Karen – Sinful Lady


Thanks to L.F. for the idea.

“Hi, Ma, Pa. I’m home!” said a joyful young feminine voice while entering the house.

From the kitchen table, where they were having dinner, a couple in their early 60’s turned their head toward the entrance door, the doorway only showing a small part of the living room where they saw a tall woman walked as she waved to them. All they heard was the clicking of high heel shoes on the hardwood floor.

The couple grinned when they saw the young woman wearing very tight clothes, light blue stretch jeans, with a mid rise, so tight that her panty-line could almost show if it hadn’t been s string.  Her tight white T-shirt was covered with a white leather jacket with sleeves so tight that they looked like second skins. The jacket was cut to perfection, showing her voluptuous curves. She was standing on high heels red sandals, the heel being at least four inches.

“I’m sorry I’m late and haven’t called. You know what the emergency room might look like sometimes. I’ll be right with you.” she said, heading upstairs to her room. But she moved gracefully, even sultry, as if all this tight stuff was not disturbing her at all.

The couple looked at each other.

“You have to do something.” said the woman to the man. “It’s your daughter.”

“As much as it is yours.” replied the man, taking a sip of tea. “We’ve had this conversation before. She doesn’t want to change.”

“Well, she’s not welcome in this house with this… attitude.” said the woman, getting up, bringing the dirty dishes with her to the kitchen sink.

Meanwhile, the young woman was back, heels clicking as before. She was a real beauty, soft face, long brown curly hair. She went to the cabinets, took a dinner plate then filled with what was still in a pan on the stove. She put a soft long finger in it to confirm her impression that it was cold and put the plate in the microwave.

While waiting, she played with her high heel shoe, putting it on it’s spiky heel and twisting her feet. She would balance one foot on the heel, then the other, until the microwave beeped. She turned around to pick up the plate, showing in the face of her parents, her tightly encased buns, and sat at the table where utensils were already there.

Sitting was hardly the word. She was more leaning that sitting, her jeans being so tight that her hips couldn’t bend properly. But she loved the feeling of her hips struggling to bend. She loved the way it crushed her stomach, a little like a corset.

“I don’t think pants this tight are good for you.” said her mom while washing the dishes.

“I told you mom. There’s no harm done. I should know, I’m a doctor.”

“Well, you’re a resident. You’re not officially a doctor.”

They kept silent for the rest of the short meal. Karen quickly stuff up before getting up and putting the dish in the kitchen sink, besides the other dirty ones. She took a towel and dried the clean yet wet dishes that were waiting in the drying rack. She was grateful for her parents to give her a shelter while she got her things straightened up since she split from her ex boyfriend, and she did chores as much as she could. They loaned her the guest room in the basement. But Karen’s lifestyle was not up to her parent’s rather strict behaviour code.

She dried the dishes and put them in their place in the different kitchen cabinets and drawers. By this time, her mom had left the kitchen and joined her father in the living room. Karen left the kitchen and headed for the basement. Not a word was exchanged.

Around 10PM, as they were preparing to go to bed, they heard the classical high heels footsteps coming from the basement stairs. They startled when they saw their daughter, sporting a shiny, navy blue liquid looking dress. It had long sleeves, a scooped neck showing her ample cleavage, very tight around her tiny waist and stopping at mid thighs, revealing every single one of her voluptuous curves.

She was balancing on knee high red boots with towering high heels. A small black leather purse was hung with a long strap from her shoulder.

“Oh dear god!” exclaimed her mother. “What the hell is that and where do you think you’re going dressed like that?”

“That’s a latex dress and I’m going clubbing, mom. Nothing to worry about. The club I’m going to is very respectable.” answered Karen.

“But, you don’t look respectable, you look like a… prostitute.” she said from the tip of her lips, as if just saying that would send her to hell. Look at you, in this… sinful dress. I’m sure God does not approve.”

“Mom, if God gave me this body, it’s not to hide it under bulky clothes. Well, the cab is here” she said as car lights shone in the living room from the driveway. “I’ll be back very late, so don’t worry if you hear me coming back around 03:00. I do not work for the next three days. G’night.” she said, not waiting for their answer. She knew they didn’t like her lifestyle. She cared about her parents and she loved them very much, but at 24, it was her life, not theirs, and their belief was not exactly hers.

“I really don’t like it.” said the mom to the father. “She will have to leave or change her behaviour.”

“She already told us that it would last about a month, she’s waiting for the house she bought to be ready as she has it renovated.”

“Then she should show us enough respect for it.”

The man lowered his head.

“That’s what you always do. I wish someday you would wear your pants and take proper action. Your daughter is not welcome in this house.”

The sun was rising and flooding the bedroom of its warm rays.

“Do you hear that?” said the woman.

The man concentrated.

“Sounds like moaning.”

“Yes, muffled moaning. What has she done again? Go have a look. Maybe God finally took care of her.”

The man got up and carefully walked downstairs. The moaning was getting louder as he reached the bottom of the stairs. He carefully opened the bedroom door and startled.

Karen was there, still in her sinful dress and high heels. She was standing up, her legs tied together at the ankles and the knees by coils of rope. Her arms were in her back in police handcuffs. She was wearing a blindfold and her mouth was stuffed with a bright red ball held in place by a web of leather straps. A rope was linking the wide leather collar she was wearing to a ring on the ceiling.

He immediately thought that she had been abused and he was rushing to her when he noticed the electrical wires going between her thighs, that he heard the faint hum of something vibrating and then, behind her, handcuff keys hanging inches from her hands in an ice cube slowly melting. He figured that, within an hour, the keys would fall within Karen’s reach.

The vibrator was plugged to a timer with a random setting.

His urge was to get her out of this predicament and save her soul by lecturing her, but he knew it was a lost cause.

He heard the timer click, and the vibrating sound stopped, as well as Karen’s moaning. He carefully walked back upstairs.

“She’s having some kind of bad dream.” he said to her wife who evidently didn’t believe him.

“She’s going to spend eternal life in hell.” said the mother. “You would let your daughter go through that?”

“No, it’s just that we had this conversation before, and she’s not a believer like we are. She doesn’t see any sin in what she’s doing, so there’s no use as threatening her with that.”

“Well, in this case, I want her out now.” said the mother

“I’ll talk to her… again.”

Karen showed up later, in pyjamas, her eyes looking red and exhausted. She also showed red marks on each side of her mouth. She took some cookies and a glass of milk before going back downstairs.

“I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m going back to bed.” she said.

Her mother didn’t react nor responded.

Early in the afternoon, the doorbell rang. The father opened to a delivery man.

“A package here for miss Karen.”

The father signed and took the rather heavy box. Looking at the return address, he knew this was from the same store she bought many of her sinful clothing and accessories. 

“I’ll get it to Karen… and have a little talk with her.” he said to her grinning wife.

He went downstairs but she was still deep asleep. He decided to hide the box in the service room and wait to give her later.

It was late after dinner that Karen showed up to take a shower and eat something. Her mother totally ignored her. Karen felt sad for her. “She should open up” she said to herself, before going back in her room.

Her dad waited a moment then went downstairs, picked up the box and delivered it to Karen.

“There was this delivery for you today, but you were sleeping.”

“Oh thanks dad. Geesh, I’ve been waiting on those for weeks!”

“What… what’s in it?” carefully asked the father.

“I don’t think you want to know, dad.” said Karen.

“Perhaps you’re right.” he said preparing to leave, then he turned around. “On the other hand, maybe if you explained to me what is this strange life of your, I might understand it more. I mean, why the inappropriate clothes and your sinful behaviour, and this… tying up.”

“Euh… you saw that?”

“Your moaning this morning was pretty loud and I came in to check on you… I don’t understand it.”

Karen lowered her head. She had been caught… Then again the feeling of getting caught is when you think what you’re doing is wrong. In her head she rephrased that at being seen in one of her private moments.

“Okay, dad. Tell me. As far as I remember, you had a dark blue car. Why?”

His eyes illuminated. He loves his cars.

“That’s the most beautiful colours for a car.” he said

“Well, some people thinks red is the best colour.”

“That’s their choice.” he said.

“Choice? Did you choose dark blue or it’s just that way?”

“Well, it…” he didn’t have that answer. “But what does it have to do with your choice of clothes? You chose them.”

“Yes, I chose them the same way you choose your car. You had a family car, a sports car, a pickup truck, those were different cars, but they were blue. I have different clothes, jeans, leggings, jackets, shirts, but they are tight and many are latex, because, for the same unknown reason you prefer blue, that’s what I prefer.”

“And the cuffs?”

“I have the same answer. I feel good being in bondage, unable to move, having to rely on someone else or something else to get free, otherwise, I’m stuck.”

“What… what’s in this?” he said, looking at the heavy box he just brought her.

“Those are special steel cuffs. Want to see them?”

“hum… yes,” he said, reluctantly.

Karen opened the box and got out a set of 9 steel rings, 8 were about an inch and a half wide, and one was three inches wide with a slight curve in it. They were silvery with a brass square opposite to a small hinge. Karen took a key and opened the larger one.

“See, this brass padlock keeps them locked in place.” she said as she wrapped the large one over her neck, placing the lock in front. “You push it like that, so, without the key, it’s impossible to remove and very difficult to cut. Could you imagine using a grinder so close to someone’s neck. That ‘s what makes the pleasure of it, the helpless situation, knowing that, without the key, you can’t take it off.”

“But you have the key.” he said as Karen unlocked and removed it.

“That’s the tricky part, finding someone you trust enough to give them the keys or you place it in a way that you could get to it after a certain time or task. It’s called self-bondage.”

“And that’s what you were doing this morning.”

“Yes. I set myself up when I came back this morning at around 4.”

“Ah… and that’s all there is to it?”

“Well… it’s fantasy dad, but for most fetishists, it’s to go bolder, more extreme, and these cuffs are there for that. Don’t worry, I will not use them here, I’ll wait for the house to be completed. There was some delays in materials to complete it.”

“Materials like… this?”

“No dad.” she said laughing. “The hardwood floor of the living room was back ordered, as well as the bathroom tiles, and they broke a window along the way. That’s why I can’t go to the house.

“I see, and once there, you will go on with your… fantasies?”

“That’s my life, dad. And yes I will go forward. I’ll find the right person to help me go deeper in them.”

“And once you’ll go as… deep as you wanted, then what?”

“I don’t know dad. Maybe it will never stop.”

“Or it will end there, once you have explored as deep as you could. Men went to the moon, and once they did, there was no more to do, that’s why they didn’t went back.”

“I…. I really don’t know that, dad.” said a suddenly concerned Karen.

“Well, if this can clear your soul, I’m willing to help you achieve it. So, what is your… deepest fantasy?”

Karen startled.

“But dad, I really don’t think that…”

“I will do whatever it takes to help you, and God will help me and will understand that I’m simply taking the means to save your soul.”

Karen felt weird. She knew her dad was more open than her mom to anything sexual, but never at that level. Her first thought was to say no, but she had those brand new cuffs that were screaming to be used. That was not counting some of her clothes she never got to wear for different reasons. She had everything to do it.

“If you’re sure you want do to it. But you might get disturbed by some of it, dad.”

“God will guide me.”

Still not really sure, Karen got a large suitcase out of her closet and opened it. A strong smell of rubber and leather arose from it. She took a deep breath, picked a double dildo rubber panties and put them on the bed, then looked at her dad.

He looked at the garment, but his expression showed no change. He stayed of ice. She then proceeded with more garments, a rubber bra, a corset, catsuit, boots, gag, hood, etc.

She took the panties.

“Maybe you would want to look away while I put these on.” she said.

“Karen. ” he said with a warm smile. “I took you in my arms minutes after you were born. I gave you a bath every day for years and I changed your diapers. I don’t think I should be ashamed at looking at you naked just because you’re not a baby anymore.”

“Ah… well, I… would be more comfortable if you were not looking.” she said.

Her dad turned around as she lubed and inserted the double hollow dildos in her shaved orifices. He looked back when she fondled the pile of stuff on her bed to get some kind of hand pump.

“What are you doing?”

“Inflating them. This pumps silicone oil in them, making them bigger and very difficult to remove. And the added weight of the oil makes them, well…”

“No need to add more.” he coldly said.

She inserted the needle like pipe into a small hole and pumped. Her dad was seeing the perverted effects of it in her eyes when she stopped pumping, and removed the pump.

“I think there’s some kind of loose thread.” he said as she turned around and something hung from over the waistband.

“No, those are electrical wires linked to electrodes… more on that later.” said Karen while picking a rubber bra with the same wires hanging down from the back strap.

She then took a rubber catsuit that seemed rather thick. It had attached feet and gloves.

“Where’s the zipper? How do you get it on?” asked her father.

“That’s the trick, dad. That’s a neck entry suit, which means, no zipper. I have a lightweight rubber one that is somewhat easy to put on, but this one, I was never able to do it alone, so I will need our help.

“Just tell me what to do, Karen.”

She proceeded to feed her legs in and rubbed the rubber until the suit was past her buns.

“Now, dad, just lube your hand first, and see, that small hole in the middle of the back, you have to feed the wires in that hole. Don’t worry, the rubber will stretch.

For the first time, he was touching the perverted fabric, her hands gliding on it with the lubricant. He didn’t react. He fed the wires through the hole.

“Now what?” he enquired.

“I will put my arms on each side of my body. You grabbed the collar and pull it up.”

He did and with a lot of squirming, struggles and moaning, the suit reach her shoulders and almost popped in place.

“I’m hearing strange sounds, downstairs. Is everything okay?” Karen’s mom said from upstairs.

“Everything is fine, dear. I’m having a deep conversation with Karen. It should be a while.”

“Well, it’s getting late. I’m going to bed.”

“Good night dear.”

“Good night mom.”

In the meantime, Karen was twisting, almost dancing, all smiling, as the suit was getting in place.

“This looks very tight, Karen. Sure it’s okay? I mean it seems like it could rip anytime.”

“Oh yes, dad. Very okay. It feels wonderful, and it will not rip easily. This is a very sturdy rubber, see?” she said as she took a pair of scissors and tried to poke through it. “Again, it’s the being stuck feeling: no easy way out.”

She took the corset and wrapped it around her waist. Feeding the wires in the middle of the laces, she began to tighten it. She stopped when there was still a two inches gap.

“That’s as tight as I can go, can you get it fully closed? That would be a blast.”

Her father grabbed the lace and with a few strong pulls, while Karen was going wide eyed, he closed the  corset.

“Wow, what a feeling.” she said in short gasps. “Now tie up the laces. See the flap on your right, there’s a pocket. Put the laces in. Now, close the flap and take that steel rod on the bed and feed it on the closure system of the corset.”

He found the rod with an opened padlock on it, and figured out how to put in place. 

“Now, I put the padlock in place and you lock it?”


“You have the key?”

“In my drawer.”

Karen heard a click. The first one. Now she was stuck in the tightest corset she ever wore. She couldn’t resist putting her hands at her waist, feeling how small it was, how tight it was, and how rigid her torso had become.

“That’s quite impressive.” said her dad.

“Yes, and the feeling is… ” she said, letting the rest of the phrase trailing off. Her dad wouldn’t understand anyways. “now, the boots.” she said, picking long leather tubes. Her dad looked at it with wide eyes.

“What kind of boots is this? Nobody can walk in those.”

“These are called ballet boots, and yes, people, like me, can walk in them.”

Karen sat on the edge of the bet and proceeded to feed her feet in them, but the corset impaired her moves.

“Oops… I should have put the boots first.” she said.

Her dad kneeled and proceeded to put the boots on and began to lace them.

“Tighter, dad. They have to be very tight.”

He pulled harder on the boots. Karen twitched. She was never able to achieve being this tight. It was awesome, and she was feeling hotter by the seconds.

“Now, you see, there is a leather flap currently hanging that goes over the knot. All you have to do is put it in place and close the padlock.

Now her feet were locked in ballet boots. Yes, she could easily cut the laces off, but the psychological feeling of hearing the padlock click was a rush.

“Now what?” asked her father.

With a smile she took sets of steel cuffs she had just received.

“You put these around the ankles. This way, there’s now way I could remove the boots. This set goes over the knees. Yes, they fit tight so when I extend my legs, they won’t slip off. The two sets, one goes on my wrists, the other over the elbows.

As each cuff was tightly put in place and locked, Karen’s breath went faster. She was getting very horny by then, and she took great effort not to show it too much to her dad.

She took a rather heavy rubber hood.

“I will explain everything because, once it’s on, I won’t be able to talk.” she said as she proceeded with all the details of the rest of the setup. She went over it twice. Her dad’s expression didn’t show anything.

Karen took the hood and turned it kind of inside out, revealing a large lump of rubber and three tubes: one large and two small. Under the cold looking face of her dad, she feet the two small nose tubes in up her nose and the large one down her throat. He knew that one was for feeding and the other for breathing. Karen was a doctor, so he had no fear she knew what she was doing. Once done, she pushed the hood over her face and held it in place while she turned it inside in, over her head while tucking her curly brown hairs in it. Her dad pulled down the zipper and stuffed the large yoke of the hood under the collar of the neck entry catsuit they way Karen had instructed him.

Karen smoothed the hood all over her face, placing it, aligning the small tinted lenses over her eyes.

Now, she couldn’t talk, barely see or hear. His dad took the steel collar and wrapped it around her neck. It was a tight fit. She hadn’t accounted for the tube in he throat. It made it even more arousing.

What a sight. She had a glimpse of herself in the closet mirror door and was astounded: tall thin, standing on pointed feet, waist incredibly thin with a one inch stem, and all this shimmering steel. 

She walked in a circle in the room, feeling the dildos move inside her, massaging deep inside. She could realize how stiff her torso was, how tight the unforgiving corset was, compressing her stomach like never before. She loved the feeling of walking on her ballet boots, head held erect by the steel collar.

She saw her dad approach with another steel device he delicately wrapped around her corseted waist. It had a box in the back to which he plugged the wires before locking it in place. There was no access to them anymore. The box was about the size of two playing cards deck side by side.

He took a special key, a pad as large as the box itself and applied to it. Magnets, located at specific places, triggered the electro-stimulation device inside. Karen twitched as the first jolts were received in her crotch, rectum and boobs. Her dad raised two thumbs up. Karen did the same.

As instructed before, he went to her desk drawer, retrieved a key ring and a set of padlocks. He linked her ankle cuffs together then her knee cuffs. He draw her arms in her back and linked her elbows and her wrists.

Karen was stuck, locked in steel, encased in rubber. At the same time, the e-stim, set to random firing and intensity, gave her a jolt. She screamed but it was entirely muffled.

Her dad showed her the key rings and the special plate for the e-stim. He articulated slowly “is there all there is? Any other key elsewhere?”

Karen nodded no and realized at the same time, how stiff her neck was as it barely moved.

He gently helped her to lay on the bed then disappeared.

Karen didn’t care where he went. She was in heaven, HER heaven, not anyone else’s. She slowly built an orgasm as the random firing of the e-stim made her hotter and hotter. 

She squirmed on the bed. She was unable to move much apart from rolling from one side to the other. As she was to explode, she felt being picked up. It was her father. He carried her upstairs then to the garage, then put her on the backseat of the car.

Karen was puzzled. What was he doing? Where was he bringing her. She couldn’t protest, she couldn’t even make a sound. She imagined that he would drive her along, keeping her in the dark as his plans, just to make her feel helpless, like she described her deepest fantasy.

He drove downtown and stopped and got out of the car. He grabbed Karen and put her on the sidewalk, in front of an accumulating crowd of curious onlookers. She recognized the club where she was a regular.

He put her against a lamp post, went behind her and linked her elbows to the lamp post with a short chain and another padlock, then went in front of her. He showed her the key rings. Under her dark tinted lenses, Karen went wide eyes: all the keys had been buffed off. She had no way to get them off.

He then showed her a sign he made:

“My name is Karen. I’m a worthless sinful lady. My deepest fantasy is being stuck in some inescapable predicament, at the mercy of whoever wants to use me. As you can see, I no longer have keys to get free. Please somebody help me.”

Her dad looked directly at her and articulated carefully

“Don’t ever come back to our house. You’re on your own, perverted sinful lady.”

© Pete / monsterp63, Octobre 25, 2015, Pete 

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4 thoughts on “Karen – Sinful Lady

  1. Having a fetish is sometimes fulfilling and sometimes difficult. It’s sad that parents often don’t understand. This story of a violation is realistic but disturbing.

    1. Thanks for commenting.
      It is a difficult subject. It is a little bit the goal of this story.
      There are so many possibilities for the relationships between parents and children.

      And I feel the problem is not the fetish, but the society.

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