Karen – Back To School


It was a private, girl-only college. It once had a very good reputation but the late administration was suffering from apparent lack of devotion and the college gradually sank in the ranks.

So now, it was an average college with an average reputation… sort of. Karen decided to go there because it was cheap. She had heard that a new administration had taken control of the college and that they intended to put it back amidst the top colleges of the country. It suited her: cheap tuition, high knowledge.

So on this opening day, the girls were heading to the college’s auditorium for the initial briefing. Since there were no dress codes, Karen was dressed like most of her fellow students, standing on flashy sneakers, low rise very tight jeans and a belly shirt.

She spotted her long time friend, Lynda and went to her.

“I heard they want to introduce the uniform.” Lynda said.

“I don’t mind, as long as it’s in the line of this.” Answered Karen, turning around to show her outfit.

“Geesh.” Said Lynda. “You’re sure the seams of your jeans will hold on for the day?”

“Yeah, no sweat.” She said while sitting, or rather struggling to sit as the stretch fabric was no longer stretching.

“Attention.” Was heard through the speakers. The voice was cold and dry. “We need five volunteers to display the new uniforms. Anyone?”

Five girls, the hips and latest fashionistas of the school got up and walked to the side exit of the stage.

The lights dimmed and one single spot lit the microphone stand in the center of the stage. Everything went silent and one could hear the sound of someone walking on the wooden floor of the stage, someone wearing high heels.

Came out from behind the curtains, a very tall woman, standing on incredibly high, high heel boots, thigh high, over a pair of very tight black leather pants. Her upper body was covered with a black leather jacket, also quite tight fitting. Her hairs were held in a very strict bun and she had heavy makeup, giving her a very severe look. She took the microphone with her leather gloved hand and pushed the stand sideways. There was a soft laughter growing amidst the 300 students in the auditorium.

“That’s what I called discipline!” someone said which broke the ice and everybody laughed, pointing at the leather clad woman on the stage.

“This is not serious.” Said Karen to Lynda. “What are they trying to prove with this stunt?”

“Don’t know but she sure look stupid.” Said Lynda, laughing.

“SILENCE!” yelled the woman, surprising everybody. But silence didn’t come very quickly. The talking slowly fainted to a near-silence, punctuated by laughter. “My  name is Monique, but you will hereby refer to me as Directress Monique.” She said, dead serious, which only brought up more laughter. The students were sure it was part of a show and followed along.

“I said QUIET!” said the woman again.

“Yes, Directress Monique” said the girls in unison, keeping quiet afterwards, except for some isolated uncontrolled laughter.

“That’s very good, girls.” Said the woman. “As you all know, a new administration has taken over this college. We intend to put it back on track with the best teaching. Part of this teaching is proper behaviour. I will accept nothing less than perfect notes and perfect attitudes. To help me with this, please welcome your teachers.” She said as she walked slightly to the side while a chorus of high heels sounds approached the stage. 

Then, one by one, the teachers entered. Amazed, the girls watched this flow of leather clad women enter the stage and take their rank as if it was a military battalion. They were each a similar copy of Directress Monique, all clad in leather, all in high heels. Some were wearing pants, others skirts or shirts, but all were wearing shiny black leather, very tight fitting.

“I will present them now. We have in advanced mathematics, Mistress Jacqueline and Mistress Irene. In the physics labs, here’s Mistresses Olga and Petra. The Economics will be taught by Mistres…”

“Okay, we get the hang of it.” Said one girl on the second row. “Cut it to the chase, will ya, this is becoming boring.”

“What’s your name, student?” asked the Directress with a very cold tone?

“I’m Sylvia, but why he fuck does it matters? If you wanted to impress us, let me say in the name of all my friends here, that, well, you sucks!”

There was laughter and some applauded. Two more leather clad women entered. They had vertical yellow stripes on the sides of their tight jackets and pants and were standing on platform boots with a lot of buckles on them. They approached Sylvia and very rigorously took her by the arm and dragged her back behind the stage.

“I think It’s time to present Carmen and Vicky, your two security officers.” Continued the Directress. “Now I will resume your teachers…”

Lynda got up.

“Okay, Mistress Directress or something like that. We get the picture. Can we go now? I have an appointment at my hairdresser in half an hour and at the pace you’re presenting your staff of stupid dominatrix, I’ll be late.”

“And you are?” asked the Directress?


“Well, Student Lynda, this is no joke. Apparently, you and a large portion of this assistance believe that this is a joke, right? Okay, I’ll cut short on the presentation of the knowledge staff. I admit they will be much better at presenting themselves in classes. Are the models ready?… good. Let them in. Ladies, your uniforms.”

The teachers parted and entered a group of  five girls, most of them not very at ease, strolling in line, standing in incredibly high heels, all wearing very tight and shiny clothes.

At first, there was laughter but as the group progressed, the crowd realized that this was no joke. Directress Monique approached the first one. She was wearing a very tight fitting complete catsuit with attached feet, gloves and hood. The hood only had small holes for the eyes and a slit for the mouth. The suit was extremely tight and she was breathing in fast short gasps, most probably because of the tight corset highly compressing her waist. She was working hard to keep her balance on two inches thick platform boots with a six inches heel. Obviously, not accustomed to wearing heels that high.

“This is your basic suit.” Began the Directress. “You MUST wear this at all times except for personal hygiene, of course. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it is made of latex rubber, but not any ordinary rubber. It had been modified and is now as strong as steel.” She said, producing a pocket knife and slicing the girl’s arm. She tried to flee but was quickly grabbed by the Directress showing that the suit wasn’t even scratched.

“In other words, don’t try to cut yourself out of it. The corset and the high heels are also mandatory. No heel lower than four inches is permitted. Now, as you can see on the other models here, you can accessorize it with different options.”

The second in line was wearing blue jeans and a jacket. Both extremely tight and of course, made of the same extremely resistant rubber. The third one was showing a short red skirt and she looked rather proud of it. She was acting the most “mannequin” like, twisting on her thigh high red patent boots with a five inches heel.

The fourth one was wearing a hot pink long hobble dress. The fifth one was creating some commotion. She was wearing a completely clear catsuit, revealing her most intimate parts but also the fact that she was totally hairless. Some were speculating that she was in fact hairless and had been wearing a wig to hide it.

“This is the fun part, ladies. To fully appreciate your rubber confinement, being hairless is a must.” She said with a devilish grin. “The only items that you all have are the basic suits. You each have one black suit and one clear suit. The clear suit is only to be worn when instructed to. You each have an assortment of clothes of different colors, including jackets, jeans, pants, leotards, skirts, shirts, dresses, etc. You just don’t have all the same things and the same colors.”

“Trading is allowed as long as the size is the same. You will be checked if anything is suspicious and if found guilty, you will be punished.”

“Yeah right.” Yelled Lynda. “What the fuck is this place? A concentration camp? I signed in to come to school of higher education, not in a school for freaks.” She said, aiming for the exit.

“I suggest you stay at your place, Student Lynda.” Said the Directress.

“Go fuck yourself with your favourite dildo!” yelled Lynda under the laughs of the assistance.

The guards tried to get a hold of her but she kicked them rather hard. The first one, not having foreseen the move, fell on her butt, but the other one, surprisingly agile in her rubber and high heels boots, got a good hold on Lynda but not before she had time to bite her. She was quickly grabbed out of the auditorium. The Directress continued as if nothing happened.

“Now, you will each go through the exit door and undress before passing through the measuring booth. There, a laser will scan your body. You will then be assigned a room according to your measurements where you’ll find the clothes that will fit you perfectly. Once your room is assigned, you are to come back here. GO!” she said with a very cold tone.

The girls exited the auditorium. What was once the gymnasium was now looking like a custom room at the airport. They were processing five girls at a time. They were asked to get naked then enter a booth. The opaque door was closed and when it opened again, the booth was empty, ready for the next one.

Karen got naked, like most of the girls, not very at ease with the procedure. She entered the booth. As soon as the door was closed, she was sprayed with hot goo. She tried to rub it off her body only to find out that all her hairs were coming with it. Warm water splashed her to remove everything and a jet of hot air dried her in no time. A red horizontal laser line scanned her body from head to toe. A coupon was produced. After she took it, the door opened and the floor rose, pushing her out. In all, it had taken no more than one minute. She was looking at the other girls, all amazed, all stunned of what had happened, but like all the others, too shocked to say anything.

In silence, she returned to the auditorium and took a seat. She looked at her coupon:

Number: 136

Size: A5T3

Trying as she might, she couldn’t figure out what the size number translated to. 

About an hour later, all the girls had gone through the de-hairing procedure and were back to the auditorium. The Directress walked on stage again.

“Very good ladies. Now what will happen if you don’t behave? Let me show it to you. Let 23 in please.

A guard entered pulling on a leash. On the other end was a girl dressed in the basic black catsuit but with a corset going from her hips to her shoulders and evidently very stiff. The leash was attached to a two inches leather collar. Her head was covered with a web of leather straps firmly holding a rather large red hard rubber ball deep in her mouth. Her hands were tied in her back, elbow touching.

She was struggling to keep her balance on knee high black leather boots with a heel of at least six inches. Walking was apparently quite difficult.

“Remember Student Sylvia? She had been punished for using bad words by the ball gag. The arm restraints are because she fought back. The discipline corset is to remind her who’s in control. Now, remember Student Lynda, who behaved very badly? Please, let 135 in.” she said.

The other guard entered but the one she had on tow was having a hard time to walk, standing on ballet toe boots, ankles linked with a very short chain. Her corset, as long as Sylvia’s appeared a lot more tighter and a lot more stiffer. She had a very large posture collar, forcing her head in a strict and erect position. No ball was visible over her mouth, only a small tube, like the one used to inflate tires although her mouth appeared full. Dark lenses were hiding her eyes. Finally, her arms were tightly tied in a reverse prayer position, totally immobile.

“This is what you get for misbehaving. Her basic rubber catsuit is complemented with ballet boots, thanks for kicking the guards. Her mouth is filled with an inflatable gag, thanks for biting one of the guards. She struggled so much that we had to resort to this extreme and quite uncomfortable arm position. You see, there’s no way out of it.”

“Now, you’re two per room. 1 is teamed with 2, 3 is teamed with 4, etc. So, 135 here is teamed with 136. Where’s 136?”

Karen looked at her ticket but didn’t move.

“Where is 136. I hate to wait.” Said the Directress very coldly.

Karen got up. “I’m… I’m here, Directress.”

“Come here and take her to your room. You’re to take care of her, feed her and clean her. She’s to be in this punishment for one week. Now, everybody, to your room. Classes begin tomorrow at 8 sharp. Be there.” She said as she walked out of the stage, heels clicking.

Karen grabbed Lynda’s leash.

“Come. Next time, keep your mouth shut, will ya?”

She dragged Lynda along. The trip to their room was long as Lynda could only make small steps and Karen had to keep her from tumbling down quite a few times. But the sound of the leather restraints creaking, the smell and creaking of the rubber, her heavy breathing, her struggle, all made Karen feel… aroused? Could it be?

She washed the thought away as they reached the door of their room but as Lynda threw herself on the small bed, covered with light blue rubber sheets, she couldn’t deny that she was somewhat appealed by all this. 

It took so much time to reach the room that many other students had time to change into their latex suit. Many were out in the corridor, comparing feelings and thoughts about it. Some were plainly disgusted but quite a few seemed pleased and most were walking in a funny matter which Karen attributed to the high heels.

She opened the closet and froze in amazement. It was a walk-in closet. On her left was the rack for the clothes. Two sections were clearly identified as 135 and 136. Those were containing three complete rubber catsuits. There was the already mentioned black and clear suits, plus another one. On 135’s rack it was lime green and on 136’s rack it was purple. Then there was a rack filled with skirts, jeans, tights, leotards, shirts, dresses of different colors. It was so that they would never dress identical as there was only one item of each. A quick glance at the size ticket confirmed why they had been set up together: they were sharing the same size.

On the right hand side of the closet was the shoe rack. Again all the same size, it was a full collection of thin sole sandals up to platform thigh high boots. Finally, at the far end of the closet was an assortment of corsets, ranging from a narrow one to one covering from the hips to the neck, pretty much like Lynda was wearing.

She had to get dressed and surprisingly, she did not seem reluctant to. She picked the black latex catsuit, a pair of knee high lace-up platform boots and a medium corset.

She laid everything on the bed and proceeded with the catsuit, already well powdered. The first thing to notice was that the entrance zipper was very small, only reaching from her mid back to the neck. Just getting her legs in was not easy, then something was in the way, as if there was something inside the suit. She pulled back her legs and shove her hand in it, pulled on the “thing” and got it out. She smiled! Dildos! Two to be exact!  They were fixed on some kind of flap. Once the crotch zipper opened, one could pull them out, do what they had to do and put them back in. there was no way to take them off and no way to close the zipper without them inside the suit.

She quickly found the lubricating tube and, while softly moaning, pushed them inside. The feeling was weird for a first timer. She often fantasized about playing with a dildo, but wearing one, even two was way far beyond anything she had imagined. Now she understood why the girls were walking in a funny way.

She smoothed the suit up. It wasn’t tight. There was simply no word for it, yet pulling as much as she could, even biting her nails in it, didn’t give up. It was flexible but not very stretchy. She felt her stomach getting squeezed as she fed the upper portion up. Getting her arms in the tight sleeves required as much struggling as her legs. She took the pulling strap and got the zipper up, slowly, almost one tooth at a time. Although the catsuit had a moulded bra, she could feel her ample breast being squished, and she liked it. She stopped when the zipper reached over her shoulder blades and pulled the rubber hood over her head. She aligned the eye holes and then pulled on the zipper until it reached the top of her head. 

She was now a totally, awesomely looking shiny black female shape. All her features were visible while no skin was. She ran her hands over her body, feeling her tightly encased head, down to her squashed breasts, over her stomach where she could feel the belly button under the tight rubber, down to her crotch where she pushed the dildos in a few times before gliding her hands on her thighs and buns before getting them back up to her breasts.

A loud moan attracted her attention toward Lynda, still laying down on her back on the small bed. She was moving her belly up and down, obviously playing with the dildos. Even though she was severely bound, she seemed to be having quite a good time.

Karen smiled as she picked up the corset and wrapped it around her waist. It was reaching from her hips to just below her breasts and was made of very fine black leather. She began to pull on the strings but wondered how she would be able to tighten it alone. That’s when she noticed a small device on the wall with a simple explanation drawing. It was a corset tightener. She fed both sides of the laces on it and pushed the button.

The small yet powerful motor made a whining noise as it slowly pulled on the laces. The procedure was relatively slow but it allowed her to settle the corset in place as it tightened.

There was a nock on the door.

“Who is it?” yelled Karen.

“It’s the Directress Monique.” Said a harsh voice on the other side.

“Come on it, it’s not locked.” Answered Karen.

The door opened and a very angry looking Directress entered.

“That’s very inappropriate not to open the door yourself to a visitor. I think you need so… Oh… I see… You were in fact on the corset tightener. Well, my mistake. You had all the good reasons not to answer the door, Student Karen, but next time, just say that you’re unavailable to come back a little later will be proper.”

“That’s noted, Directress Michelle.” Said Karen, lowering her head. 

Why did she do that? Why did she act like a submissive? Was she liking it?

“What… What can I do for you, Directress?” she asked as she tied up the laces of her corset.

The Directress had turned around and was amazed at the corset tightening.

“Wore one before?” she asked.

“No, Directress. It’s my first time.”

“Wonderful. Four inches the first time. You are gifted. I’m impressed. But back to my business. You have to take care of Student Lynda here for the next week. You should be brief on how to do that. Usually, it would be done tomorrow in your first ‘introductory to proper discipline’ class but since you already have someone to take care of, I will do it now.”

She went to Lynda, who was still squirming on her bed, grabbed her arm and forced her to get up.

“There’s a hole here in the center of the blow-up gag. That’s for feeding her. You take the tube of food you’ll be provided with at the cafeteria and you screw it here then press on it to get the whole content of the tube out before taking it out. You then plugged the water hose you’ll see again at the cafeteria and you screw it in place. You go by a small burst of water. It will push the nutrient paste down, clean the tube and gave water to her at the same time. Watch her carefully. As soon as she signals you that she had enough, you stop.”

“Ah… Very… clever.” Said Karen.

“For cleaning, her dildos are hollow. You take the enema equipment located here” she said, opening a small closet, “you follow the instructions and you let it do its work. It’s all automatic. Understood?”

“Yes Directress Monique.” Said Karen.

“I like you. Fast learner. Now for the night,” she said as she forced Lynda back on the bed, “She has to be restrained so she would not fall off.” She said as she raised the sheets of Lynda’s bed to discover a row of rings. 

She went to the closet and came back with a suitcase. She opened it and it was filled with chain links, hooks, hasps, leather and steel cuffs etc. In short, the perfect bondage kit. She took two hasps and a length of chain, fixed one hasp with the chain to one ring and the other on one of Karen’s wrist cuffs. She did the same for the other feet and finally one linking her collar to the top of the bed.

“Simple. In short, you can do what you want as long as she doesn’t fall off the bed. I don’t want her to be hurt.” She said with a devilish smile.

“I understand, Directess.”

“Good. Dinner is in two hours.” She coldly said before leaving the room.

Karen looked at Lynda, squirming on the bed, apparently having even more fun than before.

“I think I’m gonna like this school.” She said as she headed for her bed taking the bondage suitcase with her and getting a closer look at the cuffs and collars.

© Pete / monsterp63, September 9 2008.

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