Karen – The Abduction Glitch


Her workday was done. Her week was done. Only glitch, it was 23:00 on that wonderful Friday night. She had expected to go out, go dancing, go celebrate her new promotion, but instead, she got stuck to work.

She took the elevator down the street, tugging on her polyester business suit required by her position in the company. She was eager to switch to her beloved jeans and sneakers for the weekend, including the coming week of vacations. She would have taken more but with her new promotion, she was lucky to have been given one at all, considering all the work that had to be done.

The elevator stopped at ground level and she got out of the building and looked around, a last hope to see her boyfriend coming to take her home, but he wasn’t here, signalling that the break-up was final. She waved goodbye to the security guard. She reached the street and hailed a cab.

The yellow car stopped and she hopped in.

“I need to go home…” she said but she was interrupted by the driver.

“Aren’t you Karen?”

“Err, yes, why?”

Suddenly, she heard a faint hiss. She looked up to see a small black box attached to the car roof’s underside, letting go a faint spray.

“What is thhaaaaa.” Was all she was able to say before falling asleep.

The driver who had been holding his breath, rolled down all four electric windows and began to breathe again, still very much serious.

*  *  *

Her head was pounding, but as she tried to wet her lips, she felt something rather huge in her mouth. Tasted like a tire. And more, she could feel something huge going down her throat.

She could breathe only through her nose, and with short gasps as something seemed to be compressing her lungs. She opened her eyes but everything was black, although she could see a faint glow somewhere. She wasn’t blindfolded but the room where she was laying down was rather dark.

She was resting on her side with her arms in her back. When she tried to move them she quickly realized that they were somewhat restrained at the wrists and elbows. She could wiggle them but nothing more.

Her movements made her realize that she was wearing some kind of weird suit, and it was slippery on the bed she was laying down. And it was very tight fitting. As she tried to move her legs, she quickly realized that they were bound together and the ankle and knees, but also that her lower orifices were plugged.

What felt odd was the position of her feet, pointing down.

She struggled to sit on the bed. Her head was held straight by some kind of rigid collar, preventing her from looking down at her feet, but she could somewhat see her thighs, encased in a black and shiny fabric. The faint glow coming from a small lamp in the ceiling of the room she was, reflecting on it.

She could feel her upper torso rigid and her waist crushed as if it was into some kind of corset.

She tried to get up but quickly fell back on the bed, unable to put her feet on the ground, at least, not the way she was expecting to do it.

She tried again, quickly realizing that her feet were pointing down, like in a ballet position, but some kind of high heel was keeping it there.

She was glad to have had ballet lessons. She managed to get up, but keeping her balance on such extreme footwear especially with her arms tied in her back was not easy.

She realized nonetheless that whatever was holding her legs together had some slack in it and she was able to make small steps.

After making two or three steps, the room became lit and she realized that she was wearing some kind of dark lenses over her eyes.

She was in a small room, three walls of concrete blocks and one wall of bars! Damn it! She had been taken prisoner!

A man entered her field of view, completely covered in black leather, including a hood where dark mesh was preventing her to see his eyes or his mouth. She couldn’t tell the color of his skin.

She approached the bars only to be stopped about a meter short from them from a tug on her neck. She turned around to realize that her collar was linked to the back wall by a chain, preventing her to go any further.

The lights behind the man lit up, revealing a large mirror where she could see the reflection of her cell and the reflection of a female form completely covered in shiny pitch black rubber, waist tightly constricted by a long corset and standing on leather knee-high ballet boots. Even her head was tightly encased and over her eyes, two dark lenses. She could see a metal connector over  her mouth, probably linked to the tube she was feeling going down her throat.

Leather cuffs were tightly circling her ankles and knees, linked by short chains. She turned to her side, to have a look at her arms, but the collar prevented her from turning her head. She figured that more leather cuffs were holding her arms there, elbow touching.

As if the man was waiting for the surprise to sink in, he waited a few minutes, without moving, before talking, knowing that Karen was in no position to make a single sound.

“Hello Karen. Welcome to your new home.”

Karen pulled with all her will on her neck chain, but it held solid.

“I’ll let you calm down for a while, Karen, and I will teach you how to behave around here, and who’s the boss or I should say, your Master.” He said with a devilish laugh before walking out of sight.

Karen pulled again on her neck chain and tried to free her arms, but she was too strongly restrained and all this excitement made her lose her breath, which, restrained by the corset, wasn’t easy to get back.

She walked back to her bed and sat on it, catching her breath and trying to calm down. She would have to make the best of it, until she finds a way to get out of there.

She looked around and it became creepier. Everywhere, there were rings, straps, chains hanging. Even the sides of the narrow bed were covered with rings. She could be restrained everywhere. And that was not counting the medieval looking equipment on the other side of her cell: wooden crosses, X frames even a dreadful looking wheel and something that looked like a stretching table. Some equipment seemed more… modern, but by the number of restraining points that were added and the long spring hanging over it, she feared the treadmill was not at it “out of the factory” status.

Keeping seated was difficult with the corset and her hands in her back, so she let herself drop on the bed, wondering what was going on and thinking that nobody would be looking for her for the week as she told everybody to leave her alone, that she needed to rest and that she would be going away for the week.

The man came back and she heard the lock on the door of her cell being worked. She got up and walked toward the man who was standing still in the doorframe, until she reached the end of her chain. 

“Stand still”, he calmly said, approached her and took a key ring. He reached for her collar and removed the chain.

As soon as she felt free, she ran. But running in ballet boots linked with a short chain meant not running very fast. He was quick to firmly grab her arm and pull her back in the cell.

“I think you need to learn the meaning of stand still, Karen.” He calmly said.

He dragged her toward the center of the room where he reached for a hanging chain which he linked to her collar. Then kneeling, he linked her short ankle chain to another ring on the floor.

“Stand still means don’t move” he said as he took small wires hanging from the ceiling and plugged them at the back of her neck.

Karen felt a jolt at different places: on her nipples but also on the inserts deeply inside her.

He stood back and looked at her. Karen flexed her legs to feel the chain on her neck but was immediately zapped on the breasts. It stopped when she stood upright, but by doing so, she lost her balance and pulled on her ankle chain. This time she was zapped on her crotch.

“You move, you get zapped. You stand still, you’ll be okay” he said with a devilish laugh. “Next time I’ll tell you to stand still, you’ll know what to do. That’s the way it works around here. Do what is told and it’s easy. If not, well, now you know.”

He left her, locking the cell on his way out.

It was easy for the first few minutes but her legs quickly ached and when she moved one of them, she was getting zapped, which made her pull on her neck chain, which gave another zap.

They were not painful, more disturbing, and the more she got zapped she… oh no! Could she really get aroused by that? Her mind said no but her body said a resounding YES as she exploded like never before, pulling more on her neck and ankle chain until she passed out.

When she awakened, she was back on her bed, but her arms were no longer in her back, but rather on her sides, apparently fastened to the edge of the bed because she couldn’t move at all. She was restrained from everywhere.

She squirmed nonetheless, trying to stretch and to get free, but all the bounds resisted.

She saw the man lean over her looking straight at her.

“Stand still” he said, very clearly.

She would stand still. She learned her lesson.

He unfastened the numerous straps holding her to the bed and helped her sit on it.

“I will now leave you for a while. Do not try to escape. Keep still until I’m out of the cage. Do you understand?” he calmly asked.

Karen nodded yes, but in her mind it was a “yes I will, until I find a way to get out of here”.

He walked back to the cell door and locked it on his way out. Karen was left to herself, but surprisingly, not bound to anything, arms and legs free.

She immediately fondled at her collar, trying to find a way to take it off, but all she could feel was a small padlock holding shut the large belt squishing her neck. She tried to remove her hood, trying to pinch the rubber, but everything was slippery and she could barely hold on to it. Apparently, her abductor noticed that and rushed back to her cell, opening the door and keeping it open. Karen saw the opportunity and headed for it, but he had foreseen it too and she was grabbed again.

“I was told you would fight to get free but not this much. This is going to be fun!” he said, evidently enjoying it.

He swiftly turned around and pinned her to the wall. He grabbed her hands and linked in her back, then her elbows. He dragged her to something that looked like a pointy doghouse with a highly slanted roof and had her walk over it.

Her crotch was barely clearing it and she used her hands to sit on. Good thing the edge was slightly rounded and somewhat padded. 

He didn’t say a thing. He linked her collar to a hanging chain and linked her ankles to rings on the floor. He then unfastened her hands and folded them into the reverse prayer position before linking them to the back of her collar.

Using a hidden pedal, he rose to the roof of the doghouse, lifting Karen off the floor. Now, her whole weight was resting on this tiny edge. That was not comfortable at all. He also tightened her neck chain. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t bend forward not backward and if she was pulling on her legs, she was simply pushing down on her crotch.

This turned out not to be fun. Reality was sinking in. She was at his mercy and she had no choice. Better obey. Once he will have confidence in him, she would perhaps get a break to get out.

But as the pain was getting difficult, the “roof” began to vibrate, which transmitted everything to her deeply inserted dildos.

Under her thick lenses, her eyes widened as she felt aroused like never before and she even surprised at even pulling on her legs to put more weight on her dildos, being stopped only by her too short neck chain.

She didn’t have a clue how long it lasted as she was almost passing out when he came back to free her. He linked her arms in her back, wrists and elbows, linked her ankles with a very short chain and left her. She was… free… to wander around in her cell.

She headed back to her bed and took a short nap. When she awoke, she was still alone, but somehow, all the devices in her cell were seen into a completely different light. There were no longer torture devices. Well, yes, torture, but in with a whole different meaning.

She walked around, taking a close look at everything, mainly to plan a way out of it.

She was particularly attracted to a horse saddle, hanging from the ceiling. She never saw one before, but it seemed odd, especially the lump where one should sit. Curious, she got on it. The lump pushed on her dildos, which made them move. First surprised, then liking it, she put more of her weight down until she felt something like a jolt and immediately got back up only to realize that the lump had began vibrating.

“Even better,” she said to herself.

So she lowered again on the saddle, putting her whole weight on it. The vibrating lump was transmitting its action through the dildos, deep inside her. She couldn’t believe the feeling. She couldn’t believe she was actually liking it. As the pleasure built up, she pushed with her legs on the floor, lifting away from the saddle, stopping the vibration.

“Shit!” she thought. “I have to keep my legs up all the time.”

But each time she was about to explode, she was unconsciously pushing with her feet and lifting her crotch off of it. It made her mad but it excited her to the highest level.

“I never thought that frustration could be so arousing” she thought, but trying as she might, she was never able to reach her goal, so she got down from it, very much frustrated and looking around for a way to continue, to reach the end of it.

There was this pole, sticking off the ground, and apparently would screw somewhat to her crotch, but for it to work, someone had to screw it and with her hand in her back, she was unable to.

She had a look at the steel cage, shaped like a human body. Surely once inside, one couldn’t move much.

She thought of going back on the doghouse, but she figured that it was the same setup as the saddle, meaning that as soon as she would put her feet down, it would stop.

Of course, there were numerous rings, chains and straps fixed about everywhere around her cell.

Reluctantly, she headed back for her bed and lay on it, surprisingly finding sleep.

The noise of the key working the cell door lock awakened her.

“Stand still” said the man, very clearly.

Karen had learned her lesson and refrain from moving a fingernail. He entered the cell and locked the door behind him. He produced a leach and called her.

“Come here.”

Karen executed.

“You’re a good girl. Time to show you your duties around here.” He said as he tugged gently on the leach. “Follow me peacefully and it will be fun. Try to run away and it will be hell… Please, do the second option.” He said with sparks in her eyes.

Karen gulped. No, she will not try to flee. Anyways, restrained as she was, she wouldn’t be able to out of this basement.

He led her to another room, which was evidently a kitchen, but very well equipped to provide multiple anchor points. He took a chain that was hanging and clipped it to her collar, then freed her arms before linking the wrists back together in front of her.

“The recipe is there,” pointing to a cooking book. “Make it. I’ll be back for dinner.” He said before leaving.

Karen looked at it. It was rather extensive. Although relatively easy to make freely, with her hands tied together, neck stiff, waist stiff and walking with difficulties, this would be quite a challenge, and especially being unable to smell or taste anything either.

She went to work. Quickly, the constant short steps, stopping, walking backward, stretching, bending, turning, moved the dildos inside her in a very joyful manner. She liked it but she wanted more. At one point, she took a break, leaning her back to the kitchen counter and used her fingers to play with her dildos, at least, as much as she could. It was fun and she was enjoying herself although she doubted that she would get a launch. That was until she saw her captor come in, a large smile on his face and a set of metallic bands in his hands.

“You’re not here to play with yourself but to make myself a nice dinner. I’ll fix that” he said, wrapping the first steel band around Karen’s corseted waist. The band appeared to be slightly smaller than her corset, forcing it even tighter. He took the other hanging strap and fed it between her legs, forcing it against her crotch.

Yeah, she had already figured out that it was a chastity belt And to top it off, he took two steel cuffs and wrapped them as high as he could on her thighs and linked them together. Now, she couldn’t even open her legs at all, even less access her private parts.

“Now, back to work” he said as he gave a slap to her shiny butt.

Karen twitched. With her dildos, this slap proved very disruptive…

She went back to work, but walking was now more difficult. Nevertheless, she managed to make a rather good meal. She could only assume she couldn’t taste it. She had hoped he would remove her gag or something, but he did nothing.

He had her stand up, slightly behind him at the table, ready to answer his every need, whether it was to have the salt of pepper shaker or more wine or water or coffee. She was his waitress.

She was sure of the outcome: she had to clean the dishes. But with all this, she didn’t eat nor drink.

Once everything was done, he took part of the left over and put them in the blender. He put everything in a big syringe and forced it on her mouth tube. She felt her stomach being filled, but she didn’t taste anything of the wonderful meal she had cooked.

Leaving the chastity belt on, he led her to the living room where he had her kneeling in the facing the corner, ankles fixed to the floor and collar to the corner, hands in her back, elbow touching. She stayed there for the whole time he watched the TV. Karen could hear the sound but couldn’t see anything, and the show he was watching she knew and she was following. Geesh she would have loved to see it.

Once tired, he led her back to her cell.

“You did good. You deserve a reward.” He said, placing her over the vertical rod. 

He removed the chastity belt and screwed one rod to her front dildo and screwed an additional rod to her rear one. He then wrapped her with a leather harness and linked both shoulder rings to hanging chains. He linked her ankles to rings on the floor, forcing them rather spread out and operated a winch until everything was just right. He then operated a remote control and the rods began their dance of vibrating and moving back and forth.

Karen was quick to lose all control, the gag muffling the sounds of the orgasms she was experiencing. Damn, that was good!

By the next morning she was, of course, totally exhausted. He led her to the wall where there was a X shaped form made with leather straps. He fastened her to it. Once done, she couldn’t move and he plugged hoses at her dildos, which cleaned her insides.

Karen was so exhausted by her night that she fell right back asleep.

When she awakened, she was secured to her bed. She squirmed slowly, feeling the dildos, remembering how her brain blew a fuse the night before.

This was all so good. She didn’t know who abducted her and why, and right now, she didn’t give a damn. She liked it there.

Her abductor entered the cell and slowly approached her. He leaned against her bondage bed and slowly caressed her thigh. She could feel his strong hand through the thick latex. She tried to move her leg, to open them but the numerous straps prevented it. He slowly slid his hand upward, at her crotch, pushing on the dildos with his fingers.

Karen moaned and arched back but again, the restraints held her securely in.

Slowly, he undid the numerous straps. Karen didn’t move. She stayed there, hoping that he would play with her some more, but he didn’t. He had her up and he wrapped her upper with a leather harness which he cinched tightly and then led her to the treadmill. He fixed two huge springs on rings on the shoulder straps of her body harness. He then tied her arms elbow folded in her back and linked her two lower arms with a wide leather cuff, then a strap linked her two upper arms, preventing her from pulling her arms off the leather cuff. He plugged something in her crotch and finally, a short chain linked her ankles. 

“You need some exercise to keep you fit” he said before switching the treadmill on. “But beware. Go too slow or too fast or try to get your weight off your feet and you’ll be… put back where you belong.”

Karen jolted when the treadmill changed it’s speed according to some proguam. She quickly realized that some sensors were monitoring her. If she was running too far away on the back, she was getting zapped. Too up front, same thing. And if she put all her weight on the spring, again, zapped.

The thing is that the zapping were actually… good. She voluntarily went too slow or tried to hang herself on the springs just to be zapped. It wasn’t long before she had an orgasm, but being unable to stop or slow down, she ended up at the back, pulling on the springs. ZZAAPP! That one hurts, but she was quickly back up to speed.

About half an hour later he came back to stop the treadmill. She was exhausted. He led her to a large chair where she was again strapped everywhere, including her head which couldn’t move at all.

“I’ll let you rest for a while. Afterward, you have more cooking to do.”

She stayed there, unable to move at all. The chair was in fact quite comfortable and she ever surprised herself by dozing off.

It was he who awakened her.

“Time to pay your dues.” He said as he unstrapped her from the chair. 

He wrapped her waist with a large leather belt, with rings on either side. He then linked those rings with her elbow cuffs, linked a short chain to her ankles and pulled the leach to the kitchen where she was hooked again .

“There. The recipe is there. Don’t make any mistake.” He said before leaving.

Karen had a quick look and got the ingredients… or rather tried to. Having her elbows stuck to her torso made things quite difficult and many ingredients or even pans were practically out of reach. She would have to improvise. Then something puzzled her in the recipe: two cups of salt? No, she knew this one and it was two teaspoon of salt, not two cups. She then noticed another mistake in the quantity of the cream used… Now, was she to follow the recipe or make sure there was no mistake? She wondered what the test was. If the result was bad, she would get punished. If it was good, it meant that she didn’t follow the recipe as stated and she would get punished. Either way, she would get it… and she was eager to get it. She decided to make the good recipe, thinking that if the meal was tasty, she would get a… better punishment.

He came back to check on her a few moments later and he noticed that she had apparently modified the recipe.

“That’s good, Karen. I thought you were a bad cook. I was misled on that.” He said, a puzzled look on his face.

“Bad cook?” thought Karen. “I took cooking classes and I had top grades on it. I’m an excellent cook. Now who, not knowing that, could have sent me here?” she thought as she tried to figure out who was behind all this.

Nevertheless, the meal turned tasty and he really liked it but, because she had somewhat disobeyed the recipe, she was punished while he was eating by being bound legs together and arms in her back, her collar linked to a ceiling hook a little too high for comfort. She would have to keep on her toes but being already on toe boots, she couldn’t push higher. Nevertheless, she was pushing as much as she could on her strained legs to keep the pull on her neck as tolerable as possible.

Then in the middle of the lunch, his cell phone rang. He answered and looked at Karen with a puzzled look in his eyes and turned around so she couldn’t read his lips, although she had time to hear “Oh Shit!” before he hid.

Not adding a word, he came to her, unlinked her from the ceiling and led her to the cage where he put her down on the bed, quickly fastened a few straps so she wouldn’t escape, but not as many and not as tight as she would have hoped so. He disappeared and came back a few seconds later with a little spray can.

“Sorry. There was a mistake.” He said before spraying the stuff over her breathing tubes.

Her jaws were aching. She worked her mouth as she turned around on her large bed. There was a pinching at her waist and she put her hands there where she felt small depressions on her skin as if….

She opened her eyes. Once the blur cleared, she recognized the room: it was her room, her bedroom with her large bed and satin sheets. She threw the sheets off and looked at her body: on her skin, some marks of her ordeal, especially of her corset, could be clearly seen.

But what the heck happened? She got up and her feet ached when she put them flat on the ground. They felt better with the heel up. She wrapped herself in her silk bathrobe, feeling it weird to feel something on her skin, and walked to the kitchen. She needed a very strong cup of coffee.

There, on the table, a small white envelope. She took it and inside was a small note with a couple of $100 bills.

“Sorry, wrong Karen.” Was all that was written with about $1000 in cash.

“I have to find out who this Karen is” she said out loud, realizing that her voice was grainy as if she had spent the previous night in a smoke filled bar.

She dressed up with jeans, sneakers and a blouse, but quickly realized that something was missing. Her first stop would be at some boutique.

An hour later, she could be seen walking down the main street in very tight jeans, a very tight leather jacket and four inches heels pumps. Yes, she missed all of it, and more were resting in the trunk of her car.

She didn’t have a lot to look for. Her name was Karen. She was somewhat looking like her and she was a bad cook. She knew almost everyone in her building and there was nobody else that fit the bill. So if it was the wrong Karen, it was either the wrong address or the wrong street, or both.

She walked a few and drove on a few others. Her building was the 1010 11th avenue. She happened to walk pass the 1011 10th avenue where she heard her name.

“Hey, Karen! I thought you were out of town for the week?” she heard, but when she turned around, the man who said that was stunned.


“Well, I’m Karen but… do we know each other?”

“Geesh. I’m really sorry. From a distance you look like one of my co-worker, also named Karen. I mean the same haircut, same tight clothes. That’s weird.”

“Yeah, it is… Just out of curiosity, where do you work?”

“Oh just here, on the 5th floor, for Smith & Smith. Anyways, nice meeting you.” He said as he left and entered the building.

“Okay, my search is narrowed down now,” said Karen , “I have to meet her, but I doubt that I will find her around here for the week.” She said with a devilish smile.

She went back home and gladly unpacked her shopping bags. She ran in her bedroom with a few boxes and walked out a while later wearing a gleaming black latex catsuit, a corset and ballet toe boots. Her head was covered with a hood but her eyes and mouth were uncovered.

She fondled in more bags to retrieve a head harness equipped with a blow-up gag. Hands shaking, she put it on and fastened it tightly before pumping the gag until it felt slightly uncomfortable before removing the pump.

She fastened and locked leather cuffs around her wrists and locked them together, throwing the keys at the other end of the living room. She would have to search for them to get free.

She would have to figure out a way to bound herself even more, but for now, she returned to her bedroom, took a remote and turned her already inserted dildos on.

Monday Morning.

She surprised everyone when she showed up to work wearing her usual tweed skirt and jacket, but with skyscraper heels, she wore nothing but flats. Also, many were looking at her, trying to figure out what has changed but couldn’t put their fingers on it. She was emitting something, some energy, in the way she walked, in the way she stook, in her smile.

Karen smiled at them. Only her knew how tight her corset was and how large the… toys were..

When she had a break, she phoned Smith & Smith and asked to talk to some Karen. A woman with a soft voice answered the phone.

“There had apparently been a mix-up between the two of us recently, and I would like to have some information. Would you be available for, lets say, lunch?”

“Ah, yes… I’m terribly sorry. But I can’t really tell you anything, you know, it’s not my fault and…”

“Listen, I’m not blaming you. I just want to ask you a few questions, that’s all.”

“Well… Okay then.”

They agreed to meet half-way in a small restaurant. They both startled when they saw each-other. The resemblance was disrupting. They could have been twins, even in their dressing habits.

“That’s odd.” Said Karen.

“Yeah, weird.” Said Karen.

“Listen. I can’t tell you much. I don’t know a lot myself. They keep their operations quite secret so we couldn’t trace them. I hope they did not hurt you with my fantasies.”

“Actually, they made me discover things I didn’t know existed, and it’s not my intention to take them down, actually,  I have something else in mind…

3 days later.

The high end restaurant was calm although quite crowded. In a corner table, was sitting a man, partly hidden in the shadow. Karen approached him, dressed in dark red long dress and an obvious corset.


“Yes. Please sit down. Please don’t mind if I don’t get up, I like to stay in the shadows.” He said.

Karen took a seat, looking at the table. She had instruction not to try to recognize the man.

“I could easily understand the mistake of my chauffeur.” He said. “Are you sure you’re not twins?”

“To be honest, we would have to take a DNA test to confirm that, but as far as we know, we’re not. Can I ask you how that could have happened?”

“Well, by now you figured out the chauffeur kind of mixed up the address. At the same time you got out of your building, there was supposed to be someone, looking like you, getting out and looking away as if waiting for someone, then, pissed off, she would wave a cab. My driver would then get by and take you in. You would ask to go home and he would confirm that you’re Karen before releasing the gas. Apparently, you did all that.”

“Yes… I was hoping my boyfriend, or rather my ex-boyfriend would be there as it was our last signal for the split-up, so I looked for it. As he was not, so I hailed a cab, and yes, my name is Karen. That’s… a whole bunch of coincidences.”

“Yes, it is. Now I was sure that the amount we paid you for the mistake was enough because, according to the guardian, you quite enjoyed your stay. I hope this is not a prank to get more, because you have no clue into what you’re getting yourself into.”

“No, in fact, I… I… I want more.”

“Then, lets talk.


That was it. The last period of the last word of the last document of the last file. The work was done and she was free to go. She had been preparing for this for a while, and now this was it.

She grabbed her purse and headed to the elevator. Once on the street, she looked around as if she was looking for someone then hailed a cab. She took place in the back.

“I really need to go home.” She said.

“Aren’t you Karen?” asked the driver.

“Yes I am.” She said she took a deep breath of the sleeping gas escaping from the little black box over her head.

She opened her eyes, dizzy. Her vision was dim. She tried to move but couldn’t. her mouth was full. As she struggled to test her restraints, she could feel her insides being filled by two large intruders and her waist crushed by an extreme corset. She immediately went hot.

She faintly heard the door of her cell being opened and a man approached, dressed in black leather, his iPad in his hands.

“Welcome back Karen.” He said as he removed her restraints, but as soon as she was free, she tried to run away. The captor had to be quick because she had gained much experience in running in ballet boots.

“Oh, feisty. I like that. This is going to be an agreeable 12 weeks, Karen.”

© Pete / monsterp63, April 2009

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