Karen – The W Clinic


Case 3194

She woke up in a strange universe. She tried to move but couldn’t. She was totally rigid. She couldn’t see. She couldn’t hear. She could feel tubes coming up her nose and down her mouth. Her mouth was packed full and she couldn’t produce any sound. Well, she couldn’t even move her jaw.

The only thing she could feel was some vibration from her crotch, which was quite pleasurable. 

From time to time, she would feel her stomach being filled up with something hot. After a few of those filling-up, she would feel her lower intestine being filled and then emptied. An enema? It was the only possible explanation.

As if someone was reading her thoughts, each time she was beginning to wonder too much about her situation, her crotch would start to vibrate, more and more, and she would forget everything, being engulfed by the strong waves of pleasure filling her body. She would explode. Even if she was screaming her heart out, no sound and no movement would be produced before she would fall into a deep sleep.

From the door of the clinic room, a nurse was watching the procedure, smiling. She couldn’t see any movement of the tightly confined body inside the tightest fiberglass cast she had ever seen. Her waist was compressed as if in a four inches reduction corset. Her feet were kept elongated as if in ballet boots. She was totally motionless, but she could figure what was going on by her rapidly increasing breathing.

Everything was going fine, and as planned.

A few weeks later, unless it was merely a few days later, Karen felt a strange taste in her mouth and quickly entered a dreamless universe.

Immediately, a group of nurses, all dressed in white latex with red crosses, walking on high heel shoes and boots, took her body to another room where they proceeded to remove her body cast.

Once done, they make sure that everything was in order before replacing her vibrating dildo with a bigger one carrying electrodes. They also installed electrodes on her inside thighs, buttocks and nipples.

They then fed her body into a tight but thin black latex catsuit. The catsuit had no zipper and the only way to get her in was through the neck opening. It had attached feet and gloves.

It was not easy to do with the inert body, and to add to the difficulties, they had to run every wire from every electrode to small holes in the suit. It was apparently not their first time and they expertly perform the procedure.

They completed the suit with an equally thin hood with very dark lenses over her eyes, and the only holes present were the ones to allow the small holes at her nose and the bigger feeding tube at her mouth, to go through.

They plugged her ears with rubber paste and smoothed the hood, placing the large yoke under the collar of the catsuit, adding first a small coating of adhesive. That suit would not come off without ripping.

They then brought a long rubber corset that had large leather flaps. They rolled her on her stomach and began to tighten it, crushing her already small waist by five inches. The leather flaps, which carried the tightening laces, were far apart although the rubber material of the corset was getting closed.

The two ends ended in a series of small loops and they tightened it until both ends merged with each other into a single long tube. Then they fed a steel wire into that long tube now running the whole length of the corset and cap it with a drop of adhesive. They then removed the outer “tightening layer” leaving only a smooth, steel boned latex corset, that reached from her hips to her armpits with moulded rubber cups for her ample breast.

A rubber covered steel collar was coated with adhesive, tightly wrapped around her neck and fastened the same way.

Then they produced a much thicker rubber catsuit which still had no zipper. They coated her with a special lubricant / adhesive and fed her in until she literally popped in place. The suit had attached feet, and fingerless mittens ending with a steel O-ring.

Again, another thicker hood was pulled over her head, again with minimum holes and dark lenses. It had a steel ring attached on top of the head and a small hole at the base of the neck to allow the wires of the different devices to come out. The large yoke was also coated with adhesive and fed under the catsuit collar. Within a few hours, when the lubricant would change to an adhesive, all those layers would fuse into one.

She was fitted with a thick leather collar which contained the control box and battery pack for her devices. It was tightly wrapped around her already rigid neck and fastened the same way as the corset with the steel wire.

Her legs were fed into thigh-high leather ballet toe boots that were tightly laced before the laces were crimped into a steel fastener. Leather cuffs with steel D Rings were added to her wrist and elbows, and also to her ankles and over the knees. All were fastened with the steel wire, making them very difficult to remove, and locking the boots on at the same time.

She was put back to her bed. Chains were hooked to her hood ring as well as to her ankle cuffs, stretching her on the bed. Her arms were crossed over her stomach. Each wrist being linked to the opposite elbow cuff with padlocks. She was left there to recover.

About an hour later, she began to squirm and to moan. A nurse entered her small room and approached her, touching her arm. She put earphones over Karen’s head and took a microphone.

“Hello Karen. Do you hear me? Nod yes if you do.”

Karen nodded yes but the limited restriction caused by her stiff neck collar made her movement quite small.

“Good Karen. I’m nurse Beth. You’ve been involved in a car accident. Do you remember?”

Karen tried, but couldn’t. She could barely remember anything. Everything was fuzzy in her mind.

“Your car hit a tractor trailer carrying chemical substances. You were badly hurt. Your skin was severely burned and for that, we have to keep you sealed from the outside air. Your head had multiple damages, including your ears, eyes and jaw. That’s why you can barely hear and we had to protect your eyes with dark lenses. Your jaw was shattered. That’s why you’ve been intubated. Things might improve but it may take a while. You’re in W. Clinic. We’ll take care of you.

You must still be very sore. We have to put you into a body cast for the past two months. You’re just out of it. You’re wearing special boots because your feet and legs were shattered. In time you might learn to walk again but one thing at a time.

With the many fractures that you had and your internal damage, we have to keep you restrained at all times until things improve. That’s why you cannot move much. The stiff corset you’re wearing is to allow your spine to heal. You’re very lucky to still be able to feel your legs.

I’ll let you wake up for about half an hour, and I’ll take you out in the sun in your wheelchair. Will that make you feel better?”

Karen nodded a small yes and the nurse left.

She squirmed in her restraints and her rubber confinement, feeling the dildos deeply inserted. She tried to remember her accident, her life before the accident. She had vague souvenirs of her life; she was working in a factory. That she remembered. She remembers going on a trip, alone, on this winding road, but then nothing. It is well known that the brain would erase dramatic events of one’s life. This had to be it.

About an hour later, the nurse was back pushing a wheelchair.  It’s only then that Karen noticed that the nurse was wearing some kind of shiny dress and was walking on extreme high heels. Not the usual uniforms.

She untied Karen from her bed and helped her to get on the chair. It was the first time Karen had to put her feet down on the floor, and standing on her toes felt odd. Her legs were weak.

Nurse Beth helped her take place in the chair and made sure she would not fall off. She linked her knee cuffs and ankle cuffs together and placed her feet into a special footrest where the heel of her pointed toe boots would get a hold, and tightly fastened a leather strap, closing it with a padlock.

She put another strap at her lower leg circling the frame of the chair and tightened it. She did the same with another wide leather strap around her thighs.

A wide leather strap circled her waist all around the back of the chair. It too was fastened tightly and closed with a padlock. Another one was wrapping her arms and upper chest and tightly crushing them to the back rest.

Two smaller straps were linking her collar to the head rest and finally a last one was linked from the ring on top of her hood to the chair. She couldn’t move.

As if she knew what was on Karen’s mind, nurse Beth put back the earphone over Karen’s head and explained.

“We have to lock everything because we have a large number of cases here and some may try to remove the straps. Since removing even one strap can cause more damage to your already crippled body, locking them make sure nobody will touch them.”

The nurse pushed her gently out of her room, down an elevator where, although her dark lenses prevented her from seeing much, she saw many people in similar situations, even one with her lower body encased into what looked like a steel cast.

Nurse Beth pushed her through large doors where the bright sun welcomes them. She was then placed amidst other wheelchairs where people seemed to be into similar situations and gently tapped her on the shoulder. She would come back to pick her up later.

She could feel the hot sun through her thick rubber cocoon and twisted in her chairs, feeling the dildo move. 

She had a thought about her previous life: didn’t she win the lottery? 5 million is a number that came to mind. Talk about destiny: winning the lottery and becoming crippled in a car accident.

Then it fired!

Suddenly, it began to vibrate. Short pulses at first, then coming more and more close and lasting longer. Then she would feel electric current in her thighs, buttocks and her nipples! Gosh! It was good! Awesome!! She liked every second of it. And when she was sure she was about to explode, to have the most powerful orgasm she ever had, it stopped, leaving her frustrated. She squirmed in her bounds, protesting, but nothing moved. She tried to relax, to calm down. That’s when another devilish sequence began.

How many has it been? Three? Five? She didn’t know. She had lost track of time. She was hot as hell and totally frustrated when, when she reached another peak, she felt a shock in her crotch. She thought she would explode but instead she literally lifted off. Not being restrained, she would have reached the top of the trees. Her body was shaken by strong convulsions. Her brain was getting totally smashed as the apparently random sequence of vibrating and shocks sent her rocket to Jupiter. Good thing she was secured to the wheelchair!

Then everything stopped, gradually, allowing her to relax. She dozed off.

She felt moved. Nurse Beth was there. She put the headphones back on.

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you about our unique stimulating devices. It’s there to stimulate your muscles so you don’t get cramps. Apparently, it has some interesting side effects.”

Interesting side effects? Thought Karen. Yeah, you can put it that way.

Nurse Beth took her back in the building, passing nearby the reception’s desk along the way. She stopped in front of an office. She left Karen there and entered. She was in her own world again, not able to hear anything.

Another nurse, the head nurse, wearing a tight white latex catsuit with a red cross on her chest and wearing white platform high heel boots was sitting behind a desk.

 “Mistress, patient number 3194 is now at her second stage”.

“3194… yes, Karen.” She said getting the file out of her computer.” Lottery winner. She wanted to have her fantasy fulfilled. Story: had a dreadful car accident. Full body cast and permanent rubber full body enclosure with ballet boots and dark lenses. Tube fed, vibrating dildo and electrodes. Very nice fantasy.  Quite heavy with brainwashing though. How is it going?”

“I’ve started to implement the accident and her injuries. I told her she had been in a complete body cast for the past two months, although she’s been in it for one week only.”

“Very good. We have a very specific storyline to follow here. She’s paying big bucks to live her fantasy.”

“If I may ask, Mistress. How long is her stay?”

“Let’s see… 10 years or longer. Until we ran out of money. Nice to have a lottery winner from time to time, don’t you agree?

As Karen rolled past across the reception desk area to her room, a young woman was entering. Shy, not sure of herself.

The nurse at the entrance desk, wearing a green “standard” nurse uniform, but made out of latex, received her with a large smile.

“Welcome to the Wishes Clinic. How may I help you?”

“Hi… My name is… Lynda. I have this… oh I must sound so silly” she said, then say that woman, tightly encased in black shiny latex, tied to a wheelchair, being pushed inside the facility.

“Nothing is silly,” said the nurse. “We’re here to fulfill your wildest fantasies.”

The young girl smiled.

“I… I wish I had been into an accident and…”

© Pete / monsterp63, April 2012.

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