Karen – The Secret Society


She got out of her car and walked on the concrete sidewalk leading to her apartment building. She climbed the steps to her apartment, feeling her tight jeans pinch her buns with each step. She bit her lips. She liked the feeling, but she was simply too exhausted to go further. She fondled in her purse to find the keys to unlock the door, not noticing the cardboard box right there. She stumbled on it as she entered, almost tripping.

She picked it up, puzzled, not remembering to have ordered anything. It was rather heavy. A quick look at the label revealed that it was in fact addressed to her, but there was no sender’s name.

She entered the apartment and put the box down. She was so exhausted by this long day at work that she didn’t care to see what it was.

She kicked her sneakers off and walked to the kitchen to fix herself a cup of tea. She was about to pour the boiling water when the doorbell rang. She walked to the door, warmed by the feeling of her tight jeans as she softly glided her hand on her thigh. 

It was Lynda.

“Hi there. I saw you come in. You’re kind of late today.”

“Yeah.” Said Karen with a sigh. “It’s been a long day at work. Phil is driving me crazy.

“Nothing new. Hey, what’s this?” she asked, pointing at the box laying on the floor.

“Don’t know.”

“Well, open it!” she said, picking the box taking it to the kitchen table.

She was quick to rip off the tape and open the box, throwing away the filling paper then stopped.

“Wow! I didn’t know you were like that!” she said, picking a long black boot, knee high, with a platform sole and high heels, the leg of the boot covered with buckles. “Gothic or kinky?”

“What the fuck is this? I…” she said as she put her hands in the box, getting the other boot out then taking the next item, a large piece of smooth rubber.

“I would say definitively fetishist.” Said Lynda with a smile. “I didn’t know you were into latex.” She said, getting out more stuff including panties, bra, gloves and a corset. “Ooo! And kinky!!” she added, getting off the last items, leather cuffs, a handful of little padlocks and two dildos.

“But… but…” said Karen, looking at all the stuff laying on the table not believing it. “Who sent that to me? There’s no information as who’s the sender.” She said.

“Come on, Karen. You know that those things are sent anonymously. Admit it, you ordered those.” 

“No, I didn’t. I sw… what’s this?” she said, picking a small envelope at the bottom of the box.

She opened it, read the paper and went wide-eyed.

“Oh shit!”

“What is it?” said Lynda, almost ripping the letter off Karen’s hands.

Dear Karen. I’m in deep trouble and if things are not done right I will end up six feet under. I need your help. You have to wear everything in this box and come to the factory. There, more instructions will be waiting for you. Don’t call the cops and come alone. I’m sorry to put you through this.

  • Phil

“Geesh. What are you gonna do?” asked Lynda. “You’re gonna go, right?”

“Are you nuts? Dressed with… this? Who does he think I am, a bimbo?”

“Well, you do project some image.” Said Lynda, staring at Karen’s extremely tight jeans, and tight shirt.

“This is sexy, not bimbo… anyhoo, I’m not going to wear this… thing.” 

“Why? Latex is fun…”

“How do you know?”

“Oops. I think I went too far to step back now, right? Well I do wear latex myself, and I find it very arousing. You should try it.”

“I don’t believe you. You’re not that kind of girl.”

“Stay here.” She said she left the apartment in a hurry. “I’ll be back in half an hour.”

This was too much for Karen. This latex stuff, the boots, the restraints. She took the catsuit in her hands. It felt cold at first but quickly warmed up. It felt smooth, and the more she played with it, the more soft it appeared. She figured she had nothing to lose to try it on.

A few minutes later, she had the panties on and was fastening the bra. They were a tight fit but were comfortable.

Then hit a snag when she tried the catsuit: there wasn’t any zipper, no opening. She figured that the only way to put it on was from the neck.

She managed to get her feet into the enclosed socks and slowly proceeded to get it up. It was tight, but she got it up to her chest. She needed to feed her arms in. One at a time, she stretched the collar and forced her arm in, then squirmed using her upper arms to move the rubber upward. When it reached her shoulders, it slid in place, squishing her entire body in its tight embrace. Her breath started to shake as she felt getting sealed.

Once all suited up, she slid her hands along her body, feeling the smooth now warm fabric. To her surprise, she didn’t dislike it. Next was the boots. She had worn high heels boots but those were skyscrapers in comparison. They were perfectly sized for her feet and she fastened the numerous straps. 

She walked around, walking from the kitchen to the living room, feeling the tight rubber squeeze her buns and the high heels forcing her to a new position. She was surprised at how easy she got the hang of it, almost loving this new high heel walk.

The door opened and she startled for two reasons. One was that she had completely forgotten that Lynda was to come back and the door was unlocked, and the second was that she was staring at a woman wearing a black rubber catsuit, a white corset and white knee high platform boots.

“Lynda?” she asked puzzled at the same time Lynda asked “Karen?”.

“You… you are into latex? I wouldn’t have ever guessed.” Said Karen getting closer to her friend, heels clicking, rubber creaking.”

“I’ve been a fetishist for some years. How about you? Do you like it?”

“It’s interesting, so far. I can’t say I don’t like it…”

“Wait ’till you have the corset on!”

“That I’m not sure.”

“Get real, Karen. You wear jeans so tight that I think that a corset will seem loose to you. But oh, wait! You forgot the dildos!”

Karen couldn’t argue about the tight jeans comparison, but the dildos were another story.

“Don’t worry, you’ll like them. There’s nothing wrong about it.” Said Lynda, slowly rubbing the dildo in her gloved hand back and forth, in a screwing gesture.

With a sigh Karen opened the crotch zipper. Lynda took a tube of lubricating gel and applied a large amount on the first dildo before inserting it. Karen squirmed and moaned as she felt it inserted.

“Not that bad, don’t you think?” said Lynda with a devilish smile. “Just wait until the second one is in place.” She said as she gently pushed in the second intruder before replacing the tight panties over them, pushing them even deeper.

She then took the corset and wrapped it around Karen’s waist and started to fasten it.

“Empty your lungs and get your arms up in the air.” Said Lynda as she put her knee in the small of Karen’s back and pulled hard on the laces.

“Geesh, this is quite small. Much tighter than my jeans.” Said Karen.

“Stop whining will you? I only have three centimetres left to close. Now, exhale. More, I know you still have something to get out.” She said as she gave a strong yank on the laces.

“There. Done.” She said a short while later.

Karen let her arms down, red faced, panting, breathing in short gasps. She ran her fingers along her body, feeling the tight garment compressing her, feeling her thin waist, her new curves. The corset pushed some organs down, pushing against the dildos, which made their presence even more noticeable.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” asked Lynda.

“Disturbing, I would say.” Answered Karen, blushing.

“Okay, Now, right put the gloves on and according to your instructions, you have to put everything, which includes the cuffs. Let me help you.” She said, picking up the wrist cuffs.

They were large and had two closing buckles. Lynda put them on and fastens them tightly. She did the same with the elbow cuffs. She had a devilish smile when she put the ankle cuffs. Those had a strap going under the feet. Once on, removing the footwear would be impossible.

“Okay, the cuffs are on, now the padlocks.” Asked Lynda

“Yeah right. As soon as you find the keys first.”

“Why? They’re already all unlocked.”

“I saw that.” Said Karen. “But I will want to take them off, so I need the keys.”

“Well… Phil probably has it. They’re small locks anyway. Not very threatening.” She said as she locked the first one.

Karen blinked. This was more symbolic than anything else, but she had locked herself into this tight fitting rubber catsuit, corset and high heels. Of course, she could get rid of the cuffs with good wire cutters, but nevertheless, her brain had to deal with the fact that she was… locked in. There were locks securing everything, from the cuffs to the corset and even one securing the crotch zipper, making it impossible to remove the dildos. And surprisingly enough, she felt warm at the thought.

“Okay. Ready to go?” asked Lynda.

“Ready? Ho! Wait. I have to get my trench coat. I’m not about to go out like that.”

“So what? Come on.” Said Lynda with a devilish smile.

Karen grabbed the instructions and walked out of the apartment. The sound of their high heels boots could be heard throughout the building, and outside, were clicking hard on the sidewalk. She got to her car and bit her lips. The tight corset made it difficult to sit, it pushed her dildos even farther in and the extended foot of her high heel platform boots made everything quite different for driving.

And they were off. A few corners later, Karen startled.

“Oh shit! The instructions said that I had to come alone. You can’t come.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure he meant once at the factory. I’ll stay in the car and wait for you. If you ever need help, I’ll be there.”

“Ah… okay… I think.” Said Karen.

Lynda helped Karen with the directions. Karen bit her lips quite a few times, slowly swearing at the bumpy road, producing a pumping effect on the dildos. Once on the factory lot, she drove to a sign. Good thing Lynda was there otherwise Karen would have overlooked it, too disturbed she was by all the new signals her body was sending. All this action, all this excitement had made her sweat, and she could feel the sweat layer building between her skin and the latex suit, making it glide, tickling her in a very interesting way.

“Look, there’s another box by the staircase.” Said Karen.

“Have a look. I’ll wait here.”

Karen walked to the box, feeling the tight rubber move with each step, massaging her, exciting her. Unconsciously, she was rubbing her buns with her hands as she walked. She picked up the box, it was rather heavy, and brought it back to the car, putting it on the hood. She ripped the packaging tape off and opened it, eyes widening. Lynda got out of the car.

“What now?” she asked. “Oh Goody! You’ll love those!”

“Are you nuts? It’s a rubber hood, a gasmask and some kind of wide cuff, and more locks!!”

“You have to follow the rules if you want to save Phil, Karen, and put everything.”

“Yeah, I wonder if I still want to save him.” She said, searching how to put on the rubber hood.

Lynda helped her, tucking her hairs in, she pulled the rubber hood over Karen’s head. It had dark lenses and a hole for the mouth. She then applied the leather cuff which turned out to be a wide posture collar. She pulled it around Karen’s neck and buckled it very tightly, too tight for Karen’s taste.

“Can’t do otherwise, there’s only one fastening position.” Answered Lynda.

“Just one? But I saw many hol…” She said before but she heard the locks click and knew it was too late.

Lynda picked up the gasmask and put it on Karen’s face.

“Come to think of it, you’re extremely well suited for this environment. I’ve heard that there’s a lot of toxic stuff around here, so you’re very well protected.” Said Lynda.

“Very funny.” Muffled Karen as the gasmask was put over her but grabbed with her hands to pull it off.

“There’s something wrong, there’s a lump on my mouth.” She said.

“It’s a built-in gag.” Said Lynda looking inside the mask. “It’s to silence you.”

“I won’t be able to ask for help with this thing.”

“Yeah. Let me see.” She said as she tried to rip it off the gas mask. “No way to take it off. Maybe you can have it go to the side or something. Lets try it.”

They tried but couldn’t find a way to get rid of it. It had only one place to go and it was in Karen’s mouth. Reluctantly, she allowed Lynda to fasten the heavy gasmask then she heard more locks being closed.

“Okay, now what?” apparently asked Karen, gesturing and mumbling under the gag and gasmask.

“I think I saw a letter at the bottom of the box.” Said Lynda, looking in the box. She took the letter and read it out loud.

“Take those stairs up to the second floor. Go through the door. Walk the corridor up to another door to your right. Get up that ladder through the hatch. You will reach another room. More instructions await you there.”

“Well. Time to go and save Phil.” Said Lynda.

Karen raised her shoulders in a “do I have a choice?” way.

She walked back to the stairs. She felt isolated, her hearing dampened by the hood, mostly covered by her loud breathing through the gasmask. Her eyesight was diminished by the tinted lenses of the hood. Bending her head to look down at the first step was not easy, impaired by the posture collar. She grabbed the handrail with her hand and put her feet on the first step. 

Heart pounding, she climbed the stairs, feeling the constriction of her corset with each step, feeling the tight latex rub against her crotch, feeling unsteady with her high heels on the stairs, feeling the rubber pinch her buns. Step by step she went on. She reached the floor and opened the door. As she turned around to close it, she saw Lynda, down, walking fast toward the factory, but much more to the right.

“No” she thought. “Stay in the car”. 

But it was too late. Lynda had quickly disappeared from her sight. With a deep breath, she grabbed the bars of the ladder and climbed up, passing a trap on the floor.

She exited to another room. It was moderately lit and the walls were pure steel with only chains hanging from the middle of it and rings on the floor just below it. Her heart was pounding hard, her breathing was short and difficult with the tight corset.

Nervously, she searched for the next step, some instructions, another door. There was one but it was locked and as she was trying to open it, she heard a loud clunk. She swiftly turned around to find the hole where she came was now closed.

She rushed back to it, kneeling, looking for a handle, a knob, something to open it, but she found nothing. The only way to open it was from under the floor.

She noticed a paper fixed to the wall with more stuff laying on the ground. She took it to read it.

Use the padlocks and fasten your ankles cuffs to the rings on the floor. Then use the other locks to fasten your wrists cuffs to the hanging chains, then wait… as if you could do anything else

Heart pounding, Karen bent down and took the locks and walked to the rings. Hands shaking, she snapped the first one on her left ankle. It was a close fit and she was barely able to close the lock. It pulled hard on her ankle strap. The other ring was almost a meter farther and she had to stretch wide to reach it, which provided the dildos with some open play space. As she got up, she moaned. The dildos were getting more and more arousing.

The two chains were about one meter apart but long enough so she can grab them with either hand. She fastened her left wrist to the lower chain link, then did the same with her right wrist. She skipped a heartbeat when she locked the last one. This way, she really had no way out, as if she had a way out even completely unlocked.

As soon as the last one was locked, she heard a whining noise and she felt her arms being pulled up. The chains were linked to some kind of winch, located over the ceiling and was pulling her arms up. She tried to resist, pulling hard with her arms, resting all her weight against it, but the winch was too powerful. Soon, she was stretched, but the winch didn’t appear to stop. She felt like she was being pulled up. She was about to feel her feet leave the ground when the winch stopped.

She was breathing fast, her heart was pounding hard. All she could do was stare in front of her, at the clock on the wall.

The time appeared to move slowly. She tried to squirm in her bonds, tried to get free, but couldn’t. She had fixed herself too well.

As time passed by, she began to relax. She even began to play with her butt muscles to move the dildos. She didn’t know why but the very fact of being bound increased the pleasurable effect. Then she startled and she yelped, the sound muffled by her gag. The dildos had started to vibrate!

She closed her eyes and squirmed in her bonds. Surprisingly, the more she struggled, the more she felt aroused. She felt an orgasm built up. She squirmed even more, increasing it, getting higher and higher until it exploded. She threw her head backward but it stayed put, held by the strict posture collar.

She was panting hard, working her thigh and butt muscles, screwing herself up. Then the vibration stopped, leaving her panting, asking for more. 

She squirmed, pulled, pushed, squeezed her butt, she tried everything to start the dildos again but nothing happened. She could only look at the clock.

Half an hour went by before she heard some noise. The steel door was getting unlocked and slowly opened. A foot went through, wearing white boots. Lynda!

Karen squirmed in her bonds as she saw her friend, asking for help, but Lynda only slowly walked to her, examining her, hands in her back, as if she was inspecting an object. Then she approached Karen, smiling, and softly slid her hand from her raised arm, down to her breast, to her waist and to her crotch. She then took what looked like a small remote control and pushed the button.

Immediately, Karen felt the dildos come alive and went wide eyes, thinking What the hell is going on? Lynda knows about all this?

Lynda stopped the remote and approached Karen.

“So my dear. How do you like my little predicament?”

Karen squirmed in her bonds, not believing that Lynda was behind all of this. But why? But the more she struggled, the more she got aroused. Lynda noticed.

“Wow! You apparently like it more than I thought.” She said turning the dildos back on again before leaving.

Karen squirmed, but she was not trying to get away. She was trying to make the best of it. Deep down, she had had fantasies of being captured, she was intrigued at pictures of women wearing this shiny rubber. She felt hotter and hotter

Lynda came back almost immediately, holding a riding crop. She gently tapped Karen’s thighs, which emphasized the vibration of the dildos. She tapped her buns, then gave short blows on her breasts.

Not having been gagged, Karen would have screamed her lungs out. This was out of this world. She never felt anything like that, never felt that aroused. As Lynda gave a gentle tap directly on the dildos, Karen’s body was overtaken by convulsions. Inside her sealed cocoon, she was orgasming like never before. Having not been bound, she would have rocketed out of the solar system.

Lynda turned off the dildos. Karen was hanging there, panting, exhausted. She didn’t struggle when Lynda lowered the winch to put her back firmly on the ground. She didn’t resist or fight her way out when Lynda unfastened her hands from the hanging bar to tie them in her back, pulling the elbows together.

She didn’t complain when she linked her collar to the ceiling chain while she unlocked her feet from the rings on the floor, to fasten them together. Lynda took a few steps back and looked at Karen, still panting, struggling to pump oxygen back to her brain through the tight corset, and admired her work.

“Better let you cool down for a while before I do more.”

More? Mumbled Karen through her gag, eyes wide open. She didn’t think that her brain could deal with more stimulus.

Lynda left the room, leaving Karen, now with her arms tied in her back, collar linked to a ceiling chain and feet tied together, linked to a ring on the floor. She slowly balanced on her bonds, reaching the end of the neck chain, then pulling herself back up. She tried to create some sensation on her dildos but with her legs bound together, it didn’t do much. Slowly, her breathing calmed down.

She stayed there another half an hour before Lynda came back. She smiled. 

“Good, you calmed down. Time for more.” She said with a devilish smile.

She unlinked Karen’s feet from the floor and her neck from the ceiling. Then she gently helped her to kneel on the floor, then to lay on her stomach. Karen appreciated this position, somewhat relaxing her straining legs. But it wasn’t long before Lynda folded back Karen’s legs and linked the ankle cuffs to the wrist cuffs, putting her in a hogtie, and to make sure she would go nowhere, she locked a chain from her collar to a ring on the floor.

“I have to get away for awhile. I’ll be back soon. Behave honey.” She said as she left.

Karen squirmed in her bonds. That was not funny now. How long would she be kept like that? Then Lynda only put her head through the door opening and turned on the dildos.

Laying on her stomach amplified the effects. Karen closed her eyes and welcomed back the feeling. Lynda could be gone. She didn’t care.

It was over an hour later when Lynda showed up again, but she had changed her outfit. This time, she was wearing something like a horsewoman would wear. Over a tight white rubber catsuit, she had a short horse rider jacket, very tight fitting, black gloves and a high hat. Her legs were encased in black lace-up platform boots, giving her the prefect horse rider look.

She went to Karen, unlinked her hogtie, put a small chain between her ankles and helped her get up. She snapped a leash on her collar and tugged on it.

“Come my little pony. Enough playing now. Time for you to work a little.”

Lynda gently pulled on the leach. Karen followed, not resisting. She was led down the stairs back on the ground. Karen moaned quite a few times while getting down the stairs.

“Interesting feeling with the dildos, honey?”

Karen mumbled harder. Yes getting down the stairs moved the dildos in a very interesting way. Down on the ground, Lynda removed the ankle chain and had Karen stay at the end of the leach and asked her to walk in a circle, getting her legs as high as possible. Each time it was not high enough, she would receive a sharp blow of the riding crop.

“Very good Karen. Keep on. Very good… No, higher, I said higher… good.”

The training went on for half an hour before Lynda fastened back the ankle chain and led her to the car, on the other side of the facility. There, she had Karen sit at the wheel after unlocking her arms, but tying then together in front.

“Drive back home, honey.” She said, while giving a quick run at the vibrating dildos.

Karen moaned and drove off. They got quite weird looks at the busy intersections, but when they reached home, it was rather dark. The street lights were reflecting on their shiny outfits as Lynda led Karen back to the apartment building then to her own apartment, arms again locked in her back.

There Lynda removed the gasmask, ungagging Karen at the same time.

“You impressed me, Karen. You were better than I thought.” Said Lynda

“What is this all about?” asked Karen who wanted to sound mad but simply couldn’t. She had enjoyed every minute of it.

“You see, I’m a member of the secret society of people wearing latex. Our members come from all lifestyles. Some are public figures, others are plain people like you and me, but to become a member, one has to keep it totally secret. I could tell that you would like it, not as much as you demonstrated, but you did. So I’m offering you to become a member of that organisation: the S.L.L.S., the Secret Latex Lovers Society. You have to swear to never talk to anyone about this secret Society.”

“Wow. Well, I swear.” She said, trying to raise her right hand from behind her back. “Does this mean that I have to keep this?” she asked, joyous.

“Yes, you do.” Said Lynda.

“Great. Now, can you untie me so I can get some rest? I’m exhausted?”

Lynda unlinked her hands. Karen was quick to pick the keyring.

“Thanks. I can do the rest alone. I really need to go to bed. I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?”.

“Yes, sure. You’re not mad at me, I hope.”

“Mad, no! It was fun. See you tomorrow.” She said, almost pushing Lynda out of the apartment.

A few seconds later, she was laying on her bed, on her back, rocking her hips up and down and fondling at her crotch with her fingers. Quickly, the intense orgasm built up and she exploded like never before and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, Lynda got nervous as she didn’t have news from Karen. She phoned her but there was no answer. She knocked at her door, but still no answer, until she noticed that her car was gone. She didn’t see the car for the rest of the day, and neither Sunday. She was getting worried but decided that she would wait for Monday morning to call the police and went to bed. She never saw Karen’s car coming home in the middle of the night.

The next morning, she was heading for Karen’s apartment when Karen got out. Lynda startled. She was wearing a white shirt, black jacket and tight jeans, all made of rubber. Her waist was constricted by a waist cincher and her feet were perched on top of platform shoes, head encased in a tight fitting rubber hood. She was smiling.

“He Lynda. How are you this morning?” asked Karen, smiling.

“I’m fine but… Wow! I thought we had a deal. The Society is secret. You must not talk about it. I thought I could trust you. And where have you been for the last two days.”

“Shopping. Do you like it? “she said, turning around, showing how tight everything was. And what are you talking about? I’m not about to reveal anything.”

“Well, you’re all… rubber this morning.”

“So what? Going to work dressed in rubber won’t reveal the society. It’s just going to reveal a new facet of my personality.” She said, getting in her car, heels clicking, rubber creaking, heart pounding and a large smile seen through the mouth hole of the rubber hood.

Lynda looked at her go, seeing her nice firm buns wiggling in the tight rubber, rocking her hips on the high heel boots, her thin waist crushed by the corset. She had a thought… It wasn’t a bad idea. She returned to her apartment.

© Pete / monsterp63, March 6, 2016.  

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