Karen – Dental Plan


Karen presented herself at the dental clinic with her usual attire: very tight stretch jeans, equally tight shirt under a very tight denim jacket, stepping on shoes with a four inches heel. She walked to the counter.

“Hi. I’m Karen. I have an appointment for a cleaning?” she said with a smile, showing her row of perfectly white teeth.

“Yes, miss Karen, I have it right here. Please sit down, it shouldn’t be very long.” Said the receptionist. “Oh wait…”

“Is it something wrong?”

“No, it’s just that I notice that you have the full dental plan, according to your insurance company.”

“Yes. It costs me a bundle, but I have the big plan. Does this pose a problem?”

“No, miss Karen. On the contrary. We have a new cleaning procedure that your insurance plan covers. It makes the whole cleaning process much more… I would say, enjoyable.” She said with a weird smile.

“Really? What is it?”

“I’ll let Lynda, our dental hygienist give you the details. I’ll just put a note on your file.”

Fifteen minutes later, Karen was invited into a classic dentist room, with the reclining chair, projector lamp and the scary tray of tools.

“Hi, I’m Lynda.” Said a young woman entering. Karen, eyes sharp for that, immediately noticed that, under her white blouse, she had a very tight pair of white jeans, and the long legs of them were covering high heels shoes she estimated to be at least three inches high, probably four. It kind of put her in confidence.

“Okay, so you want details about the Ultra-Cleaning, right?”

“Well, your receptionist told me that my plan would cover for this new procedure, so I would like to know what it is.”

“To put it dry and direct, it’s done by a robot.”

Karen’s eyes widened.

“Only for safety reasons. It’s done using high power jets of water but pulsed at a high and very specific frequency which makes it safe for the gums and soft tissue. Only the plaque and other non-desired substances are removed. A little like the saw used to remove a plaster cast: it will cut the plaster but not the flesh.”

“Oh, I see.” Said Karen, not sure anymore.

“The cleaning takes about 15 minutes and, believe me, you’ll never feel anything like that. I recommend it, and since your dental plan pays for it, I would strongly suggest you take it.”

“Well… since it doesn’t cost me a penny, okay. Go for it.”

“Very good.” Said Lynda, getting up. “I’ll get your suit. Please undress completely.” She said as she walked out the room, closing the door.

Karen was stunned. Why get naked to have her teeth cleaned. She slowly began to remove her denim jacket, struggling against the tight sleeves when Lynda came back with a pile of white clothes.

“Are you shy of undressing yourself?” said Lynda while giving a strong yank at the jacket. “Geesh. This is tight. I wear tight jeans and jackets myself, but they are mild compared to this.”

“Why… Why do I have to undress? Isn’t my teeth supposed to be cleaned up?”

“Sorry, I was too eager to offer it. I forgot to explain the details. Like I said, it uses jets of pressurized water at a high frequency. Actually, it makes quite a mess as the water splashes everywhere. That’s why we provide the customers with a protective suit.” She said, handing over the white garment.

Karen took it and frowned.

“Looks like… surgical glove fabric.” She said, feeling it between her fingers.

“It is latex all right. It will protect you.”

“But wouldn’t it have been simpler to simply cover the patient with a plastic sheet or something?”

“We would have had to tie the sheet everywhere because, as I said the high power jets…”

“And what’s this?” said Karen, holding two large probes, evidently attached to the crotch of the suit.

“Since there’s nobody close to you during the procedures, for insurance purposes, we have to provide medical records of body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. Those probes concealed the necessary instruments.” She said with a strange smile. “Everything has to be streamlining because of the high…”

“… high power water jets, I get it.” Said Karen, more and more intrigued and suspicious.

She unfolded the garment and gslid her feet in it.

“Geesh! This is quite tight. Do you have it in a bigger size?”

“No, I’m sorry, it’s one size and I have to admit that it’s a little tight, but believe me, you won’t mind.” She said with, again that intriguing smile.

Helped with Lynda, she proceeded to put on the leg portions of the shining white catsuit. Lynda then wrapped condom-like tubes over the probes before applying some lubricant and gently inserting them into her lower orifices. Karen moaned and immediately repressed it, blushing, but Lynda didn’t comment, always having this weird smile on her face.

The upper portion was put on, including the attached gloves and the attached hood with dark lenses and a large mouth hole. The back zipper was pulled up, pushing on the probes, squeezing her waist and her ample breasts inside her rubbery confinement.

“Feels weird.” Said Karen.

“You won’t feel it in a few moments.” Said Lynda. “Please, come with me.” She said, inviting to follow her through an adjacent room. 

She felt the moving latex over her skin was creating quite a unique sensation, not unpleasant at all, and walking with the huge probes deeply inserted, was somewhat disturbing. She felt naked but at the same time, fully covered. Strange.

In the other room, Karen startled as the only table visible was somewhat looking more like medieval torture device than a dentist chair. It was an horizontal X frame with numerous straps.

“Please, take place.” Said Lynda.

“You’re going to tie me up on this thing?” asked Karen.

“Yes. Don’t worry, it looks more scary than it really is. You have to remain completely immobile for the duration of the procedure because of the high…”

“Okay, I get it.” Said Karen starting to be pissed off by the recurrent excuse, especially since she had the very strong feeling that she was deliberately not telling her everything. 

She took place and Lynda took the numerous straps and wrapped her ankles three times before tying up the end of it. She did the same below and over her knee, upper thigh, wrists, below the elbow, upper arm, chest and waist where she went especially tight, crushing it as if in a corset.

Karen didn’t really mind. She liked soft bondage and being tightly wrapped at the waist was like wearing her favourite tight jeans.

Another tight strap was wrapped around her forehead, immobilizing her head and the last one was drawn around her neck, and although less tight, made swallowing difficult nonetheless.

Then Lynda sprayed something up Karen’s nose, numbing it, before inserting tubes.

“These are for breathing as your mouth will be rather plugged.” Said Lynda.

Karen didn’t answer. This whole thing was weird enough already. She wondered what she exactly agreed to.

Then Lynda asked Karen to open her mouth wide as she inserted a hard plastic shell which would contour the inside of her mouth, minus an upper and lower slot where her teeth would go through. The hard plastic gagged her and forced her mouth wide open. It had a large flange completely covering the mouth hole of the rubber hood. Karen was sealed. The only skin exposed was part of her gums, ready to be cleaned.

Finally, hoses and wires were plugged to the nose tubes and sensors on the probes in her crotch.

“Okay. Don’t be scared. I’m going to put you into the robot’s chamber. Everything will be fine. See you in fifteen minutes.” Said Lynda while pushing the “bed” into a room barely big enough for it. 

As it hit the end wall, she heard it clicked as the connections were made to the various devices. She immediately felt fresh air being pumped in her nose tubes. A harsh light turned on and she understood why the lenses were so dark.

She saw the arm of a robot approach slowly. She could see the tip of it, looking like a nozzle on gimbals. It started to rotate, faster and faster as she heard its whining sound, then, as it entered her mouth, the water jet turned on. Karen jolted, but restrained as she was, didn’t move an inch.

She wondered if all the restraining was aimed at preventing only this little jolt, but shortly after, she felt something in her crotch, as if… yes, one of the probes was vibrating or something.

Oh shit! She thought. One of the probes is defective! She had to stop the procedure, but there wasn’t any panic stop button, or Lynda forgot to tell her about it. The vibration sensation got stronger and stronger. Karen’s muscles tightened. It was good, but she was scared. Then the vibration quickly slowed down as the other probe, the anal one, started the same vibration, increasing this time, and then decreased as the crotch one increased.

Karen then realized that they were vibrating on purpose and relaxed, enjoying it. And even more after the probes started to inflate and to deflate in sequence as they were vibrating, one slightly off timing from the other, creating a weird unbalance, very stimulating.

It wasn’t long before she was panting, her muscles straining against the restraints. She had a flash as to why she was so restrained and fully understood the use of it now. If she had been a rocket, she was ready to launch to the moon. The countdown was going well. She was ready to explode. The dental cleaning was the last thing on her mind. The pressure was increasing, she felt hotter by the second. The final countdown…

But as the engines were about to ignite, everything stopped, the light turned off and the fresh air flow was cut off as she heard the cleaning head winding down to a halt. 

She was frustrated as hell, panting like a devil, being abandoned so close to the most powerful orgasm she ever experienced. If the whole procedure was made to be an over frustrating experience, it achieves its goal.

The door opened, and she vaguely saw Lynda.

“Time’s up! The fifteen minutes cleaning paid by your insurance is over.” Said Lynda.

Karen grunted.

“This was the standard procedure. We offer the option of the extra-clean, which is another fifteen minutes session, but this one is not covered by your dental plan, and costs $200. Should we go for it?”

Karen didn’t think for long. Yes, she wanted it. She tried to nod yes, but she was just too restrained.

“Lift your right thumb if you want it or your left thumb if you don’t want it.” Said Lynda.

Karen eagerly lifts her right thumb, straight and high.

“Then extra it is.” Said Lynda, closing the door.

The light turned back on, the air flow and the procedure resumed, but this time, Karen was ready, eager, anticipating.

This time, there was a lift off, and not having been restrained, she would have launched through the roof of the building!

The tight rubber wrapping her body, the restraints forgiving any movement, her head enclosed into the tight hood, the gag-like insert in her mouth, everything was emphasizing the feeling in her crotch which was in flames by then.

The probes were pulsating non-stop, and as soon as she landed on the moon, she was launched again, and again, but this time, the trip took a rather abrupt end as the light turned off, the probes became dead and the cleaning head rapidly whined to a halt.

The door opened and Lynda pulled on the table, taking Karen out of the cleaning room. Without a word, but only this weird smile Karen understood too much now, she removed the restraints. Once Karen was free she left, indicating that all she had to do was come out when she would be ready, that her clothes were right there on a table.

Ten minutes later, a smiling, but still unsteady Karen, walked out of the room, into the corridor.

“Feeling alright?” asked Lynda.

“Can’t be better.” Softly said Karen, as if daydreaming.

“Good. See you on your next appointment.” Said Lynda while entering another room.

Karen walked to the receptionist. “For my next appointment… do you have a spot say… in a month?

“Yes, of course.” Said the receptionist with that same understanding smile. “However, your dental plan pays for one cleaning every six months. If you want other cleaning, you’ll have to pay for them. For the Ultra-Cleaning, it’s $500.” She said, not even offering another kind of cleaning, as if she knew exactly what Karen wanted.

“Book me in a month from now.” Said Karen, with a smile.

“Very good.” Said the receptionist. “Oh, here’s something for you. It’s some papers you might like to read about the Ultra-Cleaning.” She said, with that darn funny smile.

“Thank you.” Said Karen as she heard Lynda go into the exam room with a young woman. 

“Oh, I can see here that you have the full dental plan? It entitles you to try our new Ultra-Cleaning…”

Karen was standing by the counter, as if not knowing what to do.

“Can I do something for you, miss Karen?” asked the receptionist.

“Err… Can… can I borrow your phonebook directory?”

“Yes… but if you are looking for more information about the Ultra-Cleaning, everything is in the envelope I just gave you.”

“Ah… O… Okay, then.” Said Karen, unsure.

She walked out of the clinic. Her tight jeans rubbing her crotch, her high heels forcing her to work her butt muscled, only revived the sensations she just experienced. She was still hot as hell.

She sat in the car and while she was slowly moving her legs together to make her jeans rub her crotch, she opened the envelope. Inside were the usual tooth care information and one pamphlet about the Ultra-Cleaning, showing the cleaning head and explaining what it does. There was nothing about the suit or the probes. Karen was about to throw it to the backseat when she saw that other sheet of paper, folded in half. She opened it and smiled. Yes, what she was looking for was right there.

She chose one and put the paper back on the passenger seat.

“Okay. Latex Emporium, lets see what you have in store for me.” She said as she put her car in gear.

© Pete / monsterp63, March 10, 2008

Sequel: Dental Plan II

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