Karen – Hostage situation


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She was strolling along slowly on the sidewalk, her long knitted poncho, almost touching the ground, moving with the light breeze. She had a high collar pulled up over her mouth and a knitted hat to protect her from the cold air, large sunglasses to protect her eyes from the sun.

She walked in front of the bank. There was a black van parked outside, but she didn’t really pay it any attention. She heard some commotion in the bank. She turned around and two masked men ran out with large canvas bags in their hands, passing in front of her and jumping in the van. While one was heading for the driver seat, the other one threw his bags in the van, turned around, stared at the woman for a moment then went to her, grabbed her before dragging her in the van, closing the door.


“What? What the hell. There was nothing about taking a hostage!” said the driver while flooring the accelerator, the van leaving her parking space, tires screeching. “And now what? You have to tie her up!!”

The other man pinned down the woman, who surprisingly didn’t resist much, and even didn’t yell or screamed. As the man was kindly fighting the air to keep her down as she wasn’t struggling, he thought she had fainted or something and took the high collar down.

“What the hell…”

“What is it?” said the driver “You can’t tie up a woman?”

“There’s no need… She’s already all tied up and gagged.”

“Say what?” said the driver, turning around, almost ditching the van. He corrected his course with a strong turn.

“Hey! Watch where you’re doing! Just drive to the cabin. I can handle her.” he said looking at the woman with a devilish grin…

Four hours earlier.

Karen closed the web browser. She was satisfied. The weather was going to be perfect. She already had on her tight fitting, black, neck entry latex catsuit with two sheath at the crotch, attached feet and gloves. Whatever the weather was going to be, she was spending the day in rubber.

She grabbed her long leather corset and proceeded to put it on, lacing it tightly, reducing her already thin waist by over four inches. Once fully tightened, she shifted her waist from one side to the other, feeling the tightness and the constriction she loved so much. The corset had full breast cuffs, squishing her ample breasts, already squeezed by the tight black latex catsuit.

She placed the attached laces of the corset in the special pouch and closed the back flap, bringing the belt in front of her to lock it. Yes, it was a locking corset, and she was not getting out of it, and now out of her catsuit, before midnight at the least, sooner if all goes well… and if she wants to.

Next she puts on her beloved knee high leather ballet toe boots, which she laced tightly before adding a polished stainless steel cuff at her ankles. She walked up around her apartment to settle them fine. To her, it was like she was wearing loafers.

She shivers in excitement as what her day would be like. She more she locks stuff on, the more her predicament is confirmed.

She inserts two huge dildos, one on each latex sheath at her crotch, and to maintain them in place, she puts on a steel chastity belt which is locked so tight that it literally pushes the dildos deeper inside. She do it quick, otherwise she would not stop the temptation to play with the dildos.

She carefully, and with difficulty, pulls a pair of very tight jeans over her latex covered legs. It takes her about 20 minutes to do it, and by this time, she’s sweating like a pig in her rubber suit, and she’s horny as hell with the effects that all the pulling and tugging had on her dildos. A steel band is used as a belt for the jeans and… locked on, including the zipper. She’s not getting out of them. The legs of the jeans are so long that they almost touch the ground, hiding her ballet boots.

She adds more locking steel cuffs, around her wrists and elbows, as well as a two inches steel collar around her neck. This one is so tight that swallowing is difficult.

She looks at herself in the mirror and smiles at her look. The washed-out tight jeans being a nice contrast to her black shiny rubber suit and her black leather corset. The steel cuffs and belts add a wonderful sparkling shine. Too bad nobody is to see any of that.

She adds steel cuffs to her knees and links them with a four inches rod. It will force her to keep her legs slightly apart while impairing her movements, but not as much as an ankle chain, and this one won’t drag on the ground.

After applying bright red lipstick, she completed the look with a white harness ball gag, tightly pulled in, and locked of course.

Everything is perfect. Now, the final touch. She grabs a long floor length knitted poncho and pulls it over her head and adds a knitted hat and large dark sunglasses. She pulls up the wide collar of her poncho and voila! Nothing is showing.

But her arms are not to be free. In her back, she grabs one end of a chain fixed to one of her elbow cuffs and draws it to the other elbow. This way, her elbows can’t go farther than her sides. She finally grabs two small padlocks and fixes her wrists to each side of her steel chastity belt.

Just before closing the last lock, she closes her eyes and takes a long breath. There’s no turning back. Come to think of it, there was no turning back starting at the first padlock.

Click! It’s done. All she has to do is… get out.

Getting down the stairs of her apartment was not that easy with the knee rod, but she liked the challenge. She made it look as if she was not in a hurry.

She reached the sidewalk. She was already downtown, since she lived there. There wasn’t a lot of people and the wind was surprisingly chilly. Her heavy poncho, hat and high collar will not seems obviously out of place. Behind her gag, she was smiling. Then, as she reached the first street corner, she stopped and was like holding her breath. The dildos showed their devilish vibrating side at their first random firing! Karen slightly bowed at a passerby who was looking at her with a question mark and went on.

Her ordeal was easy: walked to the main train station, get to a locker there and retrieve the key of the timed safe that was holding her freedom keys, about an hour walk to go and another hour back. That is if she can open the locker. She never tried it before with her hands locked to her waist. Will she be able to open it, and will she be able to reach the envelope with the keys? And if she drops either the envelope or the key, she had no way to reach anything on the floor, not tied as she were, and even crouching down, not with her ballet boots.

The worst case scenario was to wait for the timed lock to open at midnight.

She walked in front of the bank, of course, empty on this holiday, when she heard some noise coming from the bank. Without having time to realize what was happening, two men, dressed in black with ski masks ran in front of her holding canvas bags. Geesh! The bank was being robbed.

She had to stop dead on her track, which put her unbalanced and she was on the verge of falling forward any second now. One of the robbers turned to her after throwing the bags of money in the van. She was staring at him, almost as an help me, I’m falling way. The man went to her, grabbed her and dragged her in the van.

She tried to resist, to yell, to scream, but she was in no position to do anything. The man pushed her over the bags and began to wrestle with her, but seeing she was not responding and with her eyes wide open, he pulled on the collar of her poncho, revealing her harness gag. He quickly lifted the poncho to discover her whole setup.

…”Hey! Watch where you’re doing! Just drive to the cabin. I can handle her.” said the man looking at Karen with a devilish grin. “She’s not going anywhere.”…

They drove for about an hour. All this time, the second “short” man was counting the money in the bags.

“We have almost half a million, and it’s a rough count. You had quite a tip man!” he said to the driver, the “tall” one.

“I told you my sources were reliable. Here we are.” he said, turning the van in a very small trail, barely enough for it to go through, the tree branches rubbing strongly against the sides.

They drove at a slow pace for about 15 more minutes, then they stopped. The tall man went to the back.

“I’m telling you, getting a hostage was a bad idea… what the fuck…” he said as he saw Karen’s setup. “She was like that? No wonder she didn’t run away! Now what?”

“We’re bringing her with us. Big D will be pleased with her.”

“You want to bring her to Big D?”

“Yeah…” he said, almost salivating.

The tall man grabbed her in her hands and carried her to a very small cabin in the trees. The short man was in front, carrying the money bags.

“Ha, man… This is THE cabin you were bragging about? Shit! This thing is as big as an outhouse!” said the short one.

“Well, I use it for hunting. You asked if I had a good hide-out, this is it.”

“I was talking about a hide-out against the cops, not some stupid deers.”

“Sorry…” said the tall one, while putting Karen on the floor.

The cabin was small, alright. Six people could sit in it, and that was about it. A very small table, and four chairs.

They kind of forgot about her while they counted their money.

“That was an awesome job. Big D will be proud of you.”

“You mean I’ll meet him?”

“Sure! You deserve it man.”

“Gee, wow. Great! Geesh, it’s hot in here.” he said, pulling his ski hood off, revealing his head, but not his face to Karen.

“What the fuck! Put that back on! She would recognize you, stupid!!!”

“Oops, sorry. Not used to that.” he said, while pulling it back on rapidly, then frantically looking at Karen.

She was listening to them and made out that none of them were the smartest branches of the tree, and especially not the tall one. She was suddenly afraid of what would become of her. She just hoped that “Big D” was smarter than them.

The door was half open. Ìn fact, there was nothing to hold the door close except for the hasp outside. Karen tried to gently glide to the door. She figured that she could crawl out somewhat, and then what?… she’ll figure something out.

“This place is cold. Don’t you have any means of heating it?” asked the short one.

“Well, I do have a LP heater when I come for hunting, but it’s back home.”

“If we could at least keep the door close, that would help.” said the short one, angry.

“I know a way… hey! She’s trying to get away! Said the tall one, grabbing Karen, then looking around, he let go of her and went to a corner into some cardboard boxes. “I have an idea.”.

He picked up a cordless drill, some kind of clamp and a screw. He picked Karen and dragged her to the wall. He made her stand up, and grabbed the D ring at the back of her steel collar, put the clamp through it and screwed to the wall.

“There, she won’t be going anywhere”. He said, while the sort one was laughing.

“Good job. You finally show us something here.” he said, still laughing.

Karen was not that pleased. She began banging her elbows and ankles on the wall, and with their steel cuffs, made a lot of noise.

“Stop that! You’ll have us discovered!” said the short one, getting up, grabbing the cordless drill out of the tall man’s hand and plunging his hands in the cardboard box, retrieving a handful of clamps and screws.

He went to her and added clamps at her ankle D-rings and over the rod at her knees, securing them to the wall. He did the same with her elbow cuffs. He tried at D-rings of her chastity belt but the clamps were too short and didn’t have a proper hook shape. 

He used his foot and bent one rather than taking a longer screw, hooked it to the D-ring and screwed it in. He could tighten the bind at will. He installed one on each side of her steel chastity waist belt, then noticing the D-Ring on top of her head, screwed one more pulling Karen’s head upward.

She moaned.

“Now that’s properly setup.” he said, laughing. Try to make some noise now, bitch!” he said. 

Karen tried to move, to bang something, anything, against the wall, but no sound came off. The short one joined the other one at the table, playing cards.

A few moments later, Karen’s vibrating dildos went into action. It had been before, but was always unnoticed, and she was able to hold her orgasm but with her chastity belt tightly screwed to the wall, the vibrations were transmitted.

The short one looked at his cellphone.

“I think your phone is vibrating.”

“Euh… no.” said the tall one. “It’s on mute.” he said, taking an old non-smart phone out of his pocket.

“What a piece of junk…”

“Well, I don’t understand those fancy phones so I…”

“Then where this sound is coming from… ah…” he said, looking at Karen.

He approached and followed the sound to her crotch.

“Oh wow. Not only kinky but horny… Vibrating toys in there. I bet they are driving you crazy right now.” he said.

He was right. The way she was tied to the wall just amplified the vibrations, and the fact that she was so securely bound, something she couldn’t achieve in self-bondage was a blast.

He put his hands at her crotch to feel it. He then pushed on it, which made Karen moan. He then began scratching his fingernails on her tight jeans, up and down along her crotch.

To Karen, this was just too much. Her eyes turned over and she was covered in convulsions, shaking from every nerve ending. In her head, she was screaming her lungs out.

“Well, “said the short one, still stimulating her, “good thing you’re well gagged, otherwise they would discover our location in the next state!” he said laughing.

“Euh… That’s not that far, we’re practically on the state line…” said the tall one.

That stupid answer made Karen laughed which only enhanced the whole ordeal. She exploded like never before, and became all mushy after that. Not being for the screws holding her to the wall, she would have fallen on the ground in a shapeless mass…

They played cards for most of the day. Things were more active once the sun was down. Karen has been tied to the wall for about 6 hours now, and she was aching. The batteries of her dildos had died out about two hours earlier, and her feet, encased in her ballet boots were killing her.

“Are we gonna wait any longer”? Asked the tall one.

“Nah. Big D should call any time now.” said the short one while looking at his watch. As if on cue, his phone rang.

“Yes… All went excellent… Yeah, a whole bunch… Yeah, and I have… Yes, we’ll be there.”

He hung up.

“We’ll leave in an hour.” he said to the tall one.

But there was noise outside. The tall one got up and looked up the windows.

“Shit, cops!”

“Let’s get out of here!” said the short one. “Let’s take the girl” he said, picking the cordless drill to unscrew Karen off the wall, but the light of a portable lamp shining through the window from afar cut him short. He dropped the cordless drill and he ran out, leaving Karen. Before leaving, the tall one waved her goodbye and he stared at her. His eyes were conveying some kind of “relax, everything will be fine, trust me” message.

She kind of moaned through her gag, but she had mixed feelings. Did she want to go with them, or stay here and be rescued? She heard the engine of the van and they drove away. About half an hour later, there was some light outside and the door opened slowly. The light shone at Karen. She heard a muffled exclamation sound.

“Geesh!” said a woman’s voice. “That’s a nice setup.” she said, approaching Karen who began to be nervous.

“I’m sorry. I’m Special Agent Lynda from the FBI. Phil told me about it, but… geesh. You okay in there?”

Karen tried to nod yes, but she couldn’t move her head much.

“Don’t worry, I have a kinky side myself, so nothing embarrassing here.” she said as she began to unscrew Karen off the wall. “I would think that your only way to get out of this is back home, right?”

The answer was obvious. Karen didn’t answer.

Lynda began by unscrewing her ankles first so she could put her feet away from the wall. As she went up, she couldn’t help but brush her hand over her tightly encased legs, feeling how tight it was.

“Wow. That’s tight…” then reaching her crotch, feeling the chastity belt “let me guess… double dildos… vibrating?”

Karen nodded yes. She was blushing.

“Fixed like you were with those things inside, it must have been… devilish” said Lynda with a tone describing she would have loved to be at her place.

Finally free from the wall, she helped Karen put the poncho back on to keep her predicament hidden, and helped her walk to her unmarked car. Karen was able to give her address and she was driven there.

“It’s better not to take you into any station… not dressed like that anyway.” she said with a wink. Once at Karen’s place, Lynda helped her to her door, equipped with an electronic combination lock. Karen punched in the code by passing her hand through the poncho’s “pockets slits”. Lynda was impressed.

Karen got in, not taking care to close the door. She was walking on small steps, her feet hurting like never before, and she walked to another door equipped with a combination lock. She didn’t take note of Lynda’s whereabouts. She opened the door and hobbled her way to a safe with a timer, which had expired. Again, another combination lock. She opened the safe and took a long steel rod with a steel block at one end. She passed it under the poncho., and working it, she was able to reach her other cuff. As she approached the block, a  magnet, the magnet padlock on her left wrist opened, freeing her. She let the rod fall on the floor and she worked her arm behind her back and unhooked the chain to her right elbow, then she pulled the poncho over her head and threw the hat away. She plunged her left hand into the safe to retrieve a keyring and removed the padlock on her right wrist. As she was fondling at her head  harness to remove the gag, she turned around and startled. The FBI agent was still there, watching her, smiling. Karen froze.

“Amazing. I should take notes. We have to get in touch for you to tell me where you got all of this stuff. Simply amazing.” she said, sweeping the small room filled with fetish gear and bondage equipment with her eyes.

Karen worked her jaw, which had been locked into the same position for close to 12 hours.

“Well… Thank you, I guess.”

“I believe you can take care of yourself from now on?” asked Lynda.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Good. Don’t talk to anybody about what happened today… then again, I don’t think you’ll be interested to explain all this… Take care.”

“Hey, wait! How about my deposition?”

“We… I’ll keep in touch. No need to stress you with that now. Good night!”.

Karen removed the rest of her gear and took a long bath. The traces of her ordeal were still visible on her skin when she dried herself.

The night went like a breeze. That’s how exhausted she was. Then she never heard of that FBI agent back. In the morning newspaper, there was a simple article about the bank front door being broken. Nothing about a robbery or an abduction.

It has been a week. It was Saturday morning and she had decided to take a break from her usual weekly self bondage stunt. She was nonetheless dressed with knee high platform boots, laced tight, tight leather jeans, a long leather corset and a tight fitting leather jacket over shoulder length leather gloves. She loves everything tight. She was examining the new head harness which could be fitted with a blow-up gag she received the day before when there was a knock on the door.

She got up, putting the harness gag away behind a cushion of the sofa and went to the door. She looked through the peeping hole and saw a FBI ID card. She briefly saw the name Phil, and she remembered that woman FBI agent talking about a Phil. She opened the door.

The man was rather tall and handsome looking.

“Hello…” said Karen, but before she could do anything more, he was in the apartment, closing and locking the door behind him.

“Hello, Karen. I see you’re doing fine.” he said with a soft spoken voice.

Karen went wide-eyed! This voice, those eyes! He was the tall one. She tried to scream, but he grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth. He struggled with her and put her down face first on the sofa, muffling her sounds as he put steel police cuffs around her wrists. In the commotion, the cushion fell on the floor and he saw the harness gag. He was strong and managed to hold her while he put the harness over her head, then inflated the gag until she went wide eyes as her cheeks were bulging. She was trying to kick him, and he saw the door of the dungeon room half open and he dragged her there. He saw a leather strap and managed to tie her ankles together.

Now, Karen was bound and mute. There was nothing she could do. She was sure she would be brought to this Big D or whoever he was, but on the contrary, he put her down gently on the sofa. He produced his FBI badge again.

“Let’s start over, shall we? My name is Phil. I’m an FBI agent. I was undercover when we… met. The whole robbery was staged so we could get to Big D. I had to play it dumb go win Brad’s confidence. That’s why I was somewhat… stupid in that cabin. The plan worked, but you had me worried for a while. He was willing to sell you on the slave market.”

Karen went wide eyes

“Lynda is my ex-girlfriend. I knew she was kinky so I sent her a text message saying to get to you. I knew she would understand. Now, if I remove the gag and untie you, will you behave?”

Karen stared at him with her soft eyes. He was about to free her when he saw a sudden spark in her eyes, the same kind as when a child will do something bad, punishable. He stopped, and she immediately began to squirm and kick him with her bound legs.”

“I guess you want more restraints before we could talk some more, am I right?”

The way she pushed him away with a strong hit of her hips, he got the answer, and dragged her to the dungeon room.

“Okay, let’s see what we got here…. and ho, by the way, Lynda, remember her? She’ll be here any minute now, she said she would like to try some… stuff. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind…”

© Pete / monsterp63, January 2014.

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