Karen – Cave Exploration


“There. That’s the last bag.” She said as she put the large carry bag in the small SUV.

“I just wish I would have got my new suit.”

“Yeah, me too… I mean I wish you had you new suit too.” He quickly corrected following Karen’s strange look.

As they were about to leave, a delivery truck stopped in front of their house. Karen became all smiles and rushed to the driver, signing the papers and taking three boxes, quickly ripping it open. Phil joined her.

“I don’t want to be pushy, but we will miss the ferry if we don’t hurry, Karen.”

Without a word, she opened the back door of the SUV, took her bag, opened it, pulled out her old suit and rubber boots from it before throwing them in the garage. Then she plunged her hands into the foam packaging of two of the boxes to retrieve two black bags. She stuffed them in her carry bag, put the last box in and closed the door.

“There, happy? Now lets go!”.

They drove for a couple of hours then to a small airport where a chopper was waiting for them.

“Sorry to rush you guys, but there’s fog coming in and if we don’t leave now, I won’t be able to get you up there.”

“Damn. Well, I’ll try it up there.” Said Karen as she put the bag in the chopper instead of going away with it.

Half an hour later, they were getting their stuff out of the chopper as it was ready to leave.

“I see no fog around.” Said Karen. Why the hurry?”

“I don’t make the rules, miss. I simply follow them. I have a warning and I got orders on our way in over the radio: no take-off for the next 24 hours. You guys were lucky. Anyway, after you’re up, I’m leaving. That’s it for me as you’re the last ones to walk the cave this season. The Rainy season is coming and it won’t be pretty in there.”

“Well, thanks and see you down there in three days.” Answered Phil, patting the pilot on the back.

A few moments later, the chopper was away and they were alone, on this rocky mountain top, ready to go down through a long cavern.

Exploring caverns. That was their hobby. This cavern has been found just a couple of years ago and opened to hikers just recently. Funny that it was only a couple hours from their home.

The cavern was long and twisty, going from almost the top of the mountain down to the base of it. It was a three days trek to ride it. But it was accessible only with a helicopter so there was no line-up to explore it, and this was the last official expedition of the season.

They proceeded to check their gear for one last time then put their wetsuits needed for a safe trek: it will keep them warm and protect their skin against the sharp rocks. Phil was already putting his while Karen was anxiously unwrapping hers.

It was a brand new suit, with new technologies. A smoothskin wetsuit usually doesn’t last very long in this kind of environment as it is too fragile. But this one was different, with a silky protective layer making it more resistant than the nylon coated neoprene. In fact, it was so resistant that knee and elbows protectors were unnecessary.

Karen stripped to her bikini swimsuit and sat on the ground as she proceeded to put the suit on. It was folded on itself, only showing the legs with attached socks. As she fed her leg in it, she startled.

“Geesh. This thing is tight.”

“Well, it’s brand new and hasn’t been stretched yet.”

“That’s probably it.” She said as she yanked the tight neoprene over her feet, then tried to stretch it over her legs.

“That’s awfully tight. What’s the label says about it?” she asked as she tried to reach the back of the suit to find it, but Phil was already there.

“That depends. What size did you order?”


“Well, as far as I can tell, the label is right. This is the right size.” He said.

As she struggled to pull the legs, she laid on her back and pulled on the neoprene and cursed.

“Shit! There’s something at the crotch, There’s some packing material or something… What the… There’s a relief zipper on this thing?… But why the lumps… What kind of suit is that… Oh… Oh my gosh… There’s (whisper) on this thing.”

Phil, who was reading the packing slip, stopped and looked at her.

“There’s what?”

“Well, you know… (whisper).”

“Honey, I don’t know why you’re whispering. How do you fear someone could hear us?” he said showing the surroundings. “What’s wrong? There’s a relief zipper. So even better, right?”

“Yeah but, there’s… dildos… in this thing.”

Phil laughed.

“Come on. Who would put dildos in a wetsuit.”

“Well, come see by yourself.” She said, stretching her legs.

He approached and startled.

“You’re right, there’s dildos in it.”

“What does the packing slip say?”

“Everything is fine there. Can you take them off?”

“I can’t really see.”

Phil got a closer look.

“Well, apparently you can’t.”

“Well, I can’t go along with those either hanging through the relief zipper of bulging between my crotch and the suit, can I?”

“I would not think so, no. But why… I mean… Wear… them.” He said, blushing.


“Well, obviously, there’s been a mix-up. Why not enjoy it.”

“Geesh, I don’t know… I… I’ll think about it. Let’s get the rest of the suit up. I’m getting cold here.”

Phil helped her get on her feet and pull the suit up, which proved to be really, really tight. The torso had some kind of boning rendering it semi-rigid. She felt her stomach compress and even the arms proved difficult to put on, especially since the suit also had attached gloves, another option that she didn’t ask for.

An attached hood was hanging in front of her. When she had a closer look at it, while Phil was figuring out a way to pull the zipper closed, she had a sigh.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” she said, turning around and showing the hood to Phil.

Instead of an open face hood, it was an anatomically correct fully closed one, with only two glass lenses over the eyes and one single 3/8th of an inch wide hole at mouth. And the collar of the hood appeared to have some kind of rigid plate in it, sandwiched between layers of neoprene ending with a back zipper.

“The hell with it. I’m not putting it on.” Forget it.

“Can you remove it? Is it held by a zipper or Velcro?” Asked Phil.

“No. It’s glued to the suit. Okay, zip this thing up, will you. This trip is going worse and worse.” 

“Okay then. I would suggest you empty your lungs and suck in your stomach. This is going to be a tight fit.” He said as he pulled up the zipper.

Karen went wide-eyed. She was slim, but this was beyond tight. Even with her stomach fully sucked in, she could feel compressed, and there was no release when it reached her ribcage. Even though the suit had somewhat moulded cups, it was still squishing her ample breasts.

“There, it’s as high as it could go without the hood.” He said, but as Karen moved her arms, the zipper went down to below her shoulder blades.

“There’s nothing to keep it there. The suit appears to be made to close with the hood. Let me see.” Said Phil.

He had a look at the hood zipper.

“Yeah, that’s it. The zippers locked with each other. It means that the hood has to be there for it to stay close.”

“Oh darn… Lets try it.” She said as she pulled the hood over her face. It was perfectly made and her nose wasn’t getting squished or anything. Then Phil pulled the zipper down and it tightened over her face then she had to keep her head straight as the rigid insert was stiffening her neck. She heard a click.

“There. It’s done. How does it feel?”

“Tight and uncomfortable.” She said through the small hole at the mouth. “I can barely speak. With this thing on.” She said, turning around and looking at Phil getting the bag with the rubber boots, then taking the packing slip.


“Now what?” mumbled Karen.

“The slip says: The boots you chose were unfortunately out of stock and unavailable for the date you required. Since we had confirmed the order, we’re sending you those Feminine Brand Rubber Boots at no extra cost. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Then Phil produced the pair of boots out of the bag: a pair of knee high rubber boots, with a wedge heel about five inches high.

Karen’s arms dropped on her side.

“Well, think about it Karen. We’re mostly kneeling in those caves, so not such a big deal.”

“I don’t have any choice, do I? We paid in advance for this trip. The chopper can’t come to pick us up before tomorrow. I can’t put back my sandals, they’ll be ruined in an hour. Come on, bring them on.”

He helped her get the boots on. She was unsteady but she felt the boots were not that bad. The sole was sturdy, solid and non-slippery, almost sticking to the rocks.

“Well, they should have thought about it. Slippery high heel rubber boots for cave exploring would not sell a lot.” Said Phil, trying to reassure her.

They finished packing the backpack with some of the food and water they would need. The cave had regular stops with all the necessary supplies so that the trekkers wouldn’t have to carry too much. As Phil was putting his helmet on, Karen realized that she had forgotten, her head already compressed with the tight neoprene hood. It was in the last box. She picked it up and suddenly became worried as she realized that it was heavier than it should have been. Heart pounding, she opened the box, looked inside and let it drop on the ground before kneeling.

“This trip is going to be a nightmare!” she said, sobbing.

Phil approached and took the helmet out of the box: a full face Simpson Bandit motorcycle helmet. And it even looked more like some kind of racing helmet as the eyeports were quite small. And it was not closing with the standard strap, but rather with the bottom of it, made in two halves on hinges joining in the middle. Once in it, her head would be squished from all around.

“Well, they did provide the head lamp.” He said as he picked up a stick-on LED frontal lamp that could be put on the helmet.

“Come on, Phil. I can’t wear that.”

“I agree that’s going to be a problem. You could go on without it, but I would carry it, just in case.” He said handing it to her, then changing his mind. “Okay, I will carry it for you… And what do you plan to do about them?” he said, pointing to the dildos hanging between her legs. It was obvious that they will cause problems.

“I suppose you want me to wear them too?” she asked, angrily.

“Well, thinking of it, it would put some pleasure back on this trek, won’t they?” he sais with a devilish smile.

She didn’t add a word and began to walk toward the cave entrance. She was surprisingly steady on her high heel boots, and the suit was so tight, it was making a single line at her buns when she was walking and she had to rock her hips. All was of a smooth and shiny black neoprene. She entered the cave, stopped and turned around.

“You coming or enjoying the view”?

Phil snapped out of his daydream and followed, carrying the backpack. He was smiling.

For the tourists, the cave had been all prepared. LED lighting was present filling the cave with a soft bluish eerie glow. It was not as clear as daylight, but the frontal lights were not necessary for most of the trek.

The first part of the cave was pretty straight. They were about 100m in when Karen stopped.

“I can’t.”

“You can’t what?”

“I can’t walk with those… thing hanging between my legs. Rip them off.”

“What? Look, it’s obviously a mistake, but if you rip them off, they will not take the suit back.”

With a sigh, Karen laid on her back and opened her legs.

“Alright. Stuff them in.”

At first, Phil was startled at the command but quickly picked up a tube of silicone lubricant they carried for their suit zippers and applied some on each dildo before carefully inserting them. Karen moaned at the vaginal one, but grunted at the rectal one. He then closed the zipper and helped her up.

“You okay?”

“I’ll tell you that later.” She said, putting a hand at her crotch then taking the lead.

From behind, Phil had a heck of a show. The dim lights of the LED fixtures were reflecting on her very shiny suit. When backlit, he could distinguish a very curvy female silhouette, long thin legs and wasp waist moving with obvious difficulties in front of him.

She had to rock her hips when walking, and had to make odd manoeuvres to get over boulders with her high heels boots, her stiff back, neck and impaired vision. The suit was so skin tight that even when she was raising her arm to grab a hold, there was no pocket of any kind at her armpits.

On many occasions, she stopped and each time Phil asked if something was wrong, she only grunt and continued.

They walked like that for a few hours before reaching the first stop, already prepared by the park workers for the tourists. There, they sat on wooden benches and had a little snack. That’s when the first problem arose.

Karen removed her helmet and let out a long sigh. She fondled at the back of her head to find the zipper and open it, but was unable to.

“Can you give me a hand with this? The zipper appears to be stuck.”

“Yeah, sure!” said Phil, putting down his cereal bar. 

He fondled the zipper and broke the bad news.

“Do you remember seeing any keys or something like that in the box?”

“Keys? What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Well the two zippers merge with each other but it’s apparently a lock and I need a small key to open it.”

“Shit!! Yes, I saw a small plastic bag at the bottom of the box but didn’t gave it more attention. Now what?”

Phil sat besides her and took her cereal bar.

“Looks like you’re gonna have to eat with small bites.” He said, breaking a small chunk of the bar and offering it to her.

“Oh man!” she said, while struggling to stuff bigger pieces through the stretch neoprene hole.

Once done, they continued until the next stop, which put them around dinner time. It was the same ordeal for Karen.

She also took a pit stop to relieve herself before continuing until they reach the first “night camp”. Phil could hear her moan when she removed the dildos and put them back on. He was hiding a smile when she walked back.”

“Okay, ready?”

They walked again for about two hours before reaching the resting area where 8 beds were available. 

Cell phones antennas had been installed in these locations and Phil phoned in that they had arrived and everything was fine. No news would have sent a rescue team.

They removed their helmet and literally collapsed on the beds, feeling exhausted. Karen was panting a lot, putting discretely a hand at her crotch. As Phil appeared to be sleeping, she ran her hands along her tight suit, feeling how tight it was, from her tightly encased thighs to her compressed waist, up to her large squeezed breasts, even rubbing her hands along her smoothskin neoprene hood. She repressed moaning too loudly, but was sure it was no problem as she could hear Phil snoring.

Gently, careful not making a sound, she approached Phil and reached for his backpack and searched through it.

“Oh shit! I knew it! You bastard!!”

Phil woke up, disoriented, and saw Karen, sitting on her bed, the backpack between her legs and waving a piece of paper in her hand: the invoice.

“It was you! You cancelled my order and ordered this… thing instead. It was planned! How could you put me through all this? What have I done to you to deserve this?”

Phil raised a hand.

“Calm down, will ya? Remember when Suzy came knocking at our door saying that she was about to give birth and she needed someone to drive her to the hospital? I was out  and you were alone. You took Suzy’s car and drove her to the hospital. Remember that you didn’t leave me a note of any kind?”

“Yes, but I was in a hurry. You did reach me with the cell phone. You’re pissed off for that and that’s why you…?”

“No, not at all. But you left in a hurry. Do you remember what you were doing at the computer at the time?” he asked, making a pause, imagining her blushing behind her thick neoprene hood. “Yes, you left the PC on the website you were visiting, and after the first surprise, I went and checked the history and there was a bunch of latex, bondage and fetish sites that you visit on a regular basis, and even a few that you had a membership. Good thing you set up your login as “remember me” as I was able to browse them. One of those was a neoprene fetish site. That’s when I had the idea for this setup. So yes, the just in time delivery was set up so you wouldn’t have time to have a look at it all. The fog alert is false, etc.”

Karen looked at the wall behind him, not saying a word. Now knowing what to say. He had found her secret life as a rubber / neoprene / bondage fetishist.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t like it so far. I could hear you moan and grunt countless times from behind and I believe you had quite a couple of… fun moments.”

“Yes but… I…”

“Admit it.”

“Okay, yes. But there’s a difference between fantasy and reality.”

“Oh, and is the reality better?”

She didn’t answer and Phil knew the answer.

“Do… do you have the keys?” she softly asked.

“Yes I do. But you’re not getting out of that suit until we reached the bottom of the cave. You’re gonna live your fantasy to the end.”

She reached at the bottom of the backpack and took out a large black and heavy pouch closed with a zipper and showed it to Phil with a question gesture.

“Yes, you can open it”

She did and got out four pairs of lockable leather cuffs, a collar, some chain, an oddly shaped block of neoprene and a blow-up gag with a breathing hole. She looked at all of it and picked the gag.

“Well, you said that you could hear me from behind. Maybe I need to be… silenced.” She said, dangling the gag in the air.

Phil went behind her, unlocked the hood and pulled it down, revealing a wet and sweaty head with a reddish face but nonetheless smiling. He inserted the gag and fed the tubes, breathing and pumping through the hole of the hood and put it back in place, locking it again.

He then screwed the hand pump to it and began to pump. When Karen said stop he gave it one more squeeze and removed the pump. Karen protested but Phil didn’t deflate it and she had no way to do it herself. He then put back the full face helmet over her head, removing a small plastic cap which revealed a hole big enough for the breathing hose of the hood to go through, stopping short of getting out. He then closed it with  the fastening covers and quickly added a lock. Karen was quick to put her hand and realized what he had done.

“The helmet doesn’t need to be removed anymore. All can be taken care of through the hole. And now, for another surprise.”

He reached at the back of the helmet and inserted the hand pump to a small hole and began to pump. Karen grunted as she felt the helmet becoming even tighter as a rubber bladder was getting inflated. When he stopped, she felt her head as in a vise and wondered if she would be able to continue.

But she was quick to learn that it was only the beginning. He put leather cuffs at her elbows, wrists, knees and ankles, along with the leather collar which he fastened tightly. With the collar of the wetsuit already stiff and the helmet, the addition of this collar rendered her head totally immobile, unable to turn or move in any direction.

He took the odd shaped neoprene block and as he approached the helmet, Karen figured out the shape: it would block the eyeports of her helmet. He pushed it in the opening and closed the visor which he locked.

He then gently rolled her on her stomach, linked the elbow cuffs together, then the wrist cuffs. He did the same with the knee and ankle cuffs then taking a short length of chain, folded her legs backward and tied her in a hogtie before getting away from her.

“Nighty night, sweetie… or should I say… naughty night…” he said with a devilish smile.” You have to rest. Tomorrow won’t be easier.” 

As Karen was trying to cope with everything and trying to get some sleep, Phil got back to her.

“Sorry, I forgot”. He said, taking some kind of remote, approaching her crotch and pressing a button. On this, Karen twitched and let out a muffled scream as the dildos became alive.

Day 2.

Karen didn’t want to get up. She wanted to rest, having spent most of the night fighting her vibrating dildos. She only managed a couple hours of sleep, but inside the constantly lit cave, there was no night or day.

Reluctantly, after Phil had untied her and she had relieved herself, she got up. Phil, who had brought a small battery operated blender, mixed her breakfast and slowly pushed it through the breathing hole with a special pump so she could be fed.

Since she was constantly trying to grab the hose of the pump, she ended up with her hands tied up in her back in the reverse prayer.

To walk in the cavern, her arms couldn’t be bound in her back, but her wrists were tied together in front of her, and for good measure, Phil had her on a leash. Again, she opened the way so that Phil could see her struggle from behind.

Karen’s attitude had changed. Yes, she was getting used to her setup, but mostly, she wasn’t repressing her feelings anymore, showing openly that she liked it by the way she walked, moved or stopped to have an orgasm.

Phil was enjoying the view from behind, the harsh cold LED lighting reflecting on her silky black body, seeing her struggle over boulders with her constricted waist. At some points, it even helped her do some manoeuvre. 

Each time she wanted to have a rest, she ended-up tied up someway. On their second night in the cave, Phil found screwed O rings to the walls. So she slept seated, with her neck fixed to the wall, wrists tied to her knees.

He had replaced the batteries in the dildos so she spend the night sitting on the rocky floor, the vibrating dildos wreaked havoc on her.

They had about 5 hours of walking to do before reaching the end of their trip. Karen appeared exhausted, but as they were beginning to see the light of day seeping through, Karen stopped, and turned around. Phil approached her.

“Yes, of course. You couldn’t show yourself in public dressed like that. But the exit is still in the middle of the forest and there’s a shower and changing cabins. Nobody will see you and you’ll be able to put back the clothes you had on when we arrived.

She nodded no with her full upper torso as it was impossible for her to turn only her head. She made a gesture with her fingers of walking and pointed back where they came from.

“Really? You really want to do that?”

She nodded yes, again with her full body. Phil took his cell phone.

“Hi, this is Phil. Is it possible to extend our stay? We would like to go back up… Okay, well, we’ll think it through. Thanks.

“Karen opened her arms in a “What’s the problem?” question.

“Well, if you remember, we were the last trek of the season. The helicopter is gone and we’re on our own. If we go back up, there will be no one to greet us and we will have to get back down on our own. They forecast rain in about two days, so it will be very dangerous to come back through the cavern, which means that we will have to walk

through the woods in that long and winding trail. It’s three days up, then four days down through the woods, and with the rain it won’t be a pleasure ride. What do you want to do?”

Without a simple moment of hesitation, Karen walked back up until she reached the end of her leach. She was well protected, completely sealed. Phil would have a hard time. Well, that would be his payback for putting her through this.

“Right… I’ll phone them that we’re going back.”

© Pete / monsterp63, August 2011.

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7 thoughts on “Karen – Cave Exploration

  1. Loved this story a while back. Was sad at time that I couldn’t find similar stories at the time.

    Happy to have found this site.

    This is still one of my big faves.

  2. I really like that cave expedition story of yours. I especially like the idea of the scenario you constructed. Karen and her Friend are experienced cave hikers but Karen has just ordered a brand new wet suit which has been pimped to both her aa although her boyfriends delight.
    As far as I know real cavern hikers also wear wetsuits under their overalls or even drysuits to avoid undercooling and to stay warm while underground.

    I like the imagination of wearing that tight and restrictive suit by myself, feeling trapped and powerful in that outfit at the same time. And the helmet and the cuffs will add that little extra protection and helplessness to the scenario.
    Also I cannot imagine how hard and probably dangerous it will be making my way throughout the cavern with blocked eyesight, wedged boots and hands and elbows bound behind my back I would give the suit a try combined with that helmet (with open eye-port), the boots and the additional cuffs as long as I know the way out or someone closeby is guiding me through the cavern and I don’t have to fear falling into a barely visible crack or become stuck in a manhole. I even could imagine being silenced under the helmet occationally but not permanently.

    Kind Regards and keep on writing

    1. Thank you very much, Nicole.
      Well, in my mind, since the cave is a known tourist attraction, there’s pretty much a packed trail to walk on, a little like hiking a mountain following the traced trails: Some parts are rubles and stuff, but there’s a lot of stretches that are well maintained trails, with even wooden bridges, helping ropes or a path covered with pulverized stone. That’s what I “imagined” the trail inside the cave to be, hence it’s lit and has well defined resting stops and stuff, even places to sleep.
      So, not “rough and wild” like you imagine.
      Note that I never went cave exploring, so perhaps what I imagined is completely… “out of this world.”


  3. Yeah you got that point. I think I was too distracted by the picture of Karen led through the cave by her friend fully suited and with her arms bound behind her back…
    If the cave isn’t that rough and wild it would be even more realistic for me as I didn’t have to fear getting stuck or disappearing into a crack…

    Nevertheless, a Cavern Tour is a great place for fetishists as they will be by themselves and can fulfill their fantasies like in that story, i.e this is not comparable to a shopping mall, a city beach or a public park…

    So this setting is nothing “out of this world”… it helps me feel like I have been in this cave following Karen and her boyfriend or even walking with them…


  4. Hey,
    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this story a lot. I read it the first time back in 2014 on utopiastories.com Now I was going through my old bookmarks and I am really glad that I found your blog through some searching. I am looking forward to reading the wealth of other stories you have posted here. Thanks for sharing them!

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