Karen – Smart House


Story idea by GreyRose

The three young women looked at each other, each trying to guess which one would be the chosen one. They had participated in a casting contest led by an industrial firm. They didn’t know the goal of it but they each wanted to get it. They were sure that it would be their doorway to the world of modeling.

There was Anna, Lynda and Karen. They were all looking at each other on the side of their eyes, trying to figure out “what is she got that I ain’t got”. The door opened and a tall man, handsome looking, entered. It was the first time they were seeing him.

“Hello ladies. My name is Phil and I’m in charge of this whole casting thing. What we’re looking for is women ready to spend one month isolated in one of our new intelligent houses, to test the different systems.” He said, turning on a flat screen TV hanging on the wall which shows a wonderful two stories house in a magnificent lot with a nearby pond. “The house is to pretty much take care of itself. It is computer controlled and all tasks are programmed into the computer. You go in, register as guests and let the rest work by itself.”

“That’s really interesting.” Said Anna, drooling on the images of hardwood floors, thick carpets and the richly furnished interior. “but one girl alone for one month. It will be boring, no?”

“One girl? No, you would all go, I mean the three of you.”

“Really?” they answered together.

“Yes. And as it was said in the contract, the pictures we’re gonna take of you presenting the house will be your portfolio for the world of modeling.”

“Wow!” they pretty much said together.

“Great! When do we start?” asked Karen.

“Right now. A limousine is waiting for you outside.”

“Like now… now? But I have nothing else than what I’m wearing.” Said Lynda showing her nice knee length dress and high heels pumps.

“No problem. A full wardrobe is waiting for you at the house. But remember: you can’t get out of the property for the next month otherwise the contract is out. This is top secret development and no words of it can be out unless it is fully functional.  Understood?”

“Yes, sure.” Said Karen, getting up.

“Very good, ladies. This way please.” Said Phil, inviting them toward the office door.

An hour and a half later, the limousine was passing huge forged steel doors, linked to a twelve feet brick wall apparently circling the property. The car then drove on a huge driveway that appears miles long before stopping at the front door of the mansion. The driver opened the door, saluted them then drove off. They could see the steel gates closing automatically behind it as it left.

“Well girls. I think we should have a look.” Said Anna, the first to open the door.

Immediately, their senses were struck by the different smells and sights, either the leather of the sofas, the velvet of the drapes, the shininess of the varnished floors, the luxurious decoration, the glass living room table. Everything was just so beautiful, just so rich, just so… wow.

Next to the lobby, there was a computer screen. Their names were written on it, and to the right of it, was registered as with two options: guest and service.

“Well, we’re guests, right?” said Karen, pressing the square right to her name.

The other girls agreed and once each girl had entered her choice, the screen changed to thank you, enjoy your stay.

They went to the kitchen to find a refrigerator full of food, a cellar with many choices of wine, a grocery cabinet full of goods. Everything was wonderful. They then walked to the backyard, amazed at the wonderful view they had on the little pond. A flat stoned trail was leading to it. They easily walked it even with their heels. The water was as clear as crystal.

“This is so wonderful.” Said Lynda. “Almost too good to be true. Well, better get the most of it.” She said heading back for the house. “So I guess we’ll have to prepare our food ourselves. Let’s see what we have.”

They browsed the different dishes available. They choose to make sautéed shrimps for entrée, followed by filet mignon brochette. Each of them taking charge of a task.

“Err. There’s a problem girls.” Said Anna, trying to turn on the oven. “It won’t allow me, saying that I’m a guest and not a service personnel.”

“Let me try.” Said Karen. But she had the same answer.

Quickly, they tried the different appliances and they all got the same answer: no service status. They couldn’t even open the drawer for the butcher’s knives.

“Well, we have what it takes to make a chicken salad.” Said Lynda, holding a container of cold cooked chicken and a lettuce.

Using eating utensils, they managed to cut the chicken, lettuce, cabbage and other items they found to make a quite appetizing salad, deciding they would give Phil a call the next day to clear things out as he was surely out of his office at this hour.

They were not even allowed to put the dishes into the dishwasher, and having not access to any soap, they simply left everything on the kitchen counter before heading for the living room and the home theatre system.

Then it was time to bed. They realized that the bed had only the bed cover but no bed sheets. When they tried to get some, they were greeted again with the same message that they were guests and that this section was service personnel only.

“Well girls, I guess that at least one of us has to change her status. I suggest we divide the time equally between the three of us. After a while, all we have to do is go back as a guest while another one fills the service job.” Suggested Karen . “I’ll go first.” She said, heading for the computer monitor at the entrance of the house.

She selected her name then punched “service”.

Are you sure you want to change the status of [Karen] from guest to service? Prompted the screen.

Karen punched Yes.

Go to the kitchen service exit to complete the change of status.

“Well, see you in a few moments with the bed sheets, girls.” Said Karen, heading for the kitchen.

On the side of the service exit, was another pad.

Please, apply the palm of your hand and choose your identity. Prompted the screen.

Karen complied and selected her name. The door unlocked and silently slid inside the wall revealing a small room, the size of a phone booth with again a computer monitor.

Karen took place, facing the monitor. She followed the instruction which said she had to, again, put her hand to the screen and confirm one more time that she accepted her status to be changed from guest to service.

Then as the door silently closed, she was then instructed to completely undress as an automated device would take measurements to provide the proper fitting attire for service personnel. She took her clothes off, a little reluctant about removing her underwear, and put it in the designated bin under the monitor, then stood up straight as instructed.

Suddenly, a strong vacuum sucked her to the soft wall behind her. Before she could think of calling for help, the wall pivoted and a lid closed on it, pressing her against two soft, vinyl like cushions. She couldn’t move at all and for a moment, she was without air. Starting to panic, she felt a tube poke on her lips. She managed to open her mouth and felt a flow of fresh air as the tube extended inside her mouth stopping half way in. She still couldn’t move a fingernail. She thought that there were less violent devices to take measurements.

Then she felt something warm flow around her, as if the small space where she was confined was getting filled with hot shampoo. It was hard to tell but it lasted a few minutes before she felt something more like warm water. After that, she felt a thick liquid engulf her everywhere, including her face. She then felt the pressure of her confinement increase dramatically as it became extremely hot. At one point, she was afraid of being pressure cooked. Then, in a flash, the pressure released and the confinement opened.

She dropped on the floor, panting and shivering. It took her a few moments to get her brain in order. She was not in the kitchen and no more in the small booth. She was in a white tiled room. She got up realizing at the same time that she was naked. Sort of. She stumbled when she tried to stand up as she was unable to lay her feet flat on the ground. She had some kind of rigid soles forcing her heel up. Although she could see her skin, she was not naked but covered by something transparent and very shiny, as if clear varnish had been sprayed on her. It felt very smooth to the touch. She tried to pull on it but her skin was coming along. She had a shock when she saw herself in the mirror: she was totally hairless. She approached the mirror to have a closer look. Apparently, the only areas where she wasn’t covered with the varnish was her eyes, nostrils, mouth and, with a little fondling, her crotch and rectum.  She slid her hands on her body, feeling the smooth layer. It was very tight, especially on the torso, where she had to work her muscles to breathe. It’s as if she was wearing a too small shirt. She startled as there was a buzzing sound. Another computer screen displayed a message.

Your guests are waiting to go to bed, service personnel 1. Please, get dressed and proceed with dressing the beds.

To the right of the screen was a French maid uniform, including black underwear. Karen took it, hands shaking. The fabric felt weird, although her fingers were covered with the clear varnish. The uniform was made of shiny, smooth… latex! It was latex, and her skin had been coated with it. She smiled, thinking that this Phil guy was a little kinky. On the floor, was laying a pair of black platform sandals with a two inches platform and a Y ankle strap. She was smart enough to realize that her feet were performed to fit into these shoes, and effectively, they fit perfectly, raising her a good six inches.

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Although the procedure was not exactly soft, the result was interesting. With the maid’s hat, she was just looking great!

She easily found the bed sheets and proceeded to the upper level and made the beds. She felt hot at the feeling of a layer of sweat forming between her skin and her new latex skin. She didn’t dislike the rubbing of the rubber on her crotch. Once done, she got downstairs to inform the guests.

“Your beds are ready.” She said from her best service personnel tone. Anna and Lynda startled.

“What the fuck…” started Lynda, approaching to see her. “Where did you find this?” she asked, feeling the latex uniform.

“It came with the job… yes, as well as the haircut.” She said answering Anna’s surprised look.


“I had no choice. And it’s not bad. Feels great actually.

“You’re sure you’re okay with that?” asked Anna.

“Yeah, no sweat. After all, it’s only temporary.”

“But your hair.” Asked Lynda.

“Well, for that one, Phil is gonna to have to pay for wigs, I guess.” Said Karen.

“I’m glad you take it this way.” Said Anna. “I would be totally freaked out.”

“What else can I do? It’s done. Wait ’till it’s your turn.” Said Karen with devilish eyes. “Well folks, time to go to bed. See you tomorrow. I don’t think I’m allowed with the guests anymore.”

She left the other girls, puzzled, and headed back to the service personnel exit, her heels clicking off the tiled floor of the kitchen. She entered the white tiled room. The computer screen was already displaying instructions.

“Your bed time is passed. Please go immediately to your bunk.”

Karen looked around. There were four long horizontal doors, each numbered one to 4. The number 1 was opened, revealing a small bunk bed. The mattress appeared to be covered in soft rubber. She felt it with her hand.

“Well, it seems that this Phil has a weakness for latex.” She said as she removed her maid’s dress and shoes and took place on it. 

There were no bed sheets. The instruction simply said: step in, lay on your back with your hands by your side. She did. A few seconds later, before she could react, the access panel was closed and the roof of her bunk fell on her, squishing her between two rubber mattresses. Again, she felt a poking at her lips and opened her mouth. She felt fresh air. She couldn’t move at all. She started to feel hot, like… sexually hot. She was discovering that she was liking latex and bondage. She tried to rock her hips, to get something to work her crotch, but she couldn’t move at all. Frustrated, sleep quickly had the best of her.

The next morning she was awaked when the pressure over her suddenly got away. She was rather stiff, having not moved at all for quite a few hours. Still sleepy, she got up and headed for the shower… there was none. All she could find was a can of shiny-all. She rubbed her smooth skin, making it shiny again, then dressed back with the maid’s outfit. The instructions were already displayed on the computer screen. She had to fix herself a quick breakfast, then head to clean the dishes of the night before and then get breakfast ready for the guests.

She complied. She actually liked her rubber uniform: easy to clean. When Anna and Lynda came down, they had their coffee and orange juice ready, and Karen was waiting for their order. Anna had eggs and bacon, and Lynda only a bagel and cottage cheese.

“I can’t believe you’re still in this…rubber skin.” Said Lynda. “did you take it off for the night?”

“Actually,” said Karen raising her eyebrows, “I didn’t even think about taking it off. Weird isn’t it?”

“I guess you’re as kinky as this Phil.” Said Anna, chewing on her crispy strip of Canadian bacon. (hey, I’m the writer, I have all the rights. Canadian bacon is the best. Period – Pete)

“I guess. So, how was your night?” asked Karen, not revealing how incredible she found her bound night.

They discussed how rich the beds were, how fine the silk of the bed sheets were, how wonderful was the breakfast, etc.

Karen took care of the dishes then followed them outside for a little exploration of the pound and the trails of the park. Karen quickly got rid of her high heels platform shoes for sneakers to follow them. The sun was warming her rubber cocoon, creating more sweat. It sent tickling waves as the layer grew, creating very interesting sensations. A few hours later, they were back in the house, Karen keeping her sneakers, she prepared lunch, helped by her two friends.

In the afternoon, they decided to all take a nap. Karen decided to do the same and took place in her bed. The top quickly collapsed on her, but she felt something warm around her legs, covering them from lower knee to the tip of her toes.

She had expected her nap to last a few hours but as soon as whatever was at her feet cooled down, the top of the bed raised.

Karen got up, startled. Her lower legs were encased in what seems like hard black plastic, her toes pointing like in a ballet toe boots, but without any heel.

She unsteadily tried to stand up. She approached the computer screen where a red message was flashing.

You are forbidden to take part of your uniform off. Ballet boots are permanent. Now do your chores. Warning 1: you spend too much time talking with guests.

  • vacuum living room
  • dust living room
  • clean all 4 bathrooms

The list went on. Karen frowned. This was not expected at all. She struggled to walk to the living room and start vacuuming. Apparently, the bedrooms didn’t hear the sound of it. She vacuumed the room then she went on with dusting the living room before taking care of the four bathrooms. She was dusting the dining room when Anna entered.

“Wow! At work… what happened to your feet?” she asked.

“Apparently, I was forbidden to take my heels off. This is some kind of… punishment.”

“Oh my god, that’s awful. You have to take them off.”

“I can’t. I tried with the sharpest of butcher’s knives and it didn’t dent it. Well, it’s not that bad. Always wanted to try that anyway.” Said Karen with a smile.

As she put the last decorative plate back in its display stand, she let out a sigh and sat on the nearest chair.

“Pfew! A house this big is a lot of work. I barely went through the list of chores I had to do this afternoon.”

“Afternoon? It’s already dinner. It’s past 18:00.”

“What? Oh well. I think you can wait a few more moments.” She said.

“No sweat… what’s with the boots?” said Lynda as she entered the dining room, grabbing the last piece of conversation.

“She got punished for removing her heels this morning.” Said Anna.

“No way!”

“Don’t worry about it. Apparently, service personnel have very strict rules. Now, if you don’t mind, I have dinner to make.” Said Karen, getting up and strolling her way to the kitchen.

One hour and half later, she was sitting with them, eating a wonderful beef stroganoff. They chit chat about their respective ex boyfriends then Karen got the dishes and headed back for the kitchen.

Once everything was clean and done, she joined them back in the living room, watching a movie. She let herself drop on the sofa.

“Ooff. This had been a long day.” Said Karen.

“I guess it was, especially with those boots.” Said Anna.

“They’re not that bad, and they’re so stiff that they don’t hurt. No I mean, I didn’t rest a lot. The list of chores is quite extensive. This is a huge house.”

The movie ended and they turned off the TV, ready to go to bed.

“What’s that sound?” asked Lynda. “Sound like an alarm clock or something.”

“Looks to come from the kitchen.” Said Anna.

“I don’t hear it.” Said Karen.

“Sure you can’t, your ears are covered by rubber.”

They headed for the kitchen. The service computer screen was flashing red with a warning. “service personnel bed time exceeded.”

“Oops! I guess I stayed up late too long. See you tomorrow girls.” Said Karen, disappearing behind the service door, Lynda and Anna having a glimpse of the white tiled service personnel room.

“Yeah, yeah, shut up!” said Karen to the computer. “I can have a life of my own, you know.” She said as she took place on the bed.

The top pressed down on her. She felt the tube going to her mouth but there was something more. The tube went in deeper and she felt her mouth being filled with something. She tried to scream, to get away, but she was totally pinned down. Next she felt something being tightened around her neck. Her mouth was full, her cheeks expanded and her neck crushed. Finally, she felt hot. Not aroused, but rather like the bed was getting heated. She hoped it was only a punishment for the night.

But things were not different the next morning as the top of the bed rose up. Her mouth was still full and her neck still felt tight. She had difficulties moving her head. She got up and headed for the mirror. Her bulging cheeks were quite visible, her mouth marked with a wide black hard plastic band going all the way around her head, like a gag. Her neck was stiff because a wide plastic collar was now present. She suddenly felt a little jolt and heard the computer attention tone. She looked at it.

You have been silenced because you talked too much with the guests. One week punishment. You have been given an obedience collar to answer when called.

Today’s work schedule:

  • breakfast
  • making the rooms…

And the list went on. Karen was sure of never being able to do all of it in one day. The girls were shocked when they saw Karen’s condition and read the explanation she had written.

For two days, Karen tried to get the chores list done, but it was a losing battle. There was simply too much to do, especially since taking care of the lawn had been added. She had enough. That night, she tried to get the things off. She tried to rip her rubber skin off but it was surprisingly strong. She tried to insert her fingers between the eye openings and the rubber skin but couldn’t, as if the rubber was actually glued to her skin. It was then she realized that she hadn’t felt a single bead of sweat since her hot night, as if it was when the rubber had been fused to her skin.

She tried to sleep on the floor, not eager to get back into the sandwich bed, but the obedience collar started to zap her, stronger and stronger until she obeyed.

Once sandwiched, she felt the mattresses move, as if they were alive. She was feeling her arms being moved, pushed under her back. She tried to resist it but it had no results. Her arms were drawn together in her back until her wrists and elbows were touching. Then she felt the same hot and tight procedure, easily realizing that her arms were being bound together. Then she felt tubes forced their way in her crotch and rectum, and felt more hot stuff go in.

The next morning, she had the confirmation of her fears: her arms were securely bound in her back and she had two hard tubes in her crotch. Explanations were on the display screen.

Punishment for trying to remove uniform: bind arms. Since service personnel number 1 can’t take care of herself, catheters had been inserted and enemas will now take care of the cleaning while sleeping. Punishment: two weeks.

List of chores to do:

  • make breakfast
  • make the beds…

Karen couldn’t believe it. Impaired like this, she will not be able to complete the chores, and the more she fails, the more she gets restrained and punished. She closed her eyes and slowly rocked her hips. She was getting horny as hell. She loved every minute of it. Her only concern was where will it stop?

When Lynda and Anna saw her, they were in shock. Answering simple questions with yes/no nods, she was able to explain what happened and the reasons why.

Lynda and Anna fully understood the situation although they were unaware of the fact that Karen wasn’t finding it all that bad.

“I’ll give you a hand, Karen.” Said Lynda. “In the meantime, Anna, try to get in touch with Phil.”

“How? We already know that the phone line is not installed yet and that cell phones are out of range in the property.

“It’s your job now. I’m going in.” she said as she put her hand on the access plate and the door slid open. “And believe me, it won’t have me put into this rubber thing.”

Half an hour later, she reappeared, sealed in the same transparent latex skin, except that, instead of a French maid’s uniform, she had black very tight jeans like rubber pants, an equally tight jacket and wedge platform black rubber boots. She already had the obedience collar.

“Well, apparently I’m assigned to the lawn today. As for this, it says that I would be easier to reach once outside with it” She said, touching the collar and heading for the door. As she went past Karen, she stopped and whispered in her ears.

“Geesh! Do you feel hot and horny in this thing too?”

Karen nodded yes, and Lynda could see a smile behind her gag.

She headed out, Anna wide eyes, unaware of what they had just exchanged. Karen took a feather duster with her cinched hands and tried to dust some items, trying hard as hell to hide that she was about to have a most powerful orgasm.

Part II

Lynda walked outside, biting her lips. Geesh, this whole rubber outfit was creating things she didn’t expect. She walked slowly. The wedge platforms of her boots prevented her from sinking in the thick grass, but it also forced her to walk rocking her hips, which in turn, made the rubber rub even more at her crotch. She reached the garage, and as she expected, there was a lawnmower tractor. She approached it, a little apprehensive. After all, she never drove anything like this before, but she figured that it should be pretty much straight forward.

She looked at the drawings and the little instruction notice, and especially at the seat. She never drove one but she sure saw some when she went to hardware stores, and this seat was definitely not the regular one: it has a rather large hard lump, right in the middle of it, exactly where her crotch would rest.

With a devilish smile, she took place. Yes, it was right on the spot, and so high that it applied pressure on her crotch. She softly moaned. She re-read the little instruction notice, pushed the clutch pedal and turned the key.

In the house, Anna had found a head harness and was applying it to Karen’s head. In front of it, where the mouth should be, was a dusting feather.

“Seems that everything had been thought of.” Said Anna. “You can’t run away for your duties.” 

At this moment, they heard a high pitch scream. Anna ran out, followed by Karen who struggled in her ballet toe boots to follow, her dusting feather whipping in front of her. They reached the garage. Lynda was there, face bright red, still sitting on the lawn mower, engine stopped, staring right in front of her.

“What happened? Are you okay?” asked Anna, rushing to her.

“No… I… I’m fine.. why?” she answered as if she was drunk.

“Because you scream so loud that we heard you from the house.”

“Really? It… it was that loud? Sorry. I… I simply was surprised when this thing started. It’s kind of… noisy.” She said, trying to hide the toy¸ not wanting to let it go, not wanting to tell it to the others, afraid that they would want their turn. She wanted it for herself. “I… I’ll be more careful. Sorry… Nice, err, headgear, Karen.” She said, repressing a laugh.

Karen, who was closer, noticed the hard lump between Lynda’s legs. She looked at her and winked before heading back to the house, Anna on her trail.

Lynda bit her lips. She would not scream this time. She started the engine again. Somehow, this hard lump appeared to be attached directly to the engine, carrying all the vibrations there. She muffled a scream. She tried to concentrate.

“I have to mow the lawn, I have to mow the lawn, I have to…”.

She repeated herself the magic phrase as she drove off the garage. Mowing the lawn proved devilish, each bump was sharply felt on the seat.

“This is not a mower, it’s an industrial strength vibrator on wheels.” She said to herself as she closed her eyes, experiencing the countless orgasm.

She stayed on the mower until lunch, and even there, Anna had to call her four times to come home. Lynda entered, walking with her legs shaking.

“Geesh, this gets tiring, even though you only sit down and drive it.” She said with a nervous smile, trying to hide her real state of mind.

“No reason it’s taking this long, you barely mow a foot at a time. Do you know that this thing can mow a strip three feet wide? Why don’t you take the whole width of it?” asked Anna.

“Really? I was mowing this little at a time? I guess I’m not very good at steering the thing. I better go back on it to practice.” She said.

If Karen hadn’t been gagged, she would have laughed her ass off. Only her shoulder shaking was visible. 

“Am I missing something here?” Asked Anna, puzzled. “You look like you know something I don’t know.”

They both nodded no, Lynda quickly filling her mouth with food while Karen pushed the plunger of her syringe, feeding with the same thing as the others but having been put through the blender first to make a paste out of it.

It was leftovers from the day before. That was all Karen could do with her hands tied in her back. She was able to push the buttons of the microwave, directed by Anna.

After lunch, Lynda was quick to go back on the mower but it didn’t last long, her obedience collar gently zapped her. She drove it back to the garage. There, the monitor screen was displaying a warning and a list of chores.

The time allowed to mow the lawn is exceeded.

Chores to do:

  • Water the flowers in front of the house
  • Clean the shores of the pond
  • Get fire logs into the house storage
  • Trim the cedar hedge…

Lynda looked at the chores with a sigh. Work was waiting for her. In time, she welcomed this little relaxing time, having been highly stimulated for all morning, this resting time was welcomed. Then again, she was resting as long as she was not moving. Her dark suit was quickly getting heated under the sun and, when she was near the pond, she couldn’t resist taking a dip. She was immediately zapped, and had to get back to work cleaning the shores of the pond.

By dinner time, she headed back to the house. There were only a few toasts and peanut butter laying on the table.

“What’s going on? I’m hungry.” Said Lynda.

“Well, Karen can’t prepare much food. I tried to help her but she got zapped repetitively until I walked out of the kitchen. Apparently, guests are not allowed to help service personnel. So we have nothing much to eat.”

“I see. Let me try.” Said Lynda while heading for the microwave. But she couldn’t operate it, nor the oven or any other appliance. The monitor displayed that only the maid could operate them.

“How about Phil?”

“I wasn’t able to reach anybody. I tried every possible means, even went to the gate and screamed my lungs out. We’re completely on our own.

“Well, I can’t eat peanut butter toasts for three weeks. We have to do something.”

“Listen. If I go in as a service personnel myself, we will have no guests to care for. It may free us, or I may be in a position to prepare something to eat.”

“It might work, but I didn’t choose to become the gardener.” Said Lynda. “The house made it so. Who knows what task you will have.”

“I have to try it. What did you do again?”

Half an hour later, the access door to the service personnel quarters opened. Into the kitchen, walked a very stiff woman, walking on five inches white pumps, body obviously coated with the same clear latex as the others, shaved, and wearing a white uniform, very, no, extremely tight. So tight in fact that she had to work her lungs to breathe. The cut of the white uniform revealed without a doubt, the task ahead of her.

“Well, ladies, I think I’m the new assigned cook of the house.” She said, putting on her rubber Chef’s hat.

Then they proceeded to make a few tests. Their duties were well defined. Since there was someone assigned to prepare food, Karen was no longer allowed to operate the kitchen appliances. She didn’t have access to the garden shed either. On the other hand, Lynda and Anna didn’t have access to the washing machine room, nor to the sheets and towels storage room, or the vacuum cleaner. They each had their tasks and were limited to it.

Anna was now discovering the hidden pleasures of being sealed in rubber. And when she saw the unique lawn mower seat, she got jealous, but she had pleasures of her own. The suit was so tight that every movement asked for effort, which to her, was an awesome excitement. She realized that, deep down, she had always been a bondage enthusiast.

Glad they had found a way to fix their little problems, they each went to bed in their bunks. It would ease Karen’s tasks since she would no longer have beds to make. Lynda had gone to bed complaining of mild back pain, following the hard work of the day. While she was sleeping, she felt something hot wrap her torso, compressing it. She tried to fight it but, at one point, to get more strength, she sucked in her stomach as much as she could before blowing it up, but whatever it was, immediately took all the slack and tightened it there. She felt like in a vise, waist highly compressed from the hips to just below her breasts. Then she felt something getting inside her from the crotch: she was getting plugged, like Karen.

The next morning, she was panting heavily, just to walk from the room to the kitchen, looking for air.

“Well, you won’t suffer from back pain any longer.” Said Anna.

“Sure I won’t, I can’t bend it.”

They went on with their duties. Anna prepared very nice meals and Karen was disappointed at not being able to taste them more. 

Speaking of Karen, things were getting better for her. Without having the room to clean, it cuts on her laundry and list of chores and she was able to take over the backlog. That night, when she went to bed, she felt the cleaning tubes plugged into her but then, they started to act strangely, pulsating, at the same time the pressure over her breasts were also pulsating, massaging her. It wasn’t long before she was working her butt muscles in synchronism with all of it, building a hard orgasm like she never felt before. She realized that bad behavior brings in punishments, but good behavior brings in rewards.

Three weeks had passed since they had arrived. Because they had watched too much TV according to the computer, they had all been fitted with very dark lenses over their eyes, making watching TV difficult. Karen’s arms had been released, her punishment ended but she was still gagged, because when the gag had been removed after one week, she swore too much to the taste of the computer. So the gag had been put back in place which frustrated her. One day, she tried to remove the gag.

The next morning she woke up, a rigid corset engulfing her from the hips to the neck, squeezing her waist by 5 inches and making breathing difficult. Her arms were linked to the side of the corset, at waist level, by plastic chains, but this plastic was as hard as the rest of the items and thus practically indestructible. The length of her wrist chains were such that she couldn’t reach higher than her neck, and the stiff as steel long corset prevented any kind of bending that would have helped reach her gag. And more, no punishment time had been indicated.

Having no guests to cook for but the three of them, Anna got quickly bored. She killed time by spending lots of time on the toilet and by making small snacks which she would mainly eat. That’s why, a few days later, she had found herself plugged to control her trips to the bathroom and heavily corseted to control her food intake. But the corset was going down under the crotch, wrapping it completely. When asked if she had any idea why by Lynda, she had to admit that, in the bathroom, she was having some… fun with her fingers.

The last main event happened one week before the end of their stay. Karen had gone to bed but Lynda and Anna had stayed up, talking in the kitchen, about different projects they would do once all this would be over, how they felt about all this rubber thing, etc. The next morning, they both awakened severely gagged, the computer stating that they had spent too much time talking together.

The more they became restrained, the more they realized that they liked it. Soon, when all their chores were done, between dinner time, which was now quite fast as each would push the stuff through the syringe, they played “catch and tie me up” games.

One morning, they all awakened to find out that their ankles were linked by a very short chain and their hands were, for Lynda and Anna, tied in their back, and for Karen, linked directly to her corset. The computer screen showed.

Job well done. Relaxing day ahead. No duties.

Relaxing? They spend the day enjoying their bondage predicament, struggling to get around the house. Getting the meal done proved to be a heck of a thrill ride.

Then one of them had an idea. Since all their chores were done, perhaps they would be able to get out of their service personnel status. So they went to the computer in the goal of changing their status, but with her hands tied like they were, they were unable to get to the screen. Even Karen was a few inches short. She tried with a stick but the computer didn’t key-in the choice. They figured that they would have to wait the next morning, sure that the list of chores will still be empty.

You guessed it, it was not. The computer had filled them back. And more, everyday, they had at least three chores: Anna was to make meals, Karen cleaned the kitchen and Lynda water the flowers on the front lawn. They had no way to get out.

It was their last day. Phil was to be there any minute. They waited for him in the living room. Finally, by the end of the day, the limousine rolled up the driveway and stopped in front of the door. She recognized Phil getting out and walking to the house.

“Hello ladies.” He said, apparently not a bit surprised to see the three of them tightly clad in rubber. “I see you figured out how the house works. Pretty good computer program, isn’t it.”

They grunted. Anna went to the computer screen and hard pointed to the guest status. 

“Yes of course.” He said punching the desired keys. “All you have to do is go back to the service personnel room.”

Immediately, the three girls rushed to the room. One hour later, they were all coming out, wearing what they had been wearing the day they changed their status, all surprisingly walking on their toes, accustomed to the high heels. All feeling their waist, suddenly loose and unsupported. All blinking their eyelids, eyes sensitive to the light after being this long behind dark glasses.

They argued that it wasn’t part of the deal, that nowhere was stated that they would end up as rubber maids. But Phil, not losing his smile, took their contracts and showed the fine prints. It stated that the house was run by a computer and that any action was possible by this computer and that by signing, they were agreeing to follow all the rules and actions of the computer as long as no permanent harm was done.

They were stuck. But Phil had his side of the contract to fulfill. So he did and took pictures of them around the house. The girls only realized afterward that they were all bald and that for a portfolio, it wasn’t that good.

They were all driven back to town in the limousine and sent back to their everyday life.

Two weeks later, a taxi cab stopped by the driveway gates.

“Yes?” answered a familiar voice.

“Hi Phil, it’s me Anna. Remember me? I would like to see you.”

“Sure Anna. I’m opening the gates.” Said Phil.

The gates opened and the cab dropped Anna by the door before driving off. She rang the bell and was stunned when the door opened. In front of her was standing a women, bald, skin covered with a clear rubber coating, dressed in a rubber French maid uniform, balancing on pointed toe boots, torso obviously quite rigid and waist much compressed, wrists linked to the corset at the waist by chains, eyes covered with dark lenses, mouth filled with a huge gag and neck tightly wrapped in a wide collar.

“Ka.. Karen?” Asked Anna, not believing it.

She answered with a small yes nod, the most the large collar, much larger than what it was before, allowed. She then pointed away to her left. Anna had a look and saw a gleaming black body riding a lawnmower tractor.

“Lynda?” she asked.

Again a small yes nod.

“Oh  hi Anna.” Said Phil, getting by the door. “Nice of you to drop by. Listen, I’m waiting for guests for the next few days and I’m in deep need of a Chef. Are you interested in the job?”

Anna entered, not looking back. She knew why she had come back. She knew what she wanted.

Everything was just perfect, and it even reached a new height when, during the night, she realized that the outfits had been slightly modified, were tighter, thicker and were now incorporating… vibrating dildos.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 29, 2007.

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