Karen – SPFX


The sound of high heels clicking on the concrete floor drew attention to her. Immediately, the guys of the special effects team smiled. Karen was a sight to see, clad in jeans so tight that she had to rock her hips to walk, standing on five inches spiky heels and her upper body wrapped in an equally tight leather jacket.

Her body was a sight to see but the guys liked her because she also had a great personality: she was fun to work with and didn’t had this *star* persona that so many had in Hollywood.

Following her first film (See “B-Movie”), she had been a well renowned actress able to perform remarkably in tight and constricting clothes which led her roles in movies where the actress had to wear bulky suits or skimpy clothing because, lets face it, she wasn’t shy of her body. Why would she.

“Hi guys. Body mould today, Pat?”

“Hi Karen. Nice to meet you again.” He said, giving her a hug. “Yes, body mould. We have to make mannequins for you. That is, unless you want to be really blown up to pieces.” He said with a smile.

“Nah. I’m not in the mood for it today.” She said with a smile. “So? Where’s the catsuit? In the changing booth, as usual?”

“Err… not quite.” Answer the man, looking at his assistant, a young woman Karen never saw before.

“Let me present you Vera. She’s with P.C., that’s Polymer Corp., the makers of the new moulding process.”

“Hello, Karen. I’m very honoured that you’ll be the first one to actually use our product.” She said, leading her toward what looked like a dull plastic robot. “This is it.”

“I… I don’t get it.” Said Karen. “What is it, exactly?”

“It’s a special polymer. No need to body cast anymore.  You put it on, it shrinks to your body and you’re cut out. It takes about half an hour and it’s done.”

“Sounds good.” She said as she approached it.

Vera was ahead of her and pulled off the top of it, revealing that it was a two parts suit, the bottom parts going from the feet to the armpits, and the other part was the shoulders and the head, slightly overlapping. It appeared quite rigid.

Karen took the top part and noticed that there were transparent lenses where the eyes would be.

“Wouldn’t it be simpler to cut holes?”

“No, it would break the seal.” Said Vera. “Come, I’ll explain it to you as you put it on.” She said, grabbing the lightweight bottom part and carrying it with her to the changing room.

There she invited Karen to strip down completely then lay the empty shell on a table and instructed Karen to slip into it. It was easy as it was quite wide. Before she put the top part, she explained.

“I’m gonna use a special light to shrink it. As it does, excess air has to get out. It will use mainly the holes at the crotch, the hole at the mouth being primarily to keep you breathing.” She said with a comic smile.

“Geesh. Nice thought.” Said Karen, not sure anymore.

“The less hole there is, the better shrinking we will have. Just stay relaxed.” She said as she took a hand held light, looking like a LED working lamp, about one feet long by three inches wide.

The LEDs lit up very brightly then faded slightly as she punched in some numbers on the attached keypad, and it switched from pure white to a bluish white. She then pushed some other buttons and the array of LEDs turned off and a single small one, lit up, on the tip of the device. She approached it from the seam between the two sections.

“This frequency will fuse the two halves together, making a seamless joint.” She said as she ran the light across the whole seam, with a happy grin. “There it’s done. Time to shrink it.” She said, switching back to the full LED array then punching more numbers on the keypad. This time the light turned greenish. 

She began at Karen’s feet. Immediately Karen felt the polymer shrink to her foot, becoming tighter but not skin tight yet. Vera moved the light upward, reaching her crotch then her stomach and neck before returning to the arms and finally, the neck and the head.

She then gently rolled Karen on her stomach and re-did the whole process. This time, Karen felt it become skin tight, but not more. As the tightness progressed upward, she repressed breathing too heavily. She liked it. She liked the feeling of being tightly encased from head to toe. Only problem was, it wasn’t tight enough for her tastes.

“There. All done. Feeling any pinching?”

“Mfffmmf.” Mumbled Karen, unable to move her jaw, confined in the rigid rubber.

“Oh, sorry. I forgot to soften it.” Said Vera, punching more numbers on the keypad of the lamp, this time, coming bluish again, but not exactly as the first time.

She ran the lamp all over Karen’s body. Karen could now move and talk. She sat  on the edge of the table.

“Wow. That’s awesome.” She said, then surprised as she saw a refection in the mirror. She was covered in a very shiny deep black material. “Wasn’t this thing dull at first?”

“Yes, it becomes shiny as it shrinks. It’s the fact that no matter is created or removed when it is shrink or expanded. The molecules just grow closer to one another, creating a finer surface that becomes shiny. You probably didn’t noticed but it became thicker at the same time.”

“Yet, feels good, almost comfortable.” Said Karen, flexing her arms, and explaining to the puzzled look of Vera. “I mean that it’s tight but equal everywhere. No pressure points. But will it resist the numerous moulding processes or is this thing a one use only?”

“Oh it’s quite resistant.” Said Vera, suddenly very proud. “It’s almost indestructible. The only way to cut it off is to use a laser so powerful that only the military can have such a device and with that much power, once the rubber is punctures, whatever is inside gets instantly vaporized. That’s why the militaries are quite interested in it.”

Karen suddenly became concerned.

“The only way to cut it? How will I get out of it?”

“Don’t worry. There’s a less harmful way.” Giggled Vera, the only way a “nerd girl” would giggle. “Remember the tiny light I used to fuse the halves together? Well, when I program the right frequency, it turns the rubber as brittle as thin ice. I make a nice small seam all along your body then you make a few moves and it literally breaks at the seams. We then attached a zipper or any other quick fastening device and bring the two halves together again, ready to make an exact replica of your body.”

“Wow. That’s quite impressive.” Said Karen. “Anything else this… light does?”

“That’s almost the heart of the process.” Said Vera. “With the right frequency, I can make it shrink or expand, become flexible or rigid. I can even make it flexible yet non extensible or non-stretchy of you like.”

“Shrink, you mean tighter than what it is now?”

“Oh yes, It could crush one to death if not done properly.” She said. “The setup I used is to stop as it reaches your body. After all, we want a mould of your body, not of your bones.” She said, giggling again that nerd laugh.

“I see. So, now it’s time to make it… brittle?”

“Yes and no. You see, to have the perfect mould, I have to put it back into a rigid form. But I also have the opportunity to… freeze you in any desired position. That, Phil will be able to answer. I brought six different suits with me, so I can make six different positions. He’s supposed to be here any minute now.” She said, looking at her watch.

As if on cue, Phil’s voice was heard coming  toward the changing room.

“Hello Vera. Helllllo Karen. You look awesome in this thing.” He said with a wink.

“Thanks Phil.”

“I got your message, Vera. I think that one standing up and one sitting should be enough.”

“Very well Phil.”

“Good. I have a meeting in half an hour. Catch you later, girls.” He said, leaving.

“Okay, Karen, please stand up.”

Karen did. Vera then used the lamp, this time with a reddish hue, and froze Karen in place. Then, turning on the small led with a pure white light, she ran it all over the side of her body, arms and head. Once done. She asked Karen to forcibly move.

Almost in a pop, the suit broke in half, two halves falling on either side. Vera grabbed them and put them aside, then took another two part large suit and put it on the table. The shrinking process was done again. Karen was asked to sit on the side of the table and Vera began to rigidify her legs then stopped.

“Oops. Your feet are pointing down, Karen. I’ll have to revert it to flexible so you can flex them to a more natural position as if you were sitting on a chair or something with your feet on the ground.” She said, taking a book full of notes and adding something in it into the effect of better planning of the position. “That makes me wonder if he wanted the standing up mould to have the feet flat or in high heels. I know you wear high heels in most of your movies. I better call him to make sure.” She said, leaving Karen and going to the main room.

Karen couldn’t resist having a look at the notebook Vera left open on the table. She say a table with all the frequencies and all their effects. She took the lamp and punched in the frequency for softening it and applied to her lower legs. It worked. She punched in the frequency for rigidity, put her feet in an en-pointe position and fixed it in place.

Carefully, she stepped down the table and walked on her toes, on pointed boots-like garment. She smiled. She liked it. She decided to play some more.

She softened it again then shrunk it a little more for more support then made it rigid from the tip of her toes to just below the knees, creating perfectly fitting pointed ballet boots. She tightened the thighs and hips, way tighter than she was ever able to achieve with tight jeans.

Then the waist. She shrinks it more and more, her breath becoming shorter as her pleaser grew larger. She compressed her chest to make the perfect hourglass figure then continued tightening it around the arms, neck and head. It was now so tight that she could barely move her jaw. There, she expanded it a little, giving it flexibility and stretchability. 

With a devilish grin, she set it up to rigidity and applied it to her torso, making a rigid, dreadfully tight corset, crushing her waist, from the hips to over her breasts, encasing them in a rigid and shiny perfectly formed cocoon. She ran her hands along her body, feeling the incredible suit.

“I want to be a partner in this adventure. There’s a fortune to make on the fetish market with this.” She said to herself as another devilish idea formed in her mind.

She carefully put her head in position and began to freeze the neck portion, creating a perfectly fitting posture collar.

She was walking toward the large mirror when Vera, returning from the main room, slammed the door open, right on Karen’s face.

The LED control light device was hit hard by the door and flew up in the air. Vera screamed.


Karen being totally off balance on her pointed boots and impaired by her rigid corset did nothing else than fall on the floor as Vera threw herself in the air trying to catch it. But the LED control device hit hard on the corner of the table and broke in numerous pieces.

“No! No! No! No!” was all Vera could say. Karen approached her bending with difficulties next to her.

“I’m… I’m really sorry, but the door opened so fast and… well, better use your spare one. You have a spare one, don’t you?” said Karen, suddenly concerned, then to the look of Vera, understood. “You don’t have a spare one? Well better make one. You do have all the plans, right? Tell me you do.”

Vera turned toward her and suddenly saw what Karen had done. She reached with her hand and touched the rigid corset.

“What have you done?” asked Vera.

“Wow! Impressive.” Said Pat who had rushed it following Vera’s screams. “You look wonderful in this thing. Karen. But… what happened? Why all the commotion?”

“I… Wanted to try a few things. Fantasy things.” She said, standing on her pointed feet, helping Vera to get back on her feet. “So you do have the plans, right?”

“You… you broke the control light?” said Pat, seeing the debris on the floor.

“It was an accident Pat. Now Vera, Do you have the damn plans?” asked Karen.

“Yes, I do…”

“Then let’s go make another one.”

“I can’t.”

“Why. You built one. Build another one, that’s all.”

“It’s not that simple.  You see, it wasn’t working. I knew the compound was right; I was just unable to get the right frequency. Then, one of those freak accidents happened, you know…”

“No… I don’t know…” calmly said Karen, hoping it was not some kind of monster or anything.

“Well, I accidentally heated the circuit board with a welding torch I was using to test the resistance of the rubber compound. It changed the properties of some of the chips used to generate the frequencies. As I tried it, sure that it was ruined, it worked. The rubber was shrinking, expanding, etc. Puzzled, I built another one but it didn’t work. I tried to heat it but it didn’t work either. I analysed the frequency output and discovered that there was some sort of disturbance in it. I made 34 different attempts but I was never able to isolate the disturbance and to recreate it. The military is working on it and so far, haven’t succeeded.”

“So what you’re saying is that I’m stuck into this until a way is found to reproduce the right frequency.”

“Plainly put, yes.”

Karen looked at her reflection in the long mirror, running her hands along her tightly encased body, balancing on her extreme footwear, catching the sight of Pat, almost drooling, looking at her from the back, admiring her firm buns tightly wrapped in the shiny black compound.

“Honestly, I don’t really mind. I like it here.” She said. “I just wonder if Phil has any use for a rubber doll in his movie.” She said, strolling away to the main room, body twisting, looking incredibly tall and sexy on her long and slim legs. “Can I use your phone, Pat?”

© Pete / monsterp63, October 29, 2008

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