Karen – Dental Plan 2


Dental Plan 1 is here (2008)

Karen entered the dental clinic wearing a sweatshirt and pants: long legs and long arms, and a silk scarf around her neck.

“Hi, my name is Karen, I have an appointment for a cleaning.” She said, a wee bit nervous to the receptionist.

“Ah… yes, miss Karen. The utra-cleaning procedure. Humm. I see here that your insurance won’t pay for that one, you’re allowed 1 per six months, and it’s been only 3 months since your last one.”

“Yeah, it’s alright. I want the full, extra, mega, totally awesome cleaning, please” she said, handing her credit card.

The receptionist smiled and took the card.

“Lynda will be with you shortly.” She said.

A few moments later, Lynda walked in, again wearing tight jeans and high heels under her uniform’s long coat and led Karen to the exam room.

She turned her back at Karen while she picked up the usual garment, but was stunned when she turned around, seeing that Karen had already removed her sweatshirt and pants, revealing a woman encased in a black latex catsuit, from neck to toe, including attached gloves and feet. She was holding another lump of rubber in her right hand. The suit looked like liquid tar.

She had an equally shiny black latex corset, compressing her waist to an incredible size.

“Wow.” Said Lynda. “You… you want to wear it for the procedure instead of the one provided?”

“Yes, I’d like to.” Said Karen, suddenly realizing that she never asked if it was possible. “Is there a problem?” she asked, seeing the puzzled look of Lynda.

“No. No problem. I’m just curious? How did you get it so shiny? I mean, I know one can oil it, but as soon as you rub any cloth on it, the oil gets removed and the latex reverts back to its dull natural state.”

“It’s a… new coating, said Karen, like trying to avoid talking about it. PermaShine they call it. Isn’t it awesome?” she said, turning on herself, the harsh lights of the exam room reflecting over it.

“Brilliant.” Said Lynda. I believe you know the procedure. She said, looking at Karen taking the lump of rubber from her gloved hand and putting it over her head, tucking it under the neck entry catsuit, revealing it was a very tight latex hood, with dark tinted lenses and a rather small hole for the mouth.

“That hole looks rather small.” Said Lynda.

“It stretches.” Said Karen, walking to the special room aiming to lie down on the rack.

Lynda inserted the two probes inside the latex sheaths included in the suit. She could tell Karen was getting very horny, and that she was for sure hot when she came in.

Then she proceeded to fasten Karen. Putting the mouth spreader in place proved difficult, but Karen simply loved the stretched rubber over her head, getting tighter, pushing the cleaning guide deeper in her mouth.

Lynda tightened the last strap, but Karen began to squirm.

“yiyer” she tried to say through her mouth, forcing open.

“Pardon me? Something wrong” asked Lynda.

“yiiiyer!” said Karen, squirming in her bonds.

“It’s too tight?”

“Oooo. Yiyer!!” tried to say again Karen.

“I don und… Did you say tighter?”

“Yeehh” said Karen.

“You really want me to draw the straps tighter? Which ones?”


“All of them. Okay, say…or try to say NO if it’s too tight, okay?”


Lynda began at her feet, and pulled hard. Harder, stretching the heavy rubber straps to their maximum. No sound from Karen. Then the other next one, and so forth. When she reached her waist, Lynda drew the strap as tight as she could over the corset, leaning her knee against the frame to get more pulling power. She looked at Karen, but she simply moaned.

“Geesh, I never got any customer asking for them to be this tight. Sure you’re comfy?”

“Yeehh.” Said Karen.

“Ready to go in?”

“Yeehh. Yeehh.” Said Karen, looking impatient.

Lynda smiled and gently pushed her inside the cleaning machine.

After a few clicks and weird sounds, the procedure began.

Immediately, Karen pulled against the restraints. She knew what was coming this time, and she was anticipating it.

The robotic arm moved into position and began to rotate, then the jets were turned on. Karen closed her eyes. Yes, there it was. She felt the dildos begin to vibrate. She couldn’t care less about the dental cleaning. Her goal was to climax, and she put all her mind to it.

Bound as tight as she was, made for a new experience, unable to move, barely able to breath, her corset added more pressure below the waist as some organs were pushed against the huge dildos, increasing the pleasure.

She could feel droplets of splashing water fall everywhere on her body. She pulled hard on her restraints, feeling the heavy straps holding her in place. She wanted to close her legs to increase the pressure at her crotch, but couldn’t. She was getting higher and higher. That’s when the probes began to inflate and deflate.

Having not been restrained, she would have flown off the board. Her body was taken by convulsions as her brain turned into mush. She never felt anything like that.

She exploded, once, twice. She was on the verge of her third time when everything stopped, leaving her panting and frustrated.

The was rolled off the machine. She was still jerking her belly, trying to get some sensations back when she realized that Lynda was looking at her with a wide smile.

“Enjoyed the ride?” she asked while removing the straps.

“Ahn, ahn.” was all Karen could answer.

“I’ll leave your head strap while I take out the mouthpiece. It’s so tightly in with your hood that it might be some str… ugg….le.” she said as she pulled as hard as she could on the mouth piece to take it off. It came off with a loud pop.”

“That was tight!” she exclaimed, laughing. Then she removed Karen’s last straps, and the inserts.

She helped Karen get back on her feet. She was unsteady and felt somewhat dizzy.

“You okay in there?” Asked Lynda. After a moment, Karen got to her feet.

“Yes, thank you.” she mumbled through the small mouth opening.

Karen walked back to the other room and put her sweat shirt and pants back on.

“You forgot to take off the hood.”

Karen startled. Yes, she had completely forgotten about it. She put a finger inside the collar of her suit and stopped.

“I’m too exhausted to take it off. I’ll take care of that at home.” she said. “Thanks!”.

She left without adding a word.

“Everything is fine, miss Karen?” asked the receptionist. “See you in 3 months?”

Karen nodded yes and went on.

The drive home was hellish. Maybe the fact that she left the roof of her convertible down and was cooking under the sun didn’t help. She didn’t care about the weird looks she got along the way. All she was thinking was that she was still mid-way from an orgasm, it seemed it didn’t calm down.

Once home, she was quick to put her toys inside the sheaths, and she added a penis shaped gag, with only a thin flange to hold it in place. It was made for the small hole of the gag, was hard to put in but once in place, she couldn’t easily push it out. The gag sucked in place. She finished by adding knee high leather ballet toe boots she laced tightly on her  legs, then took place on the bed, fondling with the remotes of her double vibrating dildos.

She was quick to go back to where she left at the dental clinic, but something was odd. Either she was getting tired, or her suit was getting stiffer and tighter. A lot tighter. So much that, she lost interest in her play. Her neck was getting so tight that it was disturbing, making it difficult to swallow, to breath.

She figured that she had relaxed her muscles too much and the double layer of rubber were taking the slack. Better take it off.

She put her fingers between the collar and the hood and pulled, but the rubber barely stretched an inch. She put both hands on each side of her collar with the same results. Puzzled, she got up and walked to her bedroom mirror. She was stunned at the shine of the suit, but also at how tighter it appeared to be, squishing her breasts, even making it difficult to bend her arms. Somewhat, the rubber had transformed into something else. Flexible yet not very stretchy.

She had to know what happened. What was this stuff they used at the dental clinic? She grabbed her phone, trying to remove her gag, but she was unable to. The hole wouldn’t stretch wide enough to allow it out, but even more, the flange seemed to have fuse with the rubber. Gagged as she was, it would be impossible for her to talk. She had to go there.

She grabbed her purse and headed for the door, picking up her long trench coat in the process, but suddenly realized she was still on ballet boots.

She grunt as she sat to take them off, pinching her waist and her crotch at the same time, feeling the toys… Yes of course, the toys, she had to remove them… but they were stuck in the same as her gag.

The boots? Somehow, the leather had glued to the rubber of the suit..

Reluctantly, she head for the underground parking lot. Luckily for her, there weren’t a lot of people. Her roof was down but she was too preoccupied to even notice it, and she drove back to the dental clinic.

When she reached it, the receptionist was locking the door.

“MffmfMMf.. Mffeeemmaaaa.” Mumbled Karen.

The receptionist looked at her with a weird face, then understood.

“Lynda? You want to see Lynda?”

Karen nodded yes, feeling the tight rubber around her neck.

“She’s about to get out through the side door.” she said, pointing Karen’s right.

She literally ran to it, not even noticing that she was doing it in on ballet boots. She bumped into Lynda as she was getting out.

“mmmeemmp mmeee”

“What the hell…” said a stunned Lynda,

“Karen? Is that you? Are you okay in there?”

Karen nodded a frantic NO and signed she wanted something to write.

Karen led her to a conference room with a white board.

I can’t get out of this suit. It has shrunk and become almost rigid. I need to find out what caused that. What’s in your cleaning stuff?” wrote Karen on the board.

“Cleaning stuff?” said a puzzled Lynda. “You think the mega cleaning fluid caused that?”

Karen nodded yes.

“I’m sorry to tell you that it’s only filtered water. Nothing added.”

Impossible.” wrote Karen. “Something must have changed the suit.

“I really don’t know how… Wait a minute. What was that shiny stuff you put on?” asked Lynda, going to a computer and browsing the internet.

PermaShine” wrote Karen.

“Okay, there it is. PermaShine. High protection coating, gives a perfect shine, diamond hard finish, easy to apply on most paint… This is a CAR WAX????”

Karen stayed of ice, as if wondering what was so wrong about it. 

So what? A wax is a wax.” she wrote.

Lynda let out a sigh.

“Okay… Apply the liquid wax and let it dry. It will turn your car as shiny as if it was oiled up… Yes, that I believe. For the diamond hard finish, just let it sit under the sun, spray it with water under the sun, or wait for the next shower for a quicker effect… Did you get under the sun?” asked Lynda.

Karen pointed her convertible through the window.

“Ah, I see. A warning note here: take caution not to put PermaShine on rubber or plastic surfaces as it will harden them. You probably didn’t read that, right?… Remove with soap and water within application BEFORE exposing it to water and sun… If not, the damage is permanent and some parts will have to be replaced.”

Lynda approached and had a look at the rubber encased woman. She could feel from her fingers the hard coating on the rubber.

“Well, lady. Looks like you’re stuck in this.”

© Pete / monsterp63, April 2008

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