The ride lasted enough for both of them to come out having a couple more orgasms. By then they were totally exhausted and needed a relaxing ride. The big wheel was the solution.

So they went. They were asked “wrist or ankles”, to which Karen gladly answered ankles while Lynda chose wrists. They were giving the appropriate cuffs and they headed for the fixing booth. Karen put the thick leather suspension cuffs around her ankles and Lynda did the same for her wrists. An operator secured the cuffs to the rig and away they were, turning slowly on the edge of the large wheel, Karen suspended by the ankles, Lynda by the wrists.

The wheel was turning quite slowly, making about one revolution every minute. Up there, their still quite oily suits were shining under the high sun, reflecting the curves of their straining muscles. Karen had chosen to have her feet close together while Lynda chose to have her wrists apart. Since they were attached only by one extremity, they were always staying perfectly vertical, wherever the turn of the wheel was. 

The wheel made 6 revolutions before stopping to let people go. For the first time, Karen got out of a ride somewhat rested, although she had one or two orgasms there, leftovers from the previous rides. Lynda had only one and she was mad about Karen for not telling her about the electrodes.

They decided to head for a rest area. There were more rides they wanted to try but they were just too exhausted. The poolside seemed like a good idea. They had three choices: in the pool, by the side on a lawn chair under the sun, by the side on a lawn chair under the shades.

Lynda chose the last one. She needed some rest in a shaded area. Karen, with her black rubber suit, was literally cooking under the sun so she decided to take a swim first. 

The feeling of the cool water over her rubber skin was wonderful. She more or less accidentally brushed against other swimmers, feeling the rubber glide on one another under the water, sending vibration waves silently enjoyed by both. She stayed in the pool for about fifteen minutes before joining Lynda, who had been carefully setup on the reclining lawn chair, leather straps securing her on the chair at the ankles, knees, thighs, waist, chest, upper arm and wrists. Karen took place besides her on a reserved chair and very quickly, a member of the personnel secured her in place. Lynda had set up her rest time for 45 minutes. Since she had been in the pool for about 15 minutes, she set her resting time for 30 minutes so to get out of it at the same time as Lynda.

She was quickly falling into a fantasy dream where she was some rubber clad avenger, saving the innocent and putting the bad guys behind bars. Rubber bars?

She was awakened when she felt some loosening of her tight leather strap around her chest.

“Your session is over.” Said the helper.

Lynda was also getting untied from the chair. With a few gestures, she asked her if she was ready for more. Karen agreed.

They knew where they were heading to end that beautiful day with the best of the rides, but first they made a stop by the tower of hell, just to warm themselves up after that much needed rest.

It was a tower where people were sitting in a circular seat going all around the tower. Then the seats were going up and when they had reached the top, at 150ft, it was free falling down, being stopped inches before hitting the ground, bouncing back up four times.

Karen and Lynda were secured to their seats with straps at the ankles, over the knees, a five-point chest belt and a neck collar. Their arms were forced into a cavity in the seat, acting as a strict armbinder. Then the operator plugged the cable at Karen’s crotch. And up they were.

All the way up, Karen’s electrodes were receiving a small voltage, enough to be disturbing but not enough to be orgasmic. Then, when everything dropped, it went silent… Karen felt herself drop, free falling (sort of, bound as she was) toward the ground. When it reached the bottom the first time, Karen went wide eyes and would have screamed her lungs out if she was not gagged. A hard pole located just under her crotch started to vibrate as well as her crotch electrodes and butt ones were energized at full power. Then the seats bounced back up. In the little time it was going up, everything went dead, then as it stopped climbing, her breast and crotch electrodes were fired, then again, all dead as it was dropping, then the vibrating pole and the crotch/butt electrodes. It occurred 4 times!

With the last jolt, Karen exploded in a never before experienced orgasm! Once untied from the seat, she could barely walk as her legs were shaking. Lynda was again shocked at not being able to experience the ride as Karen did. Karen wondered if it had been such a good idea after all.

Slowly, they headed for the last ride: the roller coaster. It was of the latest design where the train was suspended by an overhead rail and riders were sitting with their legs hanging in the air. On this one, they were sitting on a pole, all their weight resting against it as the pole was between their legs. They were heavily secured at the waist, chest and neck. As most people know, there’s more thrill if you ride a roller coaster with your arms up. That’s why cuffs were hanging over their heads. The operator was quick to fasten the wrists of the passengers into the cuffs, and the ride went on.

As it was climbing the first steep slope, the rods were heavily vibrating. Then it went silent as the roller coaster went down. First turn, just the weight increased by the centrifugal forces were enough. Then on the second one, she got zapped, then vibrated, then zapped and vibrated. Each turn, each bump was triggering a different firing sequence, mixed with vibrations. Then it was the loop and for a split second, as she was upside down, she couldn’t feel a thing at her crotch, but the feeling was quickly back and more powerful with full vibration and all electrodes turned on until the train stopped.

Karen stayed there, panting, unable to move although all the restraints were off. Lynda had a heck of a good time too, but obviously, not as good as Karen’s.

Legs shaking, she managed to get off the ride. She needed more rest, but she wanted to go home this time.

A few hours later, she was at home, relaxing after a much needed bath, watching some TV, dressed in a dark purple long sleeved, thigh length rubber dress with a scooped neck, her feet arched in five inches stiletto sandals, when the phone rang.

“Oh hi Lynda. How are you?”

“Pretty fine. It was devilish from you not to tell me these little tricks for the fun park today.” Said Lynda.

“Yes, I know. Listen, I’ll pay for your next visit, is that okay with you? In the meantime, you have all the instructions for wiring and placement of the pads, right?”

“Yeah, fine with me. Listen, I have some shopping to do before going back. How about going again next Saturday?”

“Perfect.” Said Karen, smiling. “Meet you there!”.

She hung up the phone and started to think.

“What will I wear this time? No, not the black catsuit again, too hot under the sun. I know, I will wear my… and I will put the electrodes there, there, there and there… and I will…”

© Pete / monsterp63, October 16, 2007

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