Karen – Chain Reactions


Warehouse work. Packing boxes and making them ready to be shipped out. That was Lynda’s work. The company she worked for was growing rapidly. At first, there was only a dayshift, but the sales increased so much that the shipping couldn’t keep up with the ordering, so an evening shift was added then a night shift.

On this particular week, Lynda was working the evening shift. She liked it. She preferred either the evening or night shift to the dayshift. The main reason? She could then wear her beloved extra-tight jeans without disturbing too many co-workers, since she was alone in the warehouse.

She tried on a dayshift, but with the building full, her co-workers and truck drivers kept making remarks (although she loved the attention) and she was a major distraction cause, leading to potential accidents. (Perhaps her exaggerated butt wiggling was ifor something) So her boss has asked her not to wear those jeans, at least during the day.

Of course, she would have loved to add  high heels, but safety obliged, she was stuck with bulky safety shoes, although she found this company that makes cute platform sneakers with a steel toe. They weren’t high heels, but it kept her this wonderful girly look (especially since they were white and pink) and just added a killer look to her tight jeans, of course, without forgetting the feeling of them on her feet.

She took over Karl, the one on duty from 8 to 16, and went to work right away. They were working around the clock but the workload was so large that they could hardly keep up. She had no time to slow down.

She began her work, bending, crouching, stretching, twisting, turning, walking forward and backward. It wasn’t long before the constant rubbing of her tight jeans on her crotch produced the well expected effect. If all goes well, she should get at least two orgasms during her 8 hours shift, and all this, only for moving around. She thought of including dildos but figured it would be too extreme and it might slow her down.

She took a lunch break at around 18:00 and she was about to go back to work when there was a loud banging on the service door. Lynda didn’t bother to go check. After all, they were closed and she wasn’t expecting any special delivery or pick-up.

But the banging came back.

“We’re closed” yelled Lynda while packing yet another box, having it go through the automatic taping machine and putting it on a pallet, then pushing the button which sent the pallet to the automatic wrapping machine.

“Lynda! It’s me, Karen! Please open up!”

Lynda frowned and opened the door.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay” asked Lynda to Karen, who rushed in carrying a rather large box.

“I’m just perfect. I just have to show you the new wetsuit I just received.” She said, strolling inside the warehouse in her red high heels sandals and three sizes too small stretch jeans, her tight belly-button white T-shirt covered with a black leather jacket with extremely tight sleeves.

“Oh, come on, Karen. Can’t it wait until tomorrow? I’m working, in case you haven’t noticed.”

“You’re gonna marvel at this.” Said Karen, as if Lynda hadn’t said a word. “I found this mail order place on the internet, where they could print any pattern on a smoothskin wetsuit. I sent mine and they did it. Believe me, I’m gonna make all the head turns when I’ll go surfing. I’m eager to see what it looks like in real life, I just picked the box at the post office.” She said as she ripped the tape off the box.

“As if you’re not making head turns with your awful surfing style.” She mumbled. “That’s great Karen, but listen, I really have work to do here and…”

“I know that. It won’t be long, I promise. You work all evening this week. I work all day. I won’t be able to show it to you before Friday. I just can’t wait. Just… just go back to work. I can put it on myself. You’ll just have to give it a look.”

Lynda didn’t wait any longer. She turned around and went to work, packing more goods into cardboard boxes, feeding them to the taping machine, then on a new empty pallet.

“Oh shit! What the fuck?…” she heard Karen say.

With a sigh, Lynda stopped her work and turned around.

“What is it? They printed it upside down?” she said, knowing about Karen’s psychedelic patterns tendencies.

“No… it’s not what I ordered. It’s not even a wetsuit.” She said, as she picked up the large shining suit off the box. “Looks like plain rubber and look, there’s feet, gloves and even this silly hood attached to it.” she said, showing the shiny rubber hood with only a small mouth hole and dark tinted lenses over the eyes.”

“Looks like you received an Alien suit.” Said Lynda with a laugh. 

“And what’s this?… oh my god!” said Karen while taking out two leather tubes with lacing, ending in a very particular way. “Ballet boots?”

“You’ll definitely draw attention on your surfboard with this outfit.” Said Lynda with a laugh while grabbing another box.

She heard Karen fondle with the box but startled when she turned around: Karen was half naked and in the process of removing the rest of her clothes.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m trying this thing.” Said Karen. 

“You won’t be able to return it after that.” Said Lynda.

“Nah! They won’t know about it, I’ll wash it. It’s only rubber after all.”

“Oh please… can’t you do it at your place… At least, go to my office, don’t get naked in the middle of the warehouse.”

Karen grabbed her stuff and moved to the small office. She got naked and proceeded to put on the legs of the suit. That’s when she noticed two odd shapes at her crotch. She smiled at what she saw and eagerly proceeded even faster, finding the needed lubricant on the bottom of the box. She inserted both huge dildos while softly moaning, then proceeded to pull the suit up.

It was a struggle. The suit was obviously too small for her, although just the right length. She smoothed out all the wrinkles on her legs before inserting her arms in the tight sleeves. She wiggled her fingers inside the attached glove and rubbed the suit all over, feeling its smoothness. The thick attached hood was hanging in front of her. She just couldn’t reach the back zipper to close it, so she walked to Lynda who startled.

“Geesh. You really did it?”

“Yeah, but I need to close the zipper.”

Grumbling, Lynda helped her and pulled the zipper.

“This suit is too tight. It’s gonna rip apart.” Said Lynda while struggling to get the zipper up as Karen was squishing her stomach in.

She felt her breasts being squeezed into the tight yes moulded rubber, giving her an awesome look.

Her breath was shaking as she ran her rubber covered fingers all over her body, feeling the smooth rubber, the tight embrace, her slim waist. 

“You do look hot in this thing.” Said Lynda, but she frowned as Karen reached her crotch and a humming sound was heard as Karen almost bit her lips.

“What the heck… there’s vibrating dildos on this thing?” she asked, shocked.

“Apparently yes.” Said Karen. “I knew there were attached dildos, I mean I had to insert them in, but I didn’t know they were vibrating until I accidentally turned them on. She said with a very large smile before turning them off. “And I should say, fully charged.” She added.

“Okay now, you had your fun. Would you please get out of here before you get me into trouble? I’m already behind schedule.” Said Lynda, walking out, wiggling her hips, revealing how tight her non-stretch jeans were.

Karen stayed there and looked at the boots.

“What the hell.” She said as she sat down, moaning at the movements of the dildos inside her, and proceeded to try the boots on. “And even the right size.” She said as she began to lace them tightly on her legs.

She marvelled at the nice kid leather and the high quality craftsmanship of the boots. Then it was her first try to walk on them. She was used to high heels, but nothing of this extreme, although she had fantasized a few times about it.

She stumbled forward and out of the small office, taking small steps, her arms flapping in the air.

“Look Lynda! I’m walking!” she said.

Lynda turned around and was stunned.

“Wow, impressive. But try not to hurt yourself, not on my shift anyway” she said as she headed for a forklift.

“Listen. I have to ride this thing to the other side of the warehouse to get more pallet wrap and tape. I should be back here in 15 to 20 minutes. I would really appreciate it if all your things were packed and you were ready to leave. It’s close to 20:00.”

She didn’t wait for Karen’s answer and left. Karen was standing there, balancing from one booted feet to the other. The tight latex was showing, to any would be bystander behind her, her butt muscles working on each balancing, tensing her firm butts, reflecting the crude lighting of the warehouse of its shiny surfaces. She tried to look down at her feet but the hanging hood was blocking the view.

She decided to put it on. After all, she had nothing to lose, she had put on everything else. That’s when she realized that it had some kind of build-in gag in the form of a huge lump of foam rubber. If she wanted to put the hood on, she had no other choice than to gag herself. Inserting the gag proved to be very difficult as it was quite large and stuffing through her teeth was difficult, so much that she was about to reluctantly give up, but that’s when it popped inside her mouth, filling it completely. She was able to breathe through a hollow tube in the middle of it, but it was filling her mouth from cheek to cheek and down to the back of the throat. She was glad of not having a very sensible gag reflex.

With a devilish smile, she pulled the rubber hood over her head. It drew her mouth shut, increasing the pressure in her mouth. She then pulled down on the zipper. The hood was very small and it was not easy. It took her a few attempts but she managed.

She let her arms drop on her side and they were quick to find the dildos power switch. She moaned, the sound completely muffled by the gag. She could barely see with the dark lenses. The thick rubber hood also deafened all the surrounding sounds, isolating her. She felt out of this world, feeling the tight rubber, grabbing every cm of her skin and squishing it. She had to work her chest to breathe, working against her tight rubber cocoon. She loved every sensation, and it wasn’t long that sweat began to form, creating a thin layer of lubricant, allowing the rubber to glide on her skin. It was, just… WOW!

She tried to walk and that’s when things turned unexpected. She lost balance. Not used to standing that high, and her vision impaired, she had no way to tell where she was heading. Even more, the thick hood over her ears seemed to mix up her balance center. She stumbled, turning on herself until she felt she had hit something. But before she could react, she started to rotate.

The pallet wrapping machine. Somewhat, she had managed to enter its operating zone and had triggered it to action. She figured that she could catch the frame and stop it as it had already begun to wrap her legs. The next pass would be in her back, so she put both arms there, trying to catch the frame, but it didn’t work and the wrapping continued, trapping her arms in her back.

As she continued to roll on the frame, the wrapping continued. She was fortunate that the wrapping machine didn’t go higher than her neck, otherwise her head would have been sealed and her air supply cut off. The wrapping machine applied a second layer of wrap going down, and it felt even tighter than the previous one, squishing her in a very tight package. And when it reached the bottom, Karen expected it to stop, but somehow, she was triggering the machine to start again and a third and fourth layer was applied, trapping her very tightly.

She tried to call Lynda for help, but no sound came out. In one of her turns, she was able to see that the roll of wrap was almost empty, probably the reason why Lynda was gone to get new ones.

After seven layers, the machine was out of plastic wrap, but Karen was not out of her ordeal. Tightly wrapped as she was, standing on a narrow pointing boot, she was nothing more than a spinning top. The momentum of spinning the wrapping machine induced, made her get out of it, still turning, unbalanced. She hit a conveyer and fell on it, on her side. The conveyer moved. Karen figured that she would fall into some bin at the end of it but instead, she was stopped by more machinery: the automatic taping machine.

Of course, she couldn’t get under the taping arm, but the conveyer was still running, making her turn on herself. Somehow, the tape managed to get a hold of her wrapping and began to unroll, wrapping her in a layer of heavy duty packing tape. The machine, sensing that the box was still there, continued to operate the conveyor belt, making Karen turn, and turn and turn. Her chest was resting on the conveyor as it turned and her shoulders were wrapped into a tight layer of tape. She then realized that she was slowly moving forward, meaning that she was moving perpendicularly to the rolling tape. She was getting mummified by tape now as on each turn, she was slightly moving forward until she was wrapped almost to the ankles, when she was hanging so much from the side of the conveyor that she fell off on the ground behind it.

The taping machine, suddenly without any box anymore, cut the tape and stopped.

There she was. Tightly encased in rubber, her crotch highly vibrated, wrapped in seven layers of plastic wrap and an overlapping layer of packaging tape. She couldn’t move at all. She tried to call for help but no sound came off.

She lay there, panting and getting ready for the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. It hit like a thunderstorm. Her body was screaming to jolt, to move around, but she was so tightly encased that she couldn’t move at all, amplifying everything.

The sound of the forklift was heard and Lynda arrived with her pallet of goods. She put the pallet down and stored the forklift, then quickly looked around for Karen.

Satisfied she was nowhere to be seen, and sure she had left, she proceeded with more packing before she noticed that the wrapping machine was out of plastic.

“Odd.” She thought. “I was sure there was some left when … hey, what happened to the taping machine?” she asked herself as she walked to it, seeing a band of tape coming from the taping roll down the back of it. Then she saw Karen.

“Oh shit!! What the hell have you done?” she asked. “Are you okay?” she said as she reached her.

Karen mumbled something and nodded yes.

“Don’t tell me you’re gagged under this thing?”

Karen nodded yes. Lynda turned around to get to the zipper but startled.

“Shit! I don’t know what happened here but the zipper handle for the hood is gone, broken. I’ll have to get somet… now what?” she said as the phone rang.

“Yes… Hi Christine… Really… Uh… Okay, thanks.” She said then rushed to Karen.

“That was Christine, the security guard at the gate. She phoned me to warn me that Phil, my boss, is coming in. He just passed the gate. He will be here any minute now. I’ll lose my  job if he finds you. Damn it, Karen” Why…”

Then she saw the space, where the electric motor for the wrapping machine was, under the platform. The closing plate had obviously fallen off. Without saying a word, she quickly rolled Karen in this space. She barely fit in. She then ran to her office, took all of Karen’s clothes and put them into the box of the suit and put it with the other boxes, hoping nobody would notice it. She went back to Karen’s hide out and put the cover back in place, screwing with two screws she found on the floor.

“I’ll get you out as soon as I can.” She said.

The door opened and her boss entered the warehouse. Seeing Lynda by the wrapping machine was nothing unusual, especially since it was out of wrap. From his point of view, she was simply putting a new roll in it. She walked to him, struggling to walk over the conveyor with her tight jeans. She noticed that he looked at her struggle with an interested look.

“Hi boss. What’s the matter?” said Lynda, trying to calm down.

“The plant manager just told me that investors are coming in tomorrow to inspect the place. We have to get this warehouse as clean and ordered as possible.”

“I’m doing the best I can, boss” said Lynda “but you should know that we can barely keep up. It won’t be cleaner than this tomorrow.” She said.

“Yes, I know. That’s why I’m here. I called in Pete. He will start as soon as he gets in. You will stay a few hours after your normal shift to give a hand. And Sandra, on the dayshift, will also come in early to fill in. Hopefully, by 10 tomorrow, this place will be quite clean and we’ll appear as if we’re doing quite well on the shipping.

“But…” said Lynda, giving frantic looks at the wrapping machine.

“I’ll take care of it. Get on the boxes.” He said as he took a roll of plastic wrap and headed for the machine.

Lynda couldn’t say a thing. For the rest of her stay, she tried to figure out a way of getting Karen out of there, but there was always her boss or Pete in the area. And there was no way she would be able to get her out, unwrap her, get her to change and leave without being noticed.

By 04:00, Sandra came in and relieved Lynda who left, exhausted and concerned. She only wished they wouldn’t be doing a mechanical inspection.

She slept of exhaustion, but Karen was always in her thoughts. She was far to know that Karen was on another planet. Turned out that she was resting with her crotch on a support bar of the motor and each time the wrapping machine was put into action, the vibration of it was directly transmitted to her dildos. The batteries were long dead, but she was getting vibrated almost non-stop. She experiences orgasms after orgasm until she passed out for a while only to awaken to more orgasm. And she could do nothing to stop it.

Only half rested, she came back to the warehouse to take her evening shift, taking over Sandra, who was exhausted herself.

The good news is that the inspection went rather well, and the worst part was that they barely walked in the warehouse. All the work they did, they haven’t seen it.

“And oh, Lynda. I almost forgot it.” Said Sandra upon leaving. “Keep a close look at the wrapping machine. I heard strange sounds from time to time when it stopped.”

“Strange sounds? What kind of strange sounds?” inquired Lynda, suddenly concerned that Karen was being hurt.

“Weird… sounds like someone’s moaning… Probably just a piece of wrapping stuck somewhere in the mechanism?” she said. “Anyway, I asked Steve to have a look at it (Karen went wide eyed) but he didn’t have time, saying that he would check it tomorrow. I hope it will not give up on your shift, although with the go we gave last night, it’s going to be rather calm tonight.”

After Sandra was gone, Lynda was quick to remove the cover and get Karen out of there. She found the zipper handle on the floor and was able to put it back and remove the hood.

Came out a stinking, sweating Karen, a smile covering her face ear to ear.

“Screw the surfing…” she said, dazed off, “I’m keeping this suit for the workout… So much more fun…”

© Pete / monsterp63, March 13, 2008

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