Karen – Christmas Present / Happy New Year


Lights were dimmed. Romantic music was playing. The table was lit mainly by candles. Karen and Phil were ending their Christmas dinner with a last glass of wine, smiling, sending each other kisses over the table, hands over hands on the table.

He softly walked to her, inviting her to get up, then to the slow rhythm of the music, started to dance with her, caressing her back through her silky dark red dress. When the song ended, he squished her against him, getting her off the ground. She bent her knees, raising her feet and her five inches stiletto heels red sandals, in the air.

He put her down and they kissed, passionately.

“How about we open our gifts now?” asked Phil.

“Sure, why not?” said Karen, eager to see what her lover had find her.

“You first.” She said, handing him a first box.

He opened it, grabbed the item and raised it in the air, frowning.

“A tie? You got me a tie?”

Karen laughed.

“What’s wrong with that? It’s a classic, right?” she said, still laughing. “Okay, give me one.”

Phil handed her a green wrapped box. Karen opened it and when she saw what was inside, laughed even harder.

“Oh wow! A potato masher! How thoughtful, honey.” She said, giving him a small kiss. “You open this one now.” She said.

Giggling, Phil opened his, and this time made wide eyes.

“A palm computer. Geesh, thanks honey.” He said, kissing her.

“I think it has all you wanted, if not, just tell me and I’ll get the right one.”

“Oh, no, it’s perfect. Okay, your turn now.” He said, handing a red wrapped box.

She opened it and startled. She lifted the item in the air: a bra.

“Okay… Too bad, I had only one funny gift.” She said.

“Oh, it’s no joke. Look carefully and there’s more in the box.”

Karen looked at the bra package, then quickly browsed in the box, finding three more items: a pair of panties and two long tubes.

“You always said that you would like to try what you read from that guy’s stories site, so I got you a rubber bra, panties with two sheaths and two dildos.”

“That… that’s interesting.” She said, blushing. “Okay, here’s another one from me.”

Phil opened it, finding a buffing machine for the car. Then Phil gave her another box, rather large.

Karen opened it, and hands shaking, got the many items out of it: rubber catsuit, leather corset and a rubber hood.

“That… I don’t know what to say Phil. That’s most… unusual.”

“I’m sorry, I thought it would please you. I’ll return everything.”

“NO!… no, don’t. I… I’m very happy, it’s just that I wasn’t… prepared to live my fantasy like that.” She said. “Now my gifts to you seem quite boring.” She said, handing an envelope in which Phil discovered gift certificates to his favourite fishing and hunting store.

“No sweat, honey. Those gifts pleased me very much. Here’s the last one.” He said, handing a last box, rather heavy.

“More kinky stuff?” she said as she opened it, finding ballet toe boots, wide steel collar and an assortment of wide steel cuffs. “I…. I…”

“Want to try it?” he asked, sparks in her eyes.

“What? Now? But it’s Christmas and…”

“And it’s the gifts you received. Come on, put them on.”

He helped her carry everything to the bedroom. She stripped down and put on the hot pink rubber underwear. The cups of the bra had tiny rubbery spikes inside them. She then pushed the dildos inside the rubber sheaths, softly moaning. Then Phil helped her with the black rubber catsuit, which proved to be a very tight fit. It had attached feet and gloves. She felt it squeeze her torso hard when Phil pulled up the back zipper. He then put on the hood, which had a mouth and eyes holes and used a bottle of shiner to bring the rubber to the perfect glossy look.

Phil then wrapped the corset around Karen’s waist and proceeded to tighten it. Karen, feeling her stomach being crushed, asked him what size it was.

“Well, they say that it has to be four inches less than your regular waist. I took the size of your jeans and removed four inches.”

“Damn it, Phil. You know that my jeans are tight fitting. They are already one inch too small…”

“Which makes this five inches smaller. Bah, come on, I know you can. Blow out all you can and suck in your stomach, will you? I’m almost done.” He said.

She did, and felt the garment squeeze her stomach, making breathing almost difficult.

“But nothing forces you to fully tighten it. Why don’t you let it the way it is?” she asked, as Phil gave another strong yank then fondled in her back. She heard a click.

“Because of this.” He said. “I couldn’t have put the padlock if it hadn’t fully closed.”

Karen fondled in her back and felt the little padlock.

“You locked me in?”

“Isn’t it part of the fantasy? Getting locked in this whole outfit?”

“Yes, it is. It’s just that… I… I wasn’t prepared.” She said, feeling her crotch becoming hotter by the minute. “Now what?”

He showed her the ballet toe boots. They were of the finest kid leather and reaching just below her knees. He laced them tightly before applying two padlocks: one thought holes at the narrowest portion of the ankle, and the other on the last top hole.

Then it was the collar. It was three inches wide, softly padded but it had only one closing setup, and it was so tight that she had difficulties to swallow. He waited for her approval before locking it. She liked it that way.

Next were the steel restraints: two large steel cuffs linked by a hinge were going at the wrists, and similar cuffs over the elbows. He fastened them in her back, bringing the elbows together. He knew she could achieve this extreme position, having done it a few time in their bondage games, and he knew that it was Karen’s preferred arm position. Of course, the cuffs were locked.

He helped her walk besides the Christmas tree where, partly hidden by the tree itself, she could see two steel rings on the floor and one more up the wall.

“I thought you would make a nice addition to the tree’s decorations, honey.” He said, instructing her to kneel.

He applied the steel cuffs to her ankles then over her knees and linked them to the rings on the floor with more locks. The ring on the wall forced Karen to stand straight, sitting on her ankles. He linked her collar to this ring, and added a length of chain from her wrist chains to the ankle ring.

He stepped back and admired her work. There in front of him, was kneeling a wonderful woman, dressed in the shiniest of rubber catsuit, waist severely crushed by a leather corset, held by rigid steel restraints, unable to move from there. He went back to the bedroom and was back with the two last items.

Time to close the loop, honey. Ready?” he said, showing her the harness ball gag and the blindfold.

“I love you, Phil. This is the best Christmas.”

“I know.” He said, kissing her through the hole in the latex hood, then he applied the blindfold consisting of two padded leather circular patches held by a leather strap.

He buckled and locked it. Next was the gag. With the harness, it was holding the blindfold at the same time. He pushed the ball deep in Karen’s mouth. She complained a little but allowed him to tighten it like that. He then tightened the rest of the straps, adding more padlocks.

He then went to the bedroom, in his bed table and came back holding a little black box. He approached Karen’s crotch and she twitched as she let out a muffled yelp.

“Surprise! They’re vibrating. How is it?”

Karen threw her head backward, her moaning muffled by the tight gag, breathing fast. She tried to get up, to get her buns off her ankles but she couldn’t move from there. She tried to move her upper body but she only managed a small sideway motion. Soon, she was only jumping up and down, to the limits of the restraints. Her screams were muffled, but were nevertheless quite loud.

Phil was looking at her, smiling, enjoying every minute of it, admiring the shiny and gleaming black body, twisting and squirming against her restraints, unable to move, but for sure, experiencing a heck of a ride. At one point, Karen’s body was run by convulsions and Phil, smiling, knew she had just exploded. He approached the black box and stopped the dildos.

“How was it?”

Karen only answered by nodding yes and jumping up and down against her restraints.

“You want more?” he asked, sure she would have enough, but to his surprise, her answer was a definitive YES. So he started the dildos again.

Again, Karen struggled against her bonds, pulling on the steel restraints. At one point, he hoped that he had chosen a sturdy enough stud to fix the collar because he wasn’t sure it would resist. At least one picture frame didn’t and he grabbed it just in time before it fell on the floor.

Two more times, she reached the top of Mount Everest and wanted more. But this time was frustrating: the dildo batteries were dead.

“Sorry, I didn’t think you would drain them this fast.” He said, laughing.

Karen pulled on her restraints.

“Want to get out?”

She nodded yes. She was exhausted and needed to sleep. In her mind, she didn’t care to stay in the suit or bound, but she wanted to lay down. She waited. She had no way to tell time, as her mind was still on high gear but it seemed quite long. She muffled through her gag to have his attention.

“Yes hon. In a minute…. As soon as I find the darn keys.” He said.

“Mmffwaaapp? Moooo feeezzz?” she muffled through the gag.

“I had them there, on my desk. Now where are they?” he said, pulling the desk off the wall, looking behind it, under it, in the drawers.

“Mup emm” said Karen.

“What? Cut them? I don’t have the tool for that. All I have is electrical cutters. This is hardened steel. I would have some when the stores open again, in two days…” he said, crawling on the floor, looking under the sofa, the TV, even under the carpet. Then the phone rang.

“Hello… Oh hi mom! How are you? Yes? You like the wool sweater I sent you? I’m very happy about it… There… there was something else with it but you don’t know what’s for? It was a key ring? It was entangled on the wool? Well, yes, it’s mine. Yes, I do need it.” He said, looking at Karen. “You can send it by courier. It should be here within a few days… you want to give them to me hand to hand? But mom, you live on the other side of the country… plane?… tonight? Really?… okay… I… I’ll be waiting for you, mom. Love you. Bye.” He said, putting the phone down.

“Guess what, Karen. Apparently the keys got entangled on the wool shirt I sent to my mom. She has the keys. She’s bringing them here. She was surprising me. Her plane landed a little while ago. She’s in a taxi cab by the street corner. She should be here any minute now.”

Karen struggled against her bonds. That was not planned. She had no intention of being seen like that.

“Mfffilll! Fiiffts moopff ffummy. Ffffiiiimmlll.(Phil, it’s not funny)” She said, calling for help.

Phil was almost glad she was blindfolded. She wouldn’t have to see his mom’s reaction, and he was not seeing the darts coming off her eyes.

There was a nock on the door.

© Pete, November 29, 2007 monsterp63@yahoo.com


“Mom! What a surprise.” He said, trying to prevent her from entering the apartment.

“Hello son. I’m so glad to see you.” She said, putting her luggage down and hugging him, giving him kisses on the cheeks. “Where’s Karen?”

“Oh she… she’s not feeling too well. Maybe you should go to your hotel room first and come back tomorrow morning.” Said Phil, trying to trick her out of there.

“Nonsense. Of course she’s not feeling too well.” She said, pushing Phil away, entering the living room and spotting Karen very easily, her gleaming rubber catsuit shining with the Christmas tree lights. “she’s all tied up by the Christmas tree. Very nice setup, dear.”

Karen couldn’t believe her ears. It’s as if she knew all along.

“But… How… Why…”

“How do I know? How come I’m not shocked? Do you believe I was born yesterday, dear, that I don’t know the obvious use of a ring full of keys aimed at small padlocks? I was doing bondage before you were born, honey. Your dad died while in bondage.”

“Say what?” he asked, very much surprised.

“Mmffaatt??” muffled Karen.

“But dad died in his sleep. At least, that’s what you told us.” Said Phil, stunned.

“Well, he did die in his sleep. What I told you was true. I just didn’t mention that at the time, he was stuffed into a rubber mummy bag getting zapped by a tens unit.”

Phil was stunned, his jaw half open. Karen was stunned too, but her jaw was already held wide open by the ball gag.

“Your dad and myself had been practicing bondage since we met. In fact, bondage was what brought us together in the first place. The tens unit was, for your dad, his favourite toy. He liked it a lot and he liked it powerful. So powerful in fact that he was always on the edge of the red zone. To prevent going too far, he had put in a screw, preventing the setting knob to go beyond his maximum limit, which was still quite high.

On that night, I set him up as always, in his rubber mummy bag and plugged to the tens unit. That’s how he slept every night. Yes, he was managing to sleep rather well with it. It tells you how much he loved it.

Anyways, less than ten minutes into it, I knew something was wrong. His body was ran over by strong convulsions. I quickly uncovered his head and removed the gag, but he couldn’t talk, he was shaking from every muscle. I went to the tens unit to turn it off and I realized that he had removed the limit screw and turned it half way into the red zone. He had been talking about trying it for a while but I was always against it. Seems that he did it without my consent.

Even after I had unplugged the tens unit, he was still taken by strong convulsions, as if his heart was stopping and restarting by itself. I immediately called 911 and got him out of his bondage setup.

By the time the medics got in, I had removed everything. They took it to the hospital but his heart stopped one last time while in the ambulance.

Probably because his heart was running part of the time, all the signs of the bondage were gone by the time the doctor examined him at the hospital. The cause of death had been identified as a simple and boring heart failure. So, technically, he died in his sleep.

He had forgone two basic safety rules: do not go further than the safe limits, and tell your partner what you are doing. It’s been two years and I miss him every single day. He died like he liked to live: tied up and getting zapped.” She said, posing as if she was having a thought about her late husband. “So, let me see this.” She said, getting closer to Karen, checking her bonds and how she was setup.

She ran her hands over her head, down to her breasts, feeling the spiked bra, then admired the corset, the tight catsuit, the ballet boots, and fondled at her crotch, where she made a grin. Karen’s breath was shaking in anticipation.

“What kind of setup is this? She has dildos in but they’re not vibrating?” she said, as she got up.

Phil’s mind was still away.

“That explains why you liked so much high heels, tight jeans and leather, and why the locked chest in your bedroom.”

“We had to hide our toys somewhere… Now about Karen?”

“What? Ah, yes. Yes, they are vibrating. It’s just that the batteries are drained out.”

“Oh, even better. It means that she already experienced it quite a lot. Okay, do you have more screw rings?”

“What? What for?”

“If we’re to change her batteries, we have to move her to another position, and there’s no way she must find herself free. I want one there, two there and two there.” She said, pointing at locations on the wall.

Still stunned, Phil proceeded with the installation of the new rings. His mom had made herself comfortable, removing her winter coat revealing that she was wearing very tight leather jeans, high heel spiky boots, a white satin blouse under a tight fitting leather jacket, hands covered probably by elbow length kid leather. During this time, Karen didn’t know what to make of it. She was still bound but now her fate was taken over by her mother in law who appears to be an experienced dominatrix.

Phil’s mom unlocked Karen from her kneeling position, but kept her arms in her back. She had her get up and backed up to the wall just besides where she was. She was then instructed to part her legs, pretty wide apart, before she felt the ankle cuffs being replaced by leather ones and linked to rings. Her arms were then freed but not for long as they were stretched over her head, and spread out before being re-fastened with leather cuffs to rings high on the wall. Finally, a strap was linked to the top of her head harness to another ring and pulled tight, stretching her neck.

“There. This way we’ll have easy access.” She said as she unzipped Karen’s rubber catsuit crotch zipper and removed the dildos. Karen moaned as the intruders were moved again.

Phil’s mom took the batteries Phil was handing her and frowned.

“What the hell is that? It won’t last much with those. You have to use lithium batteries, dear.” She said, fishing a set from her purse and putting them in the dildos before inserting them back into place. She took the remote off Phil’s hands and turned them on.

Karen twitched and pulled on her bonds. Her legs were getting tired of standing on their toes like that and were straining hard, starting to shake, but it didn’t seem to impress Phil’s mom. She took a ruler and began to gently tap on the inside of Karen’s thighs. She screamed inside her gag as another powerful orgasm engulfed her, but she was ashamed of showing it in front of her mother in law. Apparently, she sensed it. She got close to her ear and whispered.

“Let it go, dear. Life is fun, but sex is better.”

With that, Karen exploded, shaking violently against her bonds. She never felt anything this strong before. She let it all out. When it was all over, Phil’s mom turned the dildos off and let her rest a little, still tied up to the wall.

“I don’t know about you, honey,” said Phil’s mom ” but that plane trim made me hungry. You surely had some snacks prepared for late night?”

“Err… actually mom, no. We were heading for the bed.”

“No problem. Do you have crackers, cheese, olives, you know the stuff you need?”

“Yes but…”

“Then everything is perfect.” She said as she walked to Karen and began to unlock her head harness, but just enough to be able to remove the blindfold, before strapping and locking everything back in place.

She unlocked her feet from the wall and linked them with a short chain. She then wrapped another chain around Karen’s corseted waist and attached her wrists to it with short chains.

“There, hon. Go make us some nice snack crackers and come see us back when it’s done.” She said, slapping Karen hard on the butt.

Karen stumbled on her ballet toe boots. She had never walked in them and it was an all new experience. Heck this whole night was a new experience. Walking with the boots was one thing. Walking with the dildos slightly moving inside her was another thing.

Her wrist chains were barely long enough to allow her to do the snacks, and their presentation was not perfect, but it was not easy as not only her arms were impaired, but with the stiff collar, she couldn’t bend her neck down to look at what she was doing.

Half an hour later, she was back in the living room, her rubber covered hands were covered with cracker crumbs and cheese and meat.

“Finally, the snacks are ready. You need more training dear. That was too long.” Said the mom while getting up and going to her suitcase. She opened it and retrieved a serving tray with straps.

“You… you carried that with you?”

“I knew you were in some bondage situation and I figured that you didn’t have one of those. Am I right?”

“No, we don’t have…”

“Perfect then.” She said as she dragged Karen back to the kitchen.

When Karen reappeared a few minutes later, shortly after Phil’s mom walked out of the kitchen, her ankle chain was shorter, her arms were strictly held in her back at the wrists and elbows and she had a service tray tightly fastened around her waist with chains linking the far end of it to her collar. She was walking slowly as the tray did not contain only the crackers but also two glasses of wine, filled to the edge.

“Remember dear. For each millimetre of wine drop off the glasses, you get one hour of bondage.”

To make things worse, Phil’s mom had moved chairs to the far end of the living room, making Karen walk the longest possible way. Of course, she had laid out some obstacles, like footrests and the boxes from the gifts, all to make her drop more wine off the glasses.

Finally, Karen was able to reach them. Phil’s mom took a small ruler and measured the empty portion of the wine glasses.

“Hum… three millimetres here, and five there. So an extra 8 hours. Very good. The first time your dad did this he ended up with 17 extra hours, and it was just with one glass.” She said with a devilish smile.

Phil quickly took his share of crackers and glass of wine, but his mom did it one at a time, talking a lot between each. When she was finally done, Karen’s legs were hurting a lot and she needed a rest, but Phil’s mom had other plans. She put the wine glasses back into the tray.

“Take that back to the kitchen and empty your tray. For each glass you break, you get one more hour of bondage.”

Karen went on. Of course, the only way to unload the tray was to tip it. The glasses fell on the counter and both broke.

“Two more hours.” She heard Phil’s mom say “now come back here.”

Karen complied. To date, it was far more than what she had ever anticipated a bondage evening to be. When she reached them, she was heavily panting. It wasn’t fun anymore.

“Mom, she needs rest. She’s tired.” Said Phil.

“Yes, of course. You may rest, Karen.” Said his mom.

Karen walked to the nearest sofa and collapsed on it, letting out a big sigh.

“What the hell is this?” said Phil’s mom. “A slave never uses a sofa or a chair. To rest she either goes to her cage or if she doesn’t have one, she kneels.”

“Come on, mom…” said Phil.

“There are rules to follow, Phil. I realize that I have a lot to teach you.” She said as she grabbed Karen’s collar and dragged her next to the Christmas tree where she fixed her as she was when she came in.

“Next time, just kneel by the side of your master of mistress.”

It wasn’t what she wanted, but at least, her legs were getting a much needed rest. Phil and his mom chatted for about an hour, mainly about their secret life. Karen stayed there all this time. She even surprised herself at dozing off.

“Well, it’s about time I head for my hotel room.” Said Phil’s mom. “But first, I have to take care of Karen.” She said as she unlocked her from the wall. Karen expected to be freed but instead, her head harness was only loosened enough to put the blindfold back in place. “Remember dear, you have your punishment to sustain. Ten more hours.” She said as she left her with her arms bound in her back, and legs linked by a short chain.

She took the key ring and very openly dropped into her purse.

“I’ll be back in ten hours.” She said as she approached Karen with the small black box, turning the dildos on.

“These batteries should last half way through then.” She said with a devil smile. “Good night.” She said, closing the door behind her.

Phil was stunned. That was way too much for one evening, and he wasn’t the one bound up in rubber.

“Want to go to bed?” he said.

Karen nodded a definitive yes. He accompanied her to the bedroom where Karen collapsed on the mattress, exhausted.

Phil hardly find sleep, hearing the buzzing of the dildos, feeling Karen’s twisting in her bonds each time she was orgasming. After a while, he moved to the sofa. As he fell asleep, he was thinking of the future. He was thinking of setups, of things to do with Karen. He could even start the very next morning.

Smiling ear to ear, he drifted into a deep sleep where his dreams were becoming reality.

As for Karen, dream, reality, and fantasy were all fusing into another powerful orgasm.

© Pete, December 5, 2007 

Karen – Happy New Year

With each breath, one could hear her tight leather corset creak under the struggle for her lungs to find room to expand. She extended her tight leather covered arm, creating more leather creaking and took the glass of red wine from her tightly leather covered fingers. She brings the glass close to her lips as she crosses her right leg over her left one, struggling against the tight leather wrapping her legs. She played with her hanging feet, raising it and lowering it, turning it sideways, making the shiny leather of her spiky boot shine under the colorful lights of the nearby Christmas tree.

“Thank you very much, Phil.” Said the lady with a wide smile. “I’m very glad Karen liked my Christmas gift and I hope she will like the one I prepared for the New Year.” She said from a very friendly voice.

“She sure liked it, mom,” Said the man, taking a seat in the leather chair at right angle from his mother” and I’m sure she’ll love this one.” He said, as he raised his glass of wine. “To the New Year.” He said.

“And everything it will bring.” Answered the lady with a devilish smile.

They looked besides the Christmas tree where a shiny rubber bag was hanging from the ceiling, slowly balancing. A female form could be made out, apparently tightly wrapped in the tight rubber cocoon. It was so tight that every buckle, lace, or seam of the inside layer were visible.

Deep inside the many layers, Karen was totally unaware of what was happening on the outside world. She was totally isolated from it: sight, smell and sound. All she could smell was the strong mix of rubber and leather scents of her confinement. All she could hear was her heart banging with anticipation. All she could see was flashes of images created by her highly stimulated mind, images of what she dreamed she looked like from the outside, and wilder images too.

Her imagination started to work the moment she was setup. There was first the underwear: a rubber bra lined with hard spiky rubber lumps, and her panties, which their main function was to hold on the two extra-large vibrating dildos her mother in law had brought her. They were devilish as they could be remote computer controlled, wirelessly.

She also had electrodes, strategically placed on her nipples, shoulder blades, buns and the inside of her thighs. Paper thin ribbon-like wires were running from them, ending at her crotch.

Next was a thin clear latex catsuit, complete with feet, hand, gloves and hood, baring only eyes and mouth holes. It was also a gift from her mother in law. She called it the basic suit. Next came a leotard with long sleeves and a very tiny waist consisting of three layers of extra-tight rubber. Mother in law called it the attached girdle. There was even some medium boning. Just breathing with it was a struggle, but it was nothing compared with the final outcome.

Of course, a classic black rubber catsuit was next, but Mother in law had bought that one, making sure it was extra thick and extra tight. It had attached feet, gloves and a hood without eyeholes, only a mouth hole.

Already, breathing was a challenge, and she was almost deaf. As for speaking, working her jaw under the two layers of rubber was not easy, but it was still too much for Mother in law who added a blow-up gag. She fixed the harness tightly around Karen’s head and pumped the gag. Karen waved her to stop but she continued. Karen tried to stop her but ended up with her arms cuffs in her back. The gag was inflated until she saw some bulging on the cheeks. Satisfied, she removed the pump and released Karen’s arms.

Karen tried to relieve some of the pressure but found nothing else that a valve too small for her to do anything with, and her breathing hole.

“Don’t worry.” Had said Phil’s mom in her ear, “In time you will love it so much you’ll want it even more inflated.”

Blinded, mute and almost deaf, she was instructed to sit down while thigh high leather ballet toe boots were tightly laced on her legs. Once done, when she was helped to come back up on her feet, she realized that she could barely bend her knees. The boots appeared to be rigid.

She felt being lifted by Phil then gently lowered on her feet. She then felt something being pulled along her body. Phil directed her arms in holes, sleeves or rather semi-rigid tubes. Whatever it was, she felt it covering her completely, from the ankles to her head.

She was lowered on the floor, face down. She felt some tugging along her back, and felt her legs being forced together, at the same time her chest and waist were being crushed. It wasn’t hard for her to decipher the signs: she was being encased in a full body bondage corset.

She felt the garment being tightened. Suddenly, her triple thickness rubber girdle didn’t seem that tight anymore, as she felt her waist being crushed, even more than with the leather corset she wore at Christmas.

She felt it being tightened over her chest, then her neck and head was tightly engulfed in the confining leather, putting her in a very straight position, impossible to move.

The sleeves over her arms were tightened. They were pre-formed to force her arms in her back in the classic elbow tie position. Finally, the two arms were joined by more lacing. Her hands were put into a single glove, forcing both hands face to face and tightly laced together.

The only thing she could do was breathe. She couldn’t move anything, not even her toes, confined in the strict pointed boots.

She felt her legs being lifted and lowered then her upper body received the same treatment. She felt something was being attached to her breathing tube. She thought it would be impossible but she felt something even tighter being closed on her: the heavy rubber body bag. It had been made to measure for her by Phil’s mom, meaning way too small, to be fair.

That added layer of rubber, rendering her completely deaf, hearing nothing else than her heartbeat, pounding hard with anticipation.

She was lifted upright. She was as stiff as a beam of oak. There was fondling over her shoulders then she felt the pressure on her feet relieved as she was lifted about one feet off the ground, suspended to the ceiling.

Suddenly, there was a short but powerful twitch: the tens unit was being plugged on. Then the dildos started to vibrate. She heard very faintly “Struggle if you feel the dildos.”

Karen struggled as much as she could but on the outside, only a gentle balancing was the answer. She was stopped and the question was asked for the tens unit. Again, she balanced. Finally, the third and last question “Still want to go on with it?”

She struggled as strongly as she could, giving a definitive YES answer.

Then everything fell silent. There was one thing she hadn’t counted on: it was Phil’s mother who was in charge, and she was devilish.

Phil’s mother went to her laptop computer and made sure that everything was in order. From there, the electrodes were not only zapping Karen but also sending back her health status with blood pressure and heart rate. “One dead is already too much. I prefer to play safe.” She had said when explaining the software to Phil and Karen before proposing the setup.

What time was it? She didn’t have a clue. It was part of the deal: she was not to have any clue of the time it was, so she would have no idea of how long her ordeal would last. Since the sun goes down rather early in winter, she only knew it was in the evening, but how long before midnight, she had no idea. The only thing she knew is that she would be released only when Mother in law would get tired of looking at her balancing on her ceiling hook.

For the moment, the dildos and tens unit were firing at random, but a very slow random, merely keeping her from dozing off. Karen tried as much as she could to work herself to climax, but nothing worked. She was too tightly tied up that, even working her butt muscles, didn’t move them.

Very slowly, the frequency of the stimulation grew. She suddenly realized that they were close enough so that she would be kept hot, but nothing more. It was devilish. She was getting hotter and hotter, but could not climax. She knew it was increasing but again, she had absolutely no time frame. All she knew is that she was getting hotter by the second and that she would, eventually, explode but when…

In the living room, Phil and his mom were watching TV, especially the falling of the Crystal Ball in New York’s Time Square. The countdown was on. Then the colorful crystal ball started to go down.

Inside her cocoon, it was suddenly hell, unless it was heaven. The frequency and the power of each vibration, of each zapping, became greater, longer, faster. At the same time the crystal ball fell down and everybody shouted “Happy New Year”, Karen skyrocketed to heaven. What was a slight balancing of the cocooned woman became more jerky as she was getting zapped and vibrated, sometimes in sequence, but other times all mixed up.

Phil and his mom hugged each other, exchanging the classic New Year’s wishes then looked at Karen.

“I think her wish is granted.” Said his mom.

“Actually, mother, she asked me to tell you her wish.”

“Really? What is it?”

“She wishes you would come to live with us.”

“But you have only a one bedroom apartment. Where would I sleep? I can’t sleep on the sofa for the rest of my life.”

“No, but she suggested that we put two single beds in the bedroom and…”

“How does this fix my sleeping problem?”

“I sleep in one, you sleep in the other and Karen, well…”

“I see. A rubber slave doesn’t really need a bed. I’ll think about it, son. I’ll think about it.” She said as she watched with amusement the mummy bag, happily balancing on her ceiling hook, trying to figure out when she will be tired of looking at it. Perhaps a good night of sleep over this should answer the question, both questions…

© Pete / monsterp63, December 17, 2007 

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