Karen – Fire Safety First


There was a knock at the door. Karen, in her pajamas, yawning, opened it.

“Hello miss. Phil, Fire Marshal. I’m making a routine inspection. Can I come in?” he said, inviting himself in the house.

“Ho! Wait! What’s going on? What is this?” asked Karen in a rush, trying to get some blood up her brain.

“I’m the Fire Marshal.” He said, showing his badge. “From time to time, I select a house at random and do a fire inspection, checking smoke detectors, etc.”

“Ah.” Said Karen, still yawning.

“This is a two stories house. I assume you have a smoke detector on each floor?” he asked.

“Yes I do” she answered.

“Are they working?”

“Probably… yes.” Said Karen, knowing perfectly she hadn’t changed the batteries for some time.

“Care if I check them out?” he asked, but before waiting for her answer, spotted the first one and pushed on the check button. No sound.

“This one is not. When was the last time you changed the batteries?”

“The last time we changed for daylight saving time, like it is recommended.”

“Which year?” he asked, frowning.

But he didn’t wait for the answer. He went upstairs and, without much surprise, that one didn’t work either. He walked back on the first floor and asked for the fire extinguisher.

“That I have and in working order, I never used it.” She said, showing the red tank near the fireplace.

The Fire Marshal took it and frowned.

“How long ago did you buy this?”

“Not sure. Two or three years ago. I bought it at a flea market. A real deal.”

“Yes, I bet it was. This thing is empty. Didn’t you find it light?”

“Geesh, I don’t know. I mean I’m no expert….”

“Ever had it checked… Guess not.” He said, looking at the label. “Well, I guess you’re in need for some discipline.” He said, taking a pair of handcuffs.

“What? You’re arresting me for that?” she asked, in dismay as he cuffed her.

“Not exactly. I’ll be right back.” He said, leaving to come back a few moments later with a rather large suitcase.

He dragged her to her bedroom, uncuffed her and ordered her to get naked. He was very dominant and Karen felt she had no choice. She stripped naked. He opened his suitcase and threw a pair of rubber panties at her. It had two huge hard rubber shafts. He threw at her a tube of lubricant.

“There, you’ll need it. Put it on. NOW.” He said from a firm voice.

Shaking, Karen complied, slowly sliding the huge intruders up her crotch. He then gave her a shiny catsuit. When she took it, she discovered it was rubber.

She put it on. It was rather small and it was difficult to pull on as almost too tight. At first, the garment felt cold but it quickly warmed up. Surprisingly, Karen liked it. She liked the feeling of her skin against this smooth material. He grabbed her arms and linked them in her back with leather cuffs at the wrists and elbows, locking them.

He had her turn her back on him and he covered her head with a heavy rubber hood with eyes holes and lacing at the back. When it was put on her head, she felt something large at her mouth. She opened it and the huge lump of rubber entered. Then she felt it go tighter as he tightened the laces until there was no gap. She couldn’t work  her jaw at all.

She was panting. Her heart was racing. He took the hanging pump and started to activate it. Karen felt a rubber bag growing in her mouth, filling it completely and then more. She felt the pressure on her cheeks as the balloon was looking for a place to expand. He didn’t listen to her complaints and stopped when he felt satisfied before removing the pump.

She felt something heavy and stiff being wrapped around her waist, then she felt it being crushed, like in a corset. With each pull, she felt it becoming smaller and smaller. She didn’t knew the extent of it but she was being severely corseted, the garment reaching from her hips to under her armpits.

She was gently laid down on the bed, on her back. Something was being laced over her feet. She felt the position of her feet weird and realized that they were pointing straight down when she was put back up again. She felt a wide collar applied around her neck and fastened tightly. A leach was attached to it and she was dragged to the kitchen, hobbling on her ballet toe boots, ankles linked by a short chain, all the restraints locked with small padlocks. Once there, something else was waiting for her.

He reached for a bag laying on the floor and produced a gasmask. He tightly applied it over her head. Breathing became difficult as if the filters were partly blocked.

He then ordered her to kneel then to lay flat on her stomach. He linked her wrists to her ankles and locked them with more padlocks.

The Fire Marshall had a last look at her.

“This is to punish you for not having your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in working order. The rubber suit is to make you sweat as you would if you were stuck in a fire. The gas mask has restricted breathing cartridges. It’s there to make you live what it would be like in a smoke filled room. The restraints are there to make you struggle as if you were in a crumbling building. I’m sure you’ll think twice about changing the batteries of your smoke detectors in time.” He said.

He then took a key ring and threw it all the way on the other side of the living room. Karen barely heard it fell on the hardwood floor.

“There, go fetch it. I think your punishment is enough… for now. Have a nice day.” He said with a devilish smile before leaving Karen to her predicament.

There she was, alone, encased in rubber, breathing difficult, having to crawl in a hogtie position to get the key for her freedom, and she only had a vague idea of where it was. There was a noise at the door. The Fire Marshal was there again.

“Oh, honey, don’t wait up for me for dinner, I’m going for a beer with the guys after work. Well, better hurry, I’m already late. Have a nice day.”

Karen laughed. It was the best setup so far. He was no Fire Marshal, he was a factory worker. He was Phil, her husband.

She would get to the keys, eventually, if only she could stop orgasming…

© Pete / monsterp63, January 22, 2008.

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