Karen – Captive


She was sitting directly on the cold tiled floor of her little dark cell. It was her punishment for breaking the priceless vase of her captor/master. She couldn’t tell exactly how long she had been there: one, two, three days or just 12 hours? She had no way to keep track of time. The entrance to the dark room was made to a kind of “light-lock” preventing any light from the outside. Her captor was visiting her holding only a flashlight.

She squirmed. The hard floor was pushing on her double dildos in. They were usually vibrating but part of the punishment was to leave them turned off. She wiggled her legs a little. She couldn’t do more as they were linked together by short length of chains at the knees and ankle. Her feet were pointing, forced in the extreme position by knee high leather ballet boots. Her arms were held strict in her back, elbows touching, by linked leather cuffs at the elbows and wrists.

She was breathing in short gasps, her waist severely compressed by a rigid and long leather corset with steel boning. Her waist was crushed by at least five inches. Her breathing was made difficult as she had to breathe through small tubes going up her nose. Her mouth was filled with an inflated bag, pumped until her cheeks were about to split open. The center had a hollow tube going down to her stomach. That’s how she was fed.

Her head was heavily compressed in a very tight and thick rubber hood. Just the thickness of it rendered her almost deaf and the dark lenses greatly impaired her vision.

She saw a faint light moving at the other end of her small four ft by 8ft room. Her captor was coming. He entered holding his flashlight as usual. He put it on the floor as he picked the end of a long chain, running through rings on the ceiling, the last one being directly over her. He yanked on it, forcing her to stand up. She pushed against the wall with her back and squirmed her way up. He was pulling hard on the chain, lifting her by the back ring of her large posture collar. Once she was fully up, he fastened the chain, making sure that Karen would go nowhere.

Only then did he approach her, only to snap a leash on the front ring of her collar before unlinking the chain on the back.

A sharp tug and Karen followed, making small steps. The bright sun of the outside made her blink. It was high in the air, indicating that it was close to noon. As always, she tried to have a look around but all she could see is the large log cabin in the middle of the forest with a lake nearby. She knew she was far from the nearest neighbour, 10kms away. She had no chance of reaching it, impaired as she was, and even if she was able to freely go, she had no idea in which direction to go.

He led her in the cabin. There, in the living room, was a high and narrow pedestal, where the unique vase was once resting, very unsteadily. It was while dusting it that it fell and broke which earned her the punishment. He led her to the kitchen where he liked her collar to a chain hanging in the middle of the room. He unlinked her arms, putting a long chain between her elbows, allowing them to reach each side of her body, but linked her wrists together in front. No orders were necessary. She was to make him a meal. What he wanted was written on a dry board on the wall. He wanted the full “Working Man’s Breakfast”, complete with eggs, ham, (Canadian) bacon, sausages, old fashioned beans, roasted potatoes, toasts. The “big rig”.

She went to work, expertly making the meal as if the restraints were no problem. After all, she had a lot of practice. She remembered her first meals where most of the ingredients ended up on the floor and where the food was plain uneatable.

This time, it went well. Of course, she had to do hers at the same time. With her compressed stomach, she only made a very small portion, the “tweety bird” version.

Once done, she put everything on a plate and brought it to her captor, sitting, waiting while sipping his coffee. Once he had his plate and acknowledged he was satisfied, she returned to the stove, put her portion into the blender and made a thick paste out of it. She diluted it with some water before putting it into a large syringe. She then brought it to her captor and waited, standing besides him.

He took his time. Once he was all done, he tied Karen’s hands in her back in the reverse prayer position, shortened the neck chain so she couldn’t move, took the syringe and plugged it on her feeding tube and pushed the stuff in slowly. She was glad she wasn’t tasting any of it.

He was in total control and she couldn’t do anything about it. She remembered his speech when she was sealed in her rubber confinement:

“I control you totally.

I control your arms.

I control your hands.

I control what you touch.

I control what you feel.

I control where you go.

I control how you walk.

I control how you sit.

I control how you kneel.

I control how you sleep.

I control what you eat.

I control what you see.

I control what you hear.

I control what you smell.

I control what you breathe.

I control your mind.

I control your life.

The only thing I can’t control is your dreams,

But it’s only a matter of time before I do.”

Just the thought of all of it made her hot. Yes, she liked it that way. That’s why she wasn’t trying to run away.

She wondered what the rest of the day would be like. He might go fishing, bringing her along, encased in a neoprene body bag, floating by the canoe. He might go for a ride with his ATV, dragging her along in a unique trailer where every bump was sent to the dildos. She was literally getting fucked by the trail. 

But he only led her to the bedroom. She knew what was coming.

She was installed on the bed, spread eagled, linked to the four corners of the bed, as taut as a bowstring. He gently removed one of the dildos from the rubber sac and replaced it by his own manhood, gently caressing her rubber covered body. She shimmered. Dildos were one thing but a human was something else. He proceeded slowly, building his and her climax. He knew her, he knew how to do it. He was squishing her rubber encased breasts at the same time, pinching them over the latex. Her screams were totally muffled and when he kissed her, he voluntarily blocked the air flow from her breathing tubes, sending her panicking, triggering an orgasm like she liked them. He too had exploded. Gently getting off, he wiped off the mess before putting back the dildos and turning them both on. He then tied her legs together very tightly with leather straps at the ankles, knees and especially at the hips, amplifying the vibration of the moving apparatus in her lower abdomen, before tying her ankles to the foot of the bed, pulling very hard.

She couldn’t move at all, yet the vibrations of the dildos were overwhelming. She more passed out of exhaustion than of real sleep as the batteries slowly died out.

She awakened when she felt the pressure being released on her legs, then her arms were released and softly put to her sides. He was untying her. She hoped he had planned an evening of watching a good movie on his giant screen TV. He would get the best spot on the lazy chair, she would get her usual spot, on the corner of the small living room, by the steel post where she would stand in various positions from a simple pole tie, to a suspended inverted hogtie. She barely remembered any movies, but he apparently took pleasure to tie her up in the least stimulating way when the movie was a total flop, boring her beyond reality.

But instead, she was gently rolled on her stomach and he sat on her legs. She felt her corset being loosened. The loss of the pressure saddened her. Then her collar was removed. She felt it weird to have her neck free to move.

She then shivered as she felt air getting into her suit as the back zipper was slowly pulled down. The zipper of her hood was pulled upward, revealing very short brown hairs, as if her head had been recently shaved. He turned her around and released the air from the blow-up gag. She tried to suck it in, to keep it inflated, but the air went out.

He gently pulled on the hood, getting the hoses off her mouth and nose. It revealed a whitish wrinkled face, grinning at the pulling of the feeding and breathing tubes.

For the first time in a long while, she rubbed her lips with her tongue and swallowed. She smells the fresh rose perfume coming from the bouquet of flowers by the bed. Her eyes blinked in the soft light, accustomed to the dark lenses.

She smiled and extended her lips as the man approached his face and kissed her.

“Well, honey.” He softly said . “Vacations are over. It’s back to work tomorrow morning. Better get some… real rest and your skin unwrinkled. Three weeks sealed in rubber did not exactly rejuvenate it.”

She smiled. That’s all she could do. She would not be able to talk until the next morning.

He left her alone to remove the rest of her equipment, slowly, trying to experience the last possible jolt of pleasure from it. On the nearby chair, were resting her clothes for the return voyage: an extremely tight pair of jeans, six inches heels pumps a three sizes too small long sleeves spandex shirt, a blindfold and steel cuffs so that she wouldn’t move around too much in the car nor see where she was. It had to remain a mystery.

She already dreamed about the next summer, at the next vacations with her lover in the log cabin, and especially the fact that, next summer, she would have access to four weeks of vacations.

© Pete / monsterp63, October 6, 2008

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