Karen – Third Wish


This is a sequel to “Karen – Three Wishes“(2007).

She didn’t have to breathe or eat. That was part of her wishes. 

People didn’t care about what she looked like. That was part of her wishes.

She was sealed in rubber, arms in the reverse prayer position, stuffed, gagged and sight impaired by dark lenses. That was part of her wishes.

She had no way out… That was NOT part of her wishes.

And this was the problem.

She had one wish to make, she wished that she could get in and out of this setup at will, but she forgot to mention it before she got in this predicament. The Genie was back in his lamp and to get it out, she had to rub it… with her hands… sealed in rubber in the reverse prayer position.

Oh, it was fun at first. She took great pleasure at walking around, being constantly vibrating, orgasming any given moment, and people not giving a shit about it. She had fun sleeping bound and she particularly appreciated not having to take a break for the necessities of life, like going to the toilet.

But after a week of it, she became bored, especially since she could only walk. Why? Because she couldn’t reach her purse to get money. Hell, she couldn’t get her purse with her. No money meant no car, no cab, and no more public transportation because she wasn’t seen as a disabled person. Oh, she tried.

The driver never let her in because she had no money. She tried to make her wonderful doggie eyes, but behind her dark lenses, the driver couldn’t see them. He politely grabbed her by the shoulder, not taking note that she was covered in thick latex, and gently escorted her out of the bus before leaving.

She was being seen as normal. And after a week of being constantly vibrated and stimulated, it became the everyday gig and she needed more stimuli to get excited. Too much of everything is not necessarily a good thing.

The problem was that people didn’t care what she looked like, in what predicament she was. For them, it was normal, so gesturing as she might, people never saw it as asking for help.

And the problem, or problems grew. She couldn’t work. No income, means no outcome. She didn’t need any to live, but she needed it to pay the mortgage on the house, the utilities bills, etc. She walked to her workplace. It took her two days to reach it. But her boss was totally ignorant of her situation. She was a receptionist and she couldn’t answer the phone and take messages. She was fired.

She had to file for unemployment benefits, but she couldn’t fill the form, and nobody offered any help. She couldn’t use her credit card because she couldn’t sign it. She couldn’t use her debit card because she couldn’t punch the number. Darn!

She was running out money. A year had passed. Already, the power had been cut off. She expected the bank to repossess the house within a few weeks. What would she do? What will happen when the new owners discover the lamp? What will happen to her third wish?

The dreadful day came a few weeks later, after she received one more letter from the bank all of which she couldn’t open of course. A realtor put a sign on the lawn. Karen tried to kick it off but with her pointed boots, she had no way to push on it or to grab it to pull it out.

She was sitting in the house, looking at a black TV. Even if she had power, she had no means to turn it on. Two cars stopped in front of the house. The realtor came out of the first one and a young blond woman, wearing tight jeans and high heels came out of the second car. Immediately, the realtor began his speech at how wonderful this old house was, and how cheap she could it, thanks to Karen for putting a large down payment on it.

They entered the house. Karen was there, trying to block their way, but they simply pushed her aside, like an unwelcome pet.

“Sorry miss, your house has been repossessed by the bank and I’m here to sell it.” Said the realtor.

“And I’m here to buy it. Looks like you’re gonna have to find yourself a new home. I like it here! I take it.” Said the woman to the smiling realtor.

“Fantastic. Follow me back to the office where we will complete the paperwork.” Said the realtor as they both walked out and left.

Karen let herself drop on the leather covered sofa, her rubber suit creaking against the leather. She was sobbing. What would she do? Where would she go? She still had one wish left. She didn’t want to leave the lamp here. She had to find a way to bring it with her.

She was back into the attic in no time. Usually, she gets quite aroused at the pinching she felt when climbing the ladder, but her mind was elsewhere. She had to find a way to get the lamp away.

It was still on the floor. Perhaps sif he only kicks it, it will work, but as she gave the first kick, she had a thought: what if this makes the genie mad? What if she damages the lamp and it doesn’t work after that?

She had to find a way to protect it. Perhaps in a box filled with foam, but for this, she would have to first get a box, put the lamp in then fill it with the foam peanuts, and finally, close it so nothing would drop… all this without using her hands or her mouth.

She let herself drop sitting on the floor, then laid down on her back, sobbing, despaired. The dust rose in the air and settled back on her shining suit, where nothing appeared to stick.

Noise coming from the ladder attracted her attention. It was the new owner and she didn’t seem pleased to see her there.

“What are you doing? No, you will not live in *my* attic” she said very coldly. “This house is mine now, and you’re out.” She said, pointing at the hole and the ladder in the floor.

Quick thinking, Karen used her legs to grab the lamp and then crossed her legs back toward her, imprisoning the lamp middle, between her ankles, knees and her crotch.

“What are you doing? Hey, I bought this house with all its content.” She said, getting closer and bending to grab the lamp “and it includes this… dusty thing.” She said, rubbing it with her hand.

With a flash, a cloud of smoke appeared. When it dissipated, a muscular man could be seen, still linked to the lamp by a thread of smoke.

“Yes, Master…” he said, looking at the new owner of the house, then at Karen.

“Hum… There seems to be a problem here. I can only have one Master at a time. This master, ” he said, looking at Karen, “still has one wish to fulfill before you can make yours. Have you decided on your wish, Master?” said the Genie.

Quickly, Karen got up and walked where she had first written the message, one year ago. Some dust had covered it but it was still somewhat readable.

Again, she stomped on the floor, kicked with her feet, but the Genie looked at nothing but her face.

“I’m sorry, Master, I don’t understand.” He said, retreating back into his lamp.

“Now what?” said the new owner, pissed off. “What are you waiting for? Can’t you just tell him your wish?” she said, hands on her hips, pissed off.

Karen stomped again on the floor. The new owner approached.

“What? What is it… Oh…” she said, as she saw the message on the floor, then began to giggle.”

“Don’t tell me… You didn’t? You put yourself blind, deaf, mute and with no arms but forgot to tell him that you wanted out? Wow, that’s very bright.” She said, laughing.

Karen grunt and walked to the lamp and gave it a gentle kick before returning to her message on the floor.

“Of course.” Said the new owner, taking the lamp and rubbing it.

The Genie came out and looked at Karen who stomped on the floor, but apparently, he was not seeing it. He was looking directly at her, not at the floor.

“He might be a Genie but not a genius” thought Karen.

As he was again returning to the lamp, the new owner took the stand.

“Excuse-me, Genie, it’s just that her third wish is there, it’s just written on the floor. Just hover over her and you’ll see it.” She said, working hard not to laugh.

The Genie extended his smoky plume and floated over Karen who was still stomping at the floor, by her message.

“You want to be able to get in and out of this at will. Then your third and final wish is” said the Genie.

In a flash, he was gone. Five seconds later, Karen was collapsing on the floor, back in her tight jeans, tight spandex shirt and high heel sneakers, moaning of pain, holding her waist.

“Ah! Shit! It hurts!” she said with a rough voice, not used for about a year. 

“Now it’s mine.” Said the new owner. “And you are out of here. “she said to Karen.

“Could you… give me a few hours, or be nice and give me a few days? I’ve been stuck in this rubber suit for the past year. I need to put my things in order.”

“Oh, why not. This house is big enough for the two of us, and you probably got a lot smarter after one year of… whatever it was. Oh, by the way, I’m Lynda.”

“I’m Karen. Thanks for your help.”

“Whatever. So long.” She said, taking the ladder downstairs, still holding the lamp.

Karen squirmed on the floor for a moment, getting acquainted at moving her arms, feeling her waist loose again. Her back muscles were obviously not happy of losing their support in the form of the corset. As for her feet, although her sneakers had high heels, they were no match for pointed boots and she could barely walk in them.

Half an hour later, she was back in the living room.

“Did you make your wishes yet?” asked Karen.

“No. This is quite important, and I have only three. I wouldn’t want to end-up in a situation where, well, you know.” She said with a smile. “How exactly did you end up there anyway?” asked Lynda.

Karen explained what happened, how she got stuck, and what she did for the past year or so.

“I need to get my job back. I need to get my life back.”

“Yeah, I guess given a second chance, you would make a different wish.”

“Well, yes and no. I would, of course, make the order different, but I would also change the setup so I would not always have the same one. I mean, I would like to be able to change the setup at will. So in fact, what was my third wish would be phrased differently. Instead of getting in and out of it at will, I would rephrase it by saying changing the setup at will. This way I could free my arms or ungag myself.”

“I see.” Said Lynda, which had some kind of mixed feelings. She knew that a life of bondage in latex was weird, but for some reason, she was perfectly okay with Karen. She fully realized the power of her first wish and became very interested in it. She rubbed the lamp.

“Genie, my first wish: I want to be able to do whatever I want, and people don’t give a shit about it.”

“Then your wish is.” He said, and there was a flash of light.

“Thanks, that will be all for now.” She said to the Genie who immediately went back to the lamp. “Now a quick test.” She said, removing her tight T-shirt, revealing that she had large and firm breasts and no bra, and walked outside. Mrs Smith was there. She simply waved a hand at her, smiling.

“Well, this work.” She said, coming back in the house and putting back her shirt. “Now about money. If I had all the money I want, I could buy everything I want, right? Genie, my second wish.”

There was a flash. She reached into her purse. 

“Hum… How a thousand dollars to help you start up again?” she said, putting her hand inside and getting it out with a fistful of bills, all 20’s.

“There” she said, handing them to Karen. “I haven’t counted them but it should be about right.”

“Wow, nice. I’m eager to see your third wish.”

“Oh it’s very simple.” She said, rubbing the lamp once more. “Genie, my third wish, I want more wishes.”

“I’m sorry Master. You can not wish yourself more wishes.”

“Oh… Okay, go back. I’ll call you.” She said. “Shit! That changes everything. With more wishes, I would have asked for a handsome boyfriend, a private island and the power to produce all the clothes I want.”

“I see. Too many wishes. But hey, wait a minute? Didn’t he said *you can’t wish yourself more wishes*”? If I understand, you could wish me more wishes, then I wish more for you.

Lynda’s face illuminated.

“Not that dumb I see. Clever. Well, nothing to lose.” She said, rubbing the lamp. “Genie, my third wish, I want you to give more wishes to Karen.”

“Your wish is granted.” He said, turning to Karen. “Yes, Master, you have three wishes.”

“Genie, I wish for more wishes for Lynda.”

“The Genie, like a machine turned to Lynda.”

“Your wish is granted. You have three more wishes, Master.”

“Cool!” they said in unison.

“Okay, okay.” Said Karen. “I wish to be able to change my outfit at will, and I wish to have all the money I’ll ever need.”

“Your wishes are granted.” Said the Genie before turning to Lynda.

Karen immediately tested her new powers. In a flash, she was covered with tight and shiny rubber from head to toes, leaving only her mouth uncovered, her eyes being covered by dark lenses.

“Cool! It works!” said Karen.

“Okay. I wish to own a private island in the Pacific and I wish to be able to instantaneously transport myself and any other person I wish there instantaneously, at will.

“Your wishes are granted.” Said the Genie with a flash. “You have one more wish left.”

“Oh, this is getting so exciting.” She said giggling. “Okay, I wish for Karen to have more wishes.”

“I’m sorry master, all the wishes could be made only once.”

“Oh shit!” said Karen and Lynda in unison. “Better be careful with that last one.” Said Karen.

Okay, Genie. Go back. I have to think this one over.

“Well.” Said Karen, rubbing her arms still sores. “I’ll go see my boss and try to have my work back.”

“Sure.” Said Lynda, with her mind obviously elsewhere.

Karen took her car and drove to her former workplace, but her boss was as cold as ice. Since he saw her behaviour as simply not wanting to work (remember, her setup was seen as normal), he was not interested. She came back to her former house and told the news to Lynda, who didn’t seem that upset.


Karen was sweating a lot in her full body black rubber suit under the hot tropical sun. She was hobbling on her pointed toe boots, ankles linked by a short chain, holding in her restrained hands, a glass of freshly pressed orange juice for the Queen, as she liked to be called.

She first had to walk to the garden and pick the oranges needed, all this with her elbows linked with a chain long enough to cover the width of her back but no more, allowing her to put her arms by her sides but no further. Her wrists were linked directly together with locked leather cuffs. She pressed the oranges, poured the juice in a long glass and now had to carry it, on a tray, back to the main palace where the Throne was located.

She reached it, legs aching from the ordeal on the soft sand of the island. Lynda was sitting, dressed in a white leather catsuit with thigh high white leather high heels boots. Two men, sealed in white rubber, were manually waving large leaf fans toward her to create a nice breeze.

Karen climbed with difficulties the few steps leading to the Queen and offered the beverage.

“Thank you, Karen. Now took your place and… hum… mummify yourself in… lets see… white fibreglass.” Said the Queen.

Karen bowed as much as her stiff corset and rigid posture collar allowed and took place to Lynda’s right, slightly behind her. Her cuffs disappeared. She put her arms on her chest, resting one  hand over the opposite breast and clinging her legs together.

A white coating began to appear around her ankles and quickly rose up, engulfing her body into a sparkling white fibreglass mould. Lynda looked at the result.

“Tighter.” She said, upon which the cocoon was visibly shrinking. Karen moaned inside her confinement. She was totally sealed but she didn’t need any air or food to survive, as her wish specified. “I said tighter, crush that waist.” Said Lynda.

The mummy cocoon tightened even more, getting very small at the waist. Karen could be heard moaning on a high pitch tone. This was evidently too tight.

“Now that’s tight.” She said as she took back her seat, sipping more of the orange juice. 

Two lime green latex clad young women were standing at attention on her left, close to a wall. Lynda looked at them.

“Get me some fruits.” She said. The two rubbery women bowed and went away, coming back ten minutes later with a basket full of fresh fruits.

“Wonderful. I really like it here. Don’t you, Karen?”

Karen could only moan. If she had known, she would have stayed away from Lynda, she would never have come back to her former house after her boss turned her away.

Lynda had made her third wish: I wish everybody will obey all my desires. That had been her wish. Now since Karen had full control over her setups, all Lynda had to do was ask her to create this or that situation or predicament, and Karen had no choice but to obey, like being mummified.

After two hours of it, Lynda freed her from the rigid cocoon.

“Very well. I won’t need you for most of the rest of the day. Go stick yourself to the wall.” She had said.

Karen had walked to the nearest wall and spread her arms and legs. Then, as if the wall had been made of liquid rubber, it engulfed her as if she was being covered by a layer of sticky rubber and gently rose her half way up.

She was glued to the wall by a layer of thick and unyielding rubber. As Lynda left the room and passed by the hanging Karen, she smiled.

“Have some fun with yourself, Karen.”

Immediately, vibrating dildos formed inside her and began to stimulate her. Except for the fact that she didn’t have much choice over her setup, she didn’t hate this life, especially when she was sending her on special missions.

Three weeks earlier, she had ordered Karen to wear an extremely tight black latex catsuit, complete with closed hood. Her arms were elbow tied in her back and her legs linked by a two feet long steel bar. Dark lenses were to be over her eyes, but with a very tiny dot where she could actually see. Then she transported her in Paris where she was chained to one of the legs of the tower, her collar chained to the steel frame. She had barely enough chain to sit down when tired, her back against the steel frame. Rain or shine, she stayed there for one month.

The fact of being publicly exposed was quite exciting, and she was helped by the dildos which she fully controlled.

She couldn’t wait for her next… assignment, which came the very next day of her return.

She found herself in Niagara Falls, Canada, encased in a bright green fiberglass cast, with only small holes for her eyes, of course covered by dark lenses, sitting on a bench in the main public area, receiving a constant shower of mist from the falls. Lynda put her there for three weeks.

Her arms were bent at right angles on her sides, and people put their kids on her to take a picture. She was just another attraction, nothing more.

Back on the island, Lynda had to make her move a lot to regain the mobility lost by the three weeks of rigid confinement. As usual, she didn’t make it easy for Karen. She was securely strapped on what looked like a bicycle where her arms were stretched to pedals on the front wheels, and her legs stretched to pedals on the rear wheels, resting on her stomach being supported by a wide cushion running from her waist to her chest. She had to turn the wheels at a precise speed otherwise she would be zapped, and the more she got zapped, the more powerful was the next one.

She orgasmed countless times on the apparatus.

  Once she was back in shape, she was sent to Loreley, near St. Goarshausen, Germany. She was spread eagled and fastened with steel spikes on the bare rock of the mountain. There, her dildos vibrating, her moans became the new syren song, heard by boat crews as they sailed along. She was called back a little over three weeks later as Lynda has some housekeeping chores for her at the island. She was preparing for adding more members to her crew of maids and needed a few more huts. Karen was in charge of building them, of course, correctly bound and impaired as it should be. 

To thank her for the great job she did, Lynda sent her to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, in London. She was encased in a shiny rigid plastic shell with all the appearance of wax, 

After “only” two weeks, Lynda called her back to the island, she needed her to pick up debris after a tropical storm went through the island. Of course, as always, she was set up in the less practical way to do the job with hobble chains and wrists cuffs on one linked to a belt at her waist and having to use just one hand when two would be needed.

Karen simply loved it! Yes, she loved the confinement, the public exposition and the struggles, all combined with just the right stimulation to keep her aroused all the time. She was careful not to WISH it would never end. One never knows who might be listening…

© Pete / monsterp63, February 12, 2009. 

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