Karen – White Christmas


The large office floor, filled with cubicles was buzzing with the sounds of people talking, typing, walking, For a virgin eye, it seemed like total chaos, but everything was working like clockwork. The atmosphere, however, usually very happy, was a little sad. Well, it was only two days before Christmas and there was no slowing down on the workload. It was looking like they were going to spend Christmas working.

Karen, as owner/director, was in her office with a large glass wall, with the window shades fully opened. She wanted to keep a look on her workers as well as making clear to all her workforce that they were welcomed in anytime.

It was mid afternoon. She was on the phone, on the computer, then took some notes on a paper, then leaned back on her chair,  smiling what looked more like a devilish grin.

She got off her chair, the leather of it creaking against the tight black leather jeans she was wearing. She walked with a firm pace on her five inches stilettos out of her office.

She took a small nearby stool and stepped on it. She clapped her hand which was accompanied with the creaking sound of her pink tight leather jacket. She would dress differently, sometimes in tweed skirts, cotton dresses, sometimes more sexy, like today or every casual Friday where she would wear tight jeans, but she remained classy.

“May I have your attention, please, everyone?” she said from a relatively soft voice almost no one heard.

Lynda, her assistant, looked at her with a smile, raising an index finger.

“May I?” she asked.

Karen gestured that she could. Lynda put her fingers in her mouth and whistled loud and clear before yelling “Be quiet! Karen wants to talk!!”

Karen laughed. Everything stopped and the employees, 80% of them being women, stepped out of their cubicles and got closer to Karen.

“You know I don’t have a strong voice, so please, get closer.”

“Use the P.A. system.” said a man at the back.

“Yes, Phil, that would be perfect, but I want to say it directly to you, not through the speakers.” she said.

People gathered closer, some with fear in their eyes, others with curiosity.

“Okay, listen all. It’s been a great year, and our sales are up so high I can’t put a number on them yet. The customers are very satisfied and they bring us a lot more customers, with tight deadlines. I admit we… I… was perhaps a little pushy, even arrogant to accept jobs with such tight deadlines, and I want to apologize. I want to thank you all for coping with that.”

“We know you did that for the best of the company and us.” yelled a woman at the back.

“Yes… Thanks Suzy. Now, at the beginning of the month I said that due to that extra workload, we were looking at working through Christmas.”

“There was a rumor in the crowd.”

“Each and everyone of you knows how much work there is ahead, most of you even worked all weekends, and that I don’t allow that with much pleasure, you know that, right.”

There was a general sense of approval.

“Okay, I phoned the most critical customers and asked them if they could push their deadlines for a few days so you could all be home for Christmas, and they agreed.”

There was a happy surprised cheer.

“So, here’s the deal. Today, Wednesday the 23, end whatever you’re doing at a place where it will be easy to pick-up in five days, and then go home. I’ll see you Monday morning. Come by my office before leaving, I have something for all of you.”

“Great!! Merry Christmas, Karen” yelled everyone, almost one after the other.

Lynda looked at her in disbelief.

“You were able to pull that off? Wow! Thanks, boss.”

“Don’t mention it. Well, I do have work of my own to do before Christmas.” she said heading back to her office and quickly getting on her computer.

About half an hour later, people began to walk out, all stopping by Karen’s office to offer their best Holiday wishes and thank her. Karen gave them each a bottle of wine.

An hour later, everyone was gone, except for Lynda and Karen. Lynda finally got by Karen’s office late in the evening.

“Hey, Karen. Thanks again. And since I wasn’t planning to be with my family for Christmas, my hubby and the kids are at my parent’s house. I won’t drive three hours tonight, and I will join them only tomorrow. Meaning that I’m alone for dinner. Care to join me?”

“I can’t. I have so many…” she said looking at Lynda, almost pleading.

“You need a break.” said Lynda.

“Yeah. I’ll… I’ll finish that early tomorrow and it will be fine. Let’s go.”

They had dinner at a nearby restaurant, doing some basic chit-chat. Karen was living alone, having no family. Lynda had already invited her to join them for Christmas, but she had refused.

“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.”

“I bet you will be,” said Lynda with a wink. After all, she was the only one at the office knowing about Karen’s secret life.

They parted. Karen drove to her house in the countryside. A somewhat secluded house without any nearby neighbors. 

She entered, kicked off her high heel shoes and almost rushed to her bedroom. She came back half an hour later in thigh high, high heel boots, a black PVC catsuit covering her entire body, including the head, waist tightly compressed in a red PVC corset. She slowly walked to the living room, taking place in front of the TV, and began to watch late night shows.

She took the hand-pump handling from her blow-up gag and gave it another gentle squeeze while she was working it in place in her mouth. That was her dream evening. That was her regular evening.

About an hour later she headed for the bed. 

Her bed was a large King size bed, covered with latex sheets. From each corner, a chain with a leather cuff. She proceeded to fasten her ankles in the wide leather cuffs, tightening them fully. 

She took a two inches leather collar that was permanently attached to the bed frame and tightly wrapped around her neck before locking it. 

A last look at the timer released and she fastened the other cuffs at her wrists.

There she was, stuck until 06:00 the next morning. It was like that every night. That was the secret life Lynda was aware of, having caught her by surprise on one of her day off. Lynda wanted to surprise Karen. They both got surprised.

She slept like a baby. In fact, she would have found it hard to sleep not being in this setup. She got up, undressed, took a shower and got ready for work.

She figured that there would be nobody at the office. She had everything planned for such an occasion. She began by a neck entry, black latex catsuit, with attached feet and gloves. It also had two sheaths for toys. She added knee high ballet boots she complimented with locking steel ankle cuffs. Then she picked up a long corset and began lacing it. It was tight, very tight. She used a doorknob to pull the laces. She had to fully close it otherwise the other part of the setup wouldn’t fit. She rested when there was about an inch more to close, walking around, feeling the tight latex all around her body. Walking in ballet boots was to her like walking barefooted for others.

She gave it another try and she successfully closed the corset. Then, with a devilish smile, she took a steel chastity belt she snapped over her corset. It had only one adjustment and it was for this corset, fully closed. The belt had two huge dildos attached to it. They were vibrating but the remote, as well as the keys to all the locks were safely away in two different a Ksafe container, locked until very late in the evening, meaning that, at the same time she would be eager to get out of it, it would also be the time to have fun. The one with the remote would unlock two hours before the one with the keys.


She inserted the large dildos into the sheaths and pushed them inside. The belt was made so that the dildos were pushed very deeply, and there was no way to play with them. She pulled the belt shut, which was a struggle since it was very tight. It locked as soon as it latched.

Shaking, she ran her hands from her hips, up to the rigid corset circling her tiny waist, up to her breasts, slightly squashed behind the rigid cups of the corset. Playing games was impossible.

She was almost done. She added lockable steel cuffs at her wrists, then she picked up the collar, two inches wide, made of two parts : the core, a solid piece of stainless steel with a tiny hinge in the middle, and the outer part, a U shaped channel like piece that was fitting over it. She put the core around her neck, and pulled the latex collar of the catsuit over it, about two third its width. Then she put the chromed steel channel part, where it wrapped around three faces of the core, squishing the rubber suit in it. She snapped it shut and it locked. There was no way to remove the rubber from the steel collar without ripping it.

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was stuck in this suit until the Ksafe would open. She went to the closet and put on a long trench coat, made to be worn with the ballet heels, or any heels giving her that height, as it was trailing on the ground. She closed it, fastened the large buttons and knotted the waist belt. The high collar would prevent most people from seeing her chromed collar.

The only rubber part showing was her hands, but they could very well pass for tight shiny leather gloves. The trench coat and the gloves were simply perfect for the winter weather.

She walked back to the bedroom, with her coat trailing on the floor, it was giving the impression she was floating. She picked up her purse, put a lump of latex laying on the bed in it, and one single small key before going to her car.

Sitting in it with the corset and the steel chastity belt was not easy, and driving with the ballet boots neither, especially since it was a stick shift sports car. When she arrived at the office, almost an hour later, she was hot as hell and would have loved to go ballistic, but it was forbidden. She parked the car in her reserved space in the underground parking lot and got out. It was not exactly a sexy sight to see, but from her point of view, it was hellishly arousing.

She took the elevator to the 52th floor of the building where her office was located, entered and locked the door back behind her. She pulled down the large blinds, blocking the view of the entrance desk from any passer by and walked to her office. Her boots were not making any sound over the carpet. She took her coat and put it on one of the chairs, took her purse and headed for the private bathroom. She took the rubber lump out of it along with the key. She removed the collar and took the rubber lump, revealing it was a hood, and put it over her head. It was rather thick and heavy with only micro-punctures areas as eye holes and small holes on her nostrils with about an inch long of tube going in, and another medium hole over her mouth.

Using the key, she removed the channel portion of the collar and fed in the rim of the hood, before putting the channel portion in place and locking it. Now she was completely enclosed in rubber, and she couldn’t take anything off without ripping it.

She opened the last drawer of her desk and retrieved another Ksafe. She put the key in it and set it up for 10 hours.

There, she was set. To go home, she would have to wait 10 hours to remove the hood, or risk being seen in it by the security cameras in the corridors, which would trigger an alert with security.

She would go home, and would have to wait another two hours for the rest of the keys to be retrieved.

“Now, concentrate, Karen.” she said to herself, turning her computer on. “Work, work, work.” she said as she squirmed on her high back leather chair, trying to find the most comfortable position for her chastity belt.

She then began to work, the only sound she was hearing was her breathing whistling through the mouth and nostril holes. She was sweating. She could feel the sweat running down her head, face, along her back, stopped by the corset. She could feel the sweat accumulating in her gloves. She was hot in all the senses. She liked typing without really feeling the keys under her gloved hands. She could hear the sound of the wrist steel cuffs hitting the desk when she was working the mouse. She would catch the glare of some light reflecting off her highly polished latex over her moving arm. When she moved to get files out of the file cabinet, she would catch sight of her pointed boots and the steel cuffs, or the reflection of light on her thighs. She would bump her elbow against her rigid corset. Bending her head down to look at drawers will remind her of the wide steel collar. She would feel the pull of her latex hood every time she turned her head. And every move, even the slightest, was translated to her locked dildos. She was enjoying every second of every minute.

She suddenly froze. Stopped typing and looked up. Did she hear something? Sounded like the main door closing. Her heartbeat went faster. She saw a shadow. As quick as she could, she threw herself sideways, trying to hide behind her desk. She didn’t realize that the chair falling would make a sound that would attract whoever was coming in. She stayed put, breathing hard. Her corset was hurting her upper ribs, the chastity belt was very uncomfortable, but she couldn’t risk moving.

“Karen? Is that you?” asked a voice she knew. But was it really her?

“Karen? What happened to your chai… Oh… I see.” said the woman. “It’s okay, Karen, it’s me, Lynda. You can come out of hiding.”

Karen looked at her, panting, a last surge of panic engulfing her before realizing that it was Lynda. She knew about her fetish style, so it is not that dramatic, but nonetheless, unusual, since she never went to work dressed as fetishy as this. Yes, she came in heels, tight denim or leather jeans or dresses, but never in a rubber catsuit.

Lynda extended a hand.

“Here, let me help you. Wow, you really went heavy this time.” she said, noting the chastity belt.

“Hi… Lynda. What are you doing here?”

“You gave us all a bottle of wine yesterday. I forgot mine. I was passing nearby and I stopped to retrieve it.” she said as she helped Karen get back on her feet.

“Geesh. I’m so ashamed, right now.” said Karen.

“Well, it doesn’t show on your face.” said Lynda, laughing, trying to relax the atmosphere. Then she had a glimpse at the file on the computer.

“That’s the Brown account, right? You said that there was no problem with moving their deadline.” Said Lynda.

Karen lowered her head.

“Actually, I didn’t call any of them. I couldn’t ask any of our customers hey, how would you like it if we were late on our contract? No. I don’t have anything for Christmas. I checked and rechecked everything, and I know exactly what to do to each customer to keep our pace. When the rest of the gang will be back, everything will be just fine. Maybe a little late, but nothing undoable.”

“You’re taking the workload of everyone here on your shoulders so they could be home on Christmas? You’re nuts! We all agreed to work.”

“Yes, and I appreciate it, but I just couldn’t do it. It’s not because I don’t have any family to attend to that all of you shouldn’t.”

“I’ll call them back. I’m sure they’ll understa…”

“NO! I forbid you to do so.”

Lynda was speechless.

“If you’ll excuse me, Lynda, I really have to get back to work. This outfit is actually preventing me from taking a break from work.” she said, grabbing the belt.

Lynda laughed.

“I can stay…”

“No. Get your wine and get out. Have a merry, merry Christmas, Lynda. Don’t worry. I’ll be just fine.” said Karen.

Reluctantly, Lynda walked out with her wine, and called the elevator. She entered and as the door was about to close, a short, young pretty blonde rushed in. She was wearing the sexiest Santa’s outfit Lynda had ever seen : tight red velvet dress with fluffy white cuffs, going just below the buns, enhanced with a tight black leather corset, shiny sheer nylons, knee high, high heel boots, and the classic red and white toque.

“Geesh! That’s one very sexy Santa’s wife here.” said Lynda. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m actually one of Santa’s daughters.” said the pretty blonde with a soft spoken voice. “I had some business to attend.”

Lynda figured that there was some pretty heavy Christmas party going on somewhere on the floor where exotic dancers were part of the show.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be home for Christmas?” asked Santa’s girl

“Oh, I didn’t come here for work. I forgot my bottle of wine, but my boss…”

“He’s… scroogy?”

Lynda laughed.

“Scroogy? Oh no, on the contrary.” said Lynda, recalling the meeting of a few weeks earlier, what happened yesterday and today.

“Oh, I should go see her to cheer her up, then.”

“NO!” yelled Lynda. The little Santa startled.

“No, I mean it’s really not a good time.”

“Why not?”

“Well, she’s too much in her work. And besides, she won’t open the door. No, she’ll be okay.” said Lynda. “Ah, ground level. Well, have a Merry Christmas, miss.” said Lynda leaving the elevator. Then, after a few steps, she turned around. “You know I…. Where the hell is she?”

The elevator was empty, and Lynda was sure she hadn’t seen her pass by. That was strange.

She walked by the security guard by the door.

“Hello Gary. Do you know which office the Santa women came for?”

“Santa women?” asked the man, surprised.

“Well, that small blonde with a Santa’s outfit, pretty sexy one, I might say.”

“No. Haven’t seen anyone like that, either coming in or out. She might have changed once inside. Have a nice Christmas, miss Lynda.” he said, slightly raising his cap.

“Yes… That must be it. Merry Christmas, Gary”.

Karen was back concentrating on her work, but she was trying to pick up sounds. She wouldn’t want to be surprised like that a second time. Who knows who that might be.

She heard a whooshing sound, like the one a fly swapper makes when you miss the mark. At the same time, she kind of saw a red, black and white blur pass in front of her opened office door. She shook her head and went back to work.

The whooshing sound again. For a brief moment, she saw what looked like a fetish Santa woman through the diminished vision of her eye holes made of thousands of tiny pinholes. As soon as she blinked her eyes, it went away.

She shook her head. Perhaps she was getting too hot. She took her water bottle and drank through a straw. She felt the red blur pass by her and went behind her. She turned around and there she was. She dropped the bottle, which spilled water on her keyboard. She picked the bottle up, and she was gone.

“What the hell… Who are you? Show yourself.” said Karen.

Then it was there, right in front of her. Karen choked.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m C.C., one of Santa’s daughters.”

“Never heard something so stupid. How did you get it? Lynda forgot to lock the door.” she said, heading for it.

“No, don’t worry, the door is locked. I’m really one of Santa’s daughters. We exist. We’re 3 sisters and there are three brothers.”

“And… what do you do?” said Karen, playing along with what she thought was her brain going short circuit, nonetheless ready to push the panic button on her desk phone.

“You know the Scrooge story? Well we’re the ones doing it.”

“Well, you got the wrong person here. If I’m Scrooge, I’m… »Scrooging myself.” said Karen, laughing like someone that had one drink too many.

“Yes, that’s exactly why I’m here. I saw your friend Lynda and she explained everything to me. I do understand why you wouldn’t answer the door.” she said, glancing at how Karen was dressed.

“So?” said Karen, not paying attention to her stare over her chastity belt.

“I’ve looked up your file. You are overdue for a gift, my friend. Somehow, your file must have been overlooked for a long time. You lost your family, yet you always helped others, are friends with everyone, don’t have any enemies… except your competitors on the business side. You’re almost a saint.”

“Me? A saint?”

“Ahem… I said ALMOST. Now, it’s time you get some rewards.”

“Yeah, thanks, but I don’t have time to visit any past of future Christmas with one of your ghosts.” said Karen, really thinking she was losing it and choosing to play along until she passed out.

“That’s not what I’m talking about. Okay, what do we have here.” she said, getting closer to Karen’s computer and looking up files.

“Hey, that’s private.” said Karen, but at the same time, she felt pleased she was looking at it. “As long as the work is going forward.” she said, thinking that she was still working through that silly hallucination.

But then, suddenly, things started to move on the computer. Numbers were being put in spreadsheets, words appeared in documents. Softwares was started and closed, Jobs were sent to the printer and they were flying in the air, carefully piling up in every cubicle they should be.

Karen was, like, frozen, or hypnotized. She was looking at all of this, not moving. Just trying to figure out what was happening. Daydreaming. It was as if C.C. was reading her mind and putting it in every document.

Time passed. When finally things calmed down, it was mid afternoon.

“There.” said C.C.. “Everything should be just fine. Two weeks job in, oh… four hours? That’s not bad.”

“Okay, now what…?” asked Karen, still in disbelief.

“Well, I’ve looked at your setup and you stuck yourself to 20:00 tonight. Better make the best of it.” said C.C., waving her hands, getting something else magically floating out of Karen’s purse : a head harness with a blow-up gag.

Without Karen being able to do anything against it, the harness tightly wrapped itself around her head, the straps locking as they latched, and the gag entered the small hole, before starting to expand, and that was without any pump attached to it. When her mouth was full, on the verge of exploding, it stopped.

“Have fun. See you tomorrow morning at your house.”

Then, in a blur, C.C. had disappeared.

She kind of walked out of the haze, coming back to reality, looking at her water bottle and wondering if someone had put any drug in it. She decided it was better to get new water. She walked to the kitchen, which awakened the huge dildos she had on. She easily glided on her ballet heels down the corridor amidst the cubicles to reach the other side of the office space where the kitchen was. She was feeling her tight corset forcing her to twist to walk, rendering her upper body rigid. She liked it. She emptied the bottle in the sink and filled it back with water, brought it to her mouth and… hit the gag. She quickly dropped the bottle and fondled her face. Yes, it was true. She was locked with her blow up gag. What the hell had happened here?

Frantically, she walked back to her office, stopping by every cubicle along the way, seeing the pile of documents, all completed to perfection. All the work was done. She was panting. She would have wanted her corset off now. She needed to breathe. She was on the verge of panic.

She went back to her computer, panting hard through her nose, her only means of breathing now, to check everything. She frantically typed and moved the mouse with her latex covered finger to get the final conclusion :

Done, everything was done. Completed. Some of them required fourteen full days of work!

What kind of silly trick was her mind playing? She took the Ksafe : still two hours left. She could do nothing but wait… and enjoy her predicament.

She began to walk around the office, pretending everyone was there, looking at their work. If her brain was playing games, she might as well enjoy it.

It was not the first time she had dressed similar to this, but she always stayed within the confines of her home, doing ordinary chores. Now, here, things were different. She acted as if it was her real life, as she was dressed like that for work, for real. She was attending one, helping another, all this time, she was checking if all the documents C.C. had made were correct, and there were no errors. They were done exactly as she wanted.

Bending down, feeling the constriction of the corset, extending a hand to feel the pull of the tight latex from her shoulders to her hand, picking up a document from her gloved hands, walking to the next cubicle, dropping documents on the floor and having to crouch down to retrieve them.

It was a blast, a pleasure like never before, even more since she was deprived of going into orbit. 

She looked at the time. Over two hours have passed. The Ksafe was long unlocked, yet she didn’t feel the urge to reach it. She continued for over half an hour, but exhaustion had the best of her. She grabbed the key off the Ksafe and removed the head harness and the collar, then the hood. Her hair, all filthy and sticky fell down on her shoulders. She had everything set. A quick wash in the kitchen sink, followed by a short blow dry and she was ready to leave for home.

She put everything back in her purse, put her trench coat on and left the office.

The drive home seemed longer than usual, probably due to the fact that she was eager to fire those vibrators.

The good part is, since she had stayed longer at work, she would have to wait less once at home. Nevertheless, she put back the hood and the collar.

An hour later, the Ksafe with the remote opened and she retrieved it, put the key of the collar in and set it up for two hours. She would get all the keys at the same time. She laid on the bed and started the vibration at their highest level.

She was so hot, so horny, it took less than a minute for her to launch once, twice, three, then she stopped counting and finally lost it out of exhaustion.

When she awoke, the dildo’s batteries were dead, the sun was up and she was taken by a strong smell coming from within the suit.

“I have to get out of this,” she said as she reached for the Ksafe to get the keys.

Half an hour later, she was taking a much needed shower.

She dressed up with a zentai shiny metallic purple spandex catsuit, high heel platform shoes, and took place on the recliner chair of the living room.

“Okay, Christmas eve. What do I give myself as a gift.” she said, reviewing in her head her different equipment, and what she would want to be locked in for the evening. “Of course!!”

She went to the bedroom to prepare everything : black knee high platform boots with a row of buckles, red catsuit with attached gloves, white corset, and a white hood with red trimming. That would be her perfect Christmas outfit.

She did most of the chores she had to do in her metallic purple spandex catsuit to let her skin rest after the full previous day of rubber. She had planned to lock herself in her latex Santa’s outfit for close to 24 hours, after all.

She ate little for dinner then dressed up. The first item was a pair of double dildo panties, then the red, neck entry catsuit. The corset was the same size as the one needed with the chastity belt although she had no plan to put it on. Nevertheless, she had to fully close it to be able to lock it, which she did. Leather cuffs secured her boots in place. Black leather straps were circling her knees. The ankle and the knees were linked only by a padlock, making her hobble wherever she wanted to go. More cuffs were added and locked to her wrists and a wide posture collar, immobilizing her head was put on. She completed the outfit with a red harness ballgag. A heavy chain was linking her posture collar to the ceiling. She would be confined to the living room. Once everything was locked, except for her wrists, she put all the keys in the Ksafe for 20 hours and set it.

She set the TV at the Fetish Channel so she would get aroused whenever she would watch it, then she tied her wrists in her back. With the sound of the last padlock clicking, she knew she was set for the night and the day of Christmas.

She sat on the sofa and began watching some show where a woman was mummified with three layers of shrink wrap followed by three layers of duct tape. She would stay like that until tomorrow morning.

That made her hot and she began to squirm, but her bondage prevented her from opening her legs and reaching the dildos. She closed her eyes and worked to get hotter and hotter, in the hope of jumping the fence. She could hear the rubber creaking. She could feel the rubbing, but it wasn’t enough.

Her grandfather’s clock suddenly began to ring : 1, 2, 3… From where she was, she couldn’t see it, part of her teasing plan, she wouldn’t know the time to go. She counted… 10, 11, 12. That’s it. It’s Christmas.

“Impressive.” said a soft voice.

Karen startled. There, standing by the TV, C.C., the same vision she had at the office. What the hell was going on with her mind. First she did 14 days of work in 4 hours, now she was seeing her again?

“You really like that, don’t you? Latex, corset, heels, bondage. I admit I’m a bit kinky myself.” she said, rubbing her corset.

“I’ve talked to Nicolas, my father, and we looked up your file together. You gave so much that we feel it’s time for you to receive.”

“Mffaat???” mumbled Karen through her gag. “mffat a heff arf ooo faffing appoot”

“What am I talking about? I saw what you did after I was gone at the office : walk around the cubicles enjoying it in your latex catsuit. I saw in your mind that you wished it was real, that you would love to come to work like that day after day, to live your life as a fetishist. Well, it’s granted. From now on, that’s what you’ll wear.” she said as a poof of sparkling dust rushed from her hand to cover Karen.

She felt all tingly as the sparkling dust fell on her.

“Merry Christmas to you, Karen. Continue to give.” said C.C. before disappearing in a puff of white smoke.

Monday morning.

Karen walked into the building dressed in a classy black skirt and jacket. It seemed like everybody was looking at her, staring at her. She tried to look at her reflection on the polished doors of the elevator if there was something wrong, something stuck to her jacket that would trigger such a reaction, but she found nothing.

Once at the office, her employees seemed uneasy at seeing her, although they were glad all the work was done and were wondering how it came to be.

Lynda went to her office, closed the door and the blinds.

“Karen, you’ve known me for a long time.” started Lynda.

“Lynda,” cut in Karen, “what’s going on? Why is everybody staring at me like that?”

“You’re kidding right? What the hell are you thinking about? Think about the customers. You want us to lose them all within a day?”

“Oh! Stop! What the hell are you talking about? What’s going on?” yelled Karen.

She never saw Lynda in such a mood.

“What’s wrong? This.” said Lynda pointing at Karen’s clothes, then stop moving, as if she was frozen.

“Err… Lynda? Hello? You hear me?” asked Karen. Then, through the blinds, she saw that everybody in the office was frozen in their last position.

“Sorry, I think we misunderstood something here.” said a soft spoken voice.

“C.C. Or whatever your name is. You’re responsible for this?”

“I’m really sorry if I read your mind wrong, Karen. When you were pretending to work in your latex catsuit the other day, I’m sure I clearly heard your mind say you wished it was like that all the time. Did I hear you wrong?”

“Well, no, but… I mean, I can’t meet customers dressed in fetish gear. I have to wear classic clothes.”

“But latex is now your classic clothes, Karen. What you’re wearing is now, for everybody around you, weird and fetishy.”

“I don’t get it.” said Karen.

“You can’t have the best of both worlds, Karen. Choose what you want, but your choice will be final. Whatever you choose, people around you will find it perfectly normal to see you in it. To them, you will be wearing the perfect business outfit, being a real one or a latex one.

Make up your mind, Karen. I can go back in time, Karen, but no more than two hours, which would set you back home. There you’ll be able to change if you will.”

Karen closed her eyes for a few seconds then reopened it. C.C. was still there and Lynda was still frozen.

“I don’t know what’s going on here, if I’m heading for an asylum, but, okay, go for it. Let’s go back.”

She felt tingling and she was back in her home, in her bedroom, getting ready to dress for work.

“So? What will it be.” asked C.C.

Karen closed her eyes and smiled.

“Merry Christmas, Karen, Your fantasy wish has been granted. Live up to it.”

Karen smiled. It was time to dress appropriately for work. She threw away the tweed dress and walked into her fetish closet.

© Pete / monsterp63, December 23, 2015.

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